New Accessions

New Accessions

Archives | 01/14/2011

Troup County Archives continually accessions new manuscripts, photographs and artifacts.  Through the new blog, we are able to provide snapshots of what we are currently processing. 

This week several new collections have been added to the inventories.  One of the more interesting collections is MS-2010.09, the James Simpson Bartley Collection.  This collection includes an original United States Patent which was issued to Mr. Bartley in 1897 for his invention of the “train car coupling.” How neat it is that the inventor of such a useful component is from the LaGrange area.  You may learn more about this collection here: James Simpson Bartley.

Another interesting addition is the Marvin U. Mooty Journal, MS-152.  This journal notes such things as the weather, sickness and deaths of friends and trips from 1929 – the year of the Great Stock Market Crash.  While there are stock quotes listed, the pages the October 29th crash have been torn out.  While these things may seem like the mundane elements of life, reading the first hand perspective brings the ‘20s to life. You may learn more about the journal here:  Marvin U. Mooty

We look forward to uncovering and processing the treasures you share with us!