Athos Menaboni Collection of D. Russell Clayton

Manuscript MS-2014.02


SOURCE: Don Russell Clayton

SIZE: 39 lf

SHELVING UNITS: 13 manuscript boxes

                              5 bank boxes

                              1 media box

                              3 artifact boxes 

                              2 oversized boxes, 1 oversized loose item

                              15 ft. loose shelving

PROCESSING: Russell Clayton, 2014



Athos Rodolfo Giorgio Alessandro Menaboni was a prolific Italian-born Georgia artist known for his masterful illustrations of birds. For a more detailed biographical note, please see the Athos Menaboni Collection of Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens at the Troup County Archives.


Don Russell Clayton (1959- ), a retired educator from Marietta, Georgia, was a personal friend of Sara and Athos Menaboni. Clayton became acquainted with the Menabonis because of his interest in the history of The Coca-Cola Company, and the company’s long time leader, Robert W. Woodruff. Menaboni was Mr. Woodruff’s favorite artist. Clayton met Sara and Athos in 1987 and soon afterwards became an avid collector of all things associated with Menaboni.

In 2007 Clayton donated an extensive collection of materials related to Athos Menaboni to Kennesaw State University, in Kennesaw, Georgia. The original works, along with prints and lithographs, form the basis of the Athos Menaboni Art Collection at KSU, and other donors have contributed to the collection as well. The Robert W. Woodruff Foundation sponsored the Don Russell Clayton Gallery in the Zuckerman Museum of Art, on the campus at KSU, to honor the life and works of Athos Menaboni. The archive collection related to Athos Menaboni at KSU was transferred to the Troup County Archives in 2013.

Clayton is grateful to the following people who contributed materials to this collection: Sara and Athos Menaboni, Antonian Aeck, Margaret Almond, Daniel Byrd, Frank Cole, Ann Hailey Epps, David Freedman, Emily Bourne Grigsby, Judith Hardin, Len Bean Horne, Joseph W. Jones, Tina Menaboni, John Ridley, Barbara Cable Taylor, June Boykin Tindall, Betsy Arnold Tipper, Linda Hoge Wilkin, Suzanne Ivie Willis, and others.

In addition to this collection, the Archives also houses the Athos Menaboni Collection of Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens. These two collections contain the most comprehensive assemblage of books, correspondence, photographs, and other ephemera and reference materials related to Athos Menaboni. The Archives also has the related Robert W. Woodruff Collection of D. Russell Clayton. The University of Georgia and Emory University have Athos Menaboni archival collections.


The Athos Menaboni Collection of D. Russell Clayton is organized into six series: Artifacts (c.1942- );  Books (1915- ); Oral histories (2011- ); Subject files (c. 1911- ); Robert W. Woodruff Christmas cards (1941-1984), and Photographs and visual works (1893- ).

ARTIFACTS (c.1942- ) contain prepared paper, a paintbrush, and a palette knife used by Athos Menaboni, as well as a collection of dolls made by Menaboni’s sister, Margherita. Also included are several promotional items produced by The Coca-Cola Company and Syracuse China, and others. BOOKS (1915- ) are organized into four sub-series: Books from the library of Athos Menaboni; Books about the life and art of Athos Menaboni; Books illustrated with the art of Athos Menaboni; and Books with references to Athos Menaboni. Many books are autographed by the authors and contain personal inscriptions to Russell Clayton. There are also several books that belonged to Menaboni’s mother and were inscribed to her by her son. Each book includes a note regarding the location of Menaboni references unless there is an index.  

ORAL HISTORIES (2011- ) are interviews, conducted by Russell Clayton, of people who personally knew Sara and Athos Menaboni or who worked on Menaboni restoration projects. Matthew Harper, of Kennesaw State University, assisted with the Sutton interview. The Clayton interview was conducted under the direction of Dr. Thomas Scott, KSU professor emeritus of history.  Unless noted, the interviews  were recorded on audio tapes and all have been transcribed. 

SUBJECT FILES (c. 1911- ) include eleven sub-series. ARTICLES (1928- ) are related to the life and art of Athos Menaboni and his family members, as well as those written by Sara Menaboni. Topics include the Woodruff Christmas Cards, the Don Russell Clayton Gallery, exhibition records, publications, and visual works. This series also includes an article and photographs regarding dolls created by Athos’ sister, Margherita. BIOGRAPHICAL FILES (c. 1911- ) contain unpublished biographies written by Molly Aeck, Sara Menaboni, Russell Clayton, and others in addition to various personal documents (some are printouts) such as the Last Will and Testament of Athos Menaboni. There are also four audio-visual recordings. The documentary Athos Menaboni: Artist as Naturalist was produced by Callaway Gardens in 2000. There is an audio-visual recording of an interview with Athos’ sister, Tina Menaboni, conducted on November 8, 1999 for the Callaway documentary. Another audio-visual recording, made by Russell Clayton, contains interviews with Sara and Athos Menaboni at their home and at the home of John Ridley conducted on May 29, 1988 as well as an interview with Tina Menaboni at her home on June 14, 1990.

CHRISTMAS CARDS (1941- ) are illustrated with the art of Athos Menaboni. This sub-series of loose cards is divided into three categories: Personal Christmas cards sent by Sara and Athos Menaboni; Christmas cards produced by the National Audubon Society, Delta Airlines, Callaway Gardens, and others; and Christmas cards produced by Robert W. Woodruff. Framed Woodruff cards are found in Series V. Also, the correspondence series contains an interesting exchange between Menaboni and Woodruff regarding the 1948 Christmas card.

CORRESPONDENCE (1934- ) consists of letters, notes, postcards and printouts regarding the life and art of Athos Menaboni. This sub-series is divided into seven categories: Letters and other correspondence to and from Sara and Athos Menaboni; Postcards from Sara and Athos Menaboni to family members; Correspondence regarding the Molly Whitehead Aeck Project (devised by Aeck to present a Menaboni painting to the City Hall in Livorno, Italy); Correspondence from Sara and Athos Menaboni to June and John Crisufi; Correspondence from Sara and Athos Menaboni to Ann and Patrick Epps (owners Epps Aviation - Athos was fascinated with aviation); Letters and other correspondence from Sara and Athos Menaboni to Russell Clayton; and Letters and other correspondence to Clayton concerning Athos Menaboni. The correspondence to and from Sara and Athos Menaboni includes letters from Robert W. Woodruff, Mills B. Lane, Jr., William B. Hartsfield, and Georgia Governor Joe Frank Harris. The postcards contain images of Livorno, Italy.

DON RUSSELL CLAYTON GALLERY (2004- ) contains materials related to the gallery dedicated to Athos Menaboni at Kennesaw State University including information from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation concerning funding, the Athos Menaboni Art Collection, exhibition cards, exhibition catalogs, newspaper articles, booklets, calendars, programs, and other promotional materials. Included is an audio-visual recording of the cable access program, Spotlight on Cobb, which covered the dedication of the gallery in 2008 and also includes an interview with Russell Clayton.  

EXHIBITION RECORDS (1928- ) consist of materials associated with exhibitions of the art of Athos Menaboni such as articles, invitations, brochures, catalogs, photographs, and promotional materials from museums and galleries across the United States. INVENTORIES (c. 1945- ) are various inventory lists of Athos Menaboni collections found at Emory University, the High Museum of Art, and the University of Georgia. There is also a list of paintings purchased by Robert W. Woodruff for his own personal collection as well as those commissioned for close friends. MISCELLANEOUS (1947- ) contains pages removed from a family scrapbook as well as other miscellaneous items related to the life and art of Athos Menaboni. These include a map to the Menabonis’ Atlanta home, an article in Italian with photographs about Menaboni’s home town of Livorno, a Robert Woodruff dinner menu and seating chart, and a poem written about a Menaboni painting. PEDRO (c. 1937-2013) is a story written by Sara and illustrated by Athos, but was never published. Included in this sub-series is a copy of the unpublished manuscript, printouts of the rejection letters from publishers, and information about the “Pedro” exhibition and a contest for a new story using the Menaboni illustrations held at Kennesaw State University in 2013. Also included is a home movie of the Summer Tanager that inspired “Pedro.”

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS (1943- ) consist of items such as china plates, menu covers, a calendar, and lithographs with the art of Athos Menaboni. The materials were produced by various organizations including the National Audubon Society, the Prudential Insurance Company, The Coca-Cola Company, The Citizens & Southern National Bank, Syracuse China, and the Rich’s Department Store. PUBLICATIONS (1940- ) contain booklets, brochures, magazines, and programs regarding the life and art of Athos Menaboni. Of special interest is the American Camellia Catalog, published from 1949 to 1953, which includes one hundred twenty illustrations by Athos Menaboni. He also illustrated, among other magazines, fourteen covers of The Progressive Farmer between 1947 and 1957, two covers for Sports Illustrated in 1954 and 1955, and an issue of Southern Living in 1964. Several magazines also include articles illustrated by Menaboni and are noted. Other publications found in this sub-series are as follows: Magazines related to the life and art of Athos Menaboni; Magazines with cover art illustrated by Athos Menaboni; Publications illustrated with the art of Athos Menaboni; Publications with references to Athos Menaboni; and Publications produced by the State of Georgia with illustrations of Athos Menaboni’s work.

ROBERT W. WOODRUFF CHRISTMAS CARDS (1941-1984) are framed. Note this is one of only four complete sets known to exist. 

PHOTOGRAPHS AND VISUAL WORKS (1893- ) PHOTOGRAPHS (1893- ) include originals and printouts of photographs of Sara and Athos Menaboni and their family and friends. One of oldest items in the collection is a Menaboni family photograph made in 1898. There are also photographs of Sara and Athos Menaboni taken by Russell Clayton in 1987. VISUAL WORKS (1901- ) contains photographs and printouts of paintings, drawings, murals, and other works of art created by Athos Menaboni. There are four sub-series: Aviation; The Citizens and Southern National Bank; Murals and other work by Athos Menaboni commissioned in homes and public buildings in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia; and the Goodrum House. As art director and interior designer, Menaboni drew many front elevations for the homes, hotels, and apartment buildings on Davis Island in Tampa, Florida, between 1924 and 1926. Also included is a audio-video recording, made by Clayton, in June 1990 of Menaboni’s works in the Capital City Club (including the Mirador Room), and the Rhodes-Haverty Building. Materials about Menaboni’s work at the R. J. Reynolds Mansion include articles and photographs. Reynolds’ home is located on Sapelo Island, Georgia, and Menaboni spent three summers, between 1936 and 1938, working on several murals there. Also included are photographs of the restoration work conducted by the State of Georgia in 2003. Photographs and printouts of Menaboni paintings and drawings are organized into ten categories: Bluebirds and cardinals; Doves, kingfishers, mockingbirds, quail, and thrashers; Ducks; Owls and pheasants; Various birds; Various animals; Boats and miscellaneous; Butterflies, flowers, and sculpture; Figures; and Seascapes and landscapes. Also included is a video recording, made by Clayton, in June 1990 of Tina Menaboni showing the paintings in her home. There is also a small collection of illustrations which were removed from The World Book Encyclopedia, Menaboni’s Birds, a booklet showing a Brown Thrasher, and a Rich’s print. Most of these were personally signed by Athos Menaboni for Russell Clayton.




MS-2014.02ART 3       Prepared Paper used by Athos Menaboni, c. 1970

MS-2014.02ART 4       Poodle - Handmade by Margherita Menaboni, c. 1965

MS-2014.02ART 5       Sailor - Handmade by Margherita Menaboni, c. 1960

MS-2014.02ART 6       Lady and Bird - Handmade by Margherita Menaboni, c. 1960

MS-2014.02ART 10     Mug - The Coca-Cola Company, 1992

MS-2014.02ART 11     Car Tag - The Coca-Cola Company, 1994

MS-2014.02ART 14     Georgia State Capitol Christmas Ornament, 2007


MS-2014.02ART 2       Palette Knife, gift to Emily Bourne Grigsby from Athos Menaboni, c. 1964

MS-2014.02ART 7       Asian Spinning Torches - Handmade by Margherita Menaboni, c. 1964

MS-2014.02ART 8       Syracuse China “American Song Birds” Plate - Eastern Bluebird, 1954

MS-2014.02ART 9       Syracuse China “American Song Birds” Plate - Painted Bunting, 1954

MS-2014.02ART16      Syracuse China "American Song Birds" Plate - Carolina Wren, 1954

MS-2014.02ART17      Syracuse China "American Song Birds" Plate - Common Goldfinch, 1954

ARTIFACT BOX 3                    

MS-2014.02ART 1       Paint Brush (c. 1975) framed, gift from Sara Menaboni to Russell Clayton in 1990 just after the death of Athos Menaboni

MS-2014.02ART 12     Small Metal Sign - The Coca-Cola Company, 1994

MS-2014.02ART 13     Shirt - The Atlanta Chapter of the Coca-Cola Collectors Club International, 2013


MS-2014.02ART15      Large Folio (c.1942) used by Athos Menaboni to carry art - contains material stored there by the artist (in a separate box)


SERIES II: BOOKS (1915- ) (List arranged chronologically.)


Livorno, by Pietro Vigo, 1915.  Edition in Italian with many photographs of local interests that Menaboni later painted, and includes several illustrations by one of Menaboni’s art teacher.

Toscana, 1966.  Edition in Italian about touring the area of Italy where Menaboni lived until 1920, Menaboni gifted the book to Tina Menaboni (his sister).   


BOOKS ABOUT THE LIFE AND ART OF ATHOS MENABONI (1950- )                         


Five editions published in 1950 (first edition and limited edition), 1952, 1984, and 1988.

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1950. Autographed by the artist and author. 

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1950. Boxed/limited autographed edition, copy number 2, personal inscriptions by Sara and Athos Menaboni to Jenny Menaboni (mother of Menaboni), personal inscription by John Hashagen       (captain of the ship that brought Menaboni to America at the request of Menaboni’s father), set of thirty-one color plates are all autographed by Menaboni.

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1950. Boxed/limited autographed edition (book only), copy number A183, personal inscriptions by Sara and Athos Menaboni to Russell Clayton.

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1952. First European edition, published in London.

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1984. Personal inscriptions by Sara and Athos Menaboni to Tina Menaboni (sister of Menaboni).

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1984. Personal inscriptions by Sara and Athos Menaboni to Russell Clayton.

Menaboni's Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1984. Personal inscription by Sara and Athos Menaboni to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bean.  

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1988. 


(BIOGRAPHY) Note the collection also includes the original manuscript for Taylor’s book, and other items.

The Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, by Barbara Cable Taylor, 2000.  Personal inscription by the author to Russell Clayton.



Garden History of Georgia: 1733 to 1933, 1933. Menaboni art illustrates a garden on pages 221-222.                                          

Birds of Georgia: A Preliminary Check-List and Bibliography of Georgia Ornithology, 1945. Menaboni art illustrates frontispiece, also see pages 24, 91.

American Camellia Catalog, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953. Each year, twenty Menaboni illustrations (hand colored) were sent to subscribers.

Never the Nightingale, by Daniel Whitehead Hicky, 1951. Illustrated by Menaboni, personal inscription by Athos Menaboni to Jenny Menaboni (mother of Menaboni).

Word Bouquets, by Sallie Bass Arnold (mother of Sara Menaboni), 1951. Menaboni art (bird art c. 1938) illustrates several pages, forward by Sara Menaboni, photograph of Sara and Athos Menaboni is also printed, this copy presented to Menaboni’s mother by the author.

The World Book Encyclopedia, 1966. (Other editions available: 1957, 1961, 2016.) Volume B, Menaboni art illustrates pages 166 to 170. The illustrations continue to be published in all later editions.

Garden History of Georgia: 1733 to 1933, 1976 (reprint of 1933 edition). Menaboni art illustrates a garden on pages 221-222.

The First Hundred Years of Wesleyan College: 1836-1936, by Samuel Luttrell Akers, 1976. Menaboni art illustrates frontispiece and dust jacket, autographed by the author.

Memory Book: Persons and Occasions of a Long Life, by Thomas H. English, 1989.  Menaboni art illustrates title page (see acknowledgments), autographed by the author (a friend of the Menabonis who helped Sara edit Menaboni’s Birds).

The Story of Callaway Gardens, by Lois Trigg Chaplin, 1991. Menaboni art illustrates the cover (see title page). 

Coca-Cola: Les plus belles affiches, 1994. Edition in French, Menaboni art illustrates page 138.

A Piety above the Common Standard: Jesse Mercer and Evangelistic Calvinism, by Anthony L. Chute, 2004. Menaboni art illustrates the dust jacket (see notation on the back of the dust jacket).

Pedro, by B. E. Sajor, 2013. Illustrations by Athos Menaboni. Limited publication (less than thirty copies) by Kennesaw State University produced following a contest for a new story in conjunction with an exhibition of the “Pedro” illustrations, autographed by the author.

Rice and Ducks: The Surprising Convergence that Saved the Carolina Lowcountry, by Virginia Christian Beach, 2014.  Three Menaboni paintings of ducks illustrate this edition.

Suffer & Grow Strong: The Life of Ella Gertrude Clanton Thomas 1834-1907, by Carolyn Newton Curry, 2014. Menaboni illustration. 



The Macon Guide and Ocmulgee National Monument, 1939 (reprint).  See index.

An Exhibition Commemorating the Settlement of Georgia: 1733-1948, 1948.  See index. The Menaboni paintings mentioned were used to illustrate the menu covers for Rich’s Department Store.

Atlanta: Capital of the South, edited by Paul W. Miller, 1949.  See index.

White Columns in Georgia, by Medora Field Perkerson, 1952.  See index. A note included from the author has no relationship to the Menaboni collection.

Georgia: A Guide to its Towns and Countryside, revised by George G. Leckie, 1954. See index.

Camellias for Everyone, by Claude Chidamian, 1959.  Menaboni reference on page 178.

Teaching Art in the Elementary School, by Margaret Hamilton Erdt, 1962. See index.

A Treasury of Birdlore, edited by Joseph Wood Krutch, 1962. Article by Sara and Athos Menaboni on pages 176-179.

Bibliography of Georgia Authors: 1949-1965, by John W. Bonner, Jr., 1966.  See index.

Robert Winship Woodruff, by E. J. Kahn, Jr., 1969.  Menaboni reference on page 145, Menaboni art on frontispiece and pages 41, 53, 64, 99, 111.

This Is Your Georgia, by Bernice McCullar, 1972.  See index.

The Illustrated Guide to the Collectibles of Coca-Cola, by Cecil Munsey, 1972.  See index, autographed by the author.

Ichauway Plantation, by Charles Elliott, 1974. Menaboni reference on page 98, Menaboni art illustrates the following pages: 12, 21, 42, 50, 52, 64, 78, 93, 102. Pages 47 and 48 [living room photos show “Purple Martin” and “Duke” (Woodruff’s hunting dog).

Rotary Recipes to Remember, Rotarians of Marietta Rotary Club, 1974.  A recipe from Sara Menaboni, page 189.

The Story of Dunwoody: Its Heritage and Horizons 1821-1975, by Elizabeth Davis and Ethel Spruill, 1975. Menaboni references on pages 189-190, autographed by the authors. 

This Is Your Georgia, by Bernice McCullar, 1977. See index, Menaboni autographed page 618 for Russell Clayton.

A Biography of The Boss: Robert Winship Woodruff, by Charles Elliott, 1979. Menaboni reference on page 248, gift to Russell Clayton from Robert W. Woodruff. 

Macon: A Pictorial History, by Nance Briska Anderson, 1979.  Menaboni reference on page 22, Menaboni associations on pages 150, 174, autographed by the author.

Audubon’s Birds of America, by Roger Tory Peterson and Virginia Marie Peterson, 1981.  Menaboni reference on page 18 of the introduction.

“Mr. Anonymous” - Robert W. Woodruff of Coca-Cola, by Charles Elliott, 1982. See index.

Yolande’s Atlanta: From the Historical to the Hysterical, by Yolande Gwin, 1983. See index.

Tropical Splendor: An Architectural History of Florida, by Hap Hatton, 1987. See index.

The Legacy of Atlanta: A Short History, by Webb Garrison, 1987. Menaboni references on pages 163-164.

American Classicist: The Architecture of Philip Trammell Shutze, by Elizabeth Meredith Dowling, 1989. See index.

Classic Atlanta: Landmarks of the Atlanta Spirit, by William R. Mitchell, Jr., 1991.  Menaboni references / photos on pages 136, 139-141, 153, 155, 176, autographed by author.

The Capital City Club: The First Hundred Years, 1883-1983, by James C. Bryant, 1991. See index.

Waiting for the Banana Peel, by Fran Adams Kearton, 1992.  Menaboni reference on page 93.

The C & S: Georgia’s Cornerstone Bank, by Jan Pogue, 1993. See index.   

The Man Who Amazed Atlanta: The Journey of Franklin Miller Garrett, by Doris Lockerman, 1996. See index.

Syracuse China, by Cleota Reed and Stan Skoczen, 1997. See index.

The Mirador Room: Memories of an Era, 1939-1998, by James C. Bryant, 1999.  Menaboni references/photographs on pages 6-10, 14, 38, 54, 57-58, 103-119.

Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Georgia Coast & Okefenokee, by Richard J. Lenz, 1999. Menaboni reference on page 194.

Signed, Sealed, & Delivered: Highlights of the Miller Record, edited by Sarah Eby-Ebersole, 1999.  Menaboni refernce on page 337. 

Images of America: Sapelo Island, by Buddy Sullivan, 2000. See index.

The Swan House, by Elizabeth Musser, 2001.  A novel, Menaboni references on pages 89-90, 314-315.

The Artist Within: The Legacy of Betty Foy Sanders - Georgia’s 74th First Lady, by Barbara Cable Taylor, 2002. Menaboni reference on page 205, personal inscription by Mrs. Sanders to Russell Clayton. 

American Synagogues: A Century of Architecture and Jewish Community, by Samuel D. Gruber, 2003. Menaboni reference/photograph on page 79.

The Architecture of the Classical Interior, by Steven W. Semes, 2004. See index, and photograph on the back of the dust jacket.

A Hole in My Soul, by Emily Bourne Grigsby, 2004. Menaboni reference on page 93, photograph on page 304 of Menaboni painting donated to Kennesaw State University by the author, autographed by the author.

Living Macon Style, by James Barfield, 2004. Menaboni reference on page 191, photographs on pages 204-205, autographed by the author and photographer.    

Historic DeKalb County: An Illustrated History, by Vivian Price, 2008. Menaboni reference on page 97.

A Colorful Past: Decorative Arts of Georgia, edited by Ashley Callahan, 2009. Menaboni references and photographs on pages 33-37.

Georgia Off the Beaten Path, by William Schemmel, 2009. Menaboni reference on page 45.

Kid Carolina: R. J. Reynolds Jr., A Tobacco Fortune, and the Mysterious Death of a Southern Icon, by Heidi Schnakenberg, 2010.  See index.

Sapelo Island, by Buddy Sullivan, 2010. Menaboni reference on page 45.  

The Art of Managing Longleaf: A Personal History of the Stoddard-Neel Approach, by Leon Neel, 2010. See index.

A Family Album: The History of The Coca-Cola Company Flight Department, by George Stephanos, 2010.  Menaboni references on pages 21-22, 63-80, autographed by the author.

Paradise for Sale: Florida’s Booms and Busts, by Nick Wynne and Richard Morehead, 2010. Menaboni reference on page 98. Menaboni designed the building pictured on page 100, but is not credited by the authors.

Animal & Sporting Artists in America, F. Turner Reuter, 2011. See index. 

A Light on Peachtree: A History of the Atlanta Woman’s Club, by Anne B. Jones, 2012.  Menaboni reference on page XX. Autographed by the author and photographer. 

Rich’s: A Southern Institution, by Jeff Clemmons, 2012. Menaboni references on pages 213, 222, autographed by the author.   

Kennesaw State University: The First Fifty Years, 1963-2013, by Thomas Scott, 2013. Menaboni references on pages 364-365, 431, autographed by the author and by the current and a former president of KSU.  

Memories of the Mansion: The Story of Georgia's Governor's Mansion, by Sandra D. Deal, Jennifer W. Dickey, and Catherine M. Lewis, 2015.  See index, personal insciption by First Lady Deal to Russell Clayton. 

Sapelo: People and Place on a Georgia Sea Island, by Buddy Sullivan, 2017.  See Index. 


SERIES III: ORAL HISTORIES (2011- ) (Audio tapes unless noted and all have been transcribed.)


-AECK, ANTONIN - Mr. Aeck is the son of Richard Aeck and Molly Whitehead Aeck. His parents were the Menabonis’ best friends and his mother was responsible for starting Athos Menaboni’s bird painting career. Mr. Aeck is an accomplished Atlanta architect. 

-BISKIN, JIL - Mrs. Biskin never met Athos Menaboni. However, she has restored Menaboni’s mural works in three Atlanta homes (Spotswood Hall, the Albert Howell House, and the Patterson-Carr House).

-CLAYTON, RUSSELL (published-located in Subject files) - Mr. Clayton, a retired educator, was a personal friend of Sara and Athos Menaboni as well as Menaboni’s sister, Tina. Mr. Clayton collects paintings and any other items related to the life and art of Athos Menaboni. In 2007 Mr. Clayton gave a Menaboni collection to Kennesaw State University and to the KSU Department of Archives and Rare Books. The Don Russell Clayton Gallery, located in the Bailey Performance Center at KSU, was named in his honor and sponsored by a gift from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation. (Note: The Clayton Gallery was moved to the Zuckerman Museum of Art, and the archival collection was transferred to the Troup County Archives in 2014.)      

-COLLUM, THOMAS - Mr. Collum was only eight year years old when he first met Athos Menaboni at a meeting of the Atlanta Bird Club. Their friendship grew as Mr. Collum got older and he would house sit at the Menaboni home as a teenager while they traveled. Mr. Collum is a retired Atlanta architect. (NOTE: The Atlanta Bird Club is now the Atlanta Audubon Society.)

-CUMMING, EMILY WRIGHT and JOSEPH CUMMING - Mrs. Cumming is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wright and a cousin of Molly Whitehead Aeck. The Wrights were friends of the Menabonis and Mrs. Cumming has many memories of Sara and Athos Menaboni with her family. Sara’s idea for her story about “Pedro” came from experiences with the Wrights. Later, Emily and her husband, Joseph Cumming, commissioned Menaboni to paint a Red-tailed Hawk.  

-EPPS, PATRICK and ANN HAILEY EPPS - Mr. and Mrs. Epps own Epps Aviation at Peachtree-DeKalb Airport. The friendship between the Epps family and the Menabonis grew stronger because of Athos’ love for flying. Since Menaboni was a pilot during World War I, he was fascinated with Mr. Epps’ work in aviation. Mr. Epps is a member of the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame and the airport in Athens, Georgia, is named for his father, Ben Epps.

-GRIGSBY, EMILY BOURNE - Mrs. Grigsby and her husband, Paul, were friends of Sara and Athos Menaboni. Mrs. Grigsby is an accomplished attorney, model, opera singer, pilot, and Atlanta benefactor. In 1964 Mrs. Grigsby commissioned Menaboni to paint a pair of Mallards. She donated this painting to Kennesaw State University in 2010.

-JOHNSON, WILLIAM - Dr. Johnson grew up knowing Sara and Athos Menaboni. His father, Dr. McClaren Johnson, and uncle, Dr. Trimble Johnson, helped Menaboni secure permanent visas for his mother and two sisters to return to the United States after living over a year in Cuba after leaving Italy when World War II ended. Both Atlanta physicians were also the Menabonis’ doctors and Athos was extremely grateful to both men. McClaren Johnson and his wife, Helen Fennell Johnson, entertained the Menabonis often for over forty years. Dr. Johnson is a retired Spanish professor from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

-MAYSON, JOSEPH - Mr. Mayson is the present owner of Glenridge Hall. Caroline, his daughter, inherits the home on her twenty-fifth birthday in September 2012. He and his late wife, Frances Lewise Glenn Mayson, purchased her brothers’ shares of the home of Mrs. Mayson’s grandfather (Atlanta banker Thomas Glenn) to preserve it and the property that consists of forty-six acres (originally five hundred acres) for history’s sake and from urban expansion. Athos Menaboni was commissioned by the original owner to paint a mural in the breakfast room. Mr. Mayson met with Sara and Athos Menaboni several times before and during the restoration project completed by Michael Collins.  

-PANTAZE, NINA RUSSO - Mrs. Pantaze is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russo. Mr. Russo was a graphic/commercial artist. The Russos were friends with the Menabonis and the two families were together often. Mrs. Pantaze has many memories of her family with the Menabonis. Mrs. Pantaze’s sister, Cynthia Russo, married Duff Sutton, Jr.

-SUTTON, JR., DUFF (digital recording) - Mr. Sutton, as a young artist, served as an apprentice to Athos Menaboni while painting the mural for The Citizens and Southern National Bank on Mitchell Street in Atlanta. No one is aware of any other person who served Menaboni in this capacity for any other works. Mr. Sutton offers many interesting insights of Menaboni and the bank mural project. He is a retired graphic/commercial artist. The family of his late wife (Cynthia Russo Sutton) family was close friends of the Menabonis and his father-in-law, Frank Russo, was also a graphic/commercial artist. 

-TILLANDER, STEVE - Mr. Tillander met with Athos Menaboni briefly. He was selected to restore the Renaissance Florentine ceiling Menaboni created for the Rhodes-Haverty Building in Atlanta (now a Marriott Residence Inn). Menaboni, not long before his death, visited the building to observe Mr. Tillander’s work. He is currently restoring Menaboni’s work in the breakfast room at the Goodrum House in Atlanta.





1-4     Articles - Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, 1941-

5        Articles - Written by Sara Menaboni, 1942-1967

6        Biographical Files - Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, c. 1911-

7        Christmas Cards - Personal Cards Sent by the Menabonis Illustrated with Menaboni Art, c. 1974, 1975         

8        Christmas Cards - Illustrated with Menaboni Art, 1951-

9        Christmas Cards - Robert W. Woodruff Christmas Cards (printouts), List with description of cards and articles about the cards, 1941-

10-11  Christmas Cards - Robert W. Woodruff Christmas Cards, 1941-1984

12-13  Correspondence - To and from Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1934-1990

14      Correspondence - Postcards from Sara and Athos Menaboni to Family Members, 1972-1973




1        Correspondence - Regarding Molly Whitehead Aeck Project, 1963

2        Correspondence - From Sara and Athos Menaboni to June and John Crisufi, 1979-1983 and a Cancelled Check (endorsed by Menaboni) for Paintings, 1954

3        Correspondence - From Sara and Athos Menaboni to Ann and Patrick Epps and Other Materials Related to the Epps and Menabonis, 1981-2014

4        Correspondence - From Sara and Athos Menaboni to Russell Clayton, 1986-1990

5-6     Correspondence - To Russell Clayton Concerning Athos Menaboni, 1987-

7        Don Russell Clayton Gallery - Articles Published by KSU and Others, 2004-

8        DRC Gallery - Funding Information, 2004-

9        DRC Gallery - The Art of Building, 2005

10      DRC Gallery - Dedication Celebrations, 2006-2014

11      DRC Gallery - Exhibition Cards, 2008-

12-13  DRC Gallery - Exhibition Catalogs, 2008-      

14      DRC Gallery - Access Newsletter, 2004-

15      DRC Gallery - Art Museum and Galleries Season Programs, 2008-

16      DRC Gallery - Bentley Rare Book Gallery Report, 2008

17      DRC Gallery - Bailey Performance Center Premier Series Schedules, 2008-

18      DRC Gallery - College of the Arts (at KSU) Calendars, 2008-




1         DRC Gallery - Kennesaw State University Donor Recognition, 2010

2-3      DRC Gallery - Flourish Magazine, 2004-

4         DRC Gallery - The HeArt of Giving, 2004-

5         DRC Gallery - Kennesaw State University Magazine, 2005-

6         DRC Gallery - Kennesaw State University/KSU Foundation Permanent Art Collection, “You are the Key” Brochure, 2007 and 2010

7         DRC Gallery - Magazines and Newsletters Published by Others, 2007-

8         DRC Gallery - College of the Arts (at KSU) Publication Awards, 2009-2010   

9-11    Exhibition Records, 1928-1995


BOX 4a


1-6     Exhibition Records, 1999-2016

7        Exhibition Records, Callaway Gardens (a permanent exhibition), 2016-


BOX 4b           


1-2     Exhibition Records, 2017-

3-9     Exhibition Records - Kennesaw State University, 2004- 




1      Inventories - Collection Inventories of Other Institutions, Molly Aeck and Robert W. Woodruff, c. 1945-

2      Oral Histories (Series III) Information and Documents, 2011-

3      Oral History of Don Russell Clayton - Bound Volume Published by KSU, 2011

4-5   Promotional Materials, 1943-

6      Promotional Materials - Menu Covers, c. 1948-

7-11 Publications - Magazines Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menabon, 1942-

12    Publications - Magazines with Cover Art by Athos Menaboni, 1940-1955




1        Publications - Magazines with Cover Art by Athos Menaboni, 1956-           

2        Publications - The Progressive Farmer History and Index for Menaboni Art, 1974-2014

3        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, April 1947

4        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, March 1948  

5        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, May 1949

6        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, February 1950

7        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, March 1950

8        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, December 1950

9        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, June 1951

10      Publications - The Progressive Farmer, January 1952

11      Publications - The Progressive Farmer, March 1953




1        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, November 1953

2        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, January 1954

3        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, June 1954

4        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, February 1956

5        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, June 1956

6        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, July 1956

7        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, November 1956

8        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, September 1957




1        Publications - The Progressive Farmer/Southern Living, September 1964

2        Publications - The Progressive Farmer, Supplement, November 1963

3        Publications - Prints Removed from the American Camellia Catalog, 1949

4        Publications - Prints Removed from the American Camellia Catalog, 1950

5        Publications - Prints Removed from the American Camellia Catalog, 1951

6        Publications - Prints Removed from the American Camellia Catalog, 1952

7        Publications - Prints Removed from the American Camellia Catalog, 1953

8        Publications - American Camellia Catalog History, Index, Article, Other Related Materials, 1949-        

9        Publications - Illustrated With the Art of Athos Menaboni, c. 1950-

10      Publications - With References to Athos Menaboni, 1989-

11      Publications - State of Georgia, c. 1950-1983




1        Publications - Plates Removed from Special Edition of Menaboni’s Birds, 1950

2        Publications - Pedro, Manuscript by Sara Menaboni (copy), c. 1948

3        Publications - Pedro, Correspondence (printouts), 1951-1975

4        Publications - Pedro, 1972 Article, Russell Clayton Research, 2012-

5        Publications - Pedro, Kennesaw State University Exhibition of Illustrations, 2013

6        Publications - Pedro, Kennesaw State University Contest, 2013

7        Publications - Taylor Biography of Menaboni, Correspondence and Article, 1999-2013

8-10   Publications - Taylor Biography of Menaboni, Manuscript Edits of 2/27/98, 6/2/98, and 1/22/99

11-12 Publications - Taylor Biography of Menaboni, Book Edits pages 1-99, 1999

13-14 Publications - Taylor Biography of Menaboni, Book Proof, 1999


BOX 10 (Oversized)


1       Articles - Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, 1928-

2       Articles - Illustrated with the Art of Athos Menaboni, 1943-1956

3       Articles - Concerning Menaboni Exhibitions, 1999-

4       Article - Concerning Menaboni/Woodruff Christmas Card Series, 1984

5       Articles - Related to Murals and Other Large Commission Work, 1951-

6       Articles - Written by Sara Menaboni, 1940-1959

7       Articles - Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, 1946-1967

8       Articles - Related to Family Members of Athos Menaboni, 1951-1999

9       Don Russell Clayton Gallery - Articles Published by Kennesaw State University and Others, 2004-

10     Exhibition Records - Museum Posters, 1999-

11     Miscellaneous - Scrapbook Pages, Map to the Menabonis, Article about Livorno, Copy of Rich’s Menu from the Magnolia Room, Seating Chart and Menu for a Robert W. Woodruff Dinner Featuring a Woodruff/Menaboni Christmas card, and Poem, 1947-

12     Publications - Magazines Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, 1955-

13     Publications - Magazines with Cover Art by Athos Menaboni, 1945-1954 and a Magazine with Athos Menaboni on the Cover, 1950



Biographical Files - Audio-visual Recording of Sara and Athos Menaboni and Tina Menaboni, 1988 and 1990

Biographical Files - Audio-visual Recording of Tina Menaboni Interview for Athos Menaboni: Artist as Naturalist, 1999

Biographical Files - Audio-visual Recording Athos Menaboni: Artist as Naturalist, 2000

Don Russell Clayton - Audio-visual Recording of Clayton Interviewed by The Coca-Cola Company, Archivist Jamal Booker (discusses Robert W. Woodruff and Athos Menaboni), 2012

Don Russell Clayton Gallery - Photographs of Art and Gallery Dedication, 2008

DRC Gallery - Audio-visual Recording of TV23 Show about Dedication/Exhibition and an Interview with Russell Clayton, 2008

Exhibition Records - Audio-visual Recording of the Exhibition at Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, 1999

Pedro - Wright Family Home Movie with Pedro (a Summer Tanager), c. 1937



BOX 1    1941-1950       

BOX 2    1951-1960       

BOX 3    1961-1970

BOX 4    1971-1980

BOX 5    1981-1984





1         Photographs - Athos Menaboni, Family, Friends, and Valle Ombrosa, 1893-

2         Photographs - Don Russell Clayton Gallery Dedication and Remarks Made by Russell Clayton, 2008

3         Visual Works - Aviation, 1964-

4         Visual Works - Work at Davis Island, Tampa, Florida, 1924-

5         Visual Works - Al Sihah Shrine Temple, Macon, Georgia, 1929-




    1                   Visual Works - Murals and Other Works in Homes and Buildings, 1928-

    2                   Visual Works - Goodrum House, 1929-

    3                   Visual Works - R. J. Reynolds Mansion, 1936-

    4                   Visual Works - The Citizens and Southern National Bank, 1933-




    1                   Visual Works - Photographs of Mural Studies from the 1920s and 1930s, 2013

    2                   Visual Works - Bluebirds and Cardinals, c. 1938-1990

    3                   Visual Works - Doves, Kingfishers, Mockingbirds, Quail, and Brown Thrashers, c. 1938-1990

    4                   Visual Works - Ducks, c. 1938-1990

    5                   Visual Works - Owls and Pheasant Type Birds, c. 1938-1990

    6                   Visual Works - Various Birds, c. 1915-1990

    7                   Visual Works - Various Animals, c. 1940-1965

    8                   Visual Works - Boats and Miscellaneous, 1901-1979

    9                   Visual Works - Butterflies, Flowers, and Sculpture, c. 1935-1965

    10                 Visual Works - Figures, c. 1920-1953                                  

    11                 Visual Works - Seascapes and Landscapes, 1912-1964


BOX 4 (Oversized)


1        Photographs - Athos Menaboni and Family, c. 1942-1985

2        Visual Works - Small Collection of Prints, c. 1948-1985 (Autographed by Menaboni for Russell Clayton in 1987)



Visual Works - Photographs of R. J. Reynolds Mansion Menaboni Mural Restoration, 2003

Visual Works - Audio-visual Recordings of the Capital City Club and the Rhodes-Haverty Building, 1999


FRAMED          Visual Works – Brochure of The C & S National Bank Eggshell Mural, 1958 (Autographed by Menaboni for Russell Clayton in 1987)



MS-080m        Athos Menaboni Collection of Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens

VF-C              Athos Menaboni Conservation Fund in Memory of Geraldine Barmore Clayton

VF-M             Athos Menaboni Exhibits and Newsletters

MS-2014.01   Robert W. Woodruff Collection of D. Russell Clayton