Manuscript MS-2014.08


SOURCE:  Dewey Ray McKenzie, Jr.

SIZE:  3 lf

SHELVING UNIT:  3 boxes, 1 reel microfilm, 3 books




Dewey Ray McKenzie (b. 7-13-1926; d. 7-16-2014), son of Francis Herbert McKenzie and Letha Ann Thomas, was a native of Hattiesburg, Miss.  He received his Bachelor and Master’s degrees from University of Southern Mississippi.  He served in the U. S. Navy in World War II and later in the Korean War.  He taught school in Mississippi for several years before joining the Social Security Administration in 1955.  He was Assistant Manager in Lakeland, Fla., from 1958 to 1963.  While there, he was a Sunday School teacher and Deacon at First Baptist Church of Lakeland.  He moved to LaGrange as District Manager of the Social Security office and retired in 1988.  He joined Rotary International in 1961 in Florida, and a member of the Rotary Club of LaGrange for 50 years, from 1964 until his passing in 2014.  He served the LaGrange Club as President, 1973-1974; Vice President, 1972-1973; Secretary 1967-1972 and 1975-1987; and Bulletin Editor 1965-1966.  He was a charter member of the LaGrange Chapter, Georgia Society of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution, a member of First Presbyterian Church of LaGrange, and served on the Council on Aging.  He married Betty Ruth Weatherford and had two children.  He authored My Pioneer Ancestors in 2005.  Dewey McKenzie was an active member of the Troup County Historical Society and served as a docent at the Legacy Museum on Main for many years.  He donated many valuable reference books to the Troup County Archives library, in addition to the ones in this collection.



This collection consists primarily of genealogical research data and documents on the McKenzie, Forbes, Pittman, Weatherford, and allied families.  Among the papers are copies of Civil War correspondence and primary records that document the various families.  There are many annotated articles written by Dewey McKenzie about various family lines and individual ancestors, as well as reminiscences about specific people and events during his life, including his boyhood and military service.  Also included are copies of Revolutionary war service records, church records, maps related to family migration, and correspondence related to his career.  There is also a copy of his father-in-law’s Master’s thesis at the University of Mississippi in 1936, “The Location of Towns of the Old South,” and copies of works compiled by others on his ancestral lines.



BOX I -  Writings and Records


1.    Articles written by Dewey R. McKenzie

  a.       Lye Soap

  b.       Farming for a Living

  c.       Research Methodology

  d.       A Mississippi Farm

  e.-f.    Childhood Memories (two versions)

  g.       The Civil War: It’s Impact on Our Ancestors

  h.       Getting to Mississippi Territory

  i.        A Word About Church Discipline

  j.        Historical Sequence: Family Timeline

  k.       Along the Way to Mississippi: Annotated Map

  l.        Who are the Hurricane Creek McKenzies?

  m.      Earning a Livelihood

2.    Biographies written by Dewey Ray McKenzie

  a.       A Short Autobiography

  b.       Some Life Experiences

  c.-d.   World War II Experiences

  e.       Francis Herbert McKenzie

  f.        Letha Anne Thomas

  g.       Thomas Iddo McKenzie

  h.       George Washington McKenzie

  i.        A Glimpse of Azarell McKenzie

  j.        George Carson: What We Know About Him

  k.       Private Richard B. Pittman

  l.        Our Brethren of Color

  m.      McKenzie Brothers: Daniel and David

  n.       Dewey R. McKenzie: Service Record

3.    Articles written by Dewey Ray McKenzie

            Azarell McKenzie vs The United States (1873-1889), three articles

4.    Pedigree Charts

5.    New Zion Church (Miss.)

6.    Magee’s Creek  Church (Miss.)

7.    Welsh Neck and Cashaway Church (S.C.)

8.    Church Records

  a.       Antioch Baptist (Miss.)

  b.       Main Street Baptist, Hattiesburg, Miss. 1903-1953

  c.       State Line  (Miss.)

  d.       New Hope Baptist  (Miss.)

  e.       Mississippi Baptist Association

  f.        Zion Hill (Miss.)

  g.       Mt. Zion Baptist (Miss.)

  h.       Columbia County, Mississippi Churches

  i.        Half Moon Bluff Baptist  (Miss.)

  j.        Union Baptist Church  (Miss.)

  k .      Black Creek Baptist Church  (S.C.)

9.    Carson Springs Baptist Church: History and Minutes (Miss.)

10.  Hurricane Creek Church History  (Miss.)

11.  Health Factors/ Causes of Death / County Locations of Ancestors

12.   Creek Indians / T. S. Woodward Memoirs / Choctaw Treaty

13.   Deeds

14.   Maps related to ancestors: migrations across state lines

15.   Maps: Family Property

16.   Maps related to ancestors: Mississippi

17.   Maps related to ancestors: South Carolina

18.   Maps related to ancestors: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and North Carolina

19.   Oregon Trail information

20.   Welsh in S. C.  / Scotland

21.   Records: Mississippi, South Carolina

22-23. Records: Marion Co., Miss.

24.   Records: Pike Co., Miss.

25.   Records: Washington Parish, La.

26.  Cemetery Records of Various Families

27.   Census Records of Various Families

28-30. Marriage Records of Various Families

31.   Tax Lists / Passports

32.   Pictures (photocopies) / Obituaries of Various Families

33.   Colonial and Revolutionary Wars

34.   Civil war Letters & Notes

35-36. Career Correspondence: Dewey R. McKenzie: Social Security Admin.


BOX II - Families


1.           Davis Family

2.           Lewis Family

3-8.        Forbes Family

9-10.      Descendants of William Wilson Forbes, Jr.

11-27.     McKenzie Family

28.         Pigott Family


BOX III - Families


1.           Pittman/Pitman Family

2-3.        Pope Family

4-8.        Thomas Family

9-18.      Turnage Family

19-20.     Weatherford-Cagle Family

21-22.     Weatherford Family

23.         Sidney E. L. Weatherford papers

24.         S. E. L. Weatherford’s Master’s Thesis, University of Mississippi, “The Location of Towns of the Old South.” 1936


Items Separated:

MF-57 Church Register: State Line Baptist Church, Washington Parish, La. 1856-1900 & 1930-1960.



McKenzie, Dewey R.  My Pioneer Ancestors  (LaGrange, Ga., 2005) donated by author in 2005.

Crozier, W. A.  Virginia County Records (N.Y. 1905) reprint

Casey, J. J.  Personal Names in Hening’s Statues At Large and Shepherd’s Continuation  (N.Y.  1896) reprint


Manuscript MS-2004.13


SOURCE:  Jane Crayton Davis

SIZE:  2 lf





George Elbert Dallis (b. 9-27-1855 d. 8-10-1913), the son of Hulbert Wellington Dallis and Mary Matilda “Mollie” Glanton, was a LaGrange businessman who invested in Unity Cotton Mills and real estate.  In 1891, he and four other men incorporated the LaGrange Street Railway Company, which existed a few years.  He later served as a Director of the LaGrange National Bank and the LaGrange Banking & Trust Company.  On January 25, 1882, he married Elizabeth Dixon “Bettie” Render (b. 9-25-1859; d. 11-4-1939) of Greenville, the daughter of Joshua Lewis Render and Mary Jane Dixon.  The couple had two children, Render and Ethel.  In 1889, Dallis bought the historic Bailey-Heard house at 206 Broad Street and the family has owned and maintained it since.

Ethel Dallis (b. 3-7-1883; d.10-30-1967) was a musician who graduated from Southern Female College in LaGrange and attended Von Ende School of Music in New York City.  She taught violin and took some classes at LaGrange College.  She married Robert Johnson Hill on June 25, 1903.  In the 1920s, she served as the assistant to the pastor of Centenary Methodist Church of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  She also studied at the Moody Bible Institute.  As a genealogist, Mrs. Hill did much to preserve old family records in Troup County by copying Bible and family records of many pioneer Troup County families.  These records may be found at the Georgia State Archives, DAR Headquarters in Washington, D. C., and Troup County Archives.



This collection consists of correspondence and genealogical research notes.  First is correspondence between George E. Dallis and his future bride, Bettie Render, as well as letters to other individuals and family members.  Letters regarding George Dallis’ travels are included as are some Render family letters and genealogical notes collected by Mary Jane Dixon Render, mother of Bettie Render Dallis.

Other correspondence is from or to Ethel Dallis Hill and includes letters written to her parents and grandparents as well as correspondence regarding the Hawthorne Literary Society of Southern Female College, for which she was secretary.  There are letters from her violin teacher, Herwegh Von Ende, family members, and friends.  News articles about her recitals and performances and genealogy.  Genealogical research records and notes written by Ethel Dallis Hill for her family and friends are included, some typed; others handwritten.  She assisted many area residents with their papers to join the D. A. R., U. D. C., and other hereditary societies.



Box 1: George E. Dallis and Bettie Render Dallis Correspondence


1              George E. to his parents regarding travels, 1871-1876

2-14       George E. to Bettie 1876-1886

15-18     Bettie to George E. 1880-1882      

19           Mary Jane Dixon Render to Bettie 1882


Box 2:  Dallis, Dixon, Render, and Hill Correspondence


1-3          George E. Dallis from various people 1872-1881, some not dated

4             Mary Dallis to George E. Dallis 1877

5             George E. Dallis to Lucie Heard 1877-1898

6             George E. Dallis from Lucie Heard  1877-1878

7             George E. Dallis from “Cousin Carrie” (Tava Carrie Glanton) 1879

8-9          Dixon Family Correspondence, 1850-1894

10           Genealogical letters to Mary Jane Dixon Render, 1893-1898 on surnames: Abercrombie, Bacon, Culbreath, Dixon, Henderson, Kennon, and Reed/Reid.

11           Invitations, calling cards, 1892-1941

12           Ethel Dallis Hill to parents and grandparents, 1876-1895.

13           Hawthorne Literary Society Correspondence, 1900-1901

14-17     Ethel Dallis Hill from various people 1901-1936

18           Ethel Dallis Hill from Herwegh Von Ende  1907-1914

19           Church and Concert Programs, 1891-1931

20           Society news articles, 1894-1903

21           Family news clippings, 1899-1903

22           Violin Performances, 1907-1912

23           Carrie Fall Benson poems, 1941

24           LaGrange High Clarions, Dec 1947, May 31, 1949

25           LaGrange Garden Club programs, 1957-1958

26           Troup County Confederate Centennial Celebrations, 1961

27           Letters about Moody Bible Institute


Box 3: Genealogical Records and Research


1-14        Records and Genealogies removed from 14 notebooks

15           Cemetery and Bible Records 

16           Pedigree chart of Elizabeth Griffin Wood

17-88      Family Files

89           Meriwether Co., Ga.  Information

90           Troup Co., Ga. information.                             


Surname Finding Aid by folders

This comprehensive, alphabetical index refers the researcher to the appropriate folders.  In folders 1-14, the pages were numbered and an index in the front of each locates the page numbers in that folder.  Folders 17-88 generally contain information on a single family.  Cemeteries in folder 15, with location given, are:   Beasley, Boddie, Dallis, Glanton, Jones, Leslie, Lovelace, Potts, Traylor-Wright, Whitfield, Woodward, and Wright in Troup Co.; Bowen and Martin in Carroll Co.; Davis in Coweta Co.; Holt in Talbot Co.; Martin, Old Concord Church, James Render, Robert Render, Strozier, Terrell-Render, and Warner-Hill-Tigner  in Meriwether Co.   Cemetery and Bible records in folder 15 also have specific page numbers.

Abercrombie - 1, 3-5, 13, 17 

Abercrombie-Warner-Hill Bible - 15 (pp.1-3)

Abernathy - 13

Alford - 18

Allen - 2

Anderson - 19

Andrews - 13

Anthony - 2-3, 5, 7, 14, 33

Alston - 20

Aston - 2, 5-6, 21

Austin - 6, 22

Ayers - 14

Bacon - 1-2, 4, 6-7, 9, 11, 13-14, 23

Baldwin - 9             

Ball - 13

Barley - 11

Barry - 11

Baytrop - 13

Baytross - 13

Beard - 9

Beasley Cemetery - 15 (p.21)

Bedell - 13, 24

Benson - 1-3, 5, 9, 11-12, 14, 25-26

Benton - 13, 27

Bigod - 9

Bird/Byrd - 2-3, 5-6, 8, 14

Blasingame - 12

Bobo - 2-3, 6, 12-13, 29

Boddie - 5-6

Boddie Cemetery - 15 (p.23)

Bolling - 1-2, 4-6, 11, 13, 28

Boltwood - 1-2, 6, 9, 85

Bond - 2-3

Booth - 13, 30

Bowen Cemetery - 15 (p.24)

Bradfield - 9

Bradley - 2

Brock - 9

Brown - 2-3, 5-6, 9-12, 14, 31-32, 86-87

Broyles - 9-11, 32, 86-87

Burgess - 9

Burwell - 1-3, 5, 9, 13

Butler - 3-4, 6, 14

Byrd - 81

Carter - 13

Chew - 9

Clark/Clarke - 2, 5, 33

Cleaveland - 2

Cocke - 1-2, 5, 13, 34

Coffin - 1-3, 6-11, 14, 35-36

Cooper - 1-2, 5, 13, 33

Crayton - 32,37

Crowder - 38

Crowder Cemetery - 15 (p.61)

Curtright-Ward Bible - 15 (pp.46-48)

Daggett - 1-2, 6-7, 14, 35

Dallas/Dallis - 2-3, 5, 11, 13, 39-40

Dallis Bible - 15 (pp.49-50)

Dallis Cemetery - 15 (pp.7-8)

Davidson Bible - 15 (pp.38-39)

Davis - 2

Davis Cemetery - 15 (pp.7-8)

Day - 3

DeJarnette - 13

Dixon - 2, 4-5, 11, 13-14, 41-42

Dixon Bible - 15 (pp.84-85)

Dorsey - 3, 9, 43

Douglas - 5

Dowdell - 44

Dunson - 45

Dunson, E.H. Bible - 15 (pp.28-29)

Dunson, Walker Bible - 15 (pp.30-31)

DuVal - 2, 9

Earle - 11

Eddy - 1-3, 6, 9, 14, 35

English - 3

Exum - 1, 46

Fleming - 11

Folger - 1, 3, 6, 8

Foster - 13

Gaither - 2, 9, 47

Gayer - 10

Glanton - 12, 48

Glanton Bible - 15 (p.50)

Glanton Cemetery - 15 (p.50)

Gorley - 2, 6, 11-12

Greenberry - 2, 49

Griffith - 50

Hall - 4, 11, 13, 28, 51

Hamilton - 2, 5-6, 13, 5 2-53

Hammond - 9, 50

Hardy - 2, 5, 54

Harris - 9

Hayes/Hays - 6, 13, 81

Haynes - 13

Hightower Cemetery - 15 (p.25)

Hill - 1, 6, 10-11, 13, 55

Hill, Alex’d.F. Bible - 15 (p.78)

Hill, Burwell P. Bible - 15 (p.79)

Hines - 4, 11, 13, 56

Holcombe - 2

Holt - 4, 11, 57

Holt Cemetery - 15 (p.86)

Howard - 3, 9

Hudson, Charles Bible - 15 (p.80)

Jacob(s) - 9, 50

Johnson - 58

Jones Cemetery - 15 (p.22)

Kennon - 2, 6

Lambert - 1, 14, 59

Lawrence - 3

Leslie - 11, 60

Leslie Cemetery - 15 (p.15)

Lewis - 1, 3, 6, 9, 61

Long - 9, 11, 62

Lovelace Cemetery - 15 (pp.16-17)

Lyddall - 2, 9, 63

MacCubin - 9

Mackelfresh - 9

Mahone - 4

Marshall - 4

Martin - 2-3, 64

Martin Cemeteries - 15 (pp.4-6)

Martin, Marshall Bible - 15 (p.35)

McCorkle - 13

McGee - 13

McGehee - 13

McGehee Bible - 15 (pp.52-59)

McGhee - 13

McKinnie -  1, 65

Morgan - 13

Nash - 2, 9, 11, 66

Neel Bible - 15 (p.51)

Ogletree - 67

Old Concord Church Cemetery - 15 (pp.18-20)

Park - 6

Pierpont - 9

Pollard - 2, 9, 13, 68

Pope - 1-3, 5-6, 13, 69

Porter - 2, 9, 11, 14, 32, 87

Potts Cemetery - 15 (p.11)

Prince - 2, 9, 11, 13, 70

Reed/Reid - 2, 6, 11, 71

Reeves - 72

Render - 7, 11, 13, 73-74

Render Cemeteries - 15 (p.81)

Render, Sallie T. Bible - 15 (pp.40-44)

Ricks - 5

Ridgely - 2-3, 9, 43

Riggs - 2

Rogers - 4

Rolfe - 13

Rousseau - 1, 3

Sassnett - 11

Seward - 4, 11

Scott Bible - 15 (pp.62-68)

Sledge,Shirley Bible - 15 (pp. 32-34)

Sloan - 1, 3, 6, 9-11,14, 25-26

Spotswood - 1-2, 4, 75

Starbuck - 1-3, 6, 9-10, 76

Stith - 1-3, 6, 13, 77

Stockton - 2

Strong - 6, 78

Strozier Cemetery - 15 (p.13)

Tatum - 79

Terrell - 3, 6, 13, 80

Terrell-Render Cemetery - 15 (pp.82-83)

Thompson - 13, 81

Thornton - 2, 5-6

Tigner - 82

Tigner, Phillip Bible - 15 (p.60)

Towles Bible - 15 (pp.69-75)

Traylor-Wright Cemetery - 15 (p.9)

Truitt - 13, 83

Truitt-Fannin Cemetery - 15 (p.26)

Turner - 3-4

Vincent - 2, 9, 35

Walton - 1, 84

Ware - 6

Warfield - 3, 9

Warner - 1-3, 6, 9, 85

Warner-Hill-Tigner Cemetery - 15 (pp. 77, 82-83)

Warren Bible - 15 (p.45)

Washington - 13

Whitfield Cemetery - 15 (p.10)

Wilhite/Wilhoit - 6, 9, 11,86-87

Willis - 3

Wingfield - 3, 5-6, 14, 88

Witherspoon - 2

Wood - 50

Wood-Mullins Bible - 15 (pp.36-37)

Woodward Cemetery - 15  (p.12)

Wooten - 1, 3, 9

Worthington - 43

Wright Cemetery - 15 (p.14)

Yarbrough - 14



OP - Genealogical chart prepared by Ethel Dallis Hill, c. 1925, with mary jane Dixon Render being the youngest person listed.



Businesses – LaGrange

Southern Female College

Troup County Genealogy/ History 


Manuscript MS-2010.04


SOURCE:   Holland Melson Ware

SIZE:  6 lf

SHELVING UNITS:   7 boxes, 6 vertical files, 5 framed items

PROCESSING: FCJ 2010, 2012, 2014


BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE:  Holland Melson Ware (b.  5-29-1937, LaGrange, Ga.), the son of Robert Shackelford Ware and Martha Melson, is an international businessman, ranked the 16th largest land owner in the United States in 2010, (Winston Skinner, Newnan-Times Herald  10-31-2010 quoting The Land Report: The Magazine of the American Landowner.)   His vast holdings comprise mostly timberlands, hunting land, and mineral rights.  He is personally involved in the management of his properties and businesses.  He created the Holland M. Ware Charitable Foundation and has made numerous and substantial philanthropic donations, primarily in the fields of humane treatment of animals and cancer research.  He funded the Holland M. Ware Cancer Research center at Emory University, the Holland M. Ware Imaging Center at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, and donated over $500,000 to the Humane Society of the United States to combat dog fighting.  He takes an active interest in Bethel Baptist Church in Heard County, which his family helped found in 1827, the family property surrounding it, and the Ware Family Reunion which is held there annually.  He owns several international corporations, including St. Regis Paper Co., LLC, the leading manufacturer and recycler of paper in the United Kingdom, and Forestar Group, Inc., as well as vast property in other countries.  The collection includes numerous articles concerning his business and philanthropic work, but there are no business papers in the collection.

SCOPE / CONTENT:  This collection consists of records related to Holland Melson Ware, businessman and philanthropist, and his family as well as historical information related mostly to places and institutions associated with him and his family.  Series I concerns articles, letters, and artifacts related to Ware, his parents, and to their family history and genealogy.  Series II contains photographs and audio visual materials related to the family and Hogansville history.




Series I  Family, Personal, and Historical Papers

Box 1


1           British Genealogical Chart of Ware Family

2           Large Pedigree Chart, ancestors of Holland M. Ware


Box 2


1 - 4      Binders, articles on Holland M. Ware, his philanthropies, and business ventures

5           Binder, letters of children and grandchildren of William J. Stevens and Isabella Rountree 1847-1874

6          1924 Hogansville High school Memory Book, Martha Melson (later Mrs. Robert S. Ware)

7          St. Johns County Timber Growers Association Distinguished Service Award, 1999

8          National Council for Medicine Award from Emory University

9          Humane Society Award, 2008


Box 3


1              The A & M School at Carrollton 1908-1933 (1978) 143 pages

2              From A & M to State University   (1998) 224 pages, hardbound

3              Binder, articles on Carrolton A & M

4              Reminiscences of 4th District Agricultural and Mechanical School by Nep Stevens Melson [Mrs. John Holland Melson]   (1941) 79 pages, softbound.

5              1918 Ledger of Accounts due W. G. Davis, most pages covered with pasted articles about the War Between the States, last page has article on the Nancy Harts, Nancy Hill Morgan, and Sally Fannie Reid Grant, all of Troup County, Ga.

6              Binder, Memorabilia of Martha Melson (later Mrs. R. S. Ware) from Bessie Tift College, 1920s

7 - 9        Three volumes of Chiaroscuro, Bessie Tift College Annuals, 1925, 1926, and 1927, owned by Martha Melson (later Mrs. R. S. Ware)

10 -11    Two volumes of Cauldron, Mercer University Annuals, 1926 and 1928, owned by Robert S. Ware.

12          Notebook with hand-written notes by Martha Melson Ware from her classes at University

               of Georgia

13           Photocopies of family information and pages and title pages of Melson Family Bible 1857.


Box 4


1              Album, Dedication Ceremony, Ware Diagnostic Imaging Center, Auburn University, November 18, 1990

2              Album, letters and news articles concerning large donations of Holland M. Ware to Auburn and Emory Universities, 1983-1985

3              Binder, news articles, about Holland M. ware’s purchase of Forestar Group, 2009.

4              Binder, news articles and letters concerning John Paul, 1983-1988

5              Binder, deeds, photographs, news articles about tree that owns itself in Heard Co., Ga.

6              Binder, Melson family papers, news articles, photographs, letters, small artifacts including 1842 leather wallet of Thomas A. Melson.

7-9          Calendars with family photographs each month, 1995, 1996, 1997

10           Psalms and New Testament, John H. Melson, 1948

11           Bible, John H. Melson, 1948

12           Bryan College 75th Anniversary Bible, 2005, presented to Holland Ware, gold embossed leather cover

13           Binder, letters concerning donations to Auburn University, 1985


Box 5


1-2          Binders, Melson Family papers, news articles, letters, photographs

3              Binder, Stevens-Baker-Roberts Families, deeds, photographs, news articles, letters, and Bible records.


Box 6


1              Binder, Robert Shackelford Ware photographs, letters, articles, documents, 1907-1990.

2              Plaque, American Cancer Society, Georgia Division to Holland M. Ware, 2000

3              Plaque, LaGrange-Troup County Humane Society, Lifetime Membership, Holland M. Ware

4              Plaque, Hogansville Kiwanis Club, to Holland M. Ware for philanthropy, 1987

5              Plaque, Alabama Veterinary Medical Association, to Holland M. Ware, 1989

6              Folder with unframed proclamations by City of LaGrange and Troup County, naming the Holland M. Ware Animal Shelter, 2006.



Series II            Photographs / Audio-Visual

Subseries A.       Photographs Framed

1              Dr. James Lawrence Baker, Sr. (1814-1886) copy of painting done ca. 1838, framed

2              Georgia House of Representatives 1937, composite of individual photographs of house members, includes Rigdon Mims Ware.  Framed, oversized

3              Georgia Senate 1905-1906, composite of individual photographs of senators, includes James B. Ware. Framed. oversized

4              Holland M. Ware Cancer Research Center, Emory University, 1983, framed

5              Holland M. Ware, Glenna Parkins, Richard M. Krause, Mr. West.  Emory Cancer Lab 1985, framed.



Subseries B.    Audio-Visual and Unframed Photographs

Box 1


1-3        Three reels of film taken by Martha Melson Ware on streets of Hogansville, 1941, with notes on who is in film

4              Martha Melson Ware’s 3 reels of film on streets of Hogansville, 1941, DVD.

5              Hogansville Newspapers Aug-Nov 1928, DVD.

6              Photographs of furniture from Holland M. Ware’s home, Hogansville, Ga.  Photographs are numbered on back and match the Inventory, at bottom of this inventory (copy in Folder in box).

7              1994 Holland M. Ware 12 million book gift to Carter Center in Atlanta, VHS

8              Emory Cancer Research/ Savannah Book Warehouse,  ca. 1994, VHS

9              Holland M. Ware  TV33, ca. 1990, VHS

10           Dedication Holland M. Ware Diagnostic Imaging Center Dedication, Auburn University, 18 November 1990, VHS

11           Emory Cancer Research $3 Book Sale, Channel 11 (Atlanta)  28 March 1991, VHS

12           Holland M. Ware Bookstore Opens in Buckhead, WXIA Channel 11 (Atlanta) Alive News 1991, VHS

13           Holland M. Ware, Channel 11 (Atlanta) community Service Awards.  Ca. 1990, VHS

14           Bill Liss “Money Matters” interview with Holland Ware and Dr. James Laney (Pres. Emory Univ.)  09 April 1991, VHS



Inventory of Holland M. Ware furniture, matches photographs in Item 6 of this box.
Holland Melson Ware in tuxedo, n.d.
Holland M. Ware at Emory Cancer Laboratory with unidentified man, n.d.
James Britton Ware (1830-1918) and wife Sarah Margaret Tabitha Simms (1833-1916) married 1849; photo taken 1912 on porch of Ware home place at Bethel, Heard Co., Ga.



Items separated at Troup County Archives

(Item 1 in Rare Books;  Items 2-9 in Troup County Archives Library; Item 10 in Vertical Files: Ware)

1              1928 copy of Hogansville News.

2              “Hi-Ya,Neighbor”   Memories of Franklin D. Roosevelt, by Ruth Stevens, 1947

3              Four Families: Winn, Thomas, Ware, Garrett  by Frederick Ware Huff, 1993

4              Family History: John Pendergrass of Bute Co., NC and Lancaster Co., S.C. by Robert A. Pendergrass, 1980

5              Our Favorite Recipes  First Methodist Church, Hogansville, Ga Ladies Circle #4, Women’s Society of Christian Service.  1949.   Cookbook

6              Genealogist’s Encyclopedia  L. G. Pine.  (1971)

7              Perilous Journeys: History of Steamboating on Chattahoochee, Apalachicola, and Flint rivers 1828-1928.

8              Everything to Gain by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, 1987.  Inscribed to Holland M. Ware.

9              Vanishing Georgia 1982.

10            Documented Lineage and Family Group Sheets, Ancestry of Holland Melson Ware


Six Folders  (Vertical files)

  1            Pedigree Charts, ancestry of Holland M. Ware

  2            Family group sheets and document copies, families of:  Baker, Barnes, Bennett, Bourne, Connell, Daniel, Day, Dickinson.

  3            Family group sheets and document copies, families of: Fort, Garrett, Grace, Harrison, Heflin, Hinds, Holland, Jones, Malone, Melson

  4            Family group sheets and document copies, families of: Mims, Munday, Poulle, Ridley, Shackelford, Simms, Sparks

  5            Family group sheets and document copies, families of: Stell, Stevens, Sturdivant, Thompson, Tomlinson

  6            Family group sheets and document copies, family of: Ware



Auburn University

Baker Family

Brigham Young University

Bryan College

Heard County, Georgia

Hogansville, Georgia

Emory University

Melson Family

Nineteenth Century furniture

Stevens Family

Troup County, Georgia

Ware Family

Athos Menaboni Collection of D. Russell Clayton

Manuscript MS-2014.02


SOURCE: Don Russell Clayton

SIZE: 35 lf

SHELVING UNITS: 17 manuscript boxes

                              5 bank boxes

                              2 media boxes

                              1 oversize box

                             10 ft. loose shelving

PROCESSING: Russell Clayton and KLM, 2014.





Athos Rodolfo Giorgio Alessandro Menaboni was a prolific Italian born Georgia artist known for his masterful illustrations of birds. For a more detailed biographical note, please see the Athos Menaboni Collection of Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens at the Troup County Archives.



Don Russell Clayton (1959- ), a retired educator from Marietta, Georgia, was a personal friend of Sara and Athos Menaboni. Clayton became acquainted with the Menabonis because of his interest in the history of The Coca-Cola Company, and the Company’s long time leader, Robert W. Woodruff. Menaboni was Mr. Woodruff’s favorite artist. Clayton met Sara and Athos in 1985, and he soon began collecting all things associated with Menaboni.

In 2007, Clayton donated an extensive collection of materials related to Athos Menaboni to Kennesaw State University, in Kennesaw, Georgia. The original works, along with prints and lithographs, formed the basis of the Athos Menaboni Art Collection at KSU, and other donors have contributed to this collection as well. The Robert W. Woodruff Foundation sponsored the Don Russell Clayton Gallery in the Zuckerman Museum of Art, on the campus at KSU, to honor the life and works of Athos Menaboni. The archival collection related to Athos Menaboni at KSU was transferred to the Troup County Archives in 2013.

Clayton is grateful to the following people who contributed materials to the collection: Sara and Athos Menaboni, Antonian Aeck, Margaret Almond, Frank Cole, Ann Hailey Epps, David Freedman, Emily Bourne Grigsby, Judith Hardin, Joseph W. Jones, Tina Menaboni, John Ridley, Barbara Cable Taylor, June Boykin Tindall, Suzanne Ivie Willis, and others.

In addition to this collection, the Archives also houses the Athos Menaboni Collection of Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens. These two collections contain the most comprehensive assemblage of books, correspondence, photographs, and other ephemera and reference materials related to Athos Menaboni. The Archives is also the home of the Robert W. Woodruff Collection of D. Russell Clayton. Athos Menaboni archival collections are also housed at the University of Georgia and at Emory University.




The Athos Menaboni Collection of D. Russell Clayton is organized into six series: Artifacts (1960-1990); Books (1915- ); Oral histories (2011- ); Subject files (1911- ); Robert W. Woodruff Christmas cards (1941-1984), and Photographs and visual works (1893 - ).

ARTIFACTS (1960 - ) contain prepared paper, a paintbrush, and a palette knife used by Athos Menaboni, as well as a collection of dolls made by Menaboni’s sister, Margherita. Also included are several promotional items produced by The Coca-Cola Company and Syracuse China, and others. BOOKS (1915- ) are organized into four sub-series: Books from the library of Athos Menaboni; Books about the life and art of Athos Menaboni; Books illustrated with the art of Athos Menaboni; and Books with references to Athos Menaboni. Many books are autographed by the authors and contain personal inscriptions to Russell Clayton. There are also several books that belonged to Menaboni’s mother, Jenny, and were inscribed to her by her son. Each book includes a note regarding the location of Menaboni references unless there is an index.  

ORAL HISTORIES (2011- ) are interviews, conducted by Russell Clayton, of people who personally knew Sara and Athos Menaboni or who worked on Menaboni restoration projects. Matthew Harper, of Kennesaw State University, assisted with the Sutton interview. The Clayton interview was conducted under the direction of Dr. Thomas Scott, KSU professor emeritus of history.  Unless noted, the interviews are on audio tapes.

SUBJECT FILES (1911- ) include eleven sub-series. ARTICLES (1928- ) are related to the life and art of Athos Menaboni and his family members, as well as those written by Sara Menaboni. Topics include the Woodruff Christmas Cards, the Don Russell Clayton Gallery, exhibition records, publications, and visual works. This series also includes an article and photographs regarding dolls created by Athos’ sister, Margherita. BIOGRAPHICAL FILES (1911- ) contain unpublished biographies written by Molly Aeck, Sara Menaboni, Russell Clayton, and others, in addition to various personal documents (many are printouts), such as passports, a marriage announcement, hunting licenses, and the Last Will and Testament of Athos Menaboni. There are also four video recordings. The documentary Athos Menaboni: Artist as Naturalist was produced by Callaway Gardens in 2000. There is also a video recording of an interview with Athos’ sister, Tina Menaboni, conducted on November 8, 1999, for the Callaway documentary. Another video recording, made by Russell Clayton, contains interviews with Sara and Athos Menaboni at their home and at the home of John Ridley conducted on May 29, 1988, as well as an interview with Tina Menaboni at her home on June 14, 1990.

CHRISTMAS CARDS (1941-2000) are illustrated with the art of Athos Menaboni. This sub-series of loose cards is divided into three categories: Personal Christmas cards sent by Sara and Athos Menaboni; Christmas cards produced by the National Audubon Society, Delta Airlines, Callaway Gardens, and others; and Christmas cards produced by Robert W. Woodruff.  Framed Woodruff cards are found in Series V. Also, the correspondence series contains an interesting exchange between Menaboni and Woodruff regarding the 1948 Christmas card.

CORRESPONDENCE (1945- ) consists of letters, notes, postcards and printouts about the life and art of Athos Menaboni. This sub-series is divided into seven categories: Letters and other correspondence to and from Sara and Athos Menaboni; Postcards from Sara and Athos Menaboni to family members; Correspondence regarding the Molly Whitehead Aeck Project (devised by Aeck to present a painting by Menaboni to the City Hall in Livorno, Italy); Correspondence from Sara and Athos Menaboni to June and John Crisufi; Correspondence from Sara and Athos Menaboni to Ann and Patrick Epps (owners Epps Aviation - Athos was fascinated with aviation); Letters and other correspondence from Sara and Athos Menaboni to Russell Clayton; and Letters and other correspondence to Clayton concerning Athos Menaboni. The correspondence to and from Sara and Athos Menaboni includes letters from Robert W. Woodruff, Mills B. Lane, Jr., William B. Hartsfield, Stanley Reinhart, and Georgia Governor Joe Frank Harris. The postcards contain images of Livorno, Italy.

DON RUSSELL CLAYTON GALLERY (2004- ) contains materials related to the gallery dedicated to Athos Menaboni at Kennesaw State University, including information from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation concerning funding, the Athos Menaboni Art Collection, exhibition cards, exhibition catalogs, newspaper articles, booklets, calendars, programs, and other promotional materials. Included is a digital recording of the cable access program, Spotlight on Cobb, which covered the dedication of the gallery in 2008, and also includes an interview with Russell Clayton.  

EXHIBITION RECORDS (1928- ) consist of materials associated with exhibitions of the art of Athos Menaboni, such as articles, invitations, brochures, catalogs, photographs, and promotional materials from museums and galleries across the United States. INVENTORIES (1948-2013) are various inventory lists of Athos Menaboni collections found at Emory University, the High Museum of Art, and the University of Georgia. There is also a list of paintings purchased by Robert W. Woodruff for his own personal collection, as well as those commissioned for close friends. MISCELLANEOUS (1947- ) contains pages removed from a family scrapbook, as well as other miscellaneous items related to the life and art of Athos Menaboni. These include a map to the Menabonis’ Atlanta home, an article in Italian with photographs about Menaboni’s home town of Livorno, Robert Woodruff dinner menu and seating chart, and a poem written about a Menaboni painting.

PEDRO (c. 1950 - 2013) is a story written by Sara and illustrated by Athos, but was never published. Included in this sub-series is a copy of the unpublished manuscript, printouts of the rejection letters from publishers, and information about the “Pedro” exhibition, and a contest for a new story using the Menaboni illustrations held at Kennesaw State University in 2013.  

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS (1943-2007) consist of items such as china plates, menu covers, a calendar, and lithographs with the art of Athos Menaboni. The materials were produced by various organizations, including the National Audubon Society, the Prudential Insurance Company, The Coca-Cola Company, the Citizens & Southern National Bank, Syracuse China, and the Rich’s Department Store. PUBLICATIONS (1940- ) contain booklets, brochures, magazines, and programs regarding the life and art of Athos Menaboni. Of special interest is the American Camellia Catalog published from 1949 to 1953, which includes one hundred twenty illustrations by Athos Menaboni. He also illustrated, among other magazines, fourteen covers of The Progressive Farmer magazine between 1947 and 1957, two covers for Sports Illustrated in 1954 and 1955, and an issue of Southern Living in 1964. Several magazines also include articles illustrated by Menaboni, which are noted. Other publications found in this sub-series are as follows: Magazines related to the life and art of Athos Menaboni; Magazines with cover art illustrated by Athos Menaboni; Publications illustrated with the art of Athos Menaboni; Publications with references to Athos Menaboni; and Publications produced by the State of Georgia with illustrations of Athos Menaboni’s work.

ROBERT W. WOODRUFF CHRISTMAS CARDS (1941-1984) are framed. Note that there are framed color facsimiles to represent the missing original cards for 1947, 1948, 1950, and 1951.

PHOTOGRAPHS AND VISUAL WORKS (1898- ) PHOTOGRAPHS include originals and printouts of photographs of Sara and Athos Menaboni, and their family and friends. One of the oldest item in the collection is a Menaboni family photograph made in 1898. There are also photographs of Sara and Athos Menaboni taken by Russell Clayton in 1987. VISUAL WORKS contains photographs and printouts of paintings, drawings, murals, and other works of art created by Athos Menaboni.  There are four sub-series: Aviation; the Citizens and Southern National Bank; Murals and other work by Athos Menaboni commissioned in homes and public buildings in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia; and the Goodrum House. As art director and interior designer, Menaboni drew many front elevations for the homes, hotels, and apartment buildings on Davis Island in Tampa, Florida, between 1924 and 1926. Also included is a video recording, made by Clayton in June 1990, of Menaboni’s works in the Capital City Club, including the Mirador Room, and the Rhodes-Haverty Building. Materials about Menaboni’s work at the R. J. Reynolds Mansion include articles and photographs. Reynolds’ home is located on Sapelo Island, Georgia, and Menaboni spent three summers, between 1936 and 1938, working on several murals there. Also included are photographs of the restoration work conducted by the State of Georgia in 2003. Photographs and printouts of Menaboni paintings and drawings are organized into ten categories: Bluebirds and cardinals; Doves, kingfishers, mockingbirds, quail, and thrashers; Ducks; Owls and pheasants; Various birds; Various animals; Boats and miscellaneous; Butterflies, flowers, and sculpture; Figures; and Seascapes and landscapes. Also included is a video recording, made by Clayton in June 1990, of Tina Menaboni showing the paintings in her home. There is also a small collection of illustrations which were removed from The World Book Encyclopedia, Menaboni’s Birds, a booklet showing a Brown Thrasher, and a Rich’s print. Most of these were personally signed by Athos Menaboni for Russell Clayton.






MS-2014.01ART 3       Prepared Paper used by Athos Menaboni, c. 1970

MS-2014.01ART 4       Poodle - Handmade by Margherita Menaboni, c. 1965

MS-2014.01ART 5       Sailor - Handmade by Margherita Menaboni, c. 1960

MS-2014.01ART 6       Lady and Bird - Handmade by Margherita Menaboni, c. 1960

MS-2014.01ART 10     Mug - The Coca-Cola Company, 1992

MS-2014.01ART 11     Car Tag - The Coca-Cola Company, 1994

MS-2014.01ART 14     Georgia State Capitol Christmas Ornament, 2007



MS-2014.01ART 2       Palette Knife, gift to Emily Bourne Grigsby from Athos Menaboni, c. 1964

MS-2014.01ART 7       Asian Spinning Torches - Handmade by Margherita Menaboni, c. 1964

MS-2014.01ART 8       Syracuse China American Songbird Plate - Bluebirds, 1954

MS-2014.01ART 9       Syracuse China American Songbird Plate - Painted Bunting, 1954


ARTIFACT BOX 3                    

MS-2014.01ART 1       Paint Brush, c. 1975, framed, gift from Sara Menaboni to Russell Clayton in 1990 just after the death of Athos Menaboni

MS-2014.01ART 12     Small Metal Sign - The Coca-Cola Company, 1994

MS-2014.01ART 13     Shirt - The Atlanta Chapter of the Coca-Cola Collectors Club International, 2013



SERIES II: BOOKS (1915- ) [listed chronologically]


Livorno, by Pietro Vigo, 1915.  Edition in Italian with many photographs of local interests that Menaboni later painted, and included several illustrations by one of Menaboni’s art teacher.

Toscana, 1966.  Edition in Italian about touring the area of Italy where Menaboni lived until 1920, Menaboni gifted the book to Tina Menaboni (his sister).   


[BOOKS ABOUT THE LIFE AND ART OF ATHOS MENABONI (1950- )]                                  


Five editions published in 1950 (first edition and limited edition), 1952, 1984, and 1988.

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1950. Autographed by the artist and author. 

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1950. Boxed/limited autographed edition, copy number 2, personal inscriptions by Sara and Athos Menaboni to Jenny Menaboni (mother of Menaboni), personal inscription by John Hashagen (captain of the ship that brought Menaboni to America at the request of Menaboni’s father), set of thirty-one color plates are all autographed by Menaboni.

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1950. Boxed/limited autographed edition (book only), copy number A183, personal inscriptions by Sara and Athos Menaboni to Russell Clayton.

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1952. First European edition, published in London.

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1984. Personal inscriptions by Sara and Athos Menaboni to Tina Menaboni (sister of Menaboni).

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1984. Personal inscriptions by Sara and Athos Menaboni to Russell Clayton.

Menaboni’s Birds, by Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1988.



Note that the collection also includes the original manuscript for Taylor’s book, and other items.

The Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, by Barbara Cable Taylor, 2000.  Personal inscription by Barbara Cable Taylor to Russell Clayton.

The Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, by Barbara Cable Taylor, 2000.


[BOOKS ILLUSTRATED WITH THE ART OF ATHOS MENABONI (1945-)]                                          

Birds of Georgia: A Preliminary Check-List and Bibliography of Georgia Ornithology, 1945. Menaboni art illustrates frontispiece, also see pages 24, 91.

American Camellia Catalog, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953. Each year, twenty Menaboni illustrations (hand colored) were sent to subscribers.

Never the Nightingale, by Daniel Whitehead Hicky, 1951. Illustrated by Menaboni, personal inscription by Athos Menaboni to Jenny Menaboni (mother of Menaboni).

Word Bouquets, by Sallie Bass Arnold (mother of Sara Menaboni), 1951. Menaboni art (bird art circa 1938) illustrates several pages, forward by Sara Menaboni,  photograph of Sara and Athos Menaboni is also printed, this copy presented to Menaboni’s mother by the author.

The World Book Encyclopedia, 1966. Volume B, Menaboni art illustrates pages 166 to 170. The illustrations continue to be published in all later editions.

Garden History of Georgia: 1733 to 1933, 1976 (reprint of 1933 edition). Menaboni art illustrates a garden on pages 221, 222.

The First Hundred Years of Wesleyan College: 1836-1936, by Samuel Luttrell Akers, 1976. Menaboni art illustrates frontispiece and dust jacket, autographed by the author.

Memory Book: Persons and Occasions of a Long Life, by Thomas H. English, 1989. Menaboni art illustrates title page (see acknowledgments), autographed by the author (a friend of the Menabonis who helped Sara edit Menaboni’s Birds).

The Story of Callaway Gardens, by Lois Trigg Chaplin, 1991. Menaboni art illustrates the cover (see title page). 

Coca-Cola: Les plus belles affiches, 1994.  Edition in French, Menaboni art illustrates page 138.

A Piety about Common Standard: Jesse Mercer and Evangelistic Calvinism, by Anthony L. Chute, 2004.  Menaboni art illustrates the dust jacket (see notation on the back of the dust jacket).

Pedro, by B. E. Sajor, 2013. Illustrations by Athos Menaboni. Limited publication (less than thirty copies) by Kennesaw State University produced following a contest for a new story in conjunction with an exhibition of the “Pedro” illustrations, autographed by the author.

Rice and Ducks: The Surprising Convergence that Saved the Carolina Lowcounty, by Virginia Christian Beach, 2014. Three Menaboni paintings of ducks illustrate this edition.



The Macon Guide and Ocmulgee National Monument, 1939 (reprint). See index.

An Exhibition Commemorating the Settlement of Georgia: 1733-1948, 1948.  See index. The Menaboni paintings mentioned were used to illustrate the menu covers for Rich’s Department Store.

Atlanta: Capital of the South, edited by Paul W. Miller, 1949.  See index.

White Columns in Georgia, by Medora Field Perkerson, 1952.  See index. A note included from the author has no relationship to the Menaboni collection.

Georgia: A Guide to its Towns and Countryside, revised by George G. Leckie, 1954.  See index.

Camellias for Everyone, by Claude Chidamian, 1959.  Menaboni reference on page 178.

Teaching Art in the Elementary School, by Margaret Hamilton Erdt, 1962.  See index.

A Treasury of Birdlore, edited by Joseph Wood Krutch, 1962. Article by Sara and Athos Menaboni on pages 176-179.

Bibliography of Georgia Authors: 1949-1965, by John W. Bonner, Jr., 1966.  See index.

Robert Winship Woodruff, by E. J. Kahn, Jr., 1969. Menaboni reference p. 145, Menaboni art on frontispiece, 41, 53, 64, 99, 111.

This Is Your Georgia, by Bernice McCullar, 1972.  See index.

The Illustrated Guide to the Collectibles of Coca-Cola, by Cecil Munsey, 1972.  See index, autographed by the author.

Ichauway Plantation, by Charles Elliott, 1974. Menaboni reference on page 98, Menaboni art illustrates the following pages: 12, 21, 42, 50, 52, 64, 78, 93, 102. Pages 47 and 48 [living room photos show “Purple Martin” and “Duke” (Woodruff’s hunting dog).

Rotary Recipes to Remember, Rotarians of Marietta Rotary Club, 1974 A recipe from Sara Menaboni, page 189.

The Story of Dunwoody: Its Heritage and Horizons 1821-1975, by Elizabeth Davis and Ethel Spruill, 1975.  Menaboni reference on pages 189-190, autographed by the authors. 

This Is Your Georgia, by Bernice McCullar, 1977.  See index, Menaboni autographed page 618 for Russell Clayton.

Audubon’s Birds of America, by Roger Tory Peterson and Virginia Marie Peterson, 1981.  Menaboni reference on page 18 of the introduction.

“Mr. Anonymous” - Robert W. Woodruff of Coca-Cola, by Charles Elliott, 1982.  See index.

Yolande's Atlanta: From the HIstorical to the Hysterical, by Yolande Gwin, 1983. 

Tropical Splendor: An Architectural History of Florida, by Hap Hatton, 1987.  See index.

The Legacy of Atlanta: A Short History, by Webb Garrison, 1987. Menaboni, pages 163-164.

American Classicist: The Architecture of Philip Trammell Shutze, by Elizabeth Meredith Dowling, 1989. See index.

Classic Atlanta Landmarks of the Atlanta Spirit, by William R. Mitchell, Jr., 1991. Menaboni references/photographs: 136, 139-141, 153, 155, 176, autographed by author.

The Capital City Club: The First Hundred Years 1883-1983, by James C. Bryant, 1991. See index.

Waiting for the Banana Peel, by Fran Adams Kearton, 1992.  Menaboni reference on page 93.

The C & S: Georgia’s Cornerstone Bank, by Jan Pogue, 1993. See index.   

The Man Who Amazed Atlanta: The Journey of Franklin Miller Garrett, by Doris Lockerman, 1996. See index.

Syracuse China, by Cleota Reed and Stan Skoczen, 1997.  See index.

The Mirador Room: Memories of an Era, 1939-1998, by James C. Bryant, 1999. Menaboni references/photographs on pages 6-10, 14, 38, 54, 57-58, 103-119.

Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Georgia Coast & Okefenokee, by Richard J. Lenz, 1999.  Menaboni reference on page 194.

Images of America Sapelo Island, by Buddy Sullivan, 2000. See index.

The Swan House, by Elizabeth Musser, 2001.  A novel, Menaboni references on pages 89-90, 314-315.

The Artist Within: The Legacy of Betty Foy Sanders - Georgia's 74th First Lady, by Barbara Cable Taylor, 2002. Menaboni Reference on page 205, personal inscription by the author to Russell Clayton. 

American Synagogues: A Century of Architecture and Jewish Community, by Samuel D. Gruber, 2003.  Menaboni reference/photograph on page 79.

The Architecture of the Classical Interior, by Steven W. Semes, 2004.  See index, and photograph on the back of the dust jacket.

A Hole in My Soul, by Emily Bourne Grigsby, 2004.  Menaboni reference on page 93, photograph on page 304 of Menaboni painting donated to Kennesaw State University by the author, autographed by the author.

Living Macon Style, by James Barfield, 2004.  Menaboni reference on page 191, photographs on pages 204-205, autographed by the author and photographer.    

Historic DeKalb County: An Illustrated History, by Vivian Price, 2008.  Menaboni reference on page 97.

A Colorful Past: Decorative Arts of Georgia, edited by Ashley Callahan, 2009. Menaboni references and photographs on pages 33-37.

Georgia Off the Beaten Path, by William Schemmel, 2009. Menaboni reference on page 45.

Kid Carolina: R. J. Reynolds Jr., A Tobacco Fortune, and the Mysterious Death of a Southern Icon, by Heidi Schnakenberg, 2010. See index.

The Art of Managing Longleaf: A Personal History of the Stoddard-Neel Approach, by Leon Neel, 2010. See index.

A Family Album: The History of The Coca-Cola Company Flight Department, by George Stephanos, 2010.   Menaboni references pages 21-22, 63-80, autographed by the author.

Paradise for Sale: Florida’s Booms and Busts, by Nick Wynne and Richard Morehead, 2010. Menaboni reference on page 98. Menaboni designed the building pictured on page 100, but is not credited by the authors.

A Light on Peachtree: A History of the Atlanta Woman’s Club, by Anne B. Jones, 2012. Menaboni reference on page XX. Autographed by the author and photographer.

Rich’s: A Southern Institution, by Jeff Clemmons, 2012. Menaboni references on pages 213, 222, autographed by the author.   

Kennesaw State University: The First Fifty Years, 1963-2013, by Thomas Scott, 2013. Menaboni references pages 364, 365, 431, autographed by the author and by the current and former presidents of KSU.  



SERIES III: ORAL HISTORIES (2011- ) [on audio tapes unless noted]


-AECK, ANTONIN - Mr. Aeck is the son of Richard Aeck and Molly Whitehead Aeck. His parents were the Menabonis’ best friends, and his mother was responsible for starting Athos Menaboni’s bird painting career. Mr. Aeck is an accomplished Atlanta architect. 

-BISKIN, JIL - Mrs. Biskin never met Athos Menaboni. However, she has restored Menaboni’s mural works in three Atlanta homes – Spotswood Hall, the Albert Howell House, and the Patterson-Carr House.

-CLAYTON, RUSSELL (published-located in Subject files) - Mr. Clayton was a personal friend of Sara and Athos Menaboni, as well as Menaboni’s sister, Tina. Mr. Clayton collects paintings, and any other items related to the life and art of Athos Menaboni. In 2007, Mr. Clayton gave his Menaboni collection to Kennesaw State University, and to the KSU Department of Archives and Rare Books. The Don Russell Clayton Gallery, located in the Bailey Performance Center at KSU, is named in his honor, and was sponsored by a gift from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation. Mr. Clayton is a retired educator. [Note: The Clayton Gallery was moved to the Zuckerman Museum of Art, and the archival collection was transferred to the Troup County Archives in 2014.]  

-COLLUM, THOMAS - Mr. Collum was only eight year years old when he first met Athos Menaboni at a meeting of the Atlanta Bird Club. Their friendship grew as Mr. Collum got older, and he would house sit at the Menaboni home as a teenager while they traveled. Mr. Collum is a retired Atlanta architect. [NOTE: The Atlanta Bird Club is now the Atlanta Audubon Society.]

-CUMMING, EMILY WRIGHT and JOSEPH CUMMING - Mrs. Cumming is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wright, and a cousin of Molly Whitehead Aeck. The Wrights were friends of the Menabonis, and Mrs. Cumming has many memories of Sara and Athos Menaboni with her family. Sara’s idea for her story about “Pedro” came from experiences with the Wrights. Later, Emily and her husband, Joseph Cumming, commissioned Menaboni to paint a Red-tailed Hawk.  

-EPPS, PATRICK and ANN HAILEY EPPS - Mr. and Mrs. Epps own Epps Aviation at Peachtree-DeKalb Airport. The friendship between the Epps family and the Menabonis grew stronger because of Athos’ love for flying. Since Menaboni was a pilot during World War I, he was fascinated with Mr. Epps’ work in aviation. Mr. Epps is a member of the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame, and the airport in Athens, Georgia, is named for his father, Ben Epps.

-GRIGSBY, EMILY BOURNE - Mrs. Grigsby and her husband, Paul, were friends of Sara and Athos Menaboni. Mrs. Grigsby is an accomplished attorney, model, opera singer, pilot, and Atlanta benefactor. In 1964, Mrs. Grigsby commissioned Menaboni to paint a pair of Mallards flying up from the grass. She donated this painting to Kennesaw State University in 2010.

-JOHNSON, WILLIAM - Dr. Johnson grew up knowing Sara and Athos Menaboni. His father, Dr. McClaren Johnson, and uncle, Dr. Trimble Johnson, both Atlanta physicians, helped Athos secure permanent visas for his mother and two sisters to return to the United States after living over a year in Cuba after leaving Italy when World War II ended. The physicians were also the Menabonis’ doctors, and Athos was extremely grateful to both men. McClaren Johnson and his wife, Helen Fennell Johnson, entertained the Menabonis often for over forty years. Dr. Johnson is a retired Spanish professor from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

-MAYSON, JOSEPH - Mr. Mayson is the present owner of Glenridge Hall. Caroline, his daughter, inherits the home on her twenty-fifth birthday in September 2012. He and his late wife, Frances Lewise Glenn Mayson, purchased her brothers’ shares of the home of Mrs. Mayson’s  grandfather, Atlanta banker Thomas Glenn, to preserve it and the property that consists of forty-six acres, but originally five hundred acres, for history’s sake and from urban expansion. Athos Menaboni was commissioned by the original owner to paint a mural in the home’s breakfast room. Mr. Mayson met with Sara and Athos Menaboni several times before and during the restoration project completed by Michael Collins.  

-PANTAZE, NINA RUSSO - Mrs. Pantaze is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Russo. Mr. Russo was a graphic/commercial artist. The Russos were friends with the Menabonis, and the two families were together often. Mrs. Pantaze has many memories of her family with the Menabonis. Mrs. Pantaze’s sister, Cynthia Russo, married Duff Sutton, Jr.

-SUTTON, JR., DUFF (digital recording) - Mr. Sutton, as a young artist, served as an apprentice to Athos Menaboni while painting the mural for the Citizens and Southern National Bank on Mitchell Street in Atlanta. No one is aware of any other person who served Menaboni in this capacity for any other works. Mr. Sutton offers many interesting insights of Menaboni and the bank mural project. He is a retired graphic/commercial artist. The family of his late wife (Cynthia Russo Sutton) family was close friends of the Menabonis, and his father-in-law, Frank Russo, was also a graphic/commercial artist. 

-TILLANDER, STEVE - Mr. Tillander met with Athos Menaboni briefly. He was selected to restore the Renaissance Florentine ceiling Menaboni created for the Rhodes-Haverty Building in Atlanta (now a Marriott Residence Inn). Menaboni, not long before his death, visited the building to observe Mr. Tillander’s work. He is restoring Menaboni’s work in the breakfast room at the Goodrum House in Atlanta.






1-4     Articles - Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, 1941-1986

5        Articles - Written by Sara Menaboni, 1942-1967

6        Biographical Files - Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, 1911-

7        Christmas Cards - Personal Cards Sent by the Menabonis Illustrated with Menaboni Art, c. 1974, 1975         

8        Christmas Cards - Illustrated with Menaboni Art, 1951-2000

9        Christmas Cards - Robert W. Woodruff Christmas Cards (printouts), List with  Description of Cards and Article about the Cards, 1941-1984

10-11  Christmas Cards - Robert W. Woodruff Christmas Cards, 1941-1984

12-13  Correspondence - To and from Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1945-1990

14      Correspondence - Postcards from Sara and Athos Menaboni to Family Members, 1972-1973




1        Correspondence - Regarding Molly Whitehead Aeck Project, 1963

2        Correspondence - From Sara and Athos Menaboni to June and John Crisufi, 1979-1983 and a Cancelled Check to Menaboni for Paintings, 1954

3        Correspondence - From Sara and Athos Menaboni to Ann and Patrick Epps and Other Materials Related to the Epps, 1981-2013

4        Correspondence - From Sara and Athos Menaboni to Russell Clayton, 1986-1990

5-6     Correspondence - To Russell Clayton Concerning Athos Menaboni, 1987-

7        Don Russell Clayton Gallery - Articles Published by KSU and Others, 2004-

8        DRC Gallery - Articles Published by KSU and Others, 2004-

9        DRC Gallery - Correspondence, 2004-

10      DRC Gallery - The Art of Building, 2005

11      DRC Gallery - Dedication Celebrations, 2006-

12-14 DRC Gallery - Exhibition Cards, 2008-

15      DRC Gallery - Access Newsletter, 2004-

16      DRC Gallery - Art Museum and Galleries Season Programs, 2008-

17      DRC Gallery - Bentley Rare Book Gallery Report, 2008

18      DRC Gallery - Bailey Performance Center Premier Series Schedules, 2008-

19      DRC Gallery - College of the Arts Calendars, 2008-




1        DRC Gallery - KSU Donor Recognition, 2010

2-3     DRC Gallery - Flourish Magazine, 2004-

4        DRC Gallery - The HeArt of Giving, 2004-

5        DRC Gallery - Kennesaw State University Magazine, 2005-

6        DRC Gallery - KSU/KSU Foundation Permanent Art Collection, “You are the Key”  Brochure, 2007 and 2010

7        DRC Gallery - Magazines and Newsletters Published by Others, 2007-

8        DRC Gallery - College of the Arts Publication Awards, 2009-2010     

9-12   Exhibition Records, 1928-1999




1-4       Exhibition Records, 2000-

5-11     Exhibition Records - KSU Exhibitions, 2004-




1         Inventories - Collection Inventories of Other Institutions, and Molly Aeck and Robert W. Woodruff, c. 1948-2013

2         Oral Histories (Series III) Information and Documents, 2011-

3         Oral History of Don Russell Clayton - Bound Volume Published by KSU, 2011

4-5      Promotional Materials, 1943-2007

6         Promotional Materials - Menu Covers, circa 1948-1986

7-11    Publications - Magazines Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menabon, 1942-

12       Publications - Magazines with Cover Art by Athos Menaboni, 1940-1955




1         Publications - Magazines with Cover Art by Athos Menaboni, 1956-           

2         Publications - The Progressive Farmer History and Index for Menaboni Art, 1974-2014

3         Publications - The Progressive Farmer, April 1947

4         March 1948  

5         May 1949

6         February 1950

7         March 1950

8         December 1950

9         June 1951

10       January 1952

11       March 1953




1         Publications - The Progressive Farmer, November 1953

2         January 1954

3         June 1954

4         February 1956

5         June 1956

6         July 1956

7         November 1956

8         September 1957




1         Publications - The Progressive Farmer/Southern Living, September 1964

2         Publications - The Progressive Farmer, Supplement, November 1963

3         Publications - Prints Removed from the American Camellia Catalog, 1949

4         1950

5         1951

6         1952

7         1953

8         Publications - American Camellia Catalog History, Index, Article, Other Related Materials, 1949-2010        

9         Publications - Illustrated With the Art of Athos Menaboni, c. 1950-

10       Publications - With References to Athos Menaboni, 1989-

11       Publications - State of Georgia, c. 1950-1983




1         Publications - Plates Removed from Special Edition of Menaboni’s Birds, 1950

2         Publications - Pedro, Manuscript by Sara Menaboni (copy), c. 1950

3         Publications - Pedro, Correspondence Regarding “Pedro” (printouts), 1951-1975

4         Publications - Pedro, 1972 Article, 2012/2013 Russell Clayton Research on “Pedro”

5         Publications - Pedro, Kennesaw State University Exhibition of “Pedro” Illustrations,  2013

6         Publications - Pedro, Kennesaw State University Contest for “Pedro,” 2013

7         Publications - Taylor Biography of Menaboni, Correspondence and Article, 1999-2013

8-10    Publications - Taylor Biography of Menaboni, Manuscript Edits of 2/27/98, 6/2/98, and 1/22/99

11-12   Publications - Taylor Biography of Menaboni, Book Edits pages 1-99, 1999 

13-14   Publications - Taylor Biography of Menaboni, Book Proof, 1999


BOX 10 (Oversized Box)


1         Articles - Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, 1928-

2         Articles - Illustrated with the Art of Athos Menaboni, 1943-1956

3         Articles - Concerning Menaboni Exhibitions, 1999-

4         Article - Concerning Menaboni/Woodruff Christmas Card Series, 1984

5         Articles - Related to Murals and Other Large Commission Work, 1951-

6         Articles - Written by Sara Menaboni, 1940-1959

7         Articles - Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, 1946 - 1967

8         Articles - Related to Family Members of Athos Menaboni, 1951 - c. 1970

9         DRC Gallery - Articles Related to Gallery Published by KSU and others, 2004-

10       Exhibition Records - Museum Posters, 1999

11       Miscellaneous - Scrapbook Pages, Map to the Menabonis, Article about Livorno, Copy of 1950 Rich’s Menu from the Magnolia Room, Menu for Robert W. Woodruff Dinner Featuring the 1958 Woodruff / Menaboni Christmas Card, and Poem, 1947-

12       Publications - Magazines Related to the Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, 1955-

13       Publications - Magazines with Cover Art by Athos Menaboni, 1945-1954

13       Publications - Magazine with Athos Menaboni on the Cover, 1950



Biographical Files - VHS Athos Menaboni: Artist as Naturalist, 2000

Biographical Files - VHS of Tina Menaboni Interview for Athos Menaboni: Artist as Naturalist, 1999 Biographical Files - VHS of Sara and Athos Menaboni and Tina Menaboni, 1988, 1990

DRC Gallery - CD of Photographs of Art and Gallery Dedication, 2008

DRC Gallery - DVD of TV23 Show about Dedication/Exhibition and an Interview with Russell Clayton, 2008

DRC Interview - DVD of Russell Clayton Interviewed by The Coca-Cola Company Archivist Jamal Booker (discusses Robert W. Woodruff and Athos Menaboni), 2012

Exhibition Records - VHS of the Exhibition at Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, 1999 

Pedro - DVD of Wright Family Home Movies with Pedro, c. 1937



BOX 1    1941-1950       (1947, 1948, 1950 - color facsimiles)

BOX 2    1951-1960       (1951 - color facsimile)

BOX 3    1961-1970

BOX 4    1971-1980

BOX 5    1981-1984





1           Photographs - Athos Menaboni, Family, and Friends, 1893-1999

2           Photographs - Don Russell Clayton Gallery Dedication and Remarks Made by Russell Clayton, 5/18/08

3           Visual Works - Aviation, 1964-Visual Works - Work at Davis Island, Tampa, Florida, 1924-1999

5           Visual Works - Al Sihah Shrine Temple, Macon, Georgia, 2012

6           Visual Works - Murals and Other Works in Homes and Buildings, 1928-



1           Visual Works - Goodrum House, 1929-2014

2           Visual Works - R. J. Reynolds Mansion, 1936-2008

3           Visual Works - Citizens and Southern National Bank, 1933-2014

4           Visual Works - Photographs of Mural Studies from the 1920’s and 1930’s, 2013

5           Visual Works - Bluebirds and Cardinals, c. 1938-1990

6           Visual Works - Doves, Kingfishers, Mockingbirds, Quail, and Brown Thrashers, c.1938-1990

7           Visual Works - Ducks, c. 1938-1990

8           Visual Works - Owls and Pheasant Type Birds, c. 1938-1990

9           Visual Works - Various Birds, c. 1938-1990



1           Visual Works - Various Animals, c. 1940-1965

2           Visual Works - Boats and Miscellaneous, 1901-1979

3           Visual Works - Butterflies, Flowers, and Sculpture, c. 1945-1965

4           Visual Works - Figures, c. 1920-1953                                  

5           Visual Works - Seascapes and Landscapes, 1928-1964


BOX 4 (Oversized Box)

1           Photographs - Athos Menaboni and Family, c. 1945-1985

2           Visual Works - Small Collection of Prints Autographed by Athos Menaboni for Russell Clayton, 1950-1985



Visual Works - Compact Disc of digital images of  R. J. Reynolds Mansion Menaboni Mural Restoration, 2003

Visual Works - VHS of the Capital City Club and the Rhodes-Haverty Building, 1999


FRAMED          Visual Works - Image on Paper of the C & S National Bank Eggshell Mural, 1958. The mat was signed by Athos Menaboni for Russell Clayton in 1987.



MS-080m        Athos Menaboni Collection of Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens

VF-C              Athos Menaboni Conservation Fund in Memory of Geraldine Barmore Clayton

VF-M              Athos Menaboni Exhibits and Newsletters

MS-2014.01    Robert W. Woodruff Collection of D. Russell Clayton

Athos Menaboni Collection of Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens

Manuscript MS-80m


SOURCE: Ida Cason Callaway Foundation

SIZE: 15 lf

SHELVING UNITS: 10 oversized boxes and 5 manuscript boxes

PROCESSING: RAA, 1996 and Russell Clayton, 2014




Athos Rodolfo Giorgio Alessandro Menaboni was born on October 20, 1895, to Averardo Menaboni and Jenny Neri Menaboni in Livorno, Italy. Menaboni’s father was a successful ship chandler, and his maternal grandfather, Alessandro Neri, was one of the leaders, with Giuseppe Garibaldi, during Italy’s movement for national liberty. As a boy, Athos often rode his bicycle to Pisa to admire art and visit the Leaning Tower. He also developed a love for birds and other animals because his father was constantly bringing them home from the clients he served who visited the port city from around the world. At the age of nine, Menaboni began studying art with several prominent private teachers including Ugo Manaresi (a marine painter), Charles Doudelet (a muralist), and Pietro Gori (a sculptor). He later attended the Royal Academy of Art in Florence.

After serving as a sharpshooter and a pilot for Italy during World War I, Athos Menaboni left Italy with a job on a freighter in 1920, spent some time in North Africa, and immigrated to the United States of America in 1921, becoming a citizen in 1936. He settled first in New York City, by way of Norfolk, Virginia, taking a job painting candles. Four years later, he went to Davis Island, Florida, to become art director for a real estate development near Tampa. When the Florida real estate market boom ended, Menaboni moved to Atlanta in 1927 to work with Philip Shutze, one of the city’s leading architects. For the next decade, Shutze hired him to do decorative and mural painting at the Swan House, the residence of Edward Inman, and several other homes (Spotswood Hall, the Goodrum House, and the Patterson/Carr House) and buildings (the Temple and Capital City Club) designed by Shutze.

Menaboni also worked with architect Samuel Inman Cooper and painted the breakfast room in Glenridge Hall, the home of Thomas Glenn. Other early important commissions, included restoration work on Atlanta’s Cyclorama and the ceiling of the lobby in the Rhodes-Haverty Building, and murals in the home of R. J. Reynolds on Sapelo Island. During this time period, Athos also earned money by painting landscapes and seascapes.

During his first year in Atlanta, Menaboni lived in a downtown boarding house owned by an uncle of his future wife. Here, he met Sara Regina Arnold, of Rome, Georgia, and they married on August 14, 1928. In 1939, after living ten years in an apartment building on 11th Street, Athos and Sara bought six acres in an Atlanta suburb (1111 Cook Road and later renamed Crest Valley Drive) which they named "Valle Ombrosa" ("Shady Valley") after a town north of Florence, Italy, and a favorite place of Athos during his boyhood summers. The Menabonis lived and worked here for the rest of their lives. The home, built in the early 1940s, and property became a bird sanctuary that also included a glass-enclosed aviary and had a small greenhouse for Athos’ hobby of growing bonsai trees.

Between jobs in 1937, Menaboni returned to an early childhood interest and painted a pair of cardinals for a wall in his own living room. An interior designer and dear friend, Molly Whitehead Aeck noticed the painting and insisted that she be allowed to purchase it for a client. This was the beginning of Athos Menaboni’s most famous work, his magnificent oil paintings of birds. Menaboni developed a special technique that he referred to as the “undercoat method” which used turpentine to thin the oil in order to paint on paper in layers that gave the feathers translucency with great details and depth. Admirers often mistake the paintings done in oil for watercolor. Athos Menaboni is often hailed as the heir of James Audubon, and he painted over one hundred fifty different species of birds.

In 1938, Sara Menaboni sent a portfolio of his bird paintings to her sister-in-law living in New York City which resulted in major exhibitions at the American Museum of Natural History, the Kennedy Galleries, and the National Audubon Society. The Kennedy Galleries show led to the long association between Menaboni and Robert W. Woodruff of The Coca-Cola Company. One of Woodruff’s close associates purchased a painting of Mourning Doves in a longleaf pine tree because it reminded him of a scene at Ichauway, Mr. Woodruff’s South Georgia plantation. Later, Woodruff discovered Athos lived in Atlanta, and Mrs. Woodruff decided to use the art on their own Christmas card in 1941. The tradition continued with a different Menaboni bird illustration each year until 1984, shortly before Woodruff died. According to Barbara Taylor, in The Life and Art of Athos Menaboni, the Smithsonian Institution considers this Christmas card collection their very best!  

In 1950, Sara and Athos Menaboni published Menaboni's Birds which contained paintings by Athos illustrating text written by his wife. The American Institute of Graphic Arts named this as one of the "Fifty Best Books of the Year.” The book was reissued in 1984 using the original text with thirty-one new full-color reproductions. Menaboni was also asked to illustrate several other books including Never the Nightingale

From the late 1930s, he painted on several different surfaces. In 1939, Menaboni created fifteen mirrors, done in reverse painting on glass, for a dining room at Atlanta’s Capital City Club because the space had no windows. Between 1951 and 1969, Menaboni returned to the first method of his career in Atlanta when he was commissioned by Mills B. Lane, Jr., president of the Citizens and Southern National Bank, to paint murals in bank buildings located in Atlanta, Albany, and Decatur. During this time period, he also rendered many landscapes, seascapes, botanicals, fantasies, and nature studies on a variety of media including glass, silk, wood, Masonite, cork, paper, and even created the world’s only mosaic mural made from eggshells. In addition, his work from the time can be found illustrating many magazines and other publications including The World Book Encyclopedia, The Progressive Farmer (fourteen covers), and Sports Illustrated (two covers). Also, prints and lithographs of Athos’ work have been produced by, among other institutions and companies, the National Audubon Society since 1942. Menaboni birds also graced a 1953 magazine advertisement for Prudential Insurance Company and a 1959 home calendar distributed by The Coca-Cola Company.

During Menaboni’s sixty-three year career in Atlanta, he received awards from the American Graphic Society, Georgia Writers Association, New York Art Directors Club, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Atlanta Beautiful Commission, Capital City Club, American Institute of Architects, Italian Cultural Society, Garden Club of Georgia, and the Georgia Governor’s Award in the Visual Arts. Athos Menaboni’s works have been exhibited in many galleries plus art and natural history museums across the United States of America including the American Museum of Natural History, Kennedy Galleries, National Audubon Society, Columbia Museum of Art, Pensacola Arts Center, Callaway Gardens, Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Albany Museum of Art, Emory University, Kennesaw State University, Vose Gallery, St. Louis Museum of Art, High Museum of Art, Atlanta History Center, Georgia Museum of Art, Seattle Art Museum, Santa Barbara Museum, Detroit Art Museum, Stark Museum of Art, Cincinnati Art Museum, Booth Western Art Museum, and the Bascom Center for the Visual Arts.      

Athos Menaboni suffered a stroke in May 1990, and died on July 18, 1990, at age ninety-four. A memorial service was held at the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel at Callaway Gardens on July 22, and the eulogy was delivered by Mrs. Elizabeth C. Harris, Georgia’s first lady. Sara died on August 10, 1993.



Cason and Virginia Hand Callaway were special friends and great patrons of Sara and Athos Menaboni. They commissioned Menaboni for works for their personal collection as well as works for Callaway Gardens located in Pine Mountain where several Menaboni exhibitions were held. The Menabonis shared a love for nature with the Callaways, and treasured their visits to the Gardens. 

At their deaths, the Menabonis left their estates to the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, Callaway Gardens. At Callaway Gardens, the Athos Menaboni Nature Wing can be found in the Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center. The Athos Menaboni Bird Study Area is nearby at Mountain Creek Inn. The Gardens owns many works by Menaboni, and some are displayed in the restaurant, conference center, and lodge. When Sara died, photographs, scrapbooks, sketches and drawings, paintings, a large correspondence file, and other items were given to the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation. The Troup County Archives maintains the archival records of the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation and Callaway Gardens.

A related collection at the Troup County Archives is the Athos Menaboni Collection of D. Russell Clayton. With these two collections, the Archives has the most comprehensive collection of books, correspondence, photographs, and other ephemera and reference material related to Menaboni. Note that an additional collection of MS-80 also contains correspondence between the Menabonis and the Callaways (correspondence files of Cason and Virginia). The Archives is also home to the Robert W. Woodruff Collection of D. Russell Clayton. Athos Menaboni archival collections can also be found at the University of Georgia and at Emory University.



The Athos Menaboni Collection of Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens is organized into three series: Paintings, drawings and sketches (1901-1990); Subject files (1910-1993); and Photographs and visual works (1910-1990).  

PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS AND SKETCHES (1901-1990) contain original works including portraits, studies of birds and other animals, illustrations for books, and mural proposals. SUBJECT FILES (1910-1993) contain materials and items found in the Menaboni home after Sara Menaboni’s death. There are correspondence files, and files on various subjects including articles, the Atlanta History Center, the Callaway family and Callaway Gardens, the Capital City Club, The Coca-Cola Company, Davis Island, Menaboni’s Birds, The Progressive Farmer, and Syracuse China, among others. PHOTOGRAPHS AND VISUAL WORKS (1910-1990) is a collection of original photographs of the Menabonis at home, with family and friends, and a variety of works created by Menaboni. Also included is information about Menaboni prints and lithographs that were available, and how they could be acquired.  





           “Three Flamingos,” 14”x10,” pencil on paper, c. 1970.

           “Purple Martins over Snow-Capped Mountains,” 19”x14,” oil on board, c. 1975.

           “Seagulls over a Seashore,” 24”x16,” oil on board, 1990 - unfinished.

           “Sparrow and Seedpods,” 20”x14,” oil on paper, c. 1955.

           “Scarlett Tanager,” 20”x14,” oil on paper, c. 1980.

           “Sand Terns in Flight,” 13”x27,” oil on wood, c. 1975.


           “Birthplace of Alexander Stevens,” 16”x20,” mixed media on board, c. 1930. 

           “Exhibition Hall - Georgia” and “Cotton Field,” 30”x20,” mixed media on board, c. 1930.

           “Liberty Hall,” 19”x25,” mixed media on board, c. 1930.

           “Little Room for the Dempsey Hotel,” 20”x30,” mixed media on board, c. 1930.

           “Monkey and Frog,” 16”x30,” mixed media on board, c. 1930.

           “Monkey and Toucan,” 16”x30,” mixed media on board, c. 1930.

           “Zodiac,” 20”x30,” mixed media on board, c. 1930.

           Oriental scene for Chop Shop Restaurant, 20”x30,” mixed media on board, c. 1929.

           Three studies for murals with cranes (one has deer and bamboo), 16”x30,” mixed media on board, c. 1929.

           Pencil study with a European theme - "Tyrolean,” c. 1925.

           Pencil study with a European theme - a scene of people in the woods, c. 1928.

           Small pencil study for works in the aircraft of The Coca-Cola Company,  c. 1980.


MURAL STUDIES [possibly created for the Works Progress Administration (WPA)]

           “Central Olive Branch Wraps a Scroll,” 12”x37,” mixed media on board, c. 1935.

           “Eagle - JUSTITA,” 17”x40,” mixed media on board, c. 1935.

           “Mother Earth Bestowing Gifts to Chattanooga,” 18”x40,” mixed media on board, c. 1935.

           “Of, By and For the People,” 44”x18,” oil on canvas attached to wood, c. 1935.

           “St. Francis,” 20”x30,” mixed media on board, c. 1935.

           “That Shall He Also Reap,” 16”x28,” pencil on board, c. 1935.

           “Whatsoever a Man Soweth,” 15”x28,” mixed media on board, c. 1935.

           “Whatsoever a Man Soweth,” 20”x30,” mixed media on board, c. 1935.



A series of thirty-five illustrations of birds, animals, trees, cities, and maps done in oil and pencil on paper and illustration board. The average size is 20”x14,” and were created c. 1940s-c. 1972.



            “Bedouin Woman,” 24”x18,” oil on board, c. 1938.

            “Dante and Beatrice,” 35”x21,” oil on board, c. 1945.

            “European Woman,” 21”x17,” oil on board, c. 1938.

            “Mexican Woman,” 24”x18,” oil on board, c. 1938.

            “Woman,” 20”x14,” pencil on paper, c. 1965.



            “Trees and Fireflies,” 38”x16,” oil on board, c. 1940.

            “Anguish,” 29”x23,” pencil on paper, c. 1965.



There are many small drawings of birds, seashells, frogs, butterflies, figures, and nature studies, done in pencil and crayon. Of particular interest are drawings that were published in the 1950 and 1984 editions of Menaboni’s Birds. There is a sailboat, in watercolor, Menaboni painted in 1901 at age six.



There are over two hundred sketches done in pencil and crayon on tracing paper. Menaboni used these to scale his paintings.


LITHOGRAPHS [some lithographs were signed and numbered]      

            “Chinese Hibiscus,” 25”x19,” 1945.

            “American Bald Eagle,” 30”x22,” 1975.

            “Enterprise,” 26”x20,” 1984.

            “Mourning Dove,” 26”x20,” 1962.

            “Brown Thrasher and Cherokee Rose” (produced for Georgia classrooms), 23”x19,” 1950.

            “Bobwhite,” 26”x20,” 1962.

            “Eastern Cardinal,” 26”x20,” 1948.

            “Red-winged Blackbird,” 26”x20,” 1948.

            “Brown Leghorn,” 12”x10,” 1956.

            “Black Minorca,” 22”x17,” 1956.


WORKS BY OTHERS [art owned by Sara and Athos Menaboni]

Red-winged Blackbird by Roger Tory Peterson, 28”x21.”

Eastern Cardinal by Roger Tory Peterson, 28”x21.”

Blue Jay by Roger Tory Peterson, 28”x21.”

Cedar Waxwing by Roger Tory Peterson, 28”x21.”

Rose-breasted Grosbeak by Roger Tory Peterson, 28”x21.”

Baltimore Oriole by Roger Tory Peterson, 28”x21.”

Portrait of Athos Menaboni by Ben Orr.

Siamese temple rubbing of a dancing Siva.

Still life with bottles and garlic, possibly by Menaboni’s niece, Giovana Menaboni.

Connecticut brook by Leonard L. Schule.

Landscape by G.H.C.

Image of dark blue pond with log bridge.

Kanji sign of Menaboni’s name in blue sumi-e.

Paper bird sumi-e.

Paper frog sumi-e.

Menaboni written in Japanese in blue ink.

Silk painting of a bird with two kanji blue writings.






1          Aeck Project - Announcements, Articles, and Correspondence to Aeck and Pretz, 1963

2          Aeck Project - Correspondence to Sara and Athos Menaboni, 1963

3-4       Articles, 1940-1990

5          Articles, no dates (c. 1940s-1980s)

6          Atlanta Historical Society (now the Atlanta History Center), 1975-1979

7          Audubon Society/Atlanta Bird Club (now the Atlanta Audubon Society), 1946-1966

8-10     Biographical Information - Sara and Athos Menaboni (passports, hunting permits, other)

11        Biographical Information - Family of Sara and Athos Menaboni

12        Callaway Family and Callaway Gardens, 1952-1989

13        Capital City Club, 1940-1990

14        Citizens and Southern National Bank, 1933-1985




1          The Coca-Cola Company - Including Robert W. Woodruff, 1946-1985

2          Correspondence - Signed by Athos Menaboni, 1928-c. 1970s

3          Correspondence - Written in Italian, 1926-1973

4-12     Correspondence - General, 1946-1990 (arranged chronologically)

13        Davis Island, c. 1924-1985

14        Emory University - Including Thomas English, 1953-1979

15-16   Exhibition Records, 1928-1992




1          Georgia Governors, 1963-1990

2          Georgia Governor Joe Frank Harris and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Harris, 1982-1990

3          Jekyll Island Arts Association, 1974

4          Mills B. Lane, Jr. and Mills B. Lane, IV, 1954-1989

5-7       Menaboni’s Birds (1950 edition) - Articles, Correspondence, and Miscellaneous, 1945-1978

8          Menaboni’s Birds (1984 edition) - Articles and Correspondence, 1981-1984

9          Miscellaneous Materials - Christmas Cards, Copyright Information, and Livorno, 1945-1952

10        Montag Brothers Inc., 1946-c. 1950s

11        Never the Nightingale, 1951-1974

12-13   Pedro - Illustrations and Manuscript (copies), Article and Correspondence, c. 1950-1975

14        The Progressive Farmer - Covers (photos), Correspondence, and List, 1948-1955

15        Rich’s - Correspondence, Exhibitions, and Menu Covers, 1945-1953

16        John Ridley, 1978-1990

17        Sports Illustrated, 1954-1989

18        Syracuse China, 1954-1975

19        The White House, 1973-1983

20        The World Book Encyclopedia, 1964-c. 1980s







1          Athos Menaboni, c. 1910-c. 1919

2          Menaboni with his Paintings, c. 1940s-1980s

3          Menabonis, c. 1940s-1984

4          Menabonis at Callaway Gardens, c. 1980s

5          Menabonis at Valle Ombrosa, c. 1940s-c. 1980s

6          Menabonis with Animals at Valle Ombrosa, c. 1940s-c. 1970s

7          Studio and Structures Built by Menaboni, c. 1940s-1980s

8          Family, c. 1940s-1976

9          Friends and Associates, c. 1914-c. 1970s

10        Miscellaneous, c. 1940s

11        Davis Island, c. 1924-1926

12        Governor’s Mansion with Governor and Mrs. Joe Frank Harris, c. 1982-c. 1989

13-16   Miscellaneous Images removed from scrapbooks, c. 1922-1990






1        Paintings of Birds in Menaboni’s Birds, 1984

2        Paintings of Birds in a Southern Accents Article, 1987

3        Robert W. Woodruff Christmas Cards used in Menaboni’s Birds, 1984

Visual Works

4        Photographs of Menaboni Bird Paintings, circa 1930s-1990

5-6     Works for Citizens & Southern National Bank, 1933-1969

7        Works for The Coca-Cola Company Aircraft and Robert W. Woodruff, c. 1940s-c. 1980s           

8        Menaboni Duck Decoys, c. 1980s

9        Menaboni Murals in Homes, 1930s-1970s

10      Menaboni Portraits and Other Works, c. 1930s-1980s

11-12 Menaboni Works in Public Spaces, c. 1920s-1990

13      Menaboni Works in R. J. Reynolds Mansion, 1939-c. 1970s

14      Menaboni Works Used on Programs and Advertisements, c. 1950s-1972

15      Menaboni Lithographs and Prints/Order Forms, 1942-1976



MS-2014.01    Robert W. Woodruff Collection of D. Russell Clayton

MS-2014.02    Athos Menaboni Collection of D. Russell Clayton

VF-C              Athos Menaboni Conservation Fund in Memory of Geraldine Barmore Clayton

VF-M             Athos Menaboni Exhibits and Newsletters







Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr., Manuscript Collection

Manuscript MS-2007.01


SOURCE:   Estate of Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

SIZE:   55.4 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS:   36 regular storage cartons

                               1 manuscript box

                               3 short large gray boxes

                               5 large storage cartons             

                               1 tall large gray box

                               3 wooden wine crates

                               2 chart boxes

PROCESSING:  FCJ  2007 -2011




            Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr., was born June 3, 1919, in LaGrange, the only son of four children born to Ely Reeves Callaway and Loula Banks Walker.  He began playing golf at age ten at Highland County Club in LaGrange where, during his high school and college years, he won several tournaments.  In 1936, he graduated from LaGrange High School.  He had been Business Manager of the Clarion, the school newspaper and annual.  In 1940, he graduated from Emory University in Atlanta.  He served in World War II in the United States Quartermaster Corps, rising from Lieutenant to Major.  He was assigned to procurement, and in 1943, was the Army’s sole procurement officer for cotton clothing.  He married Jeanne D. Wiler in 1942 and they had three children: Ely Reeves Callaway, III; Nicholas D. Callaway; and Lisa Callaway.

            Upon leaving the army, Ely worked for Deering-Milliken from 1945 to 1953.  He opened their Southeastern Sales Office in Atlanta, then moved to New York City to develop wool fabrics and headed their menswear fabrics division.  He was fired in 1953 over his controversial, but unique, marketing policies.  From 1953 to 1956, he worked for Textron in charge of the wool and worsted fabrics divisions.  In 1956, Textron was absorbed into Burlington Industries, the world’s largest textile firm, and Ely continued with them.  He rose from Vice President in 1960, to Director in 1965, and President by 1968.  Under his leadership, Burlington became the first textile company to exceed $1 billion annual sales.  He resigned in 1973 when passed over for the position of CEO. 

            In 1969, Ely began planting what would become Callaway Vineyards.  Going against the commonly held belief that the area was not good for wine production, but following the advice of agronomy experts at UCLA-Davis, Ely made the Temecula area in California a serious wine region.   In 1976, his wine was chosen to serve Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip at a gala in New York’s Waldorf-Astoria as part of the American Bicentennial Celebration.  Ely had a private audience with the Queen.  At the height of the California wine boom in 1981, Ely sold his company, Callaway Vineyards and Winery, to Hiram Walker & Sons for $14 million. 

            In 1982, Ely bought an interest in Hickory Stick Golf USA because he liked a unique specialty club they manufactured.  The following year, Ely bought out his partners, Dick De LaCruz, Richard Parente, and Tony Manzoni, and renamed the company Callaway Hickory Stick USA and served as CEO and President.  That same year, 1983, Ely married his fourth wife, Lucinda “Cindy” Villa.  In 1985, Ely hired Richard C. Helmstetter to head research and development and moved the golf company from Cathedral City to Carlsbad, California.  In 1986, the company became the first to use computer controlled milling machines to ensure uniform flatness on putter surfaces.  In 1988, the company was renamed Callaway Golf.

            Callaway Golf introduced the revolutionary driver, Big Bertha, the first wide body, stainless steel wood, in 1991.  The next year the company went public, offered on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ELY.  The line of Big Bertha Irons was unveiled in 1994 and Callaway Golf Ball Company was started in 1996, the same year that Callaway Golf became the world’s largest manufacturer of clubs.  In 1999, Ely established a senior management team.  He died of pancreatic cancer on July 5, 2001, at his home at Rancho Sante Fe, California.

            Ely received many prestigious philanthropic and entrepreneurial awards in business, leadership, industry, and golf over the years.  He also made many significant donations.  In 1994, he and his wife, Cindy, donated $1.5 million to build the LaGrange Hospice at West Georgia Health System in LaGrange, as a memorial to his family.  In 1997, he endowed a Professional Chair in Business at LaGrange College. 




            This collection focuses on the remarkable life of Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.  There are some family papers and photographs, but the bulk of the collection deals with his personal and business life.  Personal files include many of the awards and recognitions he received for his humanitarian, philanthropic, and business efforts. 

            The collection is divided into four series.  The first series, Records and Correspondence, is divided into two sub-series dealing with his family and personal records up to 1970 and his personal and business records, awards, and papers from 1970 to 2001.  The second series, Photographs and Posters, includes three sub-series.  The first contains photographs related to family and friends.  The second is composed of oversized items mostly related to his business enterprises, awards he received, and promotional pieces.  The third subseries includes two oversized albums.  The artifact series, Series III, includes a trunk, a suitcase, his World War II uniforms, several golfing trophies, business awards, three bottle of wine, and numerous personal mementoes.  The fourth series includes audio/visual items.


CONTAINER LIST            

Series I            Records and Correspondence

Sub-series A:  Family and Personal Papers 1930s-1960s



       1        Jeanne W. Callaway: her store in Connecticut and their separation

       2         Ely C. Crim, nephew: letters about and from him 1950s-1960s

       3         Bessie Walker “Sister” Callaway: Business and Estate 1950s-1960s

       4         Loula Walker Callaway, mother, letters

       5-8      Ely R. Callaway, Sr. estate records

       9         Ely R. Callaway, Sr., retirement papers         

       10-11  Loula Walker Callaway, mother, estate records

       12       Mary Callaway Crim Waters, sister: letters

       13       Ely R. Callaway, Jr., tributes, 1994

       14       Jones-Walker-Callaway genealogy

       15       Ely R. Callaway, Sr., Distinguished Service Award from LaGrange College




      1          article “Ely Blitzkriegs through College”

      2          article “Callaway defeats Boyle”

      3          article “Omicron Delta Kappa taps 7 Emory, 1939”

      4          Journal of Commerce, 1943

      5          Who’s Who Certificate 1986; Red Cross Certificate 1941; American Cancer Society citation 1955; Omicron Delta Kappa certificate, 1935; Lagrange High Diploma, 1936; Sons of American Revolution membership certificate, 1938 (ancestor John Robertson)

      6          Walker and Callaway letters re: genealogy

      7-9       Callaway Genealogy and History

      10        Waters family letters

      11        Miscellaneous Pamphlets, Clippings 1940s-1990s

      12        Address Book

      13-15   Personal Correspondence 1954-1965

      16        University of California Riverside, Chancellor’s Medal, 1998



      1-5       Ely R. Callaway, III letters, papers, Callaway Car

      6-12     Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Personal records 1975-1980

      13        Club Memberships

      14        Wills, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Separations, Estate Plans


BOX 4           

       1         Family and Personal papers 1972-1973

       2         Howard Hollis “Bo” Callaway

       3         Personal and Political papers 1946-1947

       5-6      Personal papers 1973-1976

       7         Callaway Memorial Organ Console, First Baptist Church, LaGrange

       8         Club Rosters

       9         Biographical Interview

       10      Personal Correspondence 1999-2001

       11      Ronald Reagan Presidential Inauguration 1981

       12      Washington, D. C. Visit 1981

       13      John Dean 1977

       14      Tiffany Stationery 1974

       15-16 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Auction, 1996

       17      Obituaries, Testimonials of Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 2001

       18      Personal Account Ledgers, 1950s-1960s

       19      Personal Publicity items to 1986

       20      Deering-Milliken Retirement Plan



       1-8     Letters to Ely R. Callaway, Jr.  1937-1942


BOX 6      World War II

       1-3     Letters to Ely R. Callaway, Jr. 1941-1942

       4        Personal “Army Days”

       5        U. S. Army Insurance

       6        U. S. Army Reserve Officer papers

       7        Merit Award, 1944

       8        Personal Account Registers 1941-1945

       9        Orders, World War II

      10      Miscellaneous World War II items

      11      Personal Finances 1940-1970

      12      Correspondence related to promotion to Major, 1944


BOX 7     Real Estate / Farming

      1-2      Darien, Conn.

      3-8      New Canaan, Conn.

      9         California Mortgages


BOX 8     Real Estate / Farming

1     “How Does Your Cotton Grow” by Betsy Woolen, photos by Bessie W.

2      Highlands Tree Farm

3      Hogg Farm, Troup Co., Ga.

4      Thornton Farm, W. C. Waugh Mineral Property, Troup County

5      North Georgia Timberland Company

6      Cattle

7      Farm Business, Troup County

8      Ivey and Crook, Callaway home, Vernon Street, LaGrange

9      Piney Woods Lake Subdivision, LaGrange

10    Callery-Knight Groves

11    Ranch, Oregon

12-22  California property


Sub-series B:  Business and Personal Papers 1960s-2000



      1-2   Ledgers of General Accounts 1935-1961




     1     Callaway Gardens

     2     Loans, Notes 1950-1958

     3     Money Management papers

     4     Jury Duty

     5     LaJolla Club

     6     LaGrange Industries, Inc.

     7     Schlundt, Howard Financials

     8-9  Personal Financials 1981-1982

     10   Automobiles

     11   Emory University, 1960s

     12   Japan Trip, 1973

     13   Burlington Press Releases, 1973

     14   Hampshire College 1973

     15   Politics, GOP vs. Democrats, 1973

     16   Banks, 1973

     17   Bill and Susan Fine, letters, 1970s

     18   William Fine correspondence, 1969-1972 (includes copy of a letter from Rose Kennedy)

     19-20  United Negro College Fund, 1970s-1990s

     21   Fluer Cowles Meyer Correspondence, 1969-1978

     22   Carroll Rosenbloom correspondence, 1975

     23   Willcox and Gibbs letters, 1973

     24   Stock Certificates, 1992

     25-26 Travel, 1973

     27   Travel, Europe, 1969

     28   James H. Wilson

     29   E. H. “Red” Hines

     30   Travel information, 1971-1972

     31   Stock summary, 1967-1969

     32   Harry Knight, 1968-1971




     1     Advisory Council, U. S.-Japan Economic Relations

     2     Autism Research Institute

     3-4  Finances, 1946-1948  

     5     Financial Statements, 1950

     6-7  Letters, 1946-1948, and 1951

     8     Callaway Gardens, 1982-1993

     9-11  Letters, 1966-1967, 1971, and 1972

     12   Menninger Foundation, 1973

     13   Stock Options, 1971

     14   Trips, Europe, 1984

     15-39  Callaway Management and Consultant Company

     40   Competition Developments, Ltd.




      1    Cards from rolodex; New York Stock Exchange tickertape announcing Callaway Golf Company; 1969 engagement calendar, passbook LaGrange National Bank, 1914-1917

      2-5   Account Ledgers 1922-1956

      6-15 Daily Calendars 1960-1969

      16    Financial Records, 1955-1958

      17    Ely R. Callaway, Sr. Financial Records 1926-1933

      18    Ely R. Callaway Special, Inc.

      19    Ely R. Callaway, Sr. Financial Records, 1926-1928

      20-22  Personal Finances, 1954-1958



      1-7     Correspondence, 1954-1974

      8        Trust Agreements, Covington Hardee, 1974

      9-12   Burlington Industries, severance papers

      13-27 Tax records 1941-1969

      28       Post World War II Business Correspondence 1945-1946




      1-4      Callaway Management and Consulting Company, Inc.

      5-8      Financials Weekly Balances, 1984-1987

      9         Callaway car

     10        J. H. Wilson

     11-12   Ford D. Albritton, Jr.

     13        American Airlines

     14        Richard Avedon

     15        Bear Creek-Golden Bear

     16-20   Callaway Cars


Subseries C:  Textiles

Box 1


     1           Army Procurement

     2           Milliken: 1949-1954, 1979

     3           Robbins: 1954-1955

     4           Testimony to Congress 1971

     5-11     Burlington

     12-13  Congratulatory letters and Replies: 1958-1960

     14         Burlington Foundation: 1961-1963

     15         Severances and final papers for Burlington: 1973

     16         Burlington: 1974-1975


Box 2


      1      DNR Magazine August 26, 1991 (Article on E.R. Callaway, Jr.)

      2      Burlington Industries, Inc: 1966


      1-2  Congratulatory letters to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., and replies, 1965

      3      Burlington Article 1968

      4      Burlington Employment Contract for Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

      5      Burlington Retirement for Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

      6-8  Ely R. Callaway’s Burlington severance work papers

      9      Correspondence awaiting answers, 1973

     10     Miscellaneous news articles, 1973

     11     Accounts, sales and entertainment: 1954-1966

     12     Celanese and Pacific Mills

     13     Burlington: 1972-1974

     14     Deering-Milliken: 1945


Box 3


     1-3    Deposition of Ely Callaway: October 1-3, 1973

     4        Deposition of Douglas M. Orr: October 24, 1973

     5        Deposition of William A. Klopman: October 25, 1973

     6-7    Deposition of Burke M. McConnell: November 2 and 5, 1973

     8        Deposition of Charles F. Myers, Jr.: November 7, 1973

     9-11 Deposition of Dalton L. McMichael, November 15-17, 1973


     1        Burlington-Celanese: December 1976

     2        Burlington-Celanese: 1987


Subseries D: Callaway Winery and Vineyards

Box 1


     1     Vignes Hills Monthly Invoices and Memorandum 1982-1985

     2     Vignes Hills correspondence with Don Dye

     3     Vignes Hills Faxes

     4     Vignes Hills Vineyard Partnership Partners

     5     Vignes Hills Agreement of Purchase and Sale

     6     Vignes Hills Vineyard Partnership Closing Documents

     7     Correspondence and papers: David Lowry and Touche Ross and Company

     8     Correspondence and other papers dealing with the sale of Vignes Hills

     9     Correspondence and other papers dealing with Callaway Wines Labels

    10    Vineyard Stationery and Brochures

    11    Wine Labels for Callaway Vineyards and Winery

    12    Clippings and articles on Ely R. Callaway, Jr.


Box 2


     1        Letters, news articles on Hiram Walker; Vignes Hills Winery; Callaway

Winery and Vineyards business; Callaway Vineyards Harvest Projections 1982; Fiscal Projections

     2        Rancho, California Brochures; Land Hearings; Environmental Impact Report; Agricultural Association Members

     3        Dye, Thomas, Luebs & Mort Law Offices correspondence, Invoices, Cancelled checks

     4        Vines Hill Vineyard Partnership partners correspondence; AirCal Magazine, July 1985

     5        Vignes Hills Vineyard Partnership / Callaway Vineyard and Winery Closing Document

     6-7     Vignes Hills Duplicate Checks, September 1983 – August 1984

     8-10   Ely Callaway Duplicate Checks, July 1984 – December 1985


Box 3


     1       Framed certificate, 1974 Callaway White Riesling to be served at Bicentennial Celebration Luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria, New York, New York, attended by Queen Elizabeth II

     2-3   Callaway Vineyard and Winery Signs

     4       Petition to Establish the Viticultural Areas of Temecula, Murrieta, and Rancho, California


     1       Correspondence, Dolly Maw of Palm Springs Life

     2       Correspondence between Callaway Vinyards and Winery and E. & J. Gallo Winery

     3      Correspondence with sales representatives in Greece.

     4      John C. Griswold correspondence

     5      Stockholder Correspondence, financial statements: 1975-1976; Time magazine January 26, 1976

     6-8   Winery Financing, 1973-1975 and 1978 -1981

     9      Correspondence: John J. McCloy, Briscoe R. Smith, and William E. Jackson

    10    Memorandum from Herb Drake

    11    Correspondence: Bruce F. Roberts and J. E. Magoffin.   

    12     Correspondence: Emory Alumni Relations and Alumni Dean, Prentice Miller

    13     Correspondence: Citibank (Citicorp) formerly First National

    14     Clippings, correspondence: Doyle, Dane, Bernback Inc. Advertising; Volkswagen and Callaway Vineyards.

     15     California Northwest Fund, Menlo Financial, and Kirk Knight: 1980

     16     Correspondence: Kirk Knight

     17     Correspondence: Robert Lawrence Balzer

     18     Correspondence: Elmer Ward, Palm Beach Company, and Calvin Loop of Blalack, Loop and Townsend, Inc,

     19     Correspondence: Leon Adams, consulting services for the Callaway Vineyard

     20     Wine lists and menus

     21     February 1976 California Critic; and wine lists and menus

     22     Program, correspondence: luncheon for Queen Elizabeth II, July 9, 1976

     23     Correspondence: Sebastian Titus; Callaway logo

     24     Correspondence: Leonard Spacek and Charles Wilpan

     25     Travels plans and expenses, various trips 

     26     Correspondence: Phillip R. Solomon in Dublin, Ireland


Box 4


     1    Stock agreements and certificates; Correspondence: Hiram-Walker Resources, Ltd.  and Deloitte, Haskins and Sells

     2    Final Report, Terrence Clancy, operational state of Callaway Wines

     3    Petition to Establish the Viticultural Areas of Temecula, Murrieta, and Rancho, California

     4    Final Report, Callaway Wine and Food Event: Phyllis Ann Marshall and Linda Rizzo Crowley of P. M. and Associates


     1     Clippings, correspondence: Hiram Walker

     2     Callaway Wines, descriptive information

     3     Correspondence: Rubel, Bates and Company

     4     Correspondence, pamphlets: Jack Rubel

     5     Correspondence: Schieffelin and Company

     6     Catalogs, correspondence: Messrs. Sam and Michael Aaron of Sherry-Lehmann, Inc.

     7      Wine descriptions; wine lists; clippings and correspondence: Andre Tchelistcheff.

     8      Miscellaneous clippings: selection of Callaway Wines for luncheon honoring Queen Elizabeth II

     9      Sale of Callaway Wines to Hiram-Walker, 1981

     10-12  Correspondence concerning Petition to Establish the Viticultural Areas, 1983

     13    Papers related to sale of Callaway Winery

     14    Papers related to bottling water from Callaway Wine’s well

     15    “Callaway Facts” pamphlet

     16    “Inside Callaway: Today and Tomorrow” pamphlet

     17     Miscellaneous Callaway Wine newsletters

     18     Various proofs and drafts of labels, final product labels, correspondence and invoices regarding labels

     19     Board of Director’s Meeting July 1, 1982, financial statements for 1982

     20     Miscellaneous clippings and correspondence on venture capital ideas, cancelled checks and sales information, and press releases


Box 5

      1    Roll of labels from first wines, 1974

      2    Winery site and vineyard barn locations, Scheme #4, abandoned

      3    Tentative Temecula Tract Map, 1978 #6 amended 1981

      4    Callaway Winery Prospective Site # 2, 1974, abandoned

      5    Land Surveys, winery topography, Temecula


Box 6

      1    Signed and numbered black and white vineyard prints

      2    Master plan vineyard revised 1973

      3    Chart of land ownership for Mexico

      4    Original planting scheme 1969



Subseries E: Callaway Golf

Box 1


     1          Golf Week, August 14, 1993

     2          Material Matters: A Golf Product News Publication, January/February 2000

     3          Golf World, June 22, 2001


     1            California Golf Writers Association Awards Banquet, January 30, 2001

     2            Callaway Golf: management plan, sales plan, and product catalog, 1998

     3            Callaway Golf stock transactions, securities research, 1992-1994

     4            United States Golf Association, 1998

     5            Callaway Golf, articles about

     6–9       Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Correspondence, February, 1987 – September, 1987

    10          Faxes Received, 1987

    11          Faxes Sent, December 1987

    12          Expansion Plans

    13–15  Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Correspondence, January – August, 1988

    16–18  Faxes Sent, January - September 1988

    19          Faxes Received, 1988

    20          Miscellaneous Callaway Golf Items

    21          Ely City Golf Course Limited Certificate



Box 2


     1    Golf Week, July 14, 2001

     2    Callaway Hickory Stick – USA, Inc.: Private Placement Memorandum

     3     Photo Album of Callaway club displays in Edwin Watts stores

     4     Callaway Hickory Stick – USA, Inc.: Private Placement Memorandum, 1984

     5     Golf World, July 13, 2001

     6     Callaway’s Big Bertha, promotional material


     1           Active Customer Accounts

     2–7       Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Correspondence, January 1986 – December 1986

     8–11    Callaway Hickory Stick, USA, Inc. Faxes Sent, April 1987 – November 1987

     12–14  Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Correspondence, January 1987 – December 1987

    15          Callaway Golf Stock Certificates



Box 3


     1      Golf Week plaque, April 29, 2000

     2      “The Callaway Connection,” Issue No 40 Winter 2000

     3      Callaway Golf Company 2000 Annual Report

     4      Callaway Golf Company Management Summary; Financial Data, October-December, 2000

     5      Callaway Golf Company 2001 Draft Annual Budget, December 19, 2000

     6       “Bobby Jones on Golf: Bobby Jones Reveals the Newest Secrets of His Golfing Success”

     7-8   Securities and Exchange Commission, Form S-1 Registration Statements for Callaway Golf Company, June 12, 1992 and October 27, 1992

     9      Perceptual Management Innovative Thinking Conference

    10    Glenn Schmidt v. Callaway Golf Company, Excerpts from Glenn Schmidt’s Deposition


     1     Callaway Golf Growth Vision Summary, June 13, 1996

     2     Ely R. Callaway, Jr.: personal files, miscellaneous letters and minutes,

     3     Various articles and engravings of Bobby Jones; “Bobby Jones: A

History and Perspective” by Charles Price; The Bobby Jones Commemorative Series; 

“First Pictorial History of Bobby Jones Original Hickories, 1926-1930” by Sidney L.


     4     Memorandum: Holdings, 1999; Three-year plan for 2000–2002

     5     Correspondence: Udo Machat of Sports Images

     6–8 Callaway Hickory Stick, USA, Inc. Henry Venture Fund, Ltd. 1984–1986

     9      Correspondence: Silvermine College of Art, New Canaan, Conn. 1966–1967

    10    Private Placement Memorandum for Callaway Hickory Stick; Correspondence: Richard Parente, United States Patent

     11   Miscellaneous articles: Callaway Golf

     12   Ely R. Callaway, Jr.:  Proxy Statements, Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, 10K Reports, and 10Q Reports

     13   Golf Club Business Review Committee: Revitalization October 1, 1998 to December 31, 2000

     14   Yearly Callaway Golf Pro Tour Stats: 1991-1998

     15   Callaway Golf: key statistics



Series II          Photographs and Posters

Subseries A:  Photographs

Box 1


   1         Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.

   2- 3     Presidential Visit 9/26/1998, pictures with Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

   4         Callaway Family

   5         Walker Family

   6         Friends and family from 1963 album, includes Arnold Palmer

   7         Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr. with other people

   8         Robert “Bobby” Jones, Ely R. Callaway, Jr.’s cousin

   9         Other people, Identified

   10       Other people, unidentified

   11       Houses, Flowers, Miscellaneous Locations

   12 -13 Wineries, Vineyards

   14       Grapes, grape harvesting

   15       Callaway Golf, first traded NYSE 2/28/1992

   16       Cotton: picking, baling, warehousing, wagons, fields

   17       Hogg Farm, Troup Co., Ga.: cattle, kudzu, plowing

   18       World War II

   19       Loula Callaway Album

   20       Europe, 1969, taken by Ely R. Callaway, Jr.


Box 2


   1 - 2   Albums, LaGrange Hospice Dedication and Golf Event, 1996

   3 - 4  Personal Scrapbooks, 1936-1958

   5       Album, Dedication Loula W. & Ely R. Callaway, Sr. Cancer Center, Emory, 1996

   6       Album, Cancer Banquet, Waldorf-Astoria, 1999      


Subseries B   Oversized items

Box 1 Unframed

            1.          Tenth Anniversary Certificate, Callaway Golf on NYSE

            2-3.       Ely R. Callaway, Jr. with Big Bertha & ball titled “Enjoy the Game.”

            4-5.       Ely R. Callaway, Jr. titled “Enjoy the Game, Ely Callaway 1919-2001”

            6.          Folio “Georgia O’Keefe: The New York years” published by Knopf/Callaway

            7.          American Red Cross Appreciation Certificate, undated

            8. a-c.   Mounted, 3 page article, Time 5/10/1971 “Free Trade vs. Protectionism”

            9.a.       NYSE initial listing certificate Callaway Golf 2/28/1992

            9.b.      Engraving of NYSE Building

            10.a.-b. Certificate of Appreciation, Menninger School of Psychiatry, for creation of Bessie Walker Callaway Chair, with photographs of the school

            11.       LaGrange College, Dr. of Business Administration, Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

            12.       Forbes Magazine 12-21-1992, article on Callaway Golf

            13.       New issue, Callaway golf Stock 2,990,000 shares

            14.       Joe Phillips, letter regarding Ernie Sabayrac Award, 1998

            15.       Bob MacNally, letter regarding Ernie Sabayrac Award, 1998

            16.       Investment Profiles with Callaway golf Co., highest of top ten holdings

            17.       Karsten & Louise Solheim, letter regarding Sabayrac Award, 1998

            18.       John Daly, letter regarding Sabayrac Award, 1998

            19.       Resolution of California Sen., Ken Maddy on Ely R. Callaway, Jr.’s 75th birthday

            20.       Fortune Magazine 1/24/1994, Callaway Golf # 1 of Best 50 Stocks, 1992-1993

            21.       Poster, introducing full set of irons, Callaway Hickory Stick, 1985


Box 2  Unframed

            1.          Callaway Hickory Stick contest

            2.         The Emory Medal certificate

            3.         NYSE offering new Callaway golf stock, 1992; stock exchange symbol to be ELY, price $20 per share

            4.         Arnold Palmer and friend

            5.         Testimonial Citation, Babson College, 1996

            6.         Gary V. Adams, letter regarding Sabayrac Award, 1998

            7.         Entrepreneur of the Year nomination, 1991

            8.         Ely R. Callaway, Jr.’s golf swing and Ely & Cindy Callaway

            9.         David Watkins, letter and photographs, White House 5/26/1994

            10.       Institute of American Entrepreneurs, certificate, 1991

            11.       Banquet for Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II

            12.       E Awards, World War II

            13.       Loula Walker Callaway (Mrs. Ely Reeves Callaway, Sr.)

            14.       Fuller E. Callaway (Sr.), autographed to brother, Ely R. Callaway (Sr)

            15.-16.  “Georgia O’Keefe N.Y. Years Prints, Callaway enterprises


Box 3  Unframed

            1.a-b.   University of California, Riverside, announcing the Ely Callaway Chair 4/17/1997

            2.         Design Award for Hospice LaGrange 1997

            3.         Outstanding Advertising Award, Callaway Golf, 1993

            4.         San Diego Union-Tribune 7-25-2001, tribute to Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

            5.a-b.   Daily News Record article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr. 8/26/1991

            6.         Callaway Vineyards & Winery, aerial

            7.         Callaway Vineyard & winery, aerial

            8.         Callaway Race Car

            9.a-b.   Callaway Cars, Inc., 1991, data & magazine, (2 in 1 envelope)

            10.       Callaway Vineyard

            11.       Volkswagen & Callaway Wine Combined advertisement, with Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

            12.a-b. “Passage” by Irving Penn, published by Knopf/Callaway (2)

            13.       Original Photograph of oil painting of Bobby Jones

            14.a-b. Copies of Bobby Jones photograph

            15.       Letters regarding Bobby Jones photographs (found in 13 & 14.1-b.)

            16.a-b. Bobby Jones swinging golf club

            17.       Bobby Jones receiving British Open Cup, 7/22/1927

            18.       Bobby Jones and O. B. Keeler, posing with various trophies won by Jones

            19.       President Bill Clinton swinging golf club, 1996

            20.a-c. Ely R. Callaway, Jr., headshots

            21.a-e. Ely R. Callaway, Jr., with golf clubs

            22.       Cindy Callaway and 3 other women skiing, 1992

            23.       Cindy Callaway swinging golf club

            24.       Ely R. Callaway, Jr., swinging golf club

            25.       Unidentified people with golf trophies

            26.       Debutants, unidentified


Box 4  Framed

            1.     Signed article by Douglas R. Rabon about Callaway Golf, 1993

            2.     California Business article on Callaway Golf, 1993

            3.     Callaway Brothers, LaGrange, Ga.  (6 sons of Rev. Abner R. Callaway)

            4.     Tour Wives classic, plaque with photograph, 1995

            5.     Ely R. Callaway, Jr., President Burlington Industries, National Corporate Chairman, United Negro College Fund Campaign, 1971

            6.     Bill Clinton photograph, signed to Ely R. Callaway, Jr. on birthday

            7.     Advertising Age article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1993

            8.     Los Angeles Times article on Callaway Wines, photograph of Ely R. Callaway, Jr. and wife, Nancy, 1977.

            9.     Ely R. Callaway visit to Callaway golf plant

            10.   Textile Veterans Association Achievement Award to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1967

            11.   Anti-Defamation League Human Rights Award to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1970

            12.   Bear Creek Founders, 1982, photograph includes Ely R. Callaway, Jr. (4th from left, middle row), Gerald R. Ford, Jr., and Arnold Palmer


Box 5  Framed

            1.     Etching of Callaway Azalea Bowl, Callaway Gardens, signed and numbered (number 42 of 100)

            2-3.  Business Week article on Callaway Golf, 1991(in two pieces)

            4.     Photograph of Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

            5.     Public Links article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 2002

            6.     Watercolor, signed, of Loula W. & Ely R. Callaway Center at Emory University

            7.     Fortune Magazine article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr. and golf, 1992


Box 6   Framed

            1.     Worth Magazine article, 1993

            2.     Pebble Beach Link 7, personalized to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1999

            3.     Johnny Miller photograph signed to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1997

            4.     Golf Product News article on Callaway Golf and Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1999

            5.     Wall Street Journal article on Callaway Golf’s first stock, 12/8/1991


Box 7  Framed

            1.     INC Magazine article on Callaway Golf history, 1998

            2.     Business Week article, “The Old man and the Tee,” about Ely R. Callaway, Jr.

            3.     Bill Clinton, letter to Ely R. Callaway, Jr., from White House, 1998

            4.     USA Today article on Callaway Golf Stock, 1993

            5.     Augusta National Golf Club, signed by artist, A. O’Shea, inscribed “To our Georgia Friend, Ely Callaway.”

            6.     Money Magazine article on Callaway Wine, 1982

            7.     Golf Magazine Profile on Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1998


Box 8  Framed

            1.     Time Magazine article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr. and golf, 1993

            2.     Los Angeles Times article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr. and Callaway Golf, 1999

            3.     Business Week article on Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1991

            4.     Golf and Travel Magazine water color character drawing of Ely R. Callaway, Jr., 1997


Box 9  Life-sized cut-out photograph of Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.

Subseries C    Oversized Albums

Album 1.         Commemorating Ely R. Callaway, Jr.’s visit to Callaway Golf, U. K.

Album 2.         Scrapbook of Loula Walker Callaway


Series III         Artifacts


            Bear Creek Golf Club, 3rd Annual Founder’s Day Trophy (glass)


BOX 2        

Trophy, to Ely R. Callaway (Sr.) for War Work, 1918 (silver)



Golf-ball in plastic cube with wood stand, signed by Johnny Miller

Marble slab commemorating Loula W. & Ely R. Callaway Center

Hitchiner Mfg. Co., granite desk set, with golf club pen & pencil

Inscribed Bill Clinton paperweight, shape of U.S., with Presidential Seal

Drivers’ pen holders (3) (that attach with Velcro to next item)

Wooden box, phone book holder, with Ely Callaway plaque

Divot replacer



Small trunk


Box 5

Large Steamer trunk


Box 6

            Highland County Club (LaGrange, Ga.) Club Championship trophy, 1939 (broken handle)

            Highland Country Club, Club Championship, 1938 (silver pitcher)

            Newnan County Club (Newnan, Ga.) Women’s 3rd Flight Tournament trophy, 1937 (silver)

            Highland Country Club, Cup, 1931

            WBCC Governor’s Cup, 1964


Box 7

            Capital City Club (Atlanta, Ga.) 12 Invitational trophy, 1948 (silver)

            Waste bowl from a silver tea service

            Eldorado County Club (Calif.) “Slug Fest” trophy, 1977 (silver cake plate)



1 small oval leather box with brass blazer buttons

Callaway Big Bertha Flag/Banner

Set of 3 golf balls with Presidential Seal of Bill Clinton

Knife with sheath (inscribed Ely R. Callaway)

Lapel pin with Presidential Seal

Financial World CEO of the Year Award 1995

Box of pencils inscribed Ely R. Callaway

Money clip inscribed Bill Clinton with Presidential Seal

GE Capital Commercial Finance Award January 1999

Shadow Creek cap (Invitational Weekend) and box with 9 balls

Commemorative golf ball in case

Callaway golf ball (Plant Shake Down April 1999)

Metal figurine of golfer

Ely R Callaway signature rubber stamps and engraver’s plates

Rubber stamp used to put copyright on photos, Ely R. Callaway

Steel Seal

1 shadow box with 4 framed Callaway fishing flies

Wooden Big Bertha stationery box with Ely Callaway plate

Menninger Foundation hot plate

Paper weight note pad holder

Nancy Harts / Morgan-Hill Papers Collection

Manuscript MS-100


SOURCE:  Alexander S. Hopkins

SIZE:  .4 Linear Feet

SHELVING UNITS:  3 folders manuscript, 1 folder photographs




            The Nancy Harts were a woman’s militia company formed in April of 1861 to offer security to the City of LaGrange in the event of an invasion or raid by hostile troops of the United States.  Area women realized the necessity for such an organization when most of the able-bodied men left LaGrange for service in the Confederate Army.  Dr. Augustus Colquitt Ware trained the women and his cousin, Nancy Colquitt (Hill) Morgan, wife of Jeremiah Brown Morgan, a Major in the Confederate Army, served as their captain. 



            The collection is comprised of documents, correspondence, and photographs.  The first folder includes photocopies of letters written between Jeremiah Brown Morgan and Nancy Colquitt “Nannie” Hill, before and after their marriage, as well as letters from Nancy (Hill) Morgan’s brothers Joseph N. Hill and Miles H. Hill, and other relatives.  There are also genealogical items and portraits photocopied from publications; a hand-drawn pedigree chart for Nancy C. Hill; and copies of pages from the Family Bible of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hill) Lane, the maternal grandparents of Nancy (Hill) Morgan and Dr. Augustus C. Ware.  An original copy of the speech given by Leila (Pullen) Morris in 1896 for the United Daughters of the Confederacy concerning the Nancy Hart Militia is included.  Other items include copies of  photographs of various family members of the Morgan and Hill families.



Folder 1    Letters

1.  2-9-1857     LaGrange, Jeremiah Brown Morgan to his fiancée, Nancy Colquitt “Nannie” Hill

2.  3-26-1857  LaGrange, Jeremiah Brown Morgan to his fiancée, Nancy Colquitt “Nannie” Hill

3.  6-17- (1857)  Pine Bluff, Ga.  Chesley Bostwick Howard to Nancy Colquitt “Nannie” Hill.  Howard was married to Tabitha E. Hill, sister of Nancy C. Hill.  The letter was written before his wife died.

4.  6-27-1858  Pine Bluff, Ga.   Chesley Bostwick Howard to Nancy Colquitt “Nannie” (Hill) Morgan.  This was written after his wife died.

5.  6-16-1861    From the Army.   Jeremiah Brown Morgan to his wife, Nancy C. (Hill) Morgan.  Letter is incomplete but accompanied by a typed transcript.

6.  8-14-1861   Camp LaGrange, Headquarters of 4th Georgia Regiment.  Joseph N. “Joe” Hill to his and Nancy (Hill) Morgan’s mother, Eudocia (Lane) Hill.

7.  8-26-1861   Pigg Point, Va.  Jeremiah Brown Morgan to his wife Nancy C. (Hill) Morgan.

8.  ca. Dec. 1862  From the Army, in Va..   Miles H. Hill to his sister, Nancy C. (Hill) Morgan.  Typed transcript only; photocopy of letter missing,  It mentions the death of their brother Joseph N. Hill, which occurred 12-13-1862 at Fredericksburg, Va.  and was apparently sent before letter # 9., below.

9.  12-24-1862  near Fredericksburg, Va.  Miles H. Hill to his sister Nancy C. (Hill) Morgan.  Photocopy and typed transcript.

10.  9-6-1863.   “Cousin Emily”  to Augusta M. Hill, a sister of Nancy C. (Hill) Morgan.  Letter mentions they are expecting “refugees from Chattanooga.”

11.  10-15-1863   From the Army.  Jeremiah Brown Morgan to his wife, Nancy C. (Hill) Morgan.  Photocopy and typed transcript.

12.  2-27-1864  From “8 miles below Baldwin.”  Jeremiah Brown Morgan to his wife, Nancy C. (Hill) Morgan.

13.  9-20-1898 LaGrange, Ga.  William Swanson Evans to Nancy Colquitt (Hill) Morgan.  He refers to her as “Cousin Nannie” although no known blood relationship exists between either Evans or his wife and either Nancy (Hill) Morgan or her husband.

14.  1-12-1904  Barnesville, Ga.  (illegible) K. Rogers to “My Dear Cousin.”


Folder 2   Genealogical material

1.  Photocopied photographs from a publication (unnamed) of Maj. Jeremiah Brown Morgan (author of letters 1, 2, 5, 7, & 11 in folder 1); Capt. Howard Tinsley; Capt. Samuel McComb; Capt. Robert F. Evans; Lt. John Thomas Gay, second husband of Caroline (Ware) Poythress Gay who was a sister of Dr. Augustus  C. Ware and first cousin of Nancy (Hill) Morgan; Lt. William Swanson Evans (author of letter # 13, in folder 1); Capt. Miles H. Hill (author of letters 8 & 9 in folder 1); and Robert J. Morgan, brother of Jeremiah Brown Morgan.

2.   Circular pedigree chart of Nancy Colquitt Hill, two copies.

3.   photocopies relating to the family of Robert J. Morgan (brother of Jeremiah B. Morgan) and his wife, Martha Fannin Fort, daughter of Tomlinson and Martha (Low) Fort taken from Memoirs of the Fort and Fannin Families (Chattanooga: Press of MacGowen & Cooke Co., 1903) by Kate Harper Fort.

4.  Photocopies from Family Bible of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hill) Lane, maternal grandparents of Nancy Colquitt (Hill) Morgan.

Folder 3   Manuscript, appears to be an original, of the address of Leila (Pullen) Morris, given to the United Daughters of the Confederacy on 12-17-1896 concerning the history of the Nancy Hart Militia, of which she was a member.


Photographs one folder, filed separately with photographs

1.  Robert J. Morgan and wife Martha Fannin Fort.

2.  Joseph N. Hill and three girls, unidentified.

3.  believed to be Charles E. Morgan, brother of Jeremiah Brown Morgan.

4.  Nancy Colquitt (Hill) Morgan, when young

5.  Nancy Colquitt (Hill) Morgan, later in life

6.  unidentified, two soldiers in Confederate Uniform

7.  Joseph N. Hill

8.  unidentified woman

9.  unidentified girl

10. Jeremiah Brown Morgan

11. Miles H. Hill

12. believed to be Charles E. Morgan.



Fannin, Fort, Hill, Lane, Morgan, and Ware Families

LaGrange History

Civil War History



MS-107 Forrest C. Johnson, III Collection (Fannin, Hill, Lane, Morgan, and Ware Families)

VF  Nancy Harts Militia

Robert W. Woodruff Collection of D. Russell Clayton

Manuscript MS-2014.01


SOURCE: Don Russell Clayton

SIZE: 9 lf

SHELVING UNITS: 3 manuscript boxes

                           1 media box

                           1 oversized box

                           4 ft. loose shelving space

PROCESSING: Russell Clayton and KLM, 2014




Robert Winship Woodruff (1889-1985) headed The Coca-Cola Company for sixty-plus years. He made the iconic American drink that was concocted, in 1886, in Atlanta into one of the most recognized products in the world.  

Mr. Woodruff’s philanthropy reached across Atlanta and the entire State of Georgia. His kindness was extended to Russell Clayton, beginning in 1977, when Clayton was given two shares of stock in The Coca-Cola Company by June Boykin Tindall for high school graduation. Clayton wrote to Mr. Woodruff to inform him about a new owner. A pen pal relationship between the two continued for several years. Clayton also worked closely with Woodruff’s assistant, Joseph W. Jones, who served as vice-president of The Coca-Cola Company.  

Robert W. Woodruff became a major patron of Atlanta artist Athos Menaboni. During an exhibition in New York City in the late 1930s, an executive with The Coca-Cola Company noticed a magnificent painting, by Menaboni, of a covey of doves in a forest of longleaf pine trees. The executive, along with others, who had been guests at the Woodruffs’ plantation known as Ichauway, almost immediately thought about Mr. Woodruff. The group purchased the work, and presented it to “The Boss.” The Woodruffs prominently placed the painting in the living room of their home at Ichauway. Mr. Woodruff soon discovered that Athos Menaboni lived in Atlanta, and Mrs. Woodruff suggested using the illustration on their 1941 Christmas card. The Woodruff/Menaboni Christmas card tradition continued for forty-four years. The Woodruffs also commissioned many other Menaboni paintings of birds, dogs, and plantation maps for their homes and friends.



Don Russell Clayton (1959- ), a retired educator from Marietta, Georgia, began this collection at age thirteen because of his interest in the history of The Coca-Cola Company. Clayton has long admired Mr. Woodruff because he was an exceptional businessman, and one of the most generous philanthropists in the history of the United States.

Russell Clayton became a personal friend of Sara and Athos Menaboni as a direct result of being a pen pal of Robert W. Woodruff. Clayton assembled an extensive art and memorabilia/research collection regarding the life and works of Athos Menaboni which was gifted, in 2007, to Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. The archival collection was transferred to the Troup County Archives in 2013.

The Don Russell Clayton Gallery, located in the Zuckerman Museum of Art on the campus at KSU, was built with a generous gift of $1 million from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation.  The gallery opened in 2007. The Woodruff Foundation gave an additional $300,000 in 2010 to the University to expand the art museum, which opened in 2014, because of the Athos Menaboni Art Collection given by Clayton and other donors. The Don Russell Clayton Gallery was moved from its original location to the Phase II addition in 2014.



The Robert W. Woodruff collection is organized into three series: Books, (1959 - ); Subject files, (1937 - 2011); and Photographs, (1986 - 2012). Other materials at the Troup County Archives related to Robert W. Woodruff, including books and the Woodruff/Menaboni Christmas card series, can be found in the Athos Menaboni Collection of D. Russell Clayton. There is also correspondence in the Athos Menaboni Collection of Cason Callaway/Callaway Gardens.  

BOOKS (1959-1995) range from biographies of Robert W. Woodruff and others, to histories of The Coca-Cola Company. All include references to Woodruff. One book, A Biography of The Boss: Robert Winship Woodruff, was a gift to Russell Clayton from Woodruff in 1979. Of particular interest is another publication, The Coca-Cola Company: An Illustrated Profile, which was personally signed for Clayton by Mr. Woodruff.  Of particular interest in a book published for Woodruff's 70th birthday celebration. 

SUBJECT FILES (1937-2011) includes articles, magazines, other publications, correspondence, and a miscellaneous file filled with items related to Mr. Woodruff. The articles are from newspapers and magazines, and concern the life and work of Robert W. Woodruff. The collection also includes “It’s Human Relations that Count” written by Mr. Woodruff (no date).  Articles that appeared in newspapers at the time of Woodruff’s death give detailed accounts of his life, career, and philanthropy in Atlanta and across Georgia. Of particular interest is a publication of The Coca-Cola Company that was prepared as a tribute to Mr. Woodruff following the anniversary of his sixty-first year of active service to the Company. Woodruff died just after Boss Emeritus was published, and it was then offered as a memorial to his lifetime of accomplishments.

Correspondence files include letters from Woodruff to Clayton, and letters and other items from Joseph W. Jones to Clayton. The miscellaneous file is a variety of materials including an autographed photograph which Woodruff inscribed to Clayton, exhibitions about Mr. Woodruff, and brochures from institutions associated with Woodruff. There is a printout of a program from a dinner given in honor of Woodruff on his birthday in 1949 signed by such notables as Morton Downey, Graham Jackson, James Farley, and Bobby Jones. A video interview of Russell Clayton, conducted by an archivist from The Coca-Cola Company, includes discussions of Mr. Woodruff and Athos Menaboni.                                                                                                            

PHOTOGRAPHS (1986-2012) found in the collection were taken by Russell Clayton in the offices of Robert W. Woodruff and in other areas at The Coca-Cola Company. Additional photographs were made during a visit to Woodruff’s South Georgia plantation, and in the Robert W. Woodruff Room at the Capital City Club and in the room dedicated to Woodruff at The Commerce Club in Atlanta. Photographs were also taken at the home of Mr. Woodruff’s wife’s niece.




SERIES I: BOOKS (1959 - 1995) [listed chronologically]

Robert W. Woodruff's Birthday, 1959.  A series of essays by authors honor Mr. Woodruff's life and career.  There are also unique photographs.  Also included in the seating chart for the dinner at the Captial City Club on December 6, 1959. 

Robert Winship Woodruff, by E. J. Kahn, Jr., 1969. Gift to Russell Clayton from June Boykin Tindall. Given to Tindall by Joseph W. Jones.

Mayor: Notes on the Sixties, by Ivan Allen, Jr., 1971. See index. Inscribed to Russell Clayton by the author.

The Coca-Cola Company: An Illustrated Profile, 1974. Robert W. Woodruff personally autographed his photograph.

Three Strong Pillars, by Harold Martin, 1974.  See index.

William Berry Hartsfield: Mayor of Atlanta, by Harold Martin, 1978. See index. Personal inscription to Russell Clayton by the author.

Coca-Cola: An Illustrated History, by Pat Waters, 1978. See index. Personal inscription to Russell Clayton by the author.

A Biography of The Boss: Robert Winship Woodruff, by Charles Elliott, 1979. Gift to Russell Clayton from Robert W. Woodruff.

Mr. Anonymous: Robert W. Woodruff of Coca-Cola, by Charles Elliott, 1982. Personal inscriptions to Russell Clayton by the author, Joseph W. Jones, and Nell Woodruff Hodgson Watt (niece of Mrs. Robert W. Woodruff).

Great Georgians, by Zell Miller, 1983. See Table of Contents. Autographed by the author.

The Schmidt Museum Collection of Coca-Cola Memorabilia, by Bill and Jan Schmidt, 1983. Some references to Woodruff. Personal inscriptions to Russell Clayton by the authors.

The Wonderful World of Coca-Cola, by Martin Shartar and Norman Shavin, 1985. References to Woodruff.

Secret Formula: How Brilliant Marketing and Relentless Salesmanship Made Coca-Cola the Best-Known Product in the World, by Frederick Allen, 1994. See index.           

An Outdoor Life: The Autobiography of Charlie Elliott, by Charlie Elliott, 1995. Several references to Robert W. Woodruff.





1     Articles - Related to Robert W. Woodruff, 1959-1977

2     Articles - Refresher USA, April-June, 1973; Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine, May 9, 1976; Refresher USA, March-April, 1985; Journey, Dec. 1989

3     Boss Emeritus, 1985

4     Christmas Cards Sent by the Woodruffs - 1937, 1939, and 1940. 

5     Correspondence - Robert W. Woodruff to Russell Clayton, 1979-1980

6     Correspondence/Various Items - Joseph W. Jones to Clayton, 1977-2000

7     Items Related to Robert W. Woodruff, 1990-2011

8     Coca-Cola Fact Sheet, 1972


BOX 2 (Oversized)


1     Articles - Related to Robert W. Woodruff, 1977-1987

2    Autographed (1977) Photograph of RWW inscribed to Russell Clayton, 1961

3    Program (printout) - Dinner in Honor of Robert W. Woodruff, 1949



Digital Video Recording - Clayton Interviewed by Coca-Cola Company Archivist Jamal Booker, and Discusses Mr. Woodruff and Mr. Menaboni.





1  Office of Robert W. Woodruff at The Coca-Cola Company, 1986 and at The Coca-Cola Company (Board Room and Other Areas), 1986

2  The Robert W. Woodruff Exhibit at The Coca-Cola Company, 1987 

3  Ichauway Plantation, 2001

4  The Robert W. Woodruff Room at the Capital City Club, 2011 and at the Robert W. Woodruff Room at The Commerce Club, 2012

5  The Home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watt, 2008



MS-080m        Athos Menaboni Collection of Cason Callaway and Callaway Gardens 

MS-2014.02    Athos Menaboni Collection of D. Russell Clayton

VF-C              Athos Menaboni Conservation Fund in Memory of Geraldine Barmore Clayton

VF-M             Athos Menaboni Exhibits and Newsletters


Manuscript MS-2011.02



Source: Emily Preston Joseph

Size: 2.5 linear feet

Shelving Units: 2 records boxes, 7 volumes

Processing: SGH, 2011



Cannon Street Elementary School was built in 1951 by Daniel Lumber Company as part of the LaGrange City School System.  Built to house 250 white students from the south side of LaGrange, the school included eight classrooms, an auditorium, lunchroom, library, clinic and principal’s office.  A kindergarten class was added to the school in 1966 and the following year the first black students attended the school. By 1970, Cannon Street Elementary, as well as all other schools in the LaGrange and Troup County Systems had been integrated.

            In 1972, nearby Southside Elementary School burned.  Cannon Street was expanded to include students from Southside Elementary and renamed Southside Primary.  Following a 1996 SPLOST funded enlargement, the Board of Education reinstated the original Cannon Street Elementary School name.  The school housed grades Pre-K through fifth grade until the end of the 2011 school year when the school closed.



            This collection consists of the school’s yearbooks, student compiled Library Club scrapbooks and Principal’s Albums class photographs primarily from the years of 1995 to 2006.



            The Principal’s Albums were class composite photographs contained in vinyl binders.  For preservation purposes, the photographs have been removed from the binders and foldered chronologically.



Box 1


1-7 Principal’s Albums, 1995-2006 School Year

8 The History of Cannon Street Elementary 1951-2011

9 Classic Cooking with Cannon Street



9 Library Club Scrapbooks, 1995-2004



RB 255.96-2004 Cannon Street Yearbooks, 1996-2004


Manuscript MS-2003.13 and TRP-308



SOURCE:  James Ehernberger (Cheyenne, Wyoming)

SIZE:  1 lf


PROCESSING:  BNJ AND LBJ, 2004-05; GDA, 2007




Stanley B. Hutchinson (b. 2-5-1905 Hickman County, Tennessee; d. 3-11-1988 Denver, Colorado).  His father, Eugene Hutchinson, died when Stanley was young.  His mother, Annie Laurie Broome, was the daughter of John P. Broome, a farmer, and Matilda Claggett of Hickman County.  She was partially raised by her maternal grandfather, Horatio Claggett, a bank president in Hickman County.  She moved to LaGrange, sometime between 1910, after Hutchinson died, and 1920 when she married Dr. Eugene B. Poole, who came to LaGrange from Jackson, Mississippi.  Dr. Poole was Stanley’s step-father for a short while before he died in 1921 while visiting Mississippi where he is buried.  Stanley’s mother raised Stanley on her own.

Hutchinson graduated from LaGrange High School and was an active member in the Boy Scouts.  He held a national record of 92 merit badges and served as a Scout Master.  As a young man, he became interested in photography and began capturing images of LaGrange and Troup County on film in the 1920s through the 1940s.  Specifically, he was interested in camping, railroads, locomotives, community and school events, and buildings.  In the late 1940s he moved to Denver, Colorado.  He married Sybil Jeanette Dewberry, daughter of Henry Grady Dewberry of Standing Rock, Alabama, at First Baptist Church of LaGrange on December 21, 1951. Stanley Hutchinson remained in Colorado until his death in 1988.  Shortly after his death, his widow donated Hutchinson’s photographs of the 1936 Courthouse fire to the Troup County Archives.  In 2003, James Ehernberger, donated additional photographs and negatives. 




The photographs, processed from 35 mm black and white film, span the period from the 1930s to the 1940s.  Hutchinson’s notes about many of his subjects are found on the back of the photographs.  Although there are many prints in the collection, there are many more negatives, which have not been printed; but many of these have been scanned and can be viewed in the Archives photo database.  The photograph and negative collection is arranged by subject.  Other materials consist of news clippings and admission tickets to LaGrange High School football games and to the City Swimming Pool.




Any photographs used in publications should be credited:  “Stanley Hutchinson Photographs, James L. Ehernberger Donor, Troup County Archives.”





Manuscript Collection


1          Railroad and LaGrange memorabilia, including football and swimming tickets

2          Railroad news clippings


TRP Photo Collection Topic Index

Box 1  Prints


1          Airplanes

2-3       Atlanta, Georgia and trains

4          Atlanta – Cotton mills

5-7       Boy Scouts

8          Camp Viola

9-10     City Swimming Pool

11        Couthouse

12        Downtown businesses

13        Homes

14-15   Hutchinson, Stanley and friends

16        Landscapes

17-18   Main Street and Court Square

19        LaGrange High School football

20        People

21        Mills and stores

22        Railroad bridge, West Point, Georgia

23        Street Scenes (Ridley, Broad and Haralson Streets)

24-25   Stark Mill, Hogansville

26-40   Trains

41        Depots

42        Transportation (other than trains)

43        Transportation, human interest, animals

44        Twilight in LaGrange

45        Washington State

46        James L. Ehernberger



Box 2

1          Negatives, 01-102

2          Negatives, 103-201

3          Negatives, 202-299



Boy Scouts

Businesses—Hogansville, LaGrange

Historic Homes




West Point























Manuscript MS-2010.11





SOURCE:  Samuel and Jacqueline B. Hornsby  

SIZE:   .3 lf

SHELVING UNIT:  Manuscript Box




Dr. and Mrs. Sam Hornsby felt the most suitable home for this collection is an archive and donated the collection to Troup County Archives after receiving the items from Dr. Waights G. Henry, Jr. Dr. Waights G. Henry, Jr., (February 13, 1910- May 29, 1989) served as the Executive Secretary of the Board of Education of the North Georgia Conference of Methodist Churches before coming to LaGrange in 1948 to serve as president of LaGrange College.  He held this position until 1978.   Dr. Henry collected the items that make up this collection.  Before his retirement, Dr. Henry presented the items to Dr. Samuel Hornsby, an English professor at LaGrange College. 



This collection contains two diaries of Britton J. Peel, the first of which he began writing on 12 April 1859 and wrote a last entry around 19 December 1859. The second journal was purchased 1 April 1860 although the first entry is dated 10 December 1860. The last entry is dated 17 February 1861.  Mr. Peel’s recollections depict his daily happenings including trips to Coosa County, Alabama, school and church, buggies getting stuck and train trips.   In addition to the diaries are letters written to Miss Lizzie Philips.  Confederate furlough passes issued at West Point, Confederate bonds and currency and several newspaper pages from various newspapers complete the collection.



Series I


1          Britton J. Peel Diaries

2          CSA letters, 1861-1863

3          CSA furlough passes, West Point, GA, 1864

4          Central Georgia, April 29, 1858

5          Southern Field and Fireside, August 15, 1865

6          Savannah Weekly News, January 20, 1872

7          New York Herald, July 26, 1873

8          Atlanta Semi-Weekly, July 24, 1905

9          Julius L. Schaub Service Record; Roster of CSA veterans receiving medals; LaGrange      Banking and Trust post card, 1876; News clippings, A. Burnside, 1858


Series II


1          J.F. Murphy photograph; Charles D. Grace photograph

2          CSA photographs of Lieutenant Colonel Gustavus Adolphus Bull, Company B 4th           Georgia of LaGrange; Captain George Fauntleroy Todd, Company D 4th Georgia West          Point Guards.

3          Photographs of CSA officers and soldiers: four major generals; three generals; R.E. Lee    on Traveler; one Navy captain; one brigadier general and one unknown.





MS-049 Waights G. Henry, Jr. Collection




Civil War

Civil War Diaries

Confederate Bills





Manuscript MS-2011.01



SOURCE:  Annie L. Greene

SIZE: .4 lf

SHELVING UNIT: 4 folders




            Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is a public service organization that was founded at Howard University in 1913.  The sorority was founded to further philanthropic causes.  In accordance with the mission of the sorority, the LaGrange Alumnae chapter “uses their collective strength to promote academic excellence; to provide scholarships...”  The ladies of the Alumnae chapter fundraise each year to fund scholarships and support charities and other community services.



            This collection contains programs from the “Miss Delta Charm” pageant.  This pageant is held each year as a fundraiser.  The programs contain member lists of the LaGrange Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, brief biographies of the contestants and numerous advertisements by businesses and the families and friends of the contestants.



Black Histories

Women - Societies and Clubs

Service Organizations



Manuscript MS-2010.13



SOURCE:  Jennie Harris

SIZE: 2 lf

SHELVING UNIT: 2 manuscript boxes




            Paschal (Pat) Malcolm Harris was born to M. Rink and Ada J. Harris in Randolph County, Alabama.  He enlisted in the Army at Fort McClellan on 24 February 1941 to serve during World War II.  According to the LaGrange Daily News, while in service in London he received the Soldier’s Medal for “his efforts in subduing a crazed solider [on] Christmas Eve,” 1943.  After the war ended he relocated to LaGrange to be with his new wife, Myrtice Myles.  Mr. Harris worked in the maintenance department at Unity Plant of Callaway and then Milliken Mills.  He passed away Sunday, 18 February 1979 at 64 years of age.

            Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Myles of Clay County, Alabama, Alice Myrtice Myles began work at Callaway Mills Elm City plant in March of 1941.  Later, on 11 July 1942, she married Pat Harris.  She and Mr. Harris had one son, Donald Malcolm Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Harris were both members of the United Congregational Church where she served as the nursery director for many years. She passed away on the morning of 8 June 1998 at age 81.



            The bulk of this collections is made of letters written by Paschal (Pat) M. Harris to his girl friend, fiancé and later wife during World War II.   The first letter is postmarked 1940 and was mailed from Ashland, Alabama. From there, in early 1941 the letters follow Pat to Camp Blanding, Florida. In March 1942, Pat wrote from Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  By June of 1942, the letters are post marked Camp Bowie, Texas.  Until July of 1942 the letters are addressed to Miss Myrtice Miles.  LaGrange Daily News announced the couple was married on July 11, 1942 and the next letter, post marked July 20, is addressed to Mrs. Pat Harris.   A gap in correspondence exists from September 1942 to January 25, 1943 when Mrs. Harris received a response to her request for information from the War Department. The letter confirms that Private Paschal M. Harris had been assigned to a “location unable to be disclosed”.  Throughout 1943 and 1944, correspondence slowed considerably and was mostly microfilmed V-Mail or Victory Mail.   Although the letter does not provide clues to when he would return home, the last war time letter in the collection was post marked June 11, 1945.

            After the war, Mr. and Mrs. Harris found work in cotton mills.  Working different shifts, they often left one another notes regarding such house hold duties as vacuuming and laundry or a request that the newspaper be kept until Mr. Harris returned as he had not had time to read it.  Throughout the mundane duties, however, the sweet banter that began in the war time letters continued to be a theme of their correspondence.  Many of these letters are undated and therefore are simply arranged by author. 

            The earliest of the documents is a 1934 letter written to Myrtice Miles signed Ezra Carter. Another early piece in the collection is an essay written in 1937 for Myrtice’s Junior III English class.  There are loose pages that are marked “diary” that date from around this time.  Three letters from Myrtle, Myrtice’s sister, also exist. Myrtle is occasionally discussed in the correspondence as well.  In addition, a few cards, newspaper clippings, hand written jokes and songs are found.  The final pieces in the collection are cards and a birthday party invitation mailed in the early 1980s.



Box 1:


1          Correspondence, 1940

2-5       Correspondence, 1941

6-12     Correspondence, 1942

13        Correspondence, 1943

14        Correspondence, 1944

14        Correspondence, 1945


Box 2


1-3       Undated notes from Mr. Harris

4-5       Un-mailed letters from Mr. Harris

6          Correspondence from Mrs. Harris to Mr. Harris

7          Diary Entries

8          Miscellaneous writings and clippings

9          Cards  

10        Correspondence to and from other people





World War II

Callaway Mills



Manuscript MS-AV-2005.11



SOURCE:   Mrs. Imo Brown

SIZE:  10 lf.

SHELVING UNIT:  10 Storage Boxes




John Louis “Johnny” Brown (b.  December 5, 1926; d. March 13, 2004) was a newspaper journalist and broadcast sports reporter for 50 years in Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia.  Johnny Brown worked tirelessly to obtain athletic scholarships for Coweta County students, served on the city and county school boards and was a county commissioner for 16 years.  After he retired in 1996, the Newnan Utilities News Channel 9 television station asked him to host a weekly show.  According to his wife, Imogene (Imo) Brown, “the hour show featured sports, goings on around the county, politicians and anyone with an interesting story to tell.”  The multipurpose building at Coweta County’s Temple Avenue Recreation Complex was named in his honor and in 2004 he was elected to the Coweta County Sports Hall of Fame.



The collection consists of over 300 VHS tapes of the “Johnny Brown Show” which aired from September 2, 1997 to March 8, 2004, on Newnan News Channel 9.   Although heavily sports oriented, the show featured interviews with politicians, leaders of the business community, local personalities and area celebrations.  These tapes were placed at the Troup County Archives by Brown’s wife, Mrs. Imo Brown, for long-term preservation.  A complete listing of play dates and subjects follows.




1          September 1997—April 1998

2          May 1998—August 1998; May 1999; January 2001—March 2001; July 2001

3          September 1998—March 1999

4          April 1999—October 1999

5          November 1999—May 2000

6          May 2000—December 2000

7          March 2001—November 2001

8          November 2001—June 2002

9          July 2002—May 2003

10        May 2003—November 2003




History—Coweta County

Newnan, Georgia

Television—Local Programs



Manuscript MS-VF-b26


SOURCE:  Annie L. Greene

 SIZE: .3 lf

 SHELVING UNIT: Vertical Files




            Annie Lucile Tarver Greene was born in Waycross and moved to Hogansville when she was twelve. She attended Albany State College and earned a master’s degree in art education from New York University.  She taught one year in Thomasville and then moved to LaGrange in 1955 where she spent the rest of her career teaching until she retired in 1989.  Since her retirement, she has focused on her art work, particularly yarn paintings, which are often on exhibit throughout the state and Southeast. She has received many awards for her work.

            Annie is married to Oliver Greene, retired principal of LaGrange Boys Junior High. They have two children, Nathan Greene and Zinta Greene Perkins, who are also both educators.



            This collection contains numerous funeral programs which provide invaluable biographical information.  The programs are mostly of black people with a tie to Troup County or LaGrange.  The earliest funeral was held in 1975.  An alphabetized index of the programs is provided in the first file.




1          Last names beginning with letters A-G

2          Last names beginning with letters H-J

3          Last names beginning with letters R-Z



1          MS-07add2010.01 LaGrange College Frank and Laura Lewis Library Ground Breaking    Brochures

2          MS-150add2010.01 East Depot High School Class of 1969 30th Reunion



Black history



Alexander, Milton

Allen, George Frank

Baker, Lois Hatchett

Blackman, Rosa Mae Harvey

Boyd, Willie Jr.

Brittian, Ocie Lee

Byrd, Willie Olin

Cash, Michael

Cotton, Cletis Elston

Couch, Annie Lois

Culberson, Oshia Kyung

Debnam, Jone Harold

Dixon, Katheryn Jones

Dixon, Willie

Dozier, Lucy Brooks

Ford, Fred Henry

Forte, Earnestine Jenerette

Frazier, Pauline

Gaulding, Fronie Mae

Glenn, James Jr.

Green, Lovia Crowder

Griggs, Ronnie Jerome

Griggs, William James

Hall, Lue Annie Walker

Hall-Nelson, Doris V.

Hawkins, Joseph Henry

Hines, Margaree

Hodge, David

Holloway, Garciea

Houston, Bessie M. Byrd

Hughley, Lerah Wilson

Jackson, Beatrice D.

Jennings, Alfred

Johnson, Tommy Hiriam Sr.

Johnson, Yeader Mae

Jones, Effie Beatrice

Kight, Ethel W.

King, Susie Edna Edwards

Lee, Josie Pearl Glenn

Leek, Thomasseana Johnson

Lewis, Frank Ross

Lindsey, Simon

Lynch, Ezekiel Jr.

McClendon, Jennie Lee

McDaniel, Evelyn

McDaniel, Ralph

McDowell, Louise

Mooty, Ethel Wilkinson

Ransby, Maurice Alphonso Sr

Raye, Bettye Zeporia

Reese, Lillie Mae

Reid, Nellie

Render, Fred

Ridgeway, Christine Hurston

Singley, David H.

Skinner, Bertha B.

Spence, Linda Diane Davis

Stenson, Dernell Renauld

Stenson, Leila Mae

Tarver, Bertha Arleen Haynes

Terrell, John E.

Tompkins, Charlie Frank

Tucker, Dorothy Jean

Young, Robert Charles









Manuscript MS-2010.12




SOURCE:  Darby Pippin

SIZE: .4lf 

SHELVING UNIT: 1 Manuscript box

PROCESSING:  SGH, 2010; FCJ, 2010



            Dr. Raleigh Holt Park (1874-1942) was born in Tuskegee, Alabama.  He married LaGrange native Anne Elizabeth Strong (1877-1968) and served the area as a dentist for thirty-five years.  Both Dr. and Mrs. Park were prominent members of the community. Park purchased the land and a house at 413 Broad Street from Frank Harwell in 1918.  Mr. and Mrs. Park lived in the original home until 1936 when, it is believed, Park razed the original house because the walls were so thick and hard that he could not find a way to bore holes for the installation of proper plumbing and new wiring. The home depicted in this collection was the second home built at the location and the fifth home that Dr. and Mrs. Park built. 

            The home was designed by Ivey and Crook of Atlanta.  According to the New Georgia Encyclopedia, the architectural firm was a well-known designer of traditional architecture and built numerous residences, churches and schools primarily in the Atlanta and LaGrange areas.  Lewis “Buck” Crook served as the principle designer while Ed Ivey specialized in construction. 

            The items in this collection were donated by the current owner of 413 Broad Street, Darby Durand Pippin who purchased the house from Cheryl and Charles Pitts in 2007.



            This collection contains two series.  The first series is a folder of papers drawn up by the architects, Ivey and Crook of Atlanta, detailing the contract and specifications for the actual drawings. These were intended for the builder, Newnan Construction. The drawings are not included in this collection, but can be found at the Atlanta History Center.  The second series are photographs of the house before and after renovation in the late 1990s..




1          Typewritten contract and specifications of drawings from the architects.




1          Photographs of the house before and after the renovation competed by the Pitts family.




Historic Homes 


Manuscript MS-2010.09





SOURCE:Elaine Tarpley

SIZE:  .2 linear feet

SHELVING UNIT: 2 folders




James Simpson Bartley was born in May of 1870 in Harris County, later moving to Troup County.  He made several contributions to the area and was most well-known for inventing a car coupling used to connect train cars.  The patent for the car coupling is part of this collection.  The success of this invention allowed him to become a “prominent farmer and land owner” according to the LaGrange Daily News in his obituary of 18 October 1950. In 1897, he married Lizzie Mae Johnson of West Point and settled in the Gray Hill community.  He later donated the land on which Gray Hill Consolidated School was built and is the namesake of Bartley Road.  Bartley was killed on 17 October 1950 at age 80 when a Double Cola truck struck him while walking.



This relatively small collection pertains to James Simpson Bartley and includes a United States Patent issued to Mr. Bartley and an 1870 photograph of Mr. Bartley.  In addition, is a pamphlet titled Pupil’s Work Book for Building Good English Habit though it probably did not belong to Bartley.




1          United States Patent issued on November 23, 1897 for his invention of Car Couplings




1          Photograph of James Simpson Bartley taken in West Point, GA, c.1900.




1          Pupil’s Work Book for Building Good English Habits, 1932 


Manuscript MS-2008.01




SOURCE:  Estate of Lavinia Morgan, A. Stephen Johnson

SIZE: .3 lf


PROCESSING:  BNJ, 2008; SGH 2010


BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE:    Mr. John Thomas (Tom) Morgan, Jr. was born 24 October 1910 to John Thomas Sr. and Bula Edna Warner Morgan.   After graduating from West Point High School in 1930, he attended Emory University. At Emory, Morgan served as the president of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.  He graduated in 1934 with degrees in political economy and engineering.  Morgan served in the Navy as commander during World War II and represented Troup County in the Georgia Legislature from 1947 to 1948, later serving as mayor of West Point from 1956 to 1965.  In addition to his career as CEO of Morgan Contracting Company and Morgan Real Estate, he was an active member of West Point First Methodist Church. He and Lavinia were married for 66 years before his death 5 February 2004.

            Lavinia Buckner, was born on 13 December 1913 in Albany, Georgia, to Benjamin Frank and Clara Belle Currell Buckner.  She graduated valedictorian of Waycross High School and continued her education at Georgia State Women’s College, now Valdosta State University.  She also attended Perry Business School and Georgia Bankers School at Emory University.  After college, she worked as a school teacher, in law offices, First National Bank of West Point and WestPoint Pepperell Corporate office.  Like Mr. Morgan, she was active at First United Methodist Church of West Point where she served as Sunday school teacher, mission study teacher, executive committee chairperson, and on other various committees.  She was president of the District United Methodist Women and served on numerous district and regional committees.  According to her obituary in The Valley Times Newspaper, she edited two books about the United Methodist Women titled, The Journey: United Methodist Women in North Georgia 1879-1983 and A Story Not Yet Over.   Mrs. Morgan served in the Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society, the West Point Women’s Club where she served two terms as president, as a charter member of Pilot Club of West Point, as Governor of Georgia Pilots from 1964-1965 and Georgia Representative of Pilot International Foundation from 1975-1983.   In addition, she served on the Troup County Jury Commission and on the West Point Board of Education. Mrs. Morgan passed away 13 November 2005 at the age of 91.


SCOPE AND CONTENT:    The most notable part of this collection is information on an appeal made in 1977 by Curfew Davis to reverse his murder conviction.  In 1974, Mr. Davis was convicted of murder and sentenced to death.  His conviction was appealed on various grounds, one of which was that the jury that convicted him was not drawn from a pool representative of his peers.  Mrs. Lavinia Morgan had served on the Troup County Jury Commission, which was responsible for selecting citizens to serve as jurors.  As a result of this service, she was subpoenaed to testify and produce evidence in the 1977 appeal.  In 1979, the jury pool in Troup County was redrawn to more evenly reflect the population of the county “without regard to race, sex or age, except the age limits of 18 to 65.” 

Correspondence from notable LaGrange citizens such as First Baptist Church pastor J. Thornton Williams and LaGrange College president Walter Murphy are part of the collection.  Other correspondence includes a thank you note to Lavinia Morgan from Ida F.T. Jones and a letter from Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society regarding the life insurance payment upon the death of Marie Utley Morgan.  News clippings, and campaign brochures for various Troup County politicians complete the collection.




1          Callaway family, news clippings, 1987-1994

2          Correspondence, 1981-1992

3          Curfew Davis Trial and Troup County Jury Commission, 1977-1979

4          Notes on church services at Pleasant Grove UMC, St. Mary UMC and First Baptist Church, 1984-1994

5          Troup County political campaign brochures, 1954-1996; LaGrange DAR 1977-1988 Yearbook; Chamber of Commerce Brochure, c1960s; Peoples Bank of LaGrange Statement of Condition, 1974


Photographs:   West Point, Georgia flood, 1961


MAP-OP-019  City of LaGrange street map, 1988






Political campaigns

Troup County—Courts 


Manuscript MS-170




SOURCE:   Ida Hughes

SIZE:   .2 lf





Viola Burks (b. 6-28-1879; d. 10-6-1947), daughter of Wiley Pope Burks, Jr. and Eliza Pace Collier, was born in Albany, Georgia.  After the death of her mother in 1892, the family moved to LaGrange.  She was a graduate of Southern Female College and, in 1923, became one of the organizers of the LaGrange Welfare Association, of which she was executive secretary from 1925-1938.  According to a LaGrange Daily News article of August 19, 1946, Miss Burks stated in a speech at First Baptist Church, she became convinced that “…taking children out of their homes into [a] new environment, giving them proper food and care, would mean a great deal to the children as well as the home from which they came.”

Camp Viola had its origin in 1926 when “Miss Viola” took a group of underprivileged children for a four week outing at Camp Cho Cho on Mud Creek on Georgia Highway 219.  This location proved unsatisfactory and, in 1928, she purchased and donated to the city the old Brooks place, one mile from Mountville, Georgia.  This site became known as Camp Viola, and, over the years, sleeping and dining quarters were added as well as a swimming pool.  Funds for much of the early buildings were raised by committees of the Rotary Club, headed by Cason Callaway and Sanford Dunson.  The site opened each June and closed at the start of school in the fall.  Girl Scouts and 4-H Clubs also used the camp.

Viola Burks served as Home Service Secretary of the local chapter of the American Red Cross immediately following World War I until 1947.  In 1916, she organized the Business Girls’ League, formed as a group from the Woman’s Missionary Society of the First Baptist Church.  She also served as organist at First Baptist and pianist at the Rotary Club of LaGrange.

Camp Viola continues to operate today under the umbrella of Twin Cedars with various local churches hosting week long camps during the summer and other special events throughout the year. 



The collection contains a history of Camp Viola written by Marian Davis and Shirley Daniel.  Included also are the deeds and charter of Camp Viola as well as a copy of Viola Burks’ will.  Financial records chart the history of the camp from 1928-1996.  A scrapbook from the 1970s shows youth at the camp.




1          Legal deeds, will and charter, 1928-1966

2          History of Camp Viola, 1947-1998

3          Financial Statements, 1963-1996

4          Coordinating Records, 1966


2 Ledgers – Receipt books and Accounts, 1947-1997


Scrapbook, c. 1970



Missions—Camp Viola

Service Organizations—Troup County

Troup County History

Youth—Societies and Clubs 


Manuscript MS-152




SOURCE:      Phillip Thompson

SIZE:  1 volume

SHELVING UNIT:  1 document box




Marvin Urbane Mooty (b. 1-26-1879; d. 5-9-1934), a native of the Flat Rock Community of Heard County, Georgia, was the son of R. B. Mooty and Mary Ann Stephens.  A graduate of a normal college in Roanoke, Alabama, he later attended law school at Mercer University.  After practicing a short time in Franklin and Hogansville, Georgia, he entered a partnership with Judge F. M. Longley in LaGrange where he served as district attorney for the Atlanta and West Point Railroad and counsel for the Home Owners Loan Corporation, Whitley Construction Company and Dunson Cotton Mills.  Mooty was a member of the First Methodist Church, a Mason and a Shriner and an Elk.  He represented Troup County in the Georgia House of Representatives for two terms and served on the Democratic executive committee.  At the time of his death, he was slated for a U. S. Attorney post.  Mooty Bridge Road, State Highway 219, connecting LaGrange and Heard County was named for the Mooty family.



“The year begins with a lot of sickness in LaGrange…there is an epidemic of flu.”  Thus begins the journal of Marvin U. Mooty for 1929.  Journal entries consist of short paragraphs noting weather, sickness and deaths of friends, trips, appearances in court and notes on legislative matters for that year.  Although stock quotes are listed, the pages for the October 1929 stock market crash were removed from the journal, apparently by Mr. Mooty.



1 Volume

1 Folder--obituary



Atlanta and West Point Railroad

Georgia—General Assembly



Manuscript MS-176





SOURCE:   Ellen M. Partridge

SIZE:  .1 lf





The West Georgia Walkers Club was organized September 30, 1988.  Co-sponsored by West Georgia Medical Center and West Georgia Commons Mall, the Club “offers a walking exercise program designed to encourage continued exercising…in a safe, uncrowded, temperature-controlled environment provided by the mall and tips from WGMC’s fitness instructors.”  



The collection contains one scrapbook for the years 1994-1995 that documents the club’s activities and membership.  Of particular note is information about the number of miles some members walked at the mall.  Some newspaper clippings are included.



1 Scrapbook



Societies and Clubs

West Georgia Commons Mall


Manuscript MS-2006.06



SOURCE: Melanie Reams, 2006

SIZE: 1 lf


                                     5 Scrapbooks




            The Troup County Republican Women organized in 1964 as an affiliate of the Georgia Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women.  The purpose of the group is to “promote an informed electorate through political education and to support objectives and policies of the Republican Party and to work for the election of its nominees” (GFRW By-Laws Article 2).  The TCRW meets monthly. The group promotes the Republican Party through campaigning, donations to libraries, and letters to politicians.  The group also provides community service through Habitat for Humanity and other local volunteer work.



             This collection spans the years 1993-2001 and includes minutes from meetings, correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, contact sheets, and by-laws.  The scrapbooks are comprised of photographs highlighting the year’s achievements and events.




1             1993 Minutes and Newspaper Clippings

2             1994 Minutes, Newsletters, Correspondence

3             1994 President Letters

4             1995 Minutes, By-laws, Newspaper Clippings, Contact Sheets

5             1996 & 1997 Minutes, Contact Sheets, Correspondence



1             1994-1995

2             1996-1997

3             1998-1999

  • 2000-2001 Minutes
  • 2000-2001



Government- LaGrange and Troup County

Service Organizations- Troup County

Societies and Clubs

Troup County History

Women Organizations


Manuscript MS-2009.07




SOURCE: Troup County Heart Association

SIZE: 2 lf

SHELVING UNITS: 2 storage boxes




The Troup County Heart Association is Troup County’s local chapter of the Georgia Heart Association, state affiliate of the American Heart Association.  The American Heart Association, founded in 1924, seeks to reduce of suffering and death from heart disease and strokes in America.  Troup County residents have been active in the organization since the founding of the Georgia Heart Association in 1948.  The Troup County chapter continues to be active in the present.  This chapter has worked to carry out the mission of the national organization through such activities as operating the West Georgia Heart Clinic for indigent area residents with heart problems, distributing defibrillators to area schools, holding CPR classes, and otherwise educating the public about heart disease.  In 1993, Dr. William B. Fackler, Jr., a Troup County physician, became the first Georgian to receive the American Heart Association’s Time, Feeling, and Focus Award, the national organizations highest volunteer honor.



This collection consists of records relating to the activities of the Troup County Heart Association from 1991-1998.  The largest part of the collection concerns the organization’s fundraising activities, including annual events such as the fund drive, the Heart Walk, the Best Dam Race, the Cardiac Arrest fundraiser, a croquet tournament, and a golf tournament.  Also included are various business records, including board minutes, board rosters, and minutes from the nominating committee.  There are some materials relating to the organization’s activities, including equipment loans and educational materials for county schools; lists of dates, locations, and instructors for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support courses.



Box 1  Fundraising


1          Best Dam Race, 1995-1997

2-4       Cardiac Arrest, 1995-1998

5          Celebrity Celebration for Heart, n.d.

6-9       Croquet for Heart, 1992-1998

10        Donations from foundations, 1995-1997

11        Donor list, Hogansville, n.d.

12        Fund drives, 1991-1998

13        Fundraising campaign, 1996

14        Fundraising goals, 1992-1994

15        Golf Tournament, 1998

16        Heartwalk, 1995-1997

17        LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce membership directory, 1997;

            Heartwalk, 1998


Box 2  Board Records and Activities


1          American Heart Association affiliate by-laws, n.d.

2          American Heart Association program order forms, 1998
3          Awards nominating forms, 1994

4          Board correspondence, 1994

5          Board invitation letter, 1994

6          Board minutes, 1996

7-8       Board rosters, 1994-1996

9          Correspondence, 1995-1997

10        Dr. William B. Fackler, Jr., nomination for Time, Feeling, and Focus Award, 1992-1993

11        “Facts about Stroke” booklet, n.d.

12        Georgia Department of Human Resources grant announcement, 1994

13        Heart Power kits donated by Lula Stewart estate, 1998

14        Letters to Board, 1992

15        List of Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support courses, 1993-1995

16        List of Basic Life Support instructors, 1993

17        Lists of board members for Troup County and Georgia affiliates, 1994-1997

18        Lists of officers and members of the Board of Directors, Board minutes 1991-1995

19        Minority Involvement Task Force Action Plan, n.d.

20-21   Nominating Committee records, 1994-1997

22        Records of loaned equipment, 1992-1995

23        School Nutrition Heart Week, 1998

24        Special event management guide, n.d.

25        Volunteering and award nomination forms, 1996



American Heart Association—Troup County

Medical History—Troup County

Service Organizations—Troup County


Manuscript MS-158



SOURCE:      George Smith

SIZE:  1lf

SHELVING UNIT:  1 Storage Box




The Harbor, Inc., a local charitable organization for the treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholics, was incorporated on December 15, 1955, in Troup County.  The facility was located north of LaGrange in the old Hillcrest School building on U. S. 27, New Franklin Road. During its existence, the Rev. George Smith served as superintendent.  The center could house as many as 22 alcoholics at a time.  Clients were required to live at the facility for a period of five to six weeks and cook, clean, and take care of the grounds.  The Harbor, Inc., relied upon public donations to finance its work.

In September, 1979, the Harbor, Inc. filed for dissolution of its charter, which had originally been granted for a period of 35 years.  According to Calvin Spinks, president of the Board of Directors in a LaGrange Daily News article, September 18, 1979, there was no lack of patients, but people no longer needed to spend six weeks away from their families for rehabilitation when they could more easily attend government out-patient clinics.



The collection consists of three volumes of Board minutes and financial statements for the duration of the Harbor’s existence.  Of interest are the improvements to the facility and the dedication shown by Rev. Smith and the board to the goals of the organization. Five separate volumes list contributions made to the Harbor by community groups, individuals and churches.  Newsletters that show the work and testimony of residences are included as are letters from men treated at the Harbor and their families.




1          Newsletters and brochures, 1958-1965

2          Thank you letters and other correspondence, 1959-1980


1          Minutes, October 1955-December 1964

2          Minutes, January 1965-July 1973

3          Minutes, January 1974-1980

4-8       Contributions, 1967-1979

9          Building Fund, 1965-1979




TRP 268          Harbor Board of Directors, 1967       

MS-158ph       Board members, buildings




Hillcrest Community

Service Organizations—Troup County


Manuscript MS-166



SOURCE:   LaGrange Woman’s Club

SIZE:  5 lf





The LaGrange Woman’s Club was organized in 1908 by Mrs. Sallie Boykin Cary who served the club as its first president.  The club joined the Georgia Federation of Woman’s Clubs in 1909 with a goal of serving through civic, philanthropic and cultural endeavors.  At that time the club divided into departments following the Georgia Federation model with divisions that included civics, community service, garden, child welfare, and fine arts or music.   

The Woman’s Club has been very active in community development and other charitable activities. One of the primary purposes of the original founding was to create a public library, which was realized in 1921 when the club opened a library in their headquarters, the Heard Home, on Church Street.  In 1925, the club, in conjunction with the LaGrange Rotary Club, raised $25,000 in one day to build the LaGrange Memorial Library on the site formerly occupied by the Heard Home.  The name of the library honors those who fought and died in World War I. In 1942, the Callaway Community Foundation purchased “Bellevue” from the McLendon family for the club.  Bellevue was built by Confederate and United States Senator Benjamin Harvey Hill in the mid 1850s.  The home, which still serves as the club’s headquarters, was named a National Historic Landmark in 1976.  The LaGrange Woman’s Club maintains the home as a house museum and events venue.   

In addition to the club’s philanthropic efforts, the club has sponsored flower shows, antique shows, cooking schools, May Day festivities, and Fall Fashion Shows.  In addition, the music division of the club has hosted musical performances featuring various artists, both local and nationally known.   


This collection contains various records of the LaGrange Woman’s Club including minutes, newspapers articles and scrapbook photocopies, financial information, programs, correspondence and yearbooks.  With these items insight into the growth of the Club is available.   


Box 1 – Music Section: programs, 1936 – 1990; minutes, 1951 and 1993; scholarships; financial information; guest performances; member list; correspondence; newspaper clippings; yearbooks, 1912 – 1913 and 2000 – 2002. 

Box 2 – Scrapbook, photocopies


1-6      1958 - 2008

7          2005 - 2009  


Box 3 -  Scrapbooks, photocopies


1          1937 – 1948

2          1949 – 1950

3          1951 – 1956

4          1957

5          1958 – 1966

6          1967 - 1976 

Box 4 – Minutes 1919 - 2003


1          1919 - 1951

2          1951 - 1980

3          1980 – 2003


Box  5 - Yearbooks in order from1958 to 2008.



Garden Clubs

Historic Homes

Service Organizations—Troup County

Women—Societies and Clubs


Manuscript MS-086


SOURCE:  Edith Reeves

SIZE: .3 linear feet

SHELVING UNIT: 1 manuscript box




Wiley A. Reeves, Jr. (b. 5/9/1910; d. 5/8/1987) was a lifelong resident of Troup County and an overseer at the Dunson Division of West Point Pepperell.  Son of Wiley A. Reeves, Sr. (1864-1945) and Julia India Glanton (b. 5/13/1867; d. 12/20/1910) and grandson of Madison Reeves (d. 1904) and Mary Francis Render (b.1836; d.1886), he was a graduate of the Georgia Military Academy and Clemson University.  He was a member of a pioneer family of LaGrange and Troup County and a charter member of the Troup County Historical Society.  An avid preservationist, he fought to protect antebellum houses in Troup County from being destroyed.  Two houses he sought to save by moving were the Edwards-Milam House on Broad Street and the Herndon/Glanton House on Greenville Street.  Both were later demolished by road projects.



The most prominent items in this collection are land grants and deeds possessed by Madison Reeves that date 1827-1908.  Files also contains various personal items pertaining to Wiley Reeves, Jr., including a class photograph from the 1st grade (1916), a seventh grade report card from LaGrange Schools (1922-23), and a hand drawn diagram of the old LaGrange High School (burned 1943) showing location of teachers, subjects and student lockers.  Also included is a laminated marriage announcement from the LaGrange Daily News of his 1933 marriage to Edith Goforth, daughter of Rev. Charles M. Goforth and Annabelle Hall.  Wiley A. Reeves Sr. is represented in the collection through a memorial booklet from his funeral in 1945.




            1 Land grants and deeds

            2 School records, memorial booklet

Marriage announcement

1 Photograph



West Point Pepperell

Historical Society


Manuscript MS-2006.10



SOURCE:  Lee Ponder

SIZE:    9 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS:  Series I     9 boxes

                                     Series II    8 folders

PROCESSING:    FCJ, October 2006


BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE:  Lee Ponder is an Atlanta native.  He worked for many years for the State of Florida and moved to Western North Carolina when he retired.  His father was a native of Meriwether County.  Ponder and related families were in and around Troup County for over 150 years.  He devoted 28 years to genealogical correspondence and research, resulting in this collection.  Many of his families are from Troup County and West Georgia.   

SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE:  The collection consists largely of genealogical source materials, research, and correspondence collected over 28 years.  The collection is divided into two series: genealogical records, the larger series, and photographs.  The papers are filed alphabetically by family name and most of the folders are labeled with the name of an individual or couple.


I.  Genealogical Files and booklets

            9 linear feet (9 boxes)

This series contains collected research material and correspondence as well as many documents and compiled genealogies.  Many of the families have Troup County or West Georgia connections.  The genealogical papers are arranged alphabetically by surname, and most folders have an individual’s name as well.  There is one box of various family genealogies collected into binders by surname.   The container list gives a complete listing of the folder names.

II. Family and Historic Photographs

            8 folders

This collection includes photographs of ancestors, historic sites associated with certain ancestors, and some photographs of living people.   Many are identified on the backs.



BOX 1              


1          Abercrombie              

2          Avary                         

3          Ballard                                   

4          Bennett, Stephen       

5          Benton, James            

6          Bird                            

7-12     Brock                         

13-15        Charles                  

16             Chesley                 

17             Edward                 

18-22        Elias                      

23             Elijah                     

24             Enoch                    

25-26        Evan                      

27             Francis                   

28             Frederick               

29-33        George                  

34             Henry                    

35-37        Isaac                      

38-41        John                       

42-46        Joseph                   

47             Josiah                    

48-49        Moses                    

50             Nathaniel               

51             Paul                       

52-53        Richard                 

54             Robert                   

55             Reubin                   

56             Rudolph                

57-58        Thomas                  

59-65        William                  

66        Brooks                        

67        Bryant                        

68        Carleton                     

69             Henry                    

70             Robert                   

71        Carter                         

72             Isaac                      

73        Cochran                      

74        Coleman                     

75        Crunk                         

76        Germany                    

77        Goodlow                    




1          Hambrick                   

2               Benjamin               

3               Charles                  

4-5            James                     

6-7            Patrick                   

8          Hamer                        

9          Hancock                     

10        Hart                            

11-12   Harris                         

13             Claiborn                

14-17        John                       

18             Robert                   

19             Richard                 

20-22        William                  

23        Hollingsworth            

24        Huie                           

25        Hurston                      

26        Jenkins, Cyrus R.       

27        Justice                        

28        Kimbrough                 

29-30   Kittrell                        

31             Jonathan                

32        Lea, Ambrose             

33             Carter                    

34             James                     

35-36        John                       

37-41       William                  

42-45   Lee                            

46             Abel                      

47             Alanson                 

48             Benjamin               

49             Creasy                   




 1          Lee, Edmond

2-3            Edmund                

4               Elizabeth               

5               Elliott                    

6               Frederick               

7               Gabriel

8               George                  

9               Isaac                      

10-17        James                     

18-21        John                       

22             Luke                      

23             Major                     

24             Nancy                    

25             Noah                     

26-27        Owen                    

28            Robert                   

29             Solomon                

30-38       William                  

39-44        Zachry                   

45-46        Zachariah              

47        Lovelace                     

48        Luckie                        

49        Lynn                           

50        McComas                   

51        McEver                      

52        Montgomery              

53        Nabors                        

54        Nall                            

55        Overturf                     

56        Patterson, John           

57        Petty                           

58        Pond                           

59        Ponder                        




1-7       Ponder                        

8-11          Abner                    

12-13        Alexander             

14-17        Amos                     

18-21        Andrew                 

22             Archibald              

23             Bedford                

24             Benjamin               

25             Berryman              

26             Calip                      

27             Carl                       

28             Caroline                 

29             Christopher           

30             Clarence                

31-37        Daniel                    

38             David                    

39             Elijah                     

40-47        Ephraim                 

48             Francis                   

49-50        Frank                     

51-55        George                  

56-58        Hezekiah               

59-60        Jacob                     





1-23     Ponder, James            

24             Jasper                    

25             Jefferson               

26-27        Jehu                       

28             Jemima                  

29             Jeremiah                

30-32        Jesse                      

33             Joel            

34-68        John                       

69             Joseph                   

70-71        Jordan                   

72             Julia                       

73             Leonard                 

74             Lydia                     

75-76        Malicai                  

77             Marcus                  

78             Marida                   

79-80        Martha                   

81-82        Morgan                  

83-85        Nathan                  







1-8       Ponder, Nathaniel      

9               Peter                      

10             Rachel                   

11             Ransom                 

12-18        Richard                 

19             Robert                   

20             Samuel                  

21-23        Silas                       

24-28        Thomas                  

29             Valentine               

30             Vardy                    

31             Virgil                     

32-50        William                  

51             Willis

52        Roberts                       

53        Sewell                        

54        Shepherd                    

55        Swanson                     

56        Taylor                         

57-58   Joseph            

59-60   Terrell                         

61             John                       

62-65   Thames                       

66             Abe                       

67             Abner                    

68-69        Absalom                

70             Alfred                   

71             Alford                   

72-80        Amos                     




1          Thames, Ann              

2               Battle                    

3-4            Benjamin               

5               Betethin                

6-7            Calvin                    

8-9            Charles                  

10-13        Cornelius               

14             Daniel                    

15-17        David                    

18             Drury                     

19             Eli                          

20             Elisha                    

21             Enoch                    

22             Esquire                  

23             Friendly                 

24-27        George                  

28             Harry                     

29             Henry                    

30             Isaac                      

31             Jabez                     

32-41        James                     

42-44        Jesse                      

45-73        John                       

74-83        Joseph                   

84             Levi                       

85             Mary                      

86             Martha                   

87             Matthew                

88             Maurice                 

89             Nancy                    

90             Nathan                  

91             Nelson                   

92             Newberry

93             Pink                       




1          Thames, Rachel          

2               Richard                 

3               Robert                   

4-6            Rufus                    

7-17          Samuel                  

18             Sarah                     

19             Shadrack               

20             Silas                       

21             Stephen                 

22             Susan                     

23-34        Thomas                  

35             Timothy                 

36             Travis                    

37             W. L.                     

38             Walter                   

39-56        William                  

57-58   Thames           

59-60   Thomas                       

61        Timm                          

62        Tolar                           

63        Turner                         

64        Weaver                       

65-66   Wideman                    

67             Adam                    

68             Heinrich                

69             Henry                    

70             Margaret                

71        Willis                          

72        Wright                        


BOX 9                        Family Records in Binders


1          Benton                                   

2          Brock                         

3          Flowers                      

4          Hadley                                   

5          Huie                           

6-9       Lee                             

10        Orr – Hunter –Alston - Kittrell                      

11-14   Ponder                        

15        Reddick                     

16        Scaife - Hancock - Terry - Leake       

17        Seymour                     

18        Terrell                         

19-21   Thames                       




1-2       Ponder Family Cemeteries and Graves

3          Ponder Family photographs

4          Thames Family Cemeteries and Graves

5          Rev. William Thames and wife; Lula Mae Terrell; Lavada Viola Terrell Thames, old and young; Susan Camilla Thames, and the Thames House

6          Edna C. Seymour Purcell; Susan C. Thames Seymour

7          William Frank Seymour, Lyra Purcell, Charles S. Purcell

8          Seymour family: John S.; Durwood F.; Susan; Byron; William F.; and Lyra Seymour Purcell





History of Allen-Lee Memorial United Methodist Church book, (shelved with Meriwether Co., Ga. books)

“Baptist Churches, Bladen and Cumberland Co., N.C.”  (Booklet, shelved with North Carolina books)


Manuscript MS-120



SOURCE:      Union Lodge #28, F.A.& M.

                        Douglas G. Beach, Treasurer

SIZE:  10 volumes




“Union Lodge, No. 28, Free and Accepted Masons was one of the early organizations of the county.  The charter was applied for on October 22, 1842, and was organized on December 4, 1842,” according to Clifford L. Smith in History of Troup County (1933).  The Lodge continues to function today as a part of the Masonic Organization.  Many old Troup County families have participated in this lodge.


This collection consists of 10 volumes of recorded minutes of the Lodge for December 4, 1842-September 19, 1844 and December18, 1885-November 6, 1956.  The volumes contain minutes of meetings, requests for membership, yearly election of officers, desires of members to gain additional standings in the organization, financial reports, charitable works, and the coverage of a few county historical events.  Disciplinary actions are sometimes recorded.  Little genealogical information is found.  Note:  Membership rolls of lodge members are generally not found in this collection.  Individual members are listed when elected to office, in remembrances, and when appearing before membership with special requests.


CONTENT LIST:  Highlights of minutes are noted below. 

Volume I:  December 4, 1843 – September 19, 1844

October 22, 1842        Application for charter

December 10              Constitution and By Laws

                                    Roster of Members

February 27, 1843      By Laws


Volume II:  December 18, 1885 – May 29, 1898


38        Visitors List to Corner Stone Laying, LaGrange Female College, Aug. 19, 1887

44        Remembrance, Peter Boyert

87        Remembrance, John G. Whitfield

97        Remembrance, William C. Yancy

102      Remembrance, Judge A. G. Hightower

181      Remembrance, John Gorham

186      Remembrance, Judge B. H. Bigham


225      Remembrance, Dr. John A. Baugh

235      Remembrance, Dr. E. D. Pitman

253      Remembrance, Hiram K. Brady

270      Remembrance, J. C. Forbes


Volume III:  June 21, 1898 – December 7, 1909

1          List of Memorandum Papers and Records, March 21, 1916

2          Remembrance, W. B. Jones

4          Request to lay Cornerstone, LaGrange First Methodist Church, July19, 1898

15        Remembrance, M. J. Hunter

33        Remembrance, Col. W. B. Jones

35        Remembrance, Andrew J. Boyd

39        Application of Tecumseh Tribe, Red Men to use Lodge

67        Burial of Frank Crenshaw

97        Mention of death of E. Callaway

128      Burial of Joe H. Cleaveland

141      Request to lay Cornerstone of LaGrange High School, June 6, 1903

168      Laying of Cornerstone of Troup County Courthouse, June 30, 1904

306      Membership, 1909


Volume IV:  December 21, 1909 – December 30, 1919

13        Remembrance, Larkin G. Cleaveland

41        Remembrance, B. Handley

58        Remembrance, J. T. Rutledge

67        Remembrance, Luther Rakestraw

68        Resolutions of Sympathy to Brothers Sam and Morris Goldstein on Death of their Mother in Russia

105      Remembrance, John O. Smith

118      Resolutions on the Death of the Wife of Brother J. E. Warlick

119      Remembrance, E. M. Henderson

120      Remembrance, Emanuel Ketzky

123      Resolutions by Union Lodge on Death of Wife of Brother John Banks

135      Roll of Dead, August 13, 1913-August 31, 1914

147      Remembrance, RufusW. Smith

172      Resolutions of Sympathy to Brother Duke Davis on Death of Mother

173      Remembrance, Thomas F. Cook

197      Roll of Dead, August 31, 1915-August 31, 1916


Volume V:  January 6, 1920 - December 17, 1929


28        Remembrance, Henry Banks, Sr.

29        Letter to the Wife of E. B. Hendy on His Death

47        Letter to the Wife of J. R. Torbert on His Death

48        Remembrance, Henry Banks

98        Remembrance, W. W. Haygood

104      Remembrance, H. A. Carr

105      Remembrance, H. L. Dozier

122      Resolutions on Death of the Wife of Brother O. W. Brown

123      Remembrance, B. C. Ferrell

124      Resolutions on the Death of the Father of Brother G. B. Head

125      Resolutions on the Death of the Mother of Brother G. W. Evans

129      Remembrance, W. B. Hogg

145      Remembrance, Judge Francis Marion Longley

239      Remembrances: Rev. F. J. Dodd

                        F. C. Tigner

                        Charlie Griffin

                        J. H. Cleaveland on the death of his mother

                        Frank Ogletree

257      Remembrance, E. T. Poythress

263      Remembrance, Fuller E. Callaway, Sr.

            Remembrance, J. H. Brazil

280      Remembrance, T. W. Glass

286      Remembrance, Charles E. Market

                        J. B. Carr

                        H. F. Jarrell

291      Remembrance, James B. Ridley

                        Eugene Philpot


Book VI:  January 7, 1930 – October 1, 1940

NOTE:  Beginning with this volume, entries are referred to by month and date rather than           by page number.



Feb 4  Remembrance, Dr. Albert Bell Vaughn

Aug 5  Remembrance, Charles L. Dix



Jan 9    Remembrance, Anderson C. Towns

Feb17  Remembrance, Sam B. Neely

Oct 6   To the Relatives of J. O. Perry

Jan 17  To the Family of James M. Curtis



Apr 19Remembrance, F. M. Orr

                        J. T. King

                        S. D. Conner

                        W. R. Walker

                        Albert Lehman

May 9  Remembrance, O. A. Mann

Oct 12Remembrance, Sam Goldstein



Feb 19Remembrance of R. R. Cone

                        Eldon S. Longley

                        J. P. Bennett

                        Family of M. R. Owensby

                        John H. Cleaveland

                        J. D. Waller

                        W. B. Martin

                        Marvin U. Mooty

                        H. W. Carlisle

                        Jarrell R. Dunson

                        Howard P. Park

Jun 10Remembrance, Henry C. Butler



Oct 20             Remembrance, W. W. Rutland

Feb 15Remembrance, Clifford L. Smith



Mar 2 Remembrance, J. W. Short

                        Max Grablowsky

                        W. L. Cleaveland

                        A. A. Brazil



Aug 23 Remembrance, H. D. Venable



Feb 21Remembrance, Frank C. Tigner

                        Dave Yalovitz

                        Robert J. Guinn, Sr.

Feb 22Laying of cornerstone of Troup County Court House, Ridley Avenue

            Contents of cornerstone

Feb 5   Remembrance, W. A. Harris

                        Oscar H. Horn

                        George W. Smith

                        Charles P. Borders


Jan 2    Resolution on Recovery of George E. Billinghurst from illness, dated 12-20-38

Apr16  Remembrance, Z. T. Gorham

                        Philip Augustine


Volume VII:  October 15, 1940 – August 22, 1945



Feb17  Remembrance, H. R. Lipham



Feb 4   Remembrance, F. F. Rowe

Mar 4  Remembrance, Warren Randall

Apr 15 Remembrance, J. A. Stone

May 20 Remembrance, Albert Lehmann, Jr.

Aug19Remembrance, Robert S. Woodham

Jan.18  Remembrance, A. C. Fuller



Sep7    Remembrance, W. A. Sprayberry

Jan16   Remembrance, M. M. Maxwell



Jan18   Remembrance, Henry R. Slack

Jun 30Remembrance, W. M. Lawrence

Aug 27 Remembrance, Ernest Lester Gray

Aug 30            Remembrance, W. O. Burke

Jan 21  Remembrance, Arthur D. Harris



Apr 23Remembrance, John Amos Bennett

Jun 2   Remembrance, Walter P. Hicks

Aug 22            Remembrance, W. Abb Smith


Volume VIII:  September 4, 1945 – April 19, 1949



Jul 9    Remembrance, C. W. Sutherlin

Oct 21Remembrance, John R. Sorgee



Apr.6   New By-Laws

Jun 15Remembrance, Joe Delancey

Jul 20  Remembrance, C. L. Collum

                        A. W. McCoy

Aug 17            Remembrance, B. C. Gordy

Jan 16  Remembrance, Clarence H. Day, Jr.

                        James Walter Harris


Mar15 Remembrance, Thomas L. Rhodes


Volume IX:  May 3, 1949 – December 16, 1952


Jul 5    Remembrance, Thomas W. Godfrey

            Joe B. Davis

Jul1     Remembrance, Oscar L. Hobby

Feb19  Remembrance, Harry W. Callaway



Apr 30Remembrance, John H. Stodghill

                        Albert Grover Pope

                        R. H. Pfankuche


Volume X:  January 6, 1953 – November 6, 1956



Jan17   Remembrance, Robert B. Priddy



Jul 20  Remembrance, Clarence G. Higginbotham

Jan16   Remembrance, Henry Wesley Caldwell



Feb 6   Remembrance, Raymond Oscar Muse




LaGrange Female College

LaGrange:  Fraternal Organizations

Troup County Courthouse 


Manuscript MS-091




SOURCE:  Mildred Glover, 1987; Larry Musick, 1998; Ida Jones, 2003

SIZE:  2 lf



HISTORICAL NOTE:  The Troup Retired Teachers Association is an organization dedicated to improving the welfare of retired educators and providing opportunities for them to be involved in community services and activities.  The association’s earliest records date to September 15, 1964.  First meetings were held at Coleman Library, Callaway Education Association, and the First United Methodist Church.  Past Presidents include Dr. B. A. Lancaster (1970-73), Pearl Sims (1973-74), Frances Potts (1974-75),  Hazel Harden (1976-77), Louise Owen (1978-80; 83-84), Lorine Smith (1981-82), Annie Salter (1984-85), Mildred Glover (1985-87), Christine Taylor (1987-89), Robert Waters (1989-93), George Moore (1993-95), Ellen Partridge (1995-1999), and Larry Musick (1999-2001).   The Association awards scholarships annually to local high school graduates. The Troup Retired Teachers Association changed its name to Troup Retired Educators Association, May 1, 1998, in accord with the State Association. 


SCOPE AND CONTENT:  The collection consists of minutes, membership lists and scrapbooks covering the period 1964 to 2002.



Box 1

Folder  1-2      Minutes and records, 1974-1984

             3-4      Minutes and records, 1987-2002

                        Minutes and membership notebooks, 1964-1987


Scrapbooks (separated)

Vol      1          1997-1998

            2          1987-1993

            3          1993-1996


Box 2, Scrapbooks

Vol      4          1998-1999

            5          1999-2000

            6          2000-2001

            7          2001-2002




LaGrange City School System

Societies and Clubs—LaGrange

Troup County School System 


Manuscript MS-121



SOURCE:  Deposited by the Troup County Chamber of Commerce on

         April 27, 1993.

SIZE:  2.67 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS:  2 Record Center boxes  

                 2 Manuscript boxes    

PROCESSING:  DLR, May 1993; AMW, June 1996



     The Troup County Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1911 as the LaGrange Chamber of Commerce.  It was chartered as a corporation on September 23, 1947.  The original purpose of the organization was to promote civic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, social, and educational development for the city of LaGrange and Troup County.  The organization urges community involvement in improving the city and county.  This interest led to involvement in many projects and events designed to encourage people and businesses to move to this area.  For instance, the organization advises on business hours and holidays for merchants, built a livestock barn, offers information to visitors about the area, works with charitable organizations, and publishes a monthly newsletter all in an effort to promote the county.  

     Through the years the Chambers' goals have remained much the same though the emphasis has shifted more to industrial and commercial development.  The Chamber of Commerce has periodically been affiliated with other organizations with similar purposes, such as the Troup Livestock Association, Inc., the Troup Farmers Foundation, and the Ruban Association. 

     The governing body of the Chamber of Commerce consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, and a Board of Directors.  The first Executive Secretary was employed in January 1949.  That position has existed almost continually since then, although the title has changed to Manager and then to Executive Director.  A women's division of the Chamber was organized on November 23, 1971.  In November 1988, the Chamber's name was changed to Troup County Chamber of Commerce reflecting the inclusion of Hogansville and West Point business leaders.




     This collection contains minutes of the Chamber of Commerce's Annual meetings and Board of Directors meetings from 1947 to 1988 (except for 1965 and 1967-1968).  These minutes describe the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and include such items as membership tallies, financial reports, some committee minutes and reports, correspondence, and other business.  The loose materials that were in the minute books have been taken out of the books and placed in corresponding folders.

     Copies of the newsletters published by the Chamber from 1962 to 1992 are also included in this collection.  There is a file of minutes and correspondence of the Ruban Association for the year 1957.  Information about the Chamber before it was incorporated in 1947 can be found in the file of correspondence from the years 1927 to 1933.  A folder of newsclippings about the Chamber and its activities completes the collection. 




Record Center Box 1   Minute Books





Record Center Box 2   Minutes Books



Manuscript Box 3

Folder  1  Correspondence, 1927-1933

        2  Financial Statements, 1984-1986

      3-6  Loose Materials, 1950-1954; 1963; 1969-1970; 1980-1981; 1987-1988; undated

        7  Map of LaGrange, c. 1960s


Manuscript Box 4

Folder  1  Newsclippings

      2-6  Newsletters, 1962-1992

        7  Ruban Association, 1957




Photograph Collections


Folder 1

   1  Smith and Culpepper Gas Station, Corner of Bull and Main

      Streets, site of Chamber of Commerce's current location, n.d.



Folder 1  Color Photographs

 1-2  Court Square (now Lafayette Square) at Christmas time, LaGrange, 1964

3-13  Aerial photos of LaGrange, c. 1970s


Folder 2  Black and White Photographs

   1  Aerial photo of Hillside and Valway plants, c. 1950s

   2  Aerial photo of airport, LaGrange, 1972

   3  Nowell Smith - Pleasant Grove Community from the Callaway Beacon, November 28, 1952

   4  Harvest Fest, Q. N. Johnson studio, c. 1950s

   5  Henry Milan, chairman of fundraising committee; O. R. Candle; and Hal Brady, President of LaGrange Chamber of Commerce at the groundbreaking for the Rural-Urban building, c. 1950s

   6  Harvest Festival, Q. N. Johnson studio, c. 1950s

   7  Glass Covered Bridge, n.d.

   8  Troup County Hospital, n.d.

   9  U.S. Post Office, Church Street, c. 1950s

  10  LaGrange Fire Station, J. Hugh Campbell, c. 1950s

  11  Court Square, c. 1950s

  12  Ruban sale, c. 1954

  13  First Baptist Church on Broad Street, c. 1950s


Folder 3  Black and White Photographs

   1  Aerial view of LaGrange College, J. Hugh Campbell -  photographer, c. 1950s

   2  LaGrange Chamber of Commerce, c. 1950s

   3  Gerry Amon, c. 1950s

   4  Callaway Airport, LaGrange, c. 1950s

   5  Frank Tigner, Mayor; Q. N. Johnson - photographer; c. 1950s

   6  Glass Covered Bridge, n.d.

   7  Unidentified Antebellum mansion, n.d.

   8  LaGrange Memorial Library, Q. N. Johnson - photographer,  c. 1950s

   9  Highland Country Club, c. 1950s

  10  Harwell Avenue Elementary School, Q. N. Johnson studio,  c. 1950s

  11  Hill Street School, c. 1950s

  12  Christmas tree, Court Square, J. Hugh Campbell, c. 1960s




Cattleman's Association

Chamber of Commerce

Industrial Development

LaGrange - History

LaGrange - Map of, c. 1960s

Ruban Association

Troup County Livestock Association

Troup Farmers Foundation   


Manuscript MS-2003.11



SOURCE:      Ida Florine Tarver Jones, 2003

SIZE:  .1 lf



HISTORICAL NOTE:  In 1987, several graduates of Albany State College living in the LaGrange and Troup County areas expressed interest in organizing a local alumni chapter.  The organization meeting was held January 25, 1987, at the Ogletree Street Recreation Center in LaGrange.  The first officers were Clarice Reed, President; Nellie Stargill, Vice-president; Lynda Rutledge, Secretary; Ida F. T. Jones, Treasurer; Vonekea Broone, Reporter/Journalist; Grace Harvey, Parliamentarian; and Katie Darden, Chaplain.  The initial membership was eleven members.  During its existence, the membership raised funds for local scholarship recipients and sponsored ASC recruitment drives at local high schools.  Traci Jones of LaGrange was the first scholarship recipient.  The chapter dissolved in 1993.


SCOPE AND CONTENT:  The collection consists of correspondence with Billy C. Black, President of Albany State College and Prince H. Brown, Executive Secretary, ASC Alumni Association.  Also included are membership lists, yearly alumni reports of local activities, news articles, financial records, and on campus events in which local alumni participated.



Folder1          Records, 1987-1988

            2          Records, 1988-1989

            3          Records, 1989-1990

            4          Records, 1990-1993

MS-2003.11ph            Photographs of raffle winners



Afro-American universities and colleges



Manuscript MS-090




SOURCE: Martha Anderson, 1988

SIZE: .2 linear feet


PROCESSING: PHW, December 2001



            The Travailleure Club was formed on April 27, 1939, by a group of women from the office staff of Callaway Mills.  By a majority vote “Travailleure,” which is French for female worker, was chosen as the club’s name.  The object of the club was to further friendly relations among the women of the Callaway Organization through education and social activities.  The club’s adopted theme song was “We are Going to Raise Cain.”  The first elected officers were Mrs. Julian Trippe – President, Miss Eleanor Orr – Vice President, Mrs. Jennie Hood Fincher – Secretary, and Mrs. J.D. Hill – Treasurer.  A list of charter members can be found in Volume One. Activities the club participated in included sponsoring a candidate for the annual Winter Games Queen contest, Holiday Dinner Dances, and tours of various Callaway Mills Plants.



            The two volumes contain clippings from the Callaway Beacon, correspondence, event programs, news articles, officer lists, and photographs which give insight into the activities and participants in the club.  News articles also include names of club members active in events and photographs are often included.



2 volumes: 1949-1960



Societies and Clubs – Troup County

Callaway Mills 


Manuscript MS-2006.05



SOURCE:  Catherine Holmes,Tabard Book Club, 2006

SIZE: .3 linear foot

SHELVING UNITS: 1 manuscript box




            According to article two of its constitution, the purpose of the Tabard Book Club, was “to stimulate interest in literature, chiefly contemporary, and in world events of general interest.” The club was founded in 1956.  The club derived its name from The Tabard Inn, the inn used in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.  Initially, the club met once a month, except for June, July, and August.  In May 2005, the club sent boxes of paperback books to Iraq for U.S. servicemen.  The club remains active.



            The bulk of the collection is a complete set of minutes spanning the years 1960-2005.  The majority of the minutes in the 1960s denote only the host, the book, and the book reviewer.  The minutes from the 1970s forward cover the meetings in detail.  Meetings included book reviews, refreshments, and occasionally current events.  Correspondence, news articles, fiftieth anniversary information, and Constitution and By-Laws from 1956, 1981, 1985, 1996, and 1999 complete the collection.  Photographs of club members and activities are also available.



Box 1

Folder1-6 1960-2005 Minutes, correspondence, and host/book reviewer sign-up sheets

            7 Constitution and By-Laws 1956, 1981, 1985, 1996, 1999

            8 50thAnniversary Information



            Folder 1: Club members and activities



Women- Societies and Clubs 


Manuscript MS-059




SIZE: 8 Volumes, .3 lf


               .3 lf

               30 photographs

PROCESSING: KL, October 1985



The records of the Troup County Chapter of the American Red Cross were placed on deposit in the Archives by chapter officials on September 10, 1985. Barbara Miller, 1985 Chapter President, Barbara Hudson, Director of the Chapter, and Milton Edelson presented the scrapbooks to the Archives officials.

The Troup County Red Cross chapter organized in May, 1917. The chapter, its meetings, and its activities were greeted with much enthusiasm in 1917. Early chapter functions supported the United States efforts in World War I. The first officers of the chapter were Henry W. Terrell, chairman; Mrs. T. J. Thorton, vice-chairman; Robert C. Key, treasurer; and Mrs. John R. Sterling, secretary. [More information on organizing can be found in scrapbook 1.]

Activities of the chapter have evolved through the years. Sewing garments for soldiers during World War I, fund raisers, gift boxes for soldiers, blood drives, sponsoring nurses aids and Gray Ladies for the local hospital, Junior Red Cross, and first aid safety courses are a few of the functions which have been sponsored by the agency.

The Troup County Chapter of the American Red Cross has long played an active roll in the County's civic and humanitarian activities. The chapter elects new officers each year and has a paid, professional Director to oversee blood drives and other chapter projects.



Chapter records include scrapbooks and photographs detailing activities of the Red Cross and the Junior Red Cross. Four scrapbooks were prepared as part of the International Red Cross scrapbook exchange program and reflect the activities and  thoughts of school groups in Japan, Washington State, and Siedlce. 

Scrapbook #1 is particularly valuable since its newsclippings and correspondence reflect early organizing efforts of residents to establish a local chapter of the Red Cross. Also reflecting the work of the chapter are scrapbooks #3 and #4 (now in folders). These scrapbooks date 1953 and 1958-60 and contain clippings and photographs about fund campaigns, blood drives, and such special projects as the Gray Ladies, Junior Red Cross and safety courses. Scrapbook #6, 1947-1967, reflects the activities and concerns of the Junior Red Cross in elementary schools and high schools throughout Troup County, but especially LaGrange. The remaining scrapbooks focus more generally on LaGrange and LaGrange High School or are from students participating in the Red Cross Scrapbook Exchange program.

A more complete description follows in the container list. Photographs which had come loose from scrapbook pages are filed with the Archives' Red Cross photograph collection. A complete listing of the photos follows this inventory.




Scrapbook #1 1917

     Clippings and correspondence regarding efforts to organize a local chapter of American Red Cross. Includes a list of fifty names on first charter application and copies of petitions to form a branch in Hogansville and to form auxiliaries for Western Troup, LaGrange Colored Red Cross, and Hillside. These petitions  include a list of names applying for the charter. Correspondence from Red Cross Headquarters is included here.


Scrapbook #2 1931 "LaGrange, City of Elms and Roses"

     Postcards and newsclippings about buildings and prominent citizens in LaGrange are contained in this scrapbook. There is no indication of who prepared this volume but it may have been designed for exchange with other Red Cross chapters. 


Scrapbook #3 1953


Scrapbook #4 1958-1960 Folders 1-6 (Box 1)

     Newsclippings and photographs detail the work of Red Cross internationally and in LaGrange through blood drives, fund campaigns, nurses aids, Gray Ladies, Junior Red Cross, safety courses, and aid to servicemen. Organizational information about officers and meetings is also included. Scrapbook #4 contains some correspondence, mostly form letters sent to blood donors and other volunteers. The annual report for 1957-58 is included as part of Vol. #4.

[Note: These scrapbooks were in poor condition with photographs and clippings coming loose from the pages. The scrapbooks were taken apart and newsclipping photocopied onto acid-free paper. Order of the scrapbooks was maintained as much as possible in the folders.]


Vol. 5-10 Junior Red Cross

Scrapbook #5, 1948 "An Album for LaGrange High School"

     This album of photographs and short essays about different departments and activities occuring at LaGrange High during the 1948-49 school year was prepared by the Junior Red Cross for exchange with other organizations. The preface reads "under the inspiration of the Junior Red Cross, LaGrange High School desires to aid high school students in our far-flung nation in becoming better acquainted with one another." Topics such as the yearbook staff, the Social Club, athletics, typing classes, Junior Red Cross, curriculum, and related subjects are detailed. Photographs were from the yearbook and were taken by Cosco Studios.


Scrapbook #6, 1945-1967

     Photographs, newsclippings, and correspondence detail activities of the Junior Red Cross for this twenty-two year period. Special programs, speakers bureaus, plays, bulletin boards and other projects are highlighted. Materials are generally in chronological order.


Scrapbook #7, Queen Jadwiga High School Siedlce

     Photographs with descriptions in English


Scrapbook #8, Tani Primary School, Japan

     Tani Primary School, Tani, Japan. Scrapbook of drawings with explanations in Japanese and English telling about life in this foreign community. Sent to Dunson Elementary, c. 1950s.


Scrapbook #9, Chonan Elementary School, Japan

     From Chosei-gun, Chiba Pref., Japan. Drawings with descriptions in Japanese and English telling of different facets of school life, c. 1950's.


Scrapbook #10, Central Valley High School

     In Greenacres, Washington. Photographs with captions, newsclippings and brochures about the high school and the geographic area. c. 1950s.



Folder 7

     American Red Cross Record for the year, 1944-1945 and handwritten copy of a speech given following the attack of Pearl Harbor.  Also a copy of International Red Cross Magazine, 1953.



Folder 1 Photos c. 1950s

 Ph 1-7 Photos from 1950-1959 scrapbook (b&w 5x7)

 1   2 Grey Ladies with children in hospital - Randy Williams, Mrs. George O. Jones' Mrs. D. E. Morgan and Linda McClain

 2   2 Grey Ladies preparing refreshments for Blood dopors

 3   5 Red Cross Ladies working at a table

 4   Blood Donors having temperatures taken, Mrs. Gardner Newman in front, J. Hugh Campbell photographer

 5   Blood  Donors with Red Cross workers, J. Hugh Campbell, photographer

 6   Marion Roberts of Red Cross and Dr. Joseph Krafka discussing value of Blood Donor program, Lee A. Stietenroth, photographer

 7   Gray Ladies in training session - identification with photo, 1960.


Folder 2 from 1950 and 1959 scrapbook

Ph 8      Joyce Jackson assisting a blood donor

   9      Red Cross volunteers in uniforms and with flags

   10     2 men with Red Cross plaque

   11     Troup County American Junior Red Cross, 5 students on   WLAG radio show, Lee A. Stietenroth, photographer, 1952

   12     Red Cross ladies with Law Enforcement Officers - possibly soliciting donors for upcoming Blood Drive, Q.N. "Fat" Johnson, photographer

   13     Red Cross Volunteers(?), J. Hugh Campbell, photographer

   14     Red Cross Volunteers with young blood donors

   15     4 men with Red Cross Flag - E.B. Wilder and Claude Handley are shown, c. 1958


Folder 3 - from Junior Red Cross Scrapbook #6, 1945-1965

PH 16 High School students prepare to give blood - Coach Hunnicutt, students, Mills, Taylor and Williams, Red Cross Volunteers Marguerite McArthur and Bobbye Stipe, Earl Bowen, photographer, 1956

   17     3 students preparing Red Cross Gift Boxes, c. 1950s

   18     Adults at a Red Cross picnic (?)

   19     3 handicapped persons at a Junior Red Cross Halloween Party

   20     Harwell Ave. Junior Red Cross - 4 boys working on a canned goods collection

   21     Unidentified school's Red Cross bulletin board. Bowen  Studio, photographer


Folder 4 - Loose photos from Vol. 6 Junior Red Cross, 1945-65

PH 22     4 school girls doing American Junior Red Cross Bulletin Board, Lee A. Stietenroth, photographer

   23     Junior Red Cross Students working, Lee A Stietenroth,   photographer

   24     Dunson School, Red Cross Bulletin Board with 2 students viewing exhibit

   25     Junior Red Cross members at LHS view gift box from    Mexico and beads from Samoa. Marianna Moore and Harvey Halman, Jr., Feb. 1956, Callaway Beacon photo.

   26     Students in Hogansville High Red Cross preparing American Red Cross School Crest. Photo by J. Hugh Campbell

   27     Dunson School Junior Red Cross, preparing scrapbook for Chance Cove, Newfoundland, Canada students. J. Hugh Campbell, photographer

   28     Dunson Elementary students preparing scrapbook for Junior Red Cross and looking at ones received from other countries.

   29     Dunson Elementary students posed in front of American    Junior Red Cross sign & scrapbooks

   30     Teacher and 3 students viewing Red Cross Nutrition Service Display, Sept. 1952



Red Cross

European War - 1914-1918 - Civilian Relief

Blood - Collections and Preservation

Junior Red Cross

LaGrange High School, 1948 "Album"

Japanese School Scrapbooks, c. 1950s



Terrell, Henry W.

Thorton, Mrs. T.J.

Key, Robert C.

Sterling, Mrs. John R.

Stietenroth, Lee A., photographer

Campbell, Hugh A., photographer

Bowen, Earl, photographer 

Professional Secretaries International, LaGrange Chapter

Manuscript MS-076




Source:Deborah Barnes, 1986

Size:  1 linear Feet

Shelving Units:1 document box

Processing:CI, June 2008



          Professional Secretaries International was founded in 1942. The association promotes competence and recognition of the profession and represents the interest and welfare of persons working in and preparing for secretarial professions. The LaGrange Chapter was chartered in 1979, and continues to meet.

          The LaGrange Chapter of PSI has sponsored seminars and workshops on secretarial careers and annually recognizes a Secretary of the Year and an Executive of the Year. Scholarships for students interested in secretarial careers are presented yearly.



          This collection consists of posters, clippings, brochures, flyers, photographs, and handouts that depict the activities of the association. Annual reports, member information and bylaws complete the collection.



1 Box of records



Women Societies and Clubs 


Manuscript MS-142




SOURCE:Estelle Bennett, 1995

SIZE: .7 linear feet


PROCESSING:PHW, December 2001



            The Pilot Club of LaGrange was chartered on May 12, 1942.  The Pilot Club is a civic organization for business and professional women with its primary purpose being to serve the community and its needs and to reach out into the international community to provide assistance as needed.  During World War II the club helped support and operate the LaGrange USO for soldiers from Fort Benning and soldiers passing through LaGrange.  Lucky number drawings were held and winning soldiers were given a free, long distance phone call to anywhere in the United States.  Other wartime activities included the making of surgical dressings for the wounded and sending cartons of cigarettes to soldiers stationed overseas.  Over the years, community activities have included providing milk for underprivileged children at Dawson Street Elementary School, donations to West Georgia Medical Center, involvement with the March of Dimes, a diabetic clinic, and scholarships to local girls to attend LaGrange College.  The club also sponsored the organization of Anchor Clubs in the local high schools.



            The 4 volumes include brochures, correspondence, event programs, and news articles.  These provide information regarding activities of the club.  Also included are postcards from trips made by members of the club to international and regional club meetings.  Club Newsletters can be found in volumes 2 & 3 covering the time period 1979-1981.  The newsletters contain information about the clubs previous meetings, club projects, and club members.



4 volumes: 1970-1989



Societies and Clubs – Troup County

World War II



Manuscript MS-064




SOURCE: Roundtable Book Club, 1986, 1990, & 2000

SIZE: 1.3 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS:4 manuscript boxes




            Founded in 1931, the Round Table Book Club was organized “to stimulate interest in literature, chiefly contemporary, and in world events of general interest” (according to article 2 of it’s constitution).  Initially, the club met 18 times per year, however, in 1975 the number of meetings was reduced to 9. The club has participated in various community activities.  During World War II, they sponsored USO dances and, during the Vietnam War, they sent Christmas gifts to Fort Benning for wounded soldiers.  They frequently sponsored guest speakers to give public lectures.  Past speakers include Dr. George Washington Carver in 1933, Lamar Dodd in 1940, and Medora Field Perkerson (author of White Columns of Georgia) in 1952.  The club remains active.



            The bulk of the collection is a complete set of minutes spanning the years 1931-1998. The meetings are covered in detail in the minutes.  Meetings consisted of reading the minutes from the last meeting, book reviews, refreshments, and occasionally current events.  Yearbooks contain officer and membership list and meeting dates.  Also included are correspondence, news articles, receipts, and information concerning the clubs Fiftieth Anniversary celebration.  There are also snapshots of club members.



Box 1-2:Minutes, 1931-1970

Box 3:Minutes, 1971-1992 & Yearbooks, 1931-1999

Box 4

Folder1 20th Anniversary Bookmarks, 1952

2 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1981

3-7 Books reviewed by Round Table Members, 1931-1981

8-10 Correspondence, 1933-1998

11 Funeral Bulletin for Nellie Terrell Sams, 1998

12 News Articles, c.1941-1993

13 Officer List, 1931-1985

14 Receipts, 1983-1994

15 Sign up sheets for Book Reviews and Refreshments, 1962-1963


- Snapshot photographs, c.1990



Women – Societies and Clubs 


Manuscript MS-032



SOURCE: Lynn Gerrard and club officers, 1984-1986

SIZE: 2 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 1 manuscript box,

                               6 volumes




The Newcomers Club is a women's organization whose purpose is to develop fellowship among new residents and to aid in their assimilation into civic and social activities in LaGrange. The club's business is managed by a board of directors consisting of elected officers and interest group chairmen.

Scrapbooks containing photographs and clippings documenting club's activities from its founding in 1974. Business records, including minutes of board meetings and general meetings, and newsletters date from 1978.



Box 1.

Folder 1. Constitution

        2. Minutes, Board of Directors meetings, 1978

        3. Minutes, general meetings, 1978

        4-10.  Newsletters, 1978-present

7 scrapbooks, 1974-present



Photographs, 1980



Women - Societies and Clubs  


Manuscript MS-078



DONOR:  Members of the LaGrange Lions Club

SIZE:  3 lf

SHELVING UNITS:            

            1 Manuscript box

            1 Photograph folder

            2 Record storage boxes

            4 Scrapbooks      




The LaGrange Lions Club was chartered March 14, 1929, with 29 members.  Dr. R. S. O’Neal was elected as the first President.  In 1991, the club changed its name to LaGrange Noon Lions Club.  The club is a division of Lions International, Georgia District 18-E.  The civic club meets weekly.

Through its members, the club aims to:  create and foster understanding among all people; promote good government and citizenship; take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social, and moral welfare of the community; promote bonds of friendship between members; and provide a forum for discussing matters of public interest.  In keeping with its motto, “We Serve,” the club, through the years, has provided many services to the local area including sponsorship of a municipal pool, lighting LaGrange High’s football field, providing scholarships for local graduates, and supporting youth related activities such as Little League teams, 4-H Clubs, Southern Peach Meet Invitational Swimming and Diving Championship, Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Good Shepherd Riding Academy.



These papers relate the history and growth of the LaGrange Lions Club and service to the community.  The papers consist mainly of club records in the form of minutes, financial statements, and membership lists.  Four scrapbooks in the collection record the community service work of the club and its participation in state and national conventions.  A 1991-94-membership notebook contains photographs and biographical information on members. 


Box 1  District and Local Club History; Constitution, Minutes and Financial Statements,


Box 2  Budget, Officers, Membership, Melvin Jones Fellowships, Income Tax Returns


Box 3  Awards (1973-2002)



Scrapbooks and Yearbooks

            1953-54           Scrapbook

            1954-55           Scrapbook

            1964-65           Scrapbook

            1974-75           Scrapbook

            1991-94           Yearbook



4-H Clubs

Societies and Clubs

Troup County History

Troup County Schools


Manuscript MS-180





Manuscript Collection No. 180



SOURCE: Chris Joseph, President LaGrange Sports Authority

SIZE: 15 linear feet

SHELVING UNITS: 12 storage boxes, 2 artifact boxes, 1 document box, 10 oversized posters





            In 1991, shortly after Atlanta won their bid to host the 1996 Olympics, LaGrange Mayor Charles Christopher “Chris” Joseph began an initiative to involve the City of LaGrange in the Olympic Games.  The “I Train In LaGrange” program, composed of over four hundred community volunteers chaired by Betty Fagundes and Helen Rice, successfully brought hundreds of athletes from forty-two countries to make LaGrange their temporary home.  Some even came to train for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

Bobby Reardon, a Troup County native serving on the Atlanta Committee for Olympic Games (ACOG) brought international coach Ron Davis to LaGrange.  Davis, who worked with Olympians training in Atlanta in 1988, was hired by Troup County Parks and Recreation Department to coach the international athletes. 

The International Olympic Committee designated LaGrange as one of the world’s six training centers and LaGrange was selected as the site for the U. S. Olympic 50 K Racewalk Trials.  Some athletes, like racewalker Allen James, actually moved to LaGrange.  Several countries chose LaGrange as their official training camp.  Local companies, the county government, and area churches joined hundreds of community residents by taking active parts supporting and promoting the project.  LaGrange College President Walter Murphy put college facilities at the disposal of the program.  The public schools began a program called Olympic Ambassadors to involve children in the initiative and to involve the athletes in local schools.  Local artist Phil Tompkins designed several posters and marketable goods which helped raise funds for the program.  Several community-wide celebrations were held to “Welcome the World” to LaGrange, including joint civic club and community luncheons, a large rally and parade which featured the flags of all forty-two countries, and a Downtown Block Party.  The Olympic Torch crossed LaGrange and Troup County with a ceremony on LaFayette Square.  Local citizens chosen by the United Way of West Georgia served as torch bearers.

The United States Information Agency, which administers several international programs including Fulbright Scholarships, sent inspectors who praised LaGrange as a model of international planning and goodwill.  The investigator said there was not another program like it nor any community where the people were so involved in welcoming the world.  I Train In LaGrange, and its eventual supervising agency, the LaGrange Sports Authority, gave LaGrange a significant connection to the 1996 Olympics and gave LaGrange a spotlight in the world.




            The collection is divided into four series.  One series includes subject files and correspondence from around the world covering the period 1992 to 1997.  The Archives has generally maintained the titles used by the LaGrange Sports Authority when they created the files.  A series of artifacts includes examples of merchandise, medals, drawings, and posters related to I Train In LaGrange and the Olympic 50 K Racewalk Trials held in LaGrange.  The forty-two national flags used in various parades and ceremonies in LaGrange are also part of the artifacts series.  Copies of events captured on video tape are included in another series.  There is also a series with collected printed materials and scrapbooks of pictures and clippings covering many aspects of the program, many from state, national, and international periodicals.  It also includes samples of stationery, booklets, and other printed materials








            1-6  ACOG Information 1992 – 1995

            7  ADM Foods

            8  Abiola, Chief Bushorun (Nigeria)

            9  Accident / Injury Reports

            10 Aerobatic Championships

            11 Agabani, Hassan M.

            12 Agents for Athletes

            13 Airline Corporation

            14 Alabama Crimson Classic

            15 Alabama Intercollegiates Open

            16 Alabama Relays

            17 Alexander, R. L. Guenda (Mozambique)

            18 All African Championships

            19 All Comers Meet

            20 Allen, John – photographer

            21 Applications / costs

            22 Archer, Daniels Midland Co.

            23 Archery / South Africa

            24 Army Track and Field Training

            25 Arroyo, Nick – photography

            26 Athlete / Agents

            27 Athlete Biography

            28 Athlete Information

            29 Athletes Data / Schedule

            30 Athlete Medical Bills

            31 Athlete Forms and Policies

            32 Athlete Lap Times

            33 Attache

            34 Attache File / Information

            35 Attache Info, South Africa

            36 Attache Correspondence

            37 Auburn Classic 1996

            38 Auburn Invitational 1993

            39 Auburn Springtime Track Club 1994

            40 Auburn University

            41 Barcelona Faxes 1995

            42 Barnesville Buggython Road Race

            43 Bassarab, Ann -  Friendship Force

            44 Batiste, Ron

            45 Battle, Charles, Jr. - ACOG V.P.

            46 Beddow, Ann – AOC rep.

            47 Bellinger, Laura – English Journalist

            48 Benavides, Adolpho

            49 Bermuda

            50 Best Dam Race in Georgia 1994

            51 Big Bear

            52 Biographies / V.I. P.s / Guests 1992-1994

            53 Birch, Greg – high school promoter

            54 Birch, Michael

            55 Bissett and Fortin

            56 Blanchot, Gerard

            57 Blinn College Track Team 1992

            58 Block, Debby – Voice of America

            59 Bonanno, Bert

            60-61 Bose, Robert von, Scholarship

            62 Bostic, Harold

            63 Boston Marathon 1993

            64 Botswana Correspondence

            65 Boulter, John – Reebok

            66 Bowman, Brad

            67 Boxing Venue

            68 Brazil

            69 Brennan, Bob – ACOG

            70 British Athletic Federation

            71 Brown, Ben / USA Today

            72 Brown, Jim / U S Army

            73 Brown, Ray

            74 Bruce Jenner Meet 1996

            75 Brundi

            76 Bruni, Roberto

            77 Bryson, Judy

            78 Budget 1993-1994

            79 Burris, Joe

            80 Byrnes, Mike 1993-1995

            81 Calendar of Events 1994-1995

            82 Callaway Gardens (Pat Sullivan)

            83 Cameroon

            84 Camp, Tommy (LaGrange Daily News)

            85 Canada

            86 Carr, Dorothy

            87 Cassell, Ollan

            88-89 Center of Excellence

            90 Chad

            91- 92 Chamber of Commerce, Olympics and Economic Impact

(see also Box 6 f. 87)

            93 Chinese Racewalk

            94 Christmas Tree Lane Run

            95 Civic Luncheon 1995

            96 Clement, Elizabeth

            97-98 Clemson Classic 1992 and 1995

            99 Clerk of Course Program

            100 Coaches Clinic

            101 Coaches’ Resumes

            102 Columbus Track Club

            103 Committees – Deposit, Budget

            104 Community Olympic Luncheon

            105 Complete 50 K

            106 Cook, John

            107 Cook, Michael

            108 Correspondence and Appearance Invites

            109 Correspondence and Hospitality 50 K

            110 Correspondence / Promoters, Russell Athletic

            111 Correspondence to South America

            112 Correspondence, U S Track and Field Asso.

            113 Correspondence, Costa Rica




1 Craig, Charles – Mauritius Media

2 Cross Country Program and Races 1993

3 Cross Country Championships, Results

4 Crystal Spring / Gator Aid

5 Cultural Olympiad – ACOG

6 Currency Exchange

7 Curtin, John – ACOG

8 Czech

9 D. C. Express Invitational

10 Davies, Laura

11 Davis, Davilla

12 Davis, Ron, coach

13 Dennis, Karen

14 Developmental Track and Field Clinics

15 Diack, Lamine

16 Diak, Papa Marketing

17 Dickson, John

18 Diet

19 District 4 GRPA / Hershey Track Meet

20 Djibouti

21 Douglas, Herbert P., Jr. – Jesse Owens Award

22 Downtown LaGrange Block Party

23 Drake Relays 1993 and 1995

24 Drape, Joe

25 Drew, Julian – South African journalist

26 Duke Invitational Track Meet 1995

27 Duracell, Inc.

28 Dustin, John – CNN Goodwill Games

29 East Coast Invitational Indoor

30 Eastern Michigan University Indoor

31 Ebanks, Dalton

32 Ecumenical Service 1996

33 Educational Funding – Athletes

34 Egleston Rainbow Run

35 Elite and Youth Athletes Time Trial Results

36 Ellis, Larry –President, U. S. Track and Field

37 Engel, Bernie – Dept. of State

38 Entry Fees – 50 K

39 Equestrian Venues

40 Ernst and Young

41 Evans, Lee – Qatar Coach

42 Fagundes, Betty

43 Fairburn Road Place

44 Falk, Bill

45 Fall Cross Country Youth Birth Certificates

46 Fall 1992 Youth Cross Country

47 Fall 1993 Parents’ Letters

48 Fall Road Race Cross Country

49 Fall / Winter 1993 Road Race and Cross Country

50 Fannin Court Housing

51 Fast Times Results

52 Faxes – Misc.

53 Faye, Oumar – Mali

54 Felli, Gilbert

55 Fifth Rochelle Stevens Invitational

56-61 Fifty K (50 K) Racewalk 1995 - 1996

62 Fiji Islands Correspondence

63 Final Countdown Track and Field 1996

64 Fischer, Thomas

65 Fish, Mike

66 Five K (5 K) Jingle Jog – Atlanta

67 Five K (5 K) Racewalk – Atlanta

68 Finland

69 Finland Delegation

70 Flags, Banners, and Accessories

71 Florida Fast Times Indoor

72 Florida Field Event Classic

73-74 Florida Invitational Indoor 1995 and 1996

75 Florida Relays 1993

76 Focus LaGrange Civic Lunch 1996

77 Footlocker Regional Cross Country

78 Forms 1994-1995

79 Fourth District Track – Carrollton 1993

80 France

81 Franklin, Harvey – Columbus Ledger

82 Franklin, Shirley

83 Franksen, Al

84 Gambia

85 Gamecock Invitational

86 Gator Classic Indoor

87 Gee, Mike

88 Georgia Athletic Foundation

89 Georgia Business Olympic Impact

90 Georgia Council for International Visitors

91 Georgia Games 1993

92 Georgia Invitational 1995

93 Georgia Junior Olympic Championships – LaGrange, 1995

94 Georgia Olympic Training Alliance

95 Georgia State Championships – Augusta 1993

96 Georgia State Games 1994 (Lisa Warren)

97 Georgia State USATF Cross Country Champs 1993 Marietta

98 Georgia TAC / USA Track and Field Info 1992-1994

99 Georgia Tech University Track Meet 1993

100 Georgia Tech Reebok Inv. 1996

101 Germany

102 Gillingham, Martin

103 Gilmer, Lance

104 Gist, Mary

105 Glad, Bill

106 Glover, Michael – Minister of Sports, Mauritius

107 G. O. T. A., Gen’l Info

108 Golden State Classic

109 Goodwill Games – St. Petersburg, Russia 1994

110 Goulet, Martin

111 Great Britain

112 Greece

113 Griffin Invitational 1993

114 Griggs, Tamika

115 Grinaker, Clive

116 Guillesbeau, Tommy – Georgia High School Association

117 Guinea

118 Gunderson, Gary – Burkina Faso

119 Guy, Dr. Danny – Sports Medicine

120 Guyana N. O. C.




            1 Harper, Gregory

            2 Harry Jerome Track & Field Meet 1996

            3 Headrick, Mark

            4 Hembree, Jennifer – Georgia Magazine

            5 Hendershott, John

            6 Hershey State Championships 1995

            7 High Jump Rules

            8 High School Athletes Results

            9 Hillmer, Anne – Canadian Olympic Association

            10 Hofhiener, Bill

            11 Holland Correspondence  [see also Netherlands, the]

            12 Holmes, Jerri – Education / Ambassadors

            13 Hospitality – Pre Olympics

            14 Hughston Clinic 10 K Classic

            15 Hutchinson, Greg – Sports Writer

            16 Housing

            17 Hudson, Emanuel

            18 Huntington, Randy – Coach

            19 IAAF Council – officers 1992 & 1994-95

            20 IOC & Olympic Solidarity

            21-26 I Train In LaGrange

            27 In Kind Donations

            28 Indian Ocean Games 1993

            29 Indiana Invitational

            30 Indoor Track Competitions

            31 Indoor Track Meets 1995

            32 Indoor Meet Info 1996

            33 Indoor Track Meet Results

            34 Infractions 1996

            35 Intercel

            36 International Athletes Scheduled Competitions 1994

            37 International Athletes Banking Info

            38 International Olympic Committee Correspondence

            39 International Protocol Handbook

            40 International Sports & Entertainment Strategies

            41 Interpreters

            42 Interstate / Johnson Lane Youth Meet 1994

            43 Invitational Meets 1992-1994

            44 Invoices / Contracts – facilities

            45 Isram, Jeewajee

            46 Ivey, Beni

            47 Ivory Coast

            48 Jackson, Alice

            49 Jackson, Maynard

            50 Jackson, Tony

            51 Jamaica

            52 Japan

            53 Jennings, Frankie

            54 Jennings, Joseph – WestPoint Stevens

            55 Johnson City Indoor 1995

            56 Johnson, Oliver

            57 Joint Civic Luncheon 1994-1996

            58 Joseph, Chris

            59-60 Junior Olympics

            61 Kent, Joel

            62 Kenya

            63 Key Corp Track and Field Classic – Cleveland, 1995

            64 Kidane, Fekkou – Switzerland

            65 Kidd, Bruce

            66 Kiefer, Adolph

            67 Kleine, John G. – Amoco Oil

            68 Koing, Antje – Adidas

            69 Kiwanis Olympic Track & Field Meet – Carrollton, 1993

            70 Kurek, Mary L.

            71 LaGrange All Comers Meet 1993

            72 LaGrange College

            73 LaGrange College Guest Speakers 1993-1994

            74-77 LaGrange International Training Center

            78 LaGrange International Training Program

            79 LaGrange Racewalk 1993-1996

            80 LaGrange Sports Authority   [see also Box 6 f. 12-22]

            81 LaGrange Sports Authority Registration

            82 LaGrange Sports Authority Evaluations 1992-1995

            83 LaGrange Sports Authority 1995

            84 LaGrange Sports Authority ByLaws

            85 LaGrange Sports Authority Financials

            86 LaGrange Sports Authority Minutes 1996-1997

            87 LaGrange Sports Authority – Misc.

            88 LaGrange Sports Authority – Receipts, Store




            1 LaGrange Sports Council

            2-3 LaGrange Track and Field Program

            4 LaGrange Track Club & Press Releases

            5 LaGrange Training Facilities (includes blue prints)

            6 Lapchick, Richard – Sports Studies

            7 Letters to Youth Parents

            8 Levine, Jay L.

            9 Lewis, Taylor, & Todd – city attorneys

            10 Lizandra, Mireia

            11 Local Correspondence

            12 Logo, Use of

            13 Long Cane 5 K / 10 K Run for Kudzu

            14 Lovejoy, Andrea

            15 Lovejoy, Kyle

            16 Lukken, Jeff

            17 Luncheon / Correspondence 1995

            18 Mahoney, P. Duffy

            19 Makela, Jarmo – Finland

            20 Makhathini, Sifiso – South Africa

            21 Maknin, Fabien – Editor, East African Mirro

            22 Maylaysia

            23 Mangue, Ruth – Equatorial Guinea

            24 March 4th, 1994

            25 Marketing

            26 Marketing – I Train In LaGrange

            27 Marketing – LaGrange Sports Authority

            28 Marketing – Olympic Games

            29 Marketing – Public Relations

            30 Martel, Carlos – Governor Miller’s office

            31 Marule, Jacob

            32 Masback, Craig - broadcaster

            33 Mason-Dixon Games – Louisville, Ky 1994

            34 Maughan, Barry – Voice of America

            35-37 Mauritius

            38 Mayor’s Proclamation

            39 McCook, Neville – Jamaica

            40 McIntosh Trail Fall Festival 1993

            41 McLean, Michelle – Miss Universe 1993 (Namibia)

            42 Media – Names

            43 Meet Promoters – World Class Athletes

            44 Millsport – 50 K 1995-1996

            45 Merrem, Anne

            46 Meyers, Karen

            47 Milan, Danny (also listed as Malan)

            48 Millar, John

            49 Miller, David

            50 Millrose Games – Howard Schmertz

            51 Mims, Madeline Manning

            52 Mobil Invitational – Fairfax, Va.

            53 Moore, Archie

            54-55 Morocco

            56 Moses, Edwin

            57 Mostaza, Miguel

            58 Mozambique

            59 Mt. San Antonio College Relays

            60 Munisteri, Cindy Monk

            61 Murphy, Dr. Walter – President, LaGrange College

            62 Namibia – correspondence

            63 Narewski, Stan – University of Florida

            64 Nassau, Bahamas Meet

            65 National Scholastic Championships

            66 National Scholastic Outdoor Track and Field

            67 National Scholastic Track Digest

            68 Newspaper Articles 1993-1996

            69 Netherlands, The [see also Holland]

            70 Newnan Chase Road Race 1993

            71 Ngwepe, Daniel

            72 Nigeria Correspondence

            73 Nike Twilight Invitational

            74 Nook, Brian & Bisset, Pierson

            75 Notre Dame Indoor 1996

            76 Odum, Charles

            77 Ogletree Center Olympic Day

            78 Oliver, Charles – University of Tennessee

            79 Olympic Ambassadors 1995-1996

            80 Olympic Cycling

            81 Olympic Day Run 1996

            82 Olympic Equestrian Events, Facilities, Boarding

            83 Olympic Force

            84 Olympic Presentation: Senoia

            85 Olympic Results: Barcelona 1992

            86 Olympic Tag

            87 Olympic Torch Relay Route Maps 1996

            88 Olympic V. I. P. Letters / Info

            89 Olympic Video

            90 Olympic Agreement – I Train In LaGrange

            91 Olympic (pre-Olympics) Committees

            92 Olympic (pre-Olympics) Events Calendar

            93 Olympic (pre-Olympics) 1993 Info

            94 Olympic (pre-Olympics) LaGrange College

            95 Olympic (pre-Olympics)

            96 Orand and Purple Classic 1995

            97 Orientation 1994-1995

            98 Orientation Package

            99 Osinski, Bill – Atlanta Journal




            1 Ouazzi, Mourag

            2 Outdoor Competition Results 1994

            3 Outdoor Meets – Results 1996

            4 Outdoor Meets – Alabama / Georgia

            5 Outdoor Track and Field Meets

            6 Outdoor Track and Field Results 1995

            7 Outdoor Track Meet Contracts 1993 – 1994

            8 Overheads for Speakers, Venne Update

            9 P & R Account Numbers – Olympic Track 1993

            10 Paid Receipts: Post Olympics

            11 Palde, Uldis – Latvia

            12-13 Pan American Games 1994-1995

            14 Pan American Racewalk Budget

            15 Pan American Racewalk Cup

            16 Parallel 11 Games 1996 [Parallel Eleven]

            17 Paraplegic Sports 1993

            18 Passport Info

            19 Pasta Dinner

            20 Patrick, David – USA Today

            21 Peace Run

            22 Peachtree City Youth Invitational 1994

            23 Pender, Mel – Gold Medal 100 Meter

            24 Penn Relays 1995-1996

            25 Pennell, John – Gold Medal Pole Vault

            26 People Information

            27 People in LaGrange, Athletes, V.I.P.s, Committee

            28 Perry, Phyllis

            29 Phillips, Tommy

            30 Pinaud, Yves – France

            31 Pine Mountain Tourism / Chamber

            32 Pins “I Train In LaGrange”

            33 AStol Range 1992

            34 Poster

            35 Poland

            36 Poland Correspondence

            37 Policies and Procedures: Main Street Athletic Club

            38 Portugal Embassy

            39 Priorities Lists – Ron Davis

            40 Pro Max Enterprises

            41 Program Coordinators – Message Therapist

            42 Protocol Handbook

            43 Puerto Rico

            44 Pyburn, Jack – project architect

            45 Qatar Correspondence

            46 “Quilt of Leaves”

            47 Racewalk Info

            48 Racewalk Flyers / Judges Letters 1996

            49 Racewalk Newsletters “Walktalk”

            50 Racewalk Trials

            51 Racewalking National Records 1994

            52 Racewalking Promotions and Public Relations

            53 Racewalking Publications

            54 Ramsey, Sam – South Africa        

            55 Reardon, Robert “Bob”

            56 Redd, William

            57 Recorder’s Duties

            58 Reebok

            59 Reebok Contract

            60 Reese, Stan

            61 Region III Cross Country – Virginia Beach, Virginia

            62 Region III Junior Olympics – Hampton, Virginia

            63 Region III Junior Olympics Track and Field

            64 Reno Games, Indoor Meet

            65 Restaurant / Atlanta

            66 Rhoden, Bill – New York Times

            67 Rice, Helen – notes

            68 Rico, Heliodoro – Mobil Meet Director

            69 Roadcourses

            70 Roddy, Tom R.

            71 Romero, Manuel

            72 Room Plans

            73 Rosen, Karen – Atlanta Journal Constitution

            74 Rosen, Mel – 1992 W. S. Head Coach, Track and Field

            75 Rowing

            76 Rowing – West Point Lake

            77 Rummin, O. K. – Mauritius

            78 Run for the Kudzu 10 K , 1994

            79 Run – Long Jump Rules

            80 Russell, Dr. John

            81 Ryan, Dr. Timothy

            82 Sail Planes (Joe Fagundes)

            83 Sail Planes 1993-1995

            84 Samaranch, Juan Antonio – President, International Olympic Committee

            85 Sams, Carol – President Georgia Racewalk

            86 Sanford, Murray

            87 Santanello, Tracy

            88 Saudi Arabia

            89 Scott, Jack – Sports Therapists

            90 Scott, Pat

            91-92 Sea Ray Relays

            93 Seattle Track Classic 1996

            94-95 Seychelles and Indian Ocean Games

            96 Sheskey, Bill – President Georgia TAC

            97 Shooting

            98 Sierra Leone

            99 Signed Country Contracts

            100 Silvey, Steve – Blinn College

            101 Simmons, Robert

            102-103 Simmons, Dr. Sandy

            104 Simon, Garland

            105 Sizwe, Sydny Mdluli – South Africa

            106 Slovakia




            1 Smith, John – Coach

            2 Softball

            3 Softball Throw Rules

            4-6 South Africa

            7 Spain

            8 Spanish Embassy

            9 Speeches / Sports Authority

            10 Spino, Mike

            11 Sponsor / Support Requests

            12 Sports Authority Agenda  [see also Box 3 f.80-88 and Box 4 f.1]

            13 Sports Authority Agreement (Helen)

            14 Sports Authority Board Mailing List

            15 Sports Authority Board Minutes 1995-1996

            16 Sports Authority Info

            17 Sports Authority Goals and Objectives

            18 Sports Authority Correspondence

            19 Sports Authority Organizational Structure

            20 Sports Authority Staff Meetings

            21 Sports Authority V. I. P. Correspondence

            22 Sports Authority Venue Volunteers

            23 Sports Federation

            24 Sports Medicine

            25 Sports Psychology USA Track and Field

            26 Spring Parents’ Letters 1994

            27 Spring Track and Field Events

            28-29 Spring Track 1993

            30 Spring Track Program – Boys 1994

            31 Spring Track Program – Girls 1992

            32 Spring Youth Track Participants 1994

            33-34 Spring Youth Track Program 1993-1994

            35 Springville Sprint 5 K 1993 – Powder Springs, Georgia

            36 Standing Long Jump Rules

            37 “Starting Line Magazine”

            38 State Junior Olympics 1993 – Westminster High School

            39 State Junior Olympics – LaGrange

            40 Steele, Michael – Coca-Cola

            41 Stewart, Roger

            42 Stretching Exercises

            43 Sudan

            44 Summer Track Athlete Entries 1994

            45 Summer Track Program 1993

            46 Summer Track Youth Registrations 1993

            47 Summer Youth Track Club 1993

            48 Sumpter, Sidmel Espes – WAGA TV

            49 Supreme Council of Sports

            50 Surinam – N. O. C.

            51 Swaziland

            52 Sweden

            53 Swimming Venue

            54 Swift, Cynthia

            55 TAC Junior Olympic Cross Country

            56 T V 33 – Sponsors

            57 “Take Back the Night” Racewalk – Decatur, Georgia

            58 Tanzania

            59 Tatum, Robert

            60 Tche, Ernest

            61 Team Training Contracts

            62 Telephone Messages

            63 Tepeps, Dove-Edwin

            64 Terry, Roy

            65 Thank You Notes

            66 Thomas, Georgianne

            67 Thompson, Mike

            68 Timers Clinic

            69 Tokyo Sports

            70 Toomey, Bill

            71 Torrellas, Rick

            72-73 Track 1991 -1992

            74 Track and Field Calendar

            75 Track and Field Countdown

            76 Track and Field and Running Events 1994

            77 Track Awards

            78 Track Equipment

            79 Track Meet Officials – Volunteers

            80 Track Participation Reports 1992-1995

            81 Track Program Overview 1993

            82 Track Stadium and Racewalking Course

            83 Track  Work / Study

            84 Transportation 1993- 1994

            85 Travel and Hotel Accommodations

            86 Travillion, Wendy

            87 Troup County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Report

[see also Box 1 f.91-92]

            88 Troup County Invitational Results

            89 Troup County Manufacturing Directory

            90 Troup County Parks and Recreation Staff

            91 Troup County Spring Youth Track Invitational 1993

            92 Troup County Track Meet Entries 1994

            93 Troup County Youth Track Invitational 1993

            94 Tuition, Fees, Books – LaGrange College 1993-1995

            95 Tunisia

            96 Turkey

            97 Turner, Larry – Carrollton

            98 Tuskegee University

            99 Tymuson, Craig

            100 Tyson, Dr. Richard




            1 U. N. C. Track Classic (University of North Carolina)

            2 U. S. Air Invitational

            3 U. S. Ambassador, Penne Korth, Mauritius

            4 USA Mobil Outdoor 1994

            5 USA Track and Field Newsletter “The Record”

            6 USA Track and Field Card No.

            7 USA Track and Field Champ 1996

            8 USA Track and Field Georgia Association

            9 USA Track and Field National Championships

            10 USA Track and Field Junior Olympic

            11 USA Track and Field Junior Olympic Championships 1994

            12 USA Track and Field Junior Olympic Nationals 1993

            13 USA Track and Field Meet Directors’ Directory 1993-1994

            14 USA Track and Field Mobil Indoor 1994 Atlanta

            15 USA Track and Field Officials Clinics / Rules 1993-1994

            16 USA Track and Field 1993 30 K Racewalk National

            17 USA Track and Field State Junior Olympic Championships

            18 USOC (United State Olympic Committee) – Licenses

            19 USOC – Leroy Walker Letter – LaGrange Benefits

            20 Uganda

            21 United Arab Emirates

            22 United Way

            23 University of Illinois

            24 V. I. P. Athletes and Coaches Info

            25 V. I. P. Hospitality / Agenda 1994

            26 V. I. P. Itinerary, Visits 1989-1993

            27 Vancouver Sun Jerome Invitational 1995

            28 Veii, Dr. – Namibia (Hans von Holtz)

            29 Vision Africa – South Africa

            30 Voice of America

            31 Volunteer Schedule & Job Descriptions

            32 Waddle, David

            33 Wagner, Berny

            34 Ware, Carl

            35 Welcome Baskets & V. I. P.

            36 Welcome Ceremony 1996

            37 West Georgia Technical College

            38 West Georgia Youth Council 1992-1993

            39 West Point Lake – Maple Creek

            40 West Point Pepperell Linens – Athletes / Dorms

            41 West Point Pepperell Proposal – Press Release 1993

            42 Whatley, Ian

            43 Wheaton, Frank – Unity Games 1992

            44 Whitfield, Mal &


Manuscript MS-2003.16



SOURCE:  Jim Lindsey

SIZE:  .3 lf



HISTORICAL NOTE:  The Veterans of World War I of the United States of America, Inc., was organized in 1949 and chartered by Congress in 1958.  The local barracks of this organization, the Frank Winn Barracks #2395, was chartered on January 3, 1961, with twenty-nine members.  A ladies’ auxiliary unit also existed.


SCOPE AND CONTENT:  The collection consists of a photocopy of the charter with members’ names, a certificate of appreciation, news articles, and membership cards for the ladies’ auxiliary.  A collection of artifacts, hats, badges, and a flag/banner plus some photographs complete the collection.




            1          Certificate and correspondence, 1961-1969

            2-3       Ladies’ Auxiliary, Membership cards, A-Z

            4          News articles, 1962-1966



ART 2003.24              Hats, badges, banner

TRP-316                     Photographs




Troup County History

Troup County Servicemen

World War I

World War II



Manuscript MS-016



DONOR: Members of the LaGrange Rotary Club, 1983-2006

SIZE: 17 linear feet, 13 volumes


 8  manuscript boxes photographs/negatives

14 records storage carton                               1 box slides

  1 OP folder                                                   1 OP Box

 41 rare books                                                             1 box snapshots

 13 scrapbooks                                                1 box Audio/Visuals

PROCESSING: DHS, October 1985; RAA, June 1990; BNJ, August 2001; FCJ August 2006; FCJ October 2006



The LaGrange Rotary Club, organized in the Spring of 1923, was chartered September 27, 1923  under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of West Point.  The LaGrange club is part of District 6900 of Rotary International.  Membership in a Rotary club is based on classifications of business and professions in the community.  Club membership is a cross-section of business and professional interests in the community and emphasis is placed on regular attendance.

Rotary Clubs meet weekly, the LaGrange Club on Wednesdays.  Through its members, the club impacts many aspects of local social, economic, and political life, provides many services to the community, and supports many projects worldwide.  Scholarships for LaGrange College students, promotion of Victory Gardens in World War II, donation of equipment to local medical and educational facilities, and financial aid to local and worldwide organizations and institutions constitute a few of the projects of LaGrange Rotary Club.  Support of programs, such as STAR Student-Teacher program, Rotaract Club, Interact Clubs, Special Olympics, Camp Viola, and Boys and Girls Clubs, exemplify the club's continuing commitment to the future.  Support of numerous literacy, housing, and cultural projects highlight their community commitment.  Contributions of local members to the Rotary International Foundation, which finances health, welfare, educational, and peace projects over the globe, are among the highest in District 6900.



These papers relate to the growth of LaGrange as evidenced by a local civic organization.  From cooperation with the WPA (Works Progress Administration) in the 1930s, through its eightieth anniversary celebration in 2003, these papers reveal the history of the club and its interaction with the local community.  The records date from 1923.  Periodic additions keep the collection current.

These papers consist mainly of club records in the form of minutes, committee reports, membership lists, newsletters, correspondence, scrapbooks and news clippings.  Membership files include biographical data on some of LaGrange's most prominent citizens 1928-1960.  An index to members' biographies is included in the container list.  The collection also includes newspaper clippings, photographs, and club memorabilia.  The collection is divided into five series: Club Records, Rotary Club Publications, Scrapbooks, Photographs, and Miscellaneous.  Committee reports and minutes of director's meetings are especially informative about the club's concerns, objectives, and activities.  The newsletters afford a detailed look at the activities of the club and its members.



Series I:  Club Records, 1923-Current

11 boxes, 1 OP folder, 1 OP1 box

Records in this series include minutes of the LaGrange Rotary Club's Board of Directors meetings from 1928 to current.  These minutes contain committee reports and recommendations by the Board regarding club activities and projects.  Membership and officer lists, attendance reports, and financial information from 1923 are located here.  Biographical questionnaires prepared by thirty-two of the club's members in 1928 are a valuable source of information on LaGrange's Depression Era business and professional leaders.  An attendance and financial ledger for the years 1961-1970 can be found in the Scrapbooks and Volumes.  In addition, a Secretary’s Record Book for the years 1927-1931 is available.  Administration and activity reports from club presidents, 1929-1941 and 1995-2006, and annual committee reports, 1928-2003, detail club activities.  Club correspondence dating from 1929 to 1974 deals largely in attendance matters.  Members remained concerned over attendance even when serving overseas during World War II.

Correspondence concerning the planting of area Victory Gardens, and other World War II projects,  can be found here, as can information regarding the sponsorship of a patient at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation.

The LaGrange Rotary's Silver, Golden, and 75th Anniversary celebrations in 1948, 1973, and 1998  are detailed. This includes a scrapbook filled with photos and newspaper clippings pertaining to the Golden Anniversary.  


Series II:  Rotary Club Publications 1923-1938, 1959-current

2 manuscript boxes, 40 bound volumes

The "LaGrange Rotary Club Bulletin", a weekly publication, was first published November 12, 1923, one month after the club's first meeting.  An appeal to find a "proper name" for the publication is in this first issue.  The "Rotary in LaGrange" consisted of club news, general information, editorials, attendance records and jokes.  Most of the issues until 1938 can be found here.  These newsletters provide an informal look at LaGrange and some of its business and professional leaders in the years following World War I up to World War II.

In February, 1950, after a twelve-year lapse, a newsletter titled "The Rotary Wheel" was published. The sub-title of this issue proclaims it as the "Unofficial Publication of the LaGrange Rotary Club,” issued as and when time permits.  Five years later, the club began a publication entitled "The Wheel of Rotary", comprised of weekly program information, club news, attendance records, and editorials.  Since 1958, the newsletter has been published on a weekly basis.  Bound copies of these newsletters from 1958 to the current day can be found at RB-34. (Occasional issues may be missing.)

Series III:  Scrapbooks 1964-2004

13 volumes

Scrapbooks prepared to "indicate the plans and accomplishments of the Rotary Club of LaGrange for the year and serve as a reminder of your year as Club President" are included here.  These scrapbooks represent the tenure of eight club presidents.  They are filled with photographs, newspaper clippings, club memorabilia, and annual committee reports.  Recent scrapbooks have been added to the collection along with award clipping notebooks.

A scrapbook of the club's golden anniversary celebration in 1973 is also included.  Photographs of the festivities comprise the majority of this scrapbook's content along with a few newspaper clippings and related items.

Scrapbooks from one of the club’s sponsored youth groups, Troup High Interact Club, give details of that group as well.


Series IV:  Photographs 1923-2006

11 folders, 1 slide box, 4 envelopes of negatives, 1 snapshot box

Group portraits from 1930 and 1950-current make up the bulk of this series.  Most of these group photos were taken in front of the Troup County Courthouse or Highland Country Club by Snelson Davis, O.N. Johnson, or J. Hugh Campbell.  An identification list accompanies the 1960, 1964, and 1966 photos.  Individual photographs of Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., and Hatton Lovejoy can be found here.  Photos of the erection of the Lafayette Statue in downtown LaGrange in 1975, the Rotary District 6900 Convention in 1977, the Rotary Health Fair of 1982, Rededication of Lafayette’s Statue in 2001, and meetings and special projects are also included.  Photographs of several club events and projects from the years 1999-2003 show Rotary at work.

Enlargements of individual members taken from the 1930 group photo are found here in a slide format.  These individual close-ups include Fuller Callaway, Sr., Fuller Callaway, Jr., Cason Callaway, Hatton Lovejoy, Lewis Price, Dr. Wallace Clark, George Cobb, Jr., and B. J. Mayer. Slides taken of club meetings, news clippings and social functions can also be found here.  Four envelopes of negatives of a variety of club activities conclude the series.  A detailed container listing of photographs and slides can be found following this inventory.  Mounted photographs used in various displays and exhibits can be found in Series V.


Series V:  Plaques, Displays, Awards, and Miscellaneous Items 1960-2003

8 records storage container, 4 OP containers

Certificates and plaques given to the LaGrange Rotary Club honoring its contributions and achievements make up the bulk of this series.  Rotary directories and awards of appreciation honoring sponsorship of the Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) Program are also filed here.



Rare Books

RB34.58/59, 59/60, 60/61, 61/62, 62/63, 64/65, 66/67, 68/69, 69/70, 76/77, 77/78, 78/79, 79/80, 80/81, 81/82, 82/83, 83/84, 84/85, to current.

Bound copies of "The Wheel of Rotary” from 1958 to the present, with a few years missing.

Bound copy of  District Governor’s Monthly Newsletter 1991-1992 Walter Y. Murphy of LaGrange, Dist. Gov.

Bound copy of  “75 Years Rotary In LaGrange 1923-1998,” a history of Rotary Club of LaGrange, softback

RB34 Rotary? (Chicago, Illinois: Rotary Club of Chicago) 1934.




Box 1


1       1929-1941          Activities and Administration Reports

            2-5    1948                   25th Anniversary LaGrange Club

            6       1973                  50th Anniversary LaGrange Club

            7       1926-1971          Attendance Reports

            8       1966-1970          Audit Reports

            9       1936-1959          Budgets

          10                                  Clark, Wallace Dr.

          11-13  1930-1980         Committee Assignments and Officer Lists

          14       1928-1934          Committee Reports

          15-16  1954-1956         Committee Reports

          17       1967-1968          Committee Reports

          18       1942                   Telegram

          19       1948                   25th Anniversary Letter

Box 2


          1-3       1968-1971        Committee Reports

          4           1973-1974        Papers

          5           1961                 Constitution and Bylaws

          6-10     1929-1974        Correspondence

          11-12   1929, 1974        District Records

          13                                  History and Organization, pamphlet

          14-16   1923-1967        Membership Lists and Reports

          17-24   1928-1957        Minutes

          25-27   1955-1977        Members, classifications, officers


Box 3


          1-13   1957-1976          Minutes

          14                                  Miscellaneous

          15                                  Past Presidents, lists

          16      1932-1955           Programs, Weekly (Newspaper clippings)

          17      1934,1965           Questionnaire, Quiz, and Riddles

          18                                  Rotary International Material

          19      1950                    Scholarship Program, article

          20      1928-1966           Treasurer's Reports

          21      1966-1967           Agendas, Weekly meetings

          22      1966                    Ladies Night


Box 4:  Biographies


          1            Billinghurst, George E.

          2            Burdette, Hiram Speer

          3            Burks, Henry D.

          4            Callaway, Ely Reeves

          5            Callaway, Thomas James

          6            Callaway, Dr. Enoch

          7            Fincher, Herman C.

          8            Finn, John R.

          9            Fisher, Thomas Orr

         10           Glanton, Henry Dixon

         11           Grimes, Ira B.

         12           Hudson, J.D.

         13           King, Barrington, J.

         14           Lehman, Albert, Jr.

         15           Lehman, William P.

         16           Leman, DeManville Abraham “Moville”

         17           Lovejoy, Hatton

         18           Mayer, Barney J.

         19           Milam, Judson J.

         20           Park, Emory R.

         21           Parker, Charles R.

         22           Perry, John Albert (Ab)

         23           Quillian, Hubert Travis

         24           Redding, Paschal Edmund (Pete)

         25           Rowe, Frederick F.

         26           Sargent, George H.

         27           Thompson, William E.

         28           Traylor, James Edward

         29           Trotter, McKie Massenburg

         30           Turner, William H., Jr.

         31           Wood, Gustavus L. “Gus”

         32           Wooding, Howard S.


Box 5


         11956, 1961          Rotary Classifications, 1956, 1961

         2  1952-1958           Committee and Program Appointments

         3  1958                    Rotary Concert, April

         4  1957-1963           Rotary Club Foreign Student Project

         5  1957                    Rotary Club Service Committee

         6  1957                    International Service Committee

         7  1957                    Club Service Committee

         8  1958                    Rotary Club Financial Statement

         9  1957                    Educational Foundation

         10 1958-1961          Board of Directors Minutes

         11 1949-1963          Committee Reports

         12 1956-1958          Bulletins

         13 1958-1959          Correspondence

         14 1958                   Attendance

         15 1957                   Club Reports to District Governor

         16 1964-1965          Gardner Newman's Rotary Papers



Box 6


         1  1955-1956           Rotary Club Reports

         2  1954-1955           Rotary Club Reports

         3  1957-58               Report to District Governor

         4  1952-1953           Program Committee Reports

         5  1957                    Correspondence

         6  1957                    Committee Service Reports

         7  1958                    Rotary Convention

         8  1958                    Rotary Club District Institute

         9  1957                    Rotary International

         10 1957-1958          Governor's Monthly Letters

         11 1957-1963          New Members

         12 1975                   Program, February 12:  Steve Dugan

         13 1957                   Report to Governor


Box 7                         


         1          1958            Make-up Certificates

         2          1948-1961  Club Correspondence

         3-5       1961-1962  Presidential papers, Tom Hutchinson

         6          1962-1963  Correspondence

         7-8      1963-1964  Club organization, correspondence

         9-11    1975-1994  Attendance Records

         12-15  1993-1995  Correspondence

         16-17  1994-1995  Presidential papers, Ken Ingram (continued in Box 8)


Box 8             


         1-19     1994-1995  Presidential papers, Ken Ingram (continued from Box 7)

         21         1994           Paul Harris Sustaining Member Certificates

         22-35    1995-1996  Immediate Past President papers, Ken Ingram

         36         1996-1997  Financial Records




Box 9              Presidential Papers


         1-26    1995-1996          Pat H. Holder

         27-29  1996-1997          Wayne Livingston       


Box 10            Presidential Papers


         1-3       1997-1998         Ajalon E. “Danny” Daniel, III

         4-26     1998-1999         Fred L. Jones

         27-47   1999-2000         Frank S. “Chunk” Newman


Box 11            Presidential Papers


         1-12     2000-2001         Charles D. Hudson, Jr.

         13-17   2001-2002         Forrest C. Johnson, III

         18-21   2002-2003         Kaye Lanning Minchew

         22-26   2003-2004         Stuart Gulley

         27-29   2004-2005         Robert L. “Bobby” Carmichael, Jr.

         30         2005-2006         Nancy Thuesen Gell



SERIES II:  Newsletters


Box 1           Rotary Newsletters, unbound


Folder 1-15  1923-1938  Rotary in LaGrange


Box 2          Rotary Newsletters, unbound


Folder 1       1950            The Rotary Wheel

2      1955-1956    Rotary Club of LaGrange

            3      1956-1958    The Wheel of Rotary

            4-6  1970              The Wheel of Rotary

            7     1972, 1975     The Wheel of Rotary       





13 Volumes

Vol. 1              1961-62                               Tom Hutchinson

Vol. 2              1964-65                               Charles Hudson

            Vol. 3              1965-66                               James S. Holder

            Vol. 4              1968-69                               Henderson Traylor

            Vol. 5              1969-70                               Waights G. Henry

            Vol. 6              1973                                    Golden Anniversary

            Vol. 7              1989-90                               Pete Newman

            Vol. 8              1995-96                               Pat Holder

            Vol. 9-12         1981, 1983, 1985, 1986      Troup High Interact Club

            Vol. 13            2003-2004                            Stuart Gulley    




1                      Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. n.d. Photo Studio Harris and Ewing, Washington, D.C.

            2                      Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. n.d., b&w. Photo by Taskett Studio, LaGrange, Georgia.

3                      Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. and Waights G. Henry photographed in front of the   Lafayette Square Fountain as statue of LaFayette is being installed.

 4                     Hatton Lovejoy. b&w.

            5-6                   Unidentified individual

7                      Group of 6 men, including Gardner Newman. b&w.

8                      Five members of the local club with Renrick Guernsey, a Past President of Rotary International. A silver anniversary photo, 1948, b&w. Photo by O.N. Johnson, LaGrange, Ga.

9                      Charles Hudson, 1970, b&w, with an enlarged copy of the club's October 8, 1930 group photo.

            10                    Southwest LaGrange YMCA

            11                    Jim McAllister and two unidentified people.

            12                    Club photos, n.d., b&w. Photo by Johnson

            13                    1960, b&w.

            14                    c. 1950-1960, b&w. Photo by Johnson.

            15                    1962, b&w. 2 copies.

            16                    1964, b&w. Photo by J. Hugh Campbell, 3 copies.

17                    1966, b&w. Photo by Campbell. 2 copies

            18                    1969, b&w. Photo by Campbell. 2 copies.

            19                    1979, b&w.

            20                    Club photos, 1980, b&w.

            21                   Rotary Club sponsored baseball team, 1978, color.

            22-24               Rotary Convention, 1977, color. Mr. and Mrs Charles Hudson.

            25                    Club photo, n.d.

            26                    Visit to Elm City Plant, 26 May 1948

            27                    Unidentified, unidentified, Charles Hudson, n.d.

            28                    Bradfield family with foreign exchange student, n.d.

29                    James T. Gresham

30                    Memory and Forrest Johnson, 14 May 1963 (not numbered) 15 snapshots of unidentified Rotary convention (not numbered) 45 snapshots of Health Fair 1982

            31-46               15 snapshots of unidentified Rotary convention (not numbered)

            47-92               45 Snapshots of 1982 Health Fair

            93-97               Various group photos (undated)

            98                    1974 Group Photo

            99-100             Elske Wortman, Exchange student

            101-106           1997 State Convention 

            107                  Rotary Group Photo

            108                  Rotary Club Members, c. 1958

            109-112           Rotary Sponsored Youth Teams 2003

            113                  Venezuelan Group Study Exchange 2003



Box 1-4           Copies and close-ups of individuals in group photos.

                        Box 1 Includes a group photo (c. 1950's) not found in photo collection.


            Box 2             From 1930 group photo.


            Box 3              Shows 1950-1951 club and a Rotary meeting, n.d.

Box 4             Includes 1942, 1951, 1963, 1969, and 1980 clubs.

Box 5              Close-ups of individuals, including: Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., Lewis Price, Hatton Lovejoy, Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., Ely Callaway, Dr. Park, George Cobb, Jr., Cason Callaway, B.J. Mayer, and Dr. Wallace Clark

Box 6              Rotary Club meetings, celebrations, and newspaper clippings


Box 7              Manor Realty Company, Hudson Hardware Company safe. Included are slides of Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. and Waights G. Henry in front of the Lafayette statue, and other miscellaneous photos


Snapshot Box


         1                                     Jekyll Island Conference

         2         1998                    District Governor Ann Henderson’s visit to LaGrange

         3         1998-1999           Meetings, Activities

         4         1999                    Group Study Exchange

         5         2000                    Camp Viola Project

         6-12   2000-2001           Rotary Programs

         13       2000-2001           Meetings, Activities

         14       2001                    Programs, June

         15-16  2001                    Career Day, Rosemont Elementary School, March

         17-36  2001                    Lafayette Statue Rededication, French Rotarians Visit

         37       2001-2002           Meetings,  District Conference

         38       2002                    July 4th Sweet Land of Liberty Parade

         39       2003                    Group Study Exchange

         40       2002-2003           Meetings, Activities  





Box 1

Miscellaneous Plaques, Best Club Bulletin District 690, 1959-1960. Awards of

Appreciation, honoring sponsorship of local STAR program. Rotary International stamp and

decal District 690 Yearbook, 1957-1959 Rotary International Directory, 1970-1980


Box  2


         1   1994-95        Rotary Club Roster (notebook)

         2   1994             Rotary Sponsored Little League Baseball Team, 3 mounted print

         3   1995-1996    Georgia Rotary Student, Elske Wortham, mounted print


         4    1998             Rotary Health Fair, West Georgia Commons Mall, 4 Mounted Prints           

         5    1998             Boys and Girls Club, mounted print

         6    1998             Salvation Army Bell Ringers, mounted print

         7    1998             Recreation Department, mounted print

         8    2000-2001    LaGrange Rotary In the News (Notebook)

         9    2001             Lafayette Rededication, 23 Mounted Prints

         10  2001             Visitor Folder Presented to French Delegation

         11  2001             Lafayette Square, mounted print

         12                       Star Student Photo, mounted print

         13                       Folder: Thank You Letters from School Children


Box  3 

            Assorted Banners from U.S. and International Rotary Clubs

            Badge:  Lt. Gov. Wayne Livingston, District 6900, 1998-1999


Box  4

            Plaques Presented to LaGrange Rotary Club by

                        Boys and Girls Club (3)

                        Business Council of Georgia (STAR)

                        Troup County Chamber of Commerce

                        Rosemont Elementary Club

                        Rotary District Governor, William M. Mulkey, 1997-1998

                        Rotary-1994-95 Presidential Citation

                        Rotary-1997-98 Presidential Citation

                        Rotary International-75th Membership in Rotary Certificate

                        Waights G. Henry, Jr. District Governor Plaques (2)

                        Rotary Sponsored Little League Baseball Team, 1993


Box 5              Material from 75th Anniversary Exhibit


Box 6              LaGrange Daily News special edition 100 Years of Rotary 2-23-2005

                        Time Magazine 100 Years of Rotary June 2005

                        District 6900 History of Rotary 1915-2000

                        LaGrange Prayer Breakfast program 2005

                        Special lapel pins (2)

                        Rotary of LaGrange booklet “Character in the Workplace”

                        District 6900 Conference Catalogue 2002

                        LaGrange Club Member Manual 1996

                        LaGrange Club Directory 1999

                        Conference Awards 2003

                        Commemorative water bottle 2005 (empty)

                        Commemorative wine bottle 1998 (empty)


Box 7              Audio/Visuals


            1          VHS LaGrange Rotary’s HIV/AIDS Awareness video 2002

            2          VHS District Conference 2002

            3          VHS LaGrange Rotary’s PolioPlus Benefit Ballet, featuring Nancy Gell in The Swan, 2004

            4          CD LaGrange Rotary’s Literacy Projects

            5          CD Club Directory photographs

            6          VHS Introduction to Rotary

            7          VHS Paul Harris, Rotary Founder

            8          VHS Lafayette Statue Rededication, 2001

            9          Audio Cassette Rotary’s Character Education tape

            10        VHS Rotary International’s 100th Birthday Message 2004-2005

            11        CD Boyd Park Dedication 7-4-2004

            12        CD International President Glenn Estess visiting LaGrange 2005

            13        CD Humanity in Motion

            14        CD Record Number of Paul Harris Fellows, LaGrange Club

            15        CD Rotary Literacy Project

            16-18   CDs Rotary Pictures 2003, 2004, 2005

            19        CD Rotary Documents, Pictures

20        CD District Governor Visit, LaGrange 9-25-2004

21        CD Rotary Service Awards 2004-2005


Box 8              Citations/Awards


                        Presidential Citation 2004-2005

                        Governor’s Citation 2005

                        Runner – Up Perfect Attendance 2004-2005

                        Best Display 2005

                        Governor’s Citation 2006

                        Centurion Club Citation 2004


OP (Oversize Papers)

A souvenir edition of the LaGrange Daily News, dated February 20, 1980, honoring the 75th anniversary of Rotary International. (2 copies)


OP Box 1

            3 Rotary Banners (Awards for Club, 1998-1999)

            Poti Diploma issued to Ken Ingram

            Poti Certificate

            Georgia Rotary Student Program Roster, LaGrange sponsored students,1950-1996

            Rotary Club Charter (Certificate)

            Mounted Membership Photo


OP 2    1923-1998 Framed Plaque on 75th Anniversary (Presented to LaGrange Rotary by

            Al Lipphardd, District Governor, District 6900


OP 3    2005 framed Proclamation of Troup County Commissioners for Rotary International Day 2-23-2005


OP 4    framed certificate of LaGrange Rotary’s partnership in Jimmy Carter Work Project 2003



    Health Fair

    Local History, 1923-1934

    Manners and Customs, 1923-1934

    Societies and Clubs

    Victory Gardens

    Warm Springs Foundation

    Troup High Interact Club

    Jimmy Carter Workshop



    MS-65 George Forrester Papers



Manuscript MS-122




SOURCE:   Marjorie Beard

SIZE:  1 volume





Various ministerial associations have played important roles in weaving the social and religious fabric of Troup County.  The LaGrange Reporter noted in 1885 that local ministers organized a convention to encourage prohibition in the county.  Since then, the associations have met with various pastors and denominations serving as presidents.  In 1944, the ministerial associations planned for celebrating the end of World War II and, in 1949, opposed the showing of Sunday movies in Troup County.  In 1954, the LaGrange Ministerial Association raised money to build a chapel at City–County Hospital (West Georgia Medical Center).  In 1992, ministers opposed the opening of a nude dance club in Troup County.  The LaGrange Ministerial Association, an organization of white ministers, sought to merge with the black LaGrange Ministerial Alliance in 1971 but this union was not completed.  Today, some local ministers belong to the West Georgia Ministerial Alliance.



This volume contains minutes of the LaGrange Ministerial Association from September 1965 to January 25, 1971.  A review of the minutes notes that the association was concerned with various local problems (schools, alcoholism, teenagers) and sought local and national speakers to provide information and possible solutions.  Throughout the time period, the association provided chaplains to the hospital and nursing homes in the area.  This volume ends with no information on the formation of a new organization.  



1 volume



Ministers, Troup County 


Manuscript MS-046



SOURCE:Cheryl Mansour, September, 1984; Georgia Mallory, 1992 & 1995; Jane Teaver, 

                   February, 2001

SIZE:.6 Linear Feet

SHELVING UNITS:2 Manuscript Boxes

PROCESSING:KL, November, 1984; PHW, February, 2001



            The LaGrange Council of Church Women was organized prior to 1929 (minutes begin in 1929). An earlier reference to a similar organization (the Trinity Council of Church Women) appears in the LaGrange Reporter on September 1, 1926.  The Women's Missionary Union was an earlier name for the group.  Participation in the Council is open to all ladies of LaGrange churches with principal support coming from the LaGrange First Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian Churches and from St. Mark's Episcopal and St. Peter's Catholic Churches.  The group affiliated with the Georgia Council of Church Women at their June 29, 1942 meeting.

            The Council currently meets twice a year. From 1929 until the mid-1970s they met four times a year on the fifth Monday of the month.  The ladies have long been active in community projects. Since 1928, they have yearly contributed to Camp Viola, a recreational camp near Mountville for underprivileged children who would not otherwise have been able to experience camping.  Viola Burks, active in the Council and the First Baptist Church, directed the Camp's activities.  The Church Women also contributed to or ministered to the needs of the Old Ladies Home, Colored Folks Home, local jails, the City-County Hospital, World Day of Prayer, and the LaGrange Clothing Center.  The Council remains active today with sponsorship of the Clothing Center a major project.



            These records consist primarily of Council minutes, correspondence, news clippings, financial information, programs, reports and membership lists.  The minutes give a particularly good picture of the concerns and goals of one group of Troup County women during most of the twentieth century.  The minutes cover a period from 1929-1997, however, this is not a continuous set.  Gaps occur within the minutes and some minutes are contained within the scrapbooks. The number of people attending each meeting is given although the names of those present are not.  The minutes give a clear indication of the activities being supported by the club.  Records in the collection also include lists of officers and reports on programs supported by the council.  Some financial material and miscellaneous items are also available.  Correspondence is generally in the form of thank-you letters from persons representing agencies assisted by the council.  Correspondence is scattered over a time period beginning with 1934 and ending with 1997.  News clippings refer to upcoming meetings, special events, and activities such as the annual World Day of Prayer, the LaGrange Clothing Center, and Camp Viola.  Scrapbooks contain minutes, financial information, photographs, and news clippings covering the periods, 1979-1990, 1990-1993



Box 1


            1-12 Minutes 1929-1998

            13-14 Correspondence 1934-1997

            15 Reports and Programs

            16 Members and Officers lists 1929-c.1995

            17 Financial Information & Miscellaneous Items

            18 Newspaper Clippings

            19 By-laws of the LaGrange Council of Church Women


Box 2    Scrapbooks 1979-1997



LaGrange Council of Churchwomen

World Day of Prayer

Camp Viola

Church Group Work

Colored Old Folks Home of LaGrange

Viola Burks

Dorothy R. Harrison



Manuscript MS-2002.13



SOURCE:      Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cain

SIZE:  .3 lf




            The LaGrange Concert Council had its origins in a project of the Music Section of the LaGrange Woman’s Club in 1946.  A meeting was held March 13, 1947 at the Colonial Hotel for the purpose of forming a Concert Association.  Mr. Hubert Quillian was elected Chairman, Mrs. Eugene Baker, Co-Chairman, Miss Louise Bagley, Secretary and Mr. Hawley Smith, Treasurer.  An Artist Committee of Mr. Pierce Blitch, Mr. Charles Allen, Mrs. Eugene Baker, Mrs. Alvin Davis, and Mr. William Deal was appointed.  Miss Edna Duncan was named Chairman of the Ticket Committee and Miss Eleanor Orr was appointed Chairman of Publicity.  According to the minutes the Music Section of the Woman’s Club signed up some two hundred guarantors and secured two concerts by outstanding artists during the winter of 1946-47.

The LaGrange Concert Association provided entertainment for LaGrange citizens until 1955 when the organization temporarily suspended operations for one year due to monetary difficulties.  The last record is a 1957-58 membership list.  During the 60s the concert association was revised as the LaGrange Mutual Concert Association.

            [Note:  The LaGrange Symphony Orchestra grew out of the LaGrange College Community Orchestra and was not a part of the LaGrange Mutual Concert Association.]



            The collection contains correspondence with performing artists, their agents, programs, staging diagrams, and membership drives.  Minutes of the Council’s meetings are included as are two volumes of membership lists.  The collection also contains a list of the World War II Combat Awards given to Dr. Emory Oslin Veale, brother-in-law of Miss Edna Duncan.





  • Constitution, By-Laws, Council Minutes, 1947-1950
  •       Correspondence, 1949-1954
  • Dr. Emory Oslin Veale, World War II Combat Awards



  • Membership Lists, 1951-1958
  • Membership Lists, not dated


    Performing Arts

    Societies and Clubs – Troup County 


    Manuscript MS-2008.10




    SOURCE:  Troup County Board of Commissioners

    SIZE:  4 lf

    SHELVING UNIT:  4 Document boxes

    PROCESSING:  NAD and BNJ, 2008



    The LaGrange Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1911.  W. A. Reeves was elected President with R. L. Render serving at Vice-President.  R. O. Key was elected Treasurer.  Board members elected were E. B. Clark, Chairman, Ely R. Callaway, J. H. Edmondson, J.G. Truitt, C. N. Pike and W. S. Davis. The original purpose of the organization was to promote civic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, social, and educational development for the city of LaGrange and Troup County. In 1935, the Chamber was reorganized under the leadership of President M. B. Hammond. 

    During the 1935-1950 time frame covered by the collection, the Chamber established a grower’s market, applied for funds to further develop Callaway Airport, assisted in the organization of the Community Chest, promoted 4-H Clubs and encouraged the building of a fountain in Memorial Park (the site of the old courthouse on the Court Square).  In addition, the Chamber campaigned for funds to build a City-County Canning Plant and a Livestock barn. The Chamber also assisted in planning for a dairy co-operative and formed the Livestock Association.



    The collection is arranged by correspondence, president notes and livestock records.  Much of the information in the correspondence section deals with requests from businesses looking for various information about LaGrange, i.e. number of particular types of industries, hotels, population, etc.  There are also requests from individuals seeking information about moving to the area.  Notes and correspondence pertaining to the Chamber’s presidents include minutes of meetings, correspondence with other towns and with the National Chamber of Commerce.  The minutes contain information on various projects but often lack details.  The material on livestock and canning plant reports is more complete as is information about building the Taft Memorial Highway, US 27, and State Route 109.  Membership cards for the 1947-48 are included as is information on donations for completion of the Rural-Urban Building.  Three scrapbooks cover Chamber events during the time period.



    Box 1  Correspondence


    1          1935-1936

    2-10     1937

    11-15   1938

    16-20   1939

    21-23   1940

    24-31   1941   

    32-37   1942

    38-41   1943

    42-46   1944

    47-64   1945-47


    Box 2  President Notes and Projects


    1          M. B. Hammond, 1935-36

    2-5       Frank Tigner, 1936-37

    6-9       Frank Tigner, 1937-38

    10-14   W. H. Milam, 1938-39

    15-17   W. F. Jarrell, 1939-40

    18-19   V. B. Ingram, 1940-41

    20-21   Lewis Price, 1941-42

    22-24   Frank Tigner, 1942-45

    25-26   John Wilcox, 1945-46

    27-29   P. G. Blitch, 1946-47

    30-36   H. N. Brady, 1947-49

    37-39   Highway 109 Paving Project

    40        Taft Memorial Highway Building Project


    Box 3  Livestock Show and Sales


    1-3       First Annual Show, 1939

    4-5       Second Show, 1940

    6-7       Third Show, 1941

    8          Fourth Show, 1942

    9-12     Fifth Show, 1943

    13-16   Sixth Show, 1944

    17        Seventh Show, 1945

    18-19   Eighth Show, 1946

    20-22   Livestock Correspondence, 1939, 1941-44, 1946-47

    23        Stockyard Supply Company, 1940-48

    24        Canning Plant Reports, 1943-44

    25        4-H Club Calves, 1947

    26-35   Livestock Reports, 1938-1947

    36-38   Rural Urban Building, 1948-49

    39-40   Merchant Information, 1940

    41        Annual Dinner, 1949

    42-45   Merchant Correspondence, 1946-47


    Box 4  Membership Cards, 1947-48




    1          Miss LaGrange and Miss Georgia Pageant, 1949

    2-3       News clippings, 1949-1954; 1951-1952


    ARTIFACT-2008.35   LaGrange Banking Company passbook, 1949


    MAP-006        1939 Georgia State Highway Map


    PM-1108         Southern Peach Swimming and Diving Championship programs, 1948, 1949




    Merchants, LaGrange

    Ruban Association

    Troup County Livestock

    Troup Farmers Foundation



    LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce, MS-121



    Manuscript MS-161



    SOURCE: Mrs. William Deal, 1998

    SIZE: .1 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS:1 volume

    PROCESSING:PHW, November 2001



                The LaFayette Society for the Performing Arts was founded by a group of people from Greenville, West Point, Franklin, Pine Mountain, Hogansville, and LaGrange with a shared interest in promoting the arts in the area.  A forum was held at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on November 19, 1979 to determine interest for such an organization in the community.  The society was incorporated on March 24, 1980 and according to the articles of incorporation, the mission of the society is to “promote, cultivate, and further enhance the performing arts experience available to all LaGrange area residents through the enlistment of the best efforts of local citizens showing a proven interest in the community-wide benefits inherent in and associated with performance-based arts, and by supporting, organizing, and otherwise fostering local, regional, and national talent in a venue accessible to all in the community.”  Since its inception, the society has offered an array of performances, including the annual Nutcracker, which first opened on December 2, 1983. They originally sponsored the LaFayette Singers and the LaGrange Community Orchestra.  The society is the umbrella organization for: the Azalea Story Telling Festival, LaFayette Opera Theatre, LaFayette Chorale (both men & mixed), LaGrange Ballet Company, Young Singers of LaGrange, and the Youth Orchestra.  They have also conducted various workshops for people of all ages. 



                The scrapbook contains articles of incorporation, board minutes, by-laws, event programs, & news articles.  The articles of incorporation have information concerning the formation of the society and its purpose.  Board minutes include list of members present, a summary of discussion, and old business.  The by-laws outline the general powers of the board of directors, number of members allowed, tenure qualifications, and voting rights.  Event programs give the dates of the performance, a list of performers and stage crewmembers, and a list of contributors.  News articles include information regarding performances, projects, and workshops. These typically include names of people involved along with a photograph.



    Volume One: 1980-1995



    Societies and Clubs – Troup County

    Performing Arts







    Manuscript MS-072





    SOURCE:   Donna Smith, 1986; Carol Stewart, 1988; Miriam Lukken, 1989

    SIZE:3 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 3 Manuscript Box

    11 Scrapbooks

    PROCESSING: PHW, February 2001



                The first Woman’s club was organized in Troup County in 1908.  The club entered the state federation the following year under the name “The LaGrange Woman’s Club” (as stated in the club’s constitution).  The Junior Woman’s Club is the junior division of the LaGrange Woman’s Club and is a service organization.  Each year, the club takes on numerous projects that enhance the lives of others.  Among the projects that the club has done in the past includes a Bike-a-thon to benefit Cystic Fibrosis research, the Faculty Follies (in conjunction with LaGrange High School), Trees on Parade, an annual cookbook, and a downtown beautification project.  Money from these and other projects go to benefit organizations such as the National Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Tallulah Falls School, and local groups.



               This collection contains records and scrapbooks.  The records can be found in the three manuscript boxes.  The records are comprised of awards, a copy of the by-laws and constitution, correspondence from 1949-1982, minutes from 1947-1986, yearbooks from 1954-1984 (some years missing), financial records, and miscellaneous documents. There are also 11 scrapbooks in this collection containing photographs, news articles, event programs, and publications concerning the club and their activities.  Both the club records and the scrapbooks are useful sources for research about members and activities of the club.



    Box 1


                1 Awards, 1984-1986

                2 By-Laws & Constitution

                3-10 Correspondence 1949-1982



    Box 2


                 1-29 Minutes 1947-1976


    Box 3


                 1-6 Minutes 1977-1982

                7-8 Miscellaneous 1980-1984

                9 Treasurer’s Report 1978-1981

                10-16 Yearbooks 1954-1984

                17-19 Minutes 1984-1986



                1 1974-1975

                2 1975(Follies scrapbook)

                3 1978-1979

                4 1981-1982

                5 1982-1983

                6 1983-1984

                7 1984-1985

                8 1985-1986

                9 1986-1987

                10 1987-1988

                11 1988-1989



    Service Organizations – Troup County


    Manuscript MS-165




    SOURCE: Kathy Tilley and various Club Members

    SIZE: 3.5 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 6 records boxes, 1 photograph box and one oversized notebook

    PROCESSING: LBJ March 2004



    The Junior Service League of LaGrange was founded as a charitable and educational woman’s organization in 1973.  The purpose of the league, according to its by-laws, is to “foster interest among its members in social, economic, educational, cultural and civic conditions in their community and to make efficient their volunteer service.”  From its beginning, the league has been actively involved in numerous community service projects.  These include the Project Love Battered Women’s Shelter, Camp Viola, improvements for the Youth Guidance Center, the Nutcracker performance, Buckle-Up Baby, Children’s Theater, Art Discovery and Super Saturday at CVAM, Child Abuse Prevention Puppet Show, vision and hearing screenings at local schools, and the Mollie Lukken Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The club also holds fundraising activities including the annual Attic Sale and the Junior Service League Cookbook, Southern Born and Bread.



    Included in the records are minutes, membership rolls, correspondence, and yearbooks. Also included are financial records that contain tax returns, annual audits, and end of year statements a 1989 video for the Junior Service League Ball and four audio tapes of board meetings, c. 1985, also appear in this collection. The scrapbooks contain news articles, publications, event programs, and photographs. The records and scrapbooks give insight and details about activities the club undertakes.



    Box 1: Financial Records

    Audits, 1977 – 1987 and 1990-92

    Tax Returns, 1975-79, 1982 and 1991


    Box 2: General Meeting Minutes

    Folders 1-4     1973 –1993

                            Scrapbook, 1988

                            Scrapbook, 1989


    Box 3: Board Meeting Minutes

    Folders 1-5     1973-93

                6          Junior Service League By-laws and Policies, c. 1973-76

    Cassette Tapes of meetings, c.1985 (4)


    Box 4: Correspondence, 1973-86


    Box 5: Correspondence, Committees and Reports

    Folders 1-4     Correspondence, 1987-93

                5          End of year reports by the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, 1973-93

    • Finance Committee notes 1992

    General Funds Notebook, 1991-92

    Treasurers Report Notebook


    Box 6: Newsletters, Yearbooks and Fundraising


    1          Newsletters, September 1976 - April 1978

                2          Newsletters, April 1980 – April 1985

    3-6       Yearbooks, 1973-75, 1977-85 and 1986-87

                7          Attic Sale, 1975

                8          Pricing List, October 1982

                9          Guidelines, 1984

                10        Guidelines (Draft), 1989

                11        Quota Sheet, nd

                12        Top Hat and Tails program, 1986

                                        Right Stuff play program flyer, 1984

                                        Black and White Ball invitation, nd

                                        A Southern Celebration Charity Ball and Auction, 1996


                Video tape of  Junior Service League Ball, 1989


    Box 7: Membership


    1          Membership Rolls, 1973-93

    2-5       Provisional Members, 1986-90

                6          Prospective Members

                7          Membership Assessment, 1990

                8          Membership Ballot, October 27, 1983

                9          Placement Pamphlet, 1981-82

                10        Booklets, 1982-84, 1987-88 and nd

                11        Opportunities

                12        Interviews, 1986-87

                13        Questionnaire


    Box 8: Photographs

    Folders 1         Attic Sale, 1985

     2         Junior Service League Programs, c. 1985-89

                 3         Past Presidents and Mayor’s Proclamation, c.1993

                 4         Fund raising events


    OP-1:  Junior Service League Grant Notebook



    Service Organizations

    Societies and Clubs -- LaGrange




    Manuscript MS-077



    Source:Evelyn Jordan, PRS, 1980

    Size:9 Linear Feet

    Shelving Units:1 document box

                              6 scrapbooks

                              2 notebooks

    Processing:CI, June 2008



              The Beta Mu Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, an honorary society for teachers, was organized March 15, 1966, with 19 charter members. The society promotes growth among women educators. Dr. Lillian Clark, a charter member, authored the chapter’s history, which is included in the collection.   



    This collection is composed of minutes that highlight some of the society’s activities, including scholarship luncheons, initiation ceremonies, and travels to various conferences. The scrapbooks serve as the society’s yearbooks. Included in the collection are profiles of State Presidents and International Directories.





                        Vol 1-2


                        Vol 1


                        Vol 1-3


                        Vol 1-2



    The following items are separated from Box 1:


              Vol 3 1988-2000


              Vol 2 1994-1996

              Vol 3 1996-1998

              Vol 4 1998-2000

              Vol 5 2000-2002

              Vol 6 2002-2004


              Vol 1 May 11, 1929

              Vol 4 1992-1994

              Vol 5 1994-1996

              Vol 6 1998-2000


              Vol 3 1966-1970

              Vol 4 1970-1994

              Vol 5 1985-1994

              Vol 6 1994-1996

              Vol 7 1996-1998

              Vol 8 1999-2001

              Vol 9  2001-2003

              Vol 10 2003-2007



    Women: Societies and Clubs

    Education Associations       


    Manuscript MS-003



    SOURCE:  LaGrange Chapter, N.S.D.A.R., 1983

    SIZE:  4.5 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS:4 document boxes

                    11 volumes (scrapbooks)

    PROCESSING:  RA, 1991



         The Susannah Elliott Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution organized in LaGrange in 1894 as one of the first D.A.R. chapters in Georgia only to disband in November, 1902. The LaGrange Chapter organized February 5, 1920, and has remained active as a patriotic and service organization of women since that time.

         The N.S.D.A.R. is open to women who can prove descent from a soldier or other individual who materially aided the cause of American independence. The Society's objects are to perpetuate the memory and the spirit of the men and women who achieved American independence, to foster patriotic citizenship, and to promote the development of an enlightened public opinion.

         A paper titled "History of the LaGrange Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, 1920-1956~, (box 1, folder 1) by Louise Haralson Holder, recounts the chapter's early activities. More recent accomplishments are documented in scrapbooks dating from 1976. Details on specific projects can be found in the miscellaneous committee reports (1980-1987) and minutes of monthly meetings (1975-1987). Yearbooks (1964-) contain membership rosters, lists of officers and monthly program schedules. (New records and scrapbooks are periodically added to the collection.)

         LaGrange Chapter member, Mrs. Neil Glass, served as State Editor and Press Relations Chairman, 1950-1952. Two scrapbooks prepared by Mrs. Glass contain newspaper clippings relating to state and national D.A.R. activities during the early fifties.

         A chapter of Children of the American Revolution was sponsored by the LaGrange D.A.R. chapter from the late 1920s through the 1940s. Membership applications, including pedigree charts, contain genealogical data on many of Troup County's oldest families. Minutes, treasurers' reports, and a few items of correspondence (1928-1948) comprise the chapters' business records. Five copies of Children of the American Revolution Magazine, 1942-1947, describe the Society's national activities.



    Box 1  Historical and Business Records

    Folder     1  Application for charter, Susannah Elliott Chapter, N.S.D.A.R., 26 November 1895

                 "History LaGrange Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, 1920-1956," Louise Haralson Holder

                 Roster of patriot ancestors, LaGrange Chapter, n.d.

                 Roster of LaGrange (and Sussannah Elliott) Chapter members, 1894-1966

         2  Certificates of merit to LaGrange Chapter members, 1954-1960

                 Newspaper clippings, 1959-1960

         3  Miscellaneous national D.A.R. publications, 1947

         4  Minutes, 1975-1987

                 Treasurers' reports, 1982-1987

         5  Yearbooks, 1964-1965, 1967-1968, 1976-1987


    Box 2  Committee Reports, 1980-1987

    Folder     1  American heritage

         2  American Indians

         3  Americanism and D.A.R. manual for citizenship

         4  Annual letters

         5  Annual reports of regents

         6  Budget

         7  By-laws

         8  Centennial Jubilee

         9  Chaplain

         10  Children of the American Revolution

         11  Conservation

         12  Cooperation with Sons of the American Revolution

         13  Correspondence

         14  Corresponding Secretary

         15  Constitution Week

         16  Continental Congress

         17  Executive Committee minutes

         18  Fall Board of Management

         19  Flag

         20  First Vice Regent

         21  Genealogical records

         22  Georgia Day

         23  D.A.R. Good Citizens

         24  Graves of Revolutionary soldiers

         25  Historian

         26  Histories of Revolutionary soldiers

         27  Honor roll

         28  Inactive committees

         29  Insignia

         30  Internal Revenue Service

         31  Junior American Citizens

         32  Junior membership

         33  Liberty Love Day

         34  Librarian

         35  Lineage research

         36  D.A.R. Magazine

         37  Meadow Garden

         38  Medals and prizes

         39  Membership

         40  D.A.R. Museum

         41  National defense

         42  Parliamentary procedures and protocol

         43  Press book

         44  President General

         45  Print-outs


    Box 3  Committee Reports, 1980-1987

    Folder     1-2  Programs

         3  Public relations

         4  Recording Secretary

         5  Regent

         6  Registrar

         7  Resolutions

         8  D.A.R. School

         9  Scholarships

         10  Scrapbook

         11  Service for veteran patients

         12  State conference

         13  State Regent

         14  Textbook study

         15  Transportation safety

         16  Treasurer


    Box 4  Children of the American Revolution

    Folder     1  Correspondence, 1936-1948

         2-3  Minutes, 1928-1948

         4  Treasurers' reports, 1928-1935

         5  Children of the American Revolution Magazine, 1942-1947

         6-10  Membership applications



    Scrapbooks (11 volumes), 1950-1952, 1976, 1979-1983, 1985-1989



    Children of the American Revolution

    Patriotic organizations



    Women's organizations 


    Manuscript MS-2002.02



    SOURCE:  Yellow Jacket District, Boy Scouts of America

                        Joe Westbrook

    SIZE:  1 scrapbook

    PROCESSING:  BNJ, 2002



    This collection consists of one scrapbook in which area recipients of the Eagle Scout Award recorded their thoughts on “What Scouting Means to Me.”  In most instances a photograph of the Scout, his troop number, sponsor, city and date of award is given.  Some Scouts also received the Silver Scout Award, the 2ndhighest achievement and advancement in a given year.



    Name                              TroopSponsor                        City                Date       Silver Award

    Allen, Douglas                                                                                        03-23-64

    Askew, Albert                  12       Methodist Church           Chipley           03-25-57

    Beasley, E. Steward III     21       First Methodist               LaGrange        04-63     

    Beaty, Cummins              9         First Presbyterian           Manchester     12-29-59

    Behr, Johnny                   8         St. Mark's Episcopal       LaGrange        02-25-63

    Benkert, John                  32       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville     08-30-60

    Bennett, Barry                 32       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville     12-18-56yes

    Bennett, Barry                 32       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville     09-26-55

    Binion, Larry                                                                                           04-27-64

    Bishop, Paul                                                                                                        

    Borders, John P. Jr          21       First Methodist               LaGrange                     

    Borders, Thomas             21       First Methodist               LaGrange        11-25-63

    Bray, Charles                  28       Kiwanis Club                  Manchester     01-08-56

    Burke, Hugh Earl             24       Callaway Mills Co           Manchester     05-09-54

    Callaway, Robert Jr.        21       First Methodist               LaGrange        10-28-57

    Chewning, Walker            19       First Baptist                    LaGrange        01-23-58

    Childs, Joe J. Jr.             8         St. Mark's Episcopal       LaGrange        11-62     

    Clements, Mack               37       Chamber of Commerce   Greenville       03-56     

    Criswell, Harold               89       Rotary Club                    Warm Springs12-28-55

    Davis, James Alvin          8         St. Mark's Espiscopal     LaGrange        07-25-55

    Denman, Barry B.            19       First Baptist                    LaGrange        11-62     

    East, Floyd                      9         First Presbyterian           Manchester     09-60     

    Fackler, C. Whit               21       First Methodist               LaGrange                     

    Fackler, Ronny                21       First Methodist               LaGrange                     

    Fowler, Wayne                 24       Callaway Mills Co           Manchester     10-23-55

    Garrison, Jimmy              28       Kiwanis Club                  Manchester     07-28-57

    Gay, Sidney Michael        32       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville                  

    Gilbert, Bob                     37       Chamber of Commerce   Greenville       01-23-58

    Gill, Luke                         28       Kiwanis Club                  Manchester     02-07-54

    Gore, Joe E.                    21       First Methodist               LaGrange        09-63     

    Grace, Kenneth D. Jr.      8         St. Mark's Episcopal       LaGrange        08-26-57yes

    Grace, Kenneth D. Jr.      8         St. Mark's Episcopal       LaGrange        10-56     

    Griffith, Sanders III          20       West Point Pepperell                             11-1966

    Griggs, Johnny                37       Chamber of Commerce   Greenville       03-56     

    Grimes, Ira B. III              21       First Methodist               LaGrange        02-26-62

    Guy, James William         47       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville     07-25-55

    Hamer, A. Elwyn Jr.         21       First Methodist               LaGrange        04-28-58

    Hammett, Herbert            47       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville     06-28-54

    Hardaway, Guy Jr.           37       Chamber of Commerce   Greenville       03-56     

    Harman, Calvin                37       Chamber of Commerce   Greenville       01-23-58

    Harman, Claude Jr.          37       Chamber of Commerce   Greenville       01-23-58

    Head, George Bruce III    32       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville     10-26-59

    Holliday, John                  37       Chamber of Commerce   Greenville                    

    Johnson, Forrest Clark III21       First Methodist             LaGrange      06-22-64

    Kelly, Jimmy                    32       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville     07-23-59

    Kirby, Wyatt                    36       Trinity Methodist             LaGrange        10-24-55

    Livingston, Lamar            12       Methodist Church           Chipley           12-18-56

    Magnan, Jesse                47       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville     06-28-54

    Magnan, Jesse                47       U.S. Rubber Company    Hogansville     03-56      yes

    Mahaffey, Donnie             36       Trinity Methodist             LaGrange        10-24-55

    Mahaffey, Tommy            36       Trinity Methodist             LaGrange        10-24-55

    McClain, Marshall            28       Kiwanis Club                  Manchester     03-28-54

    McCurdy, Ellis "Skeet"     24       Callaway Mills Co           Manchester     10-16-55

    McCurdy, James             24       Callaway Mills Co           Manchester     05-09-54

    Melton, Jack M.               38       American Legion Post 88                       Manchester                                       05-28-62                                  

    Messer, Johnny               32       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville     02-23-59

    Nixon, Charles W. Jr.       21       First Methodist               LaGrange        05-26-58

    Parham, Louis                 63       Kelly Grammar School    LaGrange                     

    Parker, Eugene                8         St. Mark's Episcopal       LaGrange        09-24-56

    Parker, Eugene Jr.           8         St. Mark's Episcopal       LaGrange        01-23-58yes

    Parker, Joel                     40       Chamber of Commerce   Pine Mountain07-14-59

    Partain, Bill                      9         First Presbyterian           LaGrange        12-02-56

    Pearson, James D.          21       First Methodist               LaGrange        11-25-63

    Perling, David                  28       Kiwanis Club                  Manchester     01-23-56

    Phillips, Jack                   40       Chamber of Commerce   Pine Mountain              

    Quigley, Pat                    37       Chamber of Commerce   Greenville       03-56     

    Quillian, Rudolph T.         21       First Methodist               LaGrange        09-24-62

    Rice, Kenneth                  21       First Methodist               LaGrange        1963      

    Rice, Paul                        8         St. Mark's Episcopal       LaGrange                     

    Seay, Roy Jr.                  37       Chamber of Commerce   Greenville       03-56     

    Shackelford, Walter         21       First Methodist               LaGrange        11-23-59

    Shaw, Birdis                    47       U.S. Rubber Company    Hogansville     03-56      yes

    Shaw, Tommy                 9         First Presbyterian           LaGrange        07-28-57

    Sheets, Lamar                 52       S. Highland PresbyterianLaGrange        04-23-56

    Sheets, Lamar                 19       First Baptist                    LaGrange        11-25-57yes

    Sheppard, Ray C.            34       Dunson Mill                    LaGrange        12-28-53

    Simmons, William                                                                                   04-27-64

    Simpson, David R.           8         St. Mark's Episcopal       LaGrange        01-63     

    Sledge, Teddy                 36       Trinity Methodist             LaGrange        08-56     

    Sledge, Teddy                 36       Trinity Methodist             LaGrange                      yes

    Smith, Billy                      72       Unity Baptist                   LaGrange        03-28-55

    Smith, Bobby                   72       Unity Baptist                   LaGrange        03-28-55

    Smith, R. Woodrow Jr.     21       First Methodist               LaGrange        08-30-60

    Smith, Turner L.               8         St. Mark's Episcopal       LaGrange        01-63     

    Stephens, John H.           9         First Presbyterian           Manchester     08-29-61

    Stinson, Danny                17       First Presbyterian           LaGrange        05-23-55yes

    Strickland, Cabon            24       Callaway Mills Co           Manchester     10-23-55

    Stumphf, Johnny              24       Callaway Mills Co           Manchester     05-09-54

    Thompson, Thomas E. Jr.  9    First Presbyterian          Manchester        08-29-61                                  

    Traylor, Tom                   21       First Methodist             LaGrange      05-24-64

    Tucker, Roy                    19       First Baptist                    LaGrange        11-25-57yes

    Tucker, Roy                    19       First Baptist                    LaGrange        11-26-56

    Underwood, Wayne          19       First Baptist                    LaGrange        11-25-57yes

    Veal, James S. Jr.           32       U.S. Rubber Co              Hogansville     11-25-57

    Wells, Tom                                                                                             03-23-64

    Woodson, Nick                36       Trinity Methodist             LaGrange        02-27-56

    Wyche, Al                        21       First Methodist               LaGrange        07-23-62






    Manuscript MS-097



    Source:  Eleanor Heath, 1989

    Size: 1 linear foot

    Shelving Units: 1 manuscript box

                               5 scrapbooks

    Processing:PHW, January 2001



    Beta Sigma Phi is a national social sorority.  The first local chapter was chartered on February 6, 1948.  The purpose of the organization, according to the organization’s national publication, is “to gain a better understanding of others, to develop a better appreciation of culture, and to provide service to the community.” Alpha Sigma and XI Iota are the local chapters of the sorority.  The sorority has been involved in numerous charitable events including beauty contest and fashion shows.  The money obtained through ticket sales to these events go to charitable causes, such as aiding the mentally ill.



    This collection contains one manuscript box and six scrapbooks.  The manuscript box contains minutes of meetings for both the Alpha Sigma chapter and the XI Iota chapter, covering the period between 1948 and 1961, as well as correspondence of the Alpha Sigma chapter from 1947 to 1952. Also found in the box is yearly activity books, receipts c. 1957, and a ledger of the XI Iota chapter from 1957 to 1961.  The scrapbooks have news clippings, event programs, photographs, and publications concerning the club.  Information in both the scrapbooks and manuscript box gives insight into the service projects and activities that the sorority undertakes.



    Manuscript Box


                            1-4 Minutes 1948-1951: Alpha Sigma Chapter

                            5-6 Minutes 1951-1956: XI Iota Chapter

                            7 Minutes 1957 & Miscellaneous: XI Iota Chapter

                            8-11 Minutes 1958-1959: Alpha Sigma Chapter

                            12-16 Correspondence 1947-1952: Alpha Sigma Chapter

                            17 Miscellaneous Items: Yearly Activity Books, receipts c.1957, &   

                                 Ledger- 1957-1961



                            1 Alpha Sigma Chapter, c. 1947-c. 1949

                            2 Alpha Sigma Chapter, c. 1951

                            3 XI Iota Chapter, 1952

                            4 Alpha Sigma Chapter, 1955

                            5 XI Iota, 1955-1957



    Service Organizations – Troup County

    Alpha Sigma Chapter – Beta Sigma Phi

    XI Iota Chapter – Beta Sigma Phi                 




    Manuscript MS-148


    SOURCE:  LaGrange Memorial Library, August 8, 1996

    SIZE:  .4 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS:  2 volumes

    PROCESSING:  FJC, III, August 1996; GEC, February 1999



    The LaGrange unit of the American Legion was organized on November 21, 1919, and was named for Baxter L. Schaub, a Troup County serviceman who died during World War I.  In 1931, the Baxter L. Schaub post formed a women’s auxiliary headed by Mrs. T. Harvey (Nell Callaway) Nimmons.  At the time of its organization, the Baxter L. Schaub Auxiliary had the largest charter membership of any American Legion Auxiliary in Georgia.  The Auxiliary played an active role in LaGrange.  Members sponsored regular fundraisers, e.g. the “poppy sale”, to provide for the needs of disabled veterans and their families.  They fostered “Americanism” in the local community, an important goal of the American Legion, by forming a junior auxiliary for young girls in 1932 and observing patriotic holidays such as Flag Day and Armistice Day (Veteran’s Day).  The Baxter L. Schaub Auxiliary received several citations from the Georgia American Legion Auxiliary for its accomplishments. The Auxiliary was reorganized in 1938.



    The Baxter L. Schaub Auxiliary Collection consists of two scrapbooks that cover a period from 1933 to 1948.  They contain newspaper clippings related to Auxiliary meetings and activities, patriotism, and local veterans and servicemen.  Both scrapbooks include programs from meetings, newsletters, citations, and other related documents.  There are also photographs in the collection, most of which relate to the junior auxiliary. 



    Scrapbook 1 (1933-42)

    Scrapbook 1 contains photographs and newspaper clippings related to the meetings and activities of the Baxter L. Schaub Auxiliary. There are many articles concerning individual World War I veterans from Troup County and clippings about local people involved in local, state, and national American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary activities and events. One article spotlights famed World War I hero, Sgt. Alvin York, making a speech at LaGrange High School in 1941.There are handwritten lists of World War I service people, some killed in action and several obituaries of World War I veterans.  The scrapbook includes a list of ex-servicemen buried in Troup County and a list of Troup County servicemen who died during World War I.  There is an incomplete list of members of the Baxter L. Schaub Auxiliary, 1933-34.  There are also clippings concerning the success of LaGrange’s American Legion and Junior American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps in state and national competitions along with several  photographs of Washington, D.C., taken during an Auxiliary visit in 1935.


    Scrapbook 2 (1943-48)

    Scrapbook 2 contains newspaper clippings related to the meetings and activities of the Baxter L. Schaub Auxiliary and Troup County people in service in World War II.  Many are from the wartime magazine of the LaGrange First United Methodist Church, called the “Mentor.”  There are obituary notices and Prisoner of War notices for World War II service people from Troup County and clippings of local wartime marriages.  An article on the death of FDR tells of his being in LaGrange the day before his death. The scrapbook includes a program of a memorial service held for President Roosevelt in LaGrange.  A whole page is devoted to local businessman and WWI veteran, Charlie Joseph, on his death.  There is a complete U.S. Armed Forces Insignia and Decorations Chart.  Other items relate to World War II and State Legion activities.



    Scrapbook 1

    The individuals in photographs 1-15 were charter members of the Baxter L. Schaub Junior Auxiliary.


    MS 148 ph 1; Barbara Bain; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 2; Alberta Brooks; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 3; Lois Anne Brooks; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 4; Clara Frances Corley; c. 1933; 1 b&w

    2x3; portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 5; Dorothy Duke; c. 1933; 1 b&w

    2x3; portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 6; Margaret Dukes; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 7; Nancy Holleran; May 1935; 1 b&w 2x3;

    Nancy Holleran as a color bearer for the Massing of the

    Colors at the Cathedral (LaGrange ?); American Legion;



    MS 148 ph 8; Frances Joseph; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 9; Rosa Lee Joseph; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 10; Marjorie Peach; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 11; Mildred Peach; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 12; Emily Smotherman; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 13; Alice Whatley; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 14; Helen Young; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 15; Ruby Lehmann; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x3;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 16; Junior Auxiliary Summer Camp at Young’s

     Mill; July 1933; 1 b&w 3x5; group photo of Junior Auxiliary

    at summer camp (list of names of those who attended next to

    photograph); American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 17; Junior Auxiliary Standing in Front of

    Courthouse(?); c. 1934; 1 b&w 8x10; group photo of

    Junior Auxiliary standing in front of courthouse(?) (list

    of members next to photograph); American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 18; Baxter L. Schaub; c. 1915; 1 b&w 8x10;

    portrait; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 19; Ida Leila Schaub – First President of

    Baxter L. Schaub Auxiliary; c. 1933; 1 b&w 6x8; portrait;

    American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 20; Mrs. Loyd Bradfield – Second President

    of Baxter L. Schaub Auxiliary; c. 1933; 1 b&w 2x4; portrait;

    American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 21; Mrs. R. M. Young, Sr., 1933 and 1934

    (President?); c. 1933; 1 b&w 5x7; portrait; American

    Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 22; Mrs. R. M. Young, Sr.; c. 1933; 1 b&w

    3x4; Mrs. Young standing in front of a fence; American

    Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 23; Auxiliary Wreath – Tomb of Unknown

    Soldier – Washington, D.C.; 1935; 1 b&w 3x4; Auxiliary

    wreath laid at Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Washington,

    D.C.; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 24; Amphitheater – Arlington National

    Cemetery – Washington, D.C.; 1935; 1 b&w 3x4;

    Amphitheater – Arlington National Cemetery –

    Washington, D.C.; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 25; The Capitol at Night; 1935; 1 b&w 3x4;

    photo of the Capitol building taken at night; American

    Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 26; Mt. Vernon; 1935; 1 b&w 3x4; photo of

    Mt. Vernon; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 27; Arlington Cemetery; 1935; 1 b&w 3x4;

    tourists walking through Arlington Cemetery; American

    Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 28; Arlington Memorial Day; 1935; 1 b&w 3x4;

    soldiers standing at Arlington Cemetery; American Legion;



    MS 148 ph 29; Services at Arlington Memorial Day; 1935;

    1 b&w 3x4; photo of crowd attending the Memorial Day

    service at Arlington Cemetery; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 30; Junior Drum and Bugle Corps – LaGrange City

    Pool; 1935; 1 b&w 8x10; group photo of Junior Drum and Bugle

    Corps at LaGrange City Pool; American Legion; auxiliary

    Scrapbook 2


    MS 148 ph 31; unidentified woman standing in front of

    a car; c. 1944; 1 b&w 3x5; unidentified woman standing

    in front of a car; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 32; unidentified woman in military uniform;

    c. 1944; 1 b&w 3x5; unidentified woman military uniform;

    American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 33; American Legion Birthday; March 1948;

    1 b&w 8x10; American Legion officers cutting birthday

    cake; American Legion; auxiliary


    MS 148 ph 34 and 35; (l. to r.) Annette Freeman, Ann Sanders,

    Ralph Crawford, and Peggy Cofield looking across the Square

    In Macon, Georgia; June 1949; 2 b&w 8x10; Annette Freeman,

    Ann Sanders, and Peggy Cofield standing in front of Ralph

    Crawford who is in his car; American Legion; auxiliary



    American Legion – Drum and Bugle Corps Scrapbook, MS 110

    Silver Cup Trophy the LaGrange Junior Drum and Bugle Corps won

    at state American Legion competition in Augusta, Georgia, June 1940



    Troup County Servicemen

    World War II

    Societies – Patriotic


    Manuscript MS-088




    Source: Alberta (Brooks) Rutland, March 1, 1998

    Size: 1 item

    Shelving: 1 volume

    Processing: GEC, January 1999



    The Junior Drum and Bugle Corps was a musical organization formed by the American Legion to promote patriotism among boys ages six to fifteen. The LaGrange chapter of the American Legion organized a Junior Drum and Bugle Corps for local boys in 1935.  It lasted until 1942 when the band disbanded because of World War II.  The LaGrange Junior Drum and Bugle Corps was very popular locally and statewide.  The band was invited to play at numerous events (holidays, campaign rallies, etc.) throughout its eight-year existence. The band was also very successful in state competitions during the annual Georgia American Legion Convention.  The LaGrange Junior Drum and Bugle Corps won eight years in a row (1935-42).  These victories enabled the young boys from LaGrange to attend national competitions in cities such as Chicago and New York. The scrapbook was kept by Albert Brooks. He was a member of the LaGrange chapter of the American Legion and one of the founders of the LaGrange Drum and Bugle Corps. His daughter Alberta was a drum majorette in the band.



    The scrapbook contains numerous newspaper clippings of the LaGrange Junior Drum and Bugle Corps which mostly deal with the band playing at various events and state and national competitions.  There is a list of the charter members of the band.  The scrapbook includes a few letters and telegrams as well.  There are also fifty-two photograph descriptions of which can be found in the photo index.



    MS 088 ph 1; Charter Members-Drum and Bugle Corps January 1935; 1 b&w; no Group photo of first LaGrange Drum and Bugle Corps in front of city pool; (Names listed on next page); American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps

    MS 088 ph 2; City Pool- LaGrange January 1935; 1 b&w 8x10; no Group photo of first LaGrange Drum and Bugle Corps in front of city pool;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 3; 3 & 4; Alberta Brooks?;

    1935; 2 b&w 3x5; no; photos of possibly Alberta Brooks

    wearing drum majorette uniform

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 5; Drum and Bugle Corps in Athens, Ga?;

    June 1936; 1 b&w 3x5; no; Group photo of Drum and Bugle

    Corps members in casual attire possibly taken in Athens, Ga,

    during the first annual Sons of the American Legion convention;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 6 & 7; Two drum majorettes in Athens, GA?;

    June 1936; 2 b&w 3x5; no; Two drum majorettes in uniform

    possibly in Athyens, GA, for the first annual Sons of the American

    Legion convention; American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 8; Drum and Bugle Corps in Sanford Stadium?;

    June 1936; 1 b&w 3x5; no; Drum and Bugle Corps in Sanford

    Stadium possibly practicing for state competition;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 9; Drum and Bugle Corps in new uniforms;

    September 1936; 1 b&w 8x10; no; Drum and Bugle Corps

    In new uniforms standing in front of a building possibly in

    LaGrange, GA; American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 10 & 11; 40 + 8 Parade; 1937; 2 b&w 3x5; no;

    Drum and Bugle Corps members wearing female clothes

    Marching in a parade at the state American Legion Convention in Athens, GA;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 12; Housed in Civil Conservation Corps Camp;

    1937; 1 b&w 3x5; no; photo of Civil Conservation Corps

    camphouse where the Drum and Bugle Corps stayed during the state American Legion Convention in Athens, GA;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 13, 14, &15; Radium Springs- Fun; 1937; 3 b&w 3x5;

    No; photos of Drum and Bugle Corps members having fun at

    Radium Springs resort;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 16; Civil Conservation Corps Camp; 1937; 1 b&w 3x5;

    no; Photo of Drum and Bugle Corps members(?) standing in front

    of a CCC Camphouse;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 17; Drum and Bugle Corps in Columbus, GA(?);

    c. 1937; 1 b&w 3x5; no; Drum and Bugle Corps members possibly in

    Columbus, GA;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 18 and 19; At the Toomb of the Unknown Soldier-

    Washington, D.C.; September 1937; 2 b&w 3x5; no; Alberta

    Brooks laying a wreath at The Toomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, D.C.;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 20; Drum and Bugle Corps at the Tomb of the Unknown

    Soldier; September 1937; 2 b&w 3x5; no; Drum and Bugle Corps

    members standing in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 21; Drum and Bugle Corps in Washington, D.C.;

    September 1937; 1 b&w 3x5; no; Drum and Bugle Corps sitting in front of a building in Washington, D.C.; American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 22; New York City- National Convention(?);

    September 1937; 1 b&w 3x5; no; Drum and Bugle Corps possibly

    Preparing to march in a parade at the national American Legion Convention in New York City; American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 23; Drum and Bugle Corps sightseeing(?) in

    Washington, D.C.; 1937; 1 b&w 3x5; no; Drum and Bugle

    Corps standing in front of a fountain in Washington, D.C.;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 24; Drum and Bugle Corps sightseeing(?) in

    Washington, D.C.; 1937; 1 b&w 3x5; no; Drum and Bugle

    Corps standing in front of a building in Washington, D.C.;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 25; Drum Majors and Majorettes; 1938; 1 b&w

    3x5; no; group photo of drum majors and majorette in uniform;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 26; Drum Majors and Majorettes; 1938; 1 b&w

    3x5; no; drum majorette Alberta Brooks(?) in uniform;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 27, 28, & 29; Tacky Parade – Waycross State

    Convention; 1938; 3 b&w 3x5; no; Drum and Bugle Corps members Dressed in female clothing; American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 30; Leaders of the Drum and Bugle Corps;

    c. 1938; 1 b&w 8x10; no; group photo of leaders of Drum and Bugle

    Corps; from left to right – Captain Albert Brooks, senior Director; Vannie Sanders, musical director; Alberta Brooks, Sponsor; and Mark Harris, Jr. drum major;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 31; Cannon in Atlanta (?); 1939; 1 b&w 3x5; no;

    two Drum and Bugle Corps members standing next to a cannon at a war memorial on Atlanta (?); American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 32; Band leader Albert Brooks (?) in Atlanta;

    1939; 1 b&w 3x5; no; Band leader Albert Brooks (?) at a war memorial park in Atlanta;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 33; Building at war memorial in Atlanta (?);

    1939; 1 b&w 3x5; no; Drum and Bugle Corps members standing in front of a building possibly at a war memorial in Atlanta;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 34; Downtown LaGrange; June 1939; 1 b&w 8x10;

    no; Group photo of Drum and Bugle Corps wearing new uniforms in downtown LaGrange; American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 35 & 36; Drum and Bugle Corps Band – Chicago, IL;

    September 24, 1939; 2 b&w 8x10; no; group photos of Drum and

    Bugle Corps in Chicago taken immediately after the national American Legion Convention; American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 37; Band Members in Atlanta (?); c. 1939; 1 b&w 7x9;

    No; Group shot of band members, including Alberta Brooks, standing in front of a car in Atlanta (?); American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 38; Silver Cup and $500 Won – State Convention – Augusta,

    GA; June 1940; 1 b&w 8x10; Band leaders holding silver cup won at state American Legion convention; American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 39; Band members in LaGrange (?); c. 1940; 1 b&w 3x5; no;

    Band members sitting on steps of a building in LaGrange;

    American legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 40; American Legion Parade – Boston (?); c. 1940; 1 b&w 3x5; no;

    LaGrange Drum and Bugle Corps (?) performing at the national competition in Boston;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 41, 42, & 43; National Competition – Boston; 1940; 3 b&w 3x5;

    no; LaGrange Drum and Bugle (?) performing at the national competition in Boston;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 44, 45, 46, & 47; Parade – Boston; 1940; 4 b&w 3x5; no;

    LaGrange Drum and Bugle Corps (?) marching in American Legion Parade in Boston;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 48; Parade – New York City (?); 1940; 1 b&w 3x5; no;

    LaGrange Drum and Bugle Corps marching in a parade at the World’s Fair (?);

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 49; “Hot Dog” New York World Fair; 1940; 1 b&w

    3x5; no; young girl, possibly Alberta Brooks, eating a hot dog at the New York World’s Fair; American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 50; LaGrange Drum and Bugle Corps – American Legion Parade –

    Milwaukee; September 1941; 1 b&w 8x10; no; LaGrange Drum and Bugle Corps marching in the American Legion parade in Milwaukee, WI;

    American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps


    MS 088 ph 51 & 52; Alberta Brooks; c. 1942; 2 b&w 3x5; no; Alberta Brooks in a cadet nurse’s uniform; American Legion; Drum and Bugle Corps




    Silver Cup Trophy won at the state American Legion competition in Augusta, Georgia, June 1940.





    Troup County History

    Youth – Societies and Clubs









    Manuscript MS-074



    Source: Cynthia Estes, 1986; the Club, 1992 & 1996; Mary Beth Colley, 1999

    Size: 5 Linear Feet

    Shelving Units: 12 scrapbooks

    Processing: PHW, November 2001



                Alpha Delta Kappa is an international sorority for women educators. The LaGrange chapter was chartered with 10 members on March 19, 1972, and was designated the   Beta Iota Chapter. The purpose of the organization is to recognize outstanding women educators, to develop a fellowship among them, to encourage high standards of education, and to promote educational and charitable projects and activities. Over the years, the sorority has been involved in numerous projects including holiday programs with the Royal Elaine Nursing Home (now Twin Fountains Nursing Home) and academic scholarships to local students entering the teaching profession. Members of the sorority frequently take part in local, regional, and international conferences.



                 This collection is comprised of 12 scrapbooks. The scrapbooks contain photographs, membership list, minutes of meetings, news articles, event programs, and correspondence. The scrapbooks give insight into the type of activities and programs in which the sorority participates.



                Volume 1-12: 1972-1996



    Women – Societies & Clubs

    Educational Associations


    Manuscript MS-085




    SOURCE:  Juanice Still

    SIZE: .3 linear feet

    SHELVING UNIT: 1 manuscript box

    PROCESSING:  JDG, 2008



                The LaGrange chapter of the American Association of University Women was organized November 18, 1952, at LaGrange College at the urging of Dr. Waights G. Henry, Jr., president of the college.   First officers elected were Dr. Bernice Freeman, president; Miss Verdie Miller, vice-president; Miss Isma Swain, secretary; and Miss Mary Thomas, treasurer.

                The purpose of the chapter, as defined in their by-laws, was: “…to unite alumnae of colleges and universities on the American Association of University Women list of qualified institutions for practical educational work; to concentrate and increase their effectiveness in the community for the solution of social and civic problems; to participate in the development and promotion of the policies and programs of the AAUW; to contribute to its growth and advancement; and to cooperate in its state division and regional work.”

                The chapter filed for discontinuance in the fall of 1980.



                 This collection shows the activities of the LaGrange chapter through its minutes and annual agendas.  Included are copies of the chapter’s by-laws, correspondence, and a history summarizing the programs presented to the group from its inception through the late 1970s.  Names of members and the colleges and universities they graduated are included.  The organization proposed writing a biography of Troup County pioneer black educator, Ethel W. Kight, but was unable to complete the project. Correspondence, certificates, and a newspaper clipping outline the chapter’s victory in the 1976 Bicentennial Parade contest.  




                1 Membership lists, yearly programs, agendas, 1974-1979

                2 Minutes, 1977-79

    3 Papers and correspondence, history, by-laws, discontinuance, 1974-1980


    Photographs – 1 Folder



    Women’s Societies and Clubs


    Manuscript MS-054



    SOURCE:  J. Clemmons Young, Jr., 1985, 1995

    SIZE:  3 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS:  4 manuscript boxes

                     1 op folder

                     13 photograph folders

                     1 photograph album

                     1 opp folder

    PROCESSING:  RAA, August 1986, June 1995



         The Misses Young were LaGrange businesswomen.  They ownedand operated a millinery business and the Colonial Hotel, both located on Ridley Avenue.  Anna (1879-1965), Lois (1892-1984), and Ethel (1893-1968) were the daughters of James G. and Martha Jane Freeman Young of Troup County.

         Most of these records relate to construction and operation of the hotel which opened in 1921.  It was renovated and expanded in 1926.  Correspondence with Ivey and Crook, architects for the hotel, and with major vendors for the project recounts the progress and difficulties encountered in the hotel's construction.  The hotel's guest registry, 1922-1923, consists of loose pages on which are listed the guest's name and place of residence.  Invoices are arranged alphabetically by vendor's name and are a valuable source of information on small businesses operating in LaGrange and Troup County in the mid-1920s.     

         The Young sisters' strong family ties are revealed in their personal correspondence (1903-1981), and in the memorabilia they collected: greeting cards, news clippings and a family Bible containing genealogical information.

         The papers of Leonard H. Young, nephew of the Young sisters, reflect his civic, religious, and political interests, but relate primarily to his activities as the Young's attorney.  Title searches, tax records and law suits which involved the Young family are included.  Much of the material was generated during the Great Depression and reflects the financial difficulties encountered during that period.  Correspondence (1935) with Representative Ellis Arnold, later Governor of Georgia, is in regard to a bill introduced by Arnold in the Georgia Legislature designed to regulate the collection of music roylaties.

         Photographs date from about 1850 to about 1970 and include some portraits, but are mostly snapshots of members of the Young family, their gardens and homes, especially "Dellwood", the Young's summer home on the Chattahoochee River.  The house was razed in the 1970s when West Point Dam was built.




    Box 1

    Folder 1  Anna Young from her mother and her brother, J.L. Young,1903-1912

             2  Ethel Young at DeFuniak Springs, FL, from Anna and Lois,1916

             3  Anna Young from George in Chicago, 1917 Ethel Young from J. Regenstein Company, re. employment as

    a milliner, 1917

             4  Anna Young from George in Gulf Port, MS and Chattanooga,TN, 1918

             5  Ethel Young from Dr. Rufus Dorsey and various familymembers re. her illness, 1921

             6  Anna Young business correspondence, 1922-1929

             7  Anna, Ethel and Lois Young from their neices and nephews,1938-1981



    Box 2

    Folder 1  Bible records - Freeman, Harris, Young (photocopies)   

           2  Pamphlets

               The Christian Index, vol. 107, no. 21, 9 June 1923, article on LaGrange

              LaGrange, LaGrange Chamber of Commerce, 1925

              LaGrange Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy, n.d.

              LaGrange Sketchbook, Lucile B. Johnson and Amanda Watkins,1935

         3  Geography theme book, Estelle Young, no date

                 Little Maids Industrial Club minute book, 1909

                 School report on physiology, Ethel Young, 1908

        4  Emma Custis Young - Thomas Evans Young wedding invitation,  25 October 1906

                Colonial Hotel opening announcement, 3 December 1921

                 Colonial Hotel letterhead

                 Invitation to reception for Mrs. William Alexander Briggs, 24 September 1912


    Martha Jane Freeman Young, 20 [or 29?] May 1851 - 12 May 1923

    James C. Young, 22 January 1898 - 10 November 1959

             5  Post cards, 1907-1916

             6  Christmas cards, 1921

             7  Christmas and greeting cards, 1965-1983

             8  Clippings, church bulletins, religious pamphlets, war maps, World War II



    Box 3

    Folder 1  Records of purchase of 403 Waverly Way by the Young Sisters

           2  Records of purchase of lots 4,5,6,7, and 8, (corner of Ridley Avenue and Haralson Street)

           3  Record of the sale of Ridley Avenue lot to Frank R.Young (the lot between the hotel and dress shop)

           4  F.R. Young leases of farm equipment, 1932 

          5-11  Court cases involving Young family

        12-16  Youngs' Ladies Apparel - delinquent accounts

            17  LaGrange Lions Club, 1930-1931

            18  Pep Class, LaGrange First Baptist Church, 1938-1940

            19  Membership Committee, Georgia Bar Association, 1941

            20  Ellis Arnold Correspondence, regarding the collection of music roylaties, 1935

            21  Pittman for Governor campaign, 1934



    Box 4

    Folder  1-4  Vendors, A-D

             5  Daniel Lumber Company

             6  Davison, Paxon, Stokes Company

           7-8  Vendors, E-J

             9  Insurance

            10  Ivey and Crook, statements and cost accounts

            11  Ivey and Crook, correspondence

            12  Vendors, K-L

            13  LaGrange Lumber Company - Contract and Specifications

            14  LaGrange Lumber Company

         15-18  Vendors, M-V

            19  John Van Range Company

            20  Vendors, W

    Box 5  Colonial Hotel Guest Registry, 1922-1923



    OP 1  Architectural drawings, Colonial Hotel, 1925

    RB 28.06 Freeman Family Bible



    Folder 1

    ph 1  Martha Jane Freeman Young, c.1890 (3 copies)

    ph 2  James G. Young, c.1890

    Folder 2

    ph 3-4  Leonard H. and Rebecca Young (?), c.1850                                           

    Folder 3

    ph 5-6  unidentified group photographs, c.1900

    ph   7  Emma Young, age 8, tin plate, c.1880

    Folder 4

    ph 8-10  unidentified family group, c.1890

    ph    11  unidentified house, c.1890

    ph    12  Anna Young (?), postcard, 1915

    ph    13  Young siblings, children of Martha and James Young at "Dellwood", Christmas, 1930

    ph    14  unidentified family group on a boat, c.1900

    ph    15  railroad trestle construction, c.1920

    ph    16  unidentified house, c.1920

    ph    17  football players, c.1920

    ph    18  Rhodom and Dolly (Young?), c.1910

    ph    19  Dolly (Young?), c.1910

    Folder 5

    ph     20  Jacob Clemmons Young, Jr. & Sr., c.1930

    ph     21  unidentified sailors, c.1930

    ph     22  unidentified wedding group, c.1920

    ph     23-27  Mary Jane Young, c.1940

    ph     28  Bill Hodges at 4 months, n.d.

    ph     29-33  J. Clemmons Young, Jr., c.1920 - 1935

    Folder 6

    ph     34  J. Clemmons Young, Jr., c.1930

    ph     35  Jimmy and L.H. Young, c.1910

    ph     36  Jimmy and L.H. Young, c.1911

    ph     37  Lois and Anna Young(?), c.1900

    Folder 7

    ph     38  Clifton Young, c.1930

    ph     39  Anna S. Young, c.1915

    ph     40  J. Clemmons Young, Sr., c.1900

    Folder 8

    ph     41  Charles Walter Young, c.1900

    ph     42  Frank(?) Young, c.1900

    ph     43  Ethel and Estelle Young, c.1900

    ph     44  Mrs. J. Clemmons Young, Sr., c.1920

    Folder 9

    ph     45  Frank Young and Fannie Kate

    ph     46  Clifton Young and Emma Young   

    ph     47  Charles Walter Young, c.1900

    ph     48  J. Clemmons Young on horseback

    ph     49-51  Emma Young at Dellwood, c.1960

    ph     52  Lois and Anna Young, c.1960

    ph     53-54  Lois Young

    ph     55  Jimmy Carter at Metropolitan Opera, 1978

    ph     56-58  "Aunt Betty" at Dellwood

    Folder 10 

    10 snapshots of Emma Young, 1966

    11 snapshots of unidentified members of Young family, c.1930 - 1970

    Folder 11        

    29 snapshots of "Dellwood", c.1930 - 1957

    Folder 12

    15 8X10 b&w prints of "Dellwood", c.1962

    Folder 13

    6 8X10 b&w prints of Colonial Hotel and hat shop, c.1930

    Photo Album, "Dellwood Remembered", c.1968


    Oversize photographs

    opp   1  Colonial Hotel, main dining room, c.1926

    opp   2  Young house, Waverly Way, LaGrange, c.1965

    opp 3-5  "Dellwood", Young house on the Chattahoochee, c.1965

    opp   6  Ethel Young with group at DeFuniak Springs, FL, 1916 (?)



    Architecture, LaGrange - Ivey and Crook

    Arnold, Ellis

    Business Records, c.1920s

    Colonial Hotel, LaGrange

    Freeman Family

    Ivey and Crook, Architects

    Women in Business

    Young Family


    Manuscript MS-060



    SOURCE:Ruth Henderson, August 25, 1985

    SIZE:.4 linear foot

    SHELVING UNITS:1 legal box

    PROCESSING:GEC, February 1999



    The collection consists of obituaries, note cards, and other genealogical information concerning the Wilkinson family and related families, including the Sewell, Stinson and Hudson families.  A handwritten sermon from the 1800’s, a Confederate bond, newspaper clippings and one photograph are included in the collection.  The collection was compiled by Minnie Wilkinson and given to her son John Neal Wilkinson.



    Folder 1

    The folder contains a photocopied newspaper clipping regarding the ancestry of the Sewell family.  There is a Daughters of the American Revolution application form (1927) completed by Clara Moira White in which she traced her Hudson family lineage.  Miscellaneous documents with genealogical information related to the Wilkinson, Sewell, Stinson, and Hudson families are also included.


    Folder 2

    Obituaries with genealogical information related to Wilkinson and Stinson families [Indexed in catalogue card file and on the computer.]


    Folder 3

    Handwritten sermon, c. 1860, on the topic of repentance; Sunday School lesson dated March 4, 1877; and a Confederate bond


    Folder 4

    Newspaper clippings containing poems



    MS 60 ph 1; Stinson, R.M.; c. 1924; 1 b&w 3x5; R.M. Stinson photographed at age 84; genealogy; Wilkinson family




    Hudson family

    Stinson family 


    Manuscript MS-118



    SOURCE:  Sarah M. Wilcox

    SIZE: .2 lf

    SHELVING UNIT: 1 document box

    PROCESSING:  CI, June 2008



                LaGrange native Sarah Morgan Wilcox (b. 3-28-1903; d. 7-7-1995) was the daughter of Dr. William Ellington Morgan (b. 3-12-1876; d. 3-9-1921) and Sarah Elizabeth Render (b. 6-25-1880; d. 10-26-1944).  She married John Walter Wilcox (b. 8-15-1900; d. 6-3-1971) of Atlanta on 10-5-1927.  She was a member of First Baptist Church and graduated LaGrange Female College, Ward-Belmont College and attended Columbia University.

                John Walter Wilcox, a native of Jackson, Mississippi, was the son of William F. Wilcox and Sarah McClure.  He attended Georgia Tech and was a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He served as president of the LaGrange Chamber of Commerce, retired from the American Oil Company, and served as chairman of the LaGrange Housing Authority.  The Wilcox’s preserved the old McFarland-Render home “The Magnolias,” a Collin Roger’s home on Hines Street for many years.



                 The collection contains various items relating to the history of LaGrange and Troup County written by Susie Fowler, a brochure announcing the first meeting of the Georgia Trust for Historical Preservation (1964) and information on Womack genealogy.  Local items of interest include a book of poems by Orville G. Cox entitled, Midst Elms and Roses, published in 1905 and an “In Memoriam” booklet about Sarah C. Ferrell (Ferrell Gardens) published in 1904.




                1 LaGrange and Troup County History, 1976

                2 Georgia Trust, 1964

                3 In Memoriam, Sarah C. Ferrell

                4 Poems by Orville G. Cox



    Troup County families

    Troup County history


    Manuscript MS-105


    SOURCE:  J. Crawford Ware, 1991

    SIZE:  2 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS:  2 Records Center Boxes

                     1 Folder - photographs




    The Ware Family Papers give a vivid look at life in rural West Georgia and constitute a valuable roster of Heard County residents, where most official records prior to 1900 have been lost to fire.  These papers are largely related to the plantation and tannery accounts of James Britton Ware, Lucy Sturdivant Ware, and the estate of John Mims Ware between 1831 and 1910.  The thirty-two ledgers include one from Edgefield County, South Carolina, with accounts of Henry Ware, Jr. dated 1800 to 1801.  Some of the ledgers have miscellaneous items and clippings relating to the Ware family, their friends, or the service of different family members at all levels of state and local government from 1831 to 1916.  The majority of the ledgers contain financial records of the plantation and business.  These papers were donated by J. Crawford Ware of Hogansville, Georgia State Representative of the 37th district.




    Box 1: 5 folders, 18 ledgers

    Folder 1  Loose Papers

    Items 1-2  "The Bucket Letter", 8-3-1831, from Ned Bucket, written by Tom Bucket, to Judge John Mims Ware.  A scathing attack on Ware for voting to put the Heard County courthouse on the east side of the Chattahoochee River and its envelope.

            3  Will of John Mims Ware, 8-17-1838.

            4  Assets of John M. Ware Estate, 2-13-1871.

            5  Accounts of James B. Ware, 4-27-1866.

            6  Confederate bond, $400, 3-29-1864.

            7  One share, Planters' Iron Mining Company of Troup County, Georgia, 5-7-1863.

            8  Two Shares, Planters' Salt Manufacturing Company, LaGrange, Georgia, 7-15-1862.


    Items 9-11  Four shares, Grantville Salt Manufacturing Co., 11-7-1862, 11-10-1862, and 12-7-1862.

         12-16, Deeds:

                2 1/2 acres, land lot 147, 3rd district, 12-5-1866, George W. Lewis to James B. Ware.

                202 1/2 acres, land lot 163, 10-28-1850, Thomas H. Hanson to James B. Ware.

                202 1/2 acres, land lot 163, 4-12-1847, Daniel Whitaker to Thomas H. Hanson.

                404 acres, land lots 181 and 183, 3rd district, 2-2-1872, James and Julia Ann Brown, George W. and Elizabeth Lewis, Edmond S. Daniel, and Henry G. Ware to James B. Ware. 

                151 acres, land lots 181 and 182, 3rd district,   7-12-1880, James B. Ware to S. M. Ware.

            17  Powers of Attorney, 3-8-1873, James G. and Julia A. Ransom; Charlotte Stephens, widow of Alford O. Stephens; John Stephens; and M. C. and Martha J. Reneau to Britton Ware, to collect from estate of A.O. Stephens and Mary Stephens.

            18  Georgia State Senate Resolutions, 6-27-1906, concerning illness of State Senator James B. Ware of the 37th district.

            19  Envelope postmarked Palestine, Texas, 1-11-1921 to Jno. F. Ware, Hogansville, Georgia.


    Folder 2  Printed Materials

    Item 1  Printed speech of Samuel J. Randall, U.S. House of Representatives, 8-14-1876, titled "Retrenchment and Reform."

       2-5  World War I clippings.

       6-7  Clippings re value of money and price of cotton, ca. 1916.

      8-10  Clippings on virtues of: Honesty, Benevolence, and Wisdom, ca. 1915.

        11  Invitation from Gov. and Mrs. J.M. Terrell to Georgia Governor's mansion, ca. 1906.


    Folder 3  Writings and Speeches of James B. Ware

    Item 1  Address of James B. Ware, President Corinth Agricultural and Horticultural Club, 1891.

         2  Obituary of Mrs. James B. Ware, 1916.

         3  James B. Ware, opposes reduction of County Commission, n.d.

         4  Memorial obiturary of W.H. Melson, by James B. Ware, 1912

         5  James B. Ware, foreman of Grand Jury, partial presentments, 1880.

         6  Copy of Franklin, GA, News and Banner, 11-17-1911, front page contains speech by Judge James B. Ware.


    Folder 4  Miscellaneous Papers

    Item 1  Clipping "Gov. Smith refuses clemency in liquor cases", in Pulaski Co., GA, ca. 1907.

         2  Calling card of Ludie E. Howard, n.d.

         3  Leather wallet and bulletin, Crisp County Committee to Hon. J.E. Ware, 1906, promo for creation of Crisp Co., GA

         4  Free-silver pamphlet, 1895.


    Folder 5  Family news items photocopied from Ledger # 4.

    Item 1  Obituary of Mrs. Henry Hall Ware, 1-26-1918.

         2  Obituary of James B. Ware with news photo of him, 1918.

         3  Obituary of W. S. Darrington written by James B. Ware, ca. 1910.

         4  Obituary of Elcane Eady, 1-5-1907.

         5  Obituary of Mrs. James B. Ware, 1916, and write-up of party given by Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Ware, n.d.

         6  Ware Family Reunion held in 1890's, James B. Ware spoke.

         7  Article on Senator James B. Ware, with news photo of him.

         8  Letter, Jo Bell to J.B. Ware, 8-23-1908.

         9  Letter, W.C. Bunn to J.B. Ware, ca. 1908.

        10  Postcard, S.B. Cousins to J.B. Ware, 8-29-1905.

        11  Letter, C.M. Candler to J.B. Ware, 3-22-1909. 

        12  Letter, D.P. Darrington to J.B. Ware, 1-21-1910.

        13  Letters to the Editor by A.C. Ware, Jr. and Leo R. Houston, 1918.


    Ledgers/Accounts, 18 volumes, 1867-1895


    Box 2: 14 ledgers

    Volume  1  Henry Ware's Account Books - Edgefield County, SC, 1800-1801.

            2  John M. Ware's Cotton Book, 1835

          3-4  Accounts 1835-1863 (family clippings pasted on some pages)

            5  Tannery Accounts, Lewis & Ware 1866-1868

            6  Accounts 1867-1872

            7  Accounts 1881-1887 and Bethel Church Records,1886

         8-10  Accounts, 1884-1901

           11  Accounts 1894-1897 (back of book references Ben H. Hill's view on silver, 2-8-1878)

           12  Accounts 1896-1897, school lessons and reference to Franklin Institute

           13  Accounts 1896-97, story about life of Dr. Ginsberg, letter by Louise Ware, 1912

           14  Accounts 1899-1900



    1  Henry Ware of Alabama.

    2  S.P. Phillips.

    3  A Barbeque at a Camp Ground Meeting.

    4  Hall Ware, Sr., a girl, 3 dogs, and a chicken.

    5  Sulpher Springs, Texas, a man, woman, and 2 children.



     Heard County, Georgia - History

    Legislative Accounts

    Nineteenth Century Life

    Plantation Records

    Ware, J. Crawford


    Manuscript MS-102




    SOURCE:  James W. Terrell

    SIZE:  1 lf

    SHELVING UNIT:  1 Manuscript box

    PROCESSING:  CI, July 2008



    Jane Lula S. Ward (b. 11-30-1856, d. 12-25-1947) and Theresa Antoinette “Miss Nettie” Ward (b. 11-29-1875, d. 1969) were the daughters of Francis Ward (b. 1837, d. 1908) and Marie Antoinette Curtright (b.1833, d. 1891).

    Miss Lula Ward was a prominent LaGrange educator, who with her sister, Miss Ann Fleming Ward (b.1855, d. 1908), conducted the LaGrange Primary School for a number of years before the public school system was established.  This school was housed in a building adjacent to the Ward home on Vernon Street.  Around the turn of the century, Miss Ward and her sister started a little school near the Unity Plant of Callaway Mills in a two-room cottage provided by the mill.  From this school grew the institutions known as Unity School and Southwest LaGrange School (now Berta Weathersbee School).  Miss Ward served as principal of Unity School after it was incorporated into the LaGrange School System.  She later served as principal of East LaGrange School.

    Antoinette Ward served as an ambulance driver in France during World War I and later operated a conservatory of music in New York City for 45 years.  According to the New York Tribune, Miss Ward developed “The Infallible Method Of Memorizing,” a method of teaching music, which “taught students to memorize and read music rapidly” and which gave “poise and control in public playing.”   



    The collection consists of various items including some correspondence between the sisters, letters and cards from former students, notes on teaching styles, and a report on Alfred the Great.  The memorial book from the funeral of Lula Ward list family information as does original information from the Howell family Bible.




    1          Nettie War Correspondence, 1901-1938

    2          Lula and Nettie Correspondence, 1902-1945

    3          Lula Ward Memorial Book, 1947

    4          Correspondence, n.d.

    5          Howell Family Bible pages



    Troup County families

    Troup County history 


    Manuscript MS-033


    SOURCE: Charles Waller 1984, 1985, 1992

    SIZE: 1.5 linear feet, 4 volumes

    SHELVING UNITS: 1 manuscript box

                    1 OP box

                    4 volumes in Archives library

    PROCESSING: RAA, February 1986, January 1992



    For more than sixty years Charles Waller has collected historical and genealogical data, memorabilia, and artifacts relating to Troup County and west Georgia. These papers are a portion of that collection which also includes Indian artifacts, antique firearms, and research material for Mr. Waller's books, The Wallers In America, and The Chesapeakers.




    I, Publications

          9 folders, 1 oversized folder, 2 volumes

    Mr. Waller's collection of periodicals includes publications from the Civil War, World War I, and World War II. Two family histories written by Mr. Waller are shelved in the Archives reading room.


    II, Historical Notes and Clippings

         5 folders

    Mr. Waller's hand written reminiscences include stories he heard as a child from elderly Troup County residents. An account of Yankee soldiers passing through Mountville and Mr. Waller's personal reminiscences of early days of the LaGrange fire department are of particular interest. J.B. Strong's 1925 history of LaGrange is among the collection of newspaper clippings. Additional Waller family information, compiled by Mr. Waller subsequent to publication of his two books, is also included.


    III, Memorabilia

           2 oversize folders

    This series, filed with oversized papers, includes a Civil War centennial poster, Lester Maddox souvenir records and photos, and drawings for The Wallers In America.




    Series I, Publications

    OP Folder 1 Pages from Harper's Weekly 1864-1865. All articles relate to Civil War battles, personalities, events or places.

    Folder 1 Plane News - Air Service of American Expeditionary Force, 17,24 Aug 1918

    2-3 Stars and Stripes 1918-1919 (8 issues)

    4 Los Angeles Times 4 Jul 1950

    5 Liaison - The Courier of the Big Gun Corps 15 Feb 1919

         The Spiker, Published by the men of the Engineers Railway, US Army Oct 1918 Vol. 2, No. 5.

    6 Saturday Eveninq Post, 10 Nov 1906

    7 Tested Recipes for Camp Peary, US Naval Construction Training Center, Williamsburg, VA Seabee Sonas, US Naval Construction Battalion, Williamsburg, VA, c.1943

    8 Men O' War, Newport News Shipbuilding Company, 1943

    9 The Story of Creation, G.C. Andrews, 1901

    Volumes The Wallers In America, The Chesapeakers,

    (2 copies of each), Archives Library


    Series II, Historical notes

    Folder 1 Fincher family/Wilson's Raid (2 Clippings)

         Callaway Beacon 1950, "Unity's 50th Anniversary.

         Chalybeate Springs, Meriwether County, GA

         The Atlanta Journal 17 March 1976

         J.B. Strong, History of Troup County

         The LaGrange Graphic-Shuttle 1925  (Reprinted in LaGrange Daily News 19 Oct 1965)

         "Easter Battle Civil War's Last", The Atlanta Journal /Constitution Magazine, 18 Apr 1965

         Sherman Daisies, no date, no paper

         "Lehman Fire First Since Sherman", LaGrange Daily News, no date

         "Battle Was Fought Week After Lee's Surrender" LaGrange Reporter, no date

         Ludo Van Stavorn, Sr. biography 1959, obituary 1969

         Olin L. Rodgers-Estelle Edwards wedding announcement 1904

    3 Waller reminiscences of LaGrange and Troup County

    4 Waller family history notes


    Serles III, Memorabllla

    OP Folder 2 Posters

         From National Observer on General Douglas MacArthur(1964)

         Forrest Adamson, Civil War Centennial (1964)

         Drawing by John F. Ketchum

    OP Folder 3   3 Lester Maddox Souvenir Records and Photo, 1973

    5 Ink Drawings by Forrest Jacobs for The Wallers In America, 1980

    1970 Calendar, Georgia On My Mind by Betty Foy Sanders



    Chalybeate Springs

    Civil War

    Edwards, Estelle

    Fincher Family

    Fire Deaprtment, LaGrange

    Fort Tyler

    Lehman's Jewelry

    Maddox, Lester G.

    Rodgers, Olin L.

    Saturday Evening Post

    Street Car, LaGrange

    Strong, J.B.

    Unity Cotton Mill

    Van Stavoren, Ludo

    Waller Family

    World War I

    World War II


    Manuscript MS-2003.10



    SOURCE:  Shirley Faye Flanagan, 2003

    SIZE:  .3 lf

    PROCESSING:  BNJ, 2003


    BIOGRAPHICAL DATA:  Johnson William Walker was born February 1, 1853, in Upson County, Georgia, and died April 25, 1902, in LaGrange, Georgia.  On September 2, 1875, he married Lucinda Caroline Gilbert of Meridian, Mississippi, born February 18, 1860, died May 21, 1930, LaGrange, Georgia.


    SCOPE AND CONTENT:  Compiled by Shirley Faye Huber Flanagan, daughter of Louise Walker and Philip Huber, this collection traces the descendants of Johnson William Walker and Lucinda Caroline Gilbert.  Information found includes births, deaths, marriage and children.



    Box 1

    Folder1-2       Index of names and birthdays (Note:  does not reference names to folders)

                3          Johnson William Walker

                4          William Walker

                5          John Walker

                6          Johnson Walker

                7          George W. Walker

                8          Johnson William Walker

                9          George W. Walker, Jr.

                10        Henrietta Walker

                11        Samuel Walker

                12        Thomas I. Gilbert

                13        Samuel Johnston

                14        George W. Fulton

                15        Mark Ellerbee

                16        Hester Ellerbee

                17        John Wright

                18        Addie J. Wright

                19        Allen Wilburn Powers

                20        John Henry Huber

                21        John S. Davis





    Families-Troup County

    Davis family

    Ellerbee family

    Fulton family

    Gilbert family

    Huber family

    Johnston family

    Powers family

    Walker family

    Wright family 


    Manuscript MS-026



    SOURCE: Randall Allen, 1983, 1985

    SIZE: .25 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 6 file folders

     1 photo folder (TRP-19)

    PROCESSING: RAA, February 1986



    The Towns family along with related families, Glanton, Marcus,  and Sledge were early settlers in the southern and eastern sections of Troup county. This collection consists of the correspondence, land and estate records of these families. A collection of obituary clippings is included, as well aa a catalogue from LaGrange Female College, 1859-1860. A glass plate positive photograph of an unidentified brass band is separated. Photographs are listed at the end of the inventory.



    Folder 1 . Civil War correspondence of H. H. Towns and William B. Towns (photocopies)

    2. Deeds

    James K. Redd and William A. Redd to James Curry, Sr., 27 Dec 1832, land lot 88 of 4th district

    Eaton Bass to Robert Sledge, 22 Jan 1833, land lot 117 of 4th district James Curry to Robert Sledge, 5 Spt 1833, land lot 88 of 4th district

    Sarah F. Marcus estate to Mrs. E. H. Sledge and Miss R.A. Sledge, 4 Nov 1868, land lots  88, 116, 117, of 4th district

    William E. Marcus estate to Mrs. E. H. Sledge and Miss R.A. Sledge, 4 Nov 1868, land lots 88, 116, 117 of 4th district

    William E. Marcus estate to Sarah F. Marcus, 1 Mch 1852, landlots 88,116,117 of 4th district

    William Dority to William E. Marcus, 13 May 1848, land lot 116 of 4th district

    Elizabeth A. Towns to Henry H. Towns, 17 June 1873, land lots 64, 65 of 6th district

    3. Estate records

    Sara Jane Glanton tax record, 1901

    Rebecca A. Sledge inventory and receipts, 1892

    Elizabeth Hollinger Marcus Sledge, will, 1882; letters of administration, 1885

    Robert Hill Sledge inventory, 1858

    William E. Marcus letters of administration, 1850; refundary bonds, 1852

    John Hicks Bass power of attorney, 1852

    4. Clippings and personal papers

    Mrs. Luke S. Glanton, Civil War pension affidavits

    Sarah Jane Baugh tombstone inscription

    Pryor Fitts note to Miss Dump Towns, 22 Jan 1889

    Mattie Carlton letter to M.M. Sledge, 12 Nov 1891

    Minnie Elizabeth Towns, C.E. Westbrook wedding announcement, no date

    Confederate reunion, Campbell County, GA 1867

    Westbrook house, Fairburn, Georgia


         Mrs. Elizabeth Towns, no date

         Mrs. E. A. Towns, 1886

         W. Clark Wallace, no date

         Miss Van Boddie, no date

         Anderson C. Towns, February 1931

         Emma Mallory, no date

         Elizabeth O 'Neal, no date

         Mrs. H.H. Towns, funeral card, 18 May 1917

    5. Documents not pertaining to the Towns family

    David D. Rogers commission, Lieutenant of riflemen, 41st New York Regiment, 6 Apr 1822

    Robbins Kellogg appointment as postmaster of West Stockbridge, Berkshire County, MA

    Letter, 15 May 1856, Thomas F. Daves, Jr. to William Boatwick regarding an epitaph for Mrs.Elizabeth Adeline Howard Boatwick

    Bill of lading, 26 Sept 1804, shipment of steel from Liverpool to New York

    Account current of George Mills with William McCracken of Barbados, 27 May 1775

     6. LaGrange Female College Catalog, 1859-1860


    TRACINGS Bass family

    Marcus family

    Sledge family

    Glanton family

    Westbrook family

    LaGrange Female College

    U.S. History - Civil War, 1861-1865

    Towns, H. H.

    Towns, William B.


    Manuscript MS-010


    SOURCE: Mrs. Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., 1984

    SHELVING UNITS: 1 document box




    Ruth Bradfield Slack and her husband, Dr. Henry Richmond Slack, Jr., were civic leaders in LaGrange from the 1890s until their deaths in 1943 and 1944.  Mrs. Slack was born in LaGrange 10 September 1864.  Her father, Thomas Searcy Bradfield, was a pharmacist.  Dr. Slack was born in Louisiana 7 May 1862.  He moved to LaGrange with his parents in 1880 and went to work in Dr. Bradfield's pharmacy.  In 1885, he received a degree from the Maryland College of Pharmacy.  He and Ruth married 14 September  1887.  Slack received his degree from the Atlanta Medical College (later Emory University School of Medicine) in 1891.  In 1903, the Slacks opened LaGrange Sanitorium which became known as the  Dunson Hospital in 1916 and was the forerunner of West Georgia Medical Center.




    Pamphlets, magazine articles and other literature published  between 1906 and 1960 promote LaGrange as a progressive  industrial town with antebellum charm.  The publications provide statistics such as the number of spindles and looms in operation and include many photographs of textile mills, mill villages and public buildings.  A small collection of post cards features public buildings and historic homes.

    Remarks by Dr. Slack at the 25 March 1904, meeting of charter members of the LaGrange Sanitorium describe the sanitorium's first year of operation.  A 1939 address before the 4th District Medical Society recounts his medical career and mentions several  other doctors who practiced in LaGrange.

    The Slacks promoted the organization of the LaGrange public school system.  Dr. Slack was a charter member of the Board of Education in 1903.  A petition requesting the mayor and council to call an election to organize a school board bears the names of more than two hundred LaGrange citizens.

    In April 1932, Mrs. Slack presented a talk on the history of Ferrell Gardens to a group from the Garden Club of America when they visited the Gardens.  A copy of the talk and two magazine articles on Ferrell Gardens are included.

    Among other items of memorabilia are a 1916 pattern book and a fashion show invitation from Callaway's Department Store.  A hand bill lists the program of observances when Jefferson Davis' funeral train passed through LaGrange in 1889.




    A few related items were added to Mrs. Slack's collection after her death which occurred April 6, 1943.



    Folder 1 "LaGrange, Georgia", Reporter Publishing Co., 1906

             "LaGrange, Georgia", c.1916 - promotional pamphlets

           2 "LaGrange, City of Elms and Roses", Lucille Bryant Johnson and Amanda Watkins, 1935 - sketchbook of homes and public buildings

             "LaGrange In Troup County, Georgia", 1960 - promotional brochure

           3 "LaGrange...City That Wove Its Way To Riches", Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine, 15 October 1950

           4 Post cards of LaGrange, c.1900-1910

           5 Remarks of Henry R. Slack, M.D. at 1st Anniversary of the opening of LaGrange Sanitorium, 25 March 1904 (photocopy) "Reminiscences In Medicine" by Henry R. Slack, M.D., Address before 4th District Medical Society, 8 August 1939

           6 Petition to the mayor and council of LaGrange requesting an election for a board of education, c.1903

             Letter of congratulations from H.R. Slack to C.H. Kelley on 36 years of service to LaGrange schools, 1939

           7 "History of Ferrell Gardens" by Ruth Bradfield Slack,  1932

             Bulletin of the Garden Club of America, May 1932

             "The Gardens At Hills and Dales", House Beautiful, May 1932

          8-9 Newspaper clippings regarding LaGrange, 1918-1965

          10-11 Memorabilia

               Davis Funeral Train Program, 1889

               Georgia Weekly Press Association Program, LaGrange, 23 July 1913

               Butterick Fashions pattern book from Callaway's Department Store, 1916

               Invitation to fashion exhibition at Callaway's Department Store, 1916

               Presidents' Club of Atlanta visit to home of Fuller E. Callaway, 14 June, 1918

               LaGrange Rotary Club program, 23 February 1955

               History of Hillsboro Methodist Church, Jasper County, Georgia, 1960



    Callaway's Department Store

    Davis, Jefferson - funeral train

    Education - LaGrange

    Ferrell Gardens

    Kelley, C.H.

    LaGrange Public School System - History

    Medicine - Troup County

    Slack, Henry R.

    Slack Sanitorium 


    Manuscript MS-011



    SOURCE: Elizabeth Reevea, 1982

    SIZE: .1 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 1 file folder

    PROCESSING: RAA, March 1986



    This collection contains a list of soldiers buried in the Confederate Cemetery in LaGrange, Georgia. Although undated, the list was probably taken from the original wooden markers. Name, company, regiment, date of death, and location of grave is given. Also included in the collection is an envelope containing five slips of paper which appear to be labels from a collection of Civil War artifacts. The origin of both the cemetery listing and the labels is unknown.



    Confederate Cemetery

    U.S. History - Civil War, 1861-1865

    Cemeteries - Confederate 


    Manuscript MS-024



    SOURCE: Martha Anderson, 1983

    SIZE: .1 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 1 file folder

    2 photo folders

    PROCESSING: RAA, March 1986



    This photograph collection was salvaged when the Porcher-Nimmons house, 310 Broad Street, LaGrange, Georgia, was remodeled as the Fulton Federal Savings and Loan Association. The family were related to the Enoch Callaways.



    Folder 1. "The Progeny of Reverend Abner Reeves Callaway" source unknown



    PH 1. Frances Porcher Bowles

       2-3. unidentified

       4. unidentified group eating watermelon

       5. unidentified postcard

       6. Key House, next to Methodist Church

       7-20. unidentified

       21. Arthur Porcher, 1943

       22-23. unidentified



    Porcher Family

    Nimmons Family 


    Manuscript MS-027


    SOURCE: Susie Ogletree Denny, 1983 and 1988

    SIZE: 1 linear foot

    SHELVING UNITS: 23 file folders

     1 box - special format photographs

        (2 albums and 1 mounted photograph)

     1 box - artifacts, ART 89.01

         (cotton cards and needlepoint)

     PROCESSING: RAA, February 1986 and January 1989



    This is a collection of genealogical records of the Ogletree, Crowder, Render, Scott, Stinson and Tigner families who settled in Meriwether and Troup Counties in the 1830s. Susie Ogletree Denny collected the records which were compiled by different family members. Court, Bible, and cemetery records are used to support family histories and pedigree charts. Some lines are traced to their origins in England and Scotland.

    The collection is arranged by family name. Thirteen folders of Ogletree records are followed by other family folders in alphabetical order. Photographs are listed in the order in which they appear in the albums.

    Three deeds, two letters, a plat of Ogletree property and a few ledger sheets are original documents. All other documents and manuscripts are photocopied. Much of the material is copied from published (secondary) sources.

    Seventy-five photographs, mostly Stinsons and Tigners, are contained in two albums. A pair of cotton cards which belonged to Elizabeth Anderson Render (1812-1892), and three needle point bookmarks (maker unknown) are also part of the collection.

    The Tigner-Ogletree House and family cemetery are located on the Stovall-Durand Road in Land Lots 259 and 260 of the Third District of Meriwether County. For additional information on the house and family see BROOKS OF HONEY AND BUTTER, by William H. Davidson.

    In 1960 Mrs. Denny donated a portion of her genealogical collection, including many original documents, to the Georgia Department of Archives and History. A partial listing of those records, called the Philemon Ogletree Collection, can be found in folder thirteen of this collection.



    Folder 1-13 Ogletree Family Records

    1 Lineage charts of Susan Render Ogletree Denny

    2 Correspondence regarding Ogletree genealogy

    20 July 1920, Frank Ogletree to Carrie Bell regarding Philemon Ogletree of Wilkes County, GA

    25 January 1921, Phil Ogletree to Carrie Bell regarding Ogletree - Glenn connection

    27 January 1960, Mary Givens Bryan to Mrs. J.N. Denny acknowledging donation of Ogletree records to the Georgia Archives 8 November 1969,

    Susie Ogletree Denny to Mrs. Kelly E. McAdams giving permission to publish Ogletree records

    3 ~The Origin - Origin of the Name Ogletree~

          "The Ogletrees In Virginia."

          "The Ogletrees In Georgia."

           (The authors and sources of these three photocopied articles are not identified.)


    5 J.F. Ogletree biography from MEMOIRS OF GEORGIA

      ~Parish of Ochiltree. from AYR AND WIGTON, VOL. I,

       James Paterson, Edinburgh, 1863

     "Old Aid Young In Growing Up"  Celestine Sibley in THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 7 July 1954 - features J.F. Ogletree of Meriwether  County

    6 Lillian Baker Griggs' memoirs of Warm Springs Methodist Campground

    Mary Crowder's remarks on presentation of her painting of the Campground to the trustees, 1972

    7 William H. Davidson's notes on Ogletrees for BROOKS OF HONEY AND BUTTER

    8 Ogletree research notes (various compilers)

    9 Philemon Ogletree Memorandum Book, c.1830s, (records birth dates of his family and his slaves)

    10 Estate records

    Will of John Ogletree of Wilkes County, Georgia, 6 December 1819, proved 2 September 1822

    Will of Philemon Ogletree of Meriwether County, Georgia, 7 March 1859, proved September 1861

    Returns and receipts - Philemon Ogletree estate, 1861-1865

    Will of James F. Ogletree of Meriwether County, 2 November 1900, (no probate date)

    11 Deeds

    Robert T.C. Tucker to L.L. Hardy, 28 February 1877, 240 acres adjoining J.P.F. Ogletree in Meriwether County

    George L. Peavy to James F. Ogletree, 3 November 1879, 94 1/2 acres in Meriwether County

    James F. Ogletree to Trustees of Union (Tignor, Ogletree) Cemetery Association, 20 March 1896, 6 acres in Meriwether County

    John M. Strickland to J. Frank Ogletree, 17 September 1912, 101 1/4 acres in Meriwether County 12 Miscellaneous Ogletree documents

    Plat of Homestead Farm, n.d.

    Letter from Helen F. Andrews to Mr. Ogletree, n.d., concerning her return to work

    Letter to Mother from C.C.H., Macon County, Alabama, 25 April 1846; mentions Mr. Howard, Sister Jane, Brother George

    Letter to J.F. Ogletree from A. Heard of Covington, Georgia, 4 January 1869, informing Ogletree of the shipment of a tea set to Mr. Lehman in LaGrange

    Notice to Mr. and Mrs. T. Ogletree, White Sulphur Springs, Georgia, of liquidation of the Globe Insurance Company, 15 February 1869

    Summons from Superior Court of Meriwether County to James F. Ogletree in the case of George P. Swift and Son vs. A.S. Harris, 2 December 1879

    Property tax return, James F. Ogletree, 20 October 1885

    Obituary of Miss Mattie Ogletree from the MERIWETHER VENDICATOR, July 1892 (typescript)

    Susie Ogletree Denny membership certificate in Daughters of the American Revolution, 13 October 1955 13 List of Ogletree records at Georgia Department of Archives and History (?)

    Folder 14 Crawford Family Records

    Folder 15-20 Crowder Family Records

    15 Lineage charts of Robert Scott Crowder, II

    16 Crowder - Burnley family records

    17 Crowder research notes

    18 Crowder lineage charts

    19 Crowder Cemetery chart

    20 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES, Eugene Byron Scott, c.1937

    Mr. Scott's reminiscences of visits from his home in  Alabama to Crowder, Moss and Scott relatives in Troup and Meriwether Counties during the 1850s

    Folder 21 Render Family Records

    Will of Joshua Render, Wilkes County, Georgia, 1817

    List of the children of Susan Jeanette Render and James Crowder

    Elizabeth Harris Anderson Render obituary, 1892

    Rsearch notes on Renders compiled by Eleanor Adams Dunson, 1959

    Render - Anthony lineage of Ethel Dallis Hill, compiled, 1952

    Folder 22 Stinson Family Records

    Family sketch of Stinson (Stevenson), McKenley Stinson, Hogansville, Georgia, n.d.

    Stinson - Hardaway lineage compiled by Carrie  Ogletree Bell (?),  1953

    Reords of M.F. Stinson as administrator of Ben Sheppard of Troup County, c. 1866

    Folder 23 Tigner Family Records

    Letter from Mrs. J.F. Ogletree (?) to Aunt Mary (Crowder), 8 February 1966, giving information about the Tigner house and its owners



    ph 1 Susie Render Ogltree (Mrs. Jasper N. Denny), c.1920

    2 James Frank Ogletree (c. age 1), ( 2 copies)

    3 James Frank Ogletree (c. age 5)

    4 Mattie Ogletree (c. age 1)

    5 Mattie Ogletree (c. age 5)

    6 George Ogletree (c. age 1)

    7 Charles Tigner (c. age 2)

    8 Emma Castleberry

    9 Mrs. Etta Cooper

    10 Mattie Neal Jackson (c. age 6)

    11 Reese Harvy (c. age 10)

    12 George Tigner (c. age 1), (2 copies, one in each album)

    13 J.S. Radcliff (c. age 10)

    14 Dr. Lee Tigner

    15 Clifford Stinson (female)

    16 A. York

    17 Eliza Tigner

    18 Wesley Tigner

    19 unidentified boy (c. age 12)

    20 T.T. Denny, 1868 (c. age 15)

    21 J. Christian

    22 unidentified

    23 William (Armour?) (Ammons?)

    24 M.M. Wilson (female)

    25 Edward W. Rucker

    26 Gus Harvy (c. age 7)

    27 Mrs. Mary Frazier

    28 Mattie Neal

    29 Bell Stinson

    30 Dr. James W. Stinson

    31 Martha Stinson

    32 William Cunningham

    33 Mark Crowder

    34 Helen Andrews, Macon,-Georgia (2 copies, one in each album)

    35 Carrie Stinson Ogletree

    36 Dora Hardaway

    37 J.W. Stinson

    38 Jim Hardaway

    39 Fannin Potts (c. age 4)

    40 Andrew Tigner (c. age 12)

    41 John W. Neal (c. age 8)

    42 J.O. Tigner (c. age 8)

    43 W.S. Tigner

    44 Will Stinson

    45 George Tigner

    46 Ann Tigner

    47 Lizzie Tigner Gray

    48 Mary Davis

    49 Fannie Welborn

    50 Allen Memorial Church (Allen - Lee Memorial Church, Lone Oak, Meriwether County ?)

    51 Rev. William Evans

    52 George Potts

    53 Mrs. Waite

    54 Rev. Charles J. Davis

    55 Julia Simonton

    56 Leila Simonton

    57 Rev. R.T. Marks

    58 Dr. J. Irwin

    59 Martha Stinson

    60 Dr. J.W. Stinson

    61 Ben F. Tigner

    62 Mat Tigner (female)

    63 ~Aunt Sarah., Dr. Stinson's cook

    64 Eliza Tigner

    65 Mat, guide at Mammoth Cave

    66 Mollie Anderson

    67 "Miss Willie" Eliza Parham

    68 Clyde Bellas (c. age 2)

    69 Col. F.M. Reese

    70 Mrs. Reese

    71 Lula Buford (Mrs. Clarance Ellington)

    72 unidentified

    73 "Aunt Jim" Hardaway

    74 George Washington Hardaway

    75 Alice Potts




    Pair of cotton cards identified by Mrs. Denny as belonging to Elizabeth Anderson Render (1812-1892), ART 89.01

    Three unfinished needlepoint bookmarks, maker unknown - found in the photo albums, ART 89.02



    Allen Memorial Church, Meriwether County, Georgia

    Anthony family

    Burnley family

    Crawford family

    Crowder family

    Hardaway family

    Ogletree family

    Moss family

    Render family

    Scott family

    Stinson family

    Tigner family

    Warm Springs Methodist Campground 


    Manuscript MS-053



    SOURCE: Debbie Montieth, 1984

    SIZE: .1 lf

    SHELVING UNITS: 2 file folders

    1 photograph folder

    PROCESSING: RAA, May 1986



    This collection consists of genealogical data, Civil War veterans' memorabilia, and photographs; all from families who lived in the Salem and Union Communities of Troup and Harris County. Genealogical information consists of one five generation chart and supporting family group sheets prepared for Patricia Rae Montieth by Clark Johnson, 1981. The memorabilia includes one Civil War letter, a calling card, and United Confederate Veterans convention delegate certificate. A photograph inventory follows the container list.


    Folder 1 Five generation chart, Patricia Rae Montieth, 1981

    Children of John Thomas And Sarah Ann Davidson Watts

    Children of Penuel and Sarah Beckwith Floyd


    Folder 2  Delegate's Certificate to Annual Reunion and Convention of United Confederate Veterans, Macon, Georgia, 1905,

    A.J. Griggs  Poem to Jack Griggs, 1 April 1875, author unknown

    Obituary, Andrew Jackson Griggs, n.d.

    Calling card, Julius L. Schaub, Commander Troup County Camp 405, United Confederate Veterans

    Letter from J.T. Davidson to his uncle, Allen Davidson, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 29 July 1863



    Ph 1 Landon Glenn home, n.d.

    2 E.M. Sivell home, n.d.

    3 George Aiker, Sallie Satterwhite, in the "Arkansas Traveler", 1916

    4 Fay, Harry, and Everett Howard

    5 Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Huley, and Sallie Satterwhite

    6 Emma Lou and Elmer Sheeter

    7 Verna, Carol, and Sylvia (no last name)

    8 unidentified

    9 unidentified men in horse-drawn buggy

    10 unidentified



    Griggs Family 

    Sivell Family

    Davidson Family

    Floyd Family

    Satterwhite Family

    Howard Family

    Sheeter Family

    US History - Civil War, 1861-1865

    United Confederate Veterans

    Schaub, Julius L.


    Manuscript MS-2006.10




    SOURCE: Lee Ponder
    SIZE: 9 linear feet
    SHELVING UNITS: Series I 9 boxes
    Series II 8 folders
    PROCESSING: FCJ, October 2006

    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: Lee Ponder is an Atlanta native. He worked for many years for the State of Florida and moved to Western North Carolina when he retired. His father was a native of Meriwether County. Ponder and related families were in and around Troup County for over 150 years. He devoted 28 years to genealogical correspondence and research, resulting in this collection. Many of his families are from Troup County and West Georgia.

    SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: The collection consists largely of genealogical source materials, research, and correspondence collected over 28 years. The collection is divided into two series: genealogical records, the larger series, and photographs. The papers are filed alphabetically by family name and most of the folders are labeled with the name of an individual or couple.


    I. Genealogical Files and booklets
    9 linear feet (9 boxes)

    This series contains collected research material and correspondence as well as many documents and compiled genealogies. Many of the families have Troup County or West Georgia connections. The genealogical papers are arranged alphabetically by surname, and most folders have an individual's name as well. There is one box of various family genealogies collected into binders by surname. The container list gives a complete listing of the folder names.

    II. Family and Historic Photographs
    8 folders

    This collection includes photographs of ancestors, historic sites associated with certain ancestors, and some photographs of living people. Many are identified on the backs.



    BOX 1

    1 Abercrombie
    2 Avary
    3 Ballard
    4 Bennett, Stephen
    5 Benton, James
    6 Bird
    7-12 Brock
    13-15 Charles
    16 Chesley
    17 Edward
    18-22 Elias
    23 Elijah
    24 Enoch
    25-26 Evan
    27 Francis
    28 Frederick
    29-33 George
    34 Henry
    35-37 Isaac
    38-41 John
    42-46 Joseph
    47 Josiah
    48-49 Moses
    50 Nathaniel
    51 Paul
    52-53 Richard
    54 Robert
    55 Reubin
    56 Rudolph
    57-58 Thomas
    59-65 William
    66 Brooks
    67 Bryant
    68 Carleton
    69 Henry
    70 Robert
    71 Carter
    72 Isaac
    73 Cochran
    74 Coleman
    75 Crunk
    76 Germany
    77 Goodlow

    BOX 2

    1 Hambrick
    2 Benjamin
    3 Charles
    4-5 James
    6-7 Patrick
    8 Hamer
    9 Hancock
    10 Hart
    11-12 Harris
    13 Claiborn
    14-17 John
    18 Robert
    19 Richard
    20-22 William
    23 Hollingsworth
    24 Huie
    25 Hurston
    26 Jenkins, Cyrus R.
    27 Justice
    28 Kimbrough
    29-30 Kittrell
    31 Jonathan
    32 Lea, Ambrose
    33 Carter
    34 James
    35-36 John
    37-41 William
    42-45 Lee
    46 Abel
    47 Alanson
    48 Benjamin
    49 Creasy

    BOX 3

    1 Lee, Edmond
    2-3 Edmund
    4 Elizabeth
    5 Elliott
    6 Frederick
    7 Gabriel
    8 George
    9 Isaac
    10-17 James
    18-21 John
    22 Luke
    23 Major
    24 Nancy
    25 Noah
    26-27 Owen
    28 Robert
    29 Solomon
    30-38 William
    39-44 Zachry
    45-46 Zachariah
    47 Lovelace
    48 Luckie
    49 Lynn
    50 McComas
    51 McEver
    52 Montgomery
    53 Nabors
    54 Nall
    55 Overturf
    56 Patterson, John
    57 Petty
    58 Pond
    59 Ponder

    BOX 4

    1-7 Ponder
    8-11 Abner
    12-13 Alexander
    14-17 Amos
    18-21 Andrew
    22 Archibald
    23 Bedford
    24 Benjamin
    25 Berryman
    26 Calip
    27 Carl
    28 Caroline
    29 Christopher
    30 Clarence
    31-37 Daniel
    38 David
    39 Elijah
    40-47 Ephraim
    48 Francis
    49-50 Frank
    51-55 George
    56-58 Hezekiah
    59-60 Jacob

    BOX 5

    1-23 Ponder, James
    24 Jasper
    25 Jefferson
    26-27 Jehu
    28 Jemima
    29 Jeremiah
    30-32 Jesse
    33 Joel
    34-68 John
    69 Joseph
    70-71 Jordan
    72 Julia
    73 Leonard
    74 Lydia
    75-76 Malicai
    77 Marcus
    78 Marida
    79-80 Martha
    81-82 Morgan
    83-85 Nathan

    BOX 6

    1-8 Ponder, Nathaniel
    9 Peter
    10 Rachel
    11 Ransom
    12-18 Richard
    19 Robert
    20 Samuel
    21-23 Silas
    24-28 Thomas
    29 Valentine
    30 Vardy
    31 Virgil
    32-50 William
    51 Willis
    52 Roberts
    53 Sewell
    54 Shepherd
    55 Swanson
    56 Taylor
    57-58 Joseph
    59-60 Terrell
    61 John
    62-65 Thames
    66 Abe
    67 Abner
    68-69 Absalom
    70 Alfred
    71 Alford
    72-80 Amos

    BOX 7

    1 Thames, Ann
    2 Battle
    3-4 Benjamin
    5 Betethin
    6-7 Calvin
    8-9 Charles
    10-13 Cornelius
    14 Daniel
    15-17 David
    18 Drury
    19 Eli
    20 Elisha
    21 Enoch
    22 Esquire
    23 Friendly
    24-27 George
    28 Harry
    29 Henry
    30 Isaac
    31 Jabez
    32-41 James
    42-44 Jesse
    45-73 John
    74-83 Joseph
    84 Levi
    85 Mary
    86 Martha
    87 Matthew
    88 Maurice
    89 Nancy
    90 Nathan
    91 Nelson
    92 Newberry
    93 Pink

    BOX 8

    1 Thames, Rachel
    2 Richard
    3 Robert
    4-6 Rufus
    7-17 Samuel
    18 Sarah
    19 Shadrack
    20 Silas
    21 Stephen
    22 Susan
    23-34 Thomas
    35 Timothy
    36 Travis
    37 W. L.
    38 Walter
    39-56 William
    57-58 Thames
    59-60 Thomas
    61 Timm
    62 Tolar
    63 Turner
    64 Weaver
    65-66 Wideman
    67 Adam
    68 Heinrich
    69 Henry
    70 Margaret
    71 Willis
    72 Wright

    BOX 9 Family Records in Binders

    1 Benton
    2 Brock
    3 Flowers
    4 Hadley
    5 Huie
    6-9 Lee
    10 Orr - Hunter -Alston - Kittrell
    11-14 Ponder
    15 Reddick
    16 Scaife - Hancock - Terry - Leake
    17 Seymour
    18 Terrell
    19-21 Thames


    1-2 Ponder Family Cemeteries and Graves
    3 Ponder Family photographs
    4 Thames Family Cemeteries and Graves
    5 Rev. William Thames and wife; Lula Mae Terrell; Lavada Viola Terrell Thames, old and young; Susan Camilla Thames, and the Thames House
    6 Edna C. Seymour Purcell; Susan C. Thames Seymour
    7 William Frank Seymour, Lyra Purcell, Charles S. Purcell
    8 Seymour family: John S.; Durwood F.; Susan; Byron; William F.; and Lyra Seymour Purcell


    History of Allen-Lee Memorial United Methodist Church book, (shelved with Meriwether Co., Ga. books)

    "Baptist Churches, Bladen and Cumberland Co., N.C." (Booklet, shelved with North Carolina books)


    Manuscript MS-027



    SOURCE: Susie Ogletree Denny, 1983 and 1988

    SIZE: 1 linear foot

    SHELVING UNITS: 23 file folders

    1 box - special format photographs

    (2 albums and 1 mounted photograph)

    1 box - artifacts, ART 89.01

    (cotton cards and needlepoint)

    PROCESSING: RAA, February 1986 and January 1989



    This is a collection of genealogical records of the Ogletree, Crowder, Render, Scott, Stinson and Tigner families who settled in Meriwether and Troup Counties in the 1830s. Susie Ogletree Denny collected the records which were compiled by different family members. Court, Bible, and cemetery records are used to support family histories and pedigree charts. Some lines are traced to their origins in England and Scotland.

    The collection is arranged by family name. Thirteen folders of Ogletree records are followed by other family folders in alphabetical order. Photographs are listed in the order in which they appear in the albums.

    Three deeds, two letters, a plat of Ogletree property and a few ledger sheets are original documents. All other documents and manuscripts are photocopied. Much of the material is copied from published (secondary) sources.

    Seventy-five photographs, mostly Stinsons and Tigners, are contained in two albums. A pair of cotton cards which belonged to Elizabeth Anderson Render (1812-1892), and three needle point bookmarks (maker unknown) are also part of the collection.

    The Tigner-Ogletree House and family cemetery are located on the Stovall-Durand Road in Land Lots 259 and 260 of the Third District of Meriwether County. For additional information on the house and family see BROOKS OF HONEY AND BUTTER, by William H. Davidson.

    In 1960 Mrs. Denny donated a portion of her genealogical collection, including many original documents, to the Georgia Department of Archives and History. A partial listing of those records, called the Philemon Ogletree Collection, can be found in folder thirteen of this collection.



    Folder 1-13 Ogletree Family Records

    1 Lineage charts of Susan Render Ogletree Denny

    2 Correspondence regarding Ogletree genealogy

    20 July 1920, Frank Ogletree to Carrie Bell regarding Philemon Ogletree of Wilkes County, GA

    25 January 1921, Phil Ogletree to Carrie Bell regarding Ogletree - Glenn connection

    27 January 1960, Mary Givens Bryan to Mrs. J.N. Denny acknowledging donation of Ogletree records to the Georgia Archives 8 November 1969,

    Susie Ogletree Denny to Mrs. Kelly E. McAdams giving permission to publish Ogletree records

    3 ~The Origin - Origin of the Name Ogletree~

    "The Ogletrees In Virginia."

    "The Ogletrees In Georgia."

    (The authors and sources of these three photocopied articles are not identified.)


    5 J.F. Ogletree biography from MEMOIRS OF GEORGIA

    ~Parish of Ochiltree. from AYR AND WIGTON, VOL. I,

    James Paterson, Edinburgh, 1863

    "Old Aid Young In Growing Up" Celestine Sibley in THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 7 July 1954 - features J.F. Ogletree of Meriwether County 6 Lillian Baker Griggs' memoirs of Warm Springs Methodist Campground

    Mary Crowder's remarks on presentation of her painting of the Campground to the trustees, 1972

    7 William H. Davidson's notes on Ogletrees for BROOKS OF HONEY AND BUTTER

    8 Ogletree research notes (various compilers)

    9 Philemon Ogletree Memorandum Book, c.1830s, (records birth dates of his family and his slaves)

    10 Estate records

    Will of John Ogletree of Wilkes County, Georgia, 6 December 1819, proved 2 September 1822

    Will of Philemon Ogletree of Meriwether County, Georgia, 7 March 1859, proved September 1861

    Returns and receipts - Philemon Ogletree estate, 1861-1865

    Will of James F. Ogletree of Meriwether County, 2 November 1900, (no probate date)

    11 Deeds

    Robert T.C. Tucker to L.L. Hardy, 28 February 1877, 240 acres adjoining J.P.F. Ogletree in Meriwether County

    George L. Peavy to James F. Ogletree, 3 November 1879, 94 1/2 acres in Meriwether County

    James F. Ogletree to Trustees of Union (Tignor, Ogletree) Cemetery Association, 20 March 1896, 6 acres in Meriwether County

    John M. Strickland to J. Frank Ogletree, 17 September 1912, 101 1/4 acres in Meriwether County 12 Miscellaneous Ogletree documents

    Plat of Homestead Farm, n.d.

    Letter from Helen F. Andrews to Mr. Ogletree, n.d., concerning her return to work

    Letter to Mother from C.C.H., Macon County, Alabama, 25 April 1846; mentions Mr. Howard, Sister Jane, Brother George

    Letter to J.F. Ogletree from A. Heard of Covington, Georgia, 4 January 1869, informing Ogletree of the shipment of a tea set to Mr. Lehman in LaGrange Notice to Mr. and Mrs. T. Ogletree, White Sulphur Springs, Georgia, of liquidation of the Globe Insurance Company, 15 February 1869

    Summons from Superior Court of Meriwether County to James F. Ogletree in the case of George P. Swift and Son vs. A.S. Harris, 2 December 1879

    Property tax return, James F. Ogletree, 20 October 1885

    Obituary of Miss Mattie Ogletree from the MERIWETHER VENDICATOR, July 1892 (typescript)

    Susie Ogletree Denny membership certificate in Daughters of the American Revolution, 13 October 1955 13 List of Ogletree records at Georgia Department of Archives and History (?)

    Folder 14 Crawford Family Records

    Folder 15-20 Crowder Family Records

    15 Lineage charts of Robert Scott Crowder, II

    16 Crowder - Burnley family records

    17 Crowder research notes

    18 Crowder lineage charts

    19 Crowder Cemetery chart

    20 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES, Eugene Byron Scott, c.1937

    Mr. Scott's reminiscences of visits from his home in Alabama to Crowder, Moss and Scott relatives in Troup and Meriwether Counties during the 1850s

    Folder 21 Render Family Records

    Will of Joshua Render, Wilkes County, Georgia, 1817

    List of the children of Susan Jeanette Render and James Crowder

    Elizabeth Harris Anderson Render obituary, 1892

    Research notes on Renders compiled by Eleanor Adams Dunson, 1959

    Render - Anthony lineage of Ethel Dallis Hill, compiled, 1952

    Folder 22 Stinson Family Records

    Family sketch of Stinson (Stevenson), McKenley Stinson, Hogansville, Georgia, n.d. Stinson - Hardaway lineage compiled by Carrie Ogletree Bell (?), 1953

    Records of M.F. Stinson as administrator of Ben Sheppard of Troup County, c. 1866 Folder 23 Tigner Family Records

    Letter from Mrs. J.F. Ogletree (?) to Aunt Mary (Crowder), 8 February 1966, giving information about the Tigner house and its owners


    ph 1 Susie Render Ogltree (Mrs. Jasper N. Denny), c.1920

    2 James Frank Ogletree (c. age 1), ( 2 copies)

    3 James Frank Ogletree (c. age 5)

    4 Mattie Ogletree (c. age 1)

    5 Mattie Ogletree (c. age 5)

    6 George Ogletree (c. age 1)

    7 Charles Tigner (c. age 2)

    8 Emma Castleberry

    9 Mrs. Etta Cooper

    10 Mattie Neal Jackson (c. age 6)

    11 Reese Harvy (c. age 10)

    12 George Tigner (c. age 1), (2 copies, one in each album)

    13 J.S. Radcliff (c. age 10)

    14 Dr. Lee Tigner

    15 Clifford Stinson (female)

    16 A. York

    17 Eliza Tigner

    18 Wesley Tigner

    19 unidentified boy (c. age 12)

    20 T.T. Denny, 1868 (c. age 15)

    21 J. Christian

    22 unidentified

    23 William (Armour?) (Ammons?)

    24 M.M. Wilson (female)

    25 Edward W. Rucker

    26 Gus Harvy (c. age 7)

    27 Mrs. Mary Frazier

    28 Mattie Neal

    29 Bell Stinson

    30 Dr. James W. Stinson

    31 Martha Stinson

    32 William Cunningham

    33 Mark Crowder

    34 Helen Andrews, Macon,-Georgia (2 copies, one in each album)

    35 Carrie Stinson Ogletree

    36 Dora Hardaway

    37 J.W. Stinson

    38 Jim Hardaway

    39 Fannin Potts (c. age 4)

    40 Andrew Tigner (c. age 12)

    41 John W. Neal (c. age 8)

    42 J.O. Tigner (c. age 8)

    43 W.S. Tigner

    44 Will Stinson

    45 George Tigner

    46 Ann Tigner

    47 Lizzie Tigner Gray

    48 Mary Davis

    49 Fannie Welborn

    50 Allen Memorial Church (Allen - Lee Memorial Church, Lone Oak, Meriwether County ?)

    51 Rev. William Evans

    52 George Potts

    53 Mrs. Waite

    54 Rev. Charles J. Davis

    55 Julia Simonton

    56 Leila Simonton

    57 Rev. R.T. Marks

    58 Dr. J. Irwin

    59 Martha Stinson

    60 Dr. J.W. Stinson

    61 Ben F. Tigner

    62 Mat Tigner (female)

    63 ~Aunt Sarah., Dr. Stinson's cook

    64 Eliza Tigner

    65 Mat, guide at Mammoth Cave

    66 Mollie Anderson

    67 "Miss Willie" Eliza Parham

    68 Clyde Bellas (c. age 2)

    69 Col. F.M. Reese

    70 Mrs. Reese

    71 Lula Buford (Mrs. Clarance Ellington)

    72 unidentified

    73 "Aunt Jim" Hardaway

    74 George Washington Hardaway

    75 Alice Potts



    Pair of cotton cards identified by Mrs. Denny as belonging to Elizabeth Anderson Render (1812-1892), ART 89.01

    Three unfinished needlepoint bookmarks, maker unknown - found in the photo albums, ART 89.02



    Allen Memorial Church, Meriwether County, Georgia

    Anthony family

    Burnley family

    Crawford family

    Crowder family

    Hardaway family

    Ogletree family

    Moss family

    Render family

    Scott family

    Stinson family

    Tigner family

    Warm Springs Methodist Campground 


    Manuscript MS-008



    SOURCE: Barbara M. Riddle, 1983-1984

    SIZE: .10 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 3 file folders

    PROCESSING: RAA, March 1986



    This collection contains Moore family correspondence (ca. 1906-1958); purchase and shipping records from City Oil Company of LaGrange (ca.193 0); and memorabilia, including clippings, diplomas, and church bulletins. Also included are an 1868 insurance policy, an 1837 letter regarding return of a slave to Troup County from Paris, Kentucky; and a brief history of East Vernon Church. Photographs are mostly of the Moore and Adams families (ca.1920-1940) and include both portrait photos and family snapshots.


    Folder 1 City Oil Company of LaGrange, ca. 1930 business records; invoices, rent receipt, shipping notices

    2 Moore family correspondence, 1906-1958

    3 Memorabilia Clipping, Robert Luther Moore, wedding picture, Atlanta Journal, 31 Jan 1932

    LaGrange Daily News, Georgia Bicentennial Edition 1933

    The Shuttle, Callaway Mills Edition, 24 May 1928

    Telephone Directory, LaGrange, GA, 1 Spt 1894 (copy )

    East Vernon Baptist Church bulletin, 6 Aug 1978 (includes brief church history)

    Tatum School Commencement Program, 23 May 1947

    Southwest LaGrange Baptist Church, The Broadcaster, 6 Apr 1930

    City- County Hospital, LaGrange, GA, Guide to Services, no date Biscuit House brochure, no date

    Callaway Beacon, 1957, 14 April 1964

    The Poster, Troup County Electric Membership Corporation, Nov 1965

    Fourth District Agricultural and Mechanical School Diploma, Frances LeVoy Adams, 1931 Certificate of Service, Southwest LaGrange School Debbie Riddle, 1970

    Note from Dr. W. H. Rusk of LaGrange stating that the Moore family had smallpox in Feb 1920

    Insurance policy, Alexander Matthews and Martha Matthews, 1868

    Letter from George Northcut of Paris, KY, to Postmaster at LaGrange, GA, re. a slave named Anthony belonging to Mr. Calhoun of Troup County, 26 Aug 1837



    Ph 1. Luther Nixon, ca. 1866-1895

    2. Roy Sweet and two other children, ca. 1850-1895

    3. Jimmie and Marie Crawford, ca. 1920s

    4. Miss Stephenson, ca. 1920s

    5. Cotton mill workers, ca. 1920s

    6. Wedding party, 24 Dec 1931, Frances Adams (age 20) and Robert Moore (age 22). First row: Jacklyn Adams, Billy and Betty Aughmooty (?). Second row: Hubert Copeland, Odie Mae Cole, Moore and Adams, Mrs. C.C. Adams, Preacher Goforth. Third row: Carlton Woodson, Agnes Hester Jordan, Bud Aughmooty, Ruby Foster, Charles Goforth, June Goforth, J.C. Jones

    7. Mary Adams and automobile, ca.l940s

    8. Frances Adams and automoblie, ca. 1920s

    9. Franklin Adams and chicko, no date

    10. Franklin Adams and automobile, ca. 1940s

    11. Franklin Adams, ca. 1940s

    12. Effie Adams with children, Evelyn, Lucile, Robin Hood

    13. Effie Adams and Mary (Mrs. Franklin) Adams, 1940

    14. Automobile, ca. 1920-1930s

    15-21. unidentified

    22. Frances Moore

    23. Cowboy, unidentified

    24. Franklin Adams

    25. policeman, unidentified

    26. Robert and Frances Adams Moore, ca. 1940s

    27. Robert Moore as sailor, ca. 1940s

    28-30. unidentified

    31. Frances Adams and unidentified, ca. 1920s

    32. Robert Moore, ca. 1920s

    33. Frances Adams, ca. 1920s

    34. Franklin Adams, Frances and Robert Moore, ca. 1930s

    35-36. Franklin Adams, no date

    37-39. unidentified

    40-43. Robert Luther Moore (b. 9 Spt 1909) and his father, Robert O. Moore, ca. 1937

    44. Building Callaway tower, ca. 1929

    45. Southwest LaGrange School, Catherine Heard Goforth (1st row, 1st on left), ca. 1924

    46. Southwest LaGrange School, Robert Luther Moore (back row, 6th from left), ca. 1924

    OPP 1. Group picture of sailors, includes Franklin Adams, ca. 1928



    Adams family

    Callaway Mills (1928)

    LaGrange Telephone Company Directory (1894) East Vernon Baptist Church

    Smallpox in LaGrange (1920)

    Slavery in Troup County

    Southwest LaGrange School 



    Manuscript MS-127




    SOURCE: Dorothy Hopkins McClendon estate, 1993

    SIZE: 5 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 5 records center boxes

    2 notebooks (3 ring binders)

    1 photograph folder

    PROCESSING: RAA, March, 1994



    In accordance with Mrs. McClendon's wishes, following her funeral on December 5, 1993, Archives staff went directly from the cemetery to her home to transfer her records to Troup County Archives.



    This is primarily a genealogical collection. Correspondence, research notes and pedigree charts trace the lineage of Dorothy Elizabeth Hopkins (1920-1993) and her husband, Oran Harvard McClendon (1913-1975). Dorothy McClendon was Troup County's "Cemetery Lady", a title acquired through fifteen years of locating and charting abandoned graveyards. In 1990, she published Family, Church and Community Cemeteries of Troup County, Georgia. The manuscript and some of her field notes are part of this collection.

    Mrs. McClendon was largely responsible for founding the West Central Georgia Genealogical Society in 1979. Newsletters, correspondence with researchers and a few items of memorabilia document her work in the genealogical society as well as the United Daughters of the Confederacy and Daughters of the American Revolution. Twenty photographs, dating from about 1885 to 1992, show several generations of Mrs. McClendon's ancestors, and also document some of her cemetery charting activities. Her files, as indicated in the container list, are arranged alphabetically by surname or topic. Some minor deviation from alphabetical order occurs to accommodate boxing the larger groups of records.



    Box 1 Arnett Bailey Banks Battle

    Bible Records








    Bunn (18 folders) Buran (6 folders) Burk

    Burwell (3 folders)

    Cemeteries (3 folders) (mostly requests for information or directions to Troup County cemeteries) Childs

    Church histories and bulletins

    Cleveland (see Bible Records)



    DAR (National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution) (2 folders) Gabbettville Community

    Gaston - Genealogy of the Gaston, Harvey, Reid, Simonton & Tomlinson Families - (manuscript, author unknown) Glenn, Georgia (see Starnes)

    Glover (17 folders)


    Grimmitt Cemetery

    Griswold (5 folders)

    Box 2

    Deloach (66 folders)

    Box 3

    Halstead (4 folders)

    Head (5 folders)

    Heard (see Bible Records)

    Hearn (1 folder; also see Bible Records) Hinkle (2 folders)

    Hodnett Cemetery


    Hopkins (30 folders)

    Johnson (1 folder; also see Bible Records) Lawerence (13 folders)



    Magnan (6 folders)

    Marcus (see Bible Records)

    Massey (4 folders)

    Mayfield (see Bible Records)

    Box 4

    McClendon (23 folders)

    McCosh (2 folders)

    Memorabilia (programs from patriotic society functions)

    Murphy Cemetery

    Ogden (3 folders)

    O'Neal (2 folders)




    Philpot (see Bible Records)



    Powers Crossroad Cemetery, Coweta County, GA





    Skinner (9 folders)

    Smithwick (9 folders)

    Stallings (2 folders)

    Starnes, Sara Crouch - "Glenn News" (5 folders - genealogy, poetry and philosophy published in the News & Banner, Franklin, Heard County, GA, c. 1980-c.1990) Steed

    Strong Cemetery


    Tomlinson (1 folder; also see Gaston)

    UDC (United Daughters of the Confederacy) (2 folders)




    Box 5

    West Central Georgia Genealogical Society (10 folders)

    West Central Georgia Genealogical Society Newsletter, 1979-1987

    Wehadkee Baptist Church Records, c.1850-c.1880 (photocopies) (8 folders)

    Manuscript - Family, Church and Community Cemeteries of Troup County, Georgia

    Items separated

    Notebook - Genealogy of Oran Harvard McClendon

    Notebook - Genealogy of Dorothy Elizabeth Hopkins


    ph 1 Dorothy H. McClendon, c. 1992

    ph 2 Elizabeth Perilee Lawerence and Few Anthony Raylander, n.d.

    ph 3 unidentified couple, c.1885

    ph 4 Oris and Raymon Griswold(?), n.d.

    ph 5 Lois McClendon(?), c.1965

    ph 6 Lois McClendon(?), c.1975

    ph 7 McClendon tombstone (cemetery not identified)

    ph 8 William Lawerence tombstone (cemetery not identified)

    ph 9 Omie Dell Blanchard, c.1958

    ph 10 Omie Dell Blanchard, c.1958

    ph 11 Hortense Glover Graves, 1970

    ph 12 Tommy Graves, 1970

    ph 13 Glover family, 1967

    ph 14 Willow(?) McClendon, n.d.

    ph 15 Hodnett Cemetery, c.1985

    ph 16 Mildred Cantlin, Ann Cantlin, Dorothy McClendon & Dorothy Sams, c.1985

    ph 17 Erastus A. & Mary Eugenie O'Neal McClendon, c.1900

    ph 18 McClendon's Grocery(?) (no location), n.d.

    ph 19 Doris Wilene McClendon & unidentified, n.d.

    ph 20 Robert T. Hopkins family, 1984



    Daughters of the American Revolution, LaGrange Chapter Gabbettville Community, Troup County, GA

    Glenn Community, Heard County, GA

    United Daughters of the Confederacy, LaGrange Chapter Wehadkee Baptist Church, Troup County, GA

    West Central Georgia Genealogical Society 


    Manuscript MS-087



    SOURCE: Family Tree, 1988

    Martha S. Anderson, owner.

    SIZE: 9.5 lf

    SHELVING UNITS: 28 manuscript boxes,

    (includes boxes of duplicates)

    3 photograph folders

    1 volume




    The Maddox Collection was obtained in February 1988, from the Family Tree, a genealogical store and research library located in LaGrange. In 1984, the information had been purchased from Mrs. Lola S. Maddox, Joseph T. Maddox's widow. The files were maintained at the Family Tree library until the shop closed in February 1988.



    Joseph T. Maddox was born in Middleboro, Bell County, Kentucky, November 29th, 1909. He was the son of Robert Arthur Maddox and Mary Lois Bragg. His parents were both born in Georgia and married in Hawkinsville, Georgia in 1907. Shortly

    after their marriage they moved to Middleboro, Kentucky where Joseph spent his childhood years. They moved back to Georgia and Mr. Maddox grew up in the Wilkinson County area. In 1941, he went to work for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad

    in Kentucky, and upon his retirement in 1963, moved back to Irwinton in Wilkinson County. On August 9, 1929, he married Rachel Corrinne Horton, in Baldwin County, Georgia. They had two sons, Joseph H. Maddox and Robert A. Maddox. On September

    9, 1947, he married Lola Sisco Proctor in Simpson, Kentucky.

    Mr. Maddox's first endeavor upon his retirement, was to restore the old Union Church in Wilkinson County. He began to chart the cemeteries of Wilkinson County. He eventually compiled and published more than 29 books of genealogical information about Wilkinson County and Georgia. Some of his best known works are the four early Georgia marriage books, Historical Collections of Wilkinson County, Georgia (which has been revised and updated several times), The Wills and Cemeteries of Wilkinson County, The

    Censuses of Wilkinson County, and a book on Maddox Marriages. also been compiled by Mr. Maddox. The last book that he published was Information on Some Georgia Pioneers.

    Mr. Maddox died at his home in Irwinton, on January 8, 1984, following a heart attack. He is buried in the Masonic cemetery in Irwinton.



    This collection consists of genealogical information, surname files, Wilkinson County vital statistics, and correspondence with researchers. Also included is the unfinished manuscript of the book he was compiling at the time of his death.

    Although the book had not been given a title, it consisted of information about Georgia residents in 1850. The Wilkinson County materials are particularly valuable because many of the early records were destroyed in a courthouse fire. Although

    records of many counties have been microfilmed and are stored at the Georgia State Archives, the records of Wilkinson County were not microfilmed.



    I. Surname Files. 1963-1985

    16 manuscript boxes

    From 1963 until his death in 1985, Mr. Maddox corresponded with people who were researching families, most of whom had once lived in Wilkinson County, Georgia. This series includes the letters received by Mr. Maddox and copies of his responses. Many letters detailed family information that can serve as vital clues in one's family research. These files rarely include documentation showing where information was found or what sources were consulted; however, the files offer an excellent source for clues

    about families histories and sometimes offer information not easily found elsewhere.

    [Editor's note: While these files were at the Family Tree, some of the files were photocopied. These copies are in Series I, boxes 26-28 and are available for purchase.

    II. Wilkinson County Genealogical Information.

    6 manuscript boxes.

    This series consists of cemetery, census, and marriage records collected by Mr. Maddox as reference notes for the books he published on Wilkinson County. The marriages are from 1820 to 1940 (1 manuscript box). The census records are for 1820 to 1880

    (1 manuscript box). The cemetery records are chartings of cemeteries and genealogical information on the families (4 manuscript boxes).

    III. 1850 Georgia Biographical Information (unpublished).

    2 manuscript boxes.

    At the time of his death, Mr. Maddox had started an ambitious project to note all 1850 Georgia residents listed on the census along with other known genealogical information. Using the 1850 censuses that were available in printed form, the 1805

    Land Lottery, the Georgia marriage books, his personal files and various other Georgia genealogical sources, he began compiling the following information: Man's name, age, wife, date and place of marriage and other available data.

    At the time of his death, he had typed all the information on the families with surnames beginning with the letters "A" through "Hen. These sheets are filed in alphabetical order. The remainder of the project is on small slips of paper and placed

    in envelopes. The envelopes are in alphabetical order, but the individual names are in order only by the first letter. Again, the information includes no documentation or source.

    III. Wilkinson County Genealogical Information.

    6 Manuscript Boxes

    This series consists of cemetery, census, and marriage records collected by Mr. Maddox as reference notes for the books he published on Wilkinson County. The marriages are from 1820 to 1940 (1 Manuscript Box). The census records are for 1820 to 1880

    (1 Manuscript Box). The cemetery records are chartings of cemeteries and genealogical information on the families (4 Manuscript Boxes).

    IV. Maddox Family.

    1 volume

    This part of the collection is a three ring binder of family charts and genealogical information on the Maddox family. The compiler is Roberta V. Landrum Wiley, and it is not known how Mr. Maddox came to have the book in his possession. It contains 227 pages on the families of the following: Samuel Maddox, Notley Maddox, Cornelius Maddox, Alexander Maddox, John Maddox, Wilson Maddox and several other Maddox families.

    V. Photographs.

    1 folder

    Only a few photographs are included in the Maddox Collection. These photographs were found in the surname files. One is dated 1895, an is of a family. Others are of family members with some being identified and others with no name or date. There

    are both original and copies of photographs in this series.



    Series I: Surname Files

    Box 1 Adams-Boone Folder

    1 Adams

    2 Aiken

    3 Albritton

    4 Allen

    5 Alligood

    7 Amerson

    8 Anderson

    9 Anthony

    10 Ard

    11 Arnold

    13 Avery

    15 Babb

    16 Bacon

    17 Bailey

    18 Baker

    19 Balcom

    20 Ball

    21 Ballard

    23 Barbee

    24 Barfield

    25 Barlow

    26 Barnett

    27 Barrentine

    28 Batchelor

    29 Bateman

    30 Baum

    31-32 Beall

    35 Bennett

    36 Benning

    38 Berry

    39 Billue

    40 Bird

    41 Bishop

    42 Bivins

    43 Blackstone

    44 Bland

    46 Bledsoe

    47 Blissett

    48-49 Bloodworth

    50 Bond

    51 Boone

    Box 2 Booth-Carr Folder

    1 Booth

    4 Bower

    5 Bowling

    6 Brack

    7 Bradley

    8-11 Bragg

    12 Branan

    13 Braswell

    14 Brazeal

    15 Breedlove

    17 Bridger

    18 Bridges

    20 Brooks

    21 Brown

    22 Brundage

    23 Bruner

    24 Bryan

    26 Bulloch

    27 Burke

    28 Burney

    29 Bush

    30 Butler

    32 Byington

    33 Calhoun

    35 Cannon

    36 Carlisle

    37 Carnes

    38 Carr

    Box 3 Carter-Culpepper Folder

    1-2 Carter 3-5 Carswell 6 Cason

    7 Castleberry 8 Cato

    9 Cauley

    11 Chambers 13 Childress 14 Clark

    15 Clay

    16 Colley

    17 Collins

    19 Cone

    21 Cook

    22 Cowart

    23 Cooper

    24 Craft

    25 Cranford 26 Criswell 28 Crosson

    29 Crumbley

    30 Crutchfield

    31-33 Culpepper

    Box 4 Cummings-Ellington


    1 Cummings

    3 Daniel

    5 Davidson

    6 Davis

    7 Day

    8 Dean

    9 Deason

    10 Delk

    11 Dennard

    12 Denson

    13 Dix

    14 Dixon

    5-17 Dominy

    18 Doster

    19 Downing

    20 Drake

    21 Duggan

    24 Dunwoody

    25 Dupree

    26 Dykes

    27 Eady

    28 East

    30 Edson

    31 Ellington

    Box 5 Ellison-Garrett Folder

    1 Ellison

    3 Etheridge

    4 Eubanks

    5 Evers

    6-7 Exum

    8 Ezell

    9 Fail

    10 Fairchild

    11 Farmer

    12 Farrow

    13 Faulk

    14 Fears

    15 Felton

    16 Fenn

    17 Few

    19 Fisher

    20 Flemister

    21 Fluker

    22 Fordham

    23-24 Fort

    26-27 Fountain

    28 Freeman

    29 Gainey

    30 Gallemore

    31 Garner

    32 Garrett

    Box 6 Gates-Harralson Folder

    2 Gay

    3 Gibbs

    4 Gibson

    5 Gilbert

    6 Gilmore

    7 Glover

    8 Golden

    9 Granade

    10 Gray

    11 Gresham

    12 Green

    13 Greer

    16 Griggs

    17 Grissom

    19 Guerry

    20 Hall

    22-23 Hancock

    24-25 Hardy

    26 Hargrove

    27-28 Hardin

    Box 7 Harrell-Ivey Folder

    2 Harrington 3 Harris

    4 Hart

    5 Hartley

    6 Harwell

    7 Hatcher

    8 Hatfield

    9 Heard

    10 Hendry

    11 Herndon 12 Hickman 13 Hicks

    14 Hight

    15 Hill

    16 Hilton

    17 Hinson

    18 Hogan

    20 Holder

    21 Holland 22 Holliday 23 Holliman 24 Holly

    25 Honeycutt 27 Horn

    28 Horton

    29 Howard

    30 Howell

    31 Hudson

    32 Hughs 33-34 Ingram 36 Isler

    37 Ivey

    Box 8 Jackson-Lawson Folder

    1-2 Jackson

    3 Jeanes

    4 Jelks

    5 Jenkins

    7 Jessup

    8-9 Johns

    10-11 Johnson

    12-15 Jones

    16 Jordan

    17 Keaton

    18 Keel

    19 Keene

    20 Kelly

    21 Kemp

    22 Kenan

    23 Kennington

    25 King

    26 Kingery

    28 Knight

    29 Kolb

    30 Lambert

    31 Land

    32 Langford

    33 Lanier

    34 Lanthrip

    35 Lavendar

    36 Lawson

    Box 9 Layfield-Maddox Folder

    4-8 Lee

    9 Leslie

    10 Lewis

    11 Lindsey 12 Lingo

    13 Lofton 15-17 Lord 18 Lowery 19 Loyd

    20 Lyster 21 Mackey

    22-31 Maddox

    Box 10 Mahaffey-Myrick Folder

    3 Manderson 4 Mann

    5 Manson

    6 Marshall

    7 Martin

    8 Mason

    9 Massey

    10 Matthews 11 Mayo

    12 McCardle 13 McClendon 14 McCook

    15 McCrary 16 McCullar 17 McDaniel 19 McDowell 20 McGowan 21 McMichael 22 McMullen 23 McNair

    24 McNalley 25 McRaeny 26 Meadows 27 Measles 28 Mercer

    29 Meridith 30 Messer

    31 Metts

    32 Miller

    33 Mims

    34 Minish

    35 Mitchell 36 Mixon

    37 Montgomery 38 Moon

    39 Moore

    40 Morgan

    41 Morton

    42 Moses

    43 Mott

    44 Murphy

    45 Myers

    46 Myrick

    Box ll Napier-Perkins Folder

    1 Napier

    2 Nelson

    3 Nesbit

    4 Nesmith

    5 Nix

    7 Norwood

    8-10 Nunn

    11 O'Bannon

    12 Ogburn

    14 Osteen

    15 Oxley

    16 Pace

    17 Padgett

    18 Parks

    19- 20 Parker

    21 Passmore

    22 Patterson

    24-25 Paulk

    27-30 Peacock

    31 Pearson

    32 Peebles

    33 Pendleton

    34 Pennington

    35 Perkins

    Box 12 Pickerin-Rye Folder

    1 Pickerin

    3 Pierce

    4-5 Pittman

    6 Pitts

    7 Pollard

    8 Pope

    9 Porter

    10 Posey

    ll Pounds

    12 Prather

    14 Prestwood

    15 Proctor

    16 Pruitt

    17 Rainca

    18 Rainwater

    l9 Randolph

    21 Rea

    23 Reynolds

    25 Ridley

    26 Rigby

    27 Riggino

    28 Rivers

    29 Roach

    30 Roberts

    31 Ross

    32 Rozar

    34 Rye

    Box 13 Sallard-Spence Folder

    l Sallard

    2 Salter

    3 Sandefur

    4-5 Sanders

    7 Sapp

    8 Scarborough

    9 Seale

    10 Sears

    11 Shafner

    12 Sharp

    13 Shepherd

    14 Shinholster

    15 Simmons

    16 Simpson

    17 Skelton

    18 Smallwood

    19-21 Smith

    23 Solomon

    24 Sorrels

    25 Spence

    Box 14 Stanley-Thompson Folder

    1 Stanley

    2 Stansell

    3 Stapleton

    4 Starley

    6 Stevens

    7 Stinson

    8 Strange

    9 Strickland

    10 Stuckey

    11 Stubbs

    12 Sutton

    13-17 Taliferro

    18 Tarpley

    19 Taylor

    20 Tennille

    21 Tharp

    22 Thigpen

    23 Thomas

    24 Thompson

    Box 15 Tindall-Wheeler Folder

    1 Tindall

    2 Toler

    3 Tommey

    5 Trammell

    6 Tribble

    7 Tripp

    9 Underwood

    10 Upshaw

    11 Ussery

    12 Valentine

    13 Van Landingham

    14 Vann

    15 Vaughn

    16 Veal

    18 Vincent-Vinson

    19 Voicle

    20 Wade

    21 Walden

    22 Walker

    23 Walters

    25-26 Ward

    27 Warren

    28 Watkins

    29 Weaver

    31 Welch

    32 Wellborn-Wilborn

    33 Wells

    34-36 Wheeler

    Box 16 Whipple-Young Folder

    1 Whipple

    2 White

    3 Whitehead

    4 Whitehurst

    5 Wicker

    6 Williams

    7 Willis

    8 Wimberly

    10 Witt

    11 Wood

    12 Womack

    13 Wright

    14-20 Wynn

    22 Young

    SERIES II, Wilkinson County Genealogical Information

    Box 1 Cemeteries A-D Folder

    1 A

    2 B-Ba

    3 Be-B1

    4 Bo-Bri

    5 Bro-By

    6 Ca-Cau

    7 Ch-Col

    8 Com-Cur

    9 D-Day

    10 De-Di

    11 Do-Dy

    Box 2 Cemeteries E-L Folder

    1 E-Ez

    2 Fa-Fos

    3 Fos-Fu

    4 Ga-Go

    5 Gr-Gu

    6 Ha-Har

    7 Har-Hay

    8 He-Hit

    9 Ho-Hoy

    10 Hu-I

    11 Ja-Ju

    12 K

    13 L-Lay

    14 Le-Ly

    Box 3 Cemeteries M-R Folder

    1 Ma-May

    2 Me-Miz

    3 Mo-My

    4 Mc

    5 N

    6 O'Bannon

    7 Pa-Pay

    8 Pe-Pit

    9 P1-Q

    10 Ra-Ri

    11 Ro-Ry

    Box 4 Cemeteries S-Z and

    1927 Wilkinson Co. Voters List Folder

    1 S-She

    2 Shi-Sla

    3 Sm-So

    4 Sp-Ste

    5 Stu-Sw

    6 T-Te

    7 Th-Tw

    8 U-V

    9 W-Was

    10 Wat-Wh

    11 wic-wis

    12 Wo-Wy

    13 Y-Z

    14 1927 Voters List

    Box 5 Marriages Folder

    1 A

    2 B

    3 C

    4 D

    5 E

    6 F

    7 G

    8 H

    9 I-J

    10 K

    11 L

    12 M

    13 Mc

    14 N-O

    15 P-Q

    16 R

    17 S

    18 T

    19 U-V

    20 W-Y

    Box 6 Census 1820-1880

    and Additions


    1 A

    2 B

    3 C

    4 D

    5 E-F

    6 G

    7 H

    8 I-J

    9 K-L

    10 M-Mc

    11 N-Q

    12 R

    13 S

    14 T

    15 U-V

    16 W-Z

    17 Census Additions

    Series III, 1850 Biographical Data - Unpublished

    Box 1 A-He Folder

    1 A

    2 B-Bev

    3 Bi-Boy

    4 Boy-Bru

    5 Bru-By

    6 B Miscellaneous 7 Ca-Cay

    8 Ch-C1

    9 Cl-Col

    10 Com-Cra

    11 Cr-Cy

    12 Da-Dew

    13 Di-Dy

    14 E-Fa

    15 Fa-Fu

    16 Ga-Gra

    17 Gra-Gw

    18 Ha-Har

    19 Har-He

    Box 2 Hi-Z Folder

    1 Hi-Ho

    2 Ho

    3 Hu-Hy

    4 Jackson

    5 I-Ja

    6 Je

    7 Jones

    8 Ji-Ju

    9 K

    10 L-Le

    11 Li-Ly

    12 M-Ma

    13 Mc-McE 14 McE-McW 15 Me-Mi

    16 Mo-My

    17 N

    18 O

    19 Pa

    20 Pe

    21 Ph-Po

    22 Pr-Q\

    23 R-Ru

    24 Ru-Ry

    25 Sa-Se

    26 Sh-S1

    27 Sm-Sp

    28 St

    29 Su-Sw

    30 Ta

    31 Te

    32 Th

    33 Ti-Tr

    34 Tu-Ty

    35 U-V

    36 Wa

    37 We-Wh

    38 Wi-Wo

    39 Wo-Wy

    40 Y-Z



    PH 1-6 From the Bragg File

    Ph 1 In the Bragg surname file was an original photograph dated, 1895. The photograph had been torn and is taped together. Standing left to right: Thomas Henry Bragg, James Herndon Bragg, Aunt Crocker, Ira Bragg, and Edgar Bragg. Seated: Samuel Thomas

    Bragg and Elvina Patterson Bragg. Also in the photograph are William, Samuel and Jean (?). A note on the reverse of the photograph states that the child between Charles and was killed in a hunting accident. Copies of the above original photograph. Also in the Bragg file was a family photograph of two adults and two young children. There is no identification.

    PH 7-13 From the Fort file

    8 Unindentified photograph of elderly lady and five men

    9 Three young women, identified as Bessie, Lena, and Grace and Aunt Rachel Fort is seated in the rocker.

    10 Mary Ann Fort Dupree

    11 Katie Forrester and Aunt Fant

    12 Averilla Cornelia Fort Anderson and James Callaway Anderson

    13 Earnest Skelton, Albert Fort (1st cousins)

    14 Unindentified photograph of young man, found in "Fountain" surname file.

    15 Elias Fort and Martha Ann Tindall Fort

    16 John Fort, Amanda Rash Fort, Jennie Elizabeth Fort, Robert Elias Fort, Benjamin Thomas Fort, Bernard Davis Fort.



    Wilkinson County, Georgia

    Wilkinson County, Georgia Census Records, 1820-1880

    Wilkinson County Georgia Marriage Records

    1850 Biographicai Project , 1820-1940

    Maddox Family

    Georgia--Biographical Information 


    Manuscript MS-023





    SOURCE: Mrs. Julian Hagler, Pine Mountain, GA, 1983

    SIZE: .3 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 13 file folders

    1 photograph folder,

    PROCESSING: RAA, February 1986



    A trunk containing the Hines papers was purchased by Mrs. Hagler at the estate sale of the Upton family, subsequent owners of the Hines family farm in Troup County. At this time, of the Hines family farm in Troup County. At this time, biographical facts about Miss Hines are uncertain.



    The collection contains personal correspondence, financial records, and memorabilia of the Hines family from about 1890 to 1930. The papers reflect the difficulty encountered by farmers during the period of transition from cotton farming to textile manufacturing in the early twentieth century. The Hines farm was in southeastern Troup County near Chipley (now Pine Mountain), Georgia. Of particular interest is a collection of agricultural periodicals from the early 1900s.



    Folder 1. Agricultural Periodicals

    Southern Ruralist, vol 23, no. 20, 15 Jan 1917

    The Southern Cultivator, Atlanta, Georgia, 11 Jan 1918

    The Progressive Farmer, vol 33, no.l2, 23 Mar 1918 and vol 39, no. 35, 30 Aug 1924

    Farm Life, Nov 1920


    2. Brenau College Bulletins

    vol V, no. 4-5, May-June 1915

    undated volume

    3-5. Correspondence 1903-1927 and undated

    6-8. Financial records 1896-1927

    9. Mortages and warranty deeds

    10. Charles Gates farm ledgers 1901-1907

    11. Literary interests

    Original poetry, play bills, clippings, and short stories collected by Edith Hines

    12. Homemaking interests

    Recipes and dress patterns collected by Edith Hines

    13. Miscellaneous


    Obituary of Bryan Bowles, 14 Oct 1896 - 25 Oct 1918

    Harris County Journal, 25 Jul 1930

    Bankhead High School, Cordova, Alabama,

    Commemcement Program, May 1927



    PH 1. unidentified

    2. L.C.G.

    3-4. unidentified

    5. Ted Warning, Dr. Smith, Myrtle Hemmiron (?)

    Louis Dorin, Lottie Dorin

    6. Mrs. Parriski, Claudine P.

    7. Ella V. Price, Thelma Grainger Hazelhurst

    9-13. unidentified

    14. Oscar, slim, Winkie

    15-18. unidentified


    TRACINGS Agriculture, Georgia - Troup County

    Brenau College

    Gates, Charles


    Manuscript MS-025



    SOURCE: Susie Fowler, 1983

    SIZE: .3 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 3 file folders 2 photograph folders

    1 OPP folder




    During the nineteenth century several Jewish families who had emigrated from Germany settled in West Point. Among them were Heyman Heyman and Louis Merz who came to Troup County in 1853. They worked as bookkeepers and in the mercantile business, and during the Civil War operated a tannery. Several West Point Jews served in the Confederate Army. Of particular note was Lewis Merz, who served as a war correspondent for the LaGrange Reporter until he was killed at the battle of Sharpsburg in 1862.

    In 1872 John J. Hagedorn came to West Point and established a mercantile business which became one of the most prominent in the community. This collection contains memorabilia, clippings, post cards and photographs documenting the business interests, travels, and religious activities of the West Point Jewish community.



    Folder 1. "The Voice", Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society newsletter, vol. IV, no. 4, Spt 1983 Hawkes Library, West Point, GA, no date

    Mrs. Zach Hagedorn, 100th birthday, Alabama Journal, 6 Spt 1961, 7 Spt 1961

    December 5th Birthday Club, Valley Times News, 6 Dec 1962

    Bertha Heyman Honored by Women's Club, West Point News, 16 Dec 1948

    Bertha Heyman, obituary, Valley Times News, 11 Nov 1965

    Folder 2. Memorabilia

    100th birthday celebration, Jennie Heyman Hagedorn, memorabilia

    Harold Herzberg, West Point public school records, 1913-1914

    Program from 100th anniversary service Temple Beth-El, West Point, GA, 3 May 1959 "Memorabilia 1898-1948", pamphlet of West Point Women's Club

    "The First Seventy-Five Years of West Point Manufacturing Company, 1880-1955", Joseph L. Lanier

    Post cards, 1907-1912

    Folder 3. Family History

    2 stock certificates, Kings Royal Germeter Company, M. Herzberg, 1891

    Letter from Mrs. Jennie Heyman Hagedorn, age 102, to her nephew, Harold, 31 May 1963 Summary of provisions of will of Bertha Heyman

    Herzberg- Heyman Bible Record

    Morris Herzberg-Helen Heyman marriage certificate

    Narrative on the life of Herman Heyman



    PH 1-2. unidentified

    3. group, including Harold Herzberg

    4-7. unidentified

    8. Lee H. Attwager

    OPP 1 Unidentified Family group



    Pioneer Members and History of Temple Beth-E1 1859-1959. Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society Bulletin 4, November 1959



    Jews in Georgia, West Point Hawkes Library, West Point, GA West Point Women's Club

    West Point Manufacturing Company Heyman, Herman


    Manuscript MS-038




    SOURCE: Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society, 29 February 1984 Elizabeth Talbert Ginn, 5 August 1987

    SIZE: 3.5 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 2 records center boxes 1 manuscript box

    1 artifacts box

    4 volumes, RB-28.09 - RB-28.12

    5 photograph folders

    PROCESSING: RAA, September 1985, August 1987



    Janie Lovelace Heard (17 January 1899 - 2 September 1982), the daughter of Samuel C. and Irene Hudson Lovelace, was born in the Long Cane Community of Troup County. Following graduation from Georgia Normal and Industrial College (now Georgia College) in Milledgeville, she married Roland Shaefer Heard and spent most of her adult life in West Point, Georgia. Mr. Heard was a Georgia State Senator from West Point. Mrs. Heard's genealogical research began with a January 1937 letter from Mrs. Virginia McKinney

    Scott of Stanford, Texas, inquiring about the Lovelace family. She continued active research through the early 1970s.

    Following Mrs. Heard's death, her records were placed in the Cobb Archives, Shawmut, Alabama. Since most of the records pertain to Troup County families, it was felt that the Troup County Archives would be a more appropriate location for the collection. Through the efforts of Mrs. Grady Fowler, the collection was received in February 1984. Mrs. Heard's niece, Elizabeth Talbert Ginn, later donated additional material to the collection.



    The collection consists mostly of genealogical data on the Lovelace, Hudson and related families. It includes Mrs. Heard's unpublished manuscript on the Lovelace family. Lovelace family files contain a brief history of the Atlanta and West Point Railroad and original Civil War correspondence from members of the Lovelace family. John H. Lovelace's account book which lists students from Hamilton (Harris County) Female College, 1858-1861, is boxed separately as an artifact. Pauline Hudson's Southern Female College memorabilia, 1898-1900, is filed with Hudson family records. A scrapbook containing clippings and other material related to the Davidson family was left intact and is filed with the Davidson family records.

    The collection includes four family Bibles containing data on the Boyd, Hudson, Lovelace, Tatum and Walden families. Mrs. Heard's collection of clippings covers the period from the late 1950s to the early 1970s and includes birth and marriage announcements and obituaries of Chattahoochee Valley residents. A list of names is included in each clipping folder.

    Mrs. Heard's filing system was maintained with minor changes. Records are filed alphabetically by surname. Families for which there is a minimum of data have all records in one folder. Larger family files (i.e. Boyd, Heard, Hudson, Lovelace) are separated into folders of primary source material, research notes, and correspondence. Primary source material includes originals and copies of family letters, Bible and cemetery records, and court records. Files marked "research notes" contain secondary source material such as genealogical charts, family histories, and data compiled by Mrs. Heard's correspondents. Since one family's files might include information on several related families, associated surnames are listed on the folder heading. An index to family names mentioned in the files can be found at the end of this description.

    Photographs are mostly of Lovelace and Hudson family members and of Southern Female College students, 1898-1900. Other photographs are of the faculty of Roanoke (Alabama) College, veterans of the West Point Guards, and Mr. and Mrs. Shaefer Heard.



    Box 1

    Folder 1 Atkinson

    2 Beall

    3 Bennett

    4 Boyd - manuscript "Our Boyd Lineage"

    5 Boyd-Heard-Tatum research material

    6 Boyd - correspondence from Kathleen Heinbach

    7-8 Boyd - correspondence from Margaret Jamison

    9 Boyd - research notes of Margaret Jamison

    10-11 Davidson & scrapbook

    12-13 Fuller, including correspondence from IshamFuller

    14 Haygood

    15-18 Heard - primary source material, researchnotes, correspondence

    19-26 Hudson - manuscript by Janie Lovelace Heard,primary source material, research notes,newspaper clippings, correspondence,

    27 Hudson - Pauline Hudson's Southern FemaleCollege memorabilia, 1898-1900

    28 The Hudson Family From Prince Edward County, VA To Troup County, Georgia, 1969 (unpublished manuscript by Janie Lovelace Heard )

    Box 2

    Folder 1 Leverett

    2 Lovelace - letters - originals and copies of Civil War and other early Lovelace correspondence

    3-4 Lovelace - primary source material

    5-10 Lovelace - research notes

    11 Lovelace - "Allen-Lovelace Family" manuscript and research notes

    12-15 Lovelace - correspondence

    16 Robinson

    17 Stapler

    18 Walden/Walding

    19 Miscellaneous family records and memorabilia

    20-23 Newspaper clippings - births, deaths &marriages, miscellaneous

    24 Map showing location of property of John Montgomery on Brazos River in Texas

    Box 3 "Lovelace Family", unpublished manuscript by Janie Lovelace Heard, n.d.



    RB-28.09 - Hudson Bible, published ca.l870 RB-28.10 - Boyd-Tatum Bible, published 1844 RB-28.11 - James Lovelace Bible, published 1833 RB-28.12 - Walden-Boyd Bible, published 1738

    ART-87.05 - John Henry Lovelace account book, Hamilton Female

    College, 1858-1861



    Photograph 1. Mamie Fendley, Pauline Hudson(?), unknown, c.1899 2. Modena Herndon, c. 1899

    3. Annie Claire (last name unknown), 11 April 1899

    4. Laurie Lou and Lucye Davis, c. 1899

    5. Neelie, Etta, and Essie Morris, Greenville, MS, 12 February 1899 6. unidentified Southern Female College students, c. 1899

    7. Mary Jones, Turin, GA, c. 1899

    8. Mamie Fendley, 16 February 1899

    9. Veterans of the West Point Guards; Mr. Harwell Dr. Ben Poor, Seab Wallace, L.T.C. Lovelace, Daniel L. Merz, Jim Baker, Col. Hulbert, Tom Johnson, n.d. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Shaefer Heard and unidentified, n.d.

    11. Faculty and some students(?), Roanoke College, identified on back, c. 1897

    12. Lucius B. Lovelace (?), n.d.

    13. L.T.C Lovelace, n.d.

    14. Samuel Calvin Lovelace, n.d.

    15. Obedience (Biddy) Lovelace, n.d.

    16. Janie Lovelace Heard (child), n.d.

    17. Amanda Jane Davidson (Mrs. L.T.C. Lovelace), n.d.

    18. Irene Hudson Lovelace, Sam C. Lovelace, John Petty, Rora Terrell, 28 December 1906

    19. Marietta (Etta) Tatum Hudson, n.d.

    20. Janie Lovelace Heard, working on "This Was Our Valley", n.d.

    21. Janie Lovelace Heard, working on Architectural Seminar for Georgia College, n.d.

    22. Irene Hudson Lovelace, n.d.

    23. Marietta Tatum Hudson, Huell Hudson, Frank Tatum Hudson,Nannie Pauline Hudson, Susie Irene Hudson, Mary Cue Hudson, n.d.

    24. Mary Boyd Tatum, n.d.



    Atkinson 1:1

    Atlanta and West Point Railroad 2:10

    Baker 2:5,9, ph 09

    Beall 1:2,14,18; 2:5-7,17

    Bennett 1:3,20-21; 2:16

    Billingsley 1:7

    Booth 1:15,16,18

    Boyd 1:3-9; 2:9,18, RB-28.10, RB-28.12

    Brooks 2:19

    Bussey 1:10

    Cameron 1:20,21

    Cleaveland 1:10

    Crain 2:19

    Davenport 2:19

    Davidson 1:10,11

    Davis 2:19

    Densler 1:5

    Digges 2:6

    Dismukes 1:7; 2:18

    Dodwell 1:10

    Dozier 2:9

    Edmonston 1:2

    Evans 1:9

    Fears 2:18

    Fitzpatrick 1:6-7,15-18; 2:18

    Fuller 1:12,13; 2:5,10

    Greene 1:21

    Grimmett 2:18

    Hames 2:9,10

    Hamilton Female College ART-87.05

    Haralson 2:19

    Haygood 1:12-14

    Heard 1:5-6,9,12-13,15-18; 2:18

    Henderson 1:10

    Herndon 2:6

    Hill 1:20-21

    Hodgin 1:10

    Holliday 1:20-21

    Hudson 1:5,19-26; ART-87.05; RB-28.09

    Hunter 1:16

    Johnson 1:10

    Jones 1:3

    Kirkpatrick 2:10

    Leverett 1:2,10; 2:1

    Lovelace 1:1-2,12-14; 2:2-6,8-,17

    Loyd 1:20

    Magruder 1:2

    McClendon 2:7

    Miller 2:8

    Mitcham 2:5

    Napier 1:15,17-18

    Offutt 1:2

    Oliphant 1:2

    Parrott 1:20-21

    Pittman 1:1

    Ratliff 1:6

    Renfro 2:5

    Roanoke College ph 11

    Robinson 2:16

    Sandys 2:7

    Sappington 2:19

    Scott 1:12; 2:5,10

    Slaughter 1:1

    Slay 2:10

    Smith 2:6

    Southern Female College 1:27

    Stapler 2:17

    Stephens 2:19

    Tatum 1:5; 2:9,16; RB-28.10

    Tinsley 2:19

    Traylor 2:5,8

    Upshaw ph 11

    Walden 1:7,9; 2:9,18; RB-28.12

    West Point Guards 2:2, ph 09

    Whitaker 2:1

    Whitehead 1:1

    Winston 2:19

    Woodson 1:6-7,9

    Wyatt 2:6

    York 2:19


    Atlanta and West Point Railroad, ca.1850-1865 Civil War correspondence, 1861-1865

    Hamilton Female College, 1858-1861

    Roanoke College, c. 1897

    Southern Female College, 1898-1900

    West Point Guards, 1861-1865

    Hudson family

    Boyd family

    Lovelace family

    Heard family

    Walden family

    Davidson family

    Atkinson family

    Beall family

    Bennett family

    Fuller family

    Leverett family

    Robinson family

    Stapler family 


    Manuscript MS-069



    SOURCE: Margaret Stovall estate, Atlanta, GA, 1986

    SIZE: 1 linear foot

    SHELVING UNITS: 1 Manuscript box 1 Volume, RB-28.08

    2 Photographs folders

    PROCESSING: RAA, September 1986



    These records were compiled by Carrie Lee Hardy (Mrs. William Russell Stovall)(1879-1935), and her daughter, Margaret (1905-1985). Carrie Stovall was the daughter of Otis Dallis Hardy (1846-1922) and Emily Baba McGee (1847-1881). She was born in Troup County, but following her marriage she moved to Atlanta, where she lived the remainder of her live. Margaret Stovall was a lifetime resident of Atlanta. The records came to the Troup County Archives from the estate of Miss Margaret Stovall.



    Mrs. Stovall's ancestors, the Hardys and McGees, were pioneer Troup County farmers, settling in the southeastern corner of the county adjacent to the Meriwether County line. This collection includes Mrs. Stovall's research notes on Hardy and McGee genealogy. The notes deal mostly with the family of otis D. Hardy, his father, Josiah, and grandfather, Thomas, who came to Troup County from Edgefield County, South Carolina, about 1830. McGee information consists of notes on the family of John Wesley McGee (1803-1867) and his wife, Caroline Elizabeth Stinson (1810-1883).

    Family photographs, cat 1870-1922, and a collection of newspaper clippings about family members are included. Otis D. Hardy's Bible and his Masonic Lodge manual and law digest are also part of the collection. Photocopies of genealogical data from the Bible are included in the Archives' Vertical File under HARDY FAMILY. A separate collection of Hardy family photographs, TRP-33, are also available.



    Folder 1 Genealogical research notes: Hardy

    2 Genealogical research notes: McGee

    3 Georgia land grant records: Hardy and McGee

    4 Newspaper clippings, includes some obituaries

    5 Memorabilia

    Family record of William Russell Stovall

    Stovall Baptist Church Bulletin, 30 April 1911

    Post Card, Stovall Baptist Church, c 1911

    Receipt for taxes, O.D. Hardy, 1891,1904

    Receipt for milling wheat, Troup Factory Mills, 1871

    6 Aiken's Lodqe Manual and Masonic Law Digest, O.D Hardy

    7 LaGrange Reporter, 3 May 1867, features articles on Reconstruction



    1 unknown infant

    2 Mrs. Thomas Hardy?

    3 Thomas Hardy

    4-6 Emily Baba McGee Hardy 7-9 Carrie Lee Hardy

    10 Willie and Carrie Hardy

    11 Carrie Hardy Stovall and Margaret Stovall

    12 John W. McGee, Jr.

    13 Mrs. Geroge W. McGee

    14 Stovall Baptist Church, Stovall, GA, c. 1911



    Hardy Family Bible, RB-28.08



    TRP-33 Hardy Family Photographs

    MS-70 County Line Baptist Church Records



    Dix, James T., n.d. Beall, James M., 1886 Dallis, H.W., 1886

    Boyd, A.E., 15 June 1870

    McGee, John Wesley, 3 May 1867, LaGrange Reporter Hardy, Joseph, 9 June 1922

    Hardy, O.D., 10 February 1922

    Hardy, Thomas, 14 November 1870

    Gay, Caroline, 25 January 1922

    Hardy, Laura A., 2 Febraury

    Hardy, L.L., 18 June 1902

    Moncrief, Sallie, 21 September 1902, LaGrange Reporter Hardy, John T., 8 February 1930

    Hardy, Ann, 31 January 1891

    Hardy, Richard D., 30 October 1892

    Hardy, Thomas, Mrs., 17 October 1937

    Hardy, Naomi, 3 February 1893

    Cameron, Gabliella, 1886



    Hardy family McGee family Stinson family Hardy, Thomas M.

    Stovall Baptist Church Troup Factory

    Freemasons Reconstruction - Georgia 


    Manuscript MS-149



    Source: Mrs. Joseph R. (Jean Bower) Gray

    Size: 1/4th linear foot


    1 folder photographs
    1 notebook

    Processing: FCJ, SEPT 1996



    Mrs. Gray has been collecting genealogical information on West Georgia families for many years. These records are a partial result of her efforts. This collection is filled largely with information on the Booker family of West Point, Georgia and the Union-Whitesville area of Harris County, Georgia. The notebook is devoted to the lineages of the Booker family and is separated into sections by family patriarchs. The notebook includes news articles, correspondence, and book excerpts pertaining to Booker family history. There is also one 61 page booklet contained within the notebook titled "As I Live and Breathe." The booklet is comprised of genealogical records of Florence A. Johnson and relates to the West Point Families of Johnson, Dodwell, Bussey, Ward, and Zachry. The photograph folder contains photos relating to the Booker family.




    1 miscellaneous lineages of related Booker families,
    2 Family of Richard Marot Booker, 1751-1805,
    3 Family of Edward Booker, who died 1767,
    4 Family of Richard E. Booker, who married 1781
    5 Family of George Hairston Booker, 1807-1894,
    6 Family of William Murphy, died ca. 1830,
    7 Family of John Henry Booker (Sr), 1843-1929, and
    8 Thornton Family information largely related to Solomon Thornton, who died 1809.
    Booklet "As I Live and Breathe" is loose within notebook




    1 Booker Family(2) c. 1920
    2 Booker Family c. 1920
    3 John H. Booker, Sr.(2) c. 1900
    4 Cornelia Hellen Riser Booker(2) c. 1900
    5 Booker Home(2) c. 1893
    6 Shot of Booker Cemetary Plot c. 1970
    7 Dovie Booker grave c. 1970
    8 Bertha Booker grave c. 1970
    9 Abner Carhal Booker grave c. 1970
    10 Cornelia Hellen Riser Booker grave c. 1970
    11 Arthur Booker grave c. 1970
    12 John Henry Booker grave c. 1970
    13 Mary Booker grave c. 1970



    Murphy Family
    Thornton Family  


    Manuscript MS-029



    SOURCE: Oscar Fuller, 1984,1985

    SIZE:.2 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS:1 photograph folder

    1 opp folder

    PROCESSING: FPB, 1984; DS, 1985



    John Walter Fuller (23 April 1881 - 7 September 1971) was married to Ruth Morrow (b. 23 July 1893) and they lived in Shawmut, AL, and Grantville, GA, before moving to LaGrange around 1929 to work at Unity Cotton Mill, and later at Oakleaf Mill. Their son, Carl O. Fuller (14 April 1912 - 14 July 1968) worked in the Oakleaf Mill, served in World War II, and began work as a photographer for Jenkins Studio in LaGrange in 1948. In 1950 he opened Karlo Studio which he operated until 1961 when he joined Bowen Studio. From 1966 until his death in 1968, he worked with LaGrange photographer, Hugh Campbell. He was married to Irene F. Fuller and they had a son, Norman. Oscar P. Fuller, the donor of this collection is the brother of Carl O. Fuller.



    This collection consists entirely of photographs of members of the Fuller family and photographs made by Carl O. Fuller.



    Folder 1

    Ph 1 Redmen of the World, Shawmutt, AL, c.1910, John Walter Fuller (3rd row, 5th from right)

    2 John Walter Fuller, c.1932

    3-4 Carl O. Fuller, c.1932

    5 Carl O. Fuller, c.1943

    6 Carl O. Fuller and Norman Fuller, c.1943

    7 Carl O. Fuller, c.1950

    8 Ruth Brooks, no date

    9-10 unidentified child, no date, by Karlo Studio

    11 6th Grade Unity School, 1927

    12 7th Grade Southwest LaGrange School, 1928

    OPP 1 Grantville, GA, textile mill, c.1900-1910, mill workers, J.W. Fuller in middle of photo in white shirt. Man behind him has hands on Fuller's shoulders



    Photographers - Georgia - LaGrange  


    Manuscript MS-2008.13


    SOURCE: Joan Satterwhite Crummey
    SIZE: .66 lf
    SHELVING UNITS: 1 manuscript box, 1 photograph box


    Snelson Davis, (b. 4-23-1890; d. 5-11-1958), the son of James William and Nancy Collins Davis, moved to LaGrange at an early age. He attended LaGrange public schools and was a veteran of World War I. Prior to his military service, Davis became associated with Fowler Photography Studios, which he purchased in 1914 from Milton Fowler. Upon Fowler's death in 1917, the studio was renamed Davis Studios and operated until his retirement in 1948. In 1917, he married Elsie Boone (b. 4-30-1895; d. 11-6-1958) and the couple resided on Hill Street in LaGrange, Georgia.

    Davis was well known in the local community for his outstanding photographs. Of particular importance are the many panorama photographs he made, mostly in the 1920s and 1930s, of various LaGrange landmarks and groups. From his studio, he captured the images of many prominent LaGrange citizens with the aid of his longtime friend and associate, Quinton N. "Fats" Johnson.

    Joan Satterwhite Crummey was the first wife of William Lewis Satterwhite, Jr. (b. 3-27-1931; d. 6-30-1998), son of William Lewis Satterwhite, Sr. (d. 1970) and Mildred Dye (d. 1979), and also the great niece of Snelson Davis. The Satterwhites were descendants of Elijah Satterwhite, an early Troup County settler.


    The collection consists of biographical information on Snelson Davis and his wife plus numerous photographs of Davis, from youth until his retirement. Also included are photographs of his family, friends and pets. Of particular interest are the photographs Davis made of Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral in Warm Springs, Georgia, in 1945. Some tintypes are also included. The collection includes an extensive Satterwhite genealogy and information on William Lewis Satterwhite, Jr.'s, military service in the Korean conflict. A collection of love letters to a Charles C. Lide of Minter, Ala. from "Lora" is included in the collection. Lora, whose last name is unknown, was a girlfriend of R. C. Sadler, the first husband of Nettie Boone Hart, sister of Elsie Boone Davis.


    Box 1

    1 Lide Correspondence, 1912-1913
    2 Family Obituaries, 1946-1972
    3 Satterwhite Genealogy
    4 Funeral books of Snelson Davis and Elsie Davis


    Folder 1: Davis Family Photos
    1-3 Snelson Davis
    4-5 Elsie Davis
    6 Davis house
    7 LaGrange High School

    Folder 2: Snelson Davis and Friends
    1-5 Snelson and Elsie Davis
    6 Fats Johnson
    7-24 Snelson and Elsie Davis

    Folder 3: Snelson Davis Funeral

    Folder 4: Snelson Davis

    Folder 5: Snelson and Elsie Davis

    Folder 6: Snelson Davis, Portraits

    Folder 7: Snelson Davis, World War I

    Folder 8: Roosevelt Funeral Photographs, 1945

    Folder 9: Travel Photos-Florida and North Carolina

    Folder 10: Unidentified Group of Men, c. 1915

    Folder 11: People
    1 Dorothy Allen, Paula Copeland, and actress Jane Withers at World War II bond drive at Colonial Hotel
    2-6 Unknown
    7-9 Virginia Sadler Jackson
    10-16 Unknown

    Folder 12: Unidentified People

    Folder 13: Snelson Davis and "Fats" Johnson
    1-10 Snelson Davis and Fats Johnson
    11-13 Lucinda Wingo in optometrist shop in LaGrange

    Folder 14: Snelson Davis Photo Album, 1938

    Folder 15: Miscellaneous Tintypes, Photos, and Glass Plates; Unidentified People, c. 1860s-c. 1880s

    ART-2009.07: Lions Club pins, bracelets, watches, cuff links, broach, powder/rouge case (property of Adella Hicks, Snelson Davis, Elsie Davis, Nettie Boone Hart)


    Troup County Families-Elijah Satterwhite


    Manuscript MS-030



    SOURCE: A.E. Daniel, 3r., 1984-1985

    SIZE: .5 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 1 Manuscript box

    5 photograph folders

    PROCESSING: KL, 1984; RAA, April 1986



    This collection consists of memorabilia from the family of Edmund D. Daniel. Mr. Daniel was born in Heard County in 1866. At the age of six he came with his grandfather to the Pleasant Grove Community of Troup County. In 1887 he married Parrie Reid. He opened a general store in Pleasant Grove in 1893, but moved the store to LaGrange in 1896 where it operated for forty five years. After Mr. Daniel's death in 1930 his son, A.E. Daniel, Sr. operated the business.



    Newspaper clippings, greeting cards, souviner pamphlets, and scrapbooks, document the family's social activities and military and educational experiences. Circa 1900 catalogs from Florence (Alabama) University and Southern Female College, institutions attended by members of the Daniel family, are included. Also included is a genealogy of the Isaac B. Daniel family compiled by Helen Daniel Monroe, 1980.



    Folder 1. Isaac B. Daniel family genealogy compiled by Helen Daniel Monroe, 1980

    2. Correspondence, 1930-1944

    3. Birthday cards, 1936-1949

    4-5. Clippings

    6. Souvenir pamphlets, bulletins, programs

    7. Florence (Alabama) University Bulletin, 1909-1910 8-12. Southern Female College Records, 1890-1911

    13. A.E. Daniel scrapbook documenting his participation in the LaGrange Esquire Club, ca. 1935

    14. Daniel family scrapbook containing photos and clippings



    Ph 1. William Robert Morgan and Ida Oneal Morgan c. 1890

    2. Robert J. Daniel (d. 1896), c. 1890

    3. James Buchannan Daniel and Meta Dickinson Daniel, c. 1890

    4. Leon Brockman Daniel, 1902

    5. Ajalon E. Daniel, c. 1902

    6. Ajalon E. Daniel, 8 Nov 1904

    7. Edmond Davis Daniel, c. 1910

    8. Elizabeth Morgan, c. 1909

    9. Lyda Daniel, Elizabeth Morgan Daniel, Lola Daniel Jones, Mary Jim Morgan Hobbs

    10. Elizabeth Morgan Daniel, c. 1911

    11. Ajalon E. Daniel, c. 1911

    12. Daniel Grocery Co., 1923 with T.N. Freeman, Jane Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Daniel

    13. A.E. Daniel and unknown, c. 1920

    14. A.E. Daniel, Jr. and Homer Wilson, Jr. in Daniel Grocery Company, c. 1930

    15. A.E. Daniel, Sr., c. 1940

    16. Robert Morgan, 1940

    17. Troup County Courthouse officers and staff (identification on back of photograph), c. 1939

    18. Aviation cadets, Nashville, TN, Dec 1942, Donald Lashley, George Jackson, Jr., John Williamson, A.E. Daniel, Jr.

    19. Kathryn Traylor

    20-27. Jane Daniel

    28. Aruba NWI, 1948 (post card)

    29-30. Edmund Daniel, c. 1880s

    31. Ajalon E. Daniel, Sr. and unidentified, c. 1906



    MS 02, Southern Female College Records



    Women's Colleges

    Southern Female College

    Jennings family

    Porter family

    Esquire Club

    Men - Societies and Clubs


    PERSONAL NAME INDEX: Connell, Jean

    Daniel, Ajalon E., Jr. Davis, Jennie Cooper Giles, Martha

    Jackson, George Kimbrough, Jo

    Lovejoy, John

    McHugh, James R., Jr. Morgan, William R. Oneal, Ida Jane 


    Manuscript MS-021



    SOURCE: Mrs. Elwyn Hamer, Pleasant Grove Community, Troup County, GA, and Martha S. Anderson, 1983

    SIZE: .3 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 4 file folders, 2 artifacts boxes, 83.16, 83.17 3 photo folders

    1 OPP folders

    PROCESSING: RAA, March 1986



    The collection includes a commerative plate from LaGrange First Methodist Church and three United Confederate Veterans souvenir medals, separately boxed. A scrapbook of postcards to and from the Caudle family is included as well as a few personal papers, such as United Daughters of the Confederacy certificates, acceptances for the 1910 wedding reception of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Caudle, and notes on Confederate service of some Caudles. Records of the Pleasant Grove Ladies Missionary Society comprise folder number three and include membership lists from 1882-1895. The fourth folder contains obituary and biographical clippings.



    Items separated: LaGrange First Methodist Church commerative plate, ART/83.17

    Three United Confederate Veteran souvenir medals, ART/83.16

    Folder 1. Post card scrapbook, early 1900s

    2. United Daughters of the Confederacy certificate, Jimmie Lewis Caudle, October 1925

    Children of the Confederacy certificate, Rebecca Caudle, April 1931

    Acceptances for reception for Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilhoit Caudle after their marriage, 26 Jan 1910

    3. Women's Missionary Society records, Pleasant Grove Methodist Church, 1882-1895, includes membership lists

    4. Clippings: LaGrange Daily News, vol C, no. 206, 6 Feb 1942, entire issue

    Photograph of Dr. Enoch Callaway from unknown publication, ca. 1901

    Photograph of Caroline W.P. Gay, date and publication unknown

    Obituaries: James Pitman Bradfiled (June 1892)

    Caroline Ware Poythress Gay, no date



    PH 1. family group, unidentified

    2. Pleasant Grove School group photograph, 1893, H.W.Caudle included

    3-8. unidentified

    9. post card to Miss Inez Caudle

    10. unidentified

    11-18. probably cyclone damage in LaGrange, ca. 1920

    OPP 1 Confederate veterans, n.d.


    TRACINGS; Caudle, Henry Wilhoit

    Pleasant Grove Methodist Church

    United Confederate Veterans

    Women's Missionary Society, Pleasant Grove

    Associations, Institutions, etc. - Confederate Veterans 


    Manuscript MS-062



    SOURCE: Sarah Callaway Brabant, Lafayette, LA, 1986

    SIZE: 1 1/3 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 4 Manuscript boxes

    2 Folders of photographs

    1 Folders of negatives

    PROCESSING: AMW, May 1996



    Enoch Callaway, Jr., was born on March 22, 1892 in LaGrange, Georgia, the son of Dr. Enoch Callaway, Sr. and Fannie Banks. Dr. Enoch Callaway, Sr., a physician and pharmacist, died when young Enoch was nine, and "Miss Fannie" was left to raise Enoch, his brother Banks, and his two sisters Nell and Kittie. Enoch followed his father into the medical profession. He attended the University of Georgia for three years studying premed. In 1912, he left UGA to enroll in the College of Medicine at Tulane University in New Orleans. He graduate from there with his medical degree in 1916 and then completed his residency at Mississippi State Charity Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. He also did some postgraduate work at Emory University and the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital.

    When World War I began, he volunteered for the Navy. He served as a senior lieutenant in the medical corps from March 1917 to September 1919 aboard the USS Yacona. After the war, he returned to LaGrange and set up a general surgery practice. He practiced in this town until his death.

    On March 7, 1923, Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr. married Miss Jennie Crowell (1898-1979) of Columbus, Georgia. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Borom Crowell, and her father was a well-known banker. She had attended Hollins College in Hollins, Virginia and was a member of the Phi Mu Fraternity. Around this time, Dr. Callaway also became medical advisor for the Callaway Mills Company, a position he would serve in until March of 1960. In this role, he played an important part in developing the medical provisions of the company.

    Enoch and Jennie had three children: a son, Enoch Callaway, III (now Dr. Enoch Callaway, III) and two daughters, Jane and Sarah (now Mrs. Marc Brabant). Jane died in 1931 at the age of two from sarcoma of the liver. From this moment on, Dr. Callaway devoted his life to the fight against cancer. He spent much of his time exposing cancer quacks and helping to eradicate the ignorance and fear associated with this disease. He became director of the West Georgia Cancer Clinic at LaGrange's City-County Hospital in 1937. In 1945, he completed a Bachelor's of Science degree from LaGrange College in order to further his cancer research. In 1947, he limited his practice to neoplastic diseases while serving full-time as director of the West Georgia Cancer Clinic. In 1949, this clinic dedicated its own building. Dr. Callaway also continued to serve as senior attending surgeon for neoplastic diseases at City- County Hospital. In his lifetime, Dr. Callaway planned and promoted more than 45 cancer symposiums in Georgia. He also published numerous articles in medical journals and national magazines.

    Dr. Callaway's cancer work quickly led to his association with the American Cancer Society. Throughout his lifetime, he served as national director of this organization as well as president, director, chairman of the Professional Education Committee, and honorary chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Georgia division of the American Cancer Society. Mrs. Callaway was also involved as an honorary member for life of the Board of Directors of the Troup County Chapter of the American Cancer Society. For his life's work on cancer, Dr. Callaway was awarded the American Cancer Society Division Medal and the Hardman Award. In 1951, as one of the founders of the Georgia Division of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Callaway was presented with the National Society's citation for extraordinary service in the fight against cancer.

    Dr. Callaway was also active in the Troup County Medical Society, the Southeastern Surgical Congress, the American Medical Association, and the Medical Association of Georgia. He served once as President of the Medical Association of Georgia, and, in 1960, he received the Distinguished Service Award from this organization for his work in the field of cancer research.

    In addition to their work on cancer, Dr. and Mrs. Callaway were active in their local community. Dr. Callaway was involved with the American Legion and received the American Legion Life Membership Award for his contributions to this organization. He and his wife were both active members of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in LaGrange. He was a lay reader there with a license to preach. Mrs. Callaway was an honorary member of the Altar Guild. Dr. Callaway also served one term as director of the Foundation of the Episcopal Diocese in Atlanta. Dr. and Mrs. Callaway both shared a love of gardening. Mrs. Callaway was a member of the Plumbago Garden Club. Dr. Callaway also enjoyed flying and was a private pilot.

    Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr. died unexpectedly on September 26, 1961 at the age of 69. On October 13, 1971, the West Georgia Cancer Clinic was renamed the Enoch Callaway Cancer Clinic, Inc. in his honor. Mrs. Jennie Callaway died eighteen years after her husband on October 21, 1979. Husband and wife are buried together in Hill View Cemetery in LaGrange, Georgia.



    The Enoch Callaway, Jr., papers focus mainly on Dr. Callaway's medical career and his lifelong battle against cancer. The first series of this collection contains correspondence (1906-1975), the bulk of which deals with Dr. Callaway's connection with various cancer and medical organizations. The correspondence after September 26, 1961 is to Mrs. Callaway and is mostly personal letters. The correspondence is arranged chronologically. Greeting cards (such as Christmas cards and sympathy cards) and postcards are in separate folders.

    The second series is arranged alphabetically by subject. Most of it contains speeches, papers, and research notes of Dr. Callaway relating to his work on cancer. Documents (mainly programs) relating to various medical organizations (primarily American Cancer Society and Medical Association of Georgia) that Dr. Callaway belonged to are also numerous. A file of clippings from magazines and newspapers focus on Dr. Callaway's medical career. Several medical journals are also included, which contain articles written by or mentioning Dr. Callaway. Also included are some of the many awards that Dr. Callaway received in his lifetime.

    There are three folders of documents in the second series relating to Dr. Callaway's naval career in World War I (1917-1919). Personal material in this collection includes membership cards of the many organizations with which Dr. Callaway was involved and Dr. Callaway's pilot logbook. Two files of magazine and newspaper clippings focus on the Callaway family and memorials of Dr. Callaway. The Episcopal church file in this collection contains a pictorial church directory (undated) from St. Mark's, and several church bulletins from St. Mark's and other church's where Dr. Callaway spoke at. A separate folder contains a collection of Dr. Callaway's sermons, which were collected to be published as a book. It is not known if they ever were.

    The artifacts in the third series relate solely to Dr. Callaway. A medal and belt buckle appear to be from Dr. Callaway's days in the Navy. The buckeyes and metal toothpick may also be from this era. The rest of the objects relate to the doctor's medical career and his research on cancer. These include part of his stethoscope, 2 rubber signature stamps, name tags from medical organizations, and awards from medical groups.

    The photographs and negatives associated with this collection can be divided into two categories: those depicting people and places with which Dr. Callaway was involved and those relating to the field of medicine. The medical photographs and negatives (undated) are drawings of procedural techniques, sketches of an instrument that Dr. Callaway invented, and photographs of that instrument. The rest of the photographs and negatives date from 1935 to 1961 with over half of them identified. All but one of the photographs are in black and white. The folder of audio recordings contains 16 seven-inch discs on which is recorded speeches from the formal opening of the West Georgia Cancer Clinic in 1949. This folder also contains 4 seven-inch discs, 2 six-inch discs, and 1 five-inch disc on which are recorded speeches by Dr. Callaway between September 13-26, 1951. These recordings were done either for or in association with the Medical Association of Georgia.



    Series I Correspondence

    Box 1 1906-1975

    Folder 1 Correspondence, 1906; 1912; 1914; 1918-1919; 1939

    2 Correspondence, 1945; 1947-1952; 1954-1955

    3-7 Correspondence, 1956-1961

    8 Correspondence, 1962-1967; 1974-1975

    9 Correspondence, n.d.

    Series II Subject Files

    Box 2 A - M

    Folder 1 Bank Statement, June 1956 (sample)

    2 Certificates and Awards, 1942-1958

    3 Christmas Cards

    4 Episcopal Church, 1951-1973

    5 Georgia Division of the American Cancer Society, 1947-1965

    6 Magazine and Newspaper Clippings relating to Dr. Callaway's cancer work

    7 Magazine and Newspaper Clippings relating to the Callaway family

    8 Magazine and Newspaper Clippings relating to memorials of Dr. Callaway

    9 Medical Association of Georgia, 1943-1960

    10-11 Medical Journals, 1946-1961

    12 Medical Journals - The Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia, 1946-1960

    Box 3 M - Z

    Folder 1 Medical Notes and Miscellaneous Medical Papers, 1924- 1960

    2 Medical Speeches and Papers

    3 Memorials of Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr. in The Georgia Alumni Record and The LaGrange College News, 1961

    4-6 Naval Papers, 1917-1921

    7 Programs of Meetings and Conferences, 1949-1961

    8 Personal Notes, Membership Cards, Pilot Logbook, and Grandchildren High School, Graduation Invitations

    9 Sermons of Dr. Callaway's, c. 1961

    10 Sympathy Cards, 1961 and Postcards, 1972

    11 Will and Testament of Alberta Evans, naming Dr. Callaway executor, July 16, 1955

    Series III Artifacts

    Box 4 Artifacts

    Folder 1 Audio Recordings

    Discs 1 - 16 Formal opening of West Georgia Cancer Clinic, 1949

    Speeches by Dr. Callaway, Dr. R. L. Sanders, Dr. Elliot Scarborough, Dr. Jack B. Trunnell, Dr. B. Hollis Hand, and Dr. Alton Ochsner

    Discs 17 - 24 Speeches by Dr. Callaway, Medical Association of Georgia, September 13-26, 1951

    Box 1-2 2 Rubber stamps with Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr.'s signature

    1 Metal toothpick

    2 Black buckeyes

    part of Dr. Enoch Callaway's stethoscope

    1 Nametag, unknown origin, n.d.

    3 Nametags from the Medical Association of Georgia, n.d.

    1 U.S. issued belt buckle, c. World War I

    1 Medal, c. World War I

    1 Children's Founders Roll Medal issued by the Stone Mountain Confederate Monumental Association of Atlanta, Georgia, n.d.

    1 Framed Certificate declaring Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr., a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, October 17, 1938

    1 Framed Medal presented to Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr., for Distinguished Service by the Medical Association of Georgia, 1960



    Folder 1 Photographs - Medical

    1-4 Figure 1 - Figure 4 Procedural Drawings for Removing Cancer from the Breast

    5-7 Medical apparatus (designed by Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr. ?)

    Folder 2 Photographs

    1 Members of the Eighty-Sixth Annual Session of the Medical Association of Georgia, Atlanta, May 7, 1935

    2 Mrs. Enoch Callaway, Dr. Callaway, and five unidentified women at the Edgewater Gulf Hotel, November 18, 1946

    3 Airplane flying over runway, 1946

    4 Dr. Enoch Callaway, Jr. at his desk, LaGrange, February 1948

    5 Dr. Catherine McFarlowe (?) and Dr. Callaway, Savannah, May 1948

    6 Dr. Callaway at his desk, LaGrange, 1949

    7 Dr. A. M. Phillips, New President of the Medical Association of Georgia; Mrs. A. M. Phillips; Mrs. Enoch Callaway; Dr. Enoch Callaway, Retiring President of the Medical Association of Georgia; April 20, 1950

    8 Dr. C. H. Richardson, Jr., President of Bibb County Medical; Dr. Enoch Callaway; Dr. Ernest Irons, President of the American Medical Association; Dr. Richard L. Meiling, Director of Medical Services of the Office of the Secretary of Defense; April 20, 1950

    9-11 West Georgia Cancer Clinic, exterior view, October 5, 1951

    12 Nurses in the West Georgia Cancer Clinic, c. 1951

    13 Lobby of the West Georgia Cancer Clinic, c. 1951

    14 Two unidentified men with Dr. Callaway, August 1954

    15 110th Birthday party for Joseph P. Welch at the West Georgia Cancer Clinic, LaGrange, December 18, 1957

    16 Mrs. Doris Burch, Vicki Lynn Burch, and Dr. Callaway help Joseph P. Welch cut his birthday cake, West Georgia Cancer Clinic, LaGrange, December 18, 1957

    17 Mrs. Doris Burch, Vicki Lynn Burch, and Dr. Callaway help Welch blow out his birthday candles, December 18, 1957

    18-23 110th Birthday party for Joseph P. Welch at the West Georgia Cancer Clinic, LaGrange, December 18, 1957

    24 Dr. Callaway and unidentified woman, Macon, 1958

    25 Dr. Callaway presenting Joseph Lanier, President of West Point Manufacturing, with a plaque from the American Cancer Society, Inc., West Point, August 21, 1958

    26 Dr. Callaway presenting an American Cancer Society award to unidentified man, West Point, August 21, 1958

    27 Dr. Callaway presenting an American Cancer Society award to unidentified woman, West Point, August 21, 1958

    28 Mrs. Mae Moncus, Dr. Callaway holding a microscope, and Mrs. W. L. Murray, West Georgia Cancer Clinic, February 17, 1959

    29 Unidentified man and woman shaking hands with Dr. Callaway, August 1961

    30 Anthony Hutchinson, Mrs. E. Callaway, J. Arch Arary, Jr. (President of the Georgia Division of the American Cancer Society), and Howard O'Neal at a meeting of the Troup County Crusades, Lagrange, March 16, 1966

    31 Miniature portrait of an unidentified young girl, n.d.

    32 Young girl and boy (Sarah and Enoch Callaway, III ?), n.d.

    33 Dr. Callaway with two unidentified women, n.d.

    34-35 Three unidentified men, n.d.

    36 Dr. Callaway and an unidentified woman in his office, LaGrange, n.d.

    37 Portrait of Dr. Callaway for the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, n.d.

    Folder 3 Negatives

    5 negatives of medical drawings (probably done by Dr. Callaway himself), n.d.

    1 Negative of Sally Callaway Brabant in formal dress, n.d.

    Item Separated

    Issue 5 of LaGrange Life, April 11, 1946, vol. 1.; located in 54.



    American Cancer Society

    Brabant, Sarah Callaway

    Callaway, Enoch, Jr.

    Callaway, Jennie Crowell

    Callaway, Enoch, III


    Enoch Callaway Cancer Clinic

    Episcopal Church

    Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia

    Medical Association of Georgia

    Medical History - Troup County

    St. Mark's Episcopal Church

    West Georgia Cancer Clinic

    World War I - Navy 


    Manuscript MS-055


    SOURCE: Callaway Family Association July 1985, October 1987, June 1990, and annually thereafter

    SIZE: 15 Linear Feet [boxes]
    10 Linear Feet [W.C. Callaway Collection]

    SHELVING UNITS: 52 manuscript boxes 3 manuscript boxes, photos
    4 audio-visual boxes
    1 records center box
    3 reels of microfilm
    3 OP boxes
    5 artifacts, framed photos
    William Choteau Callaway Collection

    PROCESSING: RAA, August 1985, November 1987, October 1990, June 1991, August 1994; CK, 2005; BNJ, 2007; SGH, 2011


    Officers of the Callaway Family Association met at the Troup County Archives on 8 July 1985 to deliver their individual records. Records were placed on deposit at the Archives by the Association. Additional records are submitted following annual meetings and as new genealogical information is discovered.


    In 1972, a group of Callaway descendants who had been doing genealogical research decided to meet in Dover, Delaware to conduct their research more efficiently and to exchange information. They subsequently met in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia. On 21 June 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia, the Callaway Family Association was formally organized and shortly after incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the District of Columbia. The purposes of the Association as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation are to study British immigration to the North American colonies; further knowledge and understanding of the contributions made by descendants of those colonists; issue publications featuring raw historical and genealogical data and general articles with a goal of ultimately publishing a history of the Callaway family; provide instruction and education in genealogical and historical research; encourage the compilation and preservation of accurate and complete records; and promote scholarly writing. Pioneer Trails Charitable Trust was established by the Callaway Family Association to support their publishing and educational activities. The Association holds annual meetings, usually in October, for the purpose of conducting business, electing officers, and presenting informative programs.


    These records are of two types, those relating to genealogical research and those pertaining to the organization and operation of the Association. The records consist of correspondence, members' lineage charts, publications by or about Callaways, and research data in the form of typescripts or photocopies of original documents. The collection is divided into five series: Association Records, Lineage Charts, Genealogical Records, Publicity/Memorabilia, and Photographs. Three rolls of microfilm are included, one containing the Jesse Williams Hart manuscript on the Callaway family and two rolls of Bedford County, Virginia deeds. A detailed container list, genealogical index, and photograph index are included with this inventory. Many of the Callaway genealogical records can be found on their website,


    I Association Records, 1970 -
    6.5 linear feet

    These records relating to the operation of the Callaway Family Association are intended to be a source of information for current and future officers of CFA. Researchers interested in tracing their Callaway lineage should consult Series II-V.
    By-laws and articles of incorporation can be found in box 1, folder 1. Since its founding in 1975, the association has held an annual meeting (usually in October) in different cities around the country. Records regarding the annual meetings are arranged chronologically. Correspondence with hotels, convention and tour directors, museums and potential speakers, document the work of the individuals responsible for organizing the meetings. Registration packets containing brochures, tickets and itineraries reveal the types of educational and entertainment programs available to attendees. Reports submitted at annual meetings usually include a message from the president, a treasurer's report and report of the nominating committee, all of which are also published in the Callaway Journal. There might also be reports on projects such as census publication, the archives, or Pioneer Trails Charitable Trust. Minutes of officers' or board meetings are not available for all years.
    Some officers' files have been deposited in the archives. They are arranged alphabetically by the officer's name. Much of the Association's business is conducted through correspondence among the officers. Steps leading to the founding of CFA can be traced through the correspondence of Charter President Hobart Bartlett and Genealogist Sherrill Williams.

    II Lineage Charts/Biographical Sheets, 1975 -
    3 linear feet

    Upon joining the Callaway Family Association, new members are expected to fill out a five generation chart showing their Callaway line and a biographical sheet outlining their personal history. Charts are arranged alphabetically by the member's name. The charts are valuable as research aids when a common ancestor can be established. Researchers should consult volume V of the Callaway Journal for an extensive lineage chart.

    III Genealogical Records, c.1700 -
    5.5 linear feet

    Vital records, real estate transactions, correspondence and other personal papers document the westward migration of various branches of the Callaway family from their progenitors, Joseph and Peter, who first appear in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia in the late seventeenth century. The notes and records of CFA Genealogist Sherrill Williams are an important source of information for researchers. Correspondence between Sherrill Williams and Hobart Bartlett dating from 1967, also contains valuable genealogical data. (Correspondence of Sherrill Williams not relating specifically to genealogy is filed under Series I, box 3, Officers' Records.) Abstracts, indexes, and research notes collected during preparation of the Callaway Census, 1790-1920 are included in this series. To locate individual names researchers should consult the Genealogical Index to the Callaway Family Association Records which follows this inventory.

    IV Publicity/Memorabilia, 1963 -
    3 linear feet

    This series includes published material by or about Callaways. Monographs, news articles, and art work feature individuals, historic homes or locales associated with the Callaways. Much of the material does not relate to genealogy, but highlights the accomplishments and diverse interests of Callaways throughout America. Bound volumes are filed in the Archives' Reference Library as part of the William Choteau Callaway, Sr. Collection.

    V Photographs
    1 linear foot

    Approximately three hundred photographs of individuals and family groups date from the late nineteenth century to the present. Photographs are listed numerically in the Container List. An alphabetical index to photographs can be found at the end of this inventory. Photographs submitted for possible publication in The Callaway Journal provide a record of CFA annual meetings and include various speakers and Association officers and candids of members participating in tours and other activities.



    Box 1 Annual Meetings, 1975-1980
    Folder 1 Callaway Family Association By-Laws
    2 Application for tax exemption
    3-4 1975 Organizational Meeting and Fourth Callaway Workshop, 15-21 June 1975, Atlanta
    5-8 1976, First Annual Meeting, Pine Mountain, Georgia
    5 Correspondence, organization
    6 Attendance rosters, program, letter of welcome
    7 Board of director's meeting: minutes, treasurer's report, nominating committee report, attendance roster
    8 Business reports
    9-14 1977, Second Annual Meeting, Pine Mountain, Georgia
    9 Correspondence, organization
    10 Organization
    11 Financial statement and supporting materials
    12 Meeting notice, program, attendance roster, summary
    13 Board of director's meeting: treasurer's report, nominating committee report
    14 Business reports: president's message, treasurer's statement
    15-21 1978, Third Annual Meeting, Roanoke, Virginia
    15 Correspondence, organization
    16 Correspondence, schedule and arrangements
    17 Notice of meeting with responses, roster of pre-paid registrants
    18 News releases, program, attendance roster, excursion information, introduction of speaker
    19 Board of directors' meeting: treasurer's report, nominating committee report
    20 Business reports: president's message, treasurer 'statement, research fund reports
    21 Membership rosters
    22-26 1979, Fourth Annual Meeting, Roanoke, Virginia
    22 Correspondence, organization, reservation packet
    23 Excursion, financial statements for meetings
    24 Board of directors' meeting: treasurer's report, nominating committee report
    25 Business reports: treasurer's statements, journal editor's memo
    26 Membership roster
    27-32 1980, Fifth Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky
    27 Correspondence, organization
    28 Meeting notice, reservation information, responses to meeting, pre-paid registrants
    29 Program, excursion, attendance roster, press releases
    30 Financial statements
    31 Board of directors' meeting: treasurer's report, nominating committee report, journal editor's report
    32 Business reports: treasurer's statements, journal editor's memo, Joseph A. Callaway to officers regarding future meetings

    Box 2 Annual Meetings, 1981-1993
    Folder 1-4 1981, Sixth Annual Meeting, Shreveport, Louisiana
    1 Correspondence, organization
    2 Program, excursion, news releases, attendance roster, meeting summary
    3 Board of directors' meeting: correspondence, agenda, minutes, treasurer's report, nominating committee report, president's report, historian's report, indexing committee report, journal editor's report
    4 Business reports: treasurer's statements, journal editor's report
    5-8 1982, Seventh Annual Meeting, San Diego, California
    5 Correspondence, organization
    6 Meeting Notice, late registration, program, roster of host committee, attendance roster, financial statement, meeting summary
    7 Board of director's meeting: treasurer's report, nominating committee report
    8 Business reports: treasurer's statements, materials on processing and printing census records
    9-19 1983, Eighth Annual Meeting, Athens, Georgia
    9-10 Correspondence
    11 Local arrangements, program, meeting notice
    12 Pre-paid registrants
    13 Excursion to Wilkes County, Georgia
    14 News releases
    15 Attendance roster, summary of meeting, financial statements
    16 Board of directors' meeting: meeting notice, directors' dinner
    17 Board of director's meeting: roll call, agenda, minutes, treasurer's report, nominating committee report, membership report
    18 Business reports: Pioneer Trails Charitable Trust, treasurer's statements
    19 Membership roster
    20-24 1984, Ninth Annual Meeting, St Louis, Missouri
    20 Correspondence, organization
    21 Notice of meeting, program, introduction of speaker, attendance roster, meeting summary
    22 Excursion to St. Charles County, Missouri, information on early Missouri Callaways
    23 Board of directors' meeting (Records not yet received at Troup Archives)
    24 Business reports: verification of treasurer's report
    25-26 1985, Tenth Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas
    25 Correspondence, organization, attendance list, summary
    26 Agenda, officers' and committee reports
    27-28 1986, Eleventh Annual Meeting, Williamsburg, Virginia
    27 Correspondence, organization, agenda
    28 Registration list, treasurer's report, "Callaways Visit Williamsburg" by Berenice C. Shaw, 10 November 1986
    29-31 1987, Twelfth Annual Meeting, 8-11 October 1987, Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA
    29 Correspondence, organization,
    30 Program, officer's reports
    31 Registration lists

    Box 3 Officers'/Directors' Records
    Folder 1 Form letters, CFA biographical/genealogical data, letters of welcome to new or perspective members, membership applications, membership renewal, documents and supplies list
    2-5 Hobart Bartlett, miscellaneous correspondence, A-Z
    6 Hobart Bartlett from Ben Callaway
    7 from Bobbie Callaway
    8 from Eugene C. Callaway
    9 from Joann Callaway
    10 from Joseph A. Callaway
    11 from Russell E. Callaway
    12 from William P. Donan
    13 from Mary Funkhouser
    14 from Gus Partee
    15-19 from Sherrill Williams
    20 from Libraries and Archives

    Box 4 Officers'/Directors' Records - Correspondence
    Folder 1 Ben A. Callaway
    2 Bobbie Callaway
    3 Eugene C. Callaway
    4 Eugene M. Callaway
    5 Joann Callaway
    Joseph A. Callaway, 1976-1987 (see box 6-7)
    6 Russell Callaway
    7 William P. Donan
    8 Mary Funkhouser
    9 Kenneth C. King
    10 Anne Scott Mauldin
    11 W. Augustus Partee, miscellaneous correspondence, A-Z
    12 W. Augustus Partee from Hobart Bartlett
    13 from Joseph A. Callaway
    14 Ruth Philbrick
    15-16 Mary Sleight
    17 Sherrill Williams, miscellaneous correspondence, A-Z
    18-22 Sherrill Williams from Hobart Bartlett 1970-1981
    Folder 23 Sherrill Williams correspondence from Ruth Philbrick

    Box 5 Callaway Journal Volumes I-IX, XI-XIV (see Box 14 for additional Callaway Journals)
    Index to Volumes I-VII
    Membership Directory, 1978, 1988

    Box 6-7 Joseph A. Callaway Files, 1972-1987
    (Dr. Callaway served as president of CFA from 1980 through 1987. He died 23 August 1988. His files were placed in the Archives in June 1990.)

    Box 6
    Folder 1 Miscellaneous correspondence, A-Z, 1972-1987
    2 Bartlett, Hobart
    3 Bates, Frances Callaway
    4 Bates, Mary Estill
    5 Callaway, Ben A.
    6    Bobbie L.
    7    Don
    8    Ely Reeves
    9    Eugene C.
    10    Eugene M.
    11    Gerald
    12    Hugh Port
    13    Joann
    14    Kenneth H.
    15    Lew L.
    16    Robert C.
    17    Russell E.
    18 Chancey, Floy Bess
    19 Coiner, Elizabeth H.
    20 Crichton, Marilyn
    21 Despot, Pearla
    22 Donan, William P.
    23 Funkhouser, Mary P.
    24 Jacobs, Ruby
    25 King, Sidney S., Jr.
    26 Lane, Evelyn
    27 Lyon, Hilary K.
    28 Mauldin, Anne Scott
    29 Metts, Col. Albert C., Jr.
    30 Murray, Dorothy
    31 Parrish, Mrs. Herschel H., Jr.
    32-33 Partee, W. Augustus
    34 Philbrick, Ruth
    35 Schlabes, Pat
    36 Schilt, Foster F.
    37 Schuchmann, Betty Callaway
    38 Shaw, William W.
    39 Spencer, Annie Laurie
    40 Sorenson, Beatrice E.
    41 Stovall Tricenential
    42 Williams, Sherrill

    Box 7
    Folder 1 Callaway Communique
    1b Callaway Communique
    2-3 Callaway Journal
    4-5 Census reports and inquiries
    6 Index project
    7 Library
    8 Mailing list
    9 Membership application
    10 Troup County Archives

    Box 8 Pioneer Trails Charitable Trust (closed files)

    Box 9-10 Membership Records, c.1975 - c.1990

    Box 11 Secretary's Records - Annual Meetings, 1976-1979

    Box 12
    Folder 1 Annual Meeting, 1990
    2-3    1991
    4    1992
    5    1993
    6    1994
    7    2001 Membership Report

    Box 13 Membership Records - Non-renewals and deaths, c.1980 - c.1990

    Box 14 Callaway Journals, XIV- XXXIII; Caillouet Kellaway Chronicals


    Box 1 A-B and Index
    Box 2 C
    Box 3 D-I
    Box 4 J-P
    Box 5 Q-Z
    Box 6-7 Biographical data sheets

    (See the index at the end of this inventory for a listing of the names found in these records.)

    Box 1 Court Records, Alabama - Ohio
    (These are mostly photocopies of wills, marriages and deeds.)

    Box 2 Court Records, North Carolina - Virginia

    Box 3 Correspondence, Bible Records, Cemetery Records
    (All are photocopies.)

    Folder 1 DAR papers of Margaret Macdonald Bock, descendant of
    Thomas Callaway
    2 Letter from Enoch Callaway to his son, Abner, 3 March 1856
    3-4 Cicero M. Callaway correspondence
    5 Letter from John Callaway, Booneville, Missouri, 2 August 1840
    6 Joshua Callaway Bible record, New Testament, 1848; Common Prayer Book of the Church of England, 1768; Paradise Regain'd by John Milton, 1791
    7 James Render Callaway Bible record, New Testament, 1848
    8 Copy of a sampler owned by Mrs. William Shaw, Harrinton, DE, showing the William Callaway family record
    9-12 Peter Callaway Revolutionary War pension application
    13 Union Hill Cemetery, Ingalls, Arkansas
    14 Carris Callaway Bible record, 1893
    15 Estate records of Jebez Callaway, Lawerence County, AL
    16 Records of William Callaway and James Callaway of Bedford and Franklin Counties, Virginia
    17-19 Estate records of Leroy Callaway, El Dorado County, Arkansas
    20-23 Joshua K. Callaway Civil War letters
    24 John W. and Nancy Callaway Johnson Bible record; William Callaway Bible record (died 1855)

    Box 4 Genealogist's Records
    (Compiled by Sherrill Williams, charter genealogist of the Callaway Family Association.)

    1-6 Hobart Bartlett - Sherrill Williams Correspondence, 1967-1980
    7 Genealogist's notes - miscellaneous Callaway ancestors
    8-10 - lineage records
    11 Peter Callaway, Jr. lineage chart
    12 Genealogist's notes - Alabama
    13 - Delaware
    14 - Georgia
    15 - Indiana
    16 - Kentucky
    17 - Maryland
    18 - Mississippi
    19 - North Carolina
    20 - Tennessee
    21 - Texas
    22 - Virginia

    Box 4a Hobart Bartlett genealogical notes and correspondence, c.1972-c.1978

    Box 4b Genealogist Records
    Compiled by Sherrill U. Williams, Charter Genealogists of Callaway Family

    Descendants of Job Callaway

    Folder 1 Descendants of Joseph Callaway and Nancy Ragan

    Folder 2 Descendants of Job Callaway, Jr. and Rebecca Ragan

    Folder 3 Descendants of Isaac Callaway and Winifred Ragan

    Folder 4 Descendants of Job Callaway:
    Mary Callaway (Parks)
    Jabez G. Callaway
    Eunice Callaway (Griffin)
    Greene County, Alabama, Records
    Texas Court House Records
    Texas State Records
    Bell County, Texas, Records
    Jesse M. Callaway
    Wilkes County, Georgia, Records
    Jacob Callaway
    Parker Callaway
    Deeds, Wilkes County, Georgia
    Joseph M. Callaway
    William Bramblett, Sr.

    Folder 5 Descendants of Job Callaway
    Jacob Callaway
    Martha Susan Callaway (Spratlin)
    Marshall Seaborn Callaway
    Hammond Callaway
    Robert Thomas Callaway
    Webster Callaway
    Webster Ragan Callaway
    Walter Herman Callaway
    Mary R. Callaway (McAvoy)
    Abner Mell Callaway

    Folder 6 Descendants of Job Callaway
    Walter Pope Callaway
    William Marshall Callaway
    Henry Otis Callaway
    John Audley Callaway
    Levi Taswell Callaway
    Seaborn Callaway
    Parker Callaway
    Aristides Callaway
    Parker Family-Wilkes County, Georgia
    Lavinia Callaway Bramblitt
    Seaborn Callaway
    Drury Callaway
    Census Records, Wilkes County, GA, 1830-1920

    Folder 7 Descendants of Job Callaway
    Jennier Spirvey (Re: Samuel Watt Callaway)
    Gladys May
    J. William Pruett (Re: Jobe Callaway)
    Peter Callaway
    Aristides Callaway
    Lemuel Keltzer Callaway
    Cordelia Callaway (Jones)
    Aristides Callaway

    Folder 8 Descendants of Job Callaway
    Webster Ragan Callaway
    Malcolm Hillyer Callaway
    Various Correspondence
    Jean Mitchener Callaway
    Michael Brett Callaway
    Joseph Adolphus Callaway

    Folder 9 Descendants of Job Callaway
    Jesse M. Callaway
    Deeds, Probate Records, Greene County, AL
    Obituary of Susannah Callaway
    Jesse Callaway
    Jesse M. Callaway
    J. M. Callaway
    Oswald Elvan Callaway
    Jesse Callaway
    Joseph M. Callaway
    A. C. Callaway
    David I. Callaway
    Lemuel Theodore Callaway
    D. I. Callaway (Family Bible Pages)
    William J. Callaway
    Alonzo Callaway
    J. B. Caloway
    James Bester Callaway
    Amasa Cicero Callaway
    A. C. Callaway, Jr.
    Jessee Callaway
    Greene Co., Al, Records pertaining to Job Callaway, Jr.
    O. E. Callaway, (correspondence)

    Box 4c: Genealogist Records
    Compiled by Sherrill U. Williams, Charter Genealogist of Callaway Family Association

    Folder 10 Descendants of Job Callaway
    G. W. Callaway
    Seaborn Callaway, Sr.
    E. F. M. Callaway
    Hugh Grover Callaway
    Abraham Callaway
    Thomas Callaway (Family Fan Chart)
    Joseph Willis Callaway
    E. F. M. (Frank) Callaway and additional charts
    William J. Callaway
    Mary Leviney Callaway
    Scott E. Callaway
    Thomas Edward Callaway
    Oswald Ester Callaway
    Eli Ragan Callaway

    Folder 11 Descendants of Job Callaway
    Sherrill Williams correspondence
    Joseph Callaway
    James Render Callaway
    Cicero Elisha Callaway
    Isaac Callaway, Sr.

    Folder 12 Descendants of Job Callaway
    James Render Callaway
    Job Callaway, Jr.
    Michael Abraham Callaway
    Cicero Elisha Callaway
    William James Callaway
    E. F. M. Callaway
    Eli Ragan Callaway
    Jacob Callaway

    Note: Folders 13-25 are not the work of Sherrill U. Williams

    Folder 13 Descendants of Joseph Callaway
    Folder 14 Descendants of Peter Callaway, John J. Zoch, Sr.
    Folder 15 Descendants of George O. Callaway
    Folder 16-19 Descendants of Peter Callaway
    Folder 20 Descendants of Joshua Callaway
    Folder 21 Descendants of William Anderson Callaway
    Folder 22 Descendants of Isaac Callaway
    Folder 23 Descendants of Parham Callaway
    Folder 24 Descendants of Isaac Callaway
    Folder 25 Joseph Callaway Line and Col. James Callaway

    Box 5-7e Census Records
    Abstracts of Callaways listed in the U.S. Census, 1870-1920
    Typed master copies
    Computer index
    List of purchasers of Callaway Census Records, 1790-1860
    Notebook listing memorial contributions to Callaway Census Project (Pioneer Trails Charitable Trust)
    1900 Callaway census records, 3 computer discs
    (See Joseph A. Callaway records Series I, boxes 6-7 for additional information on the Callaway Census Project.)

    Box 8 Genealogical Records
    Folder 1 Eudocia Estell letters, 1871, 1879 - from the records of Mrs. William Bates, Houston, Texas
    2 Carolina Baptist Preachers - notes from Nancy Callaway Barnhart
    3 Charles Howard Callaway family records, ca.1926-1987
    4 Callaway - Steptoe family records - submitted by Elizabeth H. Coiner, Washington, D.C.
    5 Records of Congrave Clinton Callaway and Ambrose Callaway, sons of James Callaway of Virginia and Missouri
    6-7 Webster Letters re. Jonathon Callaway family
    8-15 Bacon, Fooks, Hearn, Kenney Papers
    16 David Callaway/Calloway family of Texas - submitted by Samuel W. Newman, Waco, Texas
    17 Richard and Ann Crawford Callaway Bible Record, c.1820 submitted by Richard King, San Deigo, CA
    18 Autobiography of James Edward Calloway of Elkton, KY,
    19 Callaway - Hodges family records - submitted by Sherrill Williams, Unicoi, TN
    20 Abraham Callaway family record, 1807-1985, (scrapbook, compiler unknown)
    21 Letter by Parham Callaway, 1894, son of Col. John Callaway (regarding John's capture by Indians)

    Box 9 Genealogist's Records
    Folder 1 Callaway - Townsend family records
    2 Transylvania Company
    3 First Trip to Boonsboro
    4 Callaway - Henderson family records
    5 Callaway - Bartlett family records
    6 Callaway - Reeves family records
    7 Col. Richard Callaway Bible record
    8 Texas, Collins County marriages, 1884 - 1923
    Gonzales County census, 1860
    9 Joseph Callaway & Shadrack Callaway of TN
    10 Callaway - Webb & Callaway - Greer families of VA
    11 Will of Edmund Callaway of KY
    12 Will of Elijah Callaway of NC
    13 Marion Francis Callaway family records
    14 Thomas Howard Callaway family records
    15 Callaway - Henderson family records
    16 Callaway - Howell family records
    17 Callaway - Lea family records
    18 McGeachy family records
    19 Callaway obituaries, 1990s
    20-26 Compendium of American Genealogy, 1930s

    Box 10-12 Census records
    Box 13 Floy Bess Chancey Records
    Box 14 Delaware Court and Land Records (originals)
    Box 15 Delaware, Maryland, Virginia: Court & Land Records, photocopies
    Box 16 Star Membership
    Box 17 Callaway Family Pedigree Charts (Joseph, Peter, Sr; Peter I and Job, Sr.;
    W.H. and M.E. Callaway of Keene, Johnson Co, Texas; Sarah F and John Callaway)
    Box 18 The Archibald Callaway Family; The Callaway Saga by L. L. Callaway, Jr.
    Box 19 William Curtis Callaway Family Records
    Box 20-23 Callaway Family Genealogical Research

    Box 24 Callaway Genealogical Charts
    Submitter Family Line
    1 Aeschleman, Louis Micajah Callaway Line
    2 Anderson, Ruth Callaway
    3 Armstrong, Bessiere, Borwn, Brooks, Callaway
    4 Averett, Banks, Dupree, Morey, Luxford families
    5 Barnharts
    6 Bartlett, Arnett families
    7 Bock, Margaret Ann Capt. Thomas Callaway
    8 Bowling, Sharon Daniels Caleb Callaway
    9-10 Brown, Lou Isaiah Callaway
    11 Buckland, Marie C.
    12 Butler Zachariah Callaway
    13 Callaway James and Edmund
    14 Callaway, Andrea Gail
    15 Callaway, Bobbie Capt. Thomas Callaway
    16 Callaway, Daniel Blaine
    17 Callaway, Groat Morris Capt. Thomas Callaway
    18 Callaway, H. L.
    19 Callaway, H. M. and Lenhart, Kent families Capt. Thomas Callaway
    20 Callaway, James Pitt and Lombardi family
    21 Callaway, John Freeman
    22 Callaway, John Horace, J. L. Callaway, Luxford family
    23 Callaway, Jonathan Hosea
    24 Callaway, Lucy
    25 Callaway, Mary Bethany Peter Callaway Line
    26 Callaway, Myra
    27 Callaway, Oralee
    28 Callaway, Peggy
    29 Callaway, Raymond L.
    30 Callaway, Robert E. Capt. Thomas Callaway
    31 Callaway, Thomas (by Mrs. L. B. Cox)
    32 Callaway, Voris
    33 Callaway, William George
    34 Calloway, James (Rev.)
    35 Calloway, Ronald
    36-37 Chancey, Floy Bess
    38 Clark and Jones families
    39 Clayton, George L. Capt. Thomas Callaway
    40 Clevelands and Gadberry families
    41 Coats, Charlotte Capt. Thomas Callaway
    42 Cofer, Debs
    43 Cominsky, Jones, Ghormley, Garland, Gardner families Capt. Thomas
    44 Couran, Donna Callaway
    45 Craw, Curtis, Fatten, Fleenor, Francois, Gerber families
    46 Crowley family
    47 Danilson Thomas Callaway
    48 Dodd, Betty P. Peter Callaway
    49 Faw Families Capt. Thomas Callaway
    50 Ford, Linda A. Joseph Callaway
    51 Franklin, Comer, Lampton, Morgan families Caleb Callaway Line
    52 Gartner, Gough
    53 Gentry, Jeffrey, Hoffman families
    54 Gootee and various Callaway lines
    55 Gray, Jefferson D., Jr.
    56 Gray, Lucy
    57 Groennert, Leo H. Isaiah Callaway Line

    Box 25

    58 Hanks, Alex and James L.Callaway Capt. Thomas Callaway
    59 Hannah, Mildred Col. James Callaway
    60 Helm, Frances and J. E. Callaway Joseph Callaway
    61 Hensley, Philip E. and Louise C. Hall Capt. Thomas Callaway
    62 Hickey, Thelma and Georgina Hyde Capt. Thomas Callaway
    63 Hill, Eleanor Joseph Callaway
    64 Hodges, James Callaway Capt. Thomas Callaway
    65 Holston, Smith, McDaniel, Callaway
    66 Holt, Ann
    67 Hubbard, Fredrick Cecil and Hobbs, Mildred Ione Capt. Thomas Callaway
    68 Johnson, Dan Thomas Callaway of TN
    69 Jones and Johnson families Capt. Thomas Callaway
    70 Kassik, DeAnne G. Elijah Callaway
    71 Kellaways of Rockbourne in Hampshire
    72 King, Knox, Langley, Calloway, Johnson families
    73 Kovac, Wilde, Spencer, Sanders families
    74 Krumpelman, Dorothy Payne
    75 Langley, Doris
    76 Lechaton, Faith
    77 Lyon, Hilary K.
    78 Martin, Janet Calloway
    79 Mathis family Thomas Callaway
    80 McFadin and Miller families Capt. Thomas Callaway
    81 McLaurin, Maxine Mays Capt. Thomas Callaway
    82 Miller, Dempsey, and Dooley families
    83 Miller, Elizabeth Johnson Capt. Thomas
    84 Millinger, Richard
    85 Millinger, Richard Floyd
    86 Minichan, Jeffrey and Gillispie families
    87-88 Miscellaneous family Lines and Charts
    89 Nelson, Earl L.
    90 Nelson, Lucy Mobley
    91 Nevins, Mary Lou Capt. Thomas Callaway
    92 Newton, Veda A.
    93 Pate, Downey, Medlin, Averett, Ball, families
    94 Raisch, Thomas Callaway Caleb and Thomas William Callaway line
    95 Ralston, George Orr, Jr. (Ruth Jones) Joseph Calloway line
    96 Reeves, Jesse A. Thomas Calloway line
    97 Rowley, Gladys
    98 Rudin, Sharon Ray Capt. Thomas Callaway
    99 Sands, James C. Hatton Callaway
    100 Schnurr, Patricia U. S. S. Callaway
    101 Shelledy, Peterson, Matthies, Ladson families
    102 Sillay, Callaway, Bridges, and Moore families
    103-104 Silvey, Betty G. Richard Callaway line
    105 Swearingen, Betty and Mary L. E. Royar families Capt. Thomas Callaway
    106 White, Lynn Atkinson Capt. Thomas Callaway
    107 Wilcoxen, Raymond Elijah Callaway
    108 Williams, Edwin L. Joseph Woodson Callaway
    109-110 Williams, Sherill, Correspondence
    111 Yeakle family Elijah Callaway
    112 Zimmerman, Iris H.
    Ancestors of Daisy Callaway of Henry County, Kentucky (notebook)


    Box 26 Genealogist's Research and Records


    1  The Callaway Family Association Third Genealogiy Adventure in England, 1999 by Cary Lawson Moore, Patricia Vining Schnurr, and Sherrill Underwood William

    2-3 Callaways and Kellaways and Variant Spellings in Pre-1600 English Records

    4 Caillouet Kellaway Chronicles: A Precise Verson

    5 Deeds

    6 England, Cornwall County

    7-8 England, Devon County and Dorset County

    9 England, Devon Record Office

    10 England, Dorset Record Office

    11 England, Durham

    12 England, Hampshire County, Isle of Wight

    13 England, Somerset County


    Box 27


    1  England, Somerset Record Office

    2 England, Stafford County Wiltshire

    3-7 English Notes, 1997-2003

    8 Letters

    9-10 Research Notes by Sherrill Williams, 1998-2000

    11 Seals

    12 Trees

    13 Wills



    Box 1 Printed Material
    Folder 1 Callaway bibliography and biographical index
    2-8 The Callaway Family of Virginia and Some KentuckyDescendants, Jessie Williams Hart,Los Angeles,
    CA, 1929 (This Manuscript is also on microfilm.)
    9 Articles and pamphlets on Biblical archaeology by Dr.
    Joseph A. Callaway
    10 Callaway song sheets
    11 Callaway Vineyard and Winery
    12 "Descendants of Peter Callaway of Somerset County,
    Maryland", The Callaway Journal, Vol. V
    13 "Descendants of Joseph Callaway of Essex County,
    Virginia", The Callaway Journal, Vol V
    14 Biographical sketch of Sam J. Callaway, Fort Worth and
    the Texas Northwest, Buckley B. Paddock
    15 "Colonel Richard Callaway", "Callaway Data", The Filson
    Club History Quarterly, vol. 29
    16 "Brief History of Louisville", "Kentucky Was Almost
    Transylvania", Kentucky Travel
    17 Excerpts from History of Fort Bend County (Texas),
    Clarence R. Wharton
    18 "Introduction to Callaway Baptist Preachers", Judge E.H.
    Callaway; Laura Hart Callaway paper on Callaway preachers, 1983
    19 Biographies (church publications)
    20 Obituaries
    21 Newspaper Clippings
    22-28 Lectures presented at annual meetings of the Callaway
    Family Association
    29 Historic homes, clippings from the Lynchburq, VA, News
    29a Historic Georgia Callaway Houses (prints)
    30 Callaway data compiled by John O. Pruett, D.D.S.,
    Sylacauga, Alabama, 1977
    31 Record of James Edmund Callaway, Colonel 21st Regiment
    Illinois Volunteers, U.S.A., Chester Lowell Callaway,
    1988, (photocopies from Official Records of the War of
    the Rebellion with introduction by C.L. Callaway)

    Box 2 Printed Materials
    Folder 1-2 Newspaper clippings sent to The Callaway Journal editor for publication
    3 Ben H. Callaway obituary, The Weekly News, Ashe County, North Carolina, 11 July, 1929
    4-5 Some Boone Descendants and Kindred of St. Charles District, (Missouri), Lillian Hays Oliver, 1964
    6 Southern Ladies' Companion, November 1848 - story of capture of Boone and Callaway girls by Indians at Boonesboro - contirbuted by Mrs. W.B. Bates
    7 Memorabilia from dedication of monument to Melissa Dora Callaway Oliver-Eakle, Amarillo, Texas, 1985
    8 "Ely Callaway And His California Dream", Aircal, July 1985
    "The Callaway Steel Core Hickory Sticks" promotional brochure for golf clubs, Ely Callaway, 1983
    "Callaway's Anecdotes Helped Patients Cope", Perspectives, Duke University Medical Center, 1991 [Dr. J. Lamar Callaway]
    9 "Secret Of The Appalachian Trail" Birmingham, August
    1991, David Moore (Callaway descendant)
    "Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., A Three Dimension Man", Waights G. Henry, Jr., 1978
    Lest It Be Forgotten, A Scrapbook Of Campbell County, Virqinia, 1976 [features Colonel James Callaway]
    The Journal of the Roanoke Valley Historical Society, volume X, no. 2 - Washington Forge, Franklin County, Virginia
    Virqinia Cavalcade, volume XI, no. 4, 1962 - Washington Forge, Franklin County, Virginia
    Franklin County Fiddler's Convention Program, 1977 - Washington Forge, Franklin County, Virginia
    Callaway Family Tree, unpublished manuscript by Leslie Callaway Sorenson, Valencia, California, n.d.
    Proqressive Men of the State of Montana, 1901 - James Edmund Callaway
    Callaways in Wilkes County, program for 1983 C.F.A. meeting
    Quogue As We Remember It, 1976, Diana Stokes Callaway, editor
    The Alabama Historical Quarterly, volume 17, no. 4, 1955 Callaways of Fellowship Baptist Church, Wilcox County, Alabama

    Standing On The Promises, Cleaning Up The Premises, W. Merlin Schwein, 1984 - descendant of Micajah Callaway
    Aldus volume 9, no. 1, 1971, University of Houston Library Wlliam B. Bates
    "Texas Medical Center", brochure, n.d. - William B. Bates
    "Washington - Wilkes Hosts The Bicentennial Tour Of Callaways In Wilkes County, October 14, 1983"
    "Callaway Immigrants and Worldwide Descendants," Halbert's Family Heritage, 1989
    "Calloway Immigrants and Worldwide Descendants," Halbert's Inc., 1988
    Wohlt, Mildred Hazelton Callaway, "Daily Kaleidoscope of Rnadom Thoughts," 1993
    Callaway, Ollie M., "Life With Papa," c.1988

    Box 3 William Choteau Callaway Memorabilia
    (See Series III, Box 8, Abraham Callaway family scrapbook for additional data and photos of William Choteau Callaway and family.)

    Folder 1 Army discharge, 29 October 1945 (photocopy)
    Correspondence, 1956-1978 (Includes letter from Senator
    John Stennis and other Mississippi politicians)
    2 Obituaries and sympathy letters to Mrs. William C. Callaway, February, 1979
    3 Bank of Oakland, Mississippi
    4 Civic organizations, community service
    5 University of Mississippi, Mississippi State Alumni Associations
    6 Gilbert Evans Callaway, Sr. (father of W.C. Callaway)
    7 Clippings about Callaways collected by Mrs. W.C. Callaway
    8 "Life History of William Choteau Callaway of Oakland, Mississippi" by Ann J. Callaway (Mrs. William Choteau
    Callaway), October 1987

    Box 4 Printed Material
    Folder 1 Callaway obituaries
    2 Clippings submitted for possible inclusion in the Callaway Journal
    3 Historical Genealogy of the Callaways of Montana (Joseph Callaway, Sr. family) by Llewellyn C. Callaway, Jr.
    Neighborhood Sketches, Walter H. Kiser (home of John Callaway, Smithfield, KY), n.d.
    4 On To Texas (David Callaway Family), Samuel W. Newman, 1989
    5 The Callaway Communique, 1986, 2003, 2004
    NOTE: Sometimes titled The Callaway Communicator.
    6 The Application of Attributed Grammars and Related Formal Models to Pattern Recoqnition, J. Ross Stenstrom, 1988 (PhD thesis of Callaway descendant)
    7 Missouri Historical Society Collections, volume 5, number 1, October 1927 (photocopy)
    8 Clark County (Arkansas) Historical Journal, Srping 1986
    9 Clippings from Franklin County, Virginia, Times, 1968
    10 Callaway - Henderson Families, Alexander Bate, 1941

    Box 5 Printed Material
    Haysom Murder Case - clippings form the Lynchburg, VA, News, c.1985

    Box 6 Books
    Silhouette, Agnes Scott College Yearbook, 1935
    Piano Sheet Music, c. 1890 (belonging to Bessie H. Scott)
    Bessie Scott Harman, Bible

    Box 7 Printed Materials
    Folder 1 Callaway, Nebraska, information packet
    2 Descriptive inventory records of the Town of Macon and the Public Reserve at Macon, 1973
    3 The Old Brick Church near Smithfield, Virginia, built 1632
    4 "The Most Convenient Ways…A Story of Roads in Virginia"
    5 Historic Records of Virginia (2 vols)
    A Brief History of the Staunton and James River Turnpike
    An Index to Roads in the Albamarle County Surveyor's Books, 1744-1853
    6 Callaway Bumper Stickers
    7 Newspaper Articles on Callaway Family members
    8 The Callaway Family in America and in the South
    9 National Geographic, Vol. 174, No. 6, December 1988

    OP Box 1
    Item 1 The Franklin County News-Post, Franklin County, Virginia, Bicentennial Edition, 1 January 1986
    2 Lineage charts
    Descendants of Peter Callaway through his son, John
    Descendants of John Callaway and Joan Payne
    Originals of charts published in Volume V, Callaway Journal
    3 Historic reference map of Bedford County, Virginia
    4 Historic reference map of Franklin County, Virginia
    5 CFA Meeting, Louisville Courier-Journal, Oct. 12, 1980 and Washington Post Magazine, April 11, 1976
    6 Altavista Journal Bicentenial Edition, Oct. 6, 1976

    OP Box 2-3 William Choteau Callaway memorabilia

    OP unboxed
    1 John A. Callaway family album - donation of David Martin Callaway, Kinston, NC (framed photographs)
    2 "The Sower" and "Hershel Walker" (framed prints) by Daniel Moore
    3 100th Birthday Plaque presented to Mildred Hazelton Callaway Wohit by State Senate of Missouri
    4 Appreciation Plaque presented to John and Anne Scott Mauldin

    CFA books in the Archives reading room

    Callaway, Merle Leland, Descendants of the Conneticut Callaways and Family Album, 1976
    Callaway, E.E., In The Beqinning, 1971
    Callaway, Joseph A., Biblical Backgrounds, 1965 The Early Bronze Age Citadel and Lower City At Ai (Et-Tell) - A report of the joint expedition to Ai(Et-Tell): No. 2, 1980
    Callaway, Llewellyn L., Jr. The Callaway Saga, 1983
    Calaway, Llewellyn L., Sr. Montana's Righteous Hangmen, 1982
    Fanta, Minnie, The Archibald Callaway Family, (not dated)
    Garland, John White, Heads of Cedar Hill, 1982
    Harris, Ruth Eleanor Poole, Ruth Eleanor Douglas Journal,Vol. 1, 1979
    McDonald, Maurene, Scattered Leaves - Abner Josephus Callaway Family, 1969
    McGinty, Basil B., History of East Liberty Baptist Association, Chambers County, Alabama, 1963
    Read, Daisy I., New London, (VA), Today And Yesterday, Descendants of Joshua Callaway of Wilkes County, GA, Richard Callaway and Allied Families, Vol. I
    Sheriff, Pauline Callaway, Samuel Callaway, His Ancestors and Descendants of Kentucky, Missouri and Elsewhere, 1987
    Aycock, Robert and Elsie J. William E. Callaway, c. 1990
    Chancey, Myra Calloway and Floy Bess Chancey, The Descendants of Jonathan Hosea Callaway, 1809-1868, c. 1994.
    Chancey, Floy Bess, Jonathan Hosea Callaway and His Descendants, c. 1990
    Philbrick, Ruth, Thomas Callaway, 1990
    Hamilton-Edwards, Gerald. In Search of Scottish Ancestry, 1980
    Dnaughton, Wallace R. and William Johnson Perry, North Carolina Genealogical Reference, 1966.
    Bryant, Pat. Entry of Claims for Georgia Landholders, 1733-1755, 1975
    Williams, Mary Callaway and Lucille Herndon Callaway, Callaway Ancestors and Descendants, 1986
    Lewis, Bessie. Patriarchial Plantations of St. Simons Island, 1974
    Wright, Buster W. Abstracts of Deaths Reported in the Columbus (Georgia) Enquirer, 1832- 1852, 1980
    Wright, Buster W. Abstracts of Marriages Reported in the Columbus (Georgia) Enquirer, 1832- 1852, 1980
    Register of Ancestors: The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Virginia, 1979
    Thomas, R. S. The Old Brick Church Near Smithfield, Virginia, Built in 1632 ---
    Fortson, Ben W., Jr. Georgia Surveyor General Department, 1973
    Bryant, Pat, English Crown Grants for Islands in Georgia, 1755-1775, 1972
    Young, Douglas, A Brief History of the Staunton and James River Turnpike, 1976 (Series IV, Box 7)
    Pawlett, Nathaniel Mason. An Index to Roads Shown in the Albemarle County Surveyor's Books, 1744-1853, 1976 (Series IV, Box 7)
    Salmon, John and Emily J., Franklin County, Virginia 1786-1986: A Bicentennial History
    Clint, Florence. Huntington County, Pennsylvania Area Key, 1974
    The Most Convenient Ways-A story of Roads in Virginia. (Series IV, Box 7)
    Weis, Frederick Lewis. The Colonial Clergy of the Middle Colonies, 1978
    Bible belonging to Bessie Scott Harman
    Piano Music, c. 1880, belonging to Bessie Scott Harman
    Price, Kenneth W. and James R. Duffee, The Callaway Family in America and in the South, 1989 (Series IV, Box 7)
    Warren, Mary Bondurant, Family Puzzlers, 1964-1967, 1969
    Young, Willie Pauline, Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds,

    Miss Spider's Books (Miss Spider's Tea Party (94), Miss Spider's Wedding (95), Miss Spider's New Car (97), Miss Spider (2002)-books published by Callaway of New York)


    Box 1
    Folder 1
    ph 1 William Hillary Callaway (1840-1924) and Josephine Patterson Callaway (1843-1932)
    2 Richard Callaway, Jr. silhouette n.d.
    3 Wiliam Richard Callaway (1826-1897)
    4 Abigail Jane Cecil (1832-1885), wife of William R. Callaway
    5 Lillie, Clara, Laura, Ann, Emma, Lizzie, and Frances Callaway of Oregon, ca. 1886
    6 Capture of Boonesboro Girls, photograph of painting
    7 Rescue of Boonesboro Girls, photograph of painting
    8 William Richard Callaway and his wife, Abigail and a chair which belonged to her, n.d.
    9 Pat Schlables, Walter Schlables, George Chiles, n.d.
    10 Bill Botmiller, Bea Callaway Johnson, Elsie Hamel, Belle Callaway Botmiller, Doris Coleman, Henry Coleman, Ione Callaway Lorenzen, 1984
    11-12 Pearl Callaway Johnson, 1981
    13 Danzel Callaway Cobb, Lenox L. Cobb, 1978
    14 Sarah Ann Mills, 1982

    Folder 2 Homes on 1983 Wilkes County Tour
    ph 15 Callaway - Johnson Home, ca. 1830
    16 Callaway - Grey Home, ca. 1790
    17 The Brick House, 1869
    18 Stone-Heard-Callaway-Bounds-Barnett Home, 1836
    19 Peacewood, 1833
    20 Belmont, ca.1806
    21 Poplar Corner, 1810

    Folder 3 Cyrus and Elizabeth Fite Calloway Family, Starke County, Indiana
    ph 22 Elizabeth Fite Calloway Clawson (1850- -), n.d. (2 copies)
    23 Elizabeth Fite Calloway Clawson (standing), n.d.
    24 Edward Calloway (1879- -) n.d. (2 copies)
    25 Mr. and Mrs. Nints (Elizabeth Calloway), n.d.
    26 Robert Calloway, n.d. (2 copies)
    27 Allen B. Calloway (1871- -), n.d. (2 copies)
    28 Allen B. Calloway, Balloon Ascention, n.d. (2 copies)
    29 Allen B. Calloway, ca. 1940 (2 copies)
    30 Laborers in grape vineyard, Paw Paw, MI, Elizabeth
    Fite Calloway Clawson and Mr. Clawson, 1903 or 1908
    (2 copies)
    31 Lula Mae Calloway Kennedy (1871- -), n.d.
    32 Roy Kennedy, n.d.
    33 Lena Kennedy Coon, n.d.

    Folder 4
    ph 34 Mamie Sims Callaway, n.d. (contributed by Suzanne Furgal, Carol Stream, IL)
    35 John C. Callaway, Company E, 12th Louisiana Infantry, ca.1861
    36 Larkin Cleveland Callaway, n.d.
    37 Coleman Alexander Callaway, n.d.
    38 Eva von Tash (Weeks) Callaway, n.d.
    39 Robert Callaway, n.d.
    40 John William (1887-1962) and Cleopatra Long Callaway (The dates given for this man do not seem to match the age of the photograph.)
    41 Laura Callaway Huffer, n.d.
    42 Mary Nancy Jane Callaway (1810-1883)

    Folder 5 Photographs from Mrs. William B. Bates, Hairston, Texas
    ph 43 Colonel and Mrs. William B. Bates (Mary Estill Voncey), n.d.
    44-45 Eudocia Estill and her daughter, Martha Dorsey
    (It could not be determined which photograph is the mother and which is the daughter. These two framed colored reproductions have been accessioned as ART 88.03 and ART 88.04)

    Folder 6-17 unnumbered photographs from CFA meetings

    Box 2 Photographs
    (In the front of Box 2 is a list prepared by CFA Historian Bobbie Callaway which provides biographical information on some of the individuals whose photographs are included here.)
    Folder 1
    ph 46 Caroline Frances Callaway (1833-1914)
    47 Reverend Abner Josephus Callaway baptising in a river in Louisiana, n.d.

    Folder 2 ph 48-50 Monument to Captain James Callaway on grounds of Callaway County, MO, courthouse, c.1984
    51 Tombstone of Captain James Callaway, Montgomery County, MO, c.1984
    52-54 Gravestones of family of Dr. L.H. Callaway in Old Talbot Cemetery, Montgomery County, MO, c.1984
    55-57 Flanders Callaway house, 1982, 1984
    58-59 Gravestones of Thomas Howell and Susannah Callaway Howell, St. Charles County, MO, 1982
    60 Book showing print of Susannah Callaway Howell a photographed at Mrs. Oliver's apartment, May 11, 1982
    61 Charles Hunt at Susannah Callaway Howell grave, 1984
    62-64 Nathan Boone house, MO, c.1984

    Folder 3
    ph 65 Doris Primeau and Lillian Hays Oliver, 1984
    66 Susan Morris Howell wife of James Callaway Howell, n.d. (copy)
    67 Nancy Howell Callaway widow of Captain James Callaway n.d. (copy)
    68 Nancy Emaline Snyder granddaughter of Captain James Callaway, n.d. (copy)
    69-70 Tombstones of Francis and Susannah Howell (St. Charles County-), MO, c.1984
    71-78 Callaway tombstones Old Darsnne Cemetery St. Charles County, MO, c.1984
    79 Daniel Boone monument at original burial site in Missouri, 1984
    80 Nathan Boone home, Defiance, MO, 1984
    81 Fort Johnson map drawn by Captain James Callaway in about 1813, Missouri Historical Society photo, n.d.
    82 Flanders Callaway home, Warren County, MO, c.1920 Missouri Historical Society photo

    Folder 4
    ph 83 Lillie May Callaway (1868-1915) (copy)
    84 John Boone Callaway (1825-1905) (copy)
    85 Jessie Ann Howell Silvey n.d. (copy)

    Folder 5 (NOTE:Identification of some individuals in this folder is questionable.)
    ph 86 Abraham Wertz, Donald Edwin Baldwin, Mary Lowman Jennings Wertz, Margaret Wertz Brooks Baldwin, Margaret Virginia Wertz Brooks, 1931 (copy)
    87 Margaret Virginia Wertz Brooks (1880-1974), 1961 (copy)
    88 Belvidere Lee Brooks, Jr., Robert Glenn Brooks, Belvidere Lee Brooks, Margaret Virginia Wertz Brooks, Margaret Wertz Brooks Baldwin, n.d. (copy)
    89 Belvidere Lee Brooks, Joseph Wilkes Brooks, Belvidere Lee Brooks, Jr., Nancy White Patrick Brooks, c.1905 (copy)
    90 Belvidere Lee Brooks, Jr., Dora Lee Brooks, Mary Jane Kenny Lee, Margaret Wertz Brooks Baldwin, 1904 (copy)
    91 Margaret Wertz Brooks Baldwin, Edwin Felts Baldwin, n.d. (copy)
    92 Gladys Lenora McIntosh Brooks, Belvidere Lee Brooks, Jr., n.d. (copy)
    93 Joseph Wilkes Brooks, c.1900 (copy)
    94 Belvidere Brooks (1825-1862) (copy) (NOTE: The identification on back of this photo seems to be incorrect. The individual pictured is older than 37.]
    95 Nancy White Patrick Brooks (1827-1913) (copy)
    96 Tombstone of Jefferson Alexander Patrick and Catherine White Patrick, Centerville Cemetery, Leon County, TX, n.d.
    97-98 Gardner Berry Callaway, c.1899
    99 Unidentified oil portrait, possibly Jemima Boone Callaway, n.d.
    100 Richard Callaway Ferry historical marker near Boonesboro, KY, c.1984
    101 Col. Richard Callaway historical marker near Boonesboro, KY, c.1984

    Folder 6
    ph 102 Micajah Callaway tombstone, Peugh Cemetery, Salen, IN n.d.
    103 William Levi Callaway (1870-1955) (Copy)
    104-106 Reunion of Micajah Callaway descendants, N. Salem, IN, 10 August 1985
    107-108 Micajah Callaway tombstone, Peugh Cemetery, Washington County, IN, n.d.
    109-116 Callaway gravestones Hurricane Baptist Church Cemetery, Carroll County, MO, 1977

    Folder 7
    ph 117 Earl J. Callaway (1898-1983), Earnest E. Callaway (1926- ), Elijah Jeffries Callaway (1865-1933)
    118 Earl, Olen, Kenneth, Blanche, Merlyn and Oscar Callaway, n.d.
    119 Merlyn, Blanche, Oscar, Earl and Olen Callaway, c. 1967
    120-122 Tombstones of Elijah Jeffries and Bertha Blanche Burroughs Callaway, Okarche Cemetery, Okarche, OK, n.d
    123 Charles John and Elizabeth J. Ware Callaway and family of KY, MO, and OR, c.l900 (copy)

    Folder 8
    ph 124 Charles Callaway (1745-1827) (Copy of 1815 painting)
    125 John Maxwell Callaway (1825-1886) (Copy)
    126 Thomas William Callaway (1853-1928) (Copy)
    127 Adeline Jones Callaway (1883-1975), 1909 (Copy)

    Folder 9
    ph 128 Rosemary DeWitt, George Kirk DeWitt, n.d.
    129 Walter Morse DeWitt, n.d.
    130 James Robert Callaway, n.d.
    131 George William DeWitt, n.d.

    Folder 10
    ph 132 Sarah Elizabeth O'Bannon DeWitt, n.d. (copy)
    133 Edmund Chesley Callaway, n.d. (copy)
    134 Mary Elizabeth Callaway, n.d. (copy)
    135 Addie Callaway Schellenburger, n.d (copy)

    Folder 11
    ph 136 Sarah Callaway Davis, n.d. (copy)
    137 Margaret Callaway King, n.d. (copy)
    138 Virgil Orville Whipp, n.d.
    139 Harry Callaway(-) with mail bag, n.d.

    Folder 12
    ph 140 Leonard and Sallie Belle Callaway Whipp, n.d (copy)
    141 James Fremont Callaway, n.d. (copy)
    142 Robert Arthur Callaway (1869-1936) (copy)
    143 Albert Linsey Callaway (1840-1919) (copy)

    Folder 13
    ph 144 Mrs. James Fremont Callaway, James Robert Callaway, Dorothy Callaway, n.d.
    145 Mary Ellen Bracken Callaway and her daughters, Ida, Effie and Della, n.d. (copy)
    146 Lew Link Callaway, Jr., n.d.
    147 Herbert C. Callaway and his sister, Ida Callaway Grimsley, n.d.

    Folder 14
    ph 148 Ellen Badger Callaway, wife of L.L. Callaway, Sr., n.d. (copy)
    149 Lewellen Link Callaway, Sr., n.d. (copy of painting)
    150 Mary Elizabeth Link Callaway, c. 1905 (Copy)

    Folder 15
    ph 151 James Edmund Callaway ( 1834-1905 ) (Copy)
    152 Beverly Long, n.d.
    153 Benjamin Franklin and Lucy Jane Callaway Whipp, n.d. (copy)

    Folder 16
    ph 154 Lucy Jane Callaway Whipp, c.1902 (Copy)
    155 William Dudley Callaway (1801-1885) (Copy)
    156 Samuel Barnard Callaway (1832-1921) (Copy)

    Folder 17
    ph 157 Emma Callaway Degge and children, n.d. (photocopy)
    158 Dr. James Edmund Callaway family, Chillicothe, MO, n.d. (copy)
    159 James Edmund Callaway (1836-1921) (Copy)

    Folder 18
    ph 160 Amanda Jane Wigginton Callaway wife of William Dudley Callaway, n.d. (copy)
    161 Lucy Jane Callaway Whipp and Sallie Belle Callaway Whipp, n.d. (copy)
    162-163 William Dudley and Amanda Jane Wigginton Callaway, n.d. (copies)

    Folder 19
    ph 164 Lucy Jane Callaway Whipp and her eleven daughters, c.1907 (Copy)
    165 Nellie Callaway Stoneker (1860-1915) (Copy)
    166 George Stoneker (1849-1943) (Copy)
    167 Unidentified in covered wagon
    168 Unidentified child (Stoneker -) (copy)
    169 Charles Ernest (1880-1950) and Mary Elizabeth Stoneker
    Leigh (1882-1974) (Copy)
    170 Unidentified (Stoneker -) (copy)

    Folder 20
    ph 171 William Dudley Callaway tombstone, Prarie Home Cemetery, Nodaway County, MO, n.d.
    172 Prarie Home Cemetery, Nodaway County, MO, n.d.
    173-176 John Chesley Callaway artifacts, n.d.
    177 Amanda J. Wigginton Callaway tombstone, Prarie Home Cemetery, Nodaway County, MO, n.d.

    Folder 21
    ph 178 Augustus Homer Callaway and wife Georgie Ann Jackson Callaway - submitted by Ruth F. Anderson, Rex, GA
    179 Augustus Homer Callaway Family, Palestine, TX, 1918 submitted by Ruth F. Anderson, Rex, GA

    Folder 22
    ph 180 Hugh P. Callaway gravestone, Hughes Springs, Cass County, TX - submitted by Bobbie Callaway
    ph 181-185 submitted by Richard King, San Diego, CA
    181 Ann Crawford Callaway gravestone
    182 Juliet A. Callaway King gravestone
    183 Ann Crawford Callaway, 1802-1879
    184 Juliet Ann Callaway King, 1836-1867
    185 Thomas Clelon King family, c.1937
    Thomas Clelon King, 1858-1951
    Jane Shorthouse Wilson King, 1873-1956
    James Callaway King, 1897-c.1977
    Sidney Scott King, 1900-1982
    Agnes Mae King, 1904-1957

    Folder 23
    ph 186 Presentation of C.F.A life membership to Mr. and Mrs. Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., December 1989, l-r: Anne Scott Mauldin, Duncan Allen, Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., Mark Callaway, John Tyler Mauldin, Jr.
    187 CFA members at Brobury, Herefordshire, England, July 1986; seated l-r: Mabel Jones, Jeane Callaway, Louise Kurben, Anne Scott Mauldin, Ruby McCarroll, Georgette Callaway; middle row l-r: Margaret Okarma, Fielding Jones, G.W. Callaway, Marion Ford, Virginia Woods, May Ryan Callaway, Kay Callaway, Besta Johnston, Eugene Okarma; back row l-r: Rose Mary Brooks, Neta Wellford, Henrietta Callaway, O.E. Callaway, Callaway Allen, Eileen Callaway

    Folder 24
    Ph l87a-195 submitted by Russell E. Callaway, Concord, NC
    187a descendants of (Parham Callaway-) at C.F.A. Philadelphia meeting, (1990-) (negative in box 5 at 30507.3)
    188 Thomas Callaway Callaway of Virginia, c.1860
    189 Helen Hunter Callaway (on right), Alice Page Callaway (on left), 14 May 1901
    190 Alice Page Callaway (Mrs. Charles Olsen), c.1985
    191 John Callaway Olsen, Mary DuPree Callaway, Mary Elizabeth Callaway, Alice Page Olsen, December 1988
    192 Becky Olsen, John Callaway Olsen, Carrie Olsen, Alice E. Olsen, December 1988
    193 John Callaway Olsen (left), Thomas Callaway Olsen (right), December 1984
    194 Thomas Callaway Olsen and wife Jane Olsen, December 1984
    195 Charles H. Olsen, 1981

    Folder 25
    Ph l96-205 submitted by Russell E. Callaway, Concord, NC
    196 Heide Keicher Callaway, Flanders Brown Callaway, Minnie Elizabeth Engleby Callaway, Russell Engleby Callaway, c.1955
    197 Flanders Brown Callaway, Jr., c.1940
    198 Russell E. Callaway, Heide K. Callaway, Heide Ann Callaway Harris, Hank(-) Harris, c.1990
    199 Lorenz Keicher, Ella Keicher
    200 Heide Ann Callaway, Michael Brown Callaway, c.1960
    201-202 Ella Keicher
    203 Flanders Callaway, Sr.(Roanoke College), c.1890
    204 Russell Engleby Callaway (left), Flanders Brown Callaway, Jr., Glen Falls, NY, 1937
    205 Hodges sisters and Engleby sisters (Hodges sisters not further identified); Clara Engleby standing on right, Ellen Engleby Wickes seated center, Minnie Engleby Callaway seated right, 1961

    Folder 26
    ph 206-211 submitted by Russell E. Callaway, Concord, NC
    206 Parham Callaway family, 1899 (identified on accompanying sheet)(negative in box 5 at 30507.3)
    207 Elizabeth Renick Callaway, John Porter Callaway, 21 June 1893
    208 Bettie Adalaide McGuffin wife of Peter Callaway
    209 Elizabeth Renick Callaway, n.d.
    210 Hulda Penn Callaway (right), Susan Callaway Hutson, 1969
    211 Lavinia Callaway, c. 1800s (photocopy only)

    Folder 27
    ph 212-214 submitted by James Edward Calloway, Elkton, KY
    212 Emma Jean Calloway Webb, John Luther Calloway, James Edward Calloway, 1988
    213 James Edward Calloway, c.1961
    214 Kathryn Shelby Calloway and husband James Edward Calloway, 1986

    Folder 28
    ph 215-229 Brantley M. Callaway Family - submitted by Mary Eugenia Lee, Augusta, GA
    215 Brantley M. Callaway of Wilkes County, GA
    216 Lucy Howard Callaway, wife of Brantley M. Callaway
    217-218 Enoch Howard Callaway
    219 Enoch Howard Callaway and his children, Brantley, Catherine and Gena
    220 Mary Eugenia Jones, wife of Enoch H. Callaway
    221 E.H. Callaway home, Augusta, GA, c.1900
    222 E.H. Callaway home, Augusta, GA, 1975
    223-224 Edgar Callaway
    225-226 children of Edgar Callaway
    227 Ellen Callaway, daughter of Brantley & Lucy Callaway
    228-229 Brantley Callaway, son of Brantley & Lucy Callaway

    Folder 29
    ph 230-234 photocopies of photographs in John & Bessie Callaway Bible (Troup County Archives RB-28.16) - no identification
    325 Thomas Calloway tombstone, Belfontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, MO, 1990
    236 Ellis Truman Callaway & Richard Hill Callaway - submitted by Hugh Port Callaway

    Folder 30
    ph 237-247 Marion Francis Callaway family

    Folder 31
    ph 248-263 Callaway-Langley-Daniel-McGeachy family

    Floder 32
    ph 263-267 William M. Callaway family tombstones, Kemper County, MS

    Folder 33
    ph 268 Virginia Bate Green, great great granddaughter of John Callaway,October 1980
    269 Elizabeth Callaway, great granddaughter of John Callaway, October 1980
    270 "Highlands", home of John Callaway near Smithfield, KY, October 1980

    Folder 34
    ph 271 Clarence Callaway family, 1916 - submitted by Waldo Callaway, Cape Coral, FL
    272-272i "Tuskega", Thomas Howard Callaway home in TN
    273 James Shelby Callaway (photocopy)
    274 Mordecai Jacob Moore (photocopy)
    275 Julia Ann Callaway, wife of Mordecai J. Moore (photocopy)
    276-277 Unidentified home of R.L.P., Chipley, FL

    Folder 35
    ph 278 William Parkinson Willson at Callaway family cemetery, McMinn County, TN
    279 Bobbie L. Callaway, 1985
    280 Bobbie L. Callaway, 1954
    281 Bobbie Callaway, age 4
    282 Floyd Cambridge Callaway
    283 Josephine Cassity Callaway, wife of Floyd C. Callaway
    284 Robert R.M. Callaway family, 1905
    285 Bobbie & Mary Josephine Callaway, 1932
    286 Callaway furniture store, MO, 1911
    287 Callaway Funeral Home, MO, c.1930
    288 Floyd Cambridge Callaway family, 1966

    Folder 36
    ph 289 Stephen Jackson Callaway, Willis J. Callaway, Charles Stephen Russell, John T. Russell & Robert Russell, c.1919
    290 Susanna Tolbert Hutsey, 3rd wife of Edward Marion Callaway with Lydia Ann Callaway, daughter of E.M. and Jane Clinkingbeard Callaway
    291 Susanna Tolbert Hutsey Callaway with Henry E. & Gladys E. Callaway - contributed by Travid Darell Callaway of OK
    292 Travis, Randall, Joan, Shirley & Jenece, children of Henry E. & Beulah Elliott Callaway of Bryan County, OK
    293 Stephen Edward Callaway, 1942
    294 Malissa Aleph Callaway daughter of Pitt Milner & Ellen Wiley Callaway, c. 1882 - submitted by Wanda Gentry Phillips
    295-296 Richard Callaway historical markers in KY, 1991
    297 Edward Trent Bridges, grandson of William Callaway of Franklin County, VA, 1861 - submitted by Kerrmit Bridges
    298 Callaway Mill (Milstead, GA) baseball team, 1950s (photocopy) - submitted by John Appleton Callaway
    299 Browning & Kermit Bridges at Callaway, VA, post office, 1993
    300 Callaway, VA, country store, 1993
    301 Callaway Motel, Mt. Airy, NC, 1993

    302-305 William Saunders Callaway family tombstones, McMinn County, TN

    Folder 37
    ph 306 Ethel Mae Callaway Smith & Thomas Edward Callaway, children of Walter Allen Callaway of AR
    307 Lily May Harvey Callaway, wife of Omar W. Callaway, c.1900 - submitted by Audrey Callaway Eitel
    308 Gardiner Callaway (1845-1890) of KY - submitted by Wilet


    Manuscript MS-014



    SOURCE: Robert Mullins, 1982

    SIZE: .10 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 1 file folder

    PROCESSING: RAA, March 1986



    This collection consists of a 1932 letter, unsigned, addressed to the "Old Guard" of Atlanta, Georgia, regarding Joe Boyd and his membership in the Fulton Blues, a military organization, in about 1876; Joseph Boyd obituary, LaGrange Reporter, 16 August 1877; and a small ledger, Bradfield and Boyd of LaGrange, Georgia, listing store inventory about 1853-1858.


    MS-38, Janie Lovelace Heard Papers (re: Boyd family)



    Bradfield and Boyd General Store - Business Records  


    Manuscript MS-015



    SOURCE: James E. Boykin, 1983

    SIZE: 2 linear foot

    SHELVING UNITS:2 Manuscript boxes

    6 Photograph folders

    2 Special format photo boxes

    1 Artifacts box

    2 Artifacts folders

    2 Unboxed artifacts

    PROCESSING: FPB, 1983; RAA, 1986


    John Thomas Boykin, Sr.(1794-1869), the son of Francis Boykin (1776-1821), moved to Troup County from Jasper County, Georgia in 1834. J.T. Boykin and his wife, Cynthia Hawkins, established a plantation near the Antioch Community that eventually totaled nearly four thousand acres. The Boykin house, built about 1840, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Boykin became one of the most prominent men in the county, representing Troup in the legislature in 1855-1856. Their only child, John Thomas Boykin, Jr. was born 3 May 1835 and died 25 June 1901. He married Elizabeth Fuller and they had seven children. The younger Boykin served as captain of the "Ben Hill Infantry," Company F, 21st Georgia Infantry Regiment, C.S.A. His sons achieved prominence as doctors and lawyers. His daughter, Alice, married M.F. McLendon and they became owners of Bellevue which the McLendon family had purchased from Benjamin H. Hill in 1867. Another daughter, Jessie, managed the Boykin plantation

    after her father's death until she moved to LaGrange in 1921.


    This collection contains Boykin genealogical data and supporting material which includes many original documents relating to the military careers, education, land transactions, and business interests of the Boykin family in Jasper and Troup Counties.

    "Cypher books, dating from 1787, provide examples of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century school work. Deeds, wills, and other estate records, in addition to documenting the Boykin genealogy, give an indication of the lifestyle of the planter class of the mid-nineteenth century. These records provide insight into trends in agriculture, politics, education, and even fashion. Lists of both staple and luxury items are included. The financial records maintained by John T. Boykin, Sr. provide the names of many businesses operating in Jasper and Troup Counties in the 1830s and 1840s. An index of businesses and personal names is included.


    Box 1

    Folder1 History of the Boykin Family by Edward M. Boykin, 1876

    2 Boykin Genealogical data by Clark Johnson, 1982

    3 Boykin Genealogical data - supporting materials

    4 McLendon Bible records

    5 Marriage license, Francis Power-Elizabeth Hubbard, date illegible

    6 John Thomas Boykin, Jr. Civil War commission and pardon

    7-9 Correspondence 1808-1929

    10 Land Grant 1827

    11 Title Abstract to Boykin property in 14th District of Troup County, 1907

    12-15 Deeds, 1831-1919

    16 Will of Francis Boykin, 1822

    17 Estate records, 1811-1914

    18 Blacksmith shop ledger, 1821-1822

    19-25 Financial records, 1820-1919

    Box 2

    Folder 1 Modern Atlas Adapted for Morse's New School Geography by Richardson and Lord, Boston,no date

    2 Atlas to Morse's Geography by Richardson and Lord, Boston, no date

    3 William P. Boykin's cypher book, 4 October 1819

    4 John Boykin's cypher book, no date

    5 Francis Boykin's cypher book, 22 October 1787

    6-8 Memorabilia

    Calling cards, post cards, clippings with no genealogical data

    9 Clippings- Confederate Cemetery, LaGrange

    10 National Archives data on post offices at Perhaps and Houston, Georgia

    11 Portion of Minute Book or Proceedings of the Georgia General Assembly, Milledgeville,1808, pages 5-130 inclusive and pages 163,165-167

    12 Treaty of Indian Springs, 1825 (photocopy)

    13 Confederate money

    14 Human hair


    Masonic apron and sash, ART 83.11 and 83.12

    2 swords, (unboxed), ART 83.13 and 83.14


    1 John Thomas Boykin in Masonic regalia, c.1850s, ambrotype

    2 Elizabeth Fuller Boykin, c. 1850s, ambrotype

    3 Boykin family portrait, Mrs. J.T. Jr. and adult children, c. 1900

    4 Captain J.T. Boykin, in Confederate Uniform, c.1860s, copy

    5 Alice McLendon, c.1905

    6 unknown, Alice McLendon, unknown, c.1905

    7 Lieutenant J.T. Boykin, Cleveland, Ohio, 23 March 1918

    8 Dr. J.T. Boykin, c.1920

    9 Miss Jessie Boykin, c.1958

    10-11 Frank Moffett, n.d.

    12 H.(Boykin), n.d., post card photo

    13 Evelyn and Eleanor (?), n.d. post card

    14 Susie Fuller, n.d., P. Prophitt, LaGrange, photographer

    15 Cynthia Hawkins Boykin, n.d., P. Prophitt, LaGrange, photographer

    16 unidentified, Jabe's Gallery, Auburn, AL, n.d.

    17 Sarah F. "Sallie" Boykin Cary, 1877, J.M. Tomlinson, LaGrange, photographer

    18 unidentified, Smith & Motes Photographers, Atlanta, n.d.

    19 G.G. Chisolm, n.d.

    20 J.A. Wright, Oxford, GA, n.d.

    21 Mary L. Pace, n.d.

    22 H. Taylor, n.d.

    23 Elizabeth Fuller Boykin (?), Rasbury and Prophitt, LaGrange, photographers

    24 John T. Boykin, Jr. (?), P. Prophitt, LaGrange, photographer

    25 unidentified woman, P. Priphitt, LaGrange, photographer

    26-27 unidentified man, n.d.

    28 unidentified woman, n.d.

    29 unidentified infant, tintype, n.d.

    30 S. Boykin, c. 1868, tintype in card

    31 E.A. Reid, n.d., tintype in card

    32 T. Fuller, n.d., tintype in card

    33 William Fuller, n.d., tintype in card

    34-35 S. Boykin, n.d., tintype

    36 A.G. Pace, n.d., tintype in card

    37 S. Wilkinson, n.d., tintype in card

    38-50 unidentified, tintypes

    51 Jefferson Davis visit, 1886, copy

    52 Confederate veterans at dedication of monument, 1902, copy

    53 United Daughters of the Confederacy at dedication of monument, 1902, copy

    54 Troup County Courthouse, before 1904, copy

    55 Troup County Courthouse, 1904-1936, copy

    56 Troup County Courthouse fire, 1936, copy

    57 Dobbs Hall, LaGrange College, n.d., copy

    58 First Methodist Church, LaGrange, 1854, 2 copies

    59 Slack Sanitorium, n.d., copy

    60 Church Street, LaGrange, c.1900, copy

    61 East side Court Square (Dr. Ridley in first automobile in LaGrange ?), n.d., copy

    62 East side Court Square including Opera House and Hudson Hardware, n.d., copy ;`

    63 Broad Street, Methodist Church, n.d. copy

    64 Broad Street lookinf from square toward college, n.d. copy

    65 Broad Street, view from College Hill, n.d., copy

    66 Bellevue gates, n.d., copy

    67 Glass' Bridge, n.d., copy

    68 Neely Road Bridge, n.d., copy

    69 Troup Factory, n.d., copies


    U.S. History - Civil War, 1861-1865

    Business Records - Troup County, c.l830-1840

    Jasper County, Georgia - residents, c.l820-1830

    Antioch Community

    Brown Family

    Fuller Family

    Long Family

    McClendon Family

    Moncrief Family

    Strickland Family

    Sloan Family

    Whitaker Family



    Adams, Levi M. 13

    Akles, Samuel 17

    Alexander, Arabella 2

    Allen, Henry 17

    Allen, Martin 17

    Allen, Robert S. 17

    Allen, Ujanirtus 2,8

    Alsobrook, Leon 25

    Amoss & Graybill 23,24

    Anderson, J.H. 23

    Bagley, J.T. 15

    Bailey, William 14

    Baker, _ 18

    Baker, Henry 13

    Baker, Joseph 18

    Barnett, N.C. 10

    Basquen, Peter G.8

    Bass, Elizabeth 18

    Bass, Mrs. 18

    Bethune, John 10

    Bibson, W.S. 17

    Birdsong, Edward 23

    Birdsong, James 19

    Birdsong, Joseph 19

    Black, Daniel 17

    Blakenship, John 10

    Booth, Robert 22

    Bothwell, D.E. 10

    Boukin, Doar 2

    Boukin, John T.17

    Boykin, Adeline 20

    Boykin, Alice 4

    Boykin, Allen E. 17

    Boykin, Amelia 1,2,9

    Boykin, Ann D. 16

    Boykin, Anne E.2

    Boykin, Bob 17

    Boykin, Buford 9

    Boykin, Buford F.2

    Boykin, Burwell 1,2,9

    Boykin, Byus 2,3,9

    Boykin, Capt. John T. 8

    Boykin, Catherine 2

    Boykin, Charles H. 2

    Boykin, Cynthia 3,11,15, 17

    Boykin, Doar 2

    Boykin, Dorothy 2

    Boykin, Drdyr 9

    Boykin, Edward 1,2,9

    Boykin, Edward M.1

    Boykin, Edward, Jr. 1,9

    Boykin, Eliza 1,2

    Boykin, Elizabeth 2,11,15, 16,17

    Boykin, Elizabeth E. 2

    Boykin, Elmamas Ambros 2

    Boykin, Emily C. - 2

    Boykin, Francis 2,7,8,9, 16,19,20

    Boykin, Francis A. 16

    Boykin, Francis M. 1

    Boykin, Frank 2

    Boykin, George Lewis 2

    Boykin, Hardy 9

    Boykin, Harriett E. 2

    Boykin, Holle 2

    Boykin, J.F. 15

    Boykin, James 2

    Boykin, James C. 9

    Boykin, James David 2

    Boykin, James Edwards 2

    Boykin, Jesse 9

    Boykin, Jesse W. 16

    Boykin, Jessie 9,16,17, 25

    Boykin, Jessie W.2

    Boykin, John 1,9

    Boykin, John A.9

    Boykin, John Mark 2

    Boykin, John T. 2,9,11, 12,13,14, 15,16,17, 18,20

    Boykin, John T., Jr. 3,6

    Boykin, Katherine M. 2

    Boykin, LeRoy H. 2

    Boykin, Lulah 2

    Boykin, Luta2

    Boykin, Margaret 1,9

    Boykin, Martha 9

    Boykin, Mary 1,22

    Boykin, Mary A. 16,20

    Boykin, Mary P. 17

    Boykin, Mattheww 9

    Boykin, Nannie 1

    Boykin, Narcissa 2

    Boykin, R.E. 9

    Boykin, Rebecca 16

    Boykin, Richard 1

    Boykin, Robert 1,9

    Boykin, S.J. 9

    Boykin, Samuel 1,2,9

    Boykin, Samuel F. 9

    Boykin, Samuel H. 1

    Boykin, Samuel J. 2

    Boykin, Sarah F. 2

    Boykin, Shirley 9

    Boykin, Shirley C. 2

    Boykin, Simon 1, 9

    Boykin, Smithwick 9

    Boykin, Solomon 2,9

    Boykin, Stephen H. 1

    Boykin, Sterling 2,9,16

    Boykin, Sterling A. 2

    Boykin, Thomas 1,9

    Boykin, Thomas C. 2

    Boykin, Tobias 9

    Boykin, W.S. 11,15

    Boykin, Wash 17

    Boykin, William 1,2,9

    Boykin, William P. 2,16,17

    Boykin, William S. 2

    Boykin, William, Jr. 2,9

    Boykin, William, Sr. 2

    Bradley, _18

    Bradley, Aline 2

    Britten, J.H. 17

    Broadus, Thomas 18

    Broom, Rufus 20,23

    Brown Bartlett 19

    Brown Robert 23

    Brown, B. 16

    Brown, Bartlett 18

    Brown, Elizabeth 2,9

    Brown, Frances 2,9

    Brown, John 18

    Brown, William 18

    Buffington, S.C. 24

    Buffington, W.C. 24

    Burks, W.D. 25

    Burks, W.P. 25

    Callaway, Winston 15

    Cannon, Mr. 18

    Cantey, James 1

    Cantey, John 1

    Cantey, Sally 1

    Cantey, Zach. 1

    Cany, A.H. 15

    Carnes, William W. 10

    Carter, Joe 17

    Cary, Henry Ernest 2

    Cary, Mrs. E.H.25

    Caudle Bros. Livery 25

    Caudle, H.B. 25

    Caudle, H.W. 25

    Caudle, R.F., 25

    Chestnut, James 1

    Chivers, Thomas. 17

    Ciples, Mrs. 1

    City Drug Co. 25

    Clark & Lawson 24

    Clark, Jeremiah 20

    Cleaveland, E.L. 15

    Cleaveland, W.L. 17,25

    Cohen, Lewin 22,24

    Coleman & Ridley 23

    Compton, P.M. 10

    Cooper, J.M.23

    Cooper, L.F. Co. 22

    Cooper, L.T. 21

    Cooper, L.T. Co. 22,23

    Cooper, Narcissa 2

    Coppadge, Thomas 21,23

    Corrett, Benjamin 18

    Crawford, Geroge W. 10

    Crawley, Gennethon 18

    Crawley, James 19

    Crawley, Mr. 8

    Cunningham, Colonel 7

    Cunningham, Joseph 1

    Daniel, David 12

    Daniel, J.B. 15

    Davis, Reziah 10

    Davis, Thomas 22

    Davison, Thomas 24

    Dickson, Mattie 2

    Dillard, George W. 7

    Douglas & Harrison 21,22

    Douglas, John 22

    Dozier, Bennett 1

    Duggar & Battle 21,23

    Duke, Stephen G. 18

    Dunn, Uriah 12

    Dunson, Walker 2

    Dunson, James 17

    Dunson, S.H. 17

    Edmondson, Henry 17

    Edmondson-Christopher and Company 25

    Edwards, Asa24

    Eilas Beall 21

    Elikin, Flue 18

    Elison, _ 18

    Ellington, John 20

    Ellington, John J. 22

    Evans, William 17

    Fadget, Mrs. 18

    Fannin, Ann P. 23

    Fannin, Julia E. 15

    Fears & Saffold 21,22

    Fears, A.P. 23

    Fears, C.P. 23

    Ferrell, Blount C. 15

    Ferrell, Charlie 25

    Ferrell, Lula 25

    Fitzpatrick, Rene 20

    Formby, Aaron 24

    Formby, George 24

    Foster, George W. 19

    Freeman, R.A.S. 17

    Fuller, Elizabeth 2

    Fuller, Susan 2

    Fuller, William 2

    Gay, J.F. 25

    Gay, J.T. 15

    Gay, Towns T. 25

    Gibson, James P. 16

    Gibson, John C. 16

    Gipson, James 18

    Glanton, Lewis 17

    Glenn & Greaves 22

    Glenn, S.M. 23

    Glover, Eli 17,19

    Glover, John 17

    Goldstein Bros. 25

    Gordon, Charles P. 20

    Gorham, W. 17

    Grant, Thersie 2

    Gray, John 18

    Greene, R.A. 10

    Gresham, David 18

    Griffin, Aaron 25

    Griffin, Nannie 1

    Griffin, Robert H. 25

    Grisam, William 18

    Grisham, Daniel 18

    Griswell, Peter 20

    Hagerton, Mr. 18

    Hand, Frank 17

    Haralson, H. 23

    Haralson, K.L. 21

    Hardaway, Answorth 13

    Hardaway, Thomas E. 13

    Harreh, Peterson 18

    Harrie, B.L. 14

    Harris, W.P. 17

    Harrison, S.J. 22

    Hart, W.R. 12

    Hathaway, H.B. 12

    Hawkins, Cynthia 2

    Hawkins, Nicholas 2

    Haynes, T. 10

    Heard, William S.20

    Heard-Cook Warehouse 19

    Hearn, Charles W. 12

    Henderson, E.M. 17

    Herndon, Thomas A. 2

    Hickman, Aaron C. 18

    Hickumbotom, William 18

    Higginbotham, H.H. 22

    Hill, Hampton W. 23

    Hines & Womack 22

    Hodges, John 13

    Holle, F. 11

    Holle, Katherine 2

    Holley, Amos H. 19

    Hooper, B.F. 21

    Hooten (Woolen), Joel 13

    Horsley, J.S. 15

    Houston, H.W. 11

    Howard, Francis 1

    Howard, G.G. 24

    Howell, Daniel 17

    Hubbard, Elizabeth 5

    Hudson, F.L. 11

    Hudson, Susan J. 11

    Hughes, W.W. 14

    Hunter, Laura E. 2

    Hurd, William S. 20

    Hutchinson, Frank 25

    Inman, Elizabeth 2,9

    Inman, Shadrack 9

    J & W Read 21

    Jackson, Rowland 12

    James, Spencer17

    Jarboe, W.C. 15

    Jill, John 17

    Johnson Stable Co. 25

    Johnson, B.C. 14

    Johnson, F.O. 25

    Johnson, N. 12

    Johnson, Thomas P. 14

    Johnstone, Martha 4

    Joiner, Eli C. 12

    Jones, C.C., Mrs. 25

    Jordan & Buchannon 20

    Jordan, M.F. 4

    Kelley, Thomas 17

    LaGrange Grocery Co. 25

    Landrum, Luis 18

    Langley, T.M. 15

    Lanson, M. 20

    Latimer, William M. 14

    Laws/Louis, A.W. 7

    Ledbetter, Henry 18

    Lee, Moses 13

    Lewis, George A. 2

    Lewis, James 13,14,15, 17

    Lewis, Thersie L. 2

    Locket, Benjamin 18

    Long, H.W. 2

    Long, Helen 2

    Long, Thomas 1

    Long, Washington 4

    Long, William 1

    Lopez, J.E. 24

    Lord, W.R. 17

    Lovejoy, Hatton 25

    Loyd, James 11

    Lumpkin, Wilson 10

    Macon, Edwin A. 17

    Malone, W.B. 13

    Marten,_ 18

    Martin, William 18

    Maxwell, Sarah Maria 2

    McCaa, Amelia 1

    McCLendon, Alice B. 25

    McCoy, Neely 18

    McGehee, R.F. 12

    McIrge, Lewis 17

    McKay, Abner 18

    McRay, N. 18

    McKleroy, W.H. 22

    McKleroy, William H. 20,21

    McKneel, Archibald 18

    McKneel, James 18

    McKnight, William 10

    McKnite, James 18

    McKoy, Kierce 18

    McLendon, Cynthia 4

    McLendon, Elithia 4

    McLendon, Ella Pearl 4

    McLendon, Hattie 4

    McLendon, Jesse 4

    McLendon, John 4

    McLendon, M.F. 2

    McLendon, Mary Amelia 4

    McLendon, Mattie 4

    McLendon, Millard 4

    McLendon, Millard F. 4

    McLendon, Orville B. 4

    McLendon, Sallie 4

    McLendon, Sallie L. 4

    McLendon, William H. 4

    McMillen & McLaughlan 22

    McNell,_ 20

    McNell, N.M. 19

    McWilliams, Daniel 22

    Meadors, L.L. 15

    Middlebrooks, Isaac 24

    Mimms, Jessie 4

    Mims, William 4

    Mitchell, Thomas 10

    Mitchell, W.N. 10

    Mizell, Luke T.12

    Moffett, A.W. 17

    Moncrief, Arnold 12

    Moncrief, Austin 12

    Moncrief, David 12

    Moncrief, Hiram 12

    Moncrief, Mary 12

    Moncrief, Nancy 12

    Moore, Geroge R. 12

    Moore, Thomas 1

    More, Shelton 17

    Moreland, John F. 15

    Morgan & Beall 21,22,23

    Morgan, E. 21

    Motley, George 17

    Motley, John 13

    Newnan Granite and Marble Company 25

    Nichols, L.A. 2

    Nisbet, Laura 2

    Nolen, Isaac 13

    Ogletree, James 3

    Ogletree, Mattie 3

    O'Neal, John T. 5

    Oslin, Mrs. 20

    Oslin, Mrs. W. 24

    Oswald, Jno.8

    Owen, Aug. 12

    Owens, John 18

    Pace, Thomas 2,9

    Paty, Elisha 18

    Pearson, Eanoch 18

    Pearson, John 18

    Pearson, John M. 18

    Pearson, Ritch 17

    Pearson, William 18

    Pearson, William W. 16

    Pharr Bros. & Childs 17

    Pharr, R.O. 25

    Phillips & Johnson 22

    Phillips, Annie A. 2

    Phillips, William R. 21,22

    Phipps, Elbert 22

    Porter, James 13

    Powell, George 18

    Power, Francis 5,18

    Proter, John 13

    Pullin, Charles D. 21

    Rainey, John 19

    Randall, I.B. 20

    Read & McKleroy 23

    Read, W.A. 23

    Reid, E.A. 17

    Render, Lewis 9

    Reynolds, William 17

    Richards, James W. 12

    Richards, Thomas S. 10,12

    Ridley, A. 17

    Ridley, F.M., Jr. 25

    Roberts, W.M. 23

    Roberts, William M. 21,22,

    Robey, Robert 5

    Rogers, Drury 18

    Russel, John 18

    Rutherford, Williams 2

    Salter, L.J. 17

    Sample, Martha I. 16

    Sample, William M. 13,24

    Saterwhite, William 17

    Scogin, L.H. 23

    Segrist, R.T. 25

    Sharbett, Warren 17

    Sherard, James Co. 22

    Sims & Turner 23,24

    Singleton, Richard 7

    Sledge, J.W. 15

    Sloan, Edward Y. 11

    Sloan, James P. 11

    Sloan, Jesse L. 11

    Sloan, John T. 11

    Sloan, Lewis R. 11

    Sloan, Mollie A. 11

    Sloan, Robert C. 11

    Sloan, Sarah 17

    Sloan, Sarah T. 11

    Sloan, William H. 11

    Smith, Charles 22

    Smith, Ezekial 12

    Smith, J.W. 21

    Smith, Otis 22

    Smith, Ralph 18

    Smithy, James 19

    Spencer, James 17

    Standfield, James W. 24

    Stanley & Corbin 21

    Stanley, Abraham 18

    Stanley, Ellen 21,23

    Steward, Mrs. 18

    Stewart, John 12

    Stockton, Philip 1

    Stokes, William B. 17

    Strickland, J.R. 15

    Strickland, J.W. 11

    Strickland, W.W. 2

    Strickland, Willis 17

    Swanson, B.G. 17

    Tatom, James 18

    Tatom, S. 20

    Tatum, Frank 3

    Taylor, James12

    Taylor, Jonathan 12

    Tharp, R.D.A. 24

    Thompson, David 18

    Thompson, James 12

    Thompson, James S. 19

    Thompson, Seaborn G. 12

    Thomson, William 9

    Tichnor, I.T. 2

    Tomlinson, J.F. 21

    Towns, J.T.C. 19

    Towns, Mr. 8

    Towns, Terry 18

    Trammal, John 12

    Traylor, G.T. 15,25

    Traylor, Jordan 13

    Traylor, Tilmon 13

    Traylor, Washington 13

    Turman, William R. 2

    Turner, Elinor 13

    Turner, Samuel T. 14

    Uhink, John 21

    Urquhart, Mrs.Kennedy 1

    Wadel, Robert 13

    Wall, Judith 9

    Walton, S. 23

    Ward, Rebecca 24

    Ware & Pullin 21,23

    Ware, B.M. 20

    Ware, J.J. 17

    Warmack, J.P. 22

    Watson, William 19

    Welborn, Stacy 2

    Whatley, W.B. 17

    Wheeler, E.A. 15,25

    Wheeler, John 12

    Wheliss, John T. 13

    Whitaker, Eliza 2

    Whitaker, Elizabeth 9

    Whitaker, James M. 13

    Whitaker, Katherine 9

    Whitaker, Mary 9

    Whitaker, Walter 17

    Whitfield, J. 8

    Whitfield, M. 8

    Whitner, Mrs. T.C. 9

    Wilder, B.F. 17

    Wilder, J.K. 15

    Wilder, James 14

    Wilder, John 14

    Wilder, Mitchell 14

    Wilkerson, Jesse 17

    Wilkerson, John 18

    Wilkes, Benjamin M. 13

    Wilkins, John 24

    Wilkinson, Ida May 2

    Williams & Brown 21

    Williams, William 16

    Wilson, John 10

    Wilson, L.B. 23

    Wilson, O.K. 15

    Wisdom, Eleanor 12

    Wisdom, Francis 18

    Wisdom, H.W. 15

    Witherspoon, Elizabeth 1

    Witherspoon, Gavin 1

    Witherspoon, John D. 1

    Wood, John 10

    Woodall, Martha E. 11

    Woodyard, H.G. 15

    Wooten (Hooter), Joel 13

    Worthy, Leonard 18

    Wyly, Samuel 1

    Young, J.G. 17

    Zachary, J.E. 25 


    Manuscript MS-075



    SOURCE: Mrs. David O. Hamrick, December 1986

    SIZE: 5 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 11 manuscript boxes

    1 photograph folder

    PROCESSING: RAA, January 1987



    Winnie Bassett was born 21 May 1901 in LaGrange, Georgia, the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Bassett, Jr. and Sarah Clementine Gladney. As a young woman she worked for the City of LaGrange and as a civil service employee in Washington, D.C. In 1942 she married Major Charles Lynn Seacord, Sr. In 1949 they moved to Bradenton, Florida, where they lived until Major Seacord's death in the early 1960s.

    In 1964 Mrs. Ellis married John N. Robinson, Brigadier General USA, Retired. General and Mrs. Robinson were active in the retired military community at Bradenton. Noted for her gracious entertaining, Mrs. Robinson was a "Lady of the Ribbon" of the Military Order of the World Wars.

    During this period she conducted most of her genealogical research. She was a member of the Florida Genealogical Society and a founding member of the Manatee Genealogical Society. As a member of the Colonial Dames of the 17th Century, she was the organizing officer of that organization's Manatee and Sarasota County chapter, the William Bassett Chapter. Members chose to name their chapter in honor of Mrs. Robinson's ancestor. She was also a member of the Florida Chapter of Magna Charta Dames.

    General Robinson died 6 May 1978 in Bradenton. In 1981, Mrs. Robinson married Colonel D. Detreville Ellis.

    Mrs. Ellis intended to publish her family's genealogy, but the assistance which she continually gave to others, and her failing health prevented her from attaining her goal. She died 30 March 1986. In accordance with her will, her genealogical bookswere given to the Manatee County Library in Bradenton and her papers were donated to Troup County Archives.



    Mrs. Ellis's ancestors include the Bassetts, Freemans, Gladneys, Haynes and other families and other families who have lived in the western part of Troup County since the 1830s. About 1964, Mrs. Ellis began compiling her genealogy through correspondence from her home in Florida and extensive travel to archives and libraries in the Southeast. She relied heavily on secondary sources (published material) to document her lineage, rather than primary sources such as wills, deeds, and court records. The bulk of this collection consists of notes and photocopies that she made during her research trips.


    Box 1 Bassett family Folder

    1-3 Research notes

    4 Typed notes

    5 Published data (photocopies)

    6-9 The Earliest Bassetts

    10-11 Eli Bassett of South Carolina and Georgia 12-13 Ezekiel Bassett and Descendants

    14-16 John Bassett and Descendants

    17-19 William P. and John N. Bassett, Sons of John and Agatha Bassett 20-22 Kilby and Rebecca Bassett

    Box 2 Bassett family


    1-2 Nathaniel Bassett

    3 Richard Bassett - Revolutionary War service

    4-6 Richard Bassett Sr. and Richard Bassett Jr.

    7 Richard Bassett of Delaware

    8 Thomas Bassett, William Bassett (1687)

    9-11 Thomas Bassett Sr.

    12-14 Thomas Bassett Jr.

    15-16 Bassetts of Eltham, New Kent County, Virginia

    17 Alabama Bassetts

    18 South Carolina Bassetts

    19 Bassetts of Lynn, Massachusetts and Salem County, New Jersey

    20 Bassett-Traylor family

    21 Bassett-Underwood family

    Box 3 Bassett family correspondence Folder

    1-5 Bassett descendants

    6 Mrs. Earnest B. Buzzard

    7 Burt Greenman

    8-11 Lodie Mae McClendon

    12 Bessie Wilton

    Box 4 Freeman family


    1-2 Research notes

    3-4 Typed notes and abstracts

    5 Pedigree charts

    6 James Freeman estate records, Troup County, Georgia

    7 Wills and deeds, Troup County, Georgia

    8 Wills: Robert Freeman, Oglethorpe County, Georgia

    Thomas Freeman, Norfolk County, Virginia

    W.S. Freeman, Talladega County, Alanama

    9 Wills, North Carolina

    10 Deeds, Tennessee

    11 Samuel Freeman, North Carolina, Revolutionary War service record 12-18Published data (photocopies)

    19 Freeman Forebears by Garland Evans Hopkins (photocopy)

    Box 5 Freeman family


    1 DAR papers of Carma Ethalyn Hinde, descendant of Samuel Freeman

    2 DAR papers of Elizabeth Prescott, descendant of William Freeman

    3-5 Jamestowne Society, application and proofs of descent from Bridges Freeman

    6 Correspondence - historical agencies, libraries, publishers

    7 Correspondence - Society of Mayflower Descendants, Mrs. A.H. Vollertsen 8-11 Correspondence - Freeman descendants

    Box 6 Surname files Folder

    1-3 Arnett

    4 Bacon

    5 Brewster, William

    6 Burwell Family of Bedford and Northampton in England, and Glouster County, Virginia

    7 Carys of Bristol, England and Warwick County, Virginia

    8 Clower, Rebecca, wife of Kilby Bassett

    9 Coker-Bassett family

    10 Crews

    11 Cunningham

    12 Davis

    13 Duckworth

    14 Duncan

    15 Ellis, Jonathan

    16 Fleming, Robert


    Box 7 Surname files Folder

    1 Glazier

    2 Goolsby/Goldsby 3-11 Haynes

    12 Heard

    13 Hendrick, John, son of John Moses Hendrick

    14 Hendrick

    15 Higginson family of Berkswell, Warwick, England and Virginia

    16 Holliday/Holladay


    20 Mackey

    21 Mason

    22 McClendon

    23 Miers

    24 Mobley

    25 More, Sir Thomas, 1487-1535; Moore, Thomas, Irish poet, 1779-1852; Moore, Sir John, 1761-1809

    Box 8 Surname files and miscellaneous records Folder

    1 Morris

    2-3 Morris, Spencer and Sarah Bassett

    4 Parham

    5 Posey

    6 Raines/Rainey

    7 Reid/Reed/Read

    8 Robertson

    9 Robinson family of Yorkshire, England and Middlesex County, Virginia

    10 Ross-Bassett family, Jack and Millie Ross of Indianola, Mississippi

    11 Rutland


    14 Smith family of Colchester, Essex, England


    19 Taylor

    20 Traylor

    21 Tuggle/Tugwell/Togel/Toegel

    22 Underwood

    23 Ussery

    24 Whatley family of Georgia and Alabama

    25 Wilkes

    26 Papers and talks by Winnie Bassett Seacord Robinson Ellis

    Box 9-11 Research note pads


    1 Arnett Kitty Bassett, n.d.

    2 Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Underwood, 1961

    3 Winnie and John Robinson, 1969

    4 Jane Smith and Melna Garner Market, 1969

    5 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Smith, 1969

    6 Clara Gaither, Lodie Mae McClendon, and Corine Floyd, 1969

    7 Marian and Omer Lou Bassett, 1969

    8 Bassett Cousins Reunion, 1968

    9 Nancy Matilda Gladney (?), n.d.

    10 Melton Freeman Gladney, n.d.



    Arnett family

    Bassett family

    Freeman family

    Gladney family

    Haynes family

    Holliday family

    Morris family

    Steadham family 


    Manuscript MS-009



    SOURCE: Mrs. Alice H. Callaway LaGrange, Georgia; Callaway Educational Association LaGrange, Georgia; Callaway Family, 1983, 1998, & 2000; Callaway Foundation, 1986; Ida Hudson, 1998 SIZE: 36 lf.

    SHELVING UNITS:  12 records storage cartons
    53 manuscript boxes
    4 OP box
    15 SOP folders
    39 scrapbooks (26 boxed in storage cartons)
    13 framed items

    PROCESSING: KL, September 1985; PHW, 2001


    Fuller Earle Callaway, his wife Ida Jane Cason Callaway, and their sons, Cason and Fuller, Jr., are central figures in this collection. Born July 15, 1870, to Abner Reeves and Sarah J. Howard Callaway, Fuller Callaway, Sr., became a cotton manufacturer, banker, real estate developer, merchant and philanthropist. He was a life-long resident of Troup County and the founder of the Callaway Mills Textile Company. Fuller married Ida J. Cason of Jewell, Georgia on April 28, 1891. They had two sons, Cason Jewell Callaway (1894-1962) and Fuller Earle Callaway, Jr. (1907-1992). Cason married Virginia Hollis Hand of Pelham, Georgia, on April 2, 1920. Fuller, Jr. married Alice Hinman Hand, Virginia's sister on August 7, 1930. Both sons were active in operating the mills prior to and following their father's death. Fuller, Jr. helped establish and direct the Callaway Foundation, Inc., the Callaway Community Foundation and the Fuller E. Callaway Foundation, all philanthropic organizations which support educational, social, and economic activities in the LaGrange area and throughout Georgia. Cason spent his later years at his home in Blue Springs, Georgia, and in Pine Mountain, Georgia, where he established the Ida Cason Callaway Gardens.

    More detailed information can be found in the Archives' vertical file; Dictionary of Georgia Biography, Kenneth Coleman and Charles S. Gurr, ed., Donna Whitley's dissertation on Fuller Callaway, Fuller E. Callaway and Textile Mill Development in LaGrange, 1895-1920, and Callaway Foundation annual reports (see 50th anniversary edition).


    This collection is comprised of five series. Subseries appear within series one and two. They include correspondence, photographs, clippings & publications, memorabilia, and scrapbooks. The Callaway family, Callaway Mills, and mill officials are the primary focus of this collection. Records within the collection follow the development of Callaway Mills and also contain personal information regarding the Callaway family. Letter-press copies of outgoing correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks filled with news clippings about the Callaway family and the mills highlight Fuller Callaway, Sr.'s career as a textile manufacturer. Correspondence focuses on Fuller Callaway, Sr.'s business career and Callaway Mills following his death. Personal and Family Records contain family correspondence, personal papers, genealogical information, etc. Time periods for the collection range from 1865 to 1993. Also included are architectural drawings of Callaway Foundation buildings, many of which were done by Ivey and Crook of Atlanta, as well as artifacts concerning Callaway Mills and the Callaway family.


    Series I: Business Papers, c.1870-1982 6 storage cartons, 22 manuscript box, 1 oversized box, 9 scrapbooks, 1 SOP

    Subseries A: Business Correspondence, 1902-1968
    Letter press copies of Fuller E. Callaway's outgoing business correspondence (1909-1910) and unbound correspondence are found here. Unbound correspondence and records pertain to the business dealings of Callaway Department Store and Callaway Mills. The correspondence of Fuller Callaway, Sr., gives insight to his involvement in business and political activities outside of the every day operations of the mills. Found in this series is correspondence concerning a right of way for the Atlantic & Birmingham Railroad in Troup County in 1905, the development of Elm City Mills in 1906, and business dealings of Callaway Department Store. Business dealings with Dupont in 1916, Pyrite Mining Industry (an industry that was important in the war effort in the region from 1917 to 1919), and his push to have the mill villages outside of the city limits incorporated into a town called Southwest LaGrange in 1921 can also be found. A signed letter to Fuller Callaway, Sr., from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, dated May 8, 1919, was written prior to Fuller's trip to Europe in 1919. His involvement in the World Cotton Conference from 1919-1920 can also be followed along with the anti-labor union movement in LaGrange in 1920. The series also contains correspondence of Fuller Callaway, Jr., regarding Callaway Mills through 1968. Most of the later correspondence deals with the every day business of Callaway Mills. Information concerning the strikes in 1934 and 1935 at Callaway Mills is included. This information deals with complaints handled, employee petitions, National Industrial Relations Board and Textile Labor Relations Board Decisions, and news clippings regarding the National Recovery Act.

    Subseries B: Business Records, 1904-1968
    Records in this series provide financial information into the operation of the mills. The records are arranged chronologically and include receipts, stock information, Superior Court records, and statements (including annual and bank). Receipts give insight into the companies that Callaway Mills did business with along with the type of material that was purchased for use in the mills. Also included are invoices for material sold. Stock information includes receipts and holding statements. These document the investments made by Fuller Callaway, Sr., between c.1910-c.1925. Court records include information into the type of business ventures Fuller Callaway, Sr., took part, such as the Union Brokerage Firm (1906), Callaway Development Company (1906), and the LaGrange Insurance Agency (1908). Statements include annual statements for Callaway Mills which include financial information for each plant along with bank statements and stock price sheets. Stock price sheets from 1930 lists the value of stock for each plant from 1918 to 1930. These are valuable for assessing the effects of the depression on Callaway Mills. Other financial information included is life insurance information for Fuller Callaway, Sr., from 1925 and an expense account sheet for a barbecue held by Fuller Callaway, Sr., for delegates of the World Cotton Conference in December 1919.

    Subseries C: Photographs, c.1870-1980
    Photographs in the collection relate primarily to the mills and include scenes of the mills and mill founders, and portrait photos of foremen and supervisors are filed here. The majority of the photographs are portraits of mill management. However, some group shots appear. (A complete listing of the photos can be found in the container list that follows this inventory.)

    Subseries D: Memorabilia, 1887-1982
    Weekly financial and cotton summary reports for Callaway Mills (1910-1932), trademark records, cotton sales manual, and technical reports from the mills can be found here. News clippings regarding Callaway Mills cover the time period 1924-1952. Various financial documents can also be found. Other information includes brief biographies of some of the Callaway Mills officers (c.1960), a list of directors and superintendents of Callaway Mills, World Cotton Conference handbook, and an 1894 telephone directory of LaGrange. Oversized papers include an advertisement for Callaway Department store (c.1890), Callaway Mills advertisements, oversized newspaper editions regarding Callaway Mills, and certificates. Scrapbooks with clippings about the mills, the textile industry, and local news conclude this subseries. Most of the scrapbooks have a subject index at the beginning of the volume. Also included in the series is a Confederate Memorial Poster given to the Fuller Callaway Company in 1911.

    [Please note: The records of the Callaway Mills contained here are incomplete. Information about individual mill workers who were not foremen or supervisors is seldom available. Business correspondence tends to be of a fairly routine nature. However, the clippings contained in the scrapbooks and the photographs of the mills and mill officials are particularly valuable.]

    Series II: Personal & Family Records, c.1865-c.1997
    6 storage carton, 20 manuscript boxes, 3 OP box, 30 scrapbooks (26 boxed in storage cartons) (Note: Though this series is called "Personal and Family Records" in many instances, the personal and business lives of the Callaway family intertwined. The primary focus here is on the personal aspect of the family, however some business records can be found.)

    Subseries A: Family Papers, c.1865-1993
    This tracks the personal life of the Callaway family from c.1865 to c.1993. The manuscript folders contain correspondence and personal records. Some of the earliest correspondence dates back to c.1865. There is also a large collection of Cason Callaway's correspondence. The majority of this correspondence was to and from his brother Fuller Callaway, Jr. This includes letters regarding vacations, boats, farming, Callaway Mills, and other personal topics. Letters were also written to various members of the family, ranging from Fuller Callaway, Sr., to Alice Hand Callaway. The personal records that can be found within the collection deal primarily with the handling of the estate of Fuller Callaway, Sr., after his death and some medical reports for Mr. & Mrs. Fuller Callaway, Sr., along with information regarding Fuller Callaway, Jr.'s, acquisition of real estate. This includes deeds and other legal documents. Also found are Callaway family Bibles, copies of Timothy Walton Callaway's Callaway Baptist Preachers, 1789-1953, two LaGrange cookbooks compiled by Mrs. Henry R. Slack in 1897 and 1910, a typescript copy of a letter from Mrs. Ferrell to her husband Blount C. Ferrell in July 1860, the diary of J.L. Hand c.1870, genealogical information, some of Alice Hand Callaway's correspondence, and other items.

    Subseries B: Photographs, 1868-1997
    The photographs are of family members, relatives, and close friends. There are also photographs of Hills and Dales, the Callaway Memorial Tower, Glass Bridge, and other points of interest. The oversized pictures include prints of the mills and mill villages, Hills and Dales, family members, and events. Postcards of LaGrange from the early 1900's to the 1970's that were collected by Loula Walker Callaway and Alice Callaway are found here. Friends and suitors sent Loula Walker Callaway's postcards to her from various parts of Georgia and throughout the United States. Occasional greeting cards are included. Miss Walker was a frequent visitor to LaGrange from 1906-1909. In 1909, she married Ely R. Callaway, Sr., and lived here for the rest of her life. Alice Hand Callaway collected postcards that date from c.1900 to the c. 1970. They chronicle changes and developments in LaGrange during the twentieth century. Postcards of the Callaway Mills and related structures are included. Snapshots are also contained within the subseries. Many of the snapshots are of Europe during Fuller Callaway, Sr.'s visit in the summer of 1919 as a member of a World Cotton Conference Committee. Included in these are photographs of France and Belgium in the aftermath of World War I.

    Subseries C: Clippings and Publications, 1890-1993
    Included are biographical notes for a book on Fuller Callaway, Sr., that were collected by J. A. Perry, but never used. Poetry collected by Fuller Callaway, Sr., a dialogue of Mrs. Callaway describing Ferrell Gardens, and a typescript from The Life of Fuller Callaway, Sr., are also included. Clippings deal with individual members of the Callaway family. Among these are marriage announcements and obituaries. Publications include magazines and other printed material that deal with the Callaway family and Troup County. Included in these are magazine articles regarding Callaway family members, Southern Female College souvenir booklet, and other publications. Publications regarding the Callaway family often give an outsider view of the family and community. Others give insight into the organizations and activities that members of the family are involved.

    Subseries D: Scrapbooks, 1900-1993
    The large scrapbook collection contains photos, news clippings, and publications. Some of the scrapbooks detail events in the lives of family members such as, the World Cotton Conference of 1919, vacations, Mr. & Mrs. Fuller Callaway, Jr.'s 50th wedding anniversary, the Newcomen Society Dinner, and the Callaway Tribute Concert. Scrapbooks for related families such as the Jewell, Cason, Ashley, and Shea families are also included along with various scrapbooks filled with photos of Callaway family members. Ida Callaway's (Mrs. Fuller, Sr.) postcards and news articles are in a scrapbook describing her trip to Europe in spring of 1910. Postcards illustrate her letters home. The letters appeared in LaGrange newspapers as "Letters from Mrs. Callaway."

    Series III: Architectural Drawings, 1924-1940, 1966 14 Super oversized folders

    Many architectural drawings by Ivey and Crook and Walker Chase, two Atlanta based firms, were done for Callaway Mills during the first half of the twentieth century. There are eleven sets of tracings and blue prints of Callaway Mills Stores, the Enoch Callaway Office and Clinic on Church Street, Cason J. Callaway cottages on College Avenue, the City Swimming Pool and Bathing Pavilion, and other commercial buildings in LaGrange. All display classical style architecture common to commercial buildings throughout LaGrange. A final architectural drawing is blue prints for the replica of Fuller E. Callaway, Sr.'s, 1904 office. The Architectural Department of the Callaway Community Foundation in 1966 drew this. The office was first displayed at Coleman Library and is now on permanent display at the Troup County Archives. A complete listing of these drawings can be found in the container list following this description.

    Series IV: Artifacts c.1870 - c.1992 11 Artifacts Boxes and Items Separated

    This series contains personal items of various members of the Callaway family. The majority of the materials in the series were property of Fuller Callaway, Jr. and his wife, Alice. Certificates and plaques recognize their achievements and contributions. Also included is an honorary degree presented to Alice by LaGrange College. Memorabilia includes collectibles such as, Confederate money, old coins, and two stereoscopes with cards (some of the cards are of Ferrell Gardens). There are also framed items, including a photograph of Hills and Dales and a painting of Elm City Cotton Mills. The Audio-Video box includes a tape of the Newcomen Society Dinner honoring Fuller Callaway, Jr., in Atlanta on 10/4/78. 



    Subseries A: Business Correspondence
    Box 1:1902-1908
    Folders 1-31

    Box 2:1909-1910
    Letter-press copies in bound volumes
    Book B - November 26 - December 31, 1909
    Book C - Dec. 31, 1909 - Jan. 31, 1910
    Book D - Jan. 31-March 19, 1910
    Book E - March 19- May 18, 1910

    Box 3: December 1909-January 1910
    Callaway Mills Correspondence Books B and Book C (partial)

    Box 4: January 1910-March 1910
    Callaway Mills Correspondence Books C (partial) and Book D (partial)

    Box 5: March 1910-May 1910
    Callaway Mills Correspondence Books D (partial) and Book E

    Box 6: 1909-1916
    Folders 1-26

    Box 7: 1917
    Folders 1-26

    Box 8: 1918
    Folders 1-7

    Box 9: 1919 (Jan-Aug)
    Folders 1-26

    Box 10: 1919 (Sept-Dec)
    Folders 1-25

    Box 11: 1920
    Folders 1-14

    Box 12: 1921
    Folders 1-23

    Box 13: 1922
    Folders 1-21

    Box 14: 1923
    Folders 1-19

    Box 15: 1924-1928
    Folders 1-15

    Box 16: 1929-1936
    Folders 1-22

    Box 17: 1937-1957
    Folders 1-21

    Box 18: c. 1935- Strike
    Folders 1-27 Complaints Handled

    Box 19: c. 1935- Strike
    Folders 1-10 NRA (National Recovery Act) Newspaper Clippings
    11 Complaints Pending
    12-21 Employee Petitions
    22-24 National Industrial Relations Board
    25-31 Textile Labor Relations Board Decisions

    Subseries B: Business Records
    Box 1: 1904-1918
    Folders 1-24

    Box 2: 1919-1923
    Folders 1-21

    Box 3: 1924-1928
    Folders 1-13

    Box 4: 1929-1968
    Folders 1-21

    Subseries C: Photographs

    Box 1

    Folder 3 9-9a Group of 16 men, including officers, directors, and customers of Unity and Elm City Cotton Mills and Milstead Manufacturing Company on the porch of the office of Unity Cotton Mills, c. 1906. Fuller E. Callaway is on bottom row, 4th from right. Identifications with photo, b & w, mounted.
    10 Group in front of "Fuller E. Callaway's Mammoth Department Stores", c. 1894. Fuller E. Callaway is just left of center in white jacket and vest. Identification of men with photo, b & w, copy.
    11 Group in front of office of National Cash Register Company in Dayton, Ohio. L to R: W.H. Turner, Jr., I.B. Grimes, O.D. Grimes, S.Y. Austin, & Fuller E. Callaway, b & w, 1

    Folder 4
    12 Men on train scene. C.V. Truitt on far right, sitting on rail. Fuller Callaway, third from right with I.B. Grimes on his left. b & w, n.d.
    13 J. T. Gresham of Callaway Foundation, b & w, 1980

    Folder 5
    14-21 Scenes of the Fuller E. Callaway Office in the Callaway General Offices, c. 1960s. b & w. (Furnishings now in Archives in Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. Memorial Office.)

    Folder 6
    22 Unity Cotton Mills, b & w
    23 Milstead Manufacturing Company, b & w
    24 Elm City Cotton Mills, b & w
    25 Manchester Cotton Mills, b & w
    26 Unity Spinning Mills, 1951, b & w
    27 unidentified mill, b & w
    28 Calumet Hogansville Plant, c. 1951, b & w
    29 Calumet LaGrange Plant, b & w
    30 Valway Rug Mill, b & w

    Folder 7
    31 Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. 1870-192832 Cason Jewell Callaway, b.Nov. 6, 1894-
    33 Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., Jan. 1, 1907-
    34 Arthur B. Edge, Jr., Apr. 19, 1905
    35 Callaway Memorial Tower, July 15, 1929 (dedication)

    Folder 8

    36 Robert Davidson Williams, Jr. 1897-1958
    37 J. Frank Edwards, 1904-1959
    38 Harold H. Barnard, 1885-
    39 Frank Slogan Graves, 1907-1959
    40 Donald Post Halsey, 1892-1957
    41 R.M. Arnett, 1908-1959
    42 Glen M. Simpson, 1905-1959
    43 Hatton Lovejoy, 1877-1958

    Folder 9
    44 William Henry Turner, Jr. 1879-1962
    45 Sam Meadows Turner, 1908-1959
    46 Ely Reeves Callaway, 1880-
    47 Robert Walden Phillip, 1905-1958
    48 A. Wilkerson Gunn, 1906-1961
    49 Charles W. Allen, 1909-1959
    50 George O. Jones, 1897-1959
    51 Alvin Davis, 1917-1959

    Folder 10
    52 Clarence G. Higginbotham, 1907-1954
    53 Thomas B. Kersey, 1889-1958
    54 D.B. Lynes, Jr. 1912-1959
    55 Roscoe L. Thompson, 1902-1959
    56 Hillside Plant, 1951
    57 Reuben T. Comer, 1879-1925
    58 Donegan Dan Towers, 1882-
    59 Frank Logan Asbury, Jr., 1899-
    60 John Otis Blackmon, 1887-
    61 James P. (Jim) Trotter, 1923-1959
    62 Samuel Paul Rice, 1916-1959
    63 Eugene Langford, 1929-1959
    64 Arthur B. Edge, III, 1932-1959
    65 Charles E. Perkins, 1849-1923

    Folder 11
    66 Locke Houston Adams, 1870-1923
    67 Clarence Moore Purlman, 1879-1928
    68 James W. Lane, 1864-1927
    69 Dye and Valway Plants, 1951
    70 James M. Youngblood, 1904-
    71 S.A.T. Newsom, 1909-1958
    72 Otto Spencer Brock, 1900-
    73 James K. Boatwright, 1892-
    74 E.F. Powell, 1907-
    75 John Richard Finn, 1892-1936
    76 Hubert Travis Quillian, 1890-1948
    77 Curran Sloan Easley, 1895-
    78 Oscar Devoy Keown, 1891-
    79 William Henry Brittin, 1870-1936
    80 Render Dallis, 1890-
    81 George P. Jenkins, 1897-

    Folder 12
    82 William Douglas Ellis, III, 1898-
    83 Joe S. Gore, 1895-
    84 Grady Shelton Kennington, 1892-1937
    85 James Curtis Amos, 1892-
    86 John Morgan Jackson, 1911-
    87 Eugene H. White, 1905-
    88 Robert Dixie Brawner, 1896-
    89 Manchester Plant, 1951
    90 Loyd Hamilton Rice, 1890-
    91 Lawrence Bates Foster, 1864-

    Folder 13
    92 James Lamar Moore, 1894-
    93 Oliver Clarence Smith, 1902-1959
    94 Vaud J. Thompson, 1898-
    95 John Duncan Harris, 1895-1959
    96 Edwin Marcus Cole, 1859-1928
    97 Mckie M. Trotter, 1889-
    98 Milstead Plant, 1951
    99 Britt Ware Robinson, 1885-1957
    100 Thomas J. Callaway, 1890-
    101 Pheneas Marion Grimes, 1854-1907
    102 Oscar Dennis Grimes, 1886-
    103 Corthell B. Mahaffey, 1914-1958
    104 Charles E. Rich, 1912-1957
    105 Allen F. Johnson, 1868-
    106 Calumet Plant, 1951
    107 J.H. Daughdrill, 1903-

    Folder 14
    108 John Chester Driver, 1907-
    109 Charles Taggart, 1909-
    110 Henry F. Lewis, 1914-1959
    111 Theodore Marvin Hampton, 1911-1959
    112 Perrin Nicolson Collier, 1900-1959
    113 James H. Hammett, 1918-1959
    114 Jefferson Davis Talbert, 1895-1952
    115 Charles Madison Geer, Sr. 1895
    116 Unity Plant, 1951

    Folder 15
    117 J. Phillip Cleaveland, 1891-1959
    118 Jessie Garland Maddox, 1905-1959
    119 First Shipment from Unity Cotton Mills, 1901
    120 Directors of Unity Cotton Mills, 1906
    121 Group headed by Mr. Callaway, 1913
    122 George W. Murphy, 1859-1915
    123 Edward Davis Estes, 1903-
    124 James A. Newsome, 1877-1952
    125 William W. Arnold, Jr. 1886-
    126 William Preston Dunson, 1897-
    127 Charles Young Hall, Jr., 1896-
    128 Ernest O. Defore, 1907-
    129 William B. Hill, 1908-
    130 Frederick W. Noechel, 1910-

    Folder 16
    131 George E. Dallis, 1853-1913
    132 Nathanial R. Hutchin
    133 Alonza H. Nunnally, 1860-1914
    134 Patrick Henry Hutchinson, 1864-1918
    135 John Broome, 1824-1910
    136 Charles Daugherty Hudson, 1850-1924
    137 Francis Jesse Pike, 1861-1933
    138 George B. Heard, 1862-1927
    139 Henry Richmond Slack, 1862-
    140 William L. Cleaveland, 1858-1937
    141 Henry Dixon Glanton, 1875-1952
    142 James L. Bradfield, 1867-
    143 Joseph E. Dunson, 1865-1916
    144 Cornelius Vanderbilt Truitt, 1861-
    145 Roy Dallis, 1872-1928
    146 John D. Edmundson, 1844-1916
    147 Joseph H. Edmondson, 1858-1933
    148 John Mangin Barnard, 1848-1919
    149 Edward W. Spurr, 1866-1923
    150 Frank L. Hudson, 1867-
    151 Thomas Jefferson Thornton, 1870-1933
    152 William H. Tobey, 1872-1915
    153 James Gates Truitt, 1849-1923
    154 Otis Augustus Dunson, 1855-1922
    155 O.A. Barnard, 1870-1937
    156 Christian N. Pike, 1865- Folder 17
    157 Frank Coit Johnson, 1863-
    158 John Carroll Payne, 1855-1936
    159 John Albert Perry, 1877-
    160 Francis Pope Callaway, 1865-1923
    161 Thomas S. Bradfield, 1833-1910
    162 Samuel Yates Austin, 1877-1958
    163 Forrest H. Truitt, 1892-1941
    164 Henry G. Smith, 1886-1957
    165 Boyd Ragsdale, 1891-
    166 Ira Blivin Grimes, 1880-1934
    167 Winn A. Holmes, 1856-1935
    168 Barrington J. King, 1883-1957
    169 Unity Spinning and Oakleaf Plants, 1951
    170 Robert E. McTique, 1904-
    171 Benjamin Albright, 1912-1959

    Folder 18
    172 (No photographs in this folder)

    Folder 19
    173 Elm City Plant, 1951
    174 John Thomas Braswell, Jr. 1912-1959
    175 Herndon F. Shuford, 1885-1950
    176 Howard Thomas Mahaffey, 1908-1959
    177 Joel Charles Roper, 1874-
    178 Henry Banks, Jr. 1845-1920
    179 Harold H. Childs, 1875-1949
    180 Phillip Green Awtrey, 1858-1925
    181 Robert John Caldwell, 1875-
    182 George McDonald Traylor, 1850-1932
    183 Chilton Willis Coleman, 1886-1946
    184 Harry Wilborne Callaway, 1884-1950
    185 Wiley Asa Reeves, Jr., 1910-
    186 Henry E. Culip,

    Folder 20
    187 Samuel Davis McDaniel, 1898-
    188 George M. Forrester, 1897-
    189 Hogansville Calumet Plant, 1925
    190 John D. Artley, 1912
    191 Dave G. Reid
    192 Judson James Milam, 1885-
    193 Wiley C. Carriker, Jr., 1905-1958
    194 T.L. Arnett, 1895-1959
    195 A.C. Kerby, Jr., 1917-1959
    196 Samuel P. Parker, 1893-1958

    Folder 21-22
    197-210 Photographs of Callaway Mills Research Division, 1951, all are b & w

    Folder 23
    211 Framed item - first product of Unity Cotton Mills.
    3 swabs of spun cotton sent to Fuller E. Callaway in 1901 by Roy Dallis

    Box 2

    Folder 24
    212 Framed photo of Fuller E. Callaway's 1904 office. Shown from L to R is J.A. (Ab) Perry, Fuller E. Callaway, Ely R. Callaway, James A. Newsome, Guy Birdsong, Edwin Mosley, and Pope F. Callaway. b & w, framed, matted
    213 5th Annual Convention of Southern Textile Workers Association, Greensboro, N.C., June 6-8, 1923. Photo in laboratory. Framed, b & w, poor condition, broken glass stuck to photo. Access is restricted for this reason. (To be copied.)
    214 Hand, Florence Hollis c.1900
    215-218 Dedication of Fuller E. Callaway Building, Nov 6, 1981
    219-222 UGA Botanical Gardens Groundbreaking 1974
    223 Hills and Dales, c.1950s
    224-225 Hills and Dales, c.1990
    226-232 Rotary Club, c.1945-c.1969
    233-267 Army - Navy E Award, 1943
    268-269 Callaway Mills Salesmen, c.1943
    270 American Association of Textile Chemists Meeting, c.1940
    271 Patterson, Under Secretary Robert, c.1940
    272 Southwest LaGrange Y.M.C.A., 1964
    273 Callaway Monument, c.1940
    274 Callaway Mills General Office, c.1960

    Subseries D: Memorabilia

    Box 1


    1-2 Correspondence: Miscellaneous, n.d.
    3-10 Business Records: Miscellaneous, n.d.
    11 Callaway Mammoth Department Store Financial Records, 1887
    12 Old Promissory Notes, c. 1892
    13-17 Corporation Income and Profits Tax Returns for various plants, 1921-1930
    18 Court Case involving Callaway Mills, c. 1945
    19 List of Securities owned by Callaway Mills, c. 1936
    20 Billing Accounts & Payment Account sheets, c. 1928-c. 1931
    21-27 Business Accounts, c. 1905-c. 1930
    28 Income Tax Forms, c.1916
    29 Memorandum for the file proposed merger of Callaway and Comer Interests, 1939
    30 World Cotton Conference handbook 1919
    31 Pamphlet "51 Questions & Answers about Callaway Mills, 1935"
    32 "Milstead Remembers Old Callaway Mill" Rockdale Citizen 4/27/78

    Box 2

    Summary of Cotton and Finances (weekly), Fuller E. Callaway Mills, Nov. 4, 1910 - Aug. 25, 1917 (Scrapbook for 1917-1932 is Scrapbook #4) Callon Sales Manual (The N.Y. sales unit of Callaway Mills) 1958
    Trademark Record - Callaway Mills, 1939-1942. Volume includes other miscellaneous financial records.
    Scrapbook - Callaway Mills News clippings 1924-1938
    Scrapbook - Callaway Mills News clippings 1939-1952
    Monograph of Callaway Mills Co., Industrial Fellowship Nos. 1- 4 (1944-1948), by Thomas Hadden Swan, 1948 (4 copies)
    "List of experimental samples of cotton, wool, synthetic, and synthetic blend yarns and fabrics made by Research and Development Division, Callaway Mills Co., LaGrange, Ga. 1953."

    Box 3


    1 - 29 National Industrial Conference, clippings, Sept. 19 - Oct. 21, 1919
    30 Copy of a draft of a speech given by Benjamin Harvey Hill
    31 Trains, Nov. 1969, contains a picture of the Fuller E. Callaway Pullman rail car.
    32 Lists of directors and superintendents of Callaway Mills
    33 1894 Telephone Directory, LaGrange Telephone Company
    34-36 Biographies of Callaway Mills officers, c. 1960
    37 Purchasing Policies
    38-39 News Clippings
    Gavel - made from an original timber of the Unity Cotton Mills "Heart of Pine", given to Fuller E. Callaway, Jr.

    Box 4: Oversized Papers

    Folder 1
    1 Advertisement for Fuller E. Callaway and Co. Department Store Supplies. Color, c. 1890s.
    2 Photocopy of a page of The Graphic, woman's edition, May, 1895

    Folder 2
    3-5 Advertisements for Callaway Mill Products. Pen and ink drawings on cardboard mounts. c. 1950s.
    3 Christmas Sale
    4 Department Store during towel sale
    5 Merchandise Manager with scene of Callaway Towel Salon at Miami Beach

    Folder 3
    4 LaGrange News-Shuttle, Callaway Memorial edition, c. 1929, photogravure section
    5 The Atlanta Constitution, January 29, 1928. Story on Callaway Mills.
    6 Daily News Record, N.Y. January 22, 1936, "Industrial Fabrics Directory".
    7 LaGrange News-Shuttle, October 13, 1929, re dedication of Callaway Memorial Tower

    Folder 4
    8 Callaway Miscellany. People's Bank Calendar, 1982.
    6 pencil drawings of historic homes in LaGrange.

    Folder 5
    A Salute to the Cotton Textile Industry supplement of the Cotton Trade Journal 6/4/48, (2)

    Folder 6
    9 Half Century Confederate Memorial Poster for the Fuller E. Callaway Company, 1911 Scrapbooks (not boxed)
    4 "Summary of Cotton and Finances, Fuller E. Callaway, LaGrange, Ga." (weekly), August 31, 1917 - August 19, 1932,
    5-7 Scrapbooks-clippings, divided roughly by subject (i.e. Unity Cotton Mills, Taxes, etc.), c. 1910-1928. ["Fragile" many clippings from local and national papers on subjects of local and mill interest, as well as State and national concerns including municipal matters, railroads, freight rates, legislation, etc.]
    8 World Cotton Conference, 1919: Pictures of WCC visit to LaGrange and USA, 1919
    9 World Cotton Conference - Post World War I photos taken of Belgian and French battlefields (Photos taken by J.T. Broadbent)


    Subseries A: Family Papers

    Box 1

    Folder 1 Letter of July 25, 1860 from Mrs. Ferrell to Blount C. Ferrell (typescript copy)
    2 "Focus on LaGrange", Bancshares (CB & T Magazine) 1:1, Summer 1980, p. 8-11 (photocopy)
    3 "The Coloring Book of LaGrange, Georgia", Ockfuskee Historical Society, 1978.
    4 "LaGrange Housekeepers' Choice Recipes", Mrs. Henry R. Slack, compiler (LaGrange, Ga.: R.C. Ward), c. 1897.
    5 "LaGrange Housekeepers' Choice Recipes", Mrs. Henry R. Slacks, compiler, c. 1920.
    6 Dorothy Donovan Correspondence - Fuller Callaway, Jr., c.1952-c. 1988
    7 Dorothy Donovan Correspondence - Cason & Virginia Callaway, c. 1952-c. 1980
    8 Dorothy Donovan Correspondence - Alice Callaway, c. 1960-c. 1993
    9 Wooland Publications, 1936
    10 Readers Digest - Grantland Rice Tribute, 1965v 11 Family Gleanings - Alice Callaway & Clark Johnson
    12 Book of Quotations, J.L. Hand, n.d.
    13 Florence Mae Hand Diary, 1893-1895<
    14 J.L. Hand Diary, 1870 (photo copy)
    15 Thanksgiving Proclamation (reproduction)
    16-20 Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.
    21 Callaway Education Endowments
    22 Chronology of US trade Mission to England, April 1948
    23 Fuller Callaway, Jr. tribute 7/17/97 & Cason Callaway, Jr. eulogy for Dr. Wallace Clark, n.d. Callaway, Timothy Walton, Callaway Baptist Preachers, 1789-1953, 1953. 4 copies. (Another copy is on Library Reference Room Shelves.)

    Box 2

    1-7 Copy of "Genealogy," by Jane Champion, n.d.
    8-11 Genealogy of Hand family
    12 Genealogy and History of Troup Artillery of Athens, Georgia
    13 Genealogy and History - African Folklore, LaGrange, Georgia
    14-16 Correspondence
    "The Cupola": Mt. Vernon Seminary
    The Business Yearbook of Ida J. Cason Callaway, c.1921

    Box 3

    1-2 Old Letters c.1870
    3-28 Correspondence of Alice H. Callaway, 1955-1980

    Box 4

    1 Fuller Callaway, Jr. baby book, report card, and essay
    2 Clippings
    3 Periodicals
    4 Alice Hand - Red Cross and School Ribbons
    5 Mount Vernon Academy
    6 Alice Hand and Fuller Callaway Wedding invitation
    7 Florence Hollis Hand Chapel dedication: Mt. Vernon College
    8 Hand Memorial Methodist Church: Steeple
    9 Alice H. Callaway Passports(2)
    10 Mrs. Fuller Callaway, Sr.'s Recipes
    11 Alice H. Callaway Red Cross 1940's-1965
    12 Invitation to inauguration of President Lyndon B. Johnson
    13 St. Cecilia Society Ball
    14 Georgia Tech Commencement 1949 - Fuller Callaway, Jr. Distinguished Service Alumni
    15 Sweet Land of Liberty Parade, 1986
    16 "A Southern Lady's Legacy" & " The Disciples of Andrew Jackson Downing in Georgia" by Catherine Howett
    17 Senate Resolution 262
    18 - 19 Correspondence
    20(Small Folder) Piece of Alice Hands & Fuller Callaway, Jr.'s wedding cake 1 Garden Record Book Family Record (notebook): contains brief genealogical record re: Jewell & Pratt.

    Box 5:

    Callaway Family Bibles Six Family Bibles, c.1900

    Box 6

    Folders 1-26 Cason Callaway Correspondence, 1939-1943

    Box 7

    Folders 1-32 Cason Callaway Correspondence, 1944-1948

    Box 8

    Folders 1-27 Cason Callaway Correspondence, 1949-1961

    Box 9

    1-13 Cason Callaway Boat Papers
    14 Cason Callaway Boat Brochures
    15-25 Letters of Condolence to Fuller Callaway, Jr. re: Cason's death
    26 Cason Callaway Memorial Portrait
    27 Correspondence re: Paving of Club Drive

    Box 10

    1-3 Callaway Family Genealogy
    4 Abner Callaway: Letters c. 1855
    5-6 Alice Callaway: Anniversary Card ,1980 & Letter, 1992
    7 Cason Callaway: Report from the Bingham School to his father 5/23/10
    8-10 Fuller Callaway, Sr.: Magazine Articles c. 1918, Invitation 1897, Letters c. 1890, & Various Writings, n.d.
    12-16 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Articles c. 1947, Certificates n.d., Homework c.1915, Letters 1932 & 1982, & Proclamation for Fuller Callaway, Jr. Day 10/9/73
    17-20 Ida J.C. Callaway: Certificates, Letters 1899 & 1923, WMU Report c. 1918, School Assignments
    21 Ida Cason Callaway: Wedding invitation for her marriage with Charles Hudson, Sr. 5/1/55
    22 Virginia Callaway: Letter 1957
    23 A.T. Cason: Final and Complete statement for his estate 1/5/23
    24 Christmas Cards
    25-27 Deeds
    28 John Jewell: Biographical Information
    29 Ferrell Gardens
    30-31 Miscellaneous Letters: c. 1900- c. 1925

    Box 11

    1-2 Physical Examinations of Fuller Callaway, Sr., & Ida Jane Cason Callaway
    3-6 Sympathy Telegrams re: death of Fuller Callaway, Sr. 1928
    7 Record of expressions of sympathy received by the family of Fuller Callaway, Sr. & a sample of an appreciation card sent out by the family
    8 Bulletins for the funeral of Ida J.C. Callaway, 1936
    9 Note Written by Hatton Lovejoy re: Fuller Callaway, Sr.
    10-16 Conversations between Fuller Callaway, Jr., James Childers, and Maurine Childers, and Hatton Lovejoy re: Reference book on life of Fuller Callaway, Sr., c. 1953

    Box 12: Property Records

    1-20 Property Records re: Fuller Callaway, Jr., c.1930.
    21 American Institute of Architects: General Conditions & Regulations, c.1930.
    22 Addenda to Specifications for Service Station at Corner of Main & East Depot
    Street (owned by Callaway Foundation), 1939.
    23 Contract & Papers for building of house for Fuller Callaway, Jr., 1932.
    24 Papers for building of house for Fuller Callaway, Jr., on Vernon Road, 1932.
    25 Addenda to Specifications for store building for Fuller Callaway Foundation on Bull and Broome Streets, 1939.
    26-31 Deeds c.1920
    32 Legal documents re: The LaGrange Banking & Trust Company, c.1936 33 Legal Documents, 1892 & 1898
    34 Hills & Dales Herd Sale, 1952

    Box 13: Estate Records

    1-20 Estate Papers of Fuller Callaway, Sr. 1928-1932
    21 Estate Papers of Ida Jane Cason Callaway c. 1935
    22 Life Insurance information for Fuller Callaway, Jr., August 1986
    23 Will of Fuller Callaway, Jr. 6/7/39
    24 Wills of Alice Hand Callaway 1936 & 1939
    25 Will of J.T. Barrow 1938
    26 Will of Mrs. Lily Jackson & R.H. Jackson (includes estate papers)
    27 Estate of Pope Callaway, 1924

    Box 14: Oversized Papers

    Folder 1
    1 Signed List for wedding guest of Fuller & Alice Callaway 8/6/30
    2 Alice Callaway Certificates (4)
    3 Enlarged wedding invitation for Fuller & Alice Callaway
    4 Fuller Callaway, Jr. Georgia Tech award for 50 years of alumni service

    Folder 2
    5 Fuller Callaway, Jr. certificate of attainment 3/21/33
    6 Posters of Fuller Callaway, Sr. candidate for Railroad commission (9)
    7-11 Certificates of Service to Fuller Callaway, Jr., 1942-1948
    12 Certificate of Ida J. Cason Callaway from Daughters of the American Colonists, 1922

    Folder 3
    13 Certificate to Fuller Callaway, Jr. commissioned as a Flying Colonel by Delta Airlines
    14 Certificate to Fuller Callaway, Jr. for crossing the Arctic Circle 6/28/62
    15 Commission Certificate from the State of Georgia to Fuller Callaway, Jr. giving the rank of Lt.Col. Aide de Camp, Governors Staff 1/13/59

    Subseries B: Photographs

    Box 1

    Folder 1
    1-10 Callaway, Alice Hand, 1930-1981

    Folder 2
    1 Callaway, Fuller and Alice, 1960
    2-20 Callaway, Alice Hand, 1913-1960

    Folder 3
    1-6 Callaway, Alice and Fuller, c.1935-1983

    Folder 4
    1 Callaway, Alice with Fuller III and Ida, c.1940

    Folder 5
    1-31 Callaway, Fuller E., Jr., 1908-1986

    Folder 6
    1-12 Callaway, Fuller E., Jr., 1920-1983

    Folder 7
    1-8 Callaway, Fuller E., Sr., c.1873-c.1920

    Folder 8
    1-3 Callaway, Fuller E., Sr., c.1873-c.1885
    4 Callaway Brothers, c.1891

    Folder 8a
    1-14 Callaway, Fuller E., Sr., 1908-1920

    Folder 9
    1-3 Callaway, Ida Cason, c.1890-c.1891
    4 Unidentified House, c.1920
    5-17 Callaway, Ida Cason, c.1910-c.1936

    Folder 10
    1 Callaway, Fuller and Ida, 1891
    2 Callaway, Fuller, Sr., 1905
    3 Callaway, Cason, 1894
    4 Callaway Railroad Car, c.1930
    5-6 Callaway Memorial Tower, 1929-c.1940

    Folder 10a
    1 Callaway, Howard, c.1890
    2 Callaway, Pope, c.1910
    3 Callaway, Howard, c.190
    4 Callaway, Fuller III and Mandy, c.1932
    5-6 Callaway Vineyard, 1973
    7 Callaway, Ely Reeves Jr., c.1980
    8 Callaway Vineyard, 1973

    Folder 11
    1-3 Cason, Olivia Pratt Jewell, c.1875-c.1920

    Folder 12
    1 Cason, Mrs. Edward and Sinclair, c.1900
    2 Cason, Sinclair, 1901
    3 Cason, Dr. E. A., c.1900
    4 Cason, Mrs. A Rodgers Christmas Card, 1944
    5 Cason, Sinclair, c.1897
    6 Cason Family, c.1890

    Folder 13
    1 Cason, Lily, c.1880
    2 Cason, Sinclair, c.1910
    3 Cason, Lily, c.1890
    4 Cason, Sinclair, c.1900
    5 Cason, Lily and Sinclair, c.1900

    Folder 14
    1 Hand, Florence Hollis and Frank Hill, c.1940
    2-7 Hand, Florence Hollis, c.1920-1959

    Folder 15
    1 Hand, Katherine and Henry, 1997
    2 Hand, Chris, Henry, and Judson, 1997
    3 Hand, Judson, Sally, and Henry Jacob, 1997
    4-8 Hand Family, 1939-1965
    9-10 Hand, Larrabee and Christine Wedding, 1928

    Folder 16
    1 Hand, Henry, c.1940
    2 Carrigan, Irene Hand, c.1900
    3 Hand, Irene, c.1900
    4 Carrigan, Irene Hand, 1923
    5-6 Hand, Dr. B. Hollis, c.1950-c.1960
    7 Hand, Hollis Jr., c.1960

    Folder 17
    1 Jewell, Daniel Ashley, c.1860
    2 Mill at Jewell, GA, c.1880

    Folder 17a
    1 Long Family, c.1880

    Folder 18
    1 Clark Family Dog, 1938
    2-3 Real Silver Domino 44th, 1949-c.1950

    Folder 19
    1 Hudson, Jimmy and Lulu, 1933
    2-14 Blue Springs Lodge, 1933

    Folder 20
    1-15 Callaway Mills Executives, 1938-1951

    Folder 21
    1-2 French Broad Camp, 1921
    3-4 Chunn's Cove Camp, 1922

    Folder 22
    1-80 Dedication of Binns Student Center, Shorter College, 1968

    Folder 23
    1-4 Callaway Lake, c.1930
    5-31 Entertaining at Lake, c.1930 

    Folder 24
    1 Hudson, Mary Jane Hill, c.1960
    2 Callaway, Fuller Jr. and Alice, 1975
    3 Hollis, Benjamin Pullum, 1868
    4 Hand, Columbus Washington, c.1860
    5 Rocky Hill Plantation, c.1960
    6 Barrow, Alice Hand and Columbia America Bower, c.1890
    7 Frederick Home, c.1900
    8 Hollis, Clara Florence Davenport, c.1870
    9 Davenport, Walter Thomas, c.1890
    10 Hollis Home, c.1920
    11 Cason, Olivia Pratt Jewell, c.1920
    12 Hollis Coat of Arms, c.1997
    13 Church at St. Neots, c.1990
    14 Callaway Coat of Arms, c.1997
    15 Callaway, Enoch, Dr., c.1840
    16 Callaway, Abner Reeves, Rev., c.1880
    17 Callaway, Fuller E. Sr., c.1910
    18 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., c.1930
    19 Cason, Ida Jane, c.1880
    20 Callaway, Sara Jane Howard, c.1870
    21 Cason, Alexander T. and Olivia Pratt, 1869
    22 Highland Villa, c.1900
    23 Hand, Clara Elizabeth and Alice Hinman, c.1920
    24 Hand Memorial United Methodist Church, c.1990
    25 Hand Family, c.1910
    26 Hand, Judson Larrabee, c.1890
    27 Winchester, New Hampshire, 1861

    Folder 25
    1 LaGrange First Baptist Church, 1956

    Box 2

    Folder 1
    1 Ferrell, Blount, c.1920
    2 Awtrey, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip, c.1910
    3 Brittain Family, c.1930
    4-5 Reeves, Wiley, c.1930
    6-7 Reeves, Lily Cason, c.1910-c.1930
    8 Swift Family, c.1945
    9 Swift, Alma and Deedie, 1947
    10 Swift, Mary Cornelia, Ed, and Alma, 1947
    11 Swift, Mary Cornelia, 1947
    12 Swift, Mary Cornelia and Ed, 1947
    13 Swift, Mary Cornelia, 1947
    14 Swift Family, c.1945
    15 Baker, Julie and Lyana, c.1920
    16 Maybank, Lavinia Huquenin, c.1930
    17 Baker, Jute, c.1930
    18-19 Friends at Party, c.1960
    20 Boatwright Servants, c.1950
    21 Macomber, Sally, 1967
    22 Culpepper, Bert and George S. Cobb, Jr., c.1950
    23 Collier, Perrin N. and George S. Cobb, Jr., c.1950
    24-25 Fishing Group, c.1950
    26 Boatwright, Louise Coogler Culpepper, 1963
    27 Price, Lewis and Pearl, c.1960
    28 LaGrange College Group, c.1960
    29 Mitchell, Katie, c.1930

    Folder 2
    1-11 Unidentified Wedding, c.1930
    12 White, Gene, c.1925
    13 Ferrell, Blount and Alice, c.1925
    14 Allen, Callaway and Alice Ferrell, c.1925
    15 Callaway, Ida Cason and Sara Brittain, c.1920
    16 Allen, Callaway and Alice Ferrell, c.1925
    17 Ferrell, Alice, c.1925
    18 White, Gene, c.1925
    19 Glanton, Katie and Blount Ferrell, c.1925
    20 Allen, Callaway, c.1925
    21 Broughton, Rev. Dr., c.1930
    22 Ferrell, Dora, c.1920
    23 Glanton, Katie and Alice Ferrell, c.1925
    24 Ferrell, Dora and Alice, c.1925
    25 Ferrell, Dora, c.1925
    26-28 Callaway, Ida Cason, c.1920
    29 Mavieson, Edna, c.1930
    30 Tupper, Joan Mavieson, c.1930
    31 Ferrell, Blount, c.1925
    32 Seay, Adelaide, c.1920
    33 Allen, Callaway and Blount Ferrell, c.1925
    34 Robert, Mrs. L. W. (Evie), 1966
    35 Unidentified Man, c.1940
    36-37 Callaway, Fuller Jr., c.1940

    Folder 3
    1 Cumings, Mary Thayer Davison, c.1930
    2-3 Hawkins, Eleanor Forman, c.1930-c.1950
    4 Poole, Mrs. M. N., c.1930
    5-12 Unidentified Party, c.1960
    13 Boatwright, J. K. Jr., c.1960
    14 Culpepper Fishing Trip, 1950

    Folder 4
    1-5 J. L. Hand Garden, c.1920

    Folder 5
    1 Chattahoochee River, 1925
    2-3 Glass Bridge, 1925

    Folder 6
    1-28 Hills and Dales, c.1920-c.1990

    Folder 7
    1-8 Hills and Dales, c.1920

    Folder 8
    1-31 Hills and Dales, c.1930-c.1960

    Folder 9
    1-33 Hills and Dales, 1937-1975

    Folder 10
    1-27 Hills and Dales, 1937-1990

    Folder 11
    1-9 Hills and Dales, 1916

    Folder 12
    1-7 Hills and Dales Visitors, 1938-1994

    Folder 12a
    1-5 Culpepper House, c.1930
    6 Unidentified House, c.1920
    7 Unidentified Lake, c.1940
    8-12 Unidentified House, c.1940-1965
    13 Culpepper House, c.1960
    14-15 Unidentified House, c.1930

    Folder 13
    1-7 Honorary Doctorates, 1978

    Folder 14
    1-22 Mount Vernon Seminary, 1929-1985

    Folder 15
    1 Callaway Mills Offices, c.1965
    2-3 Callaway, Mark Clayton, 1959-1960
    4 Hudson, Jane Alice, 1956
    5 Ferrell Gardens, c.1980
    6 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., 1989
    7-18 Callaway Family Reunion, 1983

    Folder 16
    1 Roosevelt, Franklin D., c.1935
    2 Callaway, Fuller Jr., c.1955
    3 Rotary Club Presentation, 1953
    4 Callaway Mills Executives, c.1943
    5-6 Shell Oil Meeting, 1951
    7 LaGrange College Graduation, 1971
    8 Award Presentation, 1972
    9-19 Georgia Tech Research Institute Meeting, 1976
    20 Lamar Dodd Art Center Groundbreaking, 1980
    21-26 Morris Brown College, Man of the Year Award, 1982

    Folder 17
    1 Unidentified Group, c.1940
    2-3 Mill Executives, c.1940
    4-8 Callaway Middle School Dedication, 1996
    9-10 Dedication of Callaway Plaza, 1996

    Folder 18
    1 Jackson, Graham and Frank Hill, c.1940
    2 LaGrange High School Open House, 1971
    3 Cason Callaway Science Building Dedication, 1972
    4-5 Shell Board Meeting, 1951
    6 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., c.1950
    7 LaGrange Horse Show, 1953
    8 Smith Dormitory Dedication, 1947
    9 American Cotton Manufacturers Meeting, 1947

    Folder 19
    1 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., 1972
    2 City - County Hospital Groundbreaking, 1971
    3 Stuart Warren Cramer Dedication, c.1954
    4-5 Callaway, Cason and Fuller, Jr., c.1940
    6 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., c.1950
    7 Callaway, Cason and Fuller, Jr., c.1935
    8 U. S. Steel Board Meeting, 1947
    9 American Cotton Manufacturers Meeting, 1947
    10 Price Building Groundbreaking, 1973
    11 Unidentified Group, c.1940

    Folder 20
    1 Noah's Ark, c.1930
    2 Unidentified Group, c.1960
    3 Noah's Ark, c.1930
    4-8 Callaway, Alice Hand and Lillian, 1949
    9 Callaway, Alice and Archie Gann, c.1950
    10 Callaway, Fuller E. Jr., 1951
    11 Callaway, Alice and Fuller Jr., c.1940 

    Folder 21
    1-12 Camelback Inn, c.1946
    13 Gentry, George and Bill Eaton, 1957
    14 Eaton's Ranch, 1944

    Folder 22
    1-22 RMS Caronia Cruise, 1956
    23 Callaway, Alice and Fuller Jr., 1952
    24 Callaway, Fuller Jr., 1935
    25-26 Callaway, Fuller and Alice, c.1940-1959
    27 Callaway, Alice and Larry Callahan, 1959
    28 Monarch of Bermuda, c.1950
    29-30 Callaway, Fuller and Alice, 1939-1958
    31 Callaway, Alice, c.1960
    32-34 Callaway, Fuller and Alice, 1956
    35 Callaway, Alice, 1956
    36 St. Mark's Cathedral, 1966
    37 Cruise Group, c.1950

    Folder 23
    1-13 Callaway, Mr. And Mrs. Fuller Sr. in Florida, c.1920

    Folder 24
    1 Unidentified Couple, c.1920

    Folder 25
    1-36 Unidentified Friends, 1930-1971

    Folder 26
    1 Unidentified Men, c.1960
    2 Unidentified Young Man, c.1900
    3 Unidentified Girl, c.1920
    4 Unidentified Party, c.1965
    5 Birthday Party, c.1950
    6 Unidentified Man, c.1960

    Folder 27
    1-25 Unidentified Friends, 1934-c.1950

    Box 3: Oversized Photographic Prints

    1 Callaway Foundation Trustees, n.d.
    2 Hillside Mill Village, c.1920s
    3 Lovejoy, Hatton, n.d.
    4 Unity Plant, Supt. and Overseers, c. 1930
    5 Manchester Manufacturing Company, n.d.
    6 Research Building, Callaway Mills, n.d.
    7 Engine, Train CAR, AB&C railroad, n.d.
    8 Unity Plant, First Cloth Shipment, 5 Jan., 1901
    9 Hogansville Calumet Plant, 9/18/1928
    10 Unity Mills - brown tones, n.d.
    11 Cotton Pickers, c. 1930
    12 Martin - Bearden Wedding, 1939
    13 Hand, Florence, 1939
    14 Callaway - Childs Wedding, 1947
    15 Hand, Florence, 1959
    16 Hand, Florence Birthday Celebration, 1959
    17 Davison - Cummings Wedding, 1937
    18 Anglo - American Cotton Textile Conference, 1949
    19 Callaway, Ida Cason, 1928
    20 Phi Delta Theta Banquet, 1946
    21 Hand, Alice, c.1920
    22 Callaway, Fuller Sr., at World Cotton Conference, 1919
    23 Callaway, Fuller Sr., House, 1914
    24 Georgia Manufacturers' Association 1st Annual Meeting, 1916
    25 Unidentified Men (Jewell Family ?), c.1850
    26a-26e Ferrell Gardens, 1916
    26f-26i Hills and Dales, 1916
    26j-26k Ferrell Gardens, 1916
    27-29b Hills and Dales, 1916-c.1930
    30a-30b Callaway, Alice Hand, c.1930
    31 Hand, Alice, c.1925
    32 Callaway, Ida Cason, c.1925
    33 Cotton Manufacturers Association of Georgia, 1922
    34 Callaway Mill Executives, c.1910
    35 Construction Group, c.1920
    36 Unity School, c.1955
    37 Mill Group, 1928
    38 Callaway Mills 25 Year Club, 1945
    39 Unity Cotton Mill, 1951
    40 Oakleaf and Unity Mills, 1951
    41 Calumet Mill, 1951
    42 Callaway Community Foundation Directors, 1954
    43 Lincoln Street, 1960
    44-45 Dallis Street, 1960
    46 Lincoln Street, 1960
    47 Callaway Mill Construction, c.1920
    48 Unity Mill First Shipment, 1901
    49 Callaway Foundation Board of Trustees, c.1955
    50 Fuller E. Callaway's Mammoth Department Store, c.1895
    51 Callaway Mills Executives, c.1945

    Box 4: Oversized Photographic Prints

    1 Callaway Foundation Board of Trustees, Arthur Edge, Sr., Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., Hatton Lovejoy, Mrs. Alice Callaway, and 2 unidentified men, n.d.
    2 Hatton Lovejoy
    3 Callaway Mills' Employees' 25 Year Club Members, at December 1950 meeting. Callaway Beacon photo.
    4 Superintendent and Overseers in front of Unity Plant, c. 1930, b & w.
    5 Manchester Manufacturing Co., n.d., b & w, aerial view
    6 Research Building, Callaway Mills, S.W. LaGrange, Washington St., brown tone photo, n.d.
    7 Engine and train car of Atlanta, Birmingham, and Coast Railroad, n.d., b & w
    8 First shipment of cloth from Unity Plant, Jan. 5, 1901, Orin A. Barnard, C.V. Truitt, George W. Murphy, Fuller E. Callaway, A. Frances Walker, and James Lane. Mounted.
    9 Hogansville Calumet Plant. Purchased by Callaway Mills on September 18, 1928. Mounted, b&w.
    10 Unity Mills, n.d. b & w, brown tones, mount
    11 Cotton pickers, c. 1930, b & w, brown tones, mounted. Shows men, women, and children picking cotton.
    12 Photo of John Wade home, Marshallville, Ga., n.d.
    13 Edward Rockwell Austin Class of Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite 11/19/48
    14-15 Textile Research Institute, Inc. (annual meeting), 1941-1942

    Box 5: Callaway Family Postcards

    LaGrange and Troup County scenes, c.1900 - 1978, including mill scenes and Hills and Dales (see Troup County Archives inventory for complete list).

    Snapshot Photographs - various family snapshots

    Subseries C: Clippings & Publications

    Box 1: Fuller Callaway, Sr., biographical notes (folder titles taken from original folders)

    1 Letter to J.A. Perry re: Pullman Car
    2-7 Correspondence of J.A. Perry
    8 Correspondence of J.A. Perry with members of the Callaway Family
    9 Notecards of J.A. Perry
    10 Early Life and Beyond
    11 The Cotton Manufacturing Period, 1900-1928
    12 Four Forty-year old Letter Books, November 26, 1909-May 10, 1910
    13 Mr. Callaway's trip to Europe, 1911; Mr. Callaway's Leadership in Banking; Mr. Callaway's trip to Egypt and the Holy Land; Mr. Callaway's trip to Europe (caught abroad by WWI 1914)
    14 Mr. Callaway buys the Ferrell Plantation and farm land, builds new home; Silver Wedding Anniversary; Callaway Park
    15 Early interest in workers and families; Incorporation of Southwest LaGrange 1917; Putting plans for Southwest LaGrange into effect; Southwest LaGrange School
    16 World Cotton Conference-winning foreign participation, entertainment of delegates at LaGrange; Textile Benefit Association
    17 Conference between Capital and Labor called by President Wilson, November 6, 1919
    18 Mr. & Mrs. Callaway and Fuller, Jr., go abroad in 1921; Organization of Highland Country Club, 1921; Mills establish their own selling agency
    19 Rotary in LaGrange; Death of Mr. Pope Callaway and of Mr. Charles E. Perkins and other occurrences in 1923; Fuller Callaway, Jr., born; Building of Callaway Auditorium; Hatton Lovejoy
    20 Associates; News, views, comments about Mr. Callaway; Business; Politics; Personal
    21-22 Stories & Maxims; Fuller Callaway sayings
    23 Biographical Data on Callaway Family
    24 miscellaneous pages
    25 Death of Mr. Callaway
    26 Mr. Callaway's views on Industrial Relations; A Realist Speculation; A few revealing letters; Death of Mr. Howard Callaway
    27 Life & Works of Mr. Fuller Callaway, Sr. & Index to data on the Life of Fuller Callaway, Sr.
    28 Data from scrapbook of Ely Callaway
    29 List of Corporations organized under the leadership of Mr. Callaway
    30-31 Articles on Fuller Callaway, Sr.
    32 Sayings of Fuller Callaway, Sr. told at a dinner for former associates, Colonial Hotel, 1951

    Box 2

    1 Poetry collected by Fuller Callaway, Sr.
    2 Mrs. Callaway tells of the Gardens (Ferrell Gardens) c. 1920
    3-8 Notes for publication about Fuller Callaway, Sr.
    9 Typescript from: The Life of Fuller Callaway, Sr. by Ida Cason Callaway
    10 Death of Mrs. Fuller Callaway, Sr. 4/10/36
    11-16 Letter to Fuller Callaway, Jr., from Professor August Giebelhaus of the School of Social Sciences, Georgia Tech, December 1984; Chapters 6-7 of book "Engineering the New South: Georgia Tech 1885-1985" (information included in both chapters came in part from interviews between Fuller Callaway, Jr., and Giebelhaus)
    17-29 Miscellaneous Notes -After the Whistle Blows by Bess Herring, n.d (typescript)

    Box 3: Articles

    1 Obituaries (Banks Callaway, Mr. & Mrs. A.T. Cason, & J.L. Hand)
    2 Jewell Family Reunion c. 1920
    3-4 Fuller Callaway, Sr. c.1920-c.1981
    5 Cason Callaway c.1940
    6-10 Fuller Callaway, Jr. c. 1930-c. 1985
    11 Callaway Memorial Tower c. 1930
    12 Hills & Dales (Ferrell Gardens) c. 1920-c. 1950
    13 "Millions Donated to SAC-70 in memory of Callaway son" printed in Technique (Georgia Tech Campus Paper) 8/17/73
    14 Dedication Edition for Enoch Callaway Cancer Clinic 8/21/75 LaGrange Daily News
    15 "FDR: Part Two The Squire of Warm Springs," re: Cason Callaway Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2/5/78
    16 Florence Hand Dedication
    17 "All Entering Race will be Winners", LaGrange Daily News 11/20/81, by Fuller Callaway, Jr.
    18 "Debra Cerniglia, Mark Callaway to exchange vows January 16," LaGrange Daily News , 12/15/81; "Debra Cerniglia, Mark Callaway exchange vows in Atlanta," LaGrange Daily News , 4/30/82
    19 "Wedding is Tomorrow" re: Lisa Clem & Charles Hudson, Jr., LaGrange Daily News , 4/30/82 & "Miss Clem, Mr. Hudson say vows," LaGrange Daily News , 5/6/82
    20 Miscellaneous
    21 The Woman's Edition of the LaGrange Reporter 6/21/1895
    22 The Woman's Edition of the LaGrange Graphic May 1895
    23 The News of Three Cities (College Park, Ga.) 3/4/21
    24 The Shuttle: Callaway Mills Edition 5/24/28
    25 Meriwether Vindicator 2/12/32 (fragile & incomplete)
    26 Progress Edition LaGrange Daily News 7/30/77
    27 LaGrange Daily News 8/16/77
    28 Jim Hamilton spoof newspaper 1981
    29 National Hospital Week 5/8-14/83

    Box 4: Publications and Programs

    1 Program from Southern Female College Grand Concert 6/17/79
    2 Southern Female College: Souvenir Booklet 1890
    3 "Little Journey" by the Presidents Club of Atlanta to the home of Fuller Callaway, Sr. 6/14/18
    4 The American Magazine, October 1920
    5 Article on Cox College in the "Christian Index" 4/27/22
    6 The Junior League Magazine: "A Garden of the Old South" c. 1925
    7 " Making American Citizens" by Ida Tarbell (incomplete) c. 1925 re: Fuller Callaway, Sr.
    8 Association for Men magazine article "The Occupation of the Callaways" July 1928
    9 Christian Index article "Memorial Ruby given by Mrs. Fuller Callaway, LaGrange, Ga." 8/2/28
    10 Magazine clipping with Mrs. Fuller Callaway, Sr. in photo c. 1930
    11 Program for the dedication of Callaway Auditorium 4/28/42
    12 Callaway Memorial Service Program 7/14/46
    13 Rotary Club Publications: c. 1946-c. 1982
    14 Georgia Tech Commencement Program 1949 & Alumni Distinguished Service Award Program 1949
    15 Miscellaneous Brochures
    16 Callaway Mills Company 25 year club 9/5/52
    17 LaGrange Settlement pamphlet; Article on Fuller Callaway, Sr. from Progressive Architecture, May 1958
    18 Bulletin form First Baptist Church 150th Anniversary, 1978
    19 The Callaway Family Association: Membership Directory, 1978
    20 Camp Viola Program 1979
    21 Highland Country Club Rules & By-Laws, 1954 & 1967; Highland Country Club Swimming Pool Rules 1980-1983
    22 Man of the Year Award in Georgia honoring Fuller Callaway, Jr. at Morris Brown College, 1982
    23 Tribute to George Lanier: March 3, 1983
    24 Land of Our Own: 250 years of Landscape and Gardening Tradition in Georgia (published by the Atlanta Historical Society, 1983)
    25 The LaGrange Woman's Club Yearbook 1983-1984
    26 Heart of Man: 6th Anniversary of the Atlanta Heart Ball 1987
    27 Guide to St. Neot, Cornwall & excerpt from "The King's England: Cornwall" re: St. Neot's Abbey, 1986.
    28 Floral Remembrance
    29 Architecture in Atlanta re: Fuller Callaway Manufacturing Research Center, 1992
    30 L' Industria Delle Costruzioni re: Fuller Callaway Manufacturing Research Center, 1993
    31 Progressive Architecture re: Fuller Callaway Manufacturing Research Center, 1992
    32 Research and Development Magazine re: Fuller Callaway Manufacturing Research Center, 1993
    33 Southwest LaGrange schools teachers names and Spring program schedule 1951-1952
    34 Advertisement Brochures
    35 Entertainment Brochures - Callaway Airport Expansion Plan, 1983

    Subseries D: Scrapbooks

    Box 1: Family

    2 Alice Hand Callaway: Compiled photos of her childhood up to 1973
    3 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Photos of him from childhood to c. 1988
    4 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Childhood Snapshots c.1910-c.1915
    5 Jewell, Shea, Ashley, and Cason families, c.1850-c.1900: families photos
    6 Cason and Jewell Families, 1900: families photos

    Box 2

    7 Fifty Happy Years: Photos of Fuller and Alice Callaway's 50th wedding anniversary and photos of past memories
    9 Mrs. Ida Callaway: Family recipes and lines written for a play, c.1900
    10 Plant clippings and newspaper articles re: Cason, Jewell, and Callaway families
    11 Fuller Callaway, Sr.: Obituaries from various newspapers regarding his death,1928
    12 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Articles, photos, etc. regarding Fuller, Jr., c. 1935

    Box 3

    13 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Portrait photos of Fuller, Jr., his friends, associates, and high school memorabilia
    14 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: American Cotton Association, Cotton Manufacturers Association
    15 Fuller Callaway, Jr.: Travel photos and postcards (includes photo of FDR at Blue Springs)
    16 J.A. Perry: Real Estate Records, c.1932

    Box 4: Hills & Dales/Ferrell Gardens Scrapbooks

    17 Ferrell Gardens/Hills and Dales, 1916
    18 Ferrell Gardens/Hills and Dales, c.1916-c.1990: Articles, postcards, newsletters, etc. concerning the Callaway family
    19 Hills and Dales, 1960-c. 1990: Photos of Gardens & Plants
    20 Hills and Dales, c. 1965 : Family photos
    21 Snapshots of 1310 Vernon Road and Blue Springs

    Box 5: Travel & Miscellaneous Scrapbooks

    22 Postcard & Photo Album, c.1908: Local & International Postcards (scrapbook is fragile in white envelope)
    23 Travel Snapshots and Football game, c.1925
    24 Scrapbook with unidentified people & travel photos
    25 Sears Party: Visit to LaGrange in 1958
    26 Dedication of Fuller Callaway, Jr. plaque on Court Square, LaGrange, 1969
    27 Fuller Callaway, Jr. 25-year award: Photos of award banquet
    28 Callaway Tribute Concert, 1993: Photos, news articles, etc. on concert tribute to Fuller Callaway, Jr.

    Other Scrapbooks

    #1 Scrapbook of Mrs. Fuller E. Callaway, Sr., 1910 (travel postcards)
    #8 Hollis Family, c.1870 - c.1952
    #29 Newcomen Society Dinner Scrapbook, 10/4/78: Photos of the dinner, event programs, and a guest list
    #30 Photographs of Fuller Callaway, Sr.

    Items Separated

    RB-28.24-25 - Cason Family Bible
    RB-28.26 - Ida Cason Callaway Bible
    RB-28.27 - Florence Hollis Hand Bible 


    SOPs folders

    1 Blueprints for replica of Fuller E. Callaway, Sr.'s 1904 Office. Drawn in 1966 by Callaway Community Foundation Architectural Dept., LaGrange. 3 pages.
    2 Panorama Photo of Hillside Mill Village, c. 1920s, b & w.
    3 LaGrange Swimming Pool & Bathing Pavilion (Located on Smith & Church St.) Architects: Ivey & Crook - Atlanta Date: July 1934 Job No: 280 Number of Sheets: 15 Tracings: 13 Sheets, including 1 pilot plan and 1 drawing for cornerstone inscription Blue Prints: 2 sheets for filtering system
    4 Callaway Mills Store Building (Location - 110 Bull Street) Architects: Ivey & Crook - Atlanta Date: May 1940 Job No: 376 Number of Sheets: 16 Tracings: 8 Sheets Blue Prints: 8 sheets including duplicates of tracings and 3 drawings of additions made by Newman Construction


    Manuscript MS-080




    SOURCE: Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, 1987-

    SIZE: 519 linear feet

    SHELVING UNITS: 566 document boxes
    36 photograph boxes (including negatives and slides)
    16 artifact boxes
    3 map storage cases
    127 volumes (ledgers, albums, scrapbooks)
    198 loose items (films, mounted maps and photos, artifacts)

    PROCESSING: AGP and RAA, 1988-1991, 1995; PHW 2001; CDK 2005; NAD 2007

    These records were donated to Troup County Archives by Howard H. Callaway and the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation. Most of the records were moved to the Archives in 1987 and 1988 from warehouses and offices at Callaway Gardens and from Cason Callaway's Blue Springs office. Frequent additions, mostly relating to ongoing activities at Callaway Gardens, are made to the collection.



    Cason Callaway assumed many roles during his sixty-six years: textile manufacturer, farmer, business leader, and founder of Callaway Gardens. As a young man, he was groomed to follow his father into the textile business. This he did successfully for more than half of his adult life. He retired from Callaway Mills in LaGrange at age forty-four to devote his attention to development of his beloved Blue Springs in nearby Harris County.

    From 1938 on, he listed his occupation as farmer, but he was much more. Using Blue Springs Farms as a model, he became the South's leading proponent of agricultural reform. He developed the One Hundred Georgia Better Farms Program and published The Business of Farming. Callaway was a Regent of the University System of Georgia and a director of U.S. Steel and Shell Oil. Through his friendship with Franklin D. Roosevelt, he became involved with the Warm Springs Foundation. His support was instrumental in developing their rehabilitation facilities. Callaway Gardens became the focus of the last ten years of Cason Callaway's life. The project grew out of his admiration for the beauty of the Pine Mountain Ridge and his desire to share that environment with others.


    Cason Jewell Callaway was born November 6, 1894, at LaGrange, Georgia. He was the older of two sons of Fuller Earle Callaway, Sr. (1870-1928) and Ida Jane Cason Callaway (1874-1936). Their younger child, Fuller E. Callaway, Jr., was born in 1907. Cason's ancestors, for at least five generations, were farmers and Baptist preachers in Georgia. His grandfather, Abner Reeves Callaway, who came to LaGrange shortly after the Civil War, preached in local churches and taught at Southern Female College. At the time of Cason's birth, his father owned and operated Callaway's Department Store in LaGrange. Fuller Callaway, Sr. was an innovative salesman, a trait that brought him success in the mercantile business and later served him well as he marketed his textile products.

    In May 1900, five-year-old Cason Callaway pulled the cord that blew the steam whistle to signal the opening of Unity Cotton Mill in which his father was a major investor. It marked the beginning of the Callaway textile business which Fuller Callaway and his sons would manage for almost seventy years.
    Cason Callaway's early education was in LaGrange schools. At age fourteen, he entered Bingham Military School in Asheville, North Carolina, where he excelled in athletics and rose to the rank of captain of his company. After graduating from Bingham, he worked for a summer as a laborer in the mills. In the autumn of 1912, he entered the University of Virginia. A year later, his father decided a business school would be more practical for a young man destined to enter the textile industry. Cason enrolled in the Eastman School of Business in Poughkeepsie, New York, and progressed rapidly through the course of study.


    At age twenty, Cason began his career with the mills as a bookkeeper at the Hillside plant. He soon became a director of several of the mills and helped organize Valley Waste Mills, a subsidiary which made use of by-products of the other mills. He served as manager and a one-person sales force, traveling extensively to promote the products of the new mill.
    During World War I, Lieutenant Cason J. Callaway served in the Navy Department's Bureau of Supplies and Accounts in Washington, D.C. His responsibilities included purchasing cotton textiles for the Navy's use.

    By 1920, Fuller Callaway, Sr. was in failing health and stepped out of the day-to-day management of the mills to become Chairman of the Board. Cason increasingly assumed responsibility for the mill operations. Under his leadership, the mills began to produce finished goods - rugs, towels, laundry products, industrial cleaning rags - in addition to tons of raw textiles used by other industries. He opened a New York office to expand sales efforts. Through stock purchases, he and brother, Fuller, Jr., were able to concentrate firm control of the network of mills in the family, leading to the 1928 charter of Callaway Mills, Incorporated. In the mid-1920s, on the advice of their father, they began to sell off less profitable operations and non-textile businesses, a move that helped the company survive the Depression years.

    The Callaway brothers kept the mills operating during the Great Depression, though on a reduced schedule. The company stockpiled manufactured products in warehouses and tried to insure that at least one member of each employee's family worked a full week at full pay. During those difficult times, Cason served as President of the American Cotton Manufacturers' Association (1931-1932), as his father had done and as his brother would do later. In 1932, he became a Director of the Cotton Textile Institute and served on the Cotton Price Stabilization Board in Washington. In 1937, he joined three other private citizens representing the textile industry to travel to Japan and successfully negotiate a trade agreement reducing Japanese exports, which were flooding American markets.
    In 1930, Cason and his wife, Virginia, purchased property at Blue Springs in Harris County, which they used as a weekend retreat from the rigors of running the mills. In 1935, Cason turned over the presidency of Callaway Mills to his brother and he became Chairman of the Board. In July 1938, at age forty-four, he retired from Callaway Mills and moved to Blue Springs.


    Virginia Hollis Hand was born February 21, 1900 at Pelham, Georgia. Her parents were Judson Larrabee Hand (1851-1916) and Florence Hollis Hand (1876-1969). Like Fuller Callaway, Judson Hand was successful in a variety of businesses, including farming, railroads, banking, and fertilizer works. He also opened a cotton mill around the turn of the century, but it is the mercantile business for which he is best remembered. The J.L. Hand Trading Company, in Pelham, operated as a family business until 1984.
    Virginia attended the Lucy Cobb School in Athens, Georgia, and the Merrill School in Mamaroneck, New York. She met Cason Callaway while both were visiting in Atlanta. They married on April 3, 1920, and had three children, Virginia (1921-1986), Cason, Jr. (1924-), and Howard (1927-). Characteristic of the times, Virginia Callaway's primary role was that of wife and mother. She supported her husband in his various enterprises and was hostess to a continuous stream of visitors at their homes in LaGrange and Blue Springs.

    Mrs. Callaway shared her husband's concern for the welfare of Georgia's people. Her philanthropic endeavors usually centered on individual children or families in the form of financial aid for education. She was active in Red Cross work, especially during World War II. She initiated Red Cross swimming classes for area children at Blue Springs pool, and frequently sponsored children at summer camps. Her interest in horticulture and preservation of native plants found fruition in Callaway Gardens where she was an active partner with her husband in planning and guiding the Gardens' development. Following Mr. Callaway's death, she succeeded him as Chairman of the Board of the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation. In 1971, she founded the Cason J. Callaway Memorial Forest. Its dual purposes are to preserve a large tract of mature woodland on the Pine Mountain Ridge and to serve as a conservation education facility. In 1973, she led a coalition of conservation organizations in opposing the proposed route of Interstate Highway 185 linking Atlanta and Columbus. Original plans had I-185 bisecting Pine Mountain. As a result of Mrs. Callaway's effort, the road runs west of the mountain and the environment of the ridge was protected.

    Mrs. Callaway's leadership role at the Gardens continued into the 1980s, which saw construction of the Sibley Horticultural Center and other major expansion projects. She died on February 11, 1995.


    Blue Spring is located four miles west of Hamilton in Harris County. Situated at the base of a quartzite cliff, it measures some twenty-five feet across and produces over three hundred gallons of water per minute. At one time, plans had been considered to tap the spring as a water supply for Columbus, Georgia. Cason and Virginia Callaway first visited the spring on a picnic with friends in 1921. Subsequent visits to the spring followed with increasing frequency and, on August 12, 1930, the Callaway's purchased a 2,500-acre tract that included Blue Spring. They impounded a fourteen-acre lake on nearby Barnes Creek, christening it Lake Ida after Cason's mother. They built a cottage beside the lake that served as a weekend retreat. When Cason retired from the mills in 1938, he and Virginia acquired from Fuller Callaway, Jr. a lodge on Lake Ida, which they enlarged as their permanent residence.

    Mr. Callaway added to his Harris County land holdings and began a program of land improvement that included reforestation, erosion control, and clearing for agriculture. Determined not to continue the process of soil depletion with corn and cotton, Callaway constantly experimented with new crops and livestock. Though he styled himself a farmer, others referred to him as an agricultural economist. He applied strict budgeting and accounting practices to each of his farming operations, always with an eye to discovering crops that could turn a profit without destroying the land. He grew innumerable varieties of grain and silage crops. He planted acres of kudzu, recently imported from the Orient. Now despised a as rampant weed, it once held promise as a nutritious forage and silage crop. Blueberry bushes, muscadine vines, and fruit trees were planted on the slopes of Pine Mountain. The thirty-eight acre Lake Florence was built in 1937. Mr. Callaway demonstrated that with proper management the lake was capable of producing tons of fish annually. The poultry division produced as many as ten thousand turkeys and fifteen thousand mallard ducks annually. He built grain storage facilities, a dehydrating plant, a canning plant, and freezer lockers so that his products could be processed locally.


    Most notable among the visitors who toured Blue Springs Farms was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who occasionally drove across Pine Mountain from Warm Springs to inspect the progress. Callaway met Roosevelt about 1925 when the future President was developing a rehabilitation facility for polio victims at Warm Springs. With their mutual interest in the land and the welfare of the people of west Georgia, the two men developed a close friendship. They worked together with the Warm Springs Foundation and the National Polio Foundation. In 1933, in the depths of the Great Depression, Cason Callaway led a group of prominent Georgians who raised $100,000 to construct Georgia Hall, a residence facility for Warm Springs patients.


    President Roosevelt appointed Callaway to the Business and Industry Council, an organization whose function was to search for ways to pull the country out of the Depression. In 1932, Governor Richard Russell appointed him as a charter member to the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. He served for twenty-one years, concentrating on the economic problems that continually confronted the State's colleges. On at least two occasions, efforts were initiated to draft him as a gubernatorial candidate. Each time he quietly but firmly rejected the idea. In 1943, Callaway became a director of United States Steel Corporation. He also served as a director of Shell Oil, Chemical Corn Exchange Bank of New York, and Trust Company of Georgia.


    Callaway's model farm at Blue Springs attracted considerable interest on both the state and national levels. He served as chairman of the agricultural panel of the state's Agricultural and Industrial Development Board and chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the Board of Regents. From 1941 until his death in 1961, he served as a trustee of the Nutrition Foundation.
    In November, 1943, at the Vanderbilt University Conference On Postwar Problems, he presented a paper he called "Postwar Problems and Opportunities of Southern Agriculture. He outlined four steps necessary for improvement: improve the soil, provide long-term credit, use machinery and provide processing plants near the farms. Out of this presentation grew his plan for "One Hundred Georgia Better Farms." On August 2, 1944, at a conference of business and civic leaders in Atlanta, he introduced his plan which called for groups of seven individuals to invest $1,000 each for purchasing and improving a one hundred acre farm. The initial phase of the project lasted three years (1945-1947) with about seventy-five of the one hundred farms showing marked improvement in crop yields and income.
    In August 1947, Callaway suffered a heart attack forcing him to curtail the strenuous schedule he had maintained in his crusade for agricultural reform. A few months later, a devastating flood inundated much of Blue Springs' crop land. He reduced the scope of the model farm, and most of the experimental fields were converted to pasture or planted in pine trees. In 1950, Mr. Callaway initiated a long-term forest genetics program. Under the direction of Blue Springs forester and engineer Eitel Bauer, the goal was to select and propagate superior pine trees, thereby benefiting both land owners and the timber industry.


    While he lived in LaGrange, Callaway helped to organize Highland Country Club. He developed Piney Woods Subdivision near the Country Club, selling lots to friends and business associates. He envisioned the same sort of development on a tract of his Harris County property. In 1949, work began on the "Goodman Project." Eitel Bauer surveyed a 175 acre lake site on Mountain Creek, with a road encircling it and a series of smaller lakes on tributary streams. Plans were drawn for a nine hole golf course, clubhouse and boathouse. Blue Springs manager William T. Cooksey headed the project and farm crews provided skilled labor for construction.

    As work progressed, Mr. and Mrs. Callaway decided to turn the development into a public garden rather than a private residential community. Mr. Callaway had established the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, a charitable trust, in 1936. Ownership of the property was transferred to the Foundation. Picnic tables, parking areas, walking trails, and other facilities were added to make the gardens amenable to the public. On May 21, 1952, Ida Cason Gardens opened. In 1955, the name was changed to Ida Cason Callaway Gardens, and shortened to Callaway Gardens in 1962.

    Being a public garden meant that the project would have to be funded by some means other than selling lots. The Country Store, the Old Water Mill and the Gardens Farms were conceived as revenue producing businesses to support the Gardens. In January 1952, Gardens Industries, Inc. was formed to operate the profit-making businesses. Gardens Services, Inc. was formed in 1958 to operate the recreational facilities, the motel, and later the cottages. In 1964 the two companies merged, retaining the name, Gardens Services (now called Callaway Gardens Resort, Inc.). The Ida Cason Callaway Foundation continued to operate the gardens and other non-profit activities.

    Since their earliest days at Blue Springs, the Callaways had worked to preserve the native flora of the Pine Mountain ridge. During a 1930 summer visit, Cason discovered a shrub bearing coral red flowers - the plumleaf azalea, Rhododendron prunifolium. Over the years the Callaways had propagated thousands of the rare azalea. Under Mrs. Callaway's direction, azaleas and other native plants from the Blue Springs nurseries were used to enhance the lakeside drive at Callaway Gardens. In 1953, Fred C. Galle came to the Gardens and spent the next twenty-seven years as Director of Horticulture, assembling extensive collections of hollies, azaleas, and rare plants that brought Callaway Gardens recognition as one of the nation's leading botanical gardens.

    Cason Callaway died on April 12, 1961. Implementation of his plans and further development of the Gardens continued under the leadership of Virginia Callaway and their son, Howard. Howard "Bo" Callaway joined the organization in 1952 as head of Gardens Industries and later served as Executive Director of Ida Cason Gardens and President of the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation. Bo Callaway is also noted for his political career in Georgia and on the national level. The third generation of the Callaway family now participates in the development of Callaway Gardens, which continues today as an active participant in West Georgia's tourist and convention industry and as a leader in environmental education.


    As the name of this collection implies, the material falls into two broad categories - that generated by Cason Callaway, his family and staff at LaGrange and Blue Springs, and that produced by the various entities that make up Callaway Gardens. The distinction, especially prior to Mr. Callaway's death, is not always well defined.

    The oldest records deal with the establishment of Callaway Mills and date from about 1900. (Most of Callaway Mills records are held by the estate of Fuller Callaway, Jr.) Some photos and individual documents are older.

    Cason Callaway's career as industrialist and philanthropist can be traced through the correspondence/subject files, business records, and photographs that comprise this collection. Researchers can also find information on the accomplishments of his wife Virginia, son Howard, and father, Fuller Callaway, Sr. Magazine articles and news clippings provide extensive documentation of Mr. Callaway's activities and projects.

    The development of Callaway Gardens is also documented in Mr. Callaway's correspondence and in clippings and publications, but other significant information relating to the building of the Gardens can be found in the files, maps and drawings of engineer Eitel Bauer. Various departments at Callaway Gardens make frequent additions to the collection so that more recent developments at the Gardens, such as the Sibley Horticultural Center and the Day Butterfly Center, are documented. Large photograph and video collections provide an important visual record of both Callaway's career and the development of the Gardens.

    In addition to documenting the Callaway lifestyle, business affiliations, and philanthropic endeavors, this collection provides insight into topics ranging from agriculture to politics and from education to corporate business.


    Most of the material in this collection was received at the Archives in 1987 and 1988 in its original file cabinets and storage boxes, making it possible to maintain the filing system used by Mr. Callaway's staff. The first five series, Correspondence, Bauer Files, Financial Records, Clippings/Publications and Horticulture Records are categories established by Callaway staff. Material in the Photographs and Memorabilia series was organized by the Archives staff. Virginia Callaway contemplated establishing a museum, and in 1972, she went through her collection of photographs and important documents, identifying, labeling and noting the significance of many items. Her notes were especially helpful in identifying photos and memorabilia.


    Cason Callaway Papers, Special Collections, Emory University Library
    Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library (Correspondence with Cason Callaway)
    Howard H. "Bo" Callaway Collection, Richard B. Russell Library, University of Georgia
    Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library (Howard H. Callaway Papers)
    Callaway Family Papers, MS-9, Troup County Archives
    Callaway Family Association Records (genealogical), MS-55, Troup County Archives


    SERIES I: CORRESPONDENCE/SUBJECT FILES, 1890-, 129 linear feet

    Following the original system of organization found at the Rock Office, the Correspondence Series is divided into several sub-series according to the individual or organization that generated the correspondence. Material is filed alphabetically, either by surname of the correspondent or by the name of a company or organization, although, occasionally, files may be found under a subject heading, for example, "Automobiles." Mr. Callaway's staff further organized his personal correspondence by decade, i.e., 1940-1949, A-Z, 1950-1959, A-Z. Within each folder, items are arranged in reverse chronological order.
    Researchers should bear in mind that correspondence revolving around a given topic may be found under more than one heading; for example, by the name of an organization and by the name of officers or directors of the organization. See the container list for general topic headings. Notes on each sub-series follow.

    Subseries A: Better Farms Program, 1944-1950, 7 linear feet

    The One Hundred Georgia Better Farms Program was Cason Callaway's plan for agricultural reform. Material in this sub-series outlines Mr. Callaway's strategy for implementing the plan. Some of the correspondence is between Cason Callaway and the agricultural experts he enlisted to help with his plan, but most of the letters deal with recruiting investors and soliciting publicity for the program. Correspondence with the Better Farms investors is generally filed under the name of their county of residence, but may appear under the individual's name. Reports on each farm are filed under the name of the county in which the farm was located. Through the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, Mr. Callaway published The Business Of Farming in 1948, and distributed it to agricultural schools, 4-H clubs, and individual farmers. He corresponded extensively with experts who prepared the text and handled publicity and distribution of the book. Press coverage of the Better Farms Program was extensive. Researchers should see Series IV, Clippings/Publications, for additional information.

    Subseries B: Blue Springs Farms, 1935-1961, 12.5 linear feet

    Blue Springs Farms correspondence deals with all aspects of running the model farm: procuring stock and equipment, processing crops, sale of farm products, employees, visitors. This sub-series also contains many subject files pertaining to equipment or crops either grown or considered as potentials for Blue Springs. There are folders for alfalfa, kudzu, poultry, timber, etc., and related files under the names of vendors and purchasers or experts in the particular field. These records deal mostly with Mr. Callaway's search for information on the various crops grown at Blue Springs. For inventories, cost and production records, researchers should consult Series III, Financial Records.

    Subseries C: Callaway, Cason J., 1890-1961, 71.5 linear feet

    Some of the older items in this sub-series relate to Fuller E. Callaway, Sr.'s background in the textile industry and document Cason Callaway's entry into his father's business. Most of the material, however, dates from about 1940, after Cason's retirement to Blue Springs. It is mostly general correspondence between Cason J. Callaway, Sr. and his many friends, relatives, and business associates, as well as strangers who sought his assistance.

    One of the principal components of the collection is Mr. Callaway's correspondence with directors and officers of corporations for which he served as director. The more notable include U.S. Steel, Shell Oil, Chemical Bank and Trust, and Trust Company of Georgia. Along with correspondence, there are records of business meetings.

    Much of the correspondence concerns Mr. Callaway's agricultural interests, especially the Better Farms Program. There are innumerable inquiries from citizens around the state and across the country desiring to visit the Blue Springs Farms or seeking advice on agricultural matters. Related material includes correspondence dealing with the Friends of the Land organization, the Soil Conservation Service, and similar organizations.

    Mr. Callaway took an active role in a variety of charitable, educational, civic, fraternal and research organizations such as the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, the Nutrition Foundation, the Board of Regents of University System of Georgia, and LaGrange College. He corresponded extensively with trustees and officers of the organizations in which he served.

    Correspondence regarding many businesses and citizens in Troup and Harris Counties provides insight into Mr. Callaway's relationships with local citizens from all walks of life. Further correspondence concerning Troup County includes material on the development of Piney Woods Subdivision in LaGrange.

    Mr. Callaway corresponded with government officials seeking their support on matters ranging from tax legislation to construction and maintenance of roads in his area. He also expressed opinions regarding such matters as shortages caused by World War II and Communist infiltration.

    Mr. and Mrs. Callaway entertained regularly, both on a grand scale and on a more personal basis. Some of the groups entertained at Blue Springs include the boards of U.S. Steel, Shell Oil, and Callaway Mills. In addition, the Callaways entertained such notables as Presidents Roosevelt and Eisenhower and General Jimmy Doolittle. Some correspondence deals with arrangements for these special occasions.

    Correspondence designated by Mr. Callaway as "Gardens Letters" includes inquiries and comments from visitors or potential visitors to the Gardens. Much of the mail was in response to a 1957 article on the Gardens which appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. Planning and daily operation of the Gardens are topics of correspondence between Mr. Callaway and Gardens supervisors.

    Among the many demands on Mr. Callaway's time were requests to make speeches, invitations to join a variety of organizations, and an unending stream of invitations to attend conventions, meetings, commencements and the like. After suffering a heart attack, Mr. Callaway began increasingly to decline such invitations. The presence of hundreds of thank-you notes, get well cards, and congratulatory letters in the collection attests to Mr. Callaway's widely acclaimed generosity and popularity.

    Subseries D: Callaway, Howard H. "Bo", 1967-1968, 4 linear feet

    Howard Hollis Callaway was born in LaGrange, Georgia, in 1927. He attended elementary school in LaGrange and graduated from Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia. He was enrolled at Georgia Tech for a year before entering the U.S. Military Academy at West Point where he graduated in 1950. In 1952, after service in the Korean War, Callaway joined his father in managing Callaway Gardens. In 1964, Bo Callaway became the first Georgia Republican since the Reconstruction Era to win a seat in the House of Representatives. In 1966, he ran an unsuccessful campaign for governor of Georgia. Callaway subsequently rose to national prominence serving as Secretary of the Army in the Nixon and Ford administrations and as Gerald Ford's presidential campaign manager.

    The records in this collection reflect two years of service to Callaway Gardens. Mr. Callaway's political papers are housed in the University of Georgia's Richard B. Russell Library and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. Researchers can find additional information on Bo Callaway's political career in Series IV and VII of this collection, and in an extensive three part article by Millard Grimes in the 1995 Georgia Trend Magazine in the Archives vertical file.

    Mr. Callaway's staff maintained separate files for the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation (ICCF) and Gardens Services, Inc. (GSI). ICCF records include notes on trustees' meetings and annual reports. Mr. Callaway also corresponded with the trustees on matters of Foundation policy. His correspondence with Bill Cooksey and Fred Galle deals with development and maintenance of Foundation property. Letters and memoranda between Bo and his mother give an indication of their philosophies of the Gardens' purpose.

    The records in Mr. Callaway's Gardens Services files consist mainly of memoranda to the various department heads regarding maintenance and operation of lodging and recreation facilities. Mr. Callaway often responded to guests' complaints or compliments with a personal letter.

    Subseries E: Callaway, Virginia Hand, 1922-1980, 10.5 linear feet

    Much of Mrs. Callaway's correspondence deals with household management or social engagements. Mildred Cooksey, wife of Blue Springs Manager William T. Cooksey, served as her secretary for almost forty years. Mrs. Callaway's charitable activities are well documented, especially her work with the American Red Cross. She often provided assistance to young people on an individual basis for their education or for summer camp. The collection contains numerous thank you letters and progress reports.

    Mrs. Callaway's notes on the history of Blue Springs (box 2, folder 3) are significant. She also collected reminiscences of Cason Callaway from his friends and business associates (box 12, folders 13-14).

    Letters to politicians, bureaucrats, attorneys, and conservationists, written between 1972 and 1974, document Mrs. Callaway's successful campaign to alter the proposed route of Interstate Highway 185, which would have bisected Pine Mountain.

    Subseries F: Cooksey, William T., 1936-1980, 16 linear feet
    William T. Cooksey was Secretary and Treasurer of the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation. He came to Blue Springs in 1944 as farm manager and, in that capacity, oversaw construction of Callaway Gardens. During the early years of the Gardens' existence, he also served as an officer of the Foundation's subsidiary companies. Most of the records in this subseries date from 1964 when Mr. Cooksey became associated solely with the Foundation.

    Cooksey's correspondence with other ICCF officers provides insight into both the philosophy behind the Gardens' long range development plans and the relationship between Ida Cason Callaway Foundation and Gardens Services, Inc. (now Callaway Gardens Resort, Inc.). Real estate records, architectural plans, and building contracts trace the progress of all the Garden's major expansion projects, while communications with department managers deal with the daily operation of the Foundation.

    Subseries G: Glade Springs Farms, 1952-1954, .5 linear feet
    Glade Springs Farm was operated briefly by the Callaways' daughter, Virginia Callaway Jackson, on her Harris County property. Mrs. Jackson resided in California. The collection consists of progress reports from her farm manager and letters to agricultural experts seeking advice on the operation of her farm.

    Subseries H: Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, 1936-1961, 1 linear foot

    In this subseries is a sampling of the many requests for donations which were submitted to the Foundation from individuals, churches, and charitable organizations. Cason Callaway's strong devotion to civic duty and family loyalty are reflected in the Foundation's unsolicited support of individuals whom Callaway considered to be deserving.

    Subseries I: Manchester Development Company, c.1905-c.1937, 1 linear foot

    Correspondence and related documents trace the founding of the cotton mill and village at Manchester in Meriwether County by Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. Most of the records deal with the sale of lots and houses in the mill village, but there are also stock records and items concerning construction of the mill buildings and acquisition of looms and other machinery.

    Subseries J: Old Water Mill, 1942-1963, 3 linear feet

    As early as 1942, Cason Callaway investigated the possibility of establishing a grist mill. The project was given low priority during the late 1940s as Mr. Callaway shifted emphasis from his model farm to development of the Mountain Creek Lake Project. When the Callaways decided to make the project a public garden, the Old Water Mill was one of the businesses set up to generate revenue to support the Gardens. In November 1950, Mr. Callaway purchased and restored an abandoned mill on Mulberry Creek, south of Hamilton. Under manager Bruce Williams, the mill produced and marketed stone ground meal, grits and related products under the Pine Mountain brand name. The Country Store was the retail outlet for the mill and Gardens Farms. In 1964, the mill was sold to the Eelbeck Milling Company of Columbus.
    Mr. Williams' correspondence with suppliers and customers provides information on the daily operation of the mill. Correspondence relating to advertising reveals the kinds of products that were produced. A few items deal with licenses, inspection, and government regulations. Detailed architectural plans for the mill are also included.

    Additional information on the Old Water Mill, The Country Store, Gardens Farms and Gardens Industries, Inc. can be found in the financial records, Series III.

    Subseries K: Miscellaneous, c.1980-, 2 linear feet

    Items included in this subseries are from various departments and officers of Callaway Gardens. The correspondence usually deals with routine operation of the Gardens such as guest services or maintenance. Marketing Department and Public Relations Department correspondence concerns preparations for special events. Also included is miscellaneous information on various subjects (including people & events) that are associated with the Gardens.

    SERIES II: EITEL BAUER FILES, c.1940-1985, 23.5 linear feet

    The Bauer records provide extensive technical information on the development of Blue Springs Farms and Callaway Gardens. Material contained in the files illustrates Cason Callaway's philosophy of land management. The files include boundary surveys, topographical maps, and utilities maps. Plans for construction of roads, lakes, and golf courses are included, as are blueprints for structures at Blue Springs and Callaway Gardens.

    Eitel "Pewee" Bauer, holder of degrees in forestry and engineering from the University of Georgia and Harvard, joined the Blue Springs organization in 1940. In addition to managing Callaway timber land, Mr. Bauer designed and supervised most of the land development projects undertaken by Cason Callaway. Mr. Bauer was meticulous in the maintenance of his records. His correspondence and subject files, arranged alphabetically, are complemented by an extensive collection of tracings and prints, which are arranged numerically under topic headings. An inventory of the files, tracings, and prints appears in the container list. (The term "tracing" refers to an original work. It might be a map, an architectural drawing or other mechanical drawing. Prints are copies of the tracings. They might be blueprints or black and white copies. Most entries consist of a tracing plus one print.)

    A few items pre-date Eitel Bauer's association with Cason Callaway. Construction records for the Callaways' Blue Springs estate include blue prints, contracts and specifications by Ivey and Crook, principal architects of the lodge. Other architects whose work is included are John Leon Hoffman and Henry J. Toombs. Some of the earliest maps and drawings were prepared by the Callaway Mills Engineering Department. There is some material on the development of Mr. Callaway's Troup County property, particularly Piney Woods Subdivision in LaGrange.

    As Cason Callaway's engineer, Mr. Bauer supervised much of the construction of Callaway Gardens. Beginning with site survey and selection in the 1940s, Mr. Bauer's records trace the development of the Gardens up to 1985. Construction of all the Gardens' major facilities - lakes, trails, the motel, cottages, golf courses, Robin Lake Beach, and the Gardens-Harris County Airport - is documented.

    SERIES III: FINANCIAL RECORDS, l919-c.1985, 284 linear feet

    These records from Blue Springs Farms, Ida Cason Callaway Foundation and its subsidiary companies, and personal accounts of Cason Callaway's family are all financial in nature. Files are arranged chronologically under the name of each company or individual. One group of records includes mixed files from all of the Foundation's subsidiaries and is labeled General Financial Records. Files have been kept in their original folders. The records for some years are incomplete. Files for the farm and various businesses frequently include payrolls, inventories and sales reports. One hundred seven ledgers contain similar records. An inventory is included in the container list.


    Cason Callaway's achievements are documented in the newspaper clippings, periodicals, pamphlets and books that comprise this series. Researchers will also find material on the careers of Virginia, Howard, and Fuller Callaway, Sr. Press releases and clippings regarding all facets of Callaway Gardens are periodically deposited in the Archives by the Gardens' Public Relations Department.

    Subseries A: Publications
    Cason Callaway's plan for agricultural reform and his development of Callaway Gardens attracted coverage from national publications. He actively sought publicity for both projects. His textile career, honors, civic and social activities are less extensively documented. The collection includes a few articles dealing with the textile business written by Mr. Callaway. In 1948, he published The Business of Farming. His pamphlet, What Is An Executive-, was published shortly before his death. A biography, Cason Callaway of Blue Springs, by Paul Schubert, was published in 1964. Publications produced by Callaway Gardens are also included in this series. Publicity and guest information brochures as well as educational pamphlets have been published since the Gardens opened in 1952.

    Subseries B: News Clippings
    News clippings comprise the remainder of this series. From 1952 to 1984, clippings regarding the Gardens can be found inter-filed with material in Subseries A. After 1984, Callaway Gardens began the task of collecting articles on a regular basis that dealt with the Gardens and people associated with it. Articles from 1985 to the present can be found consistently in this subseries and are arranged by year and month. Included is clippings from all over the United States regarding the Gardens. These give useful insight into the different activities of the Gardens.


    The Callaway Horticulture Department cooperated with individual plant enthusiasts and institutions such as the National Arboretum, the American Horticultural Society and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to acquire rare or unusual plants and to disseminate information about their culture. The bulk of this series is comprised of plant accession records, indicating when and from whom a plant was obtained and where it was planted in the Gardens. Accession notebooks record plant acquisitions chronologically, 1960-1983. Plant Sciences Data Center cards and computer print-outs are arranged alphabetically by scientific name. Maps of the Gardens' flower trails supplement the planting data.
    Miscellaneous reports deal with specific plant collections, flowering dates (1960-1964), azalea hybridization (1954-1961), and fall foliage color. Also included is information concerning the acquisition of tropical hummingbirds for the Day Butterfly Center.

    SERIES VI: PHOTOGRAPHS/AUDIO VISUALS, c.1875-, 30.5 linear feet

    Albums, video cassettes and individual photographs provide a visual record of the Callaway family at Blue Springs and the development of Callaway Gardens. Interviews with Mr. Callaway regarding his work in agriculture and scenes of the early days of Callaway Gardens are recorded on 16mm film, and duplicated on video cassette. Special events at Callaway Gardens such as the Masters Water Ski Tournament and dedication of new facilities are also recorded on film and cassette. In 1990, a program was begun to record, on video cassette, reminiscences of long-time Callaway employees. Occasional additions are made to both the cassette collection and the collection of Callaway Gardens publicity photographs.

    Portraits of Cason and Virginia Callaway's ancestors date from the late 1800s. Photos of Mr. and Mrs. Callaway, their children and grandchildren, include both formal portraits and snapshots. Photos of the Callaway family's travel experiences and snapshots of family and friends enjoying visits to Blue Springs comprise a large portion of the collection. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is just one of the notables photographed at Blue Springs.

    Presentation of awards to Cason Callaway, weddings, dinners, receptions, and corporate board meetings which were held at Blue Springs are included under the heading, Special Occasions. Cason Callaway's business interests, especially his affiliation with U.S. Steel Corporation, are documented in several photo albums. In addition to his business interests Callaway was an innovative farmer. The experimental farming operations at Blue Springs and the Georgia Better Farms Program were photographed between 1945 and 1948.

    The photographic record of Callaway Gardens includes scenes of cotton fields and pasture land taken prior to the commencement of construction of Mountain Creek Lake in 1949. The lakes, Clubhouse, Country Store, Gatehouse (now Information Center) and Boat Dock were photographed during construction about 1949-1951. Later photographs show the addition of Robin Lake Beach, the motel, cottages and the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel. More recent photos feature the Sibley Horticultural Center and the Day Butterfly Center. Horticulture Department photographs show changes that have occurred in the plantings, trails, and greenhouse complex. Material from the Gardens' Marketing and Public Relations Departments includes photos, slides, and contact sheets and features recreational activities, lodging and dining facilities, celebrities, and scenic shots of the Gardens.

    SERIES VII: MEMORABILIA, c.1864-1976, 12 linear feet

    Cason and Virginia Callaway's memorabilia reflects an appreciation of their rural Southern heritage, their love of family, and a strong sense of social responsibility.

    Jewelry, Confederate money, and other keepsakes from their Callaway, Cason and Hand ancestors date from the mid-1800s. Childhood mementoes include Virginia's baby album, a doll and Cason's engraved sword from his military school days. Invitations to White House functions and other prestigious events attest to the couple's social prominence. Callaway philanthropy and devotion to civic duty are documented by numerous certificates and resolutions of appreciation.

    One of the manifestations of the esteem in which Callaway was held by his business associates was the naming of a ship in his honor. Artifacts from the ore-carrier Cason J. Callaway are included in the collection. Following his death in 1961, Mrs. Callaway collected the memorials and tributes offered by his business colleagues.

    Miscellaneous artifacts include samples of Callaway Mills products, memorabilia from Howard Callaway's political career and a few personal items such as Cason Callaway's pipe and hat.



    Subseries A: Better Farms Program, 1944-1950
    Box 1 A-G
    2 H-O
    3 P-Q
    4 R-Z
    Box 5-6 Better Farms Program - reports on individual farms (arranged alphabetically by county; farm number appears on each folder heading)
    Box 7 The Business Of Farming - correspondence, distribution
    Box 8 Investors - card index for Better Farms Program (alphabetical by surname)

    Subseries B: Blue Springs Farms, c.1938-c.1950
    Box 1 AAA Farm Program - Azaleas
    2 Babcock - Birdseye
    3 Blackberries - Blueberries
    4 Blueberries
    5 Boats and motors - Celery
    6 Champion - Compost heap
    7 Cooksey, William T.
    8 Co-op Farms - Dehydrated Products Division
    9 Dehydrator - Excelsior
    10 Fairbanks Morse Compnny - Furnace
    11 Galloway - Georgia Power Company
    12 Gibson - Guns
    13 Hagan - House list (llouses on Blue Springs property)
    14 Hunt - Ivey and Crook
    15 Jackson - Lespedeza
    16 Letterhead (Blue Springs) - Mixer (poultry feed mixer)
    17 Moisture register - Nursery stock permit
    18 Oakland - Peat moss
    19 Peavy - Plowden
    20 Ponder - Quince
    21 Ragland - Saw mill
    22 Scarlet - Soil Conservation Service
    23 Spence - Trapping
    24 Trees, apple - Tree Improvement Project
    25 Tweed - Yancey Brothers

    Subseries C: Callaway, Cason J., c.1900-1961
    c.1890-1939 [Note: Most material relates to the Callaway family's involvement in the textile industry.]
    Box 1 A-C and miscellaneous items related to history of Callaway Mills
    2 D-W
    3 Cotton Manufacturers ' Association/textile Mission
    4 Piney Woods Lake and Subdivision

    1940-1949 [Note: Individual letters within files are in reverse chronological order, with the latest date appearing first.]
    Box 1 Unidentifeid and Abercrombie - American Red Cross
    2 Anderson - Arizona trip
    3 Armco - Automobiles
    4 Automobiles - Bearden, G. Nolan
    5 Beaver, Sandy - Boats
    6 Boatwright - Brown (chauffeur)
    7 Brown - Caldwell
    8-11 Callaway: Family, Associations, Mills
    12 Callaway Mills - Carlock
    13 Capital City Club - Champion
    14 Central of Georgia Railroad - Chemical Bank and Trust Company
    15 Chemical Bank and Trust Company - Christmas
    16 Christmas
    17 Christmas Turkey Lists - Collier
    18 Collins - Cotton Manufacturers' Association of Georgia
    19 Cotton Manufacturers' Association of Georgia - Currey
    20 Dahl - Dodd, John S.
    21 Dobbs, Samuel C. - Eastman
    22 Eaton - Episcopal High School
    23 Equitable - First National Bank of Atlanta
    24 Fish - Friends of the Land
    25 Fuller - Georgia Hereford Association
    26 Georgia Hereford Association - Glover
    27 Glenn, Thomas R. - Hall
    28 Ham - Harvard
    29 Harvey - Holstein
    30 Hollis - Industrial Location Advisory Committee
    31 Industrial Location Advisory Committee - Jackson, Baxter
    32 Jackson, Baxter - Jenkins, Lee
    33 Jewell - Kappa Sigma
    34 Kappa Sigma - LaGrange College
    35 LaGrange College - Latimer, Anna
    36 Latimer, Florine - Lovejoy, Hatton
    37 Lovejoy, Hatton - Manchester
    38 Manchester - McDonald, John Yates
    39 McDonald, M. - Milam, J.J.
    40 Milam, J.J. - National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis
    41 National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis - Nixon, O.F.
    42 Noland - Nutrition Foundation
    43 Nutrition Foundation - Olds, Irving S.
    44 Olds, Irving S. - Paris
    45 Palmer, C.F. - Phillip, Robert W.
    46 Phillip, Robert W.
    47 Poor's - Rayburn
    48 Rawson - Regents
    49 Regents - Rich's
    50 Ridley - Rosselot
    51 Roosevelt Franklin D. - Sears
    52 Securities - Simpson, Glenn
    53 Simpson, Dr. R. Turner - Smith, Harold L.
    54 Smith, Hazen - Southern Railway
    55 Southern Railway - Stewart, H.B.
    56 Stewart, H. B. - Strickland, Robert
    57 Strickland, Robert - Talman, E. Lee
    58 Taylor - Turman
    59 Trust Company of Georgia - United States Steel
    60 United States Steel
    61 United States Steel - Utah
    62 University of Georgia - Waldorf Astoria
    63 Walker, P.G. - Wedding arrangements (Jinks)
    64 Wedding arrangements (Jinks) - Williams, Robert D., Jr.
    65 Williams, Robert D., Jr . - Woods
    66 Woolford, T. Guy - Zinsmaster, Harry

    Box 1 Abercrombie - Andrews
    2 Annie Davis Kitchen - Bailey
    3 Baird - Black
    4 Blanchard - Brittain
    5 Broadstreet's - Calhoun
    6-10 Callaway Family Associations
    11 Callaway Mills - Cartier
    12 Carpenter, Mrs. Arthur - Chemical Bank
    13-14 Chemical Bank
    15 Chester - Christmas turkey lists
    16 Christmas turkey lists - Comer, Donald
    17 Conner - Crocker
    18 Crowder - Dismukes
    19 Diets - Dykstra
    20 Eady - Fairless
    21 Fairless - First National Bank, Atlanta
    22 Fish - Friends Of The Land
    23 Friends Of The Land - George, Senator Walter F.
    24 Gardens letters
    25 Gardens letters - Gardens schedules
    26 Georgia - get well cards
    27 Get well cards - Grainger
    28 Graves - Hall Of Our History
    29 Hall Of Our History - Hand, Kaki
    30 Hand, Mr. and Mrs. L.D. - Helm, Harold
    31 Helm, Harold - Hopwood
    32 Hosch - Investors' Reader
    33 Jack - Jewell
    34 Jinks - Johnston
    35 Jolley - Kump
    36 Lactona - Lamaster
    37 Leonard - Mailing Lists
    38 Manchester - Merril Lynch
    39 Michael - National Committee on Boys and Girls 4-H Club Work
    40 National Farm Chemurgic Council, Inc. - Newcomen Society
    41 Newman - Nutrition Foundation
    42 Nutrition Foundation - Olds, George D.
    43 Olds, Irving - Payton
    44 Peace - Pinkard
    45 Pine Mountain Parkway - quail
    46 Racquet and Tennis Club - Regents
    47 Regents - Roby
    48 Robertson, Douglas - Russell
    49 S&W Molding - Shuman
    50 Sibley - Sloan
    51-52 Shell Oil
    53 Smenner - Spinks
    54 Spratlin - Stults
    55 Sullivan - Talmadge, Herman
    56 Talman - Truitt
    57 Trust Company of Georgia - Turner
    58 Turrentine - Voorhees
    59-62 U.S. Steel
    63 Waddell - Wildflowers
    64 Whiteford - Wither
    65 Wohlforel - Zook

    Box 1 A - Callaway, Howard H.
    2 Callaway, Howard H. - C
    3 D - Gray
    4 Griggs - L
    5 M - Q
    6 R - Shell Oil
    7 Smith - Tr
    8 Tweed - Z

    Subseries D: Callaway, Howard H. "Bo", 1967-1996
    Box 1-2 Ida Cason Callaway Foundation Records, A-Z
    Box 3-8 Gardens Services, Inc. Records, A-Z
    Box 9 American Waterski Association, 1965
    Box 10 Miscellaneous, c.1970-1996
    1. Letter to Bo Callaway 8/17/1960; re: vegetable, fruit, berry garden
    2. "The Persecution & Character Assasination of Bo Callaway as Performed by
    Inmates of the U.S. Senate under the Auspieces of the Democratic Party" July
    3. Bo Callaway: Correspondence, 1992.
    4. Correspondence re: "Legacy of a Dream" publication 1996
    5. Site Survey for Boy Scout: "Camp Callaway" c. 1970
    6. Bo Callaway: re "Supreme Court Decision 1996
    7. The Bo Callaway Story 1995
    8. Georgia Tech: Men's Tennis Program 1999-2000 re: photo of Howard Callaway
    on p. 16
    9. U.S.S Cason J. Callaway
    10. Betsy & Terry Considine 20th Wedding Anniversary 1996
    11. Bo's Bargain Bazaar Price List 1939
    12. Bo Callaway Kindergarten Diploma
    Subseries E: Callaway, Virginia Hand, 1922-1988
    Box 1 A - Ba
    2 Be - Blue Springs
    3 Bo - Cl
    4 Callaway
    5 Co - De
    6 Di - E
    7 F - Garden Club
    8 Ge - Hi
    9 Hand
    10 Ho - Hy
    11 ICCF - Inauguration, Jimmy Carter
    12 Interstate 185
    13 J - Lanier
    14 Le - Memorial Forest
    15 Mi - O
    16 P
    17 Q - Ro
    18-21 Red Cross
    22 Sa - Sl
    23 Sm - Stewart
    24 Stewart - T
    25 U -
    26 "Cason Callaway Of Blue Springs," 1964-65

    Subseries F: Cooksey, William T., 1936-c.1984
    Box 1 A (includes attendance figures, 1952 - )
    2 B - Better Farms
    3 Bird Study Trail - Chamber of Commerce (Georgia)
    4 Callaway, Cason Jr. - Callaway, Virginia
    5 Chapel - Complimentary membership
    6 Contracts
    7 Cooksey, Mildred J. - Cottages
    8 Cottages
    9 Cottages - Davis, Alvin S.
    10 Dixie Lily Milling Company - Development
    11-13 Development
    14 E
    15 F - Golf
    16 Golf - Hoffman, J. Leon
    17 Hoffman, J. Leon - H
    18 I - Insurance
    19 Internal Revenue Service - L
    20 M - Memorial services
    21 Moneymaker, Mike - Newman Construction Company
    22 O - P
    23 Q - Reservations
    24-28 Real estate
    29 Ridings, Domer - R
    30 S - Trust Company of Georgia
    31 Trustees - Water resevoir
    32 White - Z

    Subseries G: Glade Springs Farm, 1952-1955
    Box 1
    Folder 1 Black Snake Road (petition to County Commission to close, 1955)
    2 Forest management, 1954
    3 Machinery
    4-5 Reports (weekly reports to Mrs. Jackson from manager, Charles Clegg)
    6 Seed
    7 Soil and water conservation
    8 Soil test records
    9 Timber contracts
    10 University of Georgia (extension specialists)

    Subseries H: Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, 1936-1961
    Box 1
    Folder 1 A
    2-3 Akron, Canton and Youngstown Railroad Company
    4 B
    5 Bowen, John
    6 Broad Street Apartments
    7 C
    8 Cameron, W. Lee
    9 Callaway Mills
    10 Carpenter, Arthur
    11 Catholic Hospital Fund Of Columbus
    12 Clay (Grady) Clinic
    13 Cowles, Sallie
    14 D
    15 Davidson, J.Q.
    16-18 E-G
    19 Georgia Institute Of Genetics
    20 Greene, James T.
    21 H
    22 Hephzibah Orphanage
    23 Hybrid Pine Tree Project
    24-25 I-J
    26 Jolley Home, Conyers, GA
    27-28 K-L
    29 Letterheads and stationery
    30-31 M
    32 Minutes
    33 Monthly payments
    34 Miscellaneous
    35 N
    36 National Conference of Christians and Jews
    37-38 O-P
    39 Property
    40-42 Q-S
    43 Scott, Annie
    44-45 T-U
    46 United Negro College Fund, Inc.
    47-48 V-W
    49 Williams, W.B.
    50 X,Y,Z
    Subseries I: Manchester Development Company, c.1905 - c.1956
    Box 1: Manchester (Chalybeate) Development Company
    Folder 1 Contracts - cottages, 1910, hotel, l911
    2-8 Land records, 1907-1937
    9 Minutes of stockholders' meetings, 1906-1936
    10 Receipts for railroad tickets to Manchester, 1908
    11 Stock certificates and checks
    12 Waivers and proxies, stockholders' meeting, April 2, 1923
    13-16 End of Year statements, 1952-1956
    Box 2: Manchester Mills
    Folder 1 Appointment of officers, 1907, charter 1909, application of superintendant, 1909
    2-11 Machinery specifications and contracts
    12 Organization meeting, 12 January 1909
    13 Pike Brothers Lumber Company
    14 Subscription list
    15 Subscribers' meeting, 31 October 1908
    16 Record of cotton received at mill, 1909
    17 Warehouse receipts, 1909
    18 Warehouse specifications

    Subseries J: Old Water Mill, 1942 - 1964
    Box 1 A - B
    2 C - Colonial Stores
    3 Cooksey, William T. - F
    4-6 G - Z
    Items separated - building plans
    Proposed 42 foot Fitz Overshot Water Wheel, 1942
    Grist Mill and Cold Storage Plant, Ivey & Crook, 1942
    Flour and rye mill for The Old Water Mill, W.J. Savage, 1952

    Subseries K: Miscellaneous, 1952 -
    Box 1
    Folder 1-3 Masters Waterski Tournaments, c.1976 -
    4 Membership, c.1952-1955
    5 Menabo