Troup County Archives Holdings Database

The Troup County Archives has extensive files of the Troup County government, the City of LaGrange, and the Troup County Board of Education. Most inactive and archival files of the governments will be found at the Archives. The collection of pre-1900 Troup County court records is especially throrough and complete - thanks largely to local citizens who moved records out of the burning courthouse in 1936 and to government officials and members of the Troup County Historical Society who realized they needed to be more accessible to the public in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The Archives also has a manuscripts collection (accessed below). Major collections included are the Cason Callaway and Callaway Gardens Records, Maddox Genealogy Records, Hand Family Records,LaGrange College Archives, Janie Lovelace Heard Genealogy Files, Boykin Family Records, the Cyrus F. Jenkins Civil War Diary, the Nix-Price Photo collection, and much more. Descriptions, container lists, and indexes to these collections have been prepared to aid our users and are available.

The Archives also maintains additional files of interest to researchers. Vertical files (accessed above) focus on everything from biographies of prominent individuals to descriptions of events and histories of organizations and churches. Certain genealogical information is available in print, and these books can be purchased directly from the Archives.

The core of our genealogy collection is our library. The Archives has close to 10,000 volumes relating to the history of Troup County and its people and to the people of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. We also have a large collection of family histories. While these volumes do not circulate outside the Archives, photocopies of desired material can be obtained.

Another significant collection in the Troup County Archives is the photograph collection. The Archives has over 25,000 prints of places, events and people in Troup County. Photos date from the 1850's to present. A subject and personal name index to the photographs is being developed.

Your support can help make our collections even better. We welcome donations of published books and family history materials. Also, if you have or know of orginal source materials relating to Troup County and its people, we would appreciate your letting us know. If you have prepared a family, church or community history, have photographs reflecting the history and heritage of the area, or have family letters or journals, please consider donating them to the Troup County Archives.