Manuscript MS-055


SOURCE: Callaway Family Association July 1985, October 1987, June 1990, and annually thereafter

SIZE: 15 Linear Feet [boxes]
10 Linear Feet [W.C. Callaway Collection]

SHELVING UNITS: 52 manuscript boxes 3 manuscript boxes, photos
4 audio-visual boxes
1 records center box
3 reels of microfilm
3 OP boxes
5 artifacts, framed photos
William Choteau Callaway Collection

PROCESSING: RAA, August 1985, November 1987, October 1990, June 1991, August 1994; CK, 2005; BNJ, 2007; SGH, 2011


Officers of the Callaway Family Association met at the Troup County Archives on 8 July 1985 to deliver their individual records. Records were placed on deposit at the Archives by the Association. Additional records are submitted following annual meetings and as new genealogical information is discovered.


In 1972, a group of Callaway descendants who had been doing genealogical research decided to meet in Dover, Delaware to conduct their research more efficiently and to exchange information. They subsequently met in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia. On 21 June 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia, the Callaway Family Association was formally organized and shortly after incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the District of Columbia. The purposes of the Association as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation are to study British immigration to the North American colonies; further knowledge and understanding of the contributions made by descendants of those colonists; issue publications featuring raw historical and genealogical data and general articles with a goal of ultimately publishing a history of the Callaway family; provide instruction and education in genealogical and historical research; encourage the compilation and preservation of accurate and complete records; and promote scholarly writing. Pioneer Trails Charitable Trust was established by the Callaway Family Association to support their publishing and educational activities. The Association holds annual meetings, usually in October, for the purpose of conducting business, electing officers, and presenting informative programs.


These records are of two types, those relating to genealogical research and those pertaining to the organization and operation of the Association. The records consist of correspondence, members' lineage charts, publications by or about Callaways, and research data in the form of typescripts or photocopies of original documents. The collection is divided into five series: Association Records, Lineage Charts, Genealogical Records, Publicity/Memorabilia, and Photographs. Three rolls of microfilm are included, one containing the Jesse Williams Hart manuscript on the Callaway family and two rolls of Bedford County, Virginia deeds. A detailed container list, genealogical index, and photograph index are included with this inventory. Many of the Callaway genealogical records can be found on their website,


I Association Records, 1970 -
6.5 linear feet

These records relating to the operation of the Callaway Family Association are intended to be a source of information for current and future officers of CFA. Researchers interested in tracing their Callaway lineage should consult Series II-V.
By-laws and articles of incorporation can be found in box 1, folder 1. Since its founding in 1975, the association has held an annual meeting (usually in October) in different cities around the country. Records regarding the annual meetings are arranged chronologically. Correspondence with hotels, convention and tour directors, museums and potential speakers, document the work of the individuals responsible for organizing the meetings. Registration packets containing brochures, tickets and itineraries reveal the types of educational and entertainment programs available to attendees. Reports submitted at annual meetings usually include a message from the president, a treasurer's report and report of the nominating committee, all of which are also published in the Callaway Journal. There might also be reports on projects such as census publication, the archives, or Pioneer Trails Charitable Trust. Minutes of officers' or board meetings are not available for all years.
Some officers' files have been deposited in the archives. They are arranged alphabetically by the officer's name. Much of the Association's business is conducted through correspondence among the officers. Steps leading to the founding of CFA can be traced through the correspondence of Charter President Hobart Bartlett and Genealogist Sherrill Williams.

II Lineage Charts/Biographical Sheets, 1975 -
3 linear feet

Upon joining the Callaway Family Association, new members are expected to fill out a five generation chart showing their Callaway line and a biographical sheet outlining their personal history. Charts are arranged alphabetically by the member's name. The charts are valuable as research aids when a common ancestor can be established. Researchers should consult volume V of the Callaway Journal for an extensive lineage chart.

III Genealogical Records, c.1700 -
5.5 linear feet

Vital records, real estate transactions, correspondence and other personal papers document the westward migration of various branches of the Callaway family from their progenitors, Joseph and Peter, who first appear in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia in the late seventeenth century. The notes and records of CFA Genealogist Sherrill Williams are an important source of information for researchers. Correspondence between Sherrill Williams and Hobart Bartlett dating from 1967, also contains valuable genealogical data. (Correspondence of Sherrill Williams not relating specifically to genealogy is filed under Series I, box 3, Officers' Records.) Abstracts, indexes, and research notes collected during preparation of the Callaway Census, 1790-1920 are included in this series. To locate individual names researchers should consult the Genealogical Index to the Callaway Family Association Records which follows this inventory.

IV Publicity/Memorabilia, 1963 -
3 linear feet

This series includes published material by or about Callaways. Monographs, news articles, and art work feature individuals, historic homes or locales associated with the Callaways. Much of the material does not relate to genealogy, but highlights the accomplishments and diverse interests of Callaways throughout America. Bound volumes are filed in the Archives' Reference Library as part of the William Choteau Callaway, Sr. Collection.

V Photographs
1 linear foot

Approximately three hundred photographs of individuals and family groups date from the late nineteenth century to the present. Photographs are listed numerically in the Container List. An alphabetical index to photographs can be found at the end of this inventory. Photographs submitted for possible publication in The Callaway Journal provide a record of CFA annual meetings and include various speakers and Association officers and candids of members participating in tours and other activities.



Box 1 Annual Meetings, 1975-1980
Folder 1 Callaway Family Association By-Laws
2 Application for tax exemption
3-4 1975 Organizational Meeting and Fourth Callaway Workshop, 15-21 June 1975, Atlanta
5-8 1976, First Annual Meeting, Pine Mountain, Georgia
5 Correspondence, organization
6 Attendance rosters, program, letter of welcome
7 Board of director's meeting: minutes, treasurer's report, nominating committee report, attendance roster
8 Business reports
9-14 1977, Second Annual Meeting, Pine Mountain, Georgia
9 Correspondence, organization
10 Organization
11 Financial statement and supporting materials
12 Meeting notice, program, attendance roster, summary
13 Board of director's meeting: treasurer's report, nominating committee report
14 Business reports: president's message, treasurer's statement
15-21 1978, Third Annual Meeting, Roanoke, Virginia
15 Correspondence, organization
16 Correspondence, schedule and arrangements
17 Notice of meeting with responses, roster of pre-paid registrants
18 News releases, program, attendance roster, excursion information, introduction of speaker
19 Board of directors' meeting: treasurer's report, nominating committee report
20 Business reports: president's message, treasurer 'statement, research fund reports
21 Membership rosters
22-26 1979, Fourth Annual Meeting, Roanoke, Virginia
22 Correspondence, organization, reservation packet
23 Excursion, financial statements for meetings
24 Board of directors' meeting: treasurer's report, nominating committee report
25 Business reports: treasurer's statements, journal editor's memo
26 Membership roster
27-32 1980, Fifth Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky
27 Correspondence, organization
28 Meeting notice, reservation information, responses to meeting, pre-paid registrants
29 Program, excursion, attendance roster, press releases
30 Financial statements
31 Board of directors' meeting: treasurer's report, nominating committee report, journal editor's report
32 Business reports: treasurer's statements, journal editor's memo, Joseph A. Callaway to officers regarding future meetings

Box 2 Annual Meetings, 1981-1993
Folder 1-4 1981, Sixth Annual Meeting, Shreveport, Louisiana
1 Correspondence, organization
2 Program, excursion, news releases, attendance roster, meeting summary
3 Board of directors' meeting: correspondence, agenda, minutes, treasurer's report, nominating committee report, president's report, historian's report, indexing committee report, journal editor's report
4 Business reports: treasurer's statements, journal editor's report
5-8 1982, Seventh Annual Meeting, San Diego, California
5 Correspondence, organization
6 Meeting Notice, late registration, program, roster of host committee, attendance roster, financial statement, meeting summary
7 Board of director's meeting: treasurer's report, nominating committee report
8 Business reports: treasurer's statements, materials on processing and printing census records
9-19 1983, Eighth Annual Meeting, Athens, Georgia
9-10 Correspondence
11 Local arrangements, program, meeting notice
12 Pre-paid registrants
13 Excursion to Wilkes County, Georgia
14 News releases
15 Attendance roster, summary of meeting, financial statements
16 Board of directors' meeting: meeting notice, directors' dinner
17 Board of director's meeting: roll call, agenda, minutes, treasurer's report, nominating committee report, membership report
18 Business reports: Pioneer Trails Charitable Trust, treasurer's statements
19 Membership roster
20-24 1984, Ninth Annual Meeting, St Louis, Missouri
20 Correspondence, organization
21 Notice of meeting, program, introduction of speaker, attendance roster, meeting summary
22 Excursion to St. Charles County, Missouri, information on early Missouri Callaways
23 Board of directors' meeting (Records not yet received at Troup Archives)
24 Business reports: verification of treasurer's report
25-26 1985, Tenth Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas
25 Correspondence, organization, attendance list, summary
26 Agenda, officers' and committee reports
27-28 1986, Eleventh Annual Meeting, Williamsburg, Virginia
27 Correspondence, organization, agenda
28 Registration list, treasurer's report, "Callaways Visit Williamsburg" by Berenice C. Shaw, 10 November 1986
29-31 1987, Twelfth Annual Meeting, 8-11 October 1987, Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA
29 Correspondence, organization,
30 Program, officer's reports
31 Registration lists

Box 3 Officers'/Directors' Records
Folder 1 Form letters, CFA biographical/genealogical data, letters of welcome to new or perspective members, membership applications, membership renewal, documents and supplies list
2-5 Hobart Bartlett, miscellaneous correspondence, A-Z
6 Hobart Bartlett from Ben Callaway
7 from Bobbie Callaway
8 from Eugene C. Callaway
9 from Joann Callaway
10 from Joseph A. Callaway
11 from Russell E. Callaway
12 from William P. Donan
13 from Mary Funkhouser
14 from Gus Partee
15-19 from Sherrill Williams
20 from Libraries and Archives

Box 4 Officers'/Directors' Records - Correspondence
Folder 1 Ben A. Callaway
2 Bobbie Callaway
3 Eugene C. Callaway
4 Eugene M. Callaway
5 Joann Callaway
Joseph A. Callaway, 1976-1987 (see box 6-7)
6 Russell Callaway
7 William P. Donan
8 Mary Funkhouser
9 Kenneth C. King
10 Anne Scott Mauldin
11 W. Augustus Partee, miscellaneous correspondence, A-Z
12 W. Augustus Partee from Hobart Bartlett
13 from Joseph A. Callaway
14 Ruth Philbrick
15-16 Mary Sleight
17 Sherrill Williams, miscellaneous correspondence, A-Z
18-22 Sherrill Williams from Hobart Bartlett 1970-1981
Folder 23 Sherrill Williams correspondence from Ruth Philbrick

Box 5 Callaway Journal Volumes I-IX, XI-XIV (see Box 14 for additional Callaway Journals)
Index to Volumes I-VII
Membership Directory, 1978, 1988

Box 6-7 Joseph A. Callaway Files, 1972-1987
(Dr. Callaway served as president of CFA from 1980 through 1987. He died 23 August 1988. His files were placed in the Archives in June 1990.)

Box 6
Folder 1 Miscellaneous correspondence, A-Z, 1972-1987
2 Bartlett, Hobart
3 Bates, Frances Callaway
4 Bates, Mary Estill
5 Callaway, Ben A.
6    Bobbie L.
7    Don
8    Ely Reeves
9    Eugene C.
10    Eugene M.
11    Gerald
12    Hugh Port
13    Joann
14    Kenneth H.
15    Lew L.
16    Robert C.
17    Russell E.
18 Chancey, Floy Bess
19 Coiner, Elizabeth H.
20 Crichton, Marilyn
21 Despot, Pearla
22 Donan, William P.
23 Funkhouser, Mary P.
24 Jacobs, Ruby
25 King, Sidney S., Jr.
26 Lane, Evelyn
27 Lyon, Hilary K.
28 Mauldin, Anne Scott
29 Metts, Col. Albert C., Jr.
30 Murray, Dorothy
31 Parrish, Mrs. Herschel H., Jr.
32-33 Partee, W. Augustus
34 Philbrick, Ruth
35 Schlabes, Pat
36 Schilt, Foster F.
37 Schuchmann, Betty Callaway
38 Shaw, William W.
39 Spencer, Annie Laurie
40 Sorenson, Beatrice E.
41 Stovall Tricenential
42 Williams, Sherrill

Box 7
Folder 1 Callaway Communique
1b Callaway Communique
2-3 Callaway Journal
4-5 Census reports and inquiries
6 Index project
7 Library
8 Mailing list
9 Membership application
10 Troup County Archives

Box 8 Pioneer Trails Charitable Trust (closed files)

Box 9-10 Membership Records, c.1975 - c.1990

Box 11 Secretary's Records - Annual Meetings, 1976-1979

Box 12
Folder 1 Annual Meeting, 1990
2-3    1991
4    1992
5    1993
6    1994
7    2001 Membership Report

Box 13 Membership Records - Non-renewals and deaths, c.1980 - c.1990

Box 14 Callaway Journals, XIV- XXXIII; Caillouet Kellaway Chronicals


Box 1 A-B and Index
Box 2 C
Box 3 D-I
Box 4 J-P
Box 5 Q-Z
Box 6-7 Biographical data sheets

(See the index at the end of this inventory for a listing of the names found in these records.)

Box 1 Court Records, Alabama - Ohio
(These are mostly photocopies of wills, marriages and deeds.)

Box 2 Court Records, North Carolina - Virginia

Box 3 Correspondence, Bible Records, Cemetery Records
(All are photocopies.)

Folder 1 DAR papers of Margaret Macdonald Bock, descendant of
Thomas Callaway
2 Letter from Enoch Callaway to his son, Abner, 3 March 1856
3-4 Cicero M. Callaway correspondence
5 Letter from John Callaway, Booneville, Missouri, 2 August 1840
6 Joshua Callaway Bible record, New Testament, 1848; Common Prayer Book of the Church of England, 1768; Paradise Regain'd by John Milton, 1791
7 James Render Callaway Bible record, New Testament, 1848
8 Copy of a sampler owned by Mrs. William Shaw, Harrinton, DE, showing the William Callaway family record
9-12 Peter Callaway Revolutionary War pension application
13 Union Hill Cemetery, Ingalls, Arkansas
14 Carris Callaway Bible record, 1893
15 Estate records of Jebez Callaway, Lawerence County, AL
16 Records of William Callaway and James Callaway of Bedford and Franklin Counties, Virginia
17-19 Estate records of Leroy Callaway, El Dorado County, Arkansas
20-23 Joshua K. Callaway Civil War letters
24 John W. and Nancy Callaway Johnson Bible record; William Callaway Bible record (died 1855)

Box 4 Genealogist's Records
(Compiled by Sherrill Williams, charter genealogist of the Callaway Family Association.)

1-6 Hobart Bartlett - Sherrill Williams Correspondence, 1967-1980
7 Genealogist's notes - miscellaneous Callaway ancestors
8-10 - lineage records
11 Peter Callaway, Jr. lineage chart
12 Genealogist's notes - Alabama
13 - Delaware
14 - Georgia
15 - Indiana
16 - Kentucky
17 - Maryland
18 - Mississippi
19 - North Carolina
20 - Tennessee
21 - Texas
22 - Virginia

Box 4a Hobart Bartlett genealogical notes and correspondence, c.1972-c.1978

Box 4b Genealogist Records
Compiled by Sherrill U. Williams, Charter Genealogists of Callaway Family

Descendants of Job Callaway

Folder 1 Descendants of Joseph Callaway and Nancy Ragan

Folder 2 Descendants of Job Callaway, Jr. and Rebecca Ragan

Folder 3 Descendants of Isaac Callaway and Winifred Ragan

Folder 4 Descendants of Job Callaway:
Mary Callaway (Parks)
Jabez G. Callaway
Eunice Callaway (Griffin)
Greene County, Alabama, Records
Texas Court House Records
Texas State Records
Bell County, Texas, Records
Jesse M. Callaway
Wilkes County, Georgia, Records
Jacob Callaway
Parker Callaway
Deeds, Wilkes County, Georgia
Joseph M. Callaway
William Bramblett, Sr.

Folder 5 Descendants of Job Callaway
Jacob Callaway
Martha Susan Callaway (Spratlin)
Marshall Seaborn Callaway
Hammond Callaway
Robert Thomas Callaway
Webster Callaway
Webster Ragan Callaway
Walter Herman Callaway
Mary R. Callaway (McAvoy)
Abner Mell Callaway

Folder 6 Descendants of Job Callaway
Walter Pope Callaway
William Marshall Callaway
Henry Otis Callaway
John Audley Callaway
Levi Taswell Callaway
Seaborn Callaway
Parker Callaway
Aristides Callaway
Parker Family-Wilkes County, Georgia
Lavinia Callaway Bramblitt
Seaborn Callaway
Drury Callaway
Census Records, Wilkes County, GA, 1830-1920

Folder 7 Descendants of Job Callaway
Jennier Spirvey (Re: Samuel Watt Callaway)
Gladys May
J. William Pruett (Re: Jobe Callaway)
Peter Callaway
Aristides Callaway
Lemuel Keltzer Callaway
Cordelia Callaway (Jones)
Aristides Callaway

Folder 8 Descendants of Job Callaway
Webster Ragan Callaway
Malcolm Hillyer Callaway
Various Correspondence
Jean Mitchener Callaway
Michael Brett Callaway
Joseph Adolphus Callaway

Folder 9 Descendants of Job Callaway
Jesse M. Callaway
Deeds, Probate Records, Greene County, AL
Obituary of Susannah Callaway
Jesse Callaway
Jesse M. Callaway
J. M. Callaway
Oswald Elvan Callaway
Jesse Callaway
Joseph M. Callaway
A. C. Callaway
David I. Callaway
Lemuel Theodore Callaway
D. I. Callaway (Family Bible Pages)
William J. Callaway
Alonzo Callaway
J. B. Caloway
James Bester Callaway
Amasa Cicero Callaway
A. C. Callaway, Jr.
Jessee Callaway
Greene Co., Al, Records pertaining to Job Callaway, Jr.
O. E. Callaway, (correspondence)

Box 4c: Genealogist Records
Compiled by Sherrill U. Williams, Charter Genealogist of Callaway Family Association

Folder 10 Descendants of Job Callaway
G. W. Callaway
Seaborn Callaway, Sr.
E. F. M. Callaway
Hugh Grover Callaway
Abraham Callaway
Thomas Callaway (Family Fan Chart)
Joseph Willis Callaway
E. F. M. (Frank) Callaway and additional charts
William J. Callaway
Mary Leviney Callaway
Scott E. Callaway
Thomas Edward Callaway
Oswald Ester Callaway
Eli Ragan Callaway

Folder 11 Descendants of Job Callaway
Sherrill Williams correspondence
Joseph Callaway
James Render Callaway
Cicero Elisha Callaway
Isaac Callaway, Sr.

Folder 12 Descendants of Job Callaway
James Render Callaway
Job Callaway, Jr.
Michael Abraham Callaway
Cicero Elisha Callaway
William James Callaway
E. F. M. Callaway
Eli Ragan Callaway
Jacob Callaway

Note: Folders 13-25 are not the work of Sherrill U. Williams

Folder 13 Descendants of Joseph Callaway
Folder 14 Descendants of Peter Callaway, John J. Zoch, Sr.
Folder 15 Descendants of George O. Callaway
Folder 16-19 Descendants of Peter Callaway
Folder 20 Descendants of Joshua Callaway
Folder 21 Descendants of William Anderson Callaway
Folder 22 Descendants of Isaac Callaway
Folder 23 Descendants of Parham Callaway
Folder 24 Descendants of Isaac Callaway
Folder 25 Joseph Callaway Line and Col. James Callaway

Box 5-7e Census Records
Abstracts of Callaways listed in the U.S. Census, 1870-1920
Typed master copies
Computer index
List of purchasers of Callaway Census Records, 1790-1860
Notebook listing memorial contributions to Callaway Census Project (Pioneer Trails Charitable Trust)
1900 Callaway census records, 3 computer discs
(See Joseph A. Callaway records Series I, boxes 6-7 for additional information on the Callaway Census Project.)

Box 8 Genealogical Records
Folder 1 Eudocia Estell letters, 1871, 1879 - from the records of Mrs. William Bates, Houston, Texas
2 Carolina Baptist Preachers - notes from Nancy Callaway Barnhart
3 Charles Howard Callaway family records, ca.1926-1987
4 Callaway - Steptoe family records - submitted by Elizabeth H. Coiner, Washington, D.C.
5 Records of Congrave Clinton Callaway and Ambrose Callaway, sons of James Callaway of Virginia and Missouri
6-7 Webster Letters re. Jonathon Callaway family
8-15 Bacon, Fooks, Hearn, Kenney Papers
16 David Callaway/Calloway family of Texas - submitted by Samuel W. Newman, Waco, Texas
17 Richard and Ann Crawford Callaway Bible Record, c.1820 submitted by Richard King, San Deigo, CA
18 Autobiography of James Edward Calloway of Elkton, KY,
19 Callaway - Hodges family records - submitted by Sherrill Williams, Unicoi, TN
20 Abraham Callaway family record, 1807-1985, (scrapbook, compiler unknown)
21 Letter by Parham Callaway, 1894, son of Col. John Callaway (regarding John's capture by Indians)

Box 9 Genealogist's Records
Folder 1 Callaway - Townsend family records
2 Transylvania Company
3 First Trip to Boonsboro
4 Callaway - Henderson family records
5 Callaway - Bartlett family records
6 Callaway - Reeves family records
7 Col. Richard Callaway Bible record
8 Texas, Collins County marriages, 1884 - 1923
Gonzales County census, 1860
9 Joseph Callaway & Shadrack Callaway of TN
10 Callaway - Webb & Callaway - Greer families of VA
11 Will of Edmund Callaway of KY
12 Will of Elijah Callaway of NC
13 Marion Francis Callaway family records
14 Thomas Howard Callaway family records
15 Callaway - Henderson family records
16 Callaway - Howell family records
17 Callaway - Lea family records
18 McGeachy family records
19 Callaway obituaries, 1990s
20-26 Compendium of American Genealogy, 1930s

Box 10-12 Census records
Box 13 Floy Bess Chancey Records
Box 14 Delaware Court and Land Records (originals)
Box 15 Delaware, Maryland, Virginia: Court & Land Records, photocopies
Box 16 Star Membership
Box 17 Callaway Family Pedigree Charts (Joseph, Peter, Sr; Peter I and Job, Sr.;
W.H. and M.E. Callaway of Keene, Johnson Co, Texas; Sarah F and John Callaway)
Box 18 The Archibald Callaway Family; The Callaway Saga by L. L. Callaway, Jr.
Box 19 William Curtis Callaway Family Records
Box 20-23 Callaway Family Genealogical Research

Box 24 Callaway Genealogical Charts
Submitter Family Line
1 Aeschleman, Louis Micajah Callaway Line
2 Anderson, Ruth Callaway
3 Armstrong, Bessiere, Borwn, Brooks, Callaway
4 Averett, Banks, Dupree, Morey, Luxford families
5 Barnharts
6 Bartlett, Arnett families
7 Bock, Margaret Ann Capt. Thomas Callaway
8 Bowling, Sharon Daniels Caleb Callaway
9-10 Brown, Lou Isaiah Callaway
11 Buckland, Marie C.
12 Butler Zachariah Callaway
13 Callaway James and Edmund
14 Callaway, Andrea Gail
15 Callaway, Bobbie Capt. Thomas Callaway
16 Callaway, Daniel Blaine
17 Callaway, Groat Morris Capt. Thomas Callaway
18 Callaway, H. L.
19 Callaway, H. M. and Lenhart, Kent families Capt. Thomas Callaway
20 Callaway, James Pitt and Lombardi family
21 Callaway, John Freeman
22 Callaway, John Horace, J. L. Callaway, Luxford family
23 Callaway, Jonathan Hosea
24 Callaway, Lucy
25 Callaway, Mary Bethany Peter Callaway Line
26 Callaway, Myra
27 Callaway, Oralee
28 Callaway, Peggy
29 Callaway, Raymond L.
30 Callaway, Robert E. Capt. Thomas Callaway
31 Callaway, Thomas (by Mrs. L. B. Cox)
32 Callaway, Voris
33 Callaway, William George
34 Calloway, James (Rev.)
35 Calloway, Ronald
36-37 Chancey, Floy Bess
38 Clark and Jones families
39 Clayton, George L. Capt. Thomas Callaway
40 Clevelands and Gadberry families
41 Coats, Charlotte Capt. Thomas Callaway
42 Cofer, Debs
43 Cominsky, Jones, Ghormley, Garland, Gardner families Capt. Thomas
44 Couran, Donna Callaway
45 Craw, Curtis, Fatten, Fleenor, Francois, Gerber families
46 Crowley family
47 Danilson Thomas Callaway
48 Dodd, Betty P. Peter Callaway
49 Faw Families Capt. Thomas Callaway
50 Ford, Linda A. Joseph Callaway
51 Franklin, Comer, Lampton, Morgan families Caleb Callaway Line
52 Gartner, Gough
53 Gentry, Jeffrey, Hoffman families
54 Gootee and various Callaway lines
55 Gray, Jefferson D., Jr.
56 Gray, Lucy
57 Groennert, Leo H. Isaiah Callaway Line

Box 25

58 Hanks, Alex and James L.Callaway Capt. Thomas Callaway
59 Hannah, Mildred Col. James Callaway
60 Helm, Frances and J. E. Callaway Joseph Callaway
61 Hensley, Philip E. and Louise C. Hall Capt. Thomas Callaway
62 Hickey, Thelma and Georgina Hyde Capt. Thomas Callaway
63 Hill, Eleanor Joseph Callaway
64 Hodges, James Callaway Capt. Thomas Callaway
65 Holston, Smith, McDaniel, Callaway
66 Holt, Ann
67 Hubbard, Fredrick Cecil and Hobbs, Mildred Ione Capt. Thomas Callaway
68 Johnson, Dan Thomas Callaway of TN
69 Jones and Johnson families Capt. Thomas Callaway
70 Kassik, DeAnne G. Elijah Callaway
71 Kellaways of Rockbourne in Hampshire
72 King, Knox, Langley, Calloway, Johnson families
73 Kovac, Wilde, Spencer, Sanders families
74 Krumpelman, Dorothy Payne
75 Langley, Doris
76 Lechaton, Faith
77 Lyon, Hilary K.
78 Martin, Janet Calloway
79 Mathis family Thomas Callaway
80 McFadin and Miller families Capt. Thomas Callaway
81 McLaurin, Maxine Mays Capt. Thomas Callaway
82 Miller, Dempsey, and Dooley families
83 Miller, Elizabeth Johnson Capt. Thomas
84 Millinger, Richard
85 Millinger, Richard Floyd
86 Minichan, Jeffrey and Gillispie families
87-88 Miscellaneous family Lines and Charts
89 Nelson, Earl L.
90 Nelson, Lucy Mobley
91 Nevins, Mary Lou Capt. Thomas Callaway
92 Newton, Veda A.
93 Pate, Downey, Medlin, Averett, Ball, families
94 Raisch, Thomas Callaway Caleb and Thomas William Callaway line
95 Ralston, George Orr, Jr. (Ruth Jones) Joseph Calloway line
96 Reeves, Jesse A. Thomas Calloway line
97 Rowley, Gladys
98 Rudin, Sharon Ray Capt. Thomas Callaway
99 Sands, James C. Hatton Callaway
100 Schnurr, Patricia U. S. S. Callaway
101 Shelledy, Peterson, Matthies, Ladson families
102 Sillay, Callaway, Bridges, and Moore families
103-104 Silvey, Betty G. Richard Callaway line
105 Swearingen, Betty and Mary L. E. Royar families Capt. Thomas Callaway
106 White, Lynn Atkinson Capt. Thomas Callaway
107 Wilcoxen, Raymond Elijah Callaway
108 Williams, Edwin L. Joseph Woodson Callaway
109-110 Williams, Sherill, Correspondence
111 Yeakle family Elijah Callaway
112 Zimmerman, Iris H.
Ancestors of Daisy Callaway of Henry County, Kentucky (notebook)


Box 26 Genealogist's Research and Records


1  The Callaway Family Association Third Genealogiy Adventure in England, 1999 by Cary Lawson Moore, Patricia Vining Schnurr, and Sherrill Underwood William

2-3 Callaways and Kellaways and Variant Spellings in Pre-1600 English Records

4 Caillouet Kellaway Chronicles: A Precise Verson

5 Deeds

6 England, Cornwall County

7-8 England, Devon County and Dorset County

9 England, Devon Record Office

10 England, Dorset Record Office

11 England, Durham

12 England, Hampshire County, Isle of Wight

13 England, Somerset County


Box 27


1  England, Somerset Record Office

2 England, Stafford County Wiltshire

3-7 English Notes, 1997-2003

8 Letters

9-10 Research Notes by Sherrill Williams, 1998-2000

11 Seals

12 Trees

13 Wills



Box 1 Printed Material
Folder 1 Callaway bibliography and biographical index
2-8 The Callaway Family of Virginia and Some KentuckyDescendants, Jessie Williams Hart,Los Angeles,
CA, 1929 (This Manuscript is also on microfilm.)
9 Articles and pamphlets on Biblical archaeology by Dr.
Joseph A. Callaway
10 Callaway song sheets
11 Callaway Vineyard and Winery
12 "Descendants of Peter Callaway of Somerset County,
Maryland", The Callaway Journal, Vol. V
13 "Descendants of Joseph Callaway of Essex County,
Virginia", The Callaway Journal, Vol V
14 Biographical sketch of Sam J. Callaway, Fort Worth and
the Texas Northwest, Buckley B. Paddock
15 "Colonel Richard Callaway", "Callaway Data", The Filson
Club History Quarterly, vol. 29
16 "Brief History of Louisville", "Kentucky Was Almost
Transylvania", Kentucky Travel
17 Excerpts from History of Fort Bend County (Texas),
Clarence R. Wharton
18 "Introduction to Callaway Baptist Preachers", Judge E.H.
Callaway; Laura Hart Callaway paper on Callaway preachers, 1983
19 Biographies (church publications)
20 Obituaries
21 Newspaper Clippings
22-28 Lectures presented at annual meetings of the Callaway
Family Association
29 Historic homes, clippings from the Lynchburq, VA, News
29a Historic Georgia Callaway Houses (prints)
30 Callaway data compiled by John O. Pruett, D.D.S.,
Sylacauga, Alabama, 1977
31 Record of James Edmund Callaway, Colonel 21st Regiment
Illinois Volunteers, U.S.A., Chester Lowell Callaway,
1988, (photocopies from Official Records of the War of
the Rebellion with introduction by C.L. Callaway)

Box 2 Printed Materials
Folder 1-2 Newspaper clippings sent to The Callaway Journal editor for publication
3 Ben H. Callaway obituary, The Weekly News, Ashe County, North Carolina, 11 July, 1929
4-5 Some Boone Descendants and Kindred of St. Charles District, (Missouri), Lillian Hays Oliver, 1964
6 Southern Ladies' Companion, November 1848 - story of capture of Boone and Callaway girls by Indians at Boonesboro - contirbuted by Mrs. W.B. Bates
7 Memorabilia from dedication of monument to Melissa Dora Callaway Oliver-Eakle, Amarillo, Texas, 1985
8 "Ely Callaway And His California Dream", Aircal, July 1985
"The Callaway Steel Core Hickory Sticks" promotional brochure for golf clubs, Ely Callaway, 1983
"Callaway's Anecdotes Helped Patients Cope", Perspectives, Duke University Medical Center, 1991 [Dr. J. Lamar Callaway]
9 "Secret Of The Appalachian Trail" Birmingham, August
1991, David Moore (Callaway descendant)
"Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., A Three Dimension Man", Waights G. Henry, Jr., 1978
Lest It Be Forgotten, A Scrapbook Of Campbell County, Virqinia, 1976 [features Colonel James Callaway]
The Journal of the Roanoke Valley Historical Society, volume X, no. 2 - Washington Forge, Franklin County, Virginia
Virqinia Cavalcade, volume XI, no. 4, 1962 - Washington Forge, Franklin County, Virginia
Franklin County Fiddler's Convention Program, 1977 - Washington Forge, Franklin County, Virginia
Callaway Family Tree, unpublished manuscript by Leslie Callaway Sorenson, Valencia, California, n.d.
Proqressive Men of the State of Montana, 1901 - James Edmund Callaway
Callaways in Wilkes County, program for 1983 C.F.A. meeting
Quogue As We Remember It, 1976, Diana Stokes Callaway, editor
The Alabama Historical Quarterly, volume 17, no. 4, 1955 Callaways of Fellowship Baptist Church, Wilcox County, Alabama

Standing On The Promises, Cleaning Up The Premises, W. Merlin Schwein, 1984 - descendant of Micajah Callaway
Aldus volume 9, no. 1, 1971, University of Houston Library Wlliam B. Bates
"Texas Medical Center", brochure, n.d. - William B. Bates
"Washington - Wilkes Hosts The Bicentennial Tour Of Callaways In Wilkes County, October 14, 1983"
"Callaway Immigrants and Worldwide Descendants," Halbert's Family Heritage, 1989
"Calloway Immigrants and Worldwide Descendants," Halbert's Inc., 1988
Wohlt, Mildred Hazelton Callaway, "Daily Kaleidoscope of Rnadom Thoughts," 1993
Callaway, Ollie M., "Life With Papa," c.1988

Box 3 William Choteau Callaway Memorabilia
(See Series III, Box 8, Abraham Callaway family scrapbook for additional data and photos of William Choteau Callaway and family.)

Folder 1 Army discharge, 29 October 1945 (photocopy)
Correspondence, 1956-1978 (Includes letter from Senator
John Stennis and other Mississippi politicians)
2 Obituaries and sympathy letters to Mrs. William C. Callaway, February, 1979
3 Bank of Oakland, Mississippi
4 Civic organizations, community service
5 University of Mississippi, Mississippi State Alumni Associations
6 Gilbert Evans Callaway, Sr. (father of W.C. Callaway)
7 Clippings about Callaways collected by Mrs. W.C. Callaway
8 "Life History of William Choteau Callaway of Oakland, Mississippi" by Ann J. Callaway (Mrs. William Choteau
Callaway), October 1987

Box 4 Printed Material
Folder 1 Callaway obituaries
2 Clippings submitted for possible inclusion in the Callaway Journal
3 Historical Genealogy of the Callaways of Montana (Joseph Callaway, Sr. family) by Llewellyn C. Callaway, Jr.
Neighborhood Sketches, Walter H. Kiser (home of John Callaway, Smithfield, KY), n.d.
4 On To Texas (David Callaway Family), Samuel W. Newman, 1989
5 The Callaway Communique, 1986, 2003, 2004
NOTE: Sometimes titled The Callaway Communicator.
6 The Application of Attributed Grammars and Related Formal Models to Pattern Recoqnition, J. Ross Stenstrom, 1988 (PhD thesis of Callaway descendant)
7 Missouri Historical Society Collections, volume 5, number 1, October 1927 (photocopy)
8 Clark County (Arkansas) Historical Journal, Srping 1986
9 Clippings from Franklin County, Virginia, Times, 1968
10 Callaway - Henderson Families, Alexander Bate, 1941

Box 5 Printed Material
Haysom Murder Case - clippings form the Lynchburg, VA, News, c.1985

Box 6 Books
Silhouette, Agnes Scott College Yearbook, 1935
Piano Sheet Music, c. 1890 (belonging to Bessie H. Scott)
Bessie Scott Harman, Bible

Box 7 Printed Materials
Folder 1 Callaway, Nebraska, information packet
2 Descriptive inventory records of the Town of Macon and the Public Reserve at Macon, 1973
3 The Old Brick Church near Smithfield, Virginia, built 1632
4 "The Most Convenient Ways…A Story of Roads in Virginia"
5 Historic Records of Virginia (2 vols)
A Brief History of the Staunton and James River Turnpike
An Index to Roads in the Albamarle County Surveyor's Books, 1744-1853
6 Callaway Bumper Stickers
7 Newspaper Articles on Callaway Family members
8 The Callaway Family in America and in the South
9 National Geographic, Vol. 174, No. 6, December 1988

OP Box 1
Item 1 The Franklin County News-Post, Franklin County, Virginia, Bicentennial Edition, 1 January 1986
2 Lineage charts
Descendants of Peter Callaway through his son, John
Descendants of John Callaway and Joan Payne
Originals of charts published in Volume V, Callaway Journal
3 Historic reference map of Bedford County, Virginia
4 Historic reference map of Franklin County, Virginia
5 CFA Meeting, Louisville Courier-Journal, Oct. 12, 1980 and Washington Post Magazine, April 11, 1976
6 Altavista Journal Bicentenial Edition, Oct. 6, 1976

OP Box 2-3 William Choteau Callaway memorabilia

OP unboxed
1 John A. Callaway family album - donation of David Martin Callaway, Kinston, NC (framed photographs)
2 "The Sower" and "Hershel Walker" (framed prints) by Daniel Moore
3 100th Birthday Plaque presented to Mildred Hazelton Callaway Wohit by State Senate of Missouri
4 Appreciation Plaque presented to John and Anne Scott Mauldin

CFA books in the Archives reading room

Callaway, Merle Leland, Descendants of the Conneticut Callaways and Family Album, 1976
Callaway, E.E., In The Beqinning, 1971
Callaway, Joseph A., Biblical Backgrounds, 1965 The Early Bronze Age Citadel and Lower City At Ai (Et-Tell) - A report of the joint expedition to Ai(Et-Tell): No. 2, 1980
Callaway, Llewellyn L., Jr. The Callaway Saga, 1983
Calaway, Llewellyn L., Sr. Montana's Righteous Hangmen, 1982
Fanta, Minnie, The Archibald Callaway Family, (not dated)
Garland, John White, Heads of Cedar Hill, 1982
Harris, Ruth Eleanor Poole, Ruth Eleanor Douglas Journal,Vol. 1, 1979
McDonald, Maurene, Scattered Leaves - Abner Josephus Callaway Family, 1969
McGinty, Basil B., History of East Liberty Baptist Association, Chambers County, Alabama, 1963
Read, Daisy I., New London, (VA), Today And Yesterday, Descendants of Joshua Callaway of Wilkes County, GA, Richard Callaway and Allied Families, Vol. I
Sheriff, Pauline Callaway, Samuel Callaway, His Ancestors and Descendants of Kentucky, Missouri and Elsewhere, 1987
Aycock, Robert and Elsie J. William E. Callaway, c. 1990
Chancey, Myra Calloway and Floy Bess Chancey, The Descendants of Jonathan Hosea Callaway, 1809-1868, c. 1994.
Chancey, Floy Bess, Jonathan Hosea Callaway and His Descendants, c. 1990
Philbrick, Ruth, Thomas Callaway, 1990
Hamilton-Edwards, Gerald. In Search of Scottish Ancestry, 1980
Dnaughton, Wallace R. and William Johnson Perry, North Carolina Genealogical Reference, 1966.
Bryant, Pat. Entry of Claims for Georgia Landholders, 1733-1755, 1975
Williams, Mary Callaway and Lucille Herndon Callaway, Callaway Ancestors and Descendants, 1986
Lewis, Bessie. Patriarchial Plantations of St. Simons Island, 1974
Wright, Buster W. Abstracts of Deaths Reported in the Columbus (Georgia) Enquirer, 1832- 1852, 1980
Wright, Buster W. Abstracts of Marriages Reported in the Columbus (Georgia) Enquirer, 1832- 1852, 1980
Register of Ancestors: The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Virginia, 1979
Thomas, R. S. The Old Brick Church Near Smithfield, Virginia, Built in 1632 ---
Fortson, Ben W., Jr. Georgia Surveyor General Department, 1973
Bryant, Pat, English Crown Grants for Islands in Georgia, 1755-1775, 1972
Young, Douglas, A Brief History of the Staunton and James River Turnpike, 1976 (Series IV, Box 7)
Pawlett, Nathaniel Mason. An Index to Roads Shown in the Albemarle County Surveyor's Books, 1744-1853, 1976 (Series IV, Box 7)
Salmon, John and Emily J., Franklin County, Virginia 1786-1986: A Bicentennial History
Clint, Florence. Huntington County, Pennsylvania Area Key, 1974
The Most Convenient Ways-A story of Roads in Virginia. (Series IV, Box 7)
Weis, Frederick Lewis. The Colonial Clergy of the Middle Colonies, 1978
Bible belonging to Bessie Scott Harman
Piano Music, c. 1880, belonging to Bessie Scott Harman
Price, Kenneth W. and James R. Duffee, The Callaway Family in America and in the South, 1989 (Series IV, Box 7)
Warren, Mary Bondurant, Family Puzzlers, 1964-1967, 1969
Young, Willie Pauline, Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds,

Miss Spider's Books (Miss Spider's Tea Party (94), Miss Spider's Wedding (95), Miss Spider's New Car (97), Miss Spider (2002)-books published by Callaway of New York)


Box 1
Folder 1
ph 1 William Hillary Callaway (1840-1924) and Josephine Patterson Callaway (1843-1932)
2 Richard Callaway, Jr. silhouette n.d.
3 Wiliam Richard Callaway (1826-1897)
4 Abigail Jane Cecil (1832-1885), wife of William R. Callaway
5 Lillie, Clara, Laura, Ann, Emma, Lizzie, and Frances Callaway of Oregon, ca. 1886
6 Capture of Boonesboro Girls, photograph of painting
7 Rescue of Boonesboro Girls, photograph of painting
8 William Richard Callaway and his wife, Abigail and a chair which belonged to her, n.d.
9 Pat Schlables, Walter Schlables, George Chiles, n.d.
10 Bill Botmiller, Bea Callaway Johnson, Elsie Hamel, Belle Callaway Botmiller, Doris Coleman, Henry Coleman, Ione Callaway Lorenzen, 1984
11-12 Pearl Callaway Johnson, 1981
13 Danzel Callaway Cobb, Lenox L. Cobb, 1978
14 Sarah Ann Mills, 1982

Folder 2 Homes on 1983 Wilkes County Tour
ph 15 Callaway - Johnson Home, ca. 1830
16 Callaway - Grey Home, ca. 1790
17 The Brick House, 1869
18 Stone-Heard-Callaway-Bounds-Barnett Home, 1836
19 Peacewood, 1833
20 Belmont, ca.1806
21 Poplar Corner, 1810

Folder 3 Cyrus and Elizabeth Fite Calloway Family, Starke County, Indiana
ph 22 Elizabeth Fite Calloway Clawson (1850- -), n.d. (2 copies)
23 Elizabeth Fite Calloway Clawson (standing), n.d.
24 Edward Calloway (1879- -) n.d. (2 copies)
25 Mr. and Mrs. Nints (Elizabeth Calloway), n.d.
26 Robert Calloway, n.d. (2 copies)
27 Allen B. Calloway (1871- -), n.d. (2 copies)
28 Allen B. Calloway, Balloon Ascention, n.d. (2 copies)
29 Allen B. Calloway, ca. 1940 (2 copies)
30 Laborers in grape vineyard, Paw Paw, MI, Elizabeth
Fite Calloway Clawson and Mr. Clawson, 1903 or 1908
(2 copies)
31 Lula Mae Calloway Kennedy (1871- -), n.d.
32 Roy Kennedy, n.d.
33 Lena Kennedy Coon, n.d.

Folder 4
ph 34 Mamie Sims Callaway, n.d. (contributed by Suzanne Furgal, Carol Stream, IL)
35 John C. Callaway, Company E, 12th Louisiana Infantry, ca.1861
36 Larkin Cleveland Callaway, n.d.
37 Coleman Alexander Callaway, n.d.
38 Eva von Tash (Weeks) Callaway, n.d.
39 Robert Callaway, n.d.
40 John William (1887-1962) and Cleopatra Long Callaway (The dates given for this man do not seem to match the age of the photograph.)
41 Laura Callaway Huffer, n.d.
42 Mary Nancy Jane Callaway (1810-1883)

Folder 5 Photographs from Mrs. William B. Bates, Hairston, Texas
ph 43 Colonel and Mrs. William B. Bates (Mary Estill Voncey), n.d.
44-45 Eudocia Estill and her daughter, Martha Dorsey
(It could not be determined which photograph is the mother and which is the daughter. These two framed colored reproductions have been accessioned as ART 88.03 and ART 88.04)

Folder 6-17 unnumbered photographs from CFA meetings

Box 2 Photographs
(In the front of Box 2 is a list prepared by CFA Historian Bobbie Callaway which provides biographical information on some of the individuals whose photographs are included here.)
Folder 1
ph 46 Caroline Frances Callaway (1833-1914)
47 Reverend Abner Josephus Callaway baptising in a river in Louisiana, n.d.

Folder 2 ph 48-50 Monument to Captain James Callaway on grounds of Callaway County, MO, courthouse, c.1984
51 Tombstone of Captain James Callaway, Montgomery County, MO, c.1984
52-54 Gravestones of family of Dr. L.H. Callaway in Old Talbot Cemetery, Montgomery County, MO, c.1984
55-57 Flanders Callaway house, 1982, 1984
58-59 Gravestones of Thomas Howell and Susannah Callaway Howell, St. Charles County, MO, 1982
60 Book showing print of Susannah Callaway Howell a photographed at Mrs. Oliver's apartment, May 11, 1982
61 Charles Hunt at Susannah Callaway Howell grave, 1984
62-64 Nathan Boone house, MO, c.1984

Folder 3
ph 65 Doris Primeau and Lillian Hays Oliver, 1984
66 Susan Morris Howell wife of James Callaway Howell, n.d. (copy)
67 Nancy Howell Callaway widow of Captain James Callaway n.d. (copy)
68 Nancy Emaline Snyder granddaughter of Captain James Callaway, n.d. (copy)
69-70 Tombstones of Francis and Susannah Howell (St. Charles County-), MO, c.1984
71-78 Callaway tombstones Old Darsnne Cemetery St. Charles County, MO, c.1984
79 Daniel Boone monument at original burial site in Missouri, 1984
80 Nathan Boone home, Defiance, MO, 1984
81 Fort Johnson map drawn by Captain James Callaway in about 1813, Missouri Historical Society photo, n.d.
82 Flanders Callaway home, Warren County, MO, c.1920 Missouri Historical Society photo

Folder 4
ph 83 Lillie May Callaway (1868-1915) (copy)
84 John Boone Callaway (1825-1905) (copy)
85 Jessie Ann Howell Silvey n.d. (copy)

Folder 5 (NOTE:Identification of some individuals in this folder is questionable.)
ph 86 Abraham Wertz, Donald Edwin Baldwin, Mary Lowman Jennings Wertz, Margaret Wertz Brooks Baldwin, Margaret Virginia Wertz Brooks, 1931 (copy)
87 Margaret Virginia Wertz Brooks (1880-1974), 1961 (copy)
88 Belvidere Lee Brooks, Jr., Robert Glenn Brooks, Belvidere Lee Brooks, Margaret Virginia Wertz Brooks, Margaret Wertz Brooks Baldwin, n.d. (copy)
89 Belvidere Lee Brooks, Joseph Wilkes Brooks, Belvidere Lee Brooks, Jr., Nancy White Patrick Brooks, c.1905 (copy)
90 Belvidere Lee Brooks, Jr., Dora Lee Brooks, Mary Jane Kenny Lee, Margaret Wertz Brooks Baldwin, 1904 (copy)
91 Margaret Wertz Brooks Baldwin, Edwin Felts Baldwin, n.d. (copy)
92 Gladys Lenora McIntosh Brooks, Belvidere Lee Brooks, Jr., n.d. (copy)
93 Joseph Wilkes Brooks, c.1900 (copy)
94 Belvidere Brooks (1825-1862) (copy) (NOTE: The identification on back of this photo seems to be incorrect. The individual pictured is older than 37.]
95 Nancy White Patrick Brooks (1827-1913) (copy)
96 Tombstone of Jefferson Alexander Patrick and Catherine White Patrick, Centerville Cemetery, Leon County, TX, n.d.
97-98 Gardner Berry Callaway, c.1899
99 Unidentified oil portrait, possibly Jemima Boone Callaway, n.d.
100 Richard Callaway Ferry historical marker near Boonesboro, KY, c.1984
101 Col. Richard Callaway historical marker near Boonesboro, KY, c.1984

Folder 6
ph 102 Micajah Callaway tombstone, Peugh Cemetery, Salen, IN n.d.
103 William Levi Callaway (1870-1955) (Copy)
104-106 Reunion of Micajah Callaway descendants, N. Salem, IN, 10 August 1985
107-108 Micajah Callaway tombstone, Peugh Cemetery, Washington County, IN, n.d.
109-116 Callaway gravestones Hurricane Baptist Church Cemetery, Carroll County, MO, 1977

Folder 7
ph 117 Earl J. Callaway (1898-1983), Earnest E. Callaway (1926- ), Elijah Jeffries Callaway (1865-1933)
118 Earl, Olen, Kenneth, Blanche, Merlyn and Oscar Callaway, n.d.
119 Merlyn, Blanche, Oscar, Earl and Olen Callaway, c. 1967
120-122 Tombstones of Elijah Jeffries and Bertha Blanche Burroughs Callaway, Okarche Cemetery, Okarche, OK, n.d
123 Charles John and Elizabeth J. Ware Callaway and family of KY, MO, and OR, c.l900 (copy)

Folder 8
ph 124 Charles Callaway (1745-1827) (Copy of 1815 painting)
125 John Maxwell Callaway (1825-1886) (Copy)
126 Thomas William Callaway (1853-1928) (Copy)
127 Adeline Jones Callaway (1883-1975), 1909 (Copy)

Folder 9
ph 128 Rosemary DeWitt, George Kirk DeWitt, n.d.
129 Walter Morse DeWitt, n.d.
130 James Robert Callaway, n.d.
131 George William DeWitt, n.d.

Folder 10
ph 132 Sarah Elizabeth O'Bannon DeWitt, n.d. (copy)
133 Edmund Chesley Callaway, n.d. (copy)
134 Mary Elizabeth Callaway, n.d. (copy)
135 Addie Callaway Schellenburger, n.d (copy)

Folder 11
ph 136 Sarah Callaway Davis, n.d. (copy)
137 Margaret Callaway King, n.d. (copy)
138 Virgil Orville Whipp, n.d.
139 Harry Callaway(-) with mail bag, n.d.

Folder 12
ph 140 Leonard and Sallie Belle Callaway Whipp, n.d (copy)
141 James Fremont Callaway, n.d. (copy)
142 Robert Arthur Callaway (1869-1936) (copy)
143 Albert Linsey Callaway (1840-1919) (copy)

Folder 13
ph 144 Mrs. James Fremont Callaway, James Robert Callaway, Dorothy Callaway, n.d.
145 Mary Ellen Bracken Callaway and her daughters, Ida, Effie and Della, n.d. (copy)
146 Lew Link Callaway, Jr., n.d.
147 Herbert C. Callaway and his sister, Ida Callaway Grimsley, n.d.

Folder 14
ph 148 Ellen Badger Callaway, wife of L.L. Callaway, Sr., n.d. (copy)
149 Lewellen Link Callaway, Sr., n.d. (copy of painting)
150 Mary Elizabeth Link Callaway, c. 1905 (Copy)

Folder 15
ph 151 James Edmund Callaway ( 1834-1905 ) (Copy)
152 Beverly Long, n.d.
153 Benjamin Franklin and Lucy Jane Callaway Whipp, n.d. (copy)

Folder 16
ph 154 Lucy Jane Callaway Whipp, c.1902 (Copy)
155 William Dudley Callaway (1801-1885) (Copy)
156 Samuel Barnard Callaway (1832-1921) (Copy)

Folder 17
ph 157 Emma Callaway Degge and children, n.d. (photocopy)
158 Dr. James Edmund Callaway family, Chillicothe, MO, n.d. (copy)
159 James Edmund Callaway (1836-1921) (Copy)

Folder 18
ph 160 Amanda Jane Wigginton Callaway wife of William Dudley Callaway, n.d. (copy)
161 Lucy Jane Callaway Whipp and Sallie Belle Callaway Whipp, n.d. (copy)
162-163 William Dudley and Amanda Jane Wigginton Callaway, n.d. (copies)

Folder 19
ph 164 Lucy Jane Callaway Whipp and her eleven daughters, c.1907 (Copy)
165 Nellie Callaway Stoneker (1860-1915) (Copy)
166 George Stoneker (1849-1943) (Copy)
167 Unidentified in covered wagon
168 Unidentified child (Stoneker -) (copy)
169 Charles Ernest (1880-1950) and Mary Elizabeth Stoneker
Leigh (1882-1974) (Copy)
170 Unidentified (Stoneker -) (copy)

Folder 20
ph 171 William Dudley Callaway tombstone, Prarie Home Cemetery, Nodaway County, MO, n.d.
172 Prarie Home Cemetery, Nodaway County, MO, n.d.
173-176 John Chesley Callaway artifacts, n.d.
177 Amanda J. Wigginton Callaway tombstone, Prarie Home Cemetery, Nodaway County, MO, n.d.

Folder 21
ph 178 Augustus Homer Callaway and wife Georgie Ann Jackson Callaway - submitted by Ruth F. Anderson, Rex, GA
179 Augustus Homer Callaway Family, Palestine, TX, 1918 submitted by Ruth F. Anderson, Rex, GA

Folder 22
ph 180 Hugh P. Callaway gravestone, Hughes Springs, Cass County, TX - submitted by Bobbie Callaway
ph 181-185 submitted by Richard King, San Diego, CA
181 Ann Crawford Callaway gravestone
182 Juliet A. Callaway King gravestone
183 Ann Crawford Callaway, 1802-1879
184 Juliet Ann Callaway King, 1836-1867
185 Thomas Clelon King family, c.1937
Thomas Clelon King, 1858-1951
Jane Shorthouse Wilson King, 1873-1956
James Callaway King, 1897-c.1977
Sidney Scott King, 1900-1982
Agnes Mae King, 1904-1957

Folder 23
ph 186 Presentation of C.F.A life membership to Mr. and Mrs. Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., December 1989, l-r: Anne Scott Mauldin, Duncan Allen, Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., Mark Callaway, John Tyler Mauldin, Jr.
187 CFA members at Brobury, Herefordshire, England, July 1986; seated l-r: Mabel Jones, Jeane Callaway, Louise Kurben, Anne Scott Mauldin, Ruby McCarroll, Georgette Callaway; middle row l-r: Margaret Okarma, Fielding Jones, G.W. Callaway, Marion Ford, Virginia Woods, May Ryan Callaway, Kay Callaway, Besta Johnston, Eugene Okarma; back row l-r: Rose Mary Brooks, Neta Wellford, Henrietta Callaway, O.E. Callaway, Callaway Allen, Eileen Callaway

Folder 24
Ph l87a-195 submitted by Russell E. Callaway, Concord, NC
187a descendants of (Parham Callaway-) at C.F.A. Philadelphia meeting, (1990-) (negative in box 5 at 30507.3)
188 Thomas Callaway Callaway of Virginia, c.1860
189 Helen Hunter Callaway (on right), Alice Page Callaway (on left), 14 May 1901
190 Alice Page Callaway (Mrs. Charles Olsen), c.1985
191 John Callaway Olsen, Mary DuPree Callaway, Mary Elizabeth Callaway, Alice Page Olsen, December 1988
192 Becky Olsen, John Callaway Olsen, Carrie Olsen, Alice E. Olsen, December 1988
193 John Callaway Olsen (left), Thomas Callaway Olsen (right), December 1984
194 Thomas Callaway Olsen and wife Jane Olsen, December 1984
195 Charles H. Olsen, 1981

Folder 25
Ph l96-205 submitted by Russell E. Callaway, Concord, NC
196 Heide Keicher Callaway, Flanders Brown Callaway, Minnie Elizabeth Engleby Callaway, Russell Engleby Callaway, c.1955
197 Flanders Brown Callaway, Jr., c.1940
198 Russell E. Callaway, Heide K. Callaway, Heide Ann Callaway Harris, Hank(-) Harris, c.1990
199 Lorenz Keicher, Ella Keicher
200 Heide Ann Callaway, Michael Brown Callaway, c.1960
201-202 Ella Keicher
203 Flanders Callaway, Sr.(Roanoke College), c.1890
204 Russell Engleby Callaway (left), Flanders Brown Callaway, Jr., Glen Falls, NY, 1937
205 Hodges sisters and Engleby sisters (Hodges sisters not further identified); Clara Engleby standing on right, Ellen Engleby Wickes seated center, Minnie Engleby Callaway seated right, 1961

Folder 26
ph 206-211 submitted by Russell E. Callaway, Concord, NC
206 Parham Callaway family, 1899 (identified on accompanying sheet)(negative in box 5 at 30507.3)
207 Elizabeth Renick Callaway, John Porter Callaway, 21 June 1893
208 Bettie Adalaide McGuffin wife of Peter Callaway
209 Elizabeth Renick Callaway, n.d.
210 Hulda Penn Callaway (right), Susan Callaway Hutson, 1969
211 Lavinia Callaway, c. 1800s (photocopy only)

Folder 27
ph 212-214 submitted by James Edward Calloway, Elkton, KY
212 Emma Jean Calloway Webb, John Luther Calloway, James Edward Calloway, 1988
213 James Edward Calloway, c.1961
214 Kathryn Shelby Calloway and husband James Edward Calloway, 1986

Folder 28
ph 215-229 Brantley M. Callaway Family - submitted by Mary Eugenia Lee, Augusta, GA
215 Brantley M. Callaway of Wilkes County, GA
216 Lucy Howard Callaway, wife of Brantley M. Callaway
217-218 Enoch Howard Callaway
219 Enoch Howard Callaway and his children, Brantley, Catherine and Gena
220 Mary Eugenia Jones, wife of Enoch H. Callaway
221 E.H. Callaway home, Augusta, GA, c.1900
222 E.H. Callaway home, Augusta, GA, 1975
223-224 Edgar Callaway
225-226 children of Edgar Callaway
227 Ellen Callaway, daughter of Brantley & Lucy Callaway
228-229 Brantley Callaway, son of Brantley & Lucy Callaway

Folder 29
ph 230-234 photocopies of photographs in John & Bessie Callaway Bible (Troup County Archives RB-28.16) - no identification
325 Thomas Calloway tombstone, Belfontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, MO, 1990
236 Ellis Truman Callaway & Richard Hill Callaway - submitted by Hugh Port Callaway

Folder 30
ph 237-247 Marion Francis Callaway family

Folder 31
ph 248-263 Callaway-Langley-Daniel-McGeachy family

Floder 32
ph 263-267 William M. Callaway family tombstones, Kemper County, MS

Folder 33
ph 268 Virginia Bate Green, great great granddaughter of John Callaway,October 1980
269 Elizabeth Callaway, great granddaughter of John Callaway, October 1980
270 "Highlands", home of John Callaway near Smithfield, KY, October 1980

Folder 34
ph 271 Clarence Callaway family, 1916 - submitted by Waldo Callaway, Cape Coral, FL
272-272i "Tuskega", Thomas Howard Callaway home in TN
273 James Shelby Callaway (photocopy)
274 Mordecai Jacob Moore (photocopy)
275 Julia Ann Callaway, wife of Mordecai J. Moore (photocopy)
276-277 Unidentified home of R.L.P., Chipley, FL

Folder 35
ph 278 William Parkinson Willson at Callaway family cemetery, McMinn County, TN
279 Bobbie L. Callaway, 1985
280 Bobbie L. Callaway, 1954
281 Bobbie Callaway, age 4
282 Floyd Cambridge Callaway
283 Josephine Cassity Callaway, wife of Floyd C. Callaway
284 Robert R.M. Callaway family, 1905
285 Bobbie & Mary Josephine Callaway, 1932
286 Callaway furniture store, MO, 1911
287 Callaway Funeral Home, MO, c.1930
288 Floyd Cambridge Callaway family, 1966

Folder 36
ph 289 Stephen Jackson Callaway, Willis J. Callaway, Charles Stephen Russell, John T. Russell & Robert Russell, c.1919
290 Susanna Tolbert Hutsey, 3rd wife of Edward Marion Callaway with Lydia Ann Callaway, daughter of E.M. and Jane Clinkingbeard Callaway
291 Susanna Tolbert Hutsey Callaway with Henry E. & Gladys E. Callaway - contributed by Travid Darell Callaway of OK
292 Travis, Randall, Joan, Shirley & Jenece, children of Henry E. & Beulah Elliott Callaway of Bryan County, OK
293 Stephen Edward Callaway, 1942
294 Malissa Aleph Callaway daughter of Pitt Milner & Ellen Wiley Callaway, c. 1882 - submitted by Wanda Gentry Phillips
295-296 Richard Callaway historical markers in KY, 1991
297 Edward Trent Bridges, grandson of William Callaway of Franklin County, VA, 1861 - submitted by Kerrmit Bridges
298 Callaway Mill (Milstead, GA) baseball team, 1950s (photocopy) - submitted by John Appleton Callaway
299 Browning & Kermit Bridges at Callaway, VA, post office, 1993
300 Callaway, VA, country store, 1993
301 Callaway Motel, Mt. Airy, NC, 1993

302-305 William Saunders Callaway family tombstones, McMinn County, TN

Folder 37
ph 306 Ethel Mae Callaway Smith & Thomas Edward Callaway, children of Walter Allen Callaway of AR
307 Lily May Harvey Callaway, wife of Omar W. Callaway, c.1900 - submitted by Audrey Callaway Eitel
308 Gardiner Callaway (1845-1890) of KY - submitted by Wilet