Did you know? July 29, 2011

Did you know? July 29, 2011

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Every family who had lived in Georgia for three years could register for a chance to draw land, for free, in the Lottery of 1827?

Some lots were not 202.5 acres because the surveyors ran into the river or into another team where there was not sufficient land for a full lot and these were called fractional lots and not given away but sold by the State later?

The lottery was very progressive allowing veterans or their widows two draws and a household of orphans a draw and children whose father was in jail a draw and even illegitimate children a draw?

There was a small fee to pay if one won a lot, but no fee to enter the lottery so this was not a gambling type lottery?

A person could move to their new land or sell it, even sight unseen, because there was no homestead requirement for winning?