Manuscript MS-2008.13


SOURCE: Joan Satterwhite Crummey
SIZE: .66 lf
SHELVING UNITS: 1 manuscript box, 1 photograph box


Snelson Davis, (b. 4-23-1890; d. 5-11-1958), the son of James William and Nancy Collins Davis, moved to LaGrange at an early age. He attended LaGrange public schools and was a veteran of World War I. Prior to his military service, Davis became associated with Fowler Photography Studios, which he purchased in 1914 from Milton Fowler. Upon Fowler's death in 1917, the studio was renamed Davis Studios and operated until his retirement in 1948. In 1917, he married Elsie Boone (b. 4-30-1895; d. 11-6-1958) and the couple resided on Hill Street in LaGrange, Georgia.

Davis was well known in the local community for his outstanding photographs. Of particular importance are the many panorama photographs he made, mostly in the 1920s and 1930s, of various LaGrange landmarks and groups. From his studio, he captured the images of many prominent LaGrange citizens with the aid of his longtime friend and associate, Quinton N. "Fats" Johnson.

Joan Satterwhite Crummey was the first wife of William Lewis Satterwhite, Jr. (b. 3-27-1931; d. 6-30-1998), son of William Lewis Satterwhite, Sr. (d. 1970) and Mildred Dye (d. 1979), and also the great niece of Snelson Davis. The Satterwhites were descendants of Elijah Satterwhite, an early Troup County settler.


The collection consists of biographical information on Snelson Davis and his wife plus numerous photographs of Davis, from youth until his retirement. Also included are photographs of his family, friends and pets. Of particular interest are the photographs Davis made of Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral in Warm Springs, Georgia, in 1945. Some tintypes are also included. The collection includes an extensive Satterwhite genealogy and information on William Lewis Satterwhite, Jr.'s, military service in the Korean conflict. A collection of love letters to a Charles C. Lide of Minter, Ala. from "Lora" is included in the collection. Lora, whose last name is unknown, was a girlfriend of R. C. Sadler, the first husband of Nettie Boone Hart, sister of Elsie Boone Davis.


Box 1

1 Lide Correspondence, 1912-1913
2 Family Obituaries, 1946-1972
3 Satterwhite Genealogy
4 Funeral books of Snelson Davis and Elsie Davis


Folder 1: Davis Family Photos
1-3 Snelson Davis
4-5 Elsie Davis
6 Davis house
7 LaGrange High School

Folder 2: Snelson Davis and Friends
1-5 Snelson and Elsie Davis
6 Fats Johnson
7-24 Snelson and Elsie Davis

Folder 3: Snelson Davis Funeral

Folder 4: Snelson Davis

Folder 5: Snelson and Elsie Davis

Folder 6: Snelson Davis, Portraits

Folder 7: Snelson Davis, World War I

Folder 8: Roosevelt Funeral Photographs, 1945

Folder 9: Travel Photos-Florida and North Carolina

Folder 10: Unidentified Group of Men, c. 1915

Folder 11: People
1 Dorothy Allen, Paula Copeland, and actress Jane Withers at World War II bond drive at Colonial Hotel
2-6 Unknown
7-9 Virginia Sadler Jackson
10-16 Unknown

Folder 12: Unidentified People

Folder 13: Snelson Davis and "Fats" Johnson
1-10 Snelson Davis and Fats Johnson
11-13 Lucinda Wingo in optometrist shop in LaGrange

Folder 14: Snelson Davis Photo Album, 1938

Folder 15: Miscellaneous Tintypes, Photos, and Glass Plates; Unidentified People, c. 1860s-c. 1880s

ART-2009.07: Lions Club pins, bracelets, watches, cuff links, broach, powder/rouge case (property of Adella Hicks, Snelson Davis, Elsie Davis, Nettie Boone Hart)


Troup County Families-Elijah Satterwhite