Did you know? 8 September 2011

Did you know? 8 September 2011

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1.       Troup County was located on the western edge of Georgia’s Piedmont Plateau?

2.       The land in Troup County was the most fertile of the area?  Above Troup the land was rockier and below Troup it was sandier.

3.       Troup County was the best watered of the whole area of West Georgia?  The Chattahoochee River cut diagonally across the county and it was fed by six major tributaries and a myriad of other creeks and streams.

4.       In 1827, the entire eastern half of Troup County was cut off to form Meriwether County and parts of Harris and Talbot Counties?  The same year, the land now in Troup County west of the Chattahoochee River, originally in Carroll County, was added to Troup.

5.       Troup County gave up two smaller areas on the northern side when Heard County was created in 1830 and since then only minor adjustments have been made to the county’s borders?