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Archives | 09/15/2011

By Andrea Lovejoy, columnist La Grange Daily News, September 9, 2011, p. 6. Posted with permission of the author. 



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Archives | 09/08/2011



1.       Troup County was located on the western edge of Georgia’s Piedmont Plateau?

2.       The land in Troup County was the most fertile of the area?  Above Troup the land was rockier and below Troup it was sandier.

3.       Troup County was the best watered of the whole area of West Georgia?  The Chattahoochee River cut diagonally… Read More >>

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Archives | 08/24/2011


Joanna Baxter, a former staff member who now volunteers both here at the Archives and at Hills and Dales Estate, brought in the list of people who signed the guest book at Hills and Dales at its grand opening, in 1916.  The occasion also marked the 25thAnniversary of Fuller and Ida Cason Callaway.  We’ve been helping her find out details about the various people who signed the guest book that day.  There were people from all over the country, especially… Read More >>

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Archives | 08/12/2011

Reading old handwriting is often a problem for genealogists. You often have to know that certain symbols were used in place of letters in old handwriting and the old forms letters used to take, to say nothing of their spelling from ages past. Eighteenth Century English is even worse than Nineteenth Century. Those of us who taught school in the days when students were still asked to write answers to essay questions on tests have less trouble reading old documents because of all the practice we… Read More >>

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