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Archives | 08/12/2011

Reading old handwriting is often a problem for genealogists. You often have to know that certain symbols were used in place of letters in old handwriting and the old forms letters used to take, to say nothing of their spelling from ages past. Eighteenth Century English is even worse than Nineteenth Century. Those of us who taught school in the days when students were still asked to write answers to essay questions on tests have less trouble reading old documents because of all the practice we… Read More >>

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Archives | 08/06/2011


As a requirement of my studies at the University of Alabama, I must complete an internship.  When looking for an opportunity, I was hopeful that I could intern in a National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) facility.  It is very difficult… Read More >>

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Archives | 07/29/2011



Every family who had lived in Georgia for three years could register for a chance to draw land, for free, in the Lottery of 1827?

Some lots were not 202.5 acres because the surveyors ran into the river or into another team where there was not sufficient land for a full lot and these were called fractional lots and not given away but sold by the State later?


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Archives | 07/15/2011



William McIntosh, Jr. and 49 other Creek Chiefs of the Lower Creeks (Indians in Georgia) signed the Treaty that sold West Georgia to the United States in 1825?

The Upper Creeks (Indians in Alabama) whose land was not involved in the sale, blamed McIntosh for spearheading the sale and murdered him in his home shortly afterwards, yet themselves negotiated a second… Read More >>

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