Did you know?  2 November 2011

Did you know?  2 November 2011

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1.       After LaGrange Militia District, the oldest Militia District in Troup County, the next two were East Vernon, the area west of LaGrange, and Harrisonville, the area north of LaGrange (G. M. D. 656 and 673, respectively)?

2.       Pleasant Hill Militia District (G.M.D. 697) in the southeast corner, was the next in Troup County.  It was later re-named “Rough Edge,” because the people voted to build their Justice of the Peace “courthouse” out of rough edged lumber instead of  square edged lumber (which would have cost more)?

3.       Mountville (G.M.D. 698), north of Rough Edge; O’Neal’s Mill (G.M.D. 699) west of Rough Edge; and Hogansville (G.M.D. 700) north of Mountville, were created next, followed by West Point (G.M.D. 701) in the southwest corner of the county?

4.       The next districts created were: West Vernon (G.M.D. 735) and Antioch (G.M.D. 800) both “over the river” west of the Chattahoochee with Antioch in the northwest corner of the county; Long Cane (G.M.D. 804) south of East Vernon, and McLendon’s (G.M.D. 805) north of East Vernon and LaGrange and west of Harrisonville.

5.       The last two were Pool’s Mill (G.M.D. 1086, created in 1853 out of Antioch) and Salem (G.M.D. 1689, created in 1910 out of O’Neal’s Mill and Rough Edge)?