Manuscript MS-021



SOURCE: Mrs. Elwyn Hamer, Pleasant Grove Community, Troup County, GA, and Martha S. Anderson, 1983

SIZE: .3 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 4 file folders, 2 artifacts boxes, 83.16, 83.17 3 photo folders

1 OPP folders




The collection includes a commerative plate from LaGrange First Methodist Church and three United Confederate Veterans souvenir medals, separately boxed. A scrapbook of postcards to and from the Caudle family is included as well as a few personal papers, such as United Daughters of the Confederacy certificates, acceptances for the 1910 wedding reception of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Caudle, and notes on Confederate service of some Caudles. Records of the Pleasant Grove Ladies Missionary Society comprise folder number three and include membership lists from 1882-1895. The fourth folder contains obituary and biographical clippings.



Items separated: LaGrange First Methodist Church commerative plate, ART/83.17

Three United Confederate Veteran souvenir medals, ART/83.16

Folder 1. Post card scrapbook, early 1900s

2. United Daughters of the Confederacy certificate, Jimmie Lewis Caudle, October 1925

Children of the Confederacy certificate, Rebecca Caudle, April 1931

Acceptances for reception for Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilhoit Caudle after their marriage, 26 Jan 1910

3. Women's Missionary Society records, Pleasant Grove Methodist Church, 1882-1895, includes membership lists

4. Clippings: LaGrange Daily News, vol C, no. 206, 6 Feb 1942, entire issue

Photograph of Dr. Enoch Callaway from unknown publication, ca. 1901

Photograph of Caroline W.P. Gay, date and publication unknown

Obituaries: James Pitman Bradfiled (June 1892)

Caroline Ware Poythress Gay, no date



PH 1. family group, unidentified

2. Pleasant Grove School group photograph, 1893, H.W.Caudle included

3-8. unidentified

9. post card to Miss Inez Caudle

10. unidentified

11-18. probably cyclone damage in LaGrange, ca. 1920

OPP 1 Confederate veterans, n.d.


TRACINGS; Caudle, Henry Wilhoit

Pleasant Grove Methodist Church

United Confederate Veterans

Women's Missionary Society, Pleasant Grove

Associations, Institutions, etc. - Confederate Veterans