Manuscript MS-009



SOURCE: Mrs. Alice H. Callaway LaGrange, Georgia; Callaway Educational Association LaGrange, Georgia; Callaway Family, 1983, 1998, & 2000; Callaway Foundation, 1986; Ida Hudson, 1998 SIZE: 36 lf.

SHELVING UNITS:  12 records storage cartons
53 manuscript boxes
4 OP box
15 SOP folders
39 scrapbooks (26 boxed in storage cartons)
13 framed items

PROCESSING: KL, September 1985; PHW, 2001


Fuller Earle Callaway, his wife Ida Jane Cason Callaway, and their sons, Cason and Fuller, Jr., are central figures in this collection. Born July 15, 1870, to Abner Reeves and Sarah J. Howard Callaway, Fuller Callaway, Sr., became a cotton manufacturer, banker, real estate developer, merchant and philanthropist. He was a life-long resident of Troup County and the founder of the Callaway Mills Textile Company. Fuller married Ida J. Cason of Jewell, Georgia on April 28, 1891. They had two sons, Cason Jewell Callaway (1894-1962) and Fuller Earle Callaway, Jr. (1907-1992). Cason married Virginia Hollis Hand of Pelham, Georgia, on April 2, 1920. Fuller, Jr. married Alice Hinman Hand, Virginia's sister on August 7, 1930. Both sons were active in operating the mills prior to and following their father's death. Fuller, Jr. helped establish and direct the Callaway Foundation, Inc., the Callaway Community Foundation and the Fuller E. Callaway Foundation, all philanthropic organizations which support educational, social, and economic activities in the LaGrange area and throughout Georgia. Cason spent his later years at his home in Blue Springs, Georgia, and in Pine Mountain, Georgia, where he established the Ida Cason Callaway Gardens.

More detailed information can be found in the Archives' vertical file; Dictionary of Georgia Biography, Kenneth Coleman and Charles S. Gurr, ed., Donna Whitley's dissertation on Fuller Callaway, Fuller E. Callaway and Textile Mill Development in LaGrange, 1895-1920, and Callaway Foundation annual reports (see 50th anniversary edition).


This collection is comprised of five series. Subseries appear within series one and two. They include correspondence, photographs, clippings & publications, memorabilia, and scrapbooks. The Callaway family, Callaway Mills, and mill officials are the primary focus of this collection. Records within the collection follow the development of Callaway Mills and also contain personal information regarding the Callaway family. Letter-press copies of outgoing correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks filled with news clippings about the Callaway family and the mills highlight Fuller Callaway, Sr.'s career as a textile manufacturer. Correspondence focuses on Fuller Callaway, Sr.'s business career and Callaway Mills following his death. Personal and Family Records contain family correspondence, personal papers, genealogical information, etc. Time periods for the collection range from 1865 to 1993. Also included are architectural drawings of Callaway Foundation buildings, many of which were done by Ivey and Crook of Atlanta, as well as artifacts concerning Callaway Mills and the Callaway family.


Series I: Business Papers, c.1870-1982 6 storage cartons, 22 manuscript box, 1 oversized box, 9 scrapbooks, 1 SOP

Subseries A: Business Correspondence, 1902-1968
Letter press copies of Fuller E. Callaway's outgoing business correspondence (1909-1910) and unbound correspondence are found here. Unbound correspondence and records pertain to the business dealings of Callaway Department Store and Callaway Mills. The correspondence of Fuller Callaway, Sr., gives insight to his involvement in business and political activities outside of the every day operations of the mills. Found in this series is correspondence concerning a right of way for the Atlantic & Birmingham Railroad in Troup County in 1905, the development of Elm City Mills in 1906, and business dealings of Callaway Department Store. Business dealings with Dupont in 1916, Pyrite Mining Industry (an industry that was important in the war effort in the region from 1917 to 1919), and his push to have the mill villages outside of the city limits incorporated into a town called Southwest LaGrange in 1921 can also be found. A signed letter to Fuller Callaway, Sr., from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, dated May 8, 1919, was written prior to Fuller's trip to Europe in 1919. His involvement in the World Cotton Conference from 1919-1920 can also be followed along with the anti-labor union movement in LaGrange in 1920. The series also contains correspondence of Fuller Callaway, Jr., regarding Callaway Mills through 1968. Most of the later correspondence deals with the every day business of Callaway Mills. Information concerning the strikes in 1934 and 1935 at Callaway Mills is included. This information deals with complaints handled, employee petitions, National Industrial Relations Board and Textile Labor Relations Board Decisions, and news clippings regarding the National Recovery Act.

Subseries B: Business Records, 1904-1968
Records in this series provide financial information into the operation of the mills. The records are arranged chronologically and include receipts, stock information, Superior Court records, and statements (including annual and bank). Receipts give insight into the companies that Callaway Mills did business with along with the type of material that was purchased for use in the mills. Also included are invoices for material sold. Stock information includes receipts and holding statements. These document the investments made by Fuller Callaway, Sr., between c.1910-c.1925. Court records include information into the type of business ventures Fuller Callaway, Sr., took part, such as the Union Brokerage Firm (1906), Callaway Development Company (1906), and the LaGrange Insurance Agency (1908). Statements include annual statements for Callaway Mills which include financial information for each plant along with bank statements and stock price sheets. Stock price sheets from 1930 lists the value of stock for each plant from 1918 to 1930. These are valuable for assessing the effects of the depression on Callaway Mills. Other financial information included is life insurance information for Fuller Callaway, Sr., from 1925 and an expense account sheet for a barbecue held by Fuller Callaway, Sr., for delegates of the World Cotton Conference in December 1919.

Subseries C: Photographs, c.1870-1980
Photographs in the collection relate primarily to the mills and include scenes of the mills and mill founders, and portrait photos of foremen and supervisors are filed here. The majority of the photographs are portraits of mill management. However, some group shots appear. (A complete listing of the photos can be found in the container list that follows this inventory.)

Subseries D: Memorabilia, 1887-1982
Weekly financial and cotton summary reports for Callaway Mills (1910-1932), trademark records, cotton sales manual, and technical reports from the mills can be found here. News clippings regarding Callaway Mills cover the time period 1924-1952. Various financial documents can also be found. Other information includes brief biographies of some of the Callaway Mills officers (c.1960), a list of directors and superintendents of Callaway Mills, World Cotton Conference handbook, and an 1894 telephone directory of LaGrange. Oversized papers include an advertisement for Callaway Department store (c.1890), Callaway Mills advertisements, oversized newspaper editions regarding Callaway Mills, and certificates. Scrapbooks with clippings about the mills, the textile industry, and local news conclude this subseries. Most of the scrapbooks have a subject index at the beginning of the volume. Also included in the series is a Confederate Memorial Poster given to the Fuller Callaway Company in 1911.

[Please note: The records of the Callaway Mills contained here are incomplete. Information about individual mill workers who were not foremen or supervisors is seldom available. Business correspondence tends to be of a fairly routine nature. However, the clippings contained in the scrapbooks and the photographs of the mills and mill officials are particularly valuable.]

Series II: Personal & Family Records, c.1865-c.1997
6 storage carton, 20 manuscript boxes, 3 OP box, 30 scrapbooks (26 boxed in storage cartons) (Note: Though this series is called "Personal and Family Records" in many instances, the personal and business lives of the Callaway family intertwined. The primary focus here is on the personal aspect of the family, however some business records can be found.)

Subseries A: Family Papers, c.1865-1993
This tracks the personal life of the Callaway family from c.1865 to c.1993. The manuscript folders contain correspondence and personal records. Some of the earliest correspondence dates back to c.1865. There is also a large collection of Cason Callaway's correspondence. The majority of this correspondence was to and from his brother Fuller Callaway, Jr. This includes letters regarding vacations, boats, farming, Callaway Mills, and other personal topics. Letters were also written to various members of the family, ranging from Fuller Callaway, Sr., to Alice Hand Callaway. The personal records that can be found within the collection deal primarily with the handling of the estate of Fuller Callaway, Sr., after his death and some medical reports for Mr. & Mrs. Fuller Callaway, Sr., along with information regarding Fuller Callaway, Jr.'s, acquisition of real estate. This includes deeds and other legal documents. Also found are Callaway family Bibles, copies of Timothy Walton Callaway's Callaway Baptist Preachers, 1789-1953, two LaGrange cookbooks compiled by Mrs. Henry R. Slack in 1897 and 1910, a typescript copy of a letter from Mrs. Ferrell to her husband Blount C. Ferrell in July 1860, the diary of J.L. Hand c.1870, genealogical information, some of Alice Hand Callaway's correspondence, and other items.

Subseries B: Photographs, 1868-1997
The photographs are of family members, relatives, and close friends. There are also photographs of Hills and Dales, the Callaway Memorial Tower, Glass Bridge, and other points of interest. The oversized pictures include prints of the mills and mill villages, Hills and Dales, family members, and events. Postcards of LaGrange from the early 1900's to the 1970's that were collected by Loula Walker Callaway and Alice Callaway are found here. Friends and suitors sent Loula Walker Callaway's postcards to her from various parts of Georgia and throughout the United States. Occasional greeting cards are included. Miss Walker was a frequent visitor to LaGrange from 1906-1909. In 1909, she married Ely R. Callaway, Sr., and lived here for the rest of her life. Alice Hand Callaway collected postcards that date from c.1900 to the c. 1970. They chronicle changes and developments in LaGrange during the twentieth century. Postcards of the Callaway Mills and related structures are included. Snapshots are also contained within the subseries. Many of the snapshots are of Europe during Fuller Callaway, Sr.'s visit in the summer of 1919 as a member of a World Cotton Conference Committee. Included in these are photographs of France and Belgium in the aftermath of World War I.

Subseries C: Clippings and Publications, 1890-1993
Included are biographical notes for a book on Fuller Callaway, Sr., that were collected by J. A. Perry, but never used. Poetry collected by Fuller Callaway, Sr., a dialogue of Mrs. Callaway describing Ferrell Gardens, and a typescript from The Life of Fuller Callaway, Sr., are also included. Clippings deal with individual members of the Callaway family. Among these are marriage announcements and obituaries. Publications include magazines and other printed material that deal with the Callaway family and Troup County. Included in these are magazine articles regarding Callaway family members, Southern Female College souvenir booklet, and other publications. Publications regarding the Callaway family often give an outsider view of the family and community. Others give insight into the organizations and activities that members of the family are involved.

Subseries D: Scrapbooks, 1900-1993
The large scrapbook collection contains photos, news clippings, and publications. Some of the scrapbooks detail events in the lives of family members such as, the World Cotton Conference of 1919, vacations, Mr. & Mrs. Fuller Callaway, Jr.'s 50th wedding anniversary, the Newcomen Society Dinner, and the Callaway Tribute Concert. Scrapbooks for related families such as the Jewell, Cason, Ashley, and Shea families are also included along with various scrapbooks filled with photos of Callaway family members. Ida Callaway's (Mrs. Fuller, Sr.) postcards and news articles are in a scrapbook describing her trip to Europe in spring of 1910. Postcards illustrate her letters home. The letters appeared in LaGrange newspapers as "Letters from Mrs. Callaway."

Series III: Architectural Drawings, 1924-1940, 1966 14 Super oversized folders

Many architectural drawings by Ivey and Crook and Walker Chase, two Atlanta based firms, were done for Callaway Mills during the first half of the twentieth century. There are eleven sets of tracings and blue prints of Callaway Mills Stores, the Enoch Callaway Office and Clinic on Church Street, Cason J. Callaway cottages on College Avenue, the City Swimming Pool and Bathing Pavilion, and other commercial buildings in LaGrange. All display classical style architecture common to commercial buildings throughout LaGrange. A final architectural drawing is blue prints for the replica of Fuller E. Callaway, Sr.'s, 1904 office. The Architectural Department of the Callaway Community Foundation in 1966 drew this. The office was first displayed at Coleman Library and is now on permanent display at the Troup County Archives. A complete listing of these drawings can be found in the container list following this description.

Series IV: Artifacts c.1870 - c.1992 11 Artifacts Boxes and Items Separated

This series contains personal items of various members of the Callaway family. The majority of the materials in the series were property of Fuller Callaway, Jr. and his wife, Alice. Certificates and plaques recognize their achievements and contributions. Also included is an honorary degree presented to Alice by LaGrange College. Memorabilia includes collectibles such as, Confederate money, old coins, and two stereoscopes with cards (some of the cards are of Ferrell Gardens). There are also framed items, including a photograph of Hills and Dales and a painting of Elm City Cotton Mills. The Audio-Video box includes a tape of the Newcomen Society Dinner honoring Fuller Callaway, Jr., in Atlanta on 10/4/78. 



Subseries A: Business Correspondence
Box 1:1902-1908
Folders 1-31

Box 2:1909-1910
Letter-press copies in bound volumes
Book B - November 26 - December 31, 1909
Book C - Dec. 31, 1909 - Jan. 31, 1910
Book D - Jan. 31-March 19, 1910
Book E - March 19- May 18, 1910

Box 3: December 1909-January 1910
Callaway Mills Correspondence Books B and Book C (partial)

Box 4: January 1910-March 1910
Callaway Mills Correspondence Books C (partial) and Book D (partial)

Box 5: March 1910-May 1910
Callaway Mills Correspondence Books D (partial) and Book E

Box 6: 1909-1916
Folders 1-26

Box 7: 1917
Folders 1-26

Box 8: 1918
Folders 1-7

Box 9: 1919 (Jan-Aug)
Folders 1-26

Box 10: 1919 (Sept-Dec)
Folders 1-25

Box 11: 1920
Folders 1-14

Box 12: 1921
Folders 1-23

Box 13: 1922
Folders 1-21

Box 14: 1923
Folders 1-19

Box 15: 1924-1928
Folders 1-15

Box 16: 1929-1936
Folders 1-22

Box 17: 1937-1957
Folders 1-21

Box 18: c. 1935- Strike
Folders 1-27 Complaints Handled

Box 19: c. 1935- Strike
Folders 1-10 NRA (National Recovery Act) Newspaper Clippings
11 Complaints Pending
12-21 Employee Petitions
22-24 National Industrial Relations Board
25-31 Textile Labor Relations Board Decisions

Subseries B: Business Records
Box 1: 1904-1918
Folders 1-24

Box 2: 1919-1923
Folders 1-21

Box 3: 1924-1928
Folders 1-13

Box 4: 1929-1968
Folders 1-21

Subseries C: Photographs

Box 1

Folder 3 9-9a Group of 16 men, including officers, directors, and customers of Unity and Elm City Cotton Mills and Milstead Manufacturing Company on the porch of the office of Unity Cotton Mills, c. 1906. Fuller E. Callaway is on bottom row, 4th from right. Identifications with photo, b & w, mounted.
10 Group in front of "Fuller E. Callaway's Mammoth Department Stores", c. 1894. Fuller E. Callaway is just left of center in white jacket and vest. Identification of men with photo, b & w, copy.
11 Group in front of office of National Cash Register Company in Dayton, Ohio. L to R: W.H. Turner, Jr., I.B. Grimes, O.D. Grimes, S.Y. Austin, & Fuller E. Callaway, b & w, 1

Folder 4
12 Men on train scene. C.V. Truitt on far right, sitting on rail. Fuller Callaway, third from right with I.B. Grimes on his left. b & w, n.d.
13 J. T. Gresham of Callaway Foundation, b & w, 1980

Folder 5
14-21 Scenes of the Fuller E. Callaway Office in the Callaway General Offices, c. 1960s. b & w. (Furnishings now in Archives in Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. Memorial Office.)

Folder 6
22 Unity Cotton Mills, b & w
23 Milstead Manufacturing Company, b & w
24 Elm City Cotton Mills, b & w
25 Manchester Cotton Mills, b & w
26 Unity Spinning Mills, 1951, b & w
27 unidentified mill, b & w
28 Calumet Hogansville Plant, c. 1951, b & w
29 Calumet LaGrange Plant, b & w
30 Valway Rug Mill, b & w

Folder 7
31 Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. 1870-192832 Cason Jewell Callaway, b.Nov. 6, 1894-
33 Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., Jan. 1, 1907-
34 Arthur B. Edge, Jr., Apr. 19, 1905
35 Callaway Memorial Tower, July 15, 1929 (dedication)

Folder 8

36 Robert Davidson Williams, Jr. 1897-1958
37 J. Frank Edwards, 1904-1959
38 Harold H. Barnard, 1885-
39 Frank Slogan Graves, 1907-1959
40 Donald Post Halsey, 1892-1957
41 R.M. Arnett, 1908-1959
42 Glen M. Simpson, 1905-1959
43 Hatton Lovejoy, 1877-1958

Folder 9
44 William Henry Turner, Jr. 1879-1962
45 Sam Meadows Turner, 1908-1959
46 Ely Reeves Callaway, 1880-
47 Robert Walden Phillip, 1905-1958
48 A. Wilkerson Gunn, 1906-1961
49 Charles W. Allen, 1909-1959
50 George O. Jones, 1897-1959
51 Alvin Davis, 1917-1959

Folder 10
52 Clarence G. Higginbotham, 1907-1954
53 Thomas B. Kersey, 1889-1958
54 D.B. Lynes, Jr. 1912-1959
55 Roscoe L. Thompson, 1902-1959
56 Hillside Plant, 1951
57 Reuben T. Comer, 1879-1925
58 Donegan Dan Towers, 1882-
59 Frank Logan Asbury, Jr., 1899-
60 John Otis Blackmon, 1887-
61 James P. (Jim) Trotter, 1923-1959
62 Samuel Paul Rice, 1916-1959
63 Eugene Langford, 1929-1959
64 Arthur B. Edge, III, 1932-1959
65 Charles E. Perkins, 1849-1923

Folder 11
66 Locke Houston Adams, 1870-1923
67 Clarence Moore Purlman, 1879-1928
68 James W. Lane, 1864-1927
69 Dye and Valway Plants, 1951
70 James M. Youngblood, 1904-
71 S.A.T. Newsom, 1909-1958
72 Otto Spencer Brock, 1900-
73 James K. Boatwright, 1892-
74 E.F. Powell, 1907-
75 John Richard Finn, 1892-1936
76 Hubert Travis Quillian, 1890-1948
77 Curran Sloan Easley, 1895-
78 Oscar Devoy Keown, 1891-
79 William Henry Brittin, 1870-1936
80 Render Dallis, 1890-
81 George P. Jenkins, 1897-

Folder 12
82 William Douglas Ellis, III, 1898-
83 Joe S. Gore, 1895-
84 Grady Shelton Kennington, 1892-1937
85 James Curtis Amos, 1892-
86 John Morgan Jackson, 1911-
87 Eugene H. White, 1905-
88 Robert Dixie Brawner, 1896-
89 Manchester Plant, 1951
90 Loyd Hamilton Rice, 1890-
91 Lawrence Bates Foster, 1864-

Folder 13
92 James Lamar Moore, 1894-
93 Oliver Clarence Smith, 1902-1959
94 Vaud J. Thompson, 1898-
95 John Duncan Harris, 1895-1959
96 Edwin Marcus Cole, 1859-1928
97 Mckie M. Trotter, 1889-
98 Milstead Plant, 1951
99 Britt Ware Robinson, 1885-1957
100 Thomas J. Callaway, 1890-
101 Pheneas Marion Grimes, 1854-1907
102 Oscar Dennis Grimes, 1886-
103 Corthell B. Mahaffey, 1914-1958
104 Charles E. Rich, 1912-1957
105 Allen F. Johnson, 1868-
106 Calumet Plant, 1951
107 J.H. Daughdrill, 1903-

Folder 14
108 John Chester Driver, 1907-
109 Charles Taggart, 1909-
110 Henry F. Lewis, 1914-1959
111 Theodore Marvin Hampton, 1911-1959
112 Perrin Nicolson Collier, 1900-1959
113 James H. Hammett, 1918-1959
114 Jefferson Davis Talbert, 1895-1952
115 Charles Madison Geer, Sr. 1895
116 Unity Plant, 1951

Folder 15
117 J. Phillip Cleaveland, 1891-1959
118 Jessie Garland Maddox, 1905-1959
119 First Shipment from Unity Cotton Mills, 1901
120 Directors of Unity Cotton Mills, 1906
121 Group headed by Mr. Callaway, 1913
122 George W. Murphy, 1859-1915
123 Edward Davis Estes, 1903-
124 James A. Newsome, 1877-1952
125 William W. Arnold, Jr. 1886-
126 William Preston Dunson, 1897-
127 Charles Young Hall, Jr., 1896-
128 Ernest O. Defore, 1907-
129 William B. Hill, 1908-
130 Frederick W. Noechel, 1910-

Folder 16
131 George E. Dallis, 1853-1913
132 Nathanial R. Hutchin
133 Alonza H. Nunnally, 1860-1914
134 Patrick Henry Hutchinson, 1864-1918
135 John Broome, 1824-1910
136 Charles Daugherty Hudson, 1850-1924
137 Francis Jesse Pike, 1861-1933
138 George B. Heard, 1862-1927
139 Henry Richmond Slack, 1862-
140 William L. Cleaveland, 1858-1937
141 Henry Dixon Glanton, 1875-1952
142 James L. Bradfield, 1867-
143 Joseph E. Dunson, 1865-1916
144 Cornelius Vanderbilt Truitt, 1861-
145 Roy Dallis, 1872-1928
146 John D. Edmundson, 1844-1916
147 Joseph H. Edmondson, 1858-1933
148 John Mangin Barnard, 1848-1919
149 Edward W. Spurr, 1866-1923
150 Frank L. Hudson, 1867-
151 Thomas Jefferson Thornton, 1870-1933
152 William H. Tobey, 1872-1915
153 James Gates Truitt, 1849-1923
154 Otis Augustus Dunson, 1855-1922
155 O.A. Barnard, 1870-1937
156 Christian N. Pike, 1865- Folder 17
157 Frank Coit Johnson, 1863-
158 John Carroll Payne, 1855-1936
159 John Albert Perry, 1877-
160 Francis Pope Callaway, 1865-1923
161 Thomas S. Bradfield, 1833-1910
162 Samuel Yates Austin, 1877-1958
163 Forrest H. Truitt, 1892-1941
164 Henry G. Smith, 1886-1957
165 Boyd Ragsdale, 1891-
166 Ira Blivin Grimes, 1880-1934
167 Winn A. Holmes, 1856-1935
168 Barrington J. King, 1883-1957
169 Unity Spinning and Oakleaf Plants, 1951
170 Robert E. McTique, 1904-
171 Benjamin Albright, 1912-1959

Folder 18
172 (No photographs in this folder)

Folder 19
173 Elm City Plant, 1951
174 John Thomas Braswell, Jr. 1912-1959
175 Herndon F. Shuford, 1885-1950
176 Howard Thomas Mahaffey, 1908-1959
177 Joel Charles Roper, 1874-
178 Henry Banks, Jr. 1845-1920
179 Harold H. Childs, 1875-1949
180 Phillip Green Awtrey, 1858-1925
181 Robert John Caldwell, 1875-
182 George McDonald Traylor, 1850-1932
183 Chilton Willis Coleman, 1886-1946
184 Harry Wilborne Callaway, 1884-1950
185 Wiley Asa Reeves, Jr., 1910-
186 Henry E. Culip,

Folder 20
187 Samuel Davis McDaniel, 1898-
188 George M. Forrester, 1897-
189 Hogansville Calumet Plant, 1925
190 John D. Artley, 1912
191 Dave G. Reid
192 Judson James Milam, 1885-
193 Wiley C. Carriker, Jr., 1905-1958
194 T.L. Arnett, 1895-1959
195 A.C. Kerby, Jr., 1917-1959
196 Samuel P. Parker, 1893-1958

Folder 21-22
197-210 Photographs of Callaway Mills Research Division, 1951, all are b & w

Folder 23
211 Framed item - first product of Unity Cotton Mills.
3 swabs of spun cotton sent to Fuller E. Callaway in 1901 by Roy Dallis

Box 2

Folder 24
212 Framed photo of Fuller E. Callaway's 1904 office. Shown from L to R is J.A. (Ab) Perry, Fuller E. Callaway, Ely R. Callaway, James A. Newsome, Guy Birdsong, Edwin Mosley, and Pope F. Callaway. b & w, framed, matted
213 5th Annual Convention of Southern Textile Workers Association, Greensboro, N.C., June 6-8, 1923. Photo in laboratory. Framed, b & w, poor condition, broken glass stuck to photo. Access is restricted for this reason. (To be copied.)
214 Hand, Florence Hollis c.1900
215-218 Dedication of Fuller E. Callaway Building, Nov 6, 1981
219-222 UGA Botanical Gardens Groundbreaking 1974
223 Hills and Dales, c.1950s
224-225 Hills and Dales, c.1990
226-232 Rotary Club, c.1945-c.1969
233-267 Army - Navy E Award, 1943
268-269 Callaway Mills Salesmen, c.1943
270 American Association of Textile Chemists Meeting, c.1940
271 Patterson, Under Secretary Robert, c.1940
272 Southwest LaGrange Y.M.C.A., 1964
273 Callaway Monument, c.1940
274 Callaway Mills General Office, c.1960

Subseries D: Memorabilia

Box 1


1-2 Correspondence: Miscellaneous, n.d.
3-10 Business Records: Miscellaneous, n.d.
11 Callaway Mammoth Department Store Financial Records, 1887
12 Old Promissory Notes, c. 1892
13-17 Corporation Income and Profits Tax Returns for various plants, 1921-1930
18 Court Case involving Callaway Mills, c. 1945
19 List of Securities owned by Callaway Mills, c. 1936
20 Billing Accounts & Payment Account sheets, c. 1928-c. 1931
21-27 Business Accounts, c. 1905-c. 1930
28 Income Tax Forms, c.1916
29 Memorandum for the file proposed merger of Callaway and Comer Interests, 1939
30 World Cotton Conference handbook 1919
31 Pamphlet "51 Questions & Answers about Callaway Mills, 1935"
32 "Milstead Remembers Old Callaway Mill" Rockdale Citizen 4/27/78

Box 2

Summary of Cotton and Finances (weekly), Fuller E. Callaway Mills, Nov. 4, 1910 - Aug. 25, 1917 (Scrapbook for 1917-1932 is Scrapbook #4) Callon Sales Manual (The N.Y. sales unit of Callaway Mills) 1958
Trademark Record - Callaway Mills, 1939-1942. Volume includes other miscellaneous financial records.
Scrapbook - Callaway Mills News clippings 1924-1938
Scrapbook - Callaway Mills News clippings 1939-1952
Monograph of Callaway Mills Co., Industrial Fellowship Nos. 1- 4 (1944-1948), by Thomas Hadden Swan, 1948 (4 copies)
"List of experimental samples of cotton, wool, synthetic, and synthetic blend yarns and fabrics made by Research and Development Division, Callaway Mills Co., LaGrange, Ga. 1953."

Box 3


1 - 29 National Industrial Conference, clippings, Sept. 19 - Oct. 21, 1919
30 Copy of a draft of a speech given by Benjamin Harvey Hill
31 Trains, Nov. 1969, contains a picture of the Fuller E. Callaway Pullman rail car.
32 Lists of directors and superintendents of Callaway Mills
33 1894 Telephone Directory, LaGrange Telephone Company
34-36 Biographies of Callaway Mills officers, c. 1960
37 Purchasing Policies
38-39 News Clippings
Gavel - made from an original timber of the Unity Cotton Mills "Heart of Pine", given to Fuller E. Callaway, Jr.

Box 4: Oversized Papers

Folder 1
1 Advertisement for Fuller E. Callaway and Co. Department Store Supplies. Color, c. 1890s.
2 Photocopy of a page of The Graphic, woman's edition, May, 1895

Folder 2
3-5 Advertisements for Callaway Mill Products. Pen and ink drawings on cardboard mounts. c. 1950s.
3 Christmas Sale
4 Department Store during towel sale
5 Merchandise Manager with scene of Callaway Towel Salon at Miami Beach

Folder 3
4 LaGrange News-Shuttle, Callaway Memorial edition, c. 1929, photogravure section
5 The Atlanta Constitution, January 29, 1928. Story on Callaway Mills.
6 Daily News Record, N.Y. January 22, 1936, "Industrial Fabrics Directory".
7 LaGrange News-Shuttle, October 13, 1929, re dedication of Callaway Memorial Tower

Folder 4
8 Callaway Miscellany. People's Bank Calendar, 1982.
6 pencil drawings of historic homes in LaGrange.

Folder 5
A Salute to the Cotton Textile Industry supplement of the Cotton Trade Journal 6/4/48, (2)

Folder 6
9 Half Century Confederate Memorial Poster for the Fuller E. Callaway Company, 1911 Scrapbooks (not boxed)
4 "Summary of Cotton and Finances, Fuller E. Callaway, LaGrange, Ga." (weekly), August 31, 1917 - August 19, 1932,
5-7 Scrapbooks-clippings, divided roughly by subject (i.e. Unity Cotton Mills, Taxes, etc.), c. 1910-1928. ["Fragile" many clippings from local and national papers on subjects of local and mill interest, as well as State and national concerns including municipal matters, railroads, freight rates, legislation, etc.]
8 World Cotton Conference, 1919: Pictures of WCC visit to LaGrange and USA, 1919
9 World Cotton Conference - Post World War I photos taken of Belgian and French battlefields (Photos taken by J.T. Broadbent)


Subseries A: Family Papers

Box 1

Folder 1 Letter of July 25, 1860 from Mrs. Ferrell to Blount C. Ferrell (typescript copy)
2 "Focus on LaGrange", Bancshares (CB & T Magazine) 1:1, Summer 1980, p. 8-11 (photocopy)
3 "The Coloring Book of LaGrange, Georgia", Ockfuskee Historical Society, 1978.
4 "LaGrange Housekeepers' Choice Recipes", Mrs. Henry R. Slack, compiler (LaGrange, Ga.: R.C. Ward), c. 1897.
5 "LaGrange Housekeepers' Choice Recipes", Mrs. Henry R. Slacks, compiler, c. 1920.
6 Dorothy Donovan Correspondence - Fuller Callaway, Jr., c.1952-c. 1988
7 Dorothy Donovan Correspondence - Cason & Virginia Callaway, c. 1952-c. 1980
8 Dorothy Donovan Correspondence - Alice Callaway, c. 1960-c. 1993
9 Wooland Publications, 1936
10 Readers Digest - Grantland Rice Tribute, 1965v 11 Family Gleanings - Alice Callaway & Clark Johnson
12 Book of Quotations, J.L. Hand, n.d.
13 Florence Mae Hand Diary, 1893-1895<
14 J.L. Hand Diary, 1870 (photo copy)
15 Thanksgiving Proclamation (reproduction)
16-20 Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.
21 Callaway Education Endowments
22 Chronology of US trade Mission to England, April 1948
23 Fuller Callaway, Jr. tribute 7/17/97 & Cason Callaway, Jr. eulogy for Dr. Wallace Clark, n.d. Callaway, Timothy Walton, Callaway Baptist Preachers, 1789-1953, 1953. 4 copies. (Another copy is on Library Reference Room Shelves.)

Box 2

1-7 Copy of "Genealogy," by Jane Champion, n.d.
8-11 Genealogy of Hand family
12 Genealogy and History of Troup Artillery of Athens, Georgia
13 Genealogy and History - African Folklore, LaGrange, Georgia
14-16 Correspondence
"The Cupola": Mt. Vernon Seminary
The Business Yearbook of Ida J. Cason Callaway, c.1921

Box 3

1-2 Old Letters c.1870
3-28 Correspondence of Alice H. Callaway, 1955-1980

Box 4

1 Fuller Callaway, Jr. baby book, report card, and essay
2 Clippings
3 Periodicals
4 Alice Hand - Red Cross and School Ribbons
5 Mount Vernon Academy
6 Alice Hand and Fuller Callaway Wedding invitation
7 Florence Hollis Hand Chapel dedication: Mt. Vernon College
8 Hand Memorial Methodist Church: Steeple
9 Alice H. Callaway Passports(2)
10 Mrs. Fuller Callaway, Sr.'s Recipes
11 Alice H. Callaway Red Cross 1940's-1965
12 Invitation to inauguration of President Lyndon B. Johnson
13 St. Cecilia Society Ball
14 Georgia Tech Commencement 1949 - Fuller Callaway, Jr. Distinguished Service Alumni
15 Sweet Land of Liberty Parade, 1986
16 "A Southern Lady's Legacy" & " The Disciples of Andrew Jackson Downing in Georgia" by Catherine Howett
17 Senate Resolution 262
18 - 19 Correspondence
20(Small Folder) Piece of Alice Hands & Fuller Callaway, Jr.'s wedding cake 1 Garden Record Book Family Record (notebook): contains brief genealogical record re: Jewell & Pratt.

Box 5:

Callaway Family Bibles Six Family Bibles, c.1900

Box 6

Folders 1-26 Cason Callaway Correspondence, 1939-1943

Box 7

Folders 1-32 Cason Callaway Correspondence, 1944-1948

Box 8

Folders 1-27 Cason Callaway Correspondence, 1949-1961

Box 9

1-13 Cason Callaway Boat Papers
14 Cason Callaway Boat Brochures
15-25 Letters of Condolence to Fuller Callaway, Jr. re: Cason's death
26 Cason Callaway Memorial Portrait
27 Correspondence re: Paving of Club Drive

Box 10

1-3 Callaway Family Genealogy
4 Abner Callaway: Letters c. 1855
5-6 Alice Callaway: Anniversary Card ,1980 & Letter, 1992
7 Cason Callaway: Report from the Bingham School to his father 5/23/10
8-10 Fuller Callaway, Sr.: Magazine Articles c. 1918, Invitation 1897, Letters c. 1890, & Various Writings, n.d.
12-16 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Articles c. 1947, Certificates n.d., Homework c.1915, Letters 1932 & 1982, & Proclamation for Fuller Callaway, Jr. Day 10/9/73
17-20 Ida J.C. Callaway: Certificates, Letters 1899 & 1923, WMU Report c. 1918, School Assignments
21 Ida Cason Callaway: Wedding invitation for her marriage with Charles Hudson, Sr. 5/1/55
22 Virginia Callaway: Letter 1957
23 A.T. Cason: Final and Complete statement for his estate 1/5/23
24 Christmas Cards
25-27 Deeds
28 John Jewell: Biographical Information
29 Ferrell Gardens
30-31 Miscellaneous Letters: c. 1900- c. 1925

Box 11

1-2 Physical Examinations of Fuller Callaway, Sr., & Ida Jane Cason Callaway
3-6 Sympathy Telegrams re: death of Fuller Callaway, Sr. 1928
7 Record of expressions of sympathy received by the family of Fuller Callaway, Sr. & a sample of an appreciation card sent out by the family
8 Bulletins for the funeral of Ida J.C. Callaway, 1936
9 Note Written by Hatton Lovejoy re: Fuller Callaway, Sr.
10-16 Conversations between Fuller Callaway, Jr., James Childers, and Maurine Childers, and Hatton Lovejoy re: Reference book on life of Fuller Callaway, Sr., c. 1953

Box 12: Property Records

1-20 Property Records re: Fuller Callaway, Jr., c.1930.
21 American Institute of Architects: General Conditions & Regulations, c.1930.
22 Addenda to Specifications for Service Station at Corner of Main & East Depot
Street (owned by Callaway Foundation), 1939.
23 Contract & Papers for building of house for Fuller Callaway, Jr., 1932.
24 Papers for building of house for Fuller Callaway, Jr., on Vernon Road, 1932.
25 Addenda to Specifications for store building for Fuller Callaway Foundation on Bull and Broome Streets, 1939.
26-31 Deeds c.1920
32 Legal documents re: The LaGrange Banking & Trust Company, c.1936 33 Legal Documents, 1892 & 1898
34 Hills & Dales Herd Sale, 1952

Box 13: Estate Records

1-20 Estate Papers of Fuller Callaway, Sr. 1928-1932
21 Estate Papers of Ida Jane Cason Callaway c. 1935
22 Life Insurance information for Fuller Callaway, Jr., August 1986
23 Will of Fuller Callaway, Jr. 6/7/39
24 Wills of Alice Hand Callaway 1936 & 1939
25 Will of J.T. Barrow 1938
26 Will of Mrs. Lily Jackson & R.H. Jackson (includes estate papers)
27 Estate of Pope Callaway, 1924

Box 14: Oversized Papers

Folder 1
1 Signed List for wedding guest of Fuller & Alice Callaway 8/6/30
2 Alice Callaway Certificates (4)
3 Enlarged wedding invitation for Fuller & Alice Callaway
4 Fuller Callaway, Jr. Georgia Tech award for 50 years of alumni service

Folder 2
5 Fuller Callaway, Jr. certificate of attainment 3/21/33
6 Posters of Fuller Callaway, Sr. candidate for Railroad commission (9)
7-11 Certificates of Service to Fuller Callaway, Jr., 1942-1948
12 Certificate of Ida J. Cason Callaway from Daughters of the American Colonists, 1922

Folder 3
13 Certificate to Fuller Callaway, Jr. commissioned as a Flying Colonel by Delta Airlines
14 Certificate to Fuller Callaway, Jr. for crossing the Arctic Circle 6/28/62
15 Commission Certificate from the State of Georgia to Fuller Callaway, Jr. giving the rank of Lt.Col. Aide de Camp, Governors Staff 1/13/59

Subseries B: Photographs

Box 1

Folder 1
1-10 Callaway, Alice Hand, 1930-1981

Folder 2
1 Callaway, Fuller and Alice, 1960
2-20 Callaway, Alice Hand, 1913-1960

Folder 3
1-6 Callaway, Alice and Fuller, c.1935-1983

Folder 4
1 Callaway, Alice with Fuller III and Ida, c.1940

Folder 5
1-31 Callaway, Fuller E., Jr., 1908-1986

Folder 6
1-12 Callaway, Fuller E., Jr., 1920-1983

Folder 7
1-8 Callaway, Fuller E., Sr., c.1873-c.1920

Folder 8
1-3 Callaway, Fuller E., Sr., c.1873-c.1885
4 Callaway Brothers, c.1891

Folder 8a
1-14 Callaway, Fuller E., Sr., 1908-1920

Folder 9
1-3 Callaway, Ida Cason, c.1890-c.1891
4 Unidentified House, c.1920
5-17 Callaway, Ida Cason, c.1910-c.1936

Folder 10
1 Callaway, Fuller and Ida, 1891
2 Callaway, Fuller, Sr., 1905
3 Callaway, Cason, 1894
4 Callaway Railroad Car, c.1930
5-6 Callaway Memorial Tower, 1929-c.1940

Folder 10a
1 Callaway, Howard, c.1890
2 Callaway, Pope, c.1910
3 Callaway, Howard, c.190
4 Callaway, Fuller III and Mandy, c.1932
5-6 Callaway Vineyard, 1973
7 Callaway, Ely Reeves Jr., c.1980
8 Callaway Vineyard, 1973

Folder 11
1-3 Cason, Olivia Pratt Jewell, c.1875-c.1920

Folder 12
1 Cason, Mrs. Edward and Sinclair, c.1900
2 Cason, Sinclair, 1901
3 Cason, Dr. E. A., c.1900
4 Cason, Mrs. A Rodgers Christmas Card, 1944
5 Cason, Sinclair, c.1897
6 Cason Family, c.1890

Folder 13
1 Cason, Lily, c.1880
2 Cason, Sinclair, c.1910
3 Cason, Lily, c.1890
4 Cason, Sinclair, c.1900
5 Cason, Lily and Sinclair, c.1900

Folder 14
1 Hand, Florence Hollis and Frank Hill, c.1940
2-7 Hand, Florence Hollis, c.1920-1959

Folder 15
1 Hand, Katherine and Henry, 1997
2 Hand, Chris, Henry, and Judson, 1997
3 Hand, Judson, Sally, and Henry Jacob, 1997
4-8 Hand Family, 1939-1965
9-10 Hand, Larrabee and Christine Wedding, 1928

Folder 16
1 Hand, Henry, c.1940
2 Carrigan, Irene Hand, c.1900
3 Hand, Irene, c.1900
4 Carrigan, Irene Hand, 1923
5-6 Hand, Dr. B. Hollis, c.1950-c.1960
7 Hand, Hollis Jr., c.1960

Folder 17
1 Jewell, Daniel Ashley, c.1860
2 Mill at Jewell, GA, c.1880

Folder 17a
1 Long Family, c.1880

Folder 18
1 Clark Family Dog, 1938
2-3 Real Silver Domino 44th, 1949-c.1950

Folder 19
1 Hudson, Jimmy and Lulu, 1933
2-14 Blue Springs Lodge, 1933

Folder 20
1-15 Callaway Mills Executives, 1938-1951

Folder 21
1-2 French Broad Camp, 1921
3-4 Chunn's Cove Camp, 1922

Folder 22
1-80 Dedication of Binns Student Center, Shorter College, 1968

Folder 23
1-4 Callaway Lake, c.1930
5-31 Entertaining at Lake, c.1930 

Folder 24
1 Hudson, Mary Jane Hill, c.1960
2 Callaway, Fuller Jr. and Alice, 1975
3 Hollis, Benjamin Pullum, 1868
4 Hand, Columbus Washington, c.1860
5 Rocky Hill Plantation, c.1960
6 Barrow, Alice Hand and Columbia America Bower, c.1890
7 Frederick Home, c.1900
8 Hollis, Clara Florence Davenport, c.1870
9 Davenport, Walter Thomas, c.1890
10 Hollis Home, c.1920
11 Cason, Olivia Pratt Jewell, c.1920
12 Hollis Coat of Arms, c.1997
13 Church at St. Neots, c.1990
14 Callaway Coat of Arms, c.1997
15 Callaway, Enoch, Dr., c.1840
16 Callaway, Abner Reeves, Rev., c.1880
17 Callaway, Fuller E. Sr., c.1910
18 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., c.1930
19 Cason, Ida Jane, c.1880
20 Callaway, Sara Jane Howard, c.1870
21 Cason, Alexander T. and Olivia Pratt, 1869
22 Highland Villa, c.1900
23 Hand, Clara Elizabeth and Alice Hinman, c.1920
24 Hand Memorial United Methodist Church, c.1990
25 Hand Family, c.1910
26 Hand, Judson Larrabee, c.1890
27 Winchester, New Hampshire, 1861

Folder 25
1 LaGrange First Baptist Church, 1956

Box 2

Folder 1
1 Ferrell, Blount, c.1920
2 Awtrey, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip, c.1910
3 Brittain Family, c.1930
4-5 Reeves, Wiley, c.1930
6-7 Reeves, Lily Cason, c.1910-c.1930
8 Swift Family, c.1945
9 Swift, Alma and Deedie, 1947
10 Swift, Mary Cornelia, Ed, and Alma, 1947
11 Swift, Mary Cornelia, 1947
12 Swift, Mary Cornelia and Ed, 1947
13 Swift, Mary Cornelia, 1947
14 Swift Family, c.1945
15 Baker, Julie and Lyana, c.1920
16 Maybank, Lavinia Huquenin, c.1930
17 Baker, Jute, c.1930
18-19 Friends at Party, c.1960
20 Boatwright Servants, c.1950
21 Macomber, Sally, 1967
22 Culpepper, Bert and George S. Cobb, Jr., c.1950
23 Collier, Perrin N. and George S. Cobb, Jr., c.1950
24-25 Fishing Group, c.1950
26 Boatwright, Louise Coogler Culpepper, 1963
27 Price, Lewis and Pearl, c.1960
28 LaGrange College Group, c.1960
29 Mitchell, Katie, c.1930

Folder 2
1-11 Unidentified Wedding, c.1930
12 White, Gene, c.1925
13 Ferrell, Blount and Alice, c.1925
14 Allen, Callaway and Alice Ferrell, c.1925
15 Callaway, Ida Cason and Sara Brittain, c.1920
16 Allen, Callaway and Alice Ferrell, c.1925
17 Ferrell, Alice, c.1925
18 White, Gene, c.1925
19 Glanton, Katie and Blount Ferrell, c.1925
20 Allen, Callaway, c.1925
21 Broughton, Rev. Dr., c.1930
22 Ferrell, Dora, c.1920
23 Glanton, Katie and Alice Ferrell, c.1925
24 Ferrell, Dora and Alice, c.1925
25 Ferrell, Dora, c.1925
26-28 Callaway, Ida Cason, c.1920
29 Mavieson, Edna, c.1930
30 Tupper, Joan Mavieson, c.1930
31 Ferrell, Blount, c.1925
32 Seay, Adelaide, c.1920
33 Allen, Callaway and Blount Ferrell, c.1925
34 Robert, Mrs. L. W. (Evie), 1966
35 Unidentified Man, c.1940
36-37 Callaway, Fuller Jr., c.1940

Folder 3
1 Cumings, Mary Thayer Davison, c.1930
2-3 Hawkins, Eleanor Forman, c.1930-c.1950
4 Poole, Mrs. M. N., c.1930
5-12 Unidentified Party, c.1960
13 Boatwright, J. K. Jr., c.1960
14 Culpepper Fishing Trip, 1950

Folder 4
1-5 J. L. Hand Garden, c.1920

Folder 5
1 Chattahoochee River, 1925
2-3 Glass Bridge, 1925

Folder 6
1-28 Hills and Dales, c.1920-c.1990

Folder 7
1-8 Hills and Dales, c.1920

Folder 8
1-31 Hills and Dales, c.1930-c.1960

Folder 9
1-33 Hills and Dales, 1937-1975

Folder 10
1-27 Hills and Dales, 1937-1990

Folder 11
1-9 Hills and Dales, 1916

Folder 12
1-7 Hills and Dales Visitors, 1938-1994

Folder 12a
1-5 Culpepper House, c.1930
6 Unidentified House, c.1920
7 Unidentified Lake, c.1940
8-12 Unidentified House, c.1940-1965
13 Culpepper House, c.1960
14-15 Unidentified House, c.1930

Folder 13
1-7 Honorary Doctorates, 1978

Folder 14
1-22 Mount Vernon Seminary, 1929-1985

Folder 15
1 Callaway Mills Offices, c.1965
2-3 Callaway, Mark Clayton, 1959-1960
4 Hudson, Jane Alice, 1956
5 Ferrell Gardens, c.1980
6 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., 1989
7-18 Callaway Family Reunion, 1983

Folder 16
1 Roosevelt, Franklin D., c.1935
2 Callaway, Fuller Jr., c.1955
3 Rotary Club Presentation, 1953
4 Callaway Mills Executives, c.1943
5-6 Shell Oil Meeting, 1951
7 LaGrange College Graduation, 1971
8 Award Presentation, 1972
9-19 Georgia Tech Research Institute Meeting, 1976
20 Lamar Dodd Art Center Groundbreaking, 1980
21-26 Morris Brown College, Man of the Year Award, 1982

Folder 17
1 Unidentified Group, c.1940
2-3 Mill Executives, c.1940
4-8 Callaway Middle School Dedication, 1996
9-10 Dedication of Callaway Plaza, 1996

Folder 18
1 Jackson, Graham and Frank Hill, c.1940
2 LaGrange High School Open House, 1971
3 Cason Callaway Science Building Dedication, 1972
4-5 Shell Board Meeting, 1951
6 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., c.1950
7 LaGrange Horse Show, 1953
8 Smith Dormitory Dedication, 1947
9 American Cotton Manufacturers Meeting, 1947

Folder 19
1 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., 1972
2 City - County Hospital Groundbreaking, 1971
3 Stuart Warren Cramer Dedication, c.1954
4-5 Callaway, Cason and Fuller, Jr., c.1940
6 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., c.1950
7 Callaway, Cason and Fuller, Jr., c.1935
8 U. S. Steel Board Meeting, 1947
9 American Cotton Manufacturers Meeting, 1947
10 Price Building Groundbreaking, 1973
11 Unidentified Group, c.1940

Folder 20
1 Noah's Ark, c.1930
2 Unidentified Group, c.1960
3 Noah's Ark, c.1930
4-8 Callaway, Alice Hand and Lillian, 1949
9 Callaway, Alice and Archie Gann, c.1950
10 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., 1951
11 Callaway, Alice and Fuller Jr., c.1940 

Folder 21
1-12 Camelback Inn, c.1946
13 Gentry, George and Bill Eaton, 1957
14 Eaton's Ranch, 1944

Folder 22
1-22 RMS Caronia Cruise, 1956
23 Callaway, Alice and Fuller Jr., 1952
24 Callaway, Fuller Jr., 1935
25-26 Callaway, Fuller and Alice, c.1940-1959
27 Callaway, Alice and Larry Callahan, 1959
28 Monarch of Bermuda, c.1950
29-30 Callaway, Fuller and Alice, 1939-1958
31 Callaway, Alice, c.1960
32-34 Callaway, Fuller and Alice, 1956
35 Callaway, Alice, 1956
36 St. Mark's Cathedral, 1966
37 Cruise Group, c.1950

Folder 23
1-13 Callaway, Mr. And Mrs. Fuller Sr. in Florida, c.1920

Folder 24
1 Unidentified Couple, c.1920

Folder 25
1-36 Unidentified Friends, 1930-1971

Folder 26
1 Unidentified Men, c.1960
2 Unidentified Young Man, c.1900
3 Unidentified Girl, c.1920
4 Unidentified Party, c.1965
5 Birthday Party, c.1950
6 Unidentified Man, c.1960

Folder 27
1-25 Unidentified Friends, 1934-c.1950

Box 3: Oversized Photographic Prints

1 Callaway Foundation Trustees, n.d.
2 Hillside Mill Village, c.1920s
3 Lovejoy, Hatton, n.d.
4 Unity Plant, Supt. and Overseers, c. 1930
5 Manchester Manufacturing Company, n.d.
6 Research Building, Callaway Mills, n.d.
7 Engine, Train CAR, AB&C railroad, n.d.
8 Unity Plant, First Cloth Shipment, 5 Jan., 1901
9 Hogansville Calumet Plant, 9/18/1928
10 Unity Mills - brown tones, n.d.
11 Cotton Pickers, c. 1930
12 Martin - Bearden Wedding, 1939
13 Hand, Florence, 1939
14 Callaway - Childs Wedding, 1947
15 Hand, Florence, 1959
16 Hand, Florence Birthday Celebration, 1959
17 Davison - Cummings Wedding, 1937
18 Anglo - American Cotton Textile Conference, 1949
19 Callaway, Ida Cason, 1928
20 Phi Delta Theta Banquet, 1946
21 Hand, Alice, c.1920
22 Callaway, Fuller Sr., at World Cotton Conference, 1919
23 Callaway, Fuller Sr., House, 1914
24 Georgia Manufacturers' Association 1st Annual Meeting, 1916
25 Unidentified Men (Jewell Family ?), c.1850
26a-26e Ferrell Gardens, 1916
26f-26i Hills and Dales, 1916
26j-26k Ferrell Gardens, 1916
27-29b Hills and Dales, 1916-c.1930
30a-30b Callaway, Alice Hand, c.1930
31 Hand, Alice, c.1925
32 Callaway, Ida Cason, c.1925
33 Cotton Manufacturers Association of Georgia, 1922
34 Callaway Mill Executives, c.1910
35 Construction Group, c.1920
36 Unity School, c.1955
37 Mill Group, 1928
38 Callaway Mills 25 Year Club, 1945
39 Unity Cotton Mill, 1951
40 Oakleaf and Unity Mills, 1951
41 Calumet Mill, 1951
42 Callaway Community Foundation Directors, 1954
43 Lincoln Street, 1960
44-45 Dallis Street, 1960
46 Lincoln Street, 1960
47 Callaway Mill Construction, c.1920
48 Unity Mill First Shipment, 1901
49 Callaway Foundation Board of Trustees, c.1955
50 Fuller E. Callaway's Mammoth Department Store, c.1895
51 Callaway Mills Executives, c.1945

Box 4: Oversized Photographic Prints

1 Callaway Foundation Board of Trustees, Arthur Edge, Sr., Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., Hatton Lovejoy, Mrs. Alice Callaway, and 2 unidentified men, n.d.
2 Hatton Lovejoy
3 Callaway Mills' Employees' 25 Year Club Members, at December 1950 meeting. Callaway Beacon photo.
4 Superintendent and Overseers in front of Unity Plant, c. 1930, b & w.
5 Manchester Manufacturing Co., n.d., b & w, aerial view
6 Research Building, Callaway Mills, S.W. LaGrange, Washington St., brown tone photo, n.d.
7 Engine and train car of Atlanta, Birmingham, and Coast Railroad, n.d., b & w
8 First shipment of cloth from Unity Plant, Jan. 5, 1901, Orin A. Barnard, C.V. Truitt, George W. Murphy, Fuller E. Callaway, A. Frances Walker, and James Lane. Mounted.
9 Hogansville Calumet Plant. Purchased by Callaway Mills on September 18, 1928. Mounted, b&w.
10 Unity Mills, n.d. b & w, brown tones, mount
11 Cotton pickers, c. 1930, b & w, brown tones, mounted. Shows men, women, and children picking cotton.
12 Photo of John Wade home, Marshallville, Ga., n.d.
13 Edward Rockwell Austin Class of Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite 11/19/48
14-15 Textile Research Institute, Inc. (annual meeting), 1941-1942

Box 5: Callaway Family Postcards

LaGrange and Troup County scenes, c.1900 - 1978, including mill scenes and Hills and Dales (see Troup County Archives inventory for complete list).

Snapshot Photographs - various family snapshots

Subseries C: Clippings & Publications

Box 1: Fuller Callaway, Sr., biographical notes (folder titles taken from original folders)

1 Letter to J.A. Perry re: Pullman Car
2-7 Correspondence of J.A. Perry
8 Correspondence of J.A. Perry with members of the Callaway Family
9 Notecards of J.A. Perry
10 Early Life and Beyond
11 The Cotton Manufacturing Period, 1900-1928
12 Four Forty-year old Letter Books, November 26, 1909-May 10, 1910
13 Mr. Callaway's trip to Europe, 1911; Mr. Callaway's Leadership in Banking; Mr. Callaway's trip to Egypt and the Holy Land; Mr. Callaway's trip to Europe (caught abroad by WWI 1914)
14 Mr. Callaway buys the Ferrell Plantation and farm land, builds new home; Silver Wedding Anniversary; Callaway Park
15 Early interest in workers and families; Incorporation of Southwest LaGrange 1917; Putting plans for Southwest LaGrange into effect; Southwest LaGrange School
16 World Cotton Conference-winning foreign participation, entertainment of delegates at LaGrange; Textile Benefit Association
17 Conference between Capital and Labor called by President Wilson, November 6, 1919
18 Mr. & Mrs. Callaway and Fuller, Jr., go abroad in 1921; Organization of Highland Country Club, 1921; Mills establish their own selling agency
19 Rotary in LaGrange; Death of Mr. Pope Callaway and of Mr. Charles E. Perkins and other occurrences in 1923; Fuller Callaway, Jr., born; Building of Callaway Auditorium; Hatton Lovejoy
20 Associates; News, views, comments about Mr. Callaway; Business; Politics; Personal
21-22 Stories & Maxims; Fuller Callaway sayings
23 Biographical Data on Callaway Family
24 miscellaneous pages
25 Death of Mr. Callaway
26 Mr. Callaway's views on Industrial Relations; A Realist Speculation; A few revealing letters; Death of Mr. Howard Callaway
27 Life & Works of Mr. Fuller Callaway, Sr. & Index to data on the Life of Fuller Callaway, Sr.
28 Data from scrapbook of Ely Callaway
29 List of Corporations organized under the leadership of Mr. Callaway
30-31 Articles on Fuller Callaway, Sr.
32 Sayings of Fuller Callaway, Sr. told at a dinner for former associates, Colonial Hotel, 1951

Box 2

1 Poetry collected by Fuller Callaway, Sr.
2 Mrs. Callaway tells of the Gardens (Ferrell Gardens) c. 1920
3-8 Notes for publication about Fuller Callaway, Sr.
9 Typescript from: The Life of Fuller Callaway, Sr. by Ida Cason Callaway
10 Death of Mrs. Fuller Callaway, Sr. 4/10/36
11-16 Letter to Fuller Callaway, Jr., from Professor August Giebelhaus of the School of Social Sciences, Georgia Tech, December 1984; Chapters 6-7 of book "Engineering the New South: Georgia Tech 1885-1985" (information included in both chapters came in part from interviews between Fuller Callaway, Jr., and Giebelhaus)
17-29 Miscellaneous Notes -After the Whistle Blows by Bess Herring, n.d (typescript)

Box 3: Articles

1 Obituaries (Banks Callaway, Mr. & Mrs. A.T. Cason, & J.L. Hand)
2 Jewell Family Reunion c. 1920
3-4 Fuller Callaway, Sr. c.1920-c.1981
5 Cason Callaway c.1940
6-10 Fuller Callaway, Jr. c. 1930-c. 1985
11 Callaway Memorial Tower c. 1930
12 Hills & Dales (Ferrell Gardens) c. 1920-c. 1950
13 "Millions Donated to SAC-70 in memory of Callaway son" printed in Technique (Georgia Tech Campus Paper) 8/17/73
14 Dedication Edition for Enoch Callaway Cancer Clinic 8/21/75 LaGrange Daily News
15 "FDR: Part Two The Squire of Warm Springs," re: Cason Callaway Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2/5/78
16 Florence Hand Dedication
17 "All Entering Race will be Winners", LaGrange Daily News 11/20/81, by Fuller Callaway, Jr.
18 "Debra Cerniglia, Mark Callaway to exchange vows January 16," LaGrange Daily News , 12/15/81; "Debra Cerniglia, Mark Callaway exchange vows in Atlanta," LaGrange Daily News , 4/30/82
19 "Wedding is Tomorrow" re: Lisa Clem & Charles Hudson, Jr., LaGrange Daily News , 4/30/82 & "Miss Clem, Mr. Hudson say vows," LaGrange Daily News , 5/6/82
20 Miscellaneous
21 The Woman's Edition of the LaGrange Reporter 6/21/1895
22 The Woman's Edition of the LaGrange Graphic May 1895
23 The News of Three Cities (College Park, Ga.) 3/4/21
24 The Shuttle: Callaway Mills Edition 5/24/28
25 Meriwether Vindicator 2/12/32 (fragile & incomplete)
26 Progress Edition LaGrange Daily News 7/30/77
27 LaGrange Daily News 8/16/77
28 Jim Hamilton spoof newspaper 1981
29 National Hospital Week 5/8-14/83

Box 4: Publications and Programs

1 Program from Southern Female College Grand Concert 6/17/79
2 Southern Female College: Souvenir Booklet 1890
3 "Little Journey" by the Presidents Club of Atlanta to the home of Fuller Callaway, Sr. 6/14/18
4 The American Magazine, October 1920
5 Article on Cox College in the "Christian Index" 4/27/22
6 The Junior League Magazine: "A Garden of the Old South" c. 1925
7 " Making American Citizens" by Ida Tarbell (incomplete) c. 1925 re: Fuller Callaway, Sr.
8 Association for Men magazine article "The Occupation of the Callaways" July 1928
9 Christian Index article "Memorial Ruby given by Mrs. Fuller Callaway, LaGrange, Ga." 8/2/28
10 Magazine clipping with Mrs. Fuller Callaway, Sr. in photo c. 1930
11 Program for the dedication of Callaway Auditorium 4/28/42
12 Callaway Memorial Service Program 7/14/46
13 Rotary Club Publications: c. 1946-c. 1982
14 Georgia Tech Commencement Program 1949 & Alumni Distinguished Service Award Program 1949
15 Miscellaneous Brochures
16 Callaway Mills Company 25 year club 9/5/52
17 LaGrange Settlement pamphlet; Article on Fuller Callaway, Sr. from Progressive Architecture, May 1958
18 Bulletin form First Baptist Church 150th Anniversary, 1978
19 The Callaway Family Association: Membership Directory, 1978
20 Camp Viola Program 1979
21 Highland Country Club Rules & By-Laws, 1954 & 1967; Highland Country Club Swimming Pool Rules 1980-1983
22 Man of the Year Award in Georgia honoring Fuller Callaway, Jr. at Morris Brown College, 1982
23 Tribute to George Lanier: March 3, 1983
24 Land of Our Own: 250 years of Landscape and Gardening Tradition in Georgia (published by the Atlanta Historical Society, 1983)
25 The LaGrange Woman's Club Yearbook 1983-1984
26 Heart of Man: 6th Anniversary of the Atlanta Heart Ball 1987
27 Guide to St. Neot, Cornwall & excerpt from "The King's England: Cornwall" re: St. Neot's Abbey, 1986.
28 Floral Remembrance
29 Architecture in Atlanta re: Fuller Callaway Manufacturing Research Center, 1992
30 L' Industria Delle Costruzioni re: Fuller Callaway Manufacturing Research Center, 1993
31 Progressive Architecture re: Fuller Callaway Manufacturing Research Center, 1992
32 Research and Development Magazine re: Fuller Callaway Manufacturing Research Center, 1993
33 Southwest LaGrange schools teachers names and Spring program schedule 1951-1952
34 Advertisement Brochures
35 Entertainment Brochures - Callaway Airport Expansion Plan, 1983

Subseries D: Scrapbooks

Box 1: Family

2 Alice Hand Callaway: Compiled photos of her childhood up to 1973
3 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Photos of him from childhood to c. 1988
4 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Childhood Snapshots c.1910-c.1915
5 Jewell, Shea, Ashley, and Cason families, c.1850-c.1900: families photos
6 Cason and Jewell Families, 1900: families photos

Box 2

7 Fifty Happy Years: Photos of Fuller and Alice Callaway's 50th wedding anniversary and photos of past memories
9 Mrs. Ida Callaway: Family recipes and lines written for a play, c.1900
10 Plant clippings and newspaper articles re: Cason, Jewell, and Callaway families
11 Fuller Callaway, Sr.: Obituaries from various newspapers regarding his death,1928
12 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Articles, photos, etc. regarding Fuller, Jr., c. 1935

Box 3

13 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Portrait photos of Fuller, Jr., his friends, associates, and high school memorabilia
14 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: American Cotton Association, Cotton Manufacturers Association
15 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Travel photos and postcards (includes photo of FDR at Blue Springs)
16 J.A. Perry: Real Estate Records, c.1932

Box 4: Hills & Dales/Ferrell Gardens Scrapbooks

17 Ferrell Gardens/Hills and Dales, 1916
18 Ferrell Gardens/Hills and Dales, c.1916-c.1990: Articles, postcards, newsletters, etc. concerning the Callaway family
19 Hills and Dales, 1960-c. 1990: Photos of Gardens & Plants
20 Hills and Dales, c. 1965 : Family photos
21 Snapshots of 1310 Vernon Road and Blue Springs

Box 5: Travel & Miscellaneous Scrapbooks

22 Postcard & Photo Album, c.1908: Local & International Postcards (scrapbook is fragile in white envelope)
23 Travel Snapshots and Football game, c.1925
24 Scrapbook with unidentified people & travel photos
25 Sears Party: Visit to LaGrange in 1958
26 Dedication of Fuller Callaway, Jr. plaque on Court Square, LaGrange, 1969
27 Fuller Callaway, Jr. 25-year award: Photos of award banquet
28 Callaway Tribute Concert, 1993: Photos, news articles, etc. on concert tribute to Fuller Callaway, Jr.

Other Scrapbooks

#1 Scrapbook of Mrs. Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., 1910 (travel postcards)
#8 Hollis Family, c.1870 - c.1952
#29 Newcomen Society Dinner Scrapbook, 10/4/78: Photos of the dinner, event programs, and a guest list
#30 Photographs of Fuller Callaway, Sr.

Items Separated

RB-28.24-25 - Cason Family Bible
RB-28.26 - Ida Cason Callaway Bible
RB-28.27 - Florence Hollis Hand Bible 


SOPs folders

1 Blueprints for replica of Fuller E. Callaway, Sr.'s 1904 Office. Drawn in 1966 by Callaway Community Foundation Architectural Dept., LaGrange. 3 pages.
2 Panorama Photo of Hillside Mill Village, c. 1920s, b & w.
3 LaGrange Swimming Pool & Bathing Pavilion (Located on Smith & Church St.) Architects: Ivey & Crook - Atlanta Date: July 1934 Job No: 280 Number of Sheets: 15 Tracings: 13 Sheets, including 1 pilot plan and 1 drawing for cornerstone inscription Blue Prints: 2 sheets for filtering system
4 Callaway Mills Store Building (Location - 110 Bull Street) Architects: Ivey & Crook - Atlanta Date: May 1940 Job No: 376 Number of Sheets: 16 Tracings: 8 Sheets Blue Prints: 8 sheets including duplicates of tracings and 3 drawings of additions made by Newman Construction