Manuscript MS-019



SOURCE: Donation of Mrs. B.L. Moss, Jr. of HeberSprings,Arkansas, 1983, 1984. SIZE: .05 lf

SHELVING UNITS: 1 Manuscript Box

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Mary Charles Evans Curtright (1835-1908) was born in LaGrange, Georgia, the daughter of Thomas Crenshaw and Rhoda Bealsey Swanson Evans. Mrs. Curtright was a teacher at the LaGrange Female Academy after the Civil War. She and three other women are credited with restarting the school after its war-time closing. She married John Cornelius Curtright (1830-1862), the son of Samuel and Barbara McCoy Howell Curtright of LaGrange on September 25, 1855. Mary and "Jack" Curtright had three children: Anna Cook (1856-1926) married W.J. McClure, Sarah Antoinette (1859- ) married Warren A. Candler, later Methodist Bishop of Georgia, and John Cornelius Curtright Jr. (1861-1893) married Vivia Seals of Missouri.

"Jack" Curtright was captain of Company E, 41st Regiment, Georgia, attached to the Army of Tennessee. The company was also known as the Troup Light Guards and the Curtright Company. It was attached to the Army of Tennessee. He died in battle in Perryville, Kentucky, October 9, 1862. In 1925, under the auspices of Bishop Candler, the body was reinterred at Hillview Cemetery in LaGrange. Mrs. Curtright died July 3, 1908 in Troup County.



These papers consist mainly of family letters, photographs, scrapbook pages, keepsakes and genealogical records. The collection is divided into three series: correspondence, genealogy, and miscellaneous. A scrapbook of newspaper clippings, writings, and letters and a carte-de-visite photo album are included.

The papers relate to the South's efforts in the Civil War, Reconstruction, LaGrange Female College, and the Evans and Curtright families. The papers date from 1851 to 1950, with additional genealogical information dating 1983 and 1984.





18 items

Correspondence includes a letter written by John Cornelius Curtright three days before his death in Perryville, Kentucky on October 9, 1862. A letter to Mrs. Curtright from J.W. Lenhard, October 21, 1862, tells of Captain Curtright's death. Included are typed transcripts of these two letters. Another letter to Mrs. Curtright concerning her husband's death is from his uncle John Curtright of Greene County, Georgia, 21 December 1862. Other letters to Mrs. Curtright are from family members and friends, dating 1867 to 1894, discussing such topics as the reconstruction period in Coahoma County, Mississippi and Greene County, Georgia, family matters, and the death of her son, John C. Curtright, Jr., in 1893. The last five letters were written between Mrs. Curtright's daughter Anna Curtright McClure, her granddaughter, Mary McClure Hutchinson, and a distant Virginia relative, William Shepard, regarding genealogy of the Evans family, all 1926.


GENEALOGY, 1850, 1984

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Genealogical data on the Curtright and Evans families including "Some Evans Data Gained from the Biography of Augusta Jane Evans Wilson by Dr. Fidler," typescript, compiler unknown, c. 1950; Forrest Clark Johnson, III, "The Curtrights", Trouo County, Georqia and Her People, vol. IV, no. 1, January 1984; family charts; and miscellaneous notes.


MISCELLANEOUS, 1862, 1866, 1927, 1941, 1966, 1983-1984

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Found here are a LaGrange Female College report of Miss Anna Curtright, 1866; photocopies of requisitions signed by Captain Curtright of his commission, and of the commisssion of the Troup Light Guards, 1862; historical skeptch of Co. E. of the 41st GA (known as the Evans Guards and the Troup Light Guards), undated; obituaries of Judge W. W. Turner, 1927 and Bishop Warren A. Candler, 1941; story about the death and reinternment of Captain Curtright, 1966; correspondence from Mrs. Mary Hutchinson Moss regarding the Curtright papers, 1983-1984.


VOLUMES, 1851-1905

1 volume

Presented to Mary Evans by her father Col. Thomas Evans in 1851, this volume contains obituaries, writings, miscellaneous newspaper clippings and letters. One letter is from John C. Curtright to his daughter Annie from camp, c. 1862. Also included are the first letters written by Curtright's children, "Jack", Nettie, and Annie. Obituaries are of Mrs. Rhoda B. Swansen Evans, T.C. Evans, Jr., Mrs. Lemuel Park, 1883, Sarah Jane Stembridge Herring, 1865, Carolina Beasley Evans Lowe, 1900, Jennie Morgan Dallis, 1899, Dr. C.B. Ridley, Mrs. Marie Antoinette Ward, 1908, John "Jack" Curtright, 1893, Emory Candler, Barbara Curtright, 1895, Mary Norris Ridley, Mrs. M.J. Morgan. A roll of Captain J.C. Curtright's Company from the LaGrange Reporter, September 23, 1892, is also included.



OP (Oversized Papers)

Scrapbook Pages, 1862-1926

5 items

Pages from the scrapbook of Mary McClure Hutchinson containing letters of Mary Evans Curtright and her family, clippings, obituaries, letterheads, postcards, and photographs.

NOTE ON ARRANGEMENT: Letters were removed from the envelopes in the scrapbook pages and coded. Each page is lettered and each item on the page is numbered. (A-1 is the December 21, 1862 letter to Mrs. J.C. Curtright from her uncle-in-law John Curtright of Greene County, Georgia.) The letters have been filed in the Correspondence series. For letters which could not be removed from the scrapbook pages, photocopies have been made and the photocopies interfiled with correspondence. The photographs from page E have been filed in the photographs.


PHOTOGRAPHS, c. 1862, 1900

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These photographs are from the Oversized Papers scrapbook page E

E-1 Home of Captain and Mrs. J.C. (Mary Evans) Curtright on Main Street, LaGrange, Georgia - Mrs. Curtright, Anna Cook Curtright, Antoinette Curtright, and "Jack" Curtright in baby carriage, unidentified woman, c. 1862.

E-2 1. Mrs. Mary Evans Curtright, 2. Mrs. W. J. McClure, 3. Mrs. H.L. McCleskey, 4. Warren McCleskey, 5. H.L. McCleskey, Jr. in Fayette, Mississippi, c. 1900.

E-3 Mrs. Mary Evans Curtright and Warren McCleskey, Fayette Mississippi, c. 1900.