Manuscript MS-030



SOURCE: A.E. Daniel, 3r., 1984-1985

SIZE: .5 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 1 Manuscript box

5 photograph folders

PROCESSING: KL, 1984; RAA, April 1986



This collection consists of memorabilia from the family of Edmund D. Daniel. Mr. Daniel was born in Heard County in 1866. At the age of six he came with his grandfather to the Pleasant Grove Community of Troup County. In 1887 he married Parrie Reid. He opened a general store in Pleasant Grove in 1893, but moved the store to LaGrange in 1896 where it operated for forty five years. After Mr. Daniel's death in 1930 his son, A.E. Daniel, Sr. operated the business.



Newspaper clippings, greeting cards, souviner pamphlets, and scrapbooks, document the family's social activities and military and educational experiences. Circa 1900 catalogs from Florence (Alabama) University and Southern Female College, institutions attended by members of the Daniel family, are included. Also included is a genealogy of the Isaac B. Daniel family compiled by Helen Daniel Monroe, 1980.



Folder 1. Isaac B. Daniel family genealogy compiled by Helen Daniel Monroe, 1980

2. Correspondence, 1930-1944

3. Birthday cards, 1936-1949

4-5. Clippings

6. Souvenir pamphlets, bulletins, programs

7. Florence (Alabama) University Bulletin, 1909-1910 8-12. Southern Female College Records, 1890-1911

13. A.E. Daniel scrapbook documenting his participation in the LaGrange Esquire Club, ca. 1935

14. Daniel family scrapbook containing photos and clippings



Ph 1. William Robert Morgan and Ida Oneal Morgan c. 1890

2. Robert J. Daniel (d. 1896), c. 1890

3. James Buchannan Daniel and Meta Dickinson Daniel, c. 1890

4. Leon Brockman Daniel, 1902

5. Ajalon E. Daniel, c. 1902

6. Ajalon E. Daniel, 8 Nov 1904

7. Edmond Davis Daniel, c. 1910

8. Elizabeth Morgan, c. 1909

9. Lyda Daniel, Elizabeth Morgan Daniel, Lola Daniel Jones, Mary Jim Morgan Hobbs

10. Elizabeth Morgan Daniel, c. 1911

11. Ajalon E. Daniel, c. 1911

12. Daniel Grocery Co., 1923 with T.N. Freeman, Jane Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Daniel

13. A.E. Daniel and unknown, c. 1920

14. A.E. Daniel, Jr. and Homer Wilson, Jr. in Daniel Grocery Company, c. 1930

15. A.E. Daniel, Sr., c. 1940

16. Robert Morgan, 1940

17. Troup County Courthouse officers and staff (identification on back of photograph), c. 1939

18. Aviation cadets, Nashville, TN, Dec 1942, Donald Lashley, George Jackson, Jr., John Williamson, A.E. Daniel, Jr.

19. Kathryn Traylor

20-27. Jane Daniel

28. Aruba NWI, 1948 (post card)

29-30. Edmund Daniel, c. 1880s

31. Ajalon E. Daniel, Sr. and unidentified, c. 1906



MS 02, Southern Female College Records



Women's Colleges

Southern Female College

Jennings family

Porter family

Esquire Club

Men - Societies and Clubs



Daniel, Ajalon E., Jr. Davis, Jennie Cooper Giles, Martha

Jackson, George Kimbrough, Jo

Lovejoy, John

McHugh, James R., Jr. Morgan, William R. Oneal, Ida Jane