Did you know? 12 October 2011

Did you know? 12 October 2011

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Did you know...

1.       In 1830, the first census taken after West Georgia opened for settlement, Troup County had the largest population of any, with 5,799 people? 

2.       Only two other West Georgia counties, Harris County (created partially out of Troup County land) and Coweta County barely had over 5,000 people?

3.       All Georgia counties were subdivided geographically into Georgia Militia Districts (G.M.D.) which were created and numbered State-wide when an area had 200 men capable of bearing arms?

4.       Originally, most militia districts bore the name of the company Captain until the confusion of frequently changing officers led to assignment of permanent names?

5.       The oldest Militia District in Troup County, G.M.D. 655, is LaGrange which includes the county seat.  In 1830, 25% of the county’s population lived in that central district?