Manuscript MS-048


SOURCE: Dr. Bernice Freeman SIZE: .3 linear foot SHELVING UNITS: 2 volumes PROCESSING: RAA, 1986



Antioch Community is located in the northwestern section of Troup County. Between about 1830 and 1870 Antioch was a thriving settlement with several businesses serving local farmers. In the two decades immediately after the Civil War many Antioch residents relocated to the more prosperous towns of West Point or LaGrange. It is uncertain when Antioch Baptist Church was founded, however deed records indicate that on 12 August 1835, Archy Whatley gave to the deacons of the church two and one half acres of land in lot 30 of the 15th district, on which to construct a church building. By 1930 the congregation was inactive and today only the cemetery remains to mark the site of Antioch Baptist Church.

These two volumes of church records contain membership lists, Articles of Faith, Rules of Decorum, and minutes of Church conferences. The conference minutes record admissions and dismissals as well as committee reports and financial records. The minutes

date from 1866 to 1912. The name "Baptist Church of Christ" appears in these records and is therefore used in the description. Antioch was a Baptist Church and should not be confused with the modern Church Of Christ denomination.


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