History Day Round-Up

History Day Round-Up

Shannon | 08/12/2015

This is a special event designed with National History Day students in mind.  Students, their teachers, parents, and mentors will be given in introduction to archival research.  Understand the difference between primary and secondary sources.  Learn how to best utilize those sources to support your topic and create your NHD project.  Receive research assistance from our historian and archivist.   TCA staff will also be on hand to assist researchers, use TCA resources, and to set up appointments for future visits. A detailed schedule is below.  


10:00-10:15: Introduction to TCA and TCA Collections

10:15-10:30: Session on Understanding and Using Primary and Secondary Sources

10:30-11:30: Discussion of Possible Topics and Available Resources

11:30-12:00: Refreshments and Appointment Scheduling


Please RSVP by October 1st.   To RSVP or more information contact Shannon Johnson by email at shannon@trouparchives.org or (706)884-1828. 



Possible Titles for History Day: Explore, Encounter, Exchange in History

Empowering Exploration: How the City of LaGrange Got Online 

Exchange and Encounter with the Invaders: The Nancy Harts Militia Meeting With Colonel Oscar LaGrange

Exchange and Encounter with the Invaders: Philpot’s Ferry or the Battle of Fort Tyler

Exploring Prosperity: Immigration into Troup County by _________ (Jewish Immigrants, Lebanese Immigrants, Latino Immigrants, Japanese and Korean Immigrants)

Ferry Ride Across the Chattahoochee: Explorations into American Indian Territory

Cotton Exchange: The Transition from Cotton Plantation to Share Cropping

King Cotton Lives On: The Exchange between Mill Workers and Mill Owners

I've Been Working on the Railroad: Exploring a New Network of Tracks through Troup County 

From Frontier to Front Porches: the Surveyors who First Explored West Georgia

Encounters of the International Kind: Troup County's Role in the 1996 Olympics

Horace King: Encountering Obstacles and Rivers and Bridging them Both 



Troup County Historical Society is proud to partner with LaGrange College to host West Georgia Regional History Day. 

Visit this link for more information on West Georgia Regional History Day.